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The One You Belong To

Posted: 23 Feb 2016 08:00 PM PST

Image Pexels
Image Pexels

There is one who you belong to,
whose love—there is no song for.
And though you know it’s wrongful,
there is someone else you long for.

Your heart was once a vessel,
it was filled up to the brim;
until the day he left you,
now everything sings of him.

Of the two who came to love you,
to one, your heart you gave.
He lives in stars above you—
in the love who came and stayed.TC mark

13 Men On Why They Prefer To Date Introverts

Posted: 23 Feb 2016 07:19 PM PST


1. “For me, I like introverts because you can trust them. They don’t need attention and affirmation like extroverts do so I know that if somehow, I don’t give her enough one day — she’s not out flirting with everyone to try to make it up. I want to say it also seems more confident to be that way, but I know it’s just a difference in the way people are.” — Mark, 33


2. “I love that my girlfriend is introverted and independent because I feel like I am enough for her. Like, she doesn’t need more people to feel complete.” — Andy, 29


3. “I’m a homebody so it’s pretty much my nightmare to date an extrovert. I want someone who’s happy with just me (and our dog) on the couch, hanging out and enjoying each other’s company.” — Rudy, 28


4. “My extroverted ex always made me feel like I was such a boring old man while she was young and exciting and interesting. It made me feel like shit. I just want to be a normal adult and not have to go to every social event just to show off to people on her Instagram.” — Mike, 25


5. “I love that my wife has this like, dreamy inner world that I can’t really understand. It’s super attractive. Everything I think I basically say, but she’s more complex.” — David, 30


6. “One of the most attractive things about my wife is her intellectual prowess. She practices an especially difficult kind of medicine and she only got to that point because she’s able to focus on what she wants to focus on. We knew each other in college and she was social, but she would never prioritize a party over what’s important to her.” –Rick, 37


7. “I prefer dating an introvert because I have established my life to be the way I like it. I don’t want someone to come in an complain that I don’t try more things. I specifically spend what little free time I have on the things I like, and I already don’t feel like that’s enough time. I don’t want constant grief for the things I like to do.” — Mark, 27


8. “I prefer the security of knowing that I know her best. There are so many parts of her she only shows to me. I feel special and like together, we as a couple have this solid foundation we wouldn’t have if we were both as open with everyone else as we were with each other.” — Peter, 23


9. “I love the way my introverted girlfriend relies on me. It’s not like she’s dependent, but she totally respects my ability to charm anyone in the room. It makes me feel good about myself, like I am needed and desired by her.” — Andrew, 25


10. “I’ve dated both and I feel more confident in my relationship with introverts. Because I know they aren’t just talking to me to talk to anyone I have an easier time opening up. Our communication is better, which means the whole relationship is better.” — Jim, 27


11. “In my experience, extroverts like to party. I’m really not into that scene anymore.” — Bryan, 28


12. “I’m so attracted to her rich inner mental life. Her opinions are thoughtful and when he communicates I know she’s reflected and reasoned instead of just blurting out whatever comes to mind. It makes me respect her preferences and opinions a lot more because I know she’s not saying anything flippantly.” — Ian, 29


13. “I love that she understands and respects my time alone. We have a rule in our relationship where we can declare “I time” and you don’t need any reason why you’re asking for it, but you get to be alone if you need or want to be. I’m an extrovert but I travel a lot for work and sometimes I just get exhausted with people.” — Simon, 31 TC mark

13 Men On The One Thing They Wish All Women Knew About Giving Head

Posted: 23 Feb 2016 07:19 PM PST

Twenty20, rgags
Twenty20, rgags

1. "It's like anything else with sex — I'm more into it if she's more into it."

— Amar, 21


2. "If you can use your mouth to create a vacuum force equal to that of a Dyson while simultaneously keeping it wetter than a tsunami in Bikini Bottom, you will definitely be able to pleasure any man."

— Jackson, 23


3. "Don't be afraid to yank on it."

— Oscar, 25


4. "I feel like women think they've gotta go ham on my dick to make me cum. Not the case. I like a slow burn."

— Luis, 22


5. "Less hands, more mouth. Always."

