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21 Signs You’re Dating The Person You’re Supposed To Grow Old With

Posted: 11 Sep 2015 09:50 AM PDT

Twenty20, stellabella
Twenty20, stellabella

1. You are your absolute weirdest self when your significant other is around because you feel free enough to do and say whatever the hell you please in their company.

2. Since you're not at all afraid to make fools of yourselves in front of each other, your partner is the best audience for your dumbest jokes and most awkward, spontaneous dance routines.

3. Sometimes, you're so cheesy with each other that you both have to stop and laugh at how ridiculously in love you are, and how lame any outsiders would probably think you're being.

4. You don't just hang out. You play. That might mean whipping out a board game like Monopoly or Scrabble, or pretending to be a wealthy British couple on the hunt for a second home so you can check out some real estate together one random afternoon.

5. You know in your heart that it doesn't matter what city, town, or neighborhood you settle down in, as long as you get to live together—forever.

6. You're more willing than ever to compromise when choosing what to do with your free time, as long as you get to be with your significant other. It doesn't matter where you eat, which museum you visit, or what movie you watch because the most important part of the equation—the person you spend time with—is already established.

7. You can turn any seemingly dull afternoon into a memorable occasion just by taking an especially long walk, shopping for ridiculously expensive stuff you don't need and won't actually purchase, or watching a slew of dumb Youtube videos. All that matters is that you experience things as a twosome.

8. The least awesome circumstances—tripping and falling on the sidewalk, capsizing a kayak, or stepping into a knee-deep mud puddle—don't seem so harrowing when you're with your partner because you can identify the memories being made while the frustrating things happen and that's enough to make you smile.

9. The person you are when you're alone is the exact same person you are when you're with your boyfriend or girlfriend. The outside world, on the other hand, might see a slightly different version of you both simply because you reserve your truest selves for each other.

10. You like having secrets as a couple—sharing certain things only with each other, and keeping certain aspects of your lives together from everyone else.

11. You also like ridiculous pet names. You've been through several generations of silly monikers, and you expect several more to come.

12. You are both always prepared to lie for each other at social gatherings—to bail each other out of potentially awkward situations, or to save each other from boring conversations.

13. You squeeze each other's hands in that special, knowing way throughout any wedding you attend as a couple.

14. Romantic movie scenes trigger your inner cornball and lead to a telling thigh rub or a brief but intense moment of eye contact.

15. Watching other people have sex on screen makes you want each other so badly, you sometimes hit pause to satisfy your urges before finishing a movie or TV show.

16. You think of all your past relationships as the practice rounds that prepared you for the main event.

17. No other couple's relationship makes you at all envious. You can only hope your siblings, friends, and cousins find the kind of love you've discovered.

18. The idea of having children suddenly makes a lot more sense, even if you're nowhere near ready yet.

19. If and when you do have kids, your greatest hope for them is that they'll fall in love as hard as you did.

20. You've heard how tough monogamy is, and you know about the "honeymoon phase," the "seven year itch," and the need so many couples eventually feel to "rekindle the romance." You don't think you're immune to relationship realities, but they definitely don't scare you.

21. You fully understand why the most popular metaphor for passion is a flame, and you're ready and willing to do whatever it takes to keep the light burning as long as you live. It might not be easy, but it'll definitely be worth it. TC mark

20 Things Every 20-Something Woman Should Own

Posted: 13 Sep 2015 01:23 PM PDT


You amass a whole lot of things in your twenties. Boyfriends, ex-boyfriends, dresses that looked cool for approximately one day and now sit in a pile on the floor of your closet, the purple lipstick that was going to make you look like Rihanna but instead freaked out all of your friends. These things are all very well and good – each one has their place in your life and makes you into the person you're constantly becoming.

That being said, there are things every young woman in her mid-to-late twenties should own. I'm not saying you need matching wineglasses and the perfect black blazer because I'm not Lauren Conrad. Let's be real here – who uses a cake stand in their regular life? So here's what I think you need. Trust me on this one.

1. vibrator. I promise you that once you find a good one, it will change your life for the better. I read once that if everyone was having regular orgasms there would be no war, and though that may be a stretch, I will say that getting off on the regular makes you feel way happier. Go visit your local sex shop and find one that works for you. Spend a little extra to get one that charges from a USB, because nobody buys batteries. Nobody.

