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25 Cheap, Fun Things To Do When You’re Stuck Inside On Cold Winter Days

Posted: 23 Jan 2016 01:03 PM PST

 Twenty20 mazik
Twenty20 mazik

1. Get your sleep on. Make up for all those sleepless nights by curling up in your bed and dream the night-or day-away. Give your mind a much needed break.

2. Catch up with friends. Abuse Skype & FaceTime if you are stuck inside the house. Maybe have group calls with your best friends. Or catch up with old friends. It is a good chance to reconnect because you will actually have enough time to talk about things.

3. Clean your closet. Give away things you no longer need. Mix & match your items. Make it look pretty.

4. Test your business skills. Make some extra cash and sell some your stuff online, see if you can bargain.

5. Take an online course. Or watch an interesting documentary. If you want to feel productive in a snowstorm, online learning is your best bet.

6. Catch up on your favorite shows or re-watch old ones. Some shows never get old. This is the best time to re-watch some of your all-time favorite shows or watch a new one. Warning: you may not be able to get off the coach until you finish the whole season.

7. Try a new recipe. Feed yourself some ideas from your favorite food channel and hop in the kitchen to try some of them. Play Master Chef with some of your family members even, if you want to make it more fun & challenging.

8. Read a good book. A book that will inspire you to go out there and kill it after the storm is over.

9. Play games. Perfect time for Pictionary, taboo or even twister if you are having a snowmagedon slumber party.

10. Take a trip down memory lane. Look at old pictures of your friends and family. Read your journal or your diary. Read old letters or birthday cards from your friends. You will be surprised at how these little things warm your heart and leave you feeling revitalized.

11. Do home exercises. Look up videos of a new workout you've been meaning to try. Zumba, insanity, yoga…etc. That way you won't feel so bad about stuffing your face with all those groceries you bought.

12. Practice your bar tending skills. Make your own happy hour at home. Mix your own drinks & pour some more shots as long as you don't text your ex.

13. Cuddle. With your partner, with your friends, with your pets, or with your blanket.

14. Dance. You can't go wrong with that one. Put your favorite dancing jams and shake those hips.

15. Sing. Time to bring out that Karaoke machine. Sing along with you friends or family and make sure the neighbors don't call the cops on you.

16. Pamper yourself. Take a hot bubble bath. Try a new facial mask.

17. Shop online. When the urge kicks in, start looking at all those sales items. They know you will be shopping, and they will come for you and find you.

18. Work on your portfolio or your resume. Update your portfolio. Make your resume more appealing. If you have a blog; work on customizing it or picking a different theme. This is a good chance to sharpen your edges.

19. Have some time for yourself to relax and get out of your own head. Listen to some relaxing music and picture the life you want for yourself. Relinquish all your responsibilities and negativity for a few hours.

20. Bring your inner interior designer out. Redecorate your bedroom or your living room. Make small changes in your personal space to make it a lot more inviting.

21. Take online quizzes and personality tests. We all know that's your guilty pleasure.

22. Watch DIY tutorials and listen to self-help podcasts. They are more helpful than you think.

23. Do something "cute" for someone. Whether a pic collage, a scrapbook or just a nicely written message. Show someone you appreciate their warmth in this brutally cold weather.

24. If you really have to get out, have snowball fights.

25. If you can't find anything else to do, stalk your bae on social media. TC mark

It Will Take More Time, But Someday I Will Not Love You

Posted: 23 Jan 2016 11:37 AM PST


I was once told that every cell in our entire body is destroyed and replaced every seven years. I'm no scientist, but once upon a time, I was eighteen and in love with you. Today, I'm patiently waiting for twenty-five.

When I am twenty-five, the body you once craved and touched will not remember you. My eyes will not scan every room I enter, desperate to find you and desperate to memorize you. My nose will stop longing to find your scent on my clothes, on my bedsheets, on my skin. My mouth will not scream your name or beg you to return to me. My hands will stop reaching to your side of the bed, searching for the warmth of your sleeping body next to mine. When I am twenty-five, the heart that loved you will have beaten for the last time.

I once told you that I loved you with every cell in my body, but, when I am twenty-five, that will no longer be true.

When I am twenty-five, the body you once touched and craved will be dead. Long gone will be the hands that timidly explored you, and the eyes that looked at you as if you were some ancient treasure. The skin that you kissed in the back bedroom of your house will no longer be draped over me, begging to feel you again. The soles of my bare feet will have never danced on your kitchen floor with my favorite song playing in the background. The tips of my fingers won't remember how it felt to graze your cheek or run through your hair.

When I'm twenty-five, my mind will still remember the magic of loving you and the madness of losing you. Your words will still swirl through my brain every now and again, and I will feel a twinge of loneliness and wistfulness. But, my mouth won't taste you in every shot of whiskey, and my nose won't notice the scent of you in every October wind.

My thoughts will still make their way to you from time to time, but, someday when I'm twenty-five, my body will have no memory of what it was like when you were mine.

I was told once that every cell in our entire body is destroyed and replaced every seven years. I don't know for sure if that is true, but I loved you when I was eighteen, so I hope like hell it is. TC mark

It’s Time We Cut The Crap And Admitted That What We’re Doing Is Dating

Posted: 23 Jan 2016 11:25 AM PST

Something happened in the past twenty years or so. The word "date" disappeared. When it disappeared "let's hang out," "we should chill," and "you and I should do something soon" came in and took its place and now it looks as though those sayings are here to stay. And frankly I hope I am not the only one really annoyed by that.

It's as though men and women somewhere in the early 2000s decided that the term "date" was too much commitment, too intimidating, or too controversial and the only rational decision was they would axe the entire word altogether from their vocabulary.

The problem is we didn't axe the idea.

As far as I know, whatever your sexual preference is, people still from time to time want to hang out with one other person, go out to eat or do something active with that person and hope that it becomes romantic or physical at some point during their time together.

We still like the idea of dates but we don't like the word, and because we don't like it everyone out there is getting really damn confused as to what dates are.

The problem with "let's hang out" and other generalized statements like it is that when people ask out someone else this way the person being asked this question usually never knows what they are being set up for. Most of the time they are left wondering who is going to pay for the movie tickets and whether or not they should wear that outfit they look the most attractive in.

This makes for many an awkward moment during the course of the hang out, and gives the impression that the person inviting you to "Netflix and chill" might not even be that interested – you're just another friend to fill up their weeknight no matter how much courage it took for them to actually see what you are doing. That's just what happens when you ask a hot guy or girl out the way that you would invite your friends to get Chipotle with you.

Yes, you can say "let's hang out" to someone you have already been dating. You can say that to someone you met on Tinder or on a dating website because hell it is a dating site, you both know what you are there for! But for that new person you are interested in? I am sorry but you just can't. Unless both of you are so obviously aware of what you are to each other don't do it. Chances are you both are skeptical anyway.

We can keep the hook ups before dating. We can consider dates as binge watching shows. But how about we take the more traditional route with what we call it and help out both the painfully oblivious and the pitifully confused?

I say this to both men and women: why not just gather the courage to go up to the person you like and say "I would like to take you out on a date sometime." Once you get over the shock that you did just that, a wonderful thing happens. You either get a yes or a no. And you know that is based on if the person likes you enough to possibly see themselves sticking their tongue down your throat. Which means in the end you don't have to end up paying for a few drinks and dinner only to have the person across from you say "oh, I just never could see you like that."

What we'll end up doing is eliminating the overanalyzing conversations with friends, the frantic Google searches to see whether or not the tone in how they asked you to hang matters, and the embarrassment of now knowing whether or not you are on a date.

And if the word date seems a little circa 1950 how about: "I really like you, and want to hang out just you and I some time if you would like?" This is better, much better.

But for now I will still hold out for the word "date" and help it on its comeback.TC mark

10 Killer Teens Who Will Make High School You Seem Like A Saint

Posted: 23 Jan 2016 10:54 AM PST

It's tough to be a teenager. I remember – you can go back and look at my Livejournal for proof. (LOL, no way am I giving you that information.) Your hormones are all over the place, your friendships are changing and you're learning who you are as a person. Plus, high school kinda sucks. But that's no reason to kill someone!

These disturbed teens freaked me the F out and made me terrified to have children one day. Evil is evil, and it doesn't matter if you're 85 or 15 – if it's in you, it's in you.

Brenda Ann Spencer


This case isn't recent, but it is famous. Brenda Ann Spencer killed a school custodian and an elementary school principal, as well as injuring eight children and a cop in San Diego in 1979. When they asked Brenda why she did it, she simply said, "I don't like Mondays."

Josh Philips


Josh Philips' young neighbor, eight-year-old Maddie, went missing one day in 1998. Flyers went up and search parties went out, but it wasn't until Josh's mom was doing a routine cleaning in his room a week later that a suspicious wet spot on his mattress led her to Maddie's body, stuck inside Josh's waterbed. Josh's story was that Maddie had come over to play, and 14-year-old Josh accidentally hit her in the eye with a baseball. He panicked at the sight of blood and proceeded to strangle her, thinking he'd get in trouble for having someone over without parental supervision.

Apparently Josh's father had a terrible temper and may have been abusive to his son. After strangling Maddie with a phone cord, he hit her again with the bat and then stabbed her. Since he was just 14, he wasn't eligible under Florida law to be sentenced to death, and now, in prison, he works as a paralegal. His case might be revisited soon, as Josh was so young at the time of the crime.

Barry Loukaitis


Fourteen-year-old Barry had been experiencing delusions when he walked into his school dressed in a long black coat armed with three guns stolen from his father. He took an algebra class hostage and even reportedly said, "This sure beats algebra, doesn't it?"

Police thought Barry was mentally ill and had been influenced by Pearl Jam's recent "Jeremy" video. (It was 1996.) He'd also read a Stephen King book in which a similar situation occurs, so it's possible his vulnerable mental state had been affected in more than a few ways. Barry killed three people and kept his classmates hostage for ten minutes before he was distracted by a teacher. Now he's serving two life sentences.

Sheila Eddy & Rachel Shoaf


Teenage girls can have rather dramatic friendships, going from BFFs to enemies in one or two texts. That doesn't mean you need to murder the girl you've been besties with forever, though! In 2012, Sheila Eddy and Rachel Shoaf plotted and carried out the murder of their third best friend, Skylar Neese. Shoaf told police they killed Skylar simply because they didn't want to be friends with her anymore, and they were afraid of what she'd say about them if they cut off the friendship.

The two lured Skylar out of her house, stabbed her on cue, and tried to bury her body in the woods, but quit early and covered her with branches instead. Sheila was sentenced to life in prison, and Rachel got 30 years with possibility of parole after ten years.

You can read more about this tragic case and its impact on Twitter here.

Peter Zimmer

Peter Zimmer was fourteen when he killed his parents and his 10-year-old brother. Police found a bloody scene at the family home; Zimmer had shot his father and stabbed his mother and brother. He was sentenced to a juvenile detention center since he couldn't be tried as an adult due to Wisconsin law. Zimmer was eventually set free, changed his name to Jovan Collier and inherited a bunch of money from his dead parent's estate. Yeah, we know.

"I was basically reinvented," said Collier at one point. He moved to Florida and had relationships with a bunch of different women who didn't know about his past. And guess what? He was eventually sent back to jail on stalking charges. Collier claims he grew up in an abusive household, but does admit that he feels deep remorse for what he did when he was a kid named Peter Zimmer.

Read more about the crazy case here.

The "Collie" killers

The names of the two female teenage killers from Collie, Australia, have never been released, but we do know that they murdered one of their best friends by strangling her with a wire and attempting to suffocate her with a chemical-laden fabric. They, like Sheila Eddy and Rachel Shoaf, just "felt like" killing their friend. According to reports, neither girl expressed any feelings of guilt or sadness after their crime.

Erin Caffey


In 2008, 16-year-old Erin Caffey murdered her mother and two brothers and seriously hurt her father, all because they wouldn't let her go out with her boyfriend. She enlisted his aide in the crime, and, with a friend, the three carried out a gruesome crime that they covered up by attempting to burn down the house. All three were charged and imprisoned.

Tyler Hadley


Tyler Hadley had an idyllic childhood and a happy home. He was doted on by his parents, and he was a member of the Boy Scouts. Once he became a teen, though, things changed. He did the normal teenage rebelling, from trying drugs to skipping school, but there was something more sinister at work.

In 2011, 17-year-old Tyler planned a big party at his parent's home, but before the guests arrived, he made sure his parents were out of the way. He killed both of them with a hammer, and then carried out the party plans as usual. He told a friend of his crime, but the friend didn't believe him. However, a few party guests tipped off police, and when they arrived at the Hadley home, they found that Tyler had thrown basically every item from the house into the master bedroom to cover up his crime. It looked like a scene from "Hoarders." The house has since been demolished, and Hadley remains locked up.

Eric Borel

French teenager Borel killed not just his family but twelve others on a rampage in 1995. Apparently his mother was abusive to her son and often berated him, which proved too much for Borel to take. He killed her, his stepfather and a sibling before journeying into town with two guns. He stopped by his BFF's house and killed him, then killed eleven other people. Where is Borel now? He committed suicide right after his rampage, surrounded by cops.

Nehemiah Griego


Fifteen-year-old Nehemiah killed his entire family of five, starting with his mother. He worked his way from his brother to his crying little sisters, killing them all with a rifle. His father, a pastor and chaplain, worked nights, so Nehemiah waited up until he arrived and killed him too. Griegos had been having suicidal thoughts, and was hoping to die in a shootout with police post-murders. Griegos' surviving family thinks he had a psychotic break and the trial is still held up because of differing opinions of his mental state. TC mark