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14 Surprisingly Good Romantic Comedies (And Dramas) You Can Watch On Netflix Right Now

Posted: 25 Sep 2015 06:52 PM PDT

For a Good Time, Call

For a Good Time, Call
For a Good Time, Call

This is a phone sex comedy, do I need to go on?

Okay, it’s also a movie about how incredibly powerful female friendships can be and finding love in unlikely places. Ari Graynor is your relatable lead with aspirational levels of gumption, and Lauren Miller is the type A half of their odd couple. They become badass phone sex entrepreneurs together and there are some really cute (and empowering) romantic storylines as well.

Jerry Maguire

Jerry Maguire
Jerry Maguire

This was a sensation in the 90’s but it’s fallen off our radar since then. Which is a shame because this is vintage Tom Cruise at his finest. If you want to both think existentially about your life and career and what it all means AND end the night sobbing into your ice cream (because, love) this is the one to pick.

Can’t Buy Me Love

Can't Buy Me Love
Can’t Buy Me Love

This movie stars McDreamy before he was McDreamy and it is glorious. It’s a really cute 80’s throwback you should watch if you want something that will make you feel good (and you don’t care about the cheese factor).

The Best of Me

The Best Of Me
The Best Of Me

This is a Nicholas Sparks movie that delivers exactly what you would expect a Nicholas Sparks movie would deliver. It’s also about second chances and stars people who aren’t in their twenties, so if you are feeling old or washed up or like nothing exciting will ever happen to you again, this is an especially refreshing movie.

While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping
While You Were Sleeping

If you’ve been the clingy ex who can’t move on or the girl who tells random people like your hair stylist that you’re ‘dating’ the guy you only (so far) have a crush on, you will relate to Sandra Bullock in this movie. But she’s beautiful and young and optimistic, so relating to her isn’t the worst thing in the world.



This movie is cheesey in a way that just feels so good. You just really grow to believe in the power of dance and you want all the kids to stick to the mean ass adults in their town. Watch this if you’re feeling lazy and want to feel motivated to do get up and accomplish something the next day.

There’s also a actually-not-shitty 2011 remake out there as well, but it’s not streaming on Netflix.

Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights

Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights
Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights

Another dance movie, but don’t worry, we’re not sinking to Step Up 12 here. This is an underrated gem of a semi-remake. The characters are more likeable than the original Dirty Dancing cast and it’s just a lot of fun to watch.



This movie is REALLY GOOD. Old John Cusack is so good. You will want to go to used bookstores and read people’s handwritten notes when you are done.

Silver Linings Playbook

Silver LInings Playbook
Silver LInings Playbook

If you are struggling in your love life (or just life, in general) this is a great movie that will make you feel positive about your future. Excelsior.



Don’t tell me this isn’t a romantic movie. There’s nothing more romantic than a brooding, YA-novel protagonist. Christian Slater is the og Edward Cullen — and who wouldn’t prefer him anyway? What’s your damage? This is the movie to watch when you feel crabby, misanthropic, or just not into traditional love at the moment.

Remember Me

Remember Me
Remember Me

THIS IS THE BEST MOVIE ON NETFLIX. I know that sounds completely ridiculous but it’s a really cute drama and you will actually love the characters and then you will cry your eyes out. I know this because I once cried just from reading the Wikipedia article for this movie.

Romeo + Juliet

Romeo + Juliet
Romeo + Juliet

There’s a reason it’s the most popular love story ever. Plus, young leo! Beautiful costumes! A really, really sick soundtrack! TC mark

8 Reasons Why We Resist The Things We Want The Most

Posted: 24 Sep 2015 05:58 PM PDT


We want to avoid being present, because if we're present for the good things, we have to be present for the bad ones, too.

This is usually the reason people have such a hard time with simply "being in the moment." There is something "in the moment" that they're running from… which is why they're having a problem in the first place. Because the only thing that can be a problem at any given "moment" is something within you.

We're afraid to reach the "end of the road."

We are beings that are, literally, made to evolve. Emotionally, mentally, physically, universally. We were designed to change, and the ultimate resistance to that is only seeking out "end goals." Because you won't actually let yourself get there. Getting there feels like the equivalent of death. If we don't realize that letting ourselves have what we want is the beginning of a journey, we don't let ourselves have it. But we can't regard something as the "beginning of a journey" unless it's something we genuinely want to do each day (rather than just feel better with the idea of.) But more on that later.