2. A family heirloom. As a certified hoarder, I own lots of little things from my late grandma's apartment, but the most important one is this three-foot high porcelain cat my uncle brought her from Germany when he was serving in the Korean war. It sat in her living room for many years and when she died, it was the one thing I really, really wanted. If my apartment burnt down, this is what I would run to grab.

3. A toilet plunger. Sorry to say this, but you're gonna need one. Don't try to be ladylike here. Get real, and get a plunger. What if your little brother comes over and clogs up your toilet? It happens to me! You can buy it on Prime if you're ashamed.

4. A roll of stamps. Why don't we ever regularly buy stamps? You need them all the time! Buy $5 worth when you stop at the post office to ship something and use them to mail thank you notes, bills, and actual handwritten letters.

5. Thank You notes. Be a nice person. Send thank you notes. People love them and it makes you memorable. Did you spend a weekend at a friend's parents' cabin? Send them a thank you. Become a person who sends thank you notes. Plus, they're so cute!

6. Medicine. You're an adult. There's no reason why you shouldn't own basic medicine to soothe any ailment you may have, from a cold to an upset stomach.

7. A real piece of jewelry. I'm not saying you need a diamond. Maybe it's a ring from your mom with a semi-precious stone in it. Either way, it's a piece of jewelry slightly more valuable than the stuff you buy at H&M.

8. Two or more sets of sheets. Because sometimes your parents come to visit and there's jizz stains on your sheets and no time to wash them.

9. A dress that makes you feel like a fucking hot babe. Like, a dress that you'd wear to a wedding you know your ex is going to be at. Spend whatever you have to on this one, because every penny is worth it. You'll wear it again and again.

10. A book that means so much to you, you buy it in multiple copies. For me, this is "Cowboys are my Weakness" by Pam Houston. I have it in two hardcover and two paperback versions. I give it to friends who need it. I reread it multiple times per year.

11. A red lipstick.</strong> MAC Ruby Woo, of course.

12. Extra toothbrushes, because sometimes people stay over unexpectedly and nobody likes kissing someone with nasty beer breath in the morning.

13. Something ridiculous that you whip out only when necessary. Mine is fake bangs from Jessica Simpson's hair extension line. They don't always totally match my blonde, but I wear them anyway. They make me laugh. They make me feel like I'm changing up my look when really I'm just clipping fake hair to my scalp.

14. A piece of clothing that belonged to an ex-love. You know it's stupid and you shouldn't hang on to it, but it still sooooorta smells like them, so you do. Plus, for some reason dude white t-shirts always fit better than girl ones.

15. Family photos. You should own at least a few treasured family photos, whether they're from your childhood or your grandma's. Don't lose them, OK?

16. A leather jacket. I'm just saying – deep down, we all want to look like Sandy from "Grease."

17. A scrunchie. Don't be ashamed. Your fifth grade self isn't ashamed of her scrunchie love. It doesn't dent your hair. It's gentle. Pull that shit up when you wash your face or preserve a blowout by tying it back with a scrunchie, not a painful elastic.

18. Good bedding. Don't buy scratchy, nasty Ikea sheets. Get pillows that support you as you sleep. Be an adult. You work hard! Your bed should feel like heaven.

19. One designer item that you care for like it was your firstborn child. Maybe you saved up to purchase it. Maybe you happened upon it in a thrift store. Either way, it's important to you and it makes you feel like Carrie Bradshaw or Kim Kardashian or whoever you admire. Love it, and never let it go.

20. Period underwear. Because nobody wants to ruin her prettiest lingerie with those weird stains you get two-days post period. Right? Save some weird old Gap Body undies for that. TC mark

13 Men Describe What Their Girlfriend’s Vagina Tastes Like

Posted: 11 Sep 2015 09:04 AM PDT rgags rgags

1. The beach.

"Remember that Seinfeld episode where Kramer wanted to market a perfume that smells like the beach? Well, scientists could take tissue samples from my girlfriend’s vagina in order to develop that perfume. It’s a very pleasant mixture of sand and salt and seaweed and just a tiny whiff of marine life. I’m making it sound worse than it is, because I love the beach."

—Matthew, 24



And I lap it up until it’s running down my chin!

—Zak, 26


3. Ham.

"She tastes like sliced ham on Thanksgiving. I mean, exactly like sliced ham on Thanksgiving. It’s almost like she steals a slice of ham every Thanksgiving and tucks it up inside her just to maintain the taste. From time to time, I can even catch a taste of pineapple and cloves in there."