— Kyle, 24


6. "Don't act like you're in a porno. Contrary to what you've seen, choking and gagging is not very hot. In fact, it's often somewhat disturbing."

— Wolfgang, 23


7. "Take off your damn rings."

— Ray, 19


8. "Give my balls some love. It's not a blowjob till the whole crew is involved."

— Mac, 21


9. "Swallowing never hurts."

— Howe, 23


10. "My girlfriend likes to put my hands on the back of her head when she's going down on me. I fucking love that."

— Lucas, 25


11. "I don’t wanna say ‘please let me face-fuck you,’ but I do love a woman who’s down for me to move my hips.”

— Olin, 22


12. "Patience is a major key. If I'm taking a while to come, it doesn't mean you're doing a bad job at all. It generally takes longer than sex."

— Winston, 20


13. "Eye contact is huge. Doesn't seem that easy, but if you can pull it off, bravo."

— Nico, 27 TC mark

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13 Men On Why They Prefer To Date Extroverts

Posted: 23 Feb 2016 07:16 PM PST


1. I don’t know what I would do in social settings without my extroverted girlfriend. I hate meeting people and I hate small talk and she is a natural at it. She always remembers everyone’s name and asks about their lives in a way that seems like she’s genuinely interested. I feel like people can tell I don’t care when I try to do it.” — Matt, 27


2. I love extroverted women, they are so confident and charming. I love how they like to try new things and go new places and get me out of my ruts. I definitely wouldn’t want to be with someone who only wanted to stay at home, I feel like we’d get sick of each others.” — Adam, 23


3. “I love women that are spontaneous and fun-loving, so I am always dating extroverts. I love that they are always up for something new, and they tend to be better in bed.” — Eric, 25


4. I feel like my girlfriend is an add-on instead of a subtraction. She helps me be better instead of adding to the things I have to take care of. In a social situation, she isn’t a baby, she can fend for herself and talk to people and be entertained if I have to be off talking to people about business.” — Chris, 31


5. “My girlfriend is an extrovert and I’m an introvert. It means we spend a lot of time apart because I want her to be free to go to social events and she wants me to be free not to go to them, which is perfect. I get to have my alone time and she gets to be jazzed up on being around fun strangers. At the end of the night we are together, and both happy.” — Mike, 27


6. “I am super introverted, so I will only date extroverted women. It sounds pathetic, but I wouldn’t have a social life without one.” — Pete, 31


7. “I hate sitting at home, like, I’m the opposite of a couch potato so I need someone who loves to get out and do stuff with me. I like extroverts because they tend to like to do stuff more often than introverts.” — Dave, 28


8. “I love that it’s not a struggle to talk to her. She very clearly wants to talk to me and be around me and know what I have to say. I’ve been with introverts where I just felt rejected, and not together because they just needed so much independence. After a certain point, I guess I don’t understand the point of being in a relationship.” — Tom, 26


9. “My girlfriend’s social skills are phenomenal. She can make any salesperson do anything for her. It makes me excited to be her partner for life because she’s so adept. I know my life will be better because she is in it.” — Andrew, 29


10. “I’m someone who needs to be excited by the person I’m with. I’m terrified of getting stuck in a rut so introverts are not for me. I want to be trying new things, meeting new people, going new places — that’s what keeps the spark alive for me.” — Aaron 24


11. “My life is better because I am with someone who can hold her own, who doesn’t shrink from the challenges of the world, and who meets life halfway.” — Eric, 25


12. “I admire my wife because of the way she makes other people laugh. It’s what attracted me to her in the first place. It could be a stranger or a longtime friend, but she is always getting the best of everyone and causing them to bust a gut.” — Jason, 26


13. “I like extroverts because they challenge me. I don’t want someone who is okay doing the same old things I am okay with doing, I want to be pushed to do more and try new things. It’s definitely attractive when someone isn’t okay with being complacent.” — Josh, 22 TC mark

10 Super Scary Urban Legends From Your Childhood That Still Keep You Awake At Night

Posted: 23 Feb 2016 06:00 PM PST

Flickr, Derrick Tyson
Flickr, Derrick Tyson

High Beams

I heard this one when I was about 8 years old. I loudly announced to whoever was in earshot that when I learned to drive I would never, EVER get in my car without checking the back seat first. I’m proud to say I kept that promise to myself and I still haven’t been murdered yet. From

A young woman is sitting in a coffee house, about ready to leave, when a man approaches her and asks to buy her a cup of coffee. She politely refuses his offer, and tells the man that she's had enough cups already, and that she's going to leave. She walks out to her car, and drives away. Following her is the man who was refused on his coffee offer in his truck. She drives along a two-lane stretch of road, and sees the man following her in his truck flashing his lights and honking his horn. The woman is under the assumption that he is angered for her refusal of his offer.