We're afraid of losing our identities.

We identify with pain. We become our struggle. We bond over what we hate. It's the trifecta for unhappiness, and the more we sustain it, the harder it becomes to work our way out of. This is because we grow to identify with our problems. Who are we if we don't have a battle to fight? It makes "being happy" seem boring, and undesirable. So we keep ourselves in a state of "wanting" and never "having."

We're afraid of people not loving us because we're not broken and relatable anymore.

The main reason we keep ourselves small is because we think that it will make other people love us. If we're helpless, someone will help us, if we have problems, we're relatable, and accepted. Being a "happy person" who has what they want is not always being "the most liked person in the room," but ultimately it's a choice you have to make: to feed your own heart or other people's insecurities.

We've trained ourselves to feel happy with the "wanting" not the "getting."

We get stuck in these patterns in which we find our happiness in dreaming up the next big thing, in working toward it, in lusting after it, in feeling like "getting it" is this huge accomplishment. Then after the high has passed, it's not interesting to us anymore. We've learned to be happy just wanting, never having.

Having what we want makes us more vulnerable than anything else in the world.

This is the simplest one in the book, yet usually the last thing people think of: when we have what we want, we're vulnerable. We can lose it. If it's not ours, then it's always safe, because we never had it in the first place. (Goes without saying, but I think most people would ultimately prefer having something and losing it as opposed to never having it at all.)

We want certainty before we act – because we think this means emotional security.

A lot of the time, getting what we really want isn't so far out of reach as it is just behind all of our self-imposed blocks, doubts and insecurities. We want certainty because when we're certain that something is "right" or "meant to be," it eliminates the risk of being devastated. If we know it's already "right," we can't lose it. (We can, it's delusion.)

We don't want what we think we want.

We think we want a partner, but what we really want is to feel love for ourselves, and not need someone else to keep injecting good feelings into our lives for us. We think we want to lose weight, but what we really want is to feel secure, and to love our bodies for how they are. (Then maybe have the partner, and lose the weight.) We think we want a particular job, but what we really want is to feel affirmed by a title, or to feel supported or admired. For the most part, people do (and get) what it is they really want. The problem is only ever a matter of identifying what that honestly is – and why. TC mark

Love Is Not Inherently Good: A Warning For Anyone Who Thinks It Will Be Easy

Posted: 24 Sep 2015 05:57 AM PDT

Shay Na

The truth about love is that there is a part of you that honestly believes that giving away all of your love will – no, must – result in receiving some kind of equal love back. If you didn't believe this, your love would be impossible. How else could you justify all of the heartsick tears, the sleepless nights, the work and play that you've neglected?

The truth about love is that it's not a physics equation. There is no law of conservation of love. Love can be created; love can be destroyed. The love that you put out into the world will not last forever, ricocheting between atoms, shifting shape as needed. A thoughtless heart can stop your love cold.

The truth about love is that someone can love you very much and still be careless or hurtful. Love is not a charm that protects you. Love is not magic. Love is not inherently good.

The truth about love is that your faith in it is misplaced; love is not a god or a system of belief or an altar at which you should kneel down and sacrifice. Love is a wild, dangerous force – exhilarating, yes, but also destructive. Loving someone else is like standing at the edge of the water in the middle of a hurricane; the waves that smash against the shore are mesmerizingly beautiful, but the threat of drowning is very real.

The truth about love is that it is a slippery beast. A slippery beast with teeth like razor blades.

The truth about love is that it is so bound up with regret that it seems impossible to separate the two. You regret the words you said, which you didn't realize would come out so badly. You regret how vulnerable you let yourself be, how you cracked open your chest to reveal your still-beating heart. You regret all the chances you gave, the forgiveness you bled so freely. You regret the time not spent together, the days you sat side by side on the couch both engrossed in your laptops. You regret the time wasted arguing or sulking or spent in a state of deliberate misunderstanding. You regret the beginning, because it could only ever lead to this. You regret the ending, because of everything you'll never get back. You try so hard not to regret everything in between, but you do. You do.