—Michael, 27


4. Raisins and wine.

"Some guys don’t like to go down on women, and trust me, there’ve been a few in my past whose hygiene habits made it an extremely unrewarding experience, but my current girlfriend tastes so good, she’d be a billionaire if she could bottle the taste. Imagine someone took a bottle of the sweetest, richest red wine, tossed a couple dozen juicy raisins into it, sealed it, and let it ferment in a dusty, cobwebby French attic for a couple generations. That’s what she tastes like. Mmm-mmm-good!"

—Christopher, 21


5. Puppy breath.

"She tastes like when a puppy is kissing you. Best taste in the world."

—Jimmy, 27


6. Shit.

"Gonna use a fake name here because she’d probably shoot me in the head if she heard me saying this, but I don’t think my girlfriend had the best toilet training, OK? She’s beautiful and has a body like a race car, but I don’t think anyone told her how to wipe herself. Or maybe they told her to wipe from back to front. There’s this overwhelming stench of dookie down there like a brown cloud. I’d seriously rather take out the trash than ever perform oral sex on her again."

—Josh, 32


7. My forearm.

"I just licked my forearm, and yep—this is exactly what my girlfriend’s pussy tastes like. It’s like skin with a little bit of sweat. Nothing to write home about, but nothing to complain about, either."

—Drew, 20


8. It depends on her cycle.

"Usually she’s just a tad salty and musky, but if she’s on her period, there’s this whole added dimension of raw liver which ain’t exactly a turn-on. I hate eating liver. I’d give a kidney just to never have to eat liver again."

—Matthew, 24


9. Shrimp dripping in warm butter.

"I know there’s the whole cliché about pussy tasting like 'hot tuna' or just seafood in general, but in my girl’s case I’ve narrowed it down very specifically to the delectable oceanic crustacean known to us as the humble shrimp dripping in warm butter. My beloved tastes like a big plate of shrimp, and that’s all right with me!"

—Justin, 26


10. Garbage.

"I know that sounds really harsh, so let me explain, because it’s a specific kind of garbage. You know how a paper bag sitting in your kitchen wastebasket filled with coffee grounds and orange peels smells on a hot & humid summer morning? Well, my girlfriend’s cookie tastes like what I imagine that specific kind of garbage would taste like. Coffee grounds and orange peels fermenting in a soggy paper bag. It’s not even unpleasant—but very specific."

—David, 26


11. Fish—but good fish.

"I’ve never been able to figure this out, because the smell of fish is about the least erotic scent on the planet—except when it’s billowing out of a vagina. Maybe there are some super-secret pheromones that make it not only palatable but highly edible, but licking my girlfriend is like French-kissing the tastiest fish on earth. And I don’t even like seafood. Not usually, anyway."

—Jonathan, 25


12. Tangerines.

"She’s got this weird citrus thing going on down there, and I’ve never tasted it in another girl, and believe you me, I’ve tasted a whole Baskin-Robbins array of girls. But there’s this tangy tangerine taste that she has that always has me coming back for seconds."

—Erik, 22


13. Nothing.

"She tastes like nothing. Or like water. Or air. There’s really no taste at all. She’s a full-blown germophobe and neat freak, so maybe she washes it to the point of sterility. I’m not complaining, because it could be a lot worse than 'nothing.'"

—Ben, 28 TC mark

Tinder Made Me Have A Threesome

Posted: 11 Sep 2015 09:00 AM PDT

Caterina Appia
Caterina Appia

Okay Tinder didn't make me do anything, I just wanted to cover my ass in case my mom reads this. But yes, I did have a threesome and no it was not as terrifying as I thought, it was hot.

I have always considered myself a straight girl along the spectrum of sexuality, as I had only ever been with guys. I hadn't even Katy Perry-style kissed a girl before, I was a total lesbian virgin. Kinky right? That is until I had my ménage à trois with Cameron and Jen.

Thanks to the Ruby Rose craze I started to get a little curious about the idea of girls. I had always been very liberal and accepting with sexuality, contrary to being raised by old school immigrant parents, and I had a strong belief in pansexuality – although I never actually cared to experiment.

One by one as my friends succumbed to traditional monogamy I became desperate and by desperate I mean I was five glasses of wine too deep and recklessly browsing on my phone. I had never tried a dating service before but since I'm from the 6ix I thought F*** it, #YOLO and downloaded Tinder.

I have to say, my thumbs were sore as hell from all the swiping, seriously I think I saw a little bicep thingy growing on it. By day two, I had forty+ matches/chats going with all different kinds of men. I got bored, naturally, and so my friend and I thought it would be interesting to check out the ladies-seeking-ladies side of Tinder. Lesbians, I am SO sorry if you rely on Tinder, there was literally only a handful of scissoring sisters to choose from in my area. For shits and giggles I swiped right on one cute girl: Jen.