After being followed for around 10 minutes with the man following her still flashing the lights and honking, the woman's car runs out of gas. The man pulls behind her on the side of the road and gets out of the car with a double-barrel shotgun.

He tells her to get out of the car. She doesn't at first, then he screams at her "GET OUT OF THE CAR LADY", and she complies.

He then says "Get out of the car." again. She tells him she's already out.

He says "Not you, him". He gestures to the vehicle and she sees a man wielding a butcher's knife get out of the back of the car, holding his knife up in a surrendering style. The man tells the woman that he was flashing his lights and honking his horn so the man with the knife wouldn't harm her.


“Humans Can Lick Too”

This particular tale seems to be a universal life-ruiner. I can’t remember how old I was when I heard it but I know I burst into tears. From Wikipedia:

A young girl is home alone for the first time with only her dog for company. Listening to the radio, she hears of a serial killer (or mental patient) on the loose, so she locks all the doors and windows (in some versions, the basement window is jammed open so she just locks the basement door) and goes to bed, taking her dog to her room with her and letting it sleep under her bed… She wakes in the night and can hear a dripping sound coming from the bathroom. She finds the dripping sound unsettling for some reason. The bedside lamp doesn’t work, and she is too scared to get out of bed to turn on the main light and walk over to the bathroom. She hides under the covers and then to reassure herself that the dog is still under the bed, she puts her hand down and feels licking on her hand. She lies awake for some time listening to the dripping sound and periodically puts her hand down to where she can hear heavy breathing and each time feels gentle licks on her fingers. Eventually she falls asleep. The next morning when she wakes, she goes to the bathroom for a drink of water. On the shower wall, written in blood are the words “HUMANS CAN LICK TOO”, and her slaughtered dog is hanging from the shower head, its blood, now thick and dark, still dripping into the bathtub.


Anonymous AIDS Attacks

I seem to recall getting an email forward similar to the story below when I was in middle school and I took it to be gospel truth. It’s still kind of scary to poke my fingers into change returns, actually. From Snopes:


This is happening in [name of your city]. A couple of weeks ago, in a movie theater, a person sat on something sharp in one of the seats. When she stood up to see what it was, a needle was found poking through the seat with an attached note saying, “You have been infected with HIV.” The Centers for Disease Control reports similar events have taken place in several other cities recently. All of the needles tested HAVE been positive for HIV. The CDC also reports that needles have been found in the coin return areas of pay phones and soda machines. Everyone is asked to use extreme caution when confronted with these types of situations. All public chairs should be thoroughly but safely inspected prior to any use. A thorough visual inspection is considered a bare minimum. Furthermore, they ask that everyone notify their family members and friends of the potential dangers, as well. Thank you.


Never Flash Your Headlights

Another promise I made to myself years before I held a driver’s license: I wouldn’t flash my headlights at cars with theirs off at night. It may be an urban legend but screw it, why take the risk? From

If you are driving after dark and see an on-coming car with no headlights on, DO NOT FLASH YOUR LIGHTS AT THEM! This is a common Bloods gang member "initiation game" that goes like this:

The new gang member under initiation drives along with no headlights, and the first car to flash their headlights at him is now his "target". He is now required to turn around and chase that car, then shoot and kill every individual in the vehicle in order to complete his initiation requirements.

Police Depts across the nation are being warned that September 23rd and 24th is the "blood" initiation weekend. Their intent is to have all the new bloods nationwide drive around on Friday and Saturday nights with their headlights off. In order to be accepted into the gang, they have to shoot and kill all individuals in the first auto that does a courtesy flash to warn them that their lights are off. Make sure you share this information with all the drivers in your family!


“The Call Is Coming From Inside The House!”