The truth about love is that so many of us have a hard time differentiating between love and habit.

The truth about love is that it's not a panacea or a cure-all. You can have all the love in the world and still be just as broken as ever. Being in love will not fix you; after the first flush of romance you will find that you are in exactly the same place, except that now you have to worry about dragging someone else down with you.

The truth about love is that we talk about it as if it's something we're somehow owed, but really, it's not. People deserve to be treated with decency and respect. People deserve basic necessities like food, shelter and clean water. People deserve to feel safe. No one deserves love.

The truth about love is that you would do it all again. TC mark

14 Men On What Goes Through Their Heads While Going Down On Their Girlfriends

Posted: 24 Sep 2015 09:23 AM PDT Daniel_Grinwis Daniel_Grinwis


"Music, actually. Ha! Music goes through my head. Songs play through my head like I guess they do all the time. It’s like I have Spotify running inside my brain 24/7. So I’ll just be there licking away while It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back plays through my head in its entirety, bonus tracks and all."

—Benjamin, 27


"I'm very aware of my face and whether it expresses to her that I'm actually enjoying it. So often I’ll look up with an ‘Is this OK?’ expression on my face. Most of the time her eyes are closed. But being down there is sort of a submissive position, so I’m worried that I don’t look like a complete dork."

—Bobby, 21



"I'm very very very very conscious of whether I'm staying hard. On average it takes her about 10-15 minutes to cum when I go down on her, and I’m usually hard when I start because of all the kissing and foreplay that led up to going down on her, but that’s a long time without direct stimulation, so a lot of the time I sort of lose it along the way…especially if I’m thinking about it, which I usually am."

—Jason, 20



"I keep my attention completely focused on the buildup of tension down in that area. I’ll get one trigger finger up inside her, poking around the G-spot area until I press in hard. I’ll use the other hand almost like an acupuncturist, pressing down on her hipbones and pubic area, seeking signs of tension. I’ve gotten really good at feeling the buildup of tension and can take her to the edge—and then back—and then to the point where all I have to really do is wink, and she cums. I’m like a seismologist who intentionally causes an earthquake."

—Jack, 32



"I guess some guys say they like doing it, but to me it’s more like a chore. It’s like having to do your homework before you get the slice of warm pecan pie with the melted ice cream. So I’ll just plant my face down there and get on with the butterfly kisses, reminding myself the whole time that when it’s over I’ll finally be able to fuck her."

—Arlo, 25



"Her eyes are always closed the entire time I go down on her, so naturally I’m wondering what SHE’S thinking about. To be specific, I wonder if she’s thinking about somebody else. So I think about whether she’s thinking about somebody else. Fuck me for living."

—Bret, 29



"I count. No, really, I do. I start counting from ‘1’ and don’t stop until she’s done. Many’s the night I’ve gotten past ‘1,000’ before she’s done."

—Jimmy, 24



"The main thing that occupies my mind when I’m going down on a girl is how long it’s been. Five minutes? Ten? Fifty? Will you cum already? Will you fucking cum already? What's taking you so long?"

—Alex, 26



"Just to keep it interesting while I’m getting prepped for the Main Event, I’ll spell out things with my tongue. I’ll do the whole alphabet A-Z. Once I actually started the Gettysburg Address—‘Four score and seven years ago, our forefathers…’—until I forgot the rest. If we’re not getting along, I’ve been known to spell out ‘I HATE YOU’ with my tongue again and again and again."

—Chad, 22



"I get it in my head that this is just like kissing, only it’s a different body part. So I just kiss and nuzzle and lick as if we were French-kissing. I put a lot of affection into it—she once said I act all ‘worshippy’ down there."

—Greg, 28



"I’ve got a tiny bed in a tiny room in a tiny apartment, which makes oral sex feel like some sort of circus contortionist act. So I usually have to twist and turn and tie myself into pretzels merely to go down on her. And once I get a groove going, I don’t want to mess up the rhythm and readjust my whole body, so sooner or later one of my limbs is going to fall asleep. Then, after she reaches the finish line, I have to readjust and prepare for fucking her without looking like a crippled war veteran because one of my limbs is totally numb."