Jen's profile stated that her and her 'gentleman friend' were seeking a fun, cute lady to join them. Within five minutes, we had Tinder matched, exchanged numbers and nudes and set a date. I couldn’t believe it. Me, the girl who at the time, had slept with maybe three and a half men in her entire life, had successfully organized a threesome.

Fast forward to the big night, passed my four anxiety attacks, five outfit changes (cause WTF, how do you appeal to a chick and a dude) and two "sorry I'm running late" texts to when I met the couple outside a bar on Ossington Street one August night. They claimed they had walked passed me accidentally and hugged me apologetically. Jen was more petite than she looked in her nude, Cameron was the same. After a night of bar hopping and Cameron's need to fill all silent pauses with rambling, we drunkenly arrived at their apartment. Dear God was it small, but what wasn't small was their two dogs which to this day I think were wolves.

Tensions were high since no one had been flirtatious to each other all night. I sat next to Jen on their pet hair covered sofa and nervously pet the wolves while downing shitty sangria. In an instant, Cameron bent over and began making out with his girlfriend. Still going strong with the canine's, I was unsure of what to do with my limbs. Jen sweetly cusped the back of my neck and pulled me in bucket list: kiss a girl.

Cameron moved fast, ripping his jacket off, getting acquainted with my vagina while also making out with Jen – a true multitasker. He got naked quickly, like an inappropriate eight year old on his way to a water park. Oddly, Jen gagged on her own boyfriends penis (because damn was he hung) and left the room for a few. Cameron and I continued making out until I told him it probably wasn't good threesome etiquette to continue while she was absent (information I gathered from Google).

I should mention that A) I vowed to my best friend I would not sleep with anyone upon meeting them the first time let alone sleep with two people and B) I would NEVER go down on a girl EW. That night I broke both those promises. You know that 'heat of the moment' thing? yeah, all too real.

I thought taking the plunge and going down on a girl would be traumatizing, since my mouth has only had dick and carbs in it, but it wasn't. It helped that Cam took charge since I was in unfamiliar territory. Like a seductive commander he would sternly suggest what we did next— "sit on her face," "ride me while she sits on mine," "get on all fours," and so on. Between the two of them I craved Jen's tender kiss and trembled with pleasure in response to Cam's aggressive yet skillful dick game.

Being the third party in a threesome emits such a euphoric blast of passion; two people who are deeply in love are craving your body in every which way. Some memorable moments from the evening included having Cam tell me how badly he wanted to bang me from the moment we met (as he thrusted himself inside me) to having the first ever female oral guest speaker present between my legs. But the BEST of the night was having the couple cooperate as a team and eat me out simultaneously (#TMI).

"See? Just some good, honest people that are into some kinky ass shit" Cam had whispered in my ear as he forked me from behind. I remember wondering if they had become so raunchy they relied on outrageous sex things like threesomes and group orgy's just to get off because white people missionary position just didn't cut it anymore.

After Cam finished on our faces, we laughed, searched for our panties and like a symbolically cliché New York flick, we climbed onto the fire escape to get some air. What was odd is we never spoke about the threesome in itself outside the confines of those minutes we spent fucking – not before, not after. Pulling through some awkward small talk I ordered an Uber and made my way home, shamefully at 3am.

Being a lover of constructive criticism, I was happy to receive follow up texts the next day about how great of a time they had and how we should do it again sometime. I was never attracted to one or the other more, they each had something I desired to fuck, but the lust that drew me into them was their love for each other as a couple.

Would I do it again? Probably. Would I do it with my future boyfriend? I'm not sure. I think a couple who agrees to a threesome is either extremely secure in their relationship and are cool, erotic badasses or are unsatisfied and looking for an honest way to cheat. I can't tell you which Cam and Jen are just yet so I may need to do more “research.” TC mark

15 Women Talk About The Most ‘Rookie Mistakes’ Guys Make In Relationships

Posted: 11 Sep 2015 10:33 AM PDT

via twenty20/kaitlynmae
via twenty20/kaitlynmae

1. “If we have sex and you ever want to see me again then call me the next day. I don’t care if it’s as brief as ‘hey, had a good time with you last night’ as long as you say it.”

—Amelia, 22


2. “Magical thinking is sort of my pet peeve but in a relationship it’s officially the worst. Relationships don’t just happen and solutions don’t magically appear. You’re going to need to do some work in a relationship every once in a while. That should obvious but it isn’t for some.”

—Isla, 25


3. “Don’t be a controlling fuccboi. Just because you like things done a certain way doesn’t mean there’s not other ways to do them. Criticism about simple things like how to wash the dishes just make us think you’re an insane person who beats their dog.”

—Angie, 27


4. “I think some guys are looking for a dream girl and then they meet a woman who checks some of the boxes but not all of them. They then spend the rest of the relationship trying to change their girlfriend into someone who checks those remaining boxes. It’s gross and people don’t change unless they want to. Accept your S/O for who they are or go off and find your ‘dream girl’ if you can and good luck with that!”

—Charlotte, 23


5. “You do not need to text me constantly. My boyfriend (who I love dearly, btw) used to text me all the time when we first started dating because he thought I wanted him to. It was like I was going to get pissed if he didn’t check in or ask me about my feelings every hour. I’m a woman, I don’t need constant affirmation.”

—Elizabeth, 25


6. “Boys night is a thing and I understand the need for it in the same way girls night is a thing that I must have to live. Guys, please don’t get rid of all your friends when you start dating me and then complain that you never get to see your friends anymore.”

—Scarlett, 24


7. “An overapologizing dude is a dude just asking to be dumped or cheated on. Don’t make yourself seem pathetic and afraid that you might have upset a girl you’re interested in. I mean, don’t be a jerk but just be normal. I dated a guy in high school who used to be like ‘what’s wrong’ and when I said nothing was wrong he’d say ‘I’m sorry.’ Ugh, no one wants to be with someone like that. I get it, you’re trying to be considerate but there’s a hard line between considerate and seeking approval.”

—Claire, 22


8. “If I cook then offer to do the dishes. If I wash the clothes one week then you wash them the next week. I can’t tell you how many boys I’ve dated that didn’t have this basic helping stuff and acted like I was punishing them with chores when I asked them to help and then thought I was being a bitch. I’m not a bitch so don’t put me in a situation where you make me a bitch and then get upset about it.”

—Hazel, 29


9. “Be yourself even if it means you don’t get the girl. It’s never happened to me but a couple of my girlfriends have felt like guys they were seeing just put on this perfect guy act to attract them and then revealed that they’d basically been living a false personality. No one can keep that up forever and the truth always comes out. Be yourself.”

—Emma,  25


10. “An argument isn’t the end of the world. You don’t need to break up every time you have a fight. I saw this all the time in college with my friends where they’d have a fight and either they or their boyfriends would suddenly decide they weren’t compatible and break up until the next day when they’d calmed down and then they’d get back together. Jeez, just sleep on it and talk it out the next day.”

—Rebecca, 23


11. “So you’ve been dating me for three weeks…that doesn’t mean we have to go steady yet. You don’t need to ‘lock me down’. I think it usually takes no less than two or three months to decide whether you want to be in a relationship with someone and there’s no need to rush it.”

—Jamie, 22


12. “Don’t bother me when I’m using the bathroom. It’s not so important that it can’t wait until I’m done doing my business. I don’t want to have a conversation through the bathroom door with my butt hanging over a bowl of water with anyone but my sister. Let me have my privacy.”

—Keisha, 25


13. “The most attractive guys I’ve ever been with were people who were complete in and of themselves and didn’t need someone to complete them. Emotionally, I feel like these men are instantly more trustworthy. Be your own person first before you go out and try to find someone to complete you.”

—Jane, 28


14. “Protect your time with your girl, don’t plan a date and then invite a buddy along at the last minute and be like ‘it’s no big deal’. All that does is make me think you don’t care about the date we planned.”

—Matilda, 24


15. “I dated this guy in college whose girlfriend had cheated on him and so he had these deep-seated trust issues that he managed to hide during the first three months we were going out. Eventually though all that stuff spilled over. He couldn’t get it through his head that if I didn’t want to be with him I’d just break it off, that I wasn’t the kind of person who felt the need to sneak and cheat. He never figured it out and the stress of dealing with his old issues just strangled me. Don’t bring your old stuff into your new stuff, guys, or you’re likely to get the exact result you don’t want.”

—Anna, 25 TC mark

5 Immediate Ways You Can Become A Better You

Posted: 11 Sep 2015 02:04 PM PDT


1. Love yourself

Easier said than done, I know. We all struggle and have bad days when we would do anything to change our appearance and erase all of our internal flaws. But once you truly, sincerely love who you are, inside and out, then you will be at peace with everything and everyone around you. People's judgements and criticisms will bounce right off of you. You won't need anyone's approval. You won't be constantly apologizing for your quirks and traits. Once you learn how to be content with yourself, you will live in peace.

2. Understand your self-worth and never compromise

So many people struggle with their self-worth and what they truly deserve. We accept the love that we think we deserve, but that doesn't mean it's actually ever good enough for us. We compromise our wants and needs and desires off-handedly, when in fact, we should be fiercely guarding those components in our life. Yes, in every sort of relationship, some compromise is going to be involved. But you should never, ever give up who you are, your individual self, and what deep down you know you deserve for someone else. If someone isn't fulfilling your wants and needs to keep you happy, even if you are head over heels in love with that person, they aren't right for you. In order to be the best version of yourself, you must recognize your self-worth, your value, and cater to it.

3. Appreciate what you have

This is imperative. You must be able to look around you and recognize all the good that you have in your life. We spend so much time mulling over the bad stuff – the stuff that we want but always seems to be out of our reach – that we completely disregard what we do have. This was a regular exercise my therapist made me do because it always seemed like I was complaining to her about something or other. If I complained about how I was getting shitty pay at my job, she would make me realize that I should be thankful I even have a job. When I whined that I was still living at home, she would tell me how lucky I was to even have a home to live in until I could stand on my own two feet. She always humbled me and made me aware that things could be much, much worse, and even if everything around me seems to be falling apart, there are always things I should appreciate.  We need to stop constantly focusing on the things we don't have and the things we want, and see what we do have.

4. Learn to let things go

Holding on to old problems, relationships, and feelings only does damage to yourself. By refusing to let go of the past or of things that hurt you in the past, you are never able to move on and see the positive future ahead. Harboring the past is toxic. Holding onto guilt, resentment, shame, or any other negative emotion without having any way to change it will drive you insane and you will never live happily. You must learn to accept your past and let go in order to be a better person and live a better life.

5. Take care of yourself

Physically, mentally, emotionally. It's impossible to feel your best if you aren't taking the time to cater to your personal needs. Sometimes if I'm really feeling down and like I'm stuck in a rut, I evaluate my recent lifestyle choices. I usually find that I've been drinking too much, barely exercising, not sleeping enough, and stuffing down problems that I should be opening up about. Usually when we're feeling a little bit off, we're not confronting something that we should be. So it is always necessary to make changes in our life to alter our physical and mental state for the better. TC mark

This Is The Way That Love Will Find You Again

Posted: 11 Sep 2015 01:38 PM PDT


It’s been a while. You don’t quite remember the last time you had been with someone. I mean, sure – you have had a few random dates or hook ups here and there, but it really has been a long time since you have had a true connection with someone. You look at the last time you were actually in love with someone as if it were a distant, fond memory. With every person you meet, you wonder if they will give you that spark that you had felt the last time you thought you were in love, but alas, nothing once again. You aren't even quite looking, you just aren't clicking with people the way you once used to so easily when you were a teenager. And even when you think for a second that someone might have grabbed your attention, the red flags come waving in ever so unholy-like.

Even when you are content with being on your own, you can't help but feel that a part of you is looking for something more.

You are just stuck. You are stuck, and when a person is stuck in a situation, you can't help but think and rethink and over think and think some more. You start to think about what it feels like to truly and deeply be involved in someone’s life and them in yours.

You start to wonder what it feels like to have someone to call and talk to you about your day, someone that isn’t exactly blood-related or a roommate.

You start to yearn what it is like to be physically close with someone who actually cares about the effect that this all has on you and what possible consequences could be involved.

You start to wish that you felt things for someone the way that you see strangers in the street embrace, the way that you see how your parents still look at each other, or even the way that people kiss in even the most clichéd of romantic comedies.

You start to forget what love actually is.

Regardless of how you feel or what you think and overthink, you don’t really remember what it truly feels like to love someone. And this can mean it can be harder for you to ever fall back in love with someone again. It can make it harder because you are constantly questioning what it is that made you ever fall in love with someone in the first place. It becomes harder because you start to wonder, "what's the point?"

You know how they say that it is better to have loved and lost, than to never love at all? Well, it's that in-between stage – of wondering when you will ever love again – that is the hardest part of it all.

You start to think that all of those random people that you had the pleasure (or regret) of meeting over the years were just simply a way for the universe to keep your spirits high to reassure you that you are still somewhat dateable. And while that is nice and all, it's all been on that superficial level that makes you wonder if you actually are dateable. You start to question whether or not you are beautiful enough, fit enough, likeable enough, nice enough, sexy enough, or just plain ol' good enough. You just wonder if you are enough because there could not possibly be a good reason for why you can't simply make a connection with someone that lasts longer than just a few dates and a couple of weird make out sessions.

But you know it's not you. You know that you are just perfect to someone out there somewhere, someone that you just haven't met yet. Or perhaps you have met and the timing hasn't aligned together just right. Or maybe you just aren't in a great place in life and this is the universe's way of telling you to get your act together so that you can be your best self for when that next person that you fall in love with comes along.

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what the reason is. Right now you are stuck in a waiting game. Whether you are actively looking, or just passively living your life – even the most apathetic people need to feel love once in a while. Again, you are stuck. You are stuck in the middle of being in love and giving up. When date after date just fails you, you can't help but feel that small voice in your heart telling you that it'll come along again someday – you just have to keep living your life as if there is no one else in the world but you and the people who bring out that best self within you. It is your heart to telling you to stop wondering and overthinking about what love is, and just do it – love the life and people you have in your life already, and it will find you. TC mark

23 Joey Tribbiani Lines That Will Either Get You Laid, Or Get You A Smack Across The Face, Depending On How You Play Them

Posted: 11 Sep 2015 01:36 PM PDT


1. "Well, the fridge broke, so I had to eat everything."

2. "These are just feelings, they'll go away."

3. "You hung up on the pizza place? I don't hang up on your friends!"

4. "Over the line? You're so far past the line you can't even see the line. The line is a dot to you."

5. "I'm curvy… AND I LIKE IT."


6. "You can't have S-E-X when you're taking care of a B-A-B-I-E."

7. "If he doesn't like you, this is all just a moo point. Yeah, like it's a cow's opinion. It just doesn't matter."

8. "Food. Sex. Food. Sex. I don't know! Oh God, I want both!"

9. "How you doin'?"

10. "No, I fold like a cheap hooker who got hit in the stomach by a fat guy with sores on his face. I'm out."

11. "Wanna come in for a drink and a bite of corsage?"

12. "Remember when you were a kid and your mom would drop you off at the movies with a jar of jam and a little spoon?"


13. "So I'm gonna get on this spaceship and go to blangon 7 in search of alternative energy fuels. And when I return, 200 years from now, you'll be gone. But I won't have aged at all. So, you tell your great, great great granddaughter to look me up. Cause Adrian, baby, I'm gonna wanna meet her."

14. "I am thankful for this beautiful fall we've been having. Yeah, the other day, I was at the bus stop and this lovely fall breeze came in out of nowhere and blew this chick's skirt right up. Oh, which reminds me. I'm also thankful for thongs."

15. "You can't have Thanksgiving without turkey. That's like Fourth of July without apple pie, or Friday with no two pizzas."

16. "I mean, what’s not to like? Custard, good. Jam, good. Meat, good!"

17. "Well, the tough thing is she really wants to have sex with me. I still got a week left to go in the program and according to the rules if I wanna get the money I am not allowed to conduct any personal experiments, if you know what I mean."

18. "I have two words for you: threesome."

19. "I don't care how old you are, as long as you’re under my roof, you only live by my rules. And that means no sleeping with your girlfriend."


20. "That was just a theory. There’s a lot of theories that didn’t pan out. Lone Gunman. Communism. Geometry."

21. "Je de coupe plough!"

22. "I think you’ll be very, very happy. It’s the longest I ever spent on a computer without looking at porn."

23. "I used to get medical experiments done on me all the time!" TC mark

10 Signs You’re Young And Still Figuring Life Out

Posted: 11 Sep 2015 10:58 AM PDT

Twenty20 / LariStreule
Twenty20 / LariStreule

1. When people ask you what you want to do in terms of a career, you don't have a complete answer.

You know your likes and interests, but you thought that's what a hobby was for. Do people actually make careers out of their passions and talent? Is it acceptable to say, I want to change lives and be successful? What does 'successful' even mean? You have a million thoughts running through your head when people ask you this question, but you usually give them a simple answer. "I'm thinking something with business, maybe marketing." You try to say something all-encompassing with hopes they won't question you any further.

2. The job you're currently working is 'just temporary.'

Being someone's assistant isn't something you're extremely passionate about, but you tell yourself it's a source of income, and a resume builder. Maybe you'll even get a good reference for when you apply to that unknown dream job of yours that may or may not exist.

3. You spend rent money on things that are clearly not your rent.

You begin to second guess buying those new pair of shoes that you really didn't need, especially when your rent is due and your bank account has a balance that can't buy you a slice of pizza. You're still figuring out how to budget. You'll learn eventually.

4. Your health isn't always top priority.

You binge drink every Saturday even when you wake up on Sunday with a massive hangover and tell yourself you'll never drink again. You hear it can't be good for your liver, but try telling that to the cute guy who asks you out for drinks. You want to enjoy yourself and have fun, and your health often falls second to that.

5. Your living space is messy more than it's clean.

You like to think of yourself as organized, but your bedroom tells you otherwise. You don't have time to worry about hanging clothes, you've got more important things to figure out, like your purpose and self-worth.

6. Your fridge is full of the most random foods that you never want to eat.

When your friend opens your fridge and asks you why you have clam juice, you know you need to rethink your food shopping capabilities. Real adults stock their fridge with things like eggs, milk, and vegetables; you have Coke Zero and a jar of Greek olives. What’s for dinner?

7. You have stories from the weekend you wouldn't tell your coworkers or parents about.

You might not want your boss to find out you threw up in an Uber on your way home from the bar Saturday night, and you especially don't want your mom knowing. You're still trying to figure out how to be responsible on the weekends.

8. You’re terribly confused by your love life.

One day you’re in a happy, monogamous relationship, the next day you’re wishing you could hookup with the attractive guy who clearly just eye-fucked you. You always want what you don’t have, and you think the grass is greener on the other side, but even you can’t figure out what you really want. Do you even know what ‘love’ truly is? Does anyone?

9. You get anxious thinking about the future.

You’d rather just keep living in the present. There are too many questions you don’t have answers to, and you’re not sure you have the energy to think about them. You don’t want to worry about where you’ll be in five years because you’re too worried about making it through the month, let alone the day.

10. You compare yourself to others often.

You question your decisions so you compare them to everyone else’s. I’m sure that girl who’s posting photos of her new career in the big city is happy, but she’s not you. You can’t live life with the desire to impress others, you have to live your life for you first. Everyone has a different path, and we all experience uncertainties somewhere along the way. Don’t feel bad because you think that everyone else has life figured out, feel great because figuring it out is the fun part. TC mark

We’re Not In Kansas Anymore: 12 Kinds Of Relationships That Didn’t Exist For Us

Posted: 11 Sep 2015 11:46 AM PDT

via YouTube
via YouTube

With Miley Cyrus’s announcement that she now considers herself Pansexual and the internet’s collective ??? I thought I’d go ahead and put together all the different kinds of sexuality people identify with these days outside of the big three, hetero, homo, and bi. Let’s start with Demisexuals.

1. Demisexual: Demisexuals only want to have sex with people they’ve formed a meaningful emotional attachment to. Tinder must be like kryptonite to them.

2. Asexual: Asexual people just really aren’t into sex. It’s not that they’ve decided to never have sex it’s just that they don’t care and probably never will. They may prefer the romantic aspects of relationships without any of the sex.

3. Biromantic: They love doing date-like things with anyone of either sex but they may draw the line at actual kissing and definitely draw the line at sex. They’re deeply into hugs and note writing and things like that.

4. Aromantic: Sex is fine but these peeps just say no to relationships.

5. Heteromantic: Similar to biromantic except cis-gendered. Like biromantics they’re into the romance aspect of relationships but not the physical ones.

6. Pansexuals: Open to sex with genetic men or women, transexuals or bisexuals or literally anyone of any orientation or gender identifying group. Literally all of everyone.

7. Lithromantic: This type of person is totally cool with being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t reciprocate their feelings. In fact, they prefer it.

8. Semisexual: They like sex and maybe even want to have it sometimes but they’re into the idea enough to actually go through with the act.

9. Akoiromantic: Somewhat similar to a Lithromantic, the Akoiromantic feels romantic attraction to others but never acts on it.

10. Grayromantic: The shoulder shrugger of the group, the Grayromantic is hardly ever attracted to anyone at all.

11. Graysexuals: Same deal as the above except in regards to sex. This guy or girl hardly ever wants to have sex with anyone they meet.

12. Homoromantic: This person may be interested in a romantic relationship with someone of the same sex but that doesn’t expand to the sexual sphere. Hand holding and Netflix binges/snuggles are enough. TC mark