Oh, this little gem made mandatory teen babysitting REAL fun. From Urban Legends And Horror:

A teenage girl looking for some extra cash, decides to take a babysitting job from the next town over. The parents are attending a friend’s party and leave their 2 young children with the teenager.

The girl plays with the children, gives them their supper and then puts them to bed. Pleased to get such well mannered children she returns downstairs and settles down to watch a film for the night. About an hour into her film a shrill ring pierces the silence. Aware that the children are sleeping she answers the phone quickly in order to not wake them. She assumes that it’s the parents calling to check on their children, however, instead of the voice she is expecting she is met with heavy breathing. Assuming that it’s the wrong number, she hangs up. As she begins to walk away the phone rings again.

“What?” she asks, irritated. “I’m close” a hoarse voice whispered to her. Puzzled, she demands to know who it is but the caller hangs up.

She returns to her film in the next room, trying to forget the weird call. About 15 minutes later, the phone rings again. The teenager would rather not answer it again, but she really didn’t want the children to wake, so she answered it again. “I’m closer, and I’m about to get you”, the voice laughed. Getting scared, the teenager hangs up and immediately calls the police.

The police are unsympathetic and tell her it’s probably a prank but they will monitor the line if it will ease her mind. Instead of going back to her film, she stays by the phone, waiting for another call. She doesn’t have to wait for long and sure enough, it’s the mystery caller again. This time he laughs hysterically and tells her it won’t be long. She throws the phone back into the receiver and her heart pounds.

Almost immediately the phone rings again and she is met with the voice of a panicked man “The calls are coming from inside the house, GET OUT NOW”. “I’ll get the children and go” she says, panicking. “NO, GET OUT OF THE HOUSE NOW!” he demands.

Without hanging up, she runs to the front garden and is met with 2 police cars, the police men run straight into the house and upstairs. They return empty handed and with a sickly look on their faces. “The children are dead, no sign of the killer” they state, solemnly. Another officer exits the house with an evidence bag, which contains a bloody knife.



At this point, I was dreading becoming an adult because life seemed to be MUCH scarier as a grown-up. Everyone was constantly being murdered or narrowly avoiding being murdered! (That was supposed to be a joke but I guess it’s actually kind of true.) From Snopes:

Two students had gone out to neck in a car on an isolated country road. Afterwards, the car wouldn’t start. The girlfriend got spooked. The boyfriend said he would walk for help, but suggested she first get down on the floor of the car in the back and put a blanket over her so no one looking in would see her… and told her not to look out or get out until he returned and told her to, no matter what she heard. Then he walked off, leaving her hidden.

He didn’t return, and he didn’t return, and then she heard a strange tap-tap-tap sound on top of the car. Tap-tap-tap. Despite her growing panic, she didn’t get out and remained huddled there, all night long, listening to the irregular tapping sounds.

Finally, the day grew light outside and she heard someone walking up to the car. A man’s voice called out “Is anyone in there?” It was the local sheriff. She peeked out and he told her to get out of the car, walk down the road to the waiting sheriff’s car, and whatever she did, not to look back at the car.

She walked down the road to the sheriff’s car but looked back at the last minute and saw her boyfriend’s head impaled on the CB antenna, dripping blood onto the car.


Bloody Mary

Everyone tried this one. Or at least I attempted to try it but always freaked out as soon as I turned off the light. I was kind of a chicken back then. From Wikipedia:

Historically, the ritual encouraged young women to walk up a flight of stairs backwards while holding a candle and a hand mirror, in a darkened house. As they gazed into the mirror, they were supposed to be able to catch a view of their future husband’s face. There was, however, a chance that they would see a skull (or the face of the Grim Reaper) instead, indicating that they were destined to die before they would have the chance to marry.

In the ritual of today, Bloody Mary allegedly appears to individuals or groups who ritualistically invoke her name in an act of catoptromancy. This is done by repeatedly chanting her name in a mirror placed in a dimly-lit or candle-lit room. The Bloody Mary apparition allegedly appears as a corpse, a witch or ghost; can be friendly or evil; and is sometimes “seen” covered in blood. The lore surrounding the ritual states that participants may endure the apparition screaming at them, cursing them, strangling them, stealing their soul, drinking their blood or scratching their eyes out.


The Hook

I find it interesting that so many urban legends are focused around teens necking. I guess the message is “don’t make out?” HA! Nothing can stop teens from making out. (Sure didn’t stop me!) From

A teenage boy drove his date to a dark and deserted lovers’ lane for a make-out session. He turned on the radio for mood music, leaned over to whisper in the girl’s ear, and began kissing her.

Minutes later, the mood was broken when the music suddenly stopped mid-song. After a moment of silence an announcer’s voice came on, warning in an ominous tone that a convicted murderer had just escaped from the state insane asylum — which happened to be located within a half-mile of where they were parked — and urging that anyone who notices a man wearing a stainless steel hook in place of his missing right hand should immediately report his whereabouts to the police.

The girl became frightened and asked to be taken home. The boy, feeling bold, locked all the doors instead and, assuring his date they would be safe, attempted to kiss her again. She became frantic and pushed him away, insisting that they leave. Relenting, the boy peevishly jerked the car into gear and spun its wheels as he pulled out of the parking space.

When they arrived at the girl’s house she got out of the car, and, reaching to close the door, began to scream uncontrollably. The boy ran to her side to see what was wrong and there, dangling from the door handle, was a bloody hook.


He Was Right Behind You!

This one was a favorite of my best friend’s in high school. She told it every time we had a sleepover. And I do mean every. Damn. Time. From Snopes:

A 15 year old girl was babysitting her little sister while her parents went out to a party. She sent her sister off to bed around 9:30 while she stayed up to watch her favorite T.V. show. She sat in her recliner with a blanket and watched until it went off at around 10:30, after it went off she turned around in her seat to face the big glass door and watch the snow fall. She sat there for about 5 minutes or so when she noticed a strange man walking toward the glass from outside. She sat there staring as he stared at her back. He started to pull a shiny object out from his coat. Thinking it was a knife she immediately pulled the covers over her head. After about 10 minutes she removed the covers and saw that he was gone. She then called 911 and they rushed over.

They examined outside for any footprints in the snow, but there were none to be found. Two cops walked into her house to tell her the bad news and they noticed a trail of big wet footprints leading up to the chair where she was sitting.

The cops came to their conclusion and immediately told the girl she was very lucky because the man she saw staring at her was not standing outside, but he was standing behind her and what she saw was his reflection.


The Clown Statue

Another babysitter story. Why do so many psychopaths target babysitters? This one’s a slight variation of both the tales I shared above. From

A few years ago a mother and a father decided they needed a break, so they wanted to head out for a night on the town. So they called their most trusted babysitter. When the babysitter arrived the two children were already fast asleep in bed. So the babysitter just got to sit around and make sure everything was okay with the children.

Later in the night, the babysitter got bored and so she wanted to watch TV but she couldn’t watch it downstairs because they didn’t have cable downstairs (the parents didn’t want their children watching too much garbage) so she called them and asked them if she could watch cable TV in the parents’ room. Of course the parents said it was ok, but the babysitter had one final request. She asked if she could cover up the large clown statue in their bedroom with a blanket or cloth, because it made her nervous. The phone line was silent for a moment, and the father (who was talking to the babysitter at the time) said “Take the children and get out of the house. We’ll call the police. We don’t have a clown statue.” The children and the babysitter got murdered by the clown. It turned out that the clown was a killer that escaped from jail.

TC mark

19 Rules Of The Comedy World That Anyone Can Practice To Live More Truthfully

Posted: 23 Feb 2016 05:00 PM PST

SAG Awards
SAG Awards

Whether your passion is improv, standup, screenwriting, storytelling, or something else that is in no way related to comedy, following a lifestyle that emphasizes truthfulness and authenticity can bring a lot of joy and lightness into your existence. Here are nineteen rules, particularly emphasized in the comedy world, that anybody could follow if they wanted to live a life focused on being the realest version of themselves.

1. Living truthfully is a never-ending process. It is a way of conducting your life, not a destination.

2. People are often bad at expressing how they really feel. That doesn’t mean they’re boring or cold, it just means you have to dig deeper to understand them. When you get frustrated, remember that these types of people are always the most interesting characters in improv, sitcoms, and movies for a reason: there’s so much more to them than you originally thought.

3. Don’t sleepwalk through your life. Living truthfully means walking around with your eyes open in an effort to understand why things are the way that they are.

4. Even if people disagree with your opinions or your point of view, they’re always more likely to hear you out when you truly, honestly believe in the things you’re saying or doing.

5. It’s okay if you find it hard to be genuine sometimes. It can take a lot of effort, because it involves unlearning several years’ worth of lessons about portraying ourselves in the best light, saying what we think people want to hear, and the idea that we will be ridiculed for being honest about who we are.

6. But even though it’s a challenge, do not give up on your attempts to become as real and as you as you can be. It doesn’t happen overnight. It happens over a long period of time, in which you repeatedly train your brain to allow you to do that which feels most sincere, true, and unforced.

7. Pay attention to everything. There is magic and inspiration and realization waiting to be discovered everywhere around you, no matter what it is you do for a living or how you spend your free time.

8. You are not the most important person in the room, no matter what you do. That doesn’t mean your opinion isn’t worthwhile. It just means you need to remember that every person you encounter is capable of teaching you something.

9. People are not going to want to hang out with you – on or off stage – if you’re a dick.

10. “Not giving a shit about what other people think” doesn’t mean writing them off as insignificant or foolish. It means acknowledging that everyone has a right to their opinion, but that you will keep going after what you want, regardless of what anybody else has to say.

11. People will always be able to sense bullshit, no matter how well it’s disguised. 

12. Being an ‘artist’ means a different thing to every person on this earth.

13. Putting down other people’s work does not make your work any better.

14. Oftentimes, beautiful things grow out of tragedy.

15. Trying to give off a detached, uncaring attitude isn’t going to make people respect you more.

16. Follow the things that fuel you, the things that make you excited to get out of bed in the boring, no matter how exhausted you are. The audience doesn’t care if the character doesn’t care – you need to find things you care about before you expect other people to care too.

17. People laugh at things they see on-stage and on-screen because they recognize it in their own lives in some way. So being honest and open with people is almost guaranteed to give you a real connection with others, because they will see some part of themselves reflected in you.

18. The fastest way to feel close to someone is to be vulnerable with them.

19. You are an artist when you learn how to resist the urge to hide your art. TC mark

This Is Me Loving You Every Day Of The Week

Posted: 23 Feb 2016 04:00 PM PST

© Nastia Cloutier-Ignatiev

It's Monday,
and your hair is messy.
You haphazardly put on your jeans and shirt
as you moan about the day of the week –
and I love you.

It's Tuesday,
and you're stumbling your way around the room,
trying to sort out the things you have to do.
You stop to briefly kiss the freckles on my nose,
asking me about my day –
and I love you.

It's Wednesday,
and you're quietly sprawled on the couch.
You pat the spot next to you and pepper kisses on my hair
because it's my least favorite day of the week (and you know it)-
and I love you.

It's Thursday,
and you're wondering what the weekend will bring,
but you're still moaning about how
the week is going by too slow for your tastes –
and I love you.

It's Friday,
and I'm surrounded by DVDs and snacks
you've prepared when I was gone.
You welcome me with blankets and warmth from your arms –
and I love you.

It's Saturday,
and you're feeling lazy.
You won't let me leave your arms
(or is it the other way around?)
So you tuck me under your chin as we both wonder
how much time we have left
before sleep makes us miss each other's faces –
and I love you.

It's Sunday,
and there's nothing much to say but
I love you. TC mark

‘Making A Murderer’: The Serial Killer’s Anonymous Letter And What ‘Sikikey’ Might Mean

Posted: 23 Feb 2016 03:15 PM PST


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Amy and I have been over so much information in this case. Stumbling in some areas, pawing in others, feeling like we’re slowly getting towards some answers.

Yesterday, we realized we might have something new.

I was asked by multiple readers to have Amy read the anonymous letter that was supposedly sent by Steven Avery — a letter that was left out of the documentary. Oddly enough, it was also deemed admissible by the courts, so the whole thing was sort of a mystery waiting to be unraveled by the rabid “Making A Murderer” fan club. I was also asked to send photos of the notorious serial killer Edward Wayne