—Matthew, 21


12. FOOD

"I think about what's in the refrigerator. Sometimes if it's taking a long time, I'll list what I know is in the refrigerator in my head…ketchup…milk…eggs…half-eaten Happy Meal…gnarled, dried, fossilized, half-eaten slice of pizza in the back…still going? OK…ketchup…milk…eggs…"

—Lou, 34



"I’m very sexually insecure, and unlike with men, who leave a ‘crime scene’ when they cum, you pretty much have to take a woman’s word for whether she has an orgasm or not. So the whole time I’m thinking, ‘Does this feel good to her? Should I go slower? Faster? Sideways? Up and down? Circles? Diagonal slashing motions? Counterclockwise swirl?’ She can probably sense my anxiety, too, which doesn’t help."

—Nick, 23



"I don’t really think differently than I normally do—the weather, sports scores, how much I owe the IRS, I forgot to call my grandmother on her birthday, I probably need an oil change, should I make an omelet or go out and have one at a diner, I’m at 90% capacity of my monthly iPhone data plan, etc., etc. I’m boring, I know, but that’s what I think about."

—Jeff, 25 TC mark

7 Extremely Terrifying Haunted Houses To Dare Your Bravest Friend To Visit This Halloween

Posted: 24 Sep 2015 01:47 PM PDT

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 1.13.22 PM

The below are presented in no particular order.

1. McKamey Manor

With a warning that you must be in “GREAT HEALTH” to participate, McKamey Manor in San Diego, CA promises a two to seven hour horror movie experience where all your limits will be tested far beyond anything seen in a typical haunted house experience. McKamey prides itself on the cinematic aspect of its drama as well as the feeling of being forced into situations that are uncomfortable and horrifying. It’s so intense that McKamey even conducts post experience interviews with participants, possibly for legal as well as promotional reasons.

Expect to be blindfolded, gagged, stuffed in a tiny freezer, go through mock torture, have stuff shoved in your mouth, get spit on, and hear the screams and cries of the dying and soon to die. This place is no joke.

2. The Dent Schoolhouse

Offering a bit more traditional Halloween themed haunted schoolhouse theme, Dent Schoolhouse is located in Cincinnati and features all the ghoulish, ghosty, possessed zombie horror you could possibly want (or stand) from an extreme haunted house. Plus masks, there are lots of creepy masked things looking at you and coming at you. This looks like old school creepiness at its finest.

3. Blackout Haunted House

If you’re from a major metropolitan area then you’ve definitely heard of Blackout and may have even tried and failed to get in. Make reservations early this year. Described as a “psychosexual horror-art experience,” Blackout definitely keeps to the horror theme but with a more austere less in your face approach. This year’s appears to be going for a mind f*ck rather than mock torture. Last year, Blackout required you to go it alone but while the title for this year’s theme Inferno has been announced the rules haven’t yet. Keep track of updates from Blackout on their Facebook page.

4. Shocktoberfest

For those that might want to avoid traumatic mental scarring, Shocktoberfest in Pennsylvania isn’t just one experience of one haunted house or horror theme, it’s an entire amusement park of terror featuring seven different themes this year. Some of theme seem dead scary while others like the Zombie Paintball Hayride seem like just a lot of fun. There’s also the Naked and Scared Challenge for those who want to strip down to their undies and run from monsters. Games are integrated into some of the events as well.

5. Freakling Brothers: Gates of Hell

Based in Los Vegas, NV, Freakling Brothers is built around the concept of the traditional carnival, circus, or fair atmosphere but with a far more extreme experience awaiting you inside. It’s also an intensely full contact freakshow so be ready for that. This year’s theme is “Trilogy of Terror” and there’s scant details out on just what to expect. There’s also the “victim experience” which speaks for itself. Check out their website here for more info.

6. 13th Gate

Out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana comes 13th Gate. Featuring Hollywood trained makeup artists, the effects are reportedly remarkably real and by real I just mean horrifying. Featuring cannibalistic butchers and crawl through crematoriums in past years, that should give you a good idea of what to expect as you work your way through the experience. It’s also been voted the best haunted house in the country for multiple years. More details on how to go can be found here.

7. The Alone Experience

‘Alone’ describes itself as an existential experience which “explores the complex folds of the human psyche, placing you as the participant within dreams and fantasies and nightmares that you may have had and within those that you definitely have not.” This October’s theme is “Index of Absorption” which promises psychological terror rather than classic horror or monsters. It sounds arty and it also sounds cool which seems to match its location, Los Angeles, pretty well. Follow them on Facebook here.

Have you been to any of these extreme haunted houses? If you have then tell us about your experience in the comments below or on Creepy Catalog’s Facebook page.

Didn’t see a Haunted House in your part of the country? That’s okay, we’ve got you covered with two different Haunted House finders located here and here. Don’t get left out of the fun! TC mark

9 Things That Are Way Different When You Revisit College After Graduating

Posted: 24 Sep 2015 06:45 AM PDT

Twenty20 / jameswildexo
Twenty20 / jameswildexo

1. You quickly learn you can't drink like you used to. College as an undergrad was full of keg stands and beer pong, and you managed to keep up for a solid four years, but as the second digit of your twenty something continues to increase, your drinking ability does not increase with it. When you revisit college sip cautiously.

2. You start to think about your love life in terms of cohabitation, marriage, or family. When you were in college you worried about how you’d walk home in the morning wearing the same clothes you went out in last night, and how to avoid people asking you questions along the way. After your years of dormitory one night stands and sleepovers end, you start to question the way your love life is looking. You wonder if you’ll ever find someone you could actually share a life with, whether it be living arrangements, wedding vows, or even offspring. Your one night stands post-graduation start to seem a little more bleak and a little less adventurous.

3. You talk a lot about careers. When you were an undergrad, career talk was like Voldemort, he who must not be named. You knew you’d eventually have to find a career, but talking about it just made you nervous about the uncertain future. Now that you’ve graduated, the main questions you’ll be answering are about your career. “What are you doing? Do you like it?” If you haven’t quite found your way along the windy path they like to call a career, this may be your least favorite part of the evening.

4. You have the desire to buy alumni everything. As an undergrad you purchase everything with your college’s name on it, t-shirts, hoodies, shot glasses, whatever your heart desires, but now that you’ve graduated you can upgrade. You can finally buy that alumni license plate you’ve been eyeing the past four years, and you can sip from an alumni mug while you work in your cubicle. That’s something to be excited about…right?

5. You feel like the sober one at the party…even though you're more intoxicated than you've been in the last 4 months. When you hit the party scene as an alumni you’re surrounded by college kids who are used to doing this every weekend, and often weekdays. When you’re not as wasted as they are, see it as a positive. You don’t want to end up with your head in a toilet by midnight anyway.

6. You need to be refreshed on the rules of drinking games. What are the rules of Flip Cup again? Oh you flip the cup, makes sense. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you forget the basics.

7. You realize there are new drinking games to learn. These kids are so innovative nowadays. You’ve just been taking shots at bars, meanwhile undergrads have been busy creating Beer Pong 2.0.

8. You feel 10 years older than you actually are. Mostly because you think the undergrads look like children. You can’t believe you’re standing next to someone who isn’t old enough to legally drink and then you look next to him and there’s someone who is just old enough to vote. Nobody likes you when you’re 23, I guess.

9. Your introduction is, ‘This is (name). She graduated in (year).’ If that doesn’t make you feel old, I’m sure them asking how the college was different “back then” will. TC mark

17 Women Reveal How Long They Made Their Boyfriend Wait To Have Sex, And Why

Posted: 24 Sep 2015 09:27 AM PDT

via Shutterstock
via Shutterstock

1. “My current boyfriend of five years and I slept together the first night we met. There was no way we weren’t going to. The chemistry between us was crazy strong. Mid hookup I pulled away and said something lame like ‘maybe we shouldn’t’ so he suggested we play ‘just the tip.’ It took exactly thirty seconds before I regained my sensibility and let him fuck me properly. I don’t think there’s any reason to wait if you don’t want to.”

—Charlotte, 27


2. “I made him wait three months and don’t think it’s because I didn’t want to have sex with him. I really wanted to but I was looking for something serious with him and wanted to make sure he was into me enough for some delayed gratification. He was and we’ve been together nearly three years now. Best relationship I’ve ever been in and we’re talking about getting married.”

—Erica, 27


3. “The longest? It was five months but that was an on again off again thing. I wish I’d gone ahead and slept with him the first day I met him and I wouldn’t have even considered spending more time with him. We dated for about three months afterward and we really weren’t compatible sexually and he became controlling quick.”

—Jacqueline, 20


4. “Erg, maybe a week? I don’t have a lot of hang ups about sex and if I want to sleep with someone and they’re into me then I go ahead and do it. I think I actually only waited a week with my current boyfriend because he was out of town for a couple of days. We’ve been dating a year now by the way.”

—Melissa, 28


5. “I made my current boyfriend four months before sex but I used to not wait at all. For me though, that never translated into something that was lasting or serious and I felt like I was sort of being tricked a few times. My guy stuck around and things are going well and the sex is great.”

—Naomi, 26


6. “He’s still waiting but we’re actually both waiting until we get married which is happening in six months. We met a year ago. Neither of us are virgins but we’re both religious and something just clicked with us where we felt like we shouldn’t have sex until marriage. I know this isn’t the popular opinion but I feel like it’s made us closer as a couple.”

—Anne, 25


7. “I married for the first time very young and both he and I were very Baptist and both virgins. We dated for a year without sex and when we married the sex was actually great after we learned how to do it. We divorced five years later but it was amicable. I don’t regret that marriage actually and I don’t remember waiting to have sex until marriage. Now, however, waiting isn’t as important to me.”

—Maggie, 29


8. “We were only dating casually for the first three months but my boyfriend was willing to wait a total of seven months before we had sex and I kept it casual until the two months before we did mainly because he had a reputation as a player. I’d never made anyone wait that long before. The night we had sex he actually said ‘I can’t believe this is really happening’ which made the whole thing that much more romantic for me. We’ve been together nearly a year now and think we each may have found the perfect partner.”

—Karen, 27


9. “I have vaginismus which, for the sake of summary, means that it hurts for things to go in my vagina. It’s an extremely disruptive condition sexually for the obvious reasons. It’s also caused me to lose relationships because I always made guys wait until they didn’t want to wait anymore and I was scared to death of the pain sex caused because I wasn’t aware of my condition for years. With my current boyfriend it took us six months of trying to have sex for us to do it with minimal pain and that was after three months of dating and him figuring out if this was something he was willing to work through with me. We’ve been dating a year now and it can still sometimes hurt but mostly it’s actually wonderful.”

—Cynthia, 28


10. “I’ve never ‘made anyone wait’ but at the same time it’s not like I’m sleeping with tons of people. I’m pretty much either into someone and trying to sleep with them or I will never sleep with them. Works for me.”

—Fiona, 24


11. “Not a huge fan of the double standard in this question. How long am I supposed to make someone wait and why? Are guys also supposed to make me wait? Am I a slut if I don’t make someone wait long enough? Maybe your readers should consider those questions instead of wondering how long I’ve made some dude they don’t know and will never know wait to have sex with me.”

—Vickie, 26


12. “For people I don’t see a long term thing with I don’t make them wait at all if I want to have sex. If I’m looking for an LTR then I make them wait a month, maybe two. With my current boyfriend I told him I wanted to wait and didn’t say for how long. We ended up waiting a month and a half. I think there’s something to be said for gauging a man’s reaction to being told to wait. I think it says a lot about how they think of sex and women.”

—Ashley, 29


13. “I didn’t used to make people wait but when I noticed that, for me, the people I was sexually compatible with were consistently the ones I wasn’t compatible with in other ways I started to feel like I was wasting time (wasting time with good sex sounds crazy, I know) because I did want to meet someone I’d be with forever and have a family and all that. I made my boyfriend wait three months mostly because I didn’t know how long was ‘a long time’ and that seemed like a very long time to me. We’ve been dating about six months and I feel like things are going really well. I’d never been friends with anyone before I had sex with them before and it’s definitely new and different in a good way.”

—Fay, 28


14. “Wait for what?”

—Jen, 30


15. “The longest I’ve ever waited for sex was six months and it actually wasn’t my choice at all. I met my current boyfriend and we really hit it off but he’s also very Catholic and wanted to wait until he felt like we knew each other and loved one another although he wasn’t a virgin. It was a pretty big reversal of how this kind of thing has gone traditionally but I went with it because I felt and still feel like he’s amazingly special. We’ve been dating almost a year now and it’s literally the best relationship I’ve ever been in. While I don’t put that down to not having sex for six months I do think there’s something to the idea of getting to know someone before sex if/if you think you want a long term thing with them. Otherwise, I still don’t think there’s a point in waiting.”

—Rachel, 25


16. My current boyfriend and I had sex on the second date and we’ve been dating five months now. He’s a great guy and I knew after our first date that I wanted to sleep with him but he says he was too nervous to even try.

—Kimberly, 24


17. “I have sex with whomever I want whenever I want as long as they’re into it, obviously. I think the key to this whole question is when people have sex or don’t have sex because of some arbitrary rule they’re thinking about or because they’re seeking approval through sex. Know yourself and do whatever the hell you want to do as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone or you.”

—Lee, 28 TC mark

11 Of The Funniest ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Sketches That Make A Point And Also Make You Laugh

Posted: 23 Sep 2015 01:26 PM PDT

Inside Amy Schumer
Inside Amy Schumer

1. Sex Stories

This sketch points out the hypocrisy in the way that some men talk about women, cleverly highlighting the fact that every woman is somebody’s wife, daughter, mom, sister, etc. Plus, there’s a Zach Braff cameo. Always a plus.

2. Girl, You Don’t Need Makeup

A group of One Direction-esque man-boys start singing to Amy about how she actually doesn’t need any makeup because she’s beautiful the way she is. Then, the minute she takes it all of, the lyrics are a little different. “Hold up girl, we spoke too soon” Or “Just a little mascara, and you’ll look female.” Pretty much the real life version of “What Makes You Beautiful.”

3. Sexting

The tiniest amount of comedic exaggeration in a scene about exactly how ridiculous sexting can be.

4. Last Fuckable Day

Possibly the best Inside Amy sketch so far. But with Tina Fey, JLD, and Patricia Arquette, how can it not be? This is just a wonderful scene about the pressures women can feel both inside and outside of Hollywood.

5. Milk Milk Lemonade

It’s absolutely bizarre, yes. How can she possibly think it’s funny to make a video about butts while she sings “This is where my poop comes out”? Then you remember that that’s basically what half the music videos look like now a days. There’s also some great appearances.

6. Compliments

An oldie but a goodie. The ending is a little much, but the sketch itself hilariously portrays the way that women refuse to take compliments or think highly of themselves in any way whatsoever. It also suggests why we’re like this in the first place.

7. Celebrity Interview

The more ridiculously bronzed that Amy’s legs get in each shot, the more you realize exactly how similar this sketch is to actual celebrity interviews.

8. Football Town Nights

Rape is an extremely sensitive subject, especially in comedy. But I think this sketch handles it so well. It’s not about making fun of the victims – it’s about making fun of the perpetrators themselves and showing how many little things in our lives are contributing to rape culture.

9. New Body

It just puts into words something we’ve all gone through, where we want to start planning for our new body before we’ve even put in any work into getting healthier. Best line: Amy walks into the store and the clerk says, “Let’s walk over to the 5 months from now section!”

10. A Very Realistic Military Game

An unapologetic sketch about the issues that are often swept under the rug when it comes to women’s safety and wellbeing in the military. The alarmingly realistic part comes when Amy tells her boyfriend what happened and he says, “That’s never happened to me.”

11. Court of Public Opinion: The Trial of Bill Cosby

The name says it all. The only part I found not at all funny was the ending.

12 Things You Can Do This Fall With The Person You Love

Posted: 24 Sep 2015 08:26 AM PDT


1. Watch the new season of American Horror Story together. The show starts October 7th, giving you plenty of time to plan your snacks ahead of time.

2. Spend a day trying different pumpkin beers and hard apple ciders from local breweries.

3. Go to a U-Pick pumpkin patch and apple farm. Pick a few pumpkins and spend an evening carving out spooky or funny designs.

4. Find recipes on Pinterest for new fall drinks or snacks. Invite your partner and friends over for a taste testing.

5. Go on a haunted history tour in your town or neighboring city. Learn about the spooky things that make up the town’s history.

6. Head out to a cider mill (if you have one in your area). Have fun indulging in cider, donuts, caramel apples, and whatever else you can only get this time of year.

7. Look up fall color tours in your state. Most states that experience great fall foliage offer routes you can take where you can see the best fall colors. Bring a camera, hot drinks, and spend a day with your love driving around and seeing your state when it’s at its most colorful.

8. Go to your local nature center or a trail you love to hike and go on a leaf hunt. Find the biggest and/or most colorful leaves you can find that have fallen.

9. Watch your classic favorite horror movies you loved as a kid. Make a list of both of your favorites and choose a weekend you want to binge watch all of them.

10. Attend Oktoberfest together. What started in Bavaria (southern Germany) has become a regular beloved festival all over the world to celebrate good beer and food. Definitely one of the best festivals of the season to celebrate with your partner.

11. If you both love coffee, take a tour of coffeeshops in your area and try a variety of their seasonal drinks. Make notes of which one makes the best pumpkin-spiced latte or caramel apple cider.

12. Spend a day baking your favorite fall snacks together. Roast pumpkin seeds, make dried apples, cook autumn applesauce. Whatever food or snacks remind you of this time of year, take a day to make them together. TC mark

When You Can’t Stop Thinking About ‘What Could Have Been’ With That One Person

Posted: 23 Sep 2015 03:13 PM PDT


We all have that “what if” person. Maybe it’s a person you once dated, or perhaps someone you never had a chance to date but whom you still think about. What would your life be like with them now? How different, better or worse would your life be if you had been able to grow a stronger relationship with this person? Everyone will have one at some point in their life, even if it is just a fleeting moment or person in time.

You may be someone's "what if" person without ever realizing it.

Even if they aren't quite someone who had been in your life for a long period of time, they made an impact that left an imprint in your heart. If you haven't experienced the awful feeling of unrequited love, consider yourself lucky.

This kind of love is an awful thing to dwell on because you know so clearly that nothing will ever work with this person, yet your imagination lets you run wild with the thoughts of what it would be like if you were with them. Sometimes you wish you could say what you want to them. Sometimes you wonder what you could lose if you ever did say what you wanted to say to them. There is a certain glory and gore for anyone who has ever had a “what if" person.

You don't think about them every day or every week, or even every month. But when you do think of them, it catches you by surprise. You are friends, you are enemies, and you are all that resides in between. They are the question that lingers in your head at the worst possible moment, making you wish that you could go back in time and somehow fix it all.

Perhaps you are seeing your friends’ lives unfold. You’re watching them experience happy moments such as marriage and children, and you wonder what life would've been like with that person. It makes you feel things you weren't prepared to feel. Maybe you are sighing in relief that you aren't experiencing those happy moments with that one person. Or maybe you’re sad because you wish that you had both just given the relationship a little more care. Then maybe you'd be experiencing those happy life events with them. But instead, you are going through the waves of life; riding over one relationship after another just trying to forget the love that you left at shore.

And sometimes it can be the wondering how they are that hurts the most. You are wondering if their life has changed and blossomed since you went your separate ways. Or perhaps it hasn’t changed for the better. Regardless, you wish them well, and wish you had been able to continue on a future with them so you wouldn't have to wonder any more. You would know.

They keep you thinking for whatever reason that somehow, some way the stars will align and it will somehow bring you together. You wonder if somehow that person would be able to see what life would be like together. You wonder if you would be happier with them or without them. You wonder if you would have just been settling to be with someone that you really weren't meant to be with at all.

And sometimes you will be so thankful that you will never be together because part of you just knows that it would have been horrible.

You see, there was always something off about the two of you together. You would rarely land on the same page. You would never have feelings at the same time, you would never be available at the same time, and you would never want what the other person wanted at the same time. Time worked against you, my friend. And while you know that this is for a very good reason and that fate will sort itself out, you can't help but ask yourself, "but what if we were happy together?"

The only thing that can give you comfort when you are in your most vulnerable state of questioning what could have been is realizing that every single person on this earth has or will experience what it is like to wish that someone who once was…still was. But while your experience is unique and completely individual to the love that you had or have for this person, just know that the experience itself is not. The feeling, the questioning, the "what if" may fade away, or perhaps it will stay with you long into your years of love and life.The thing is…everyone has a "what if” person. Everyone has one. TC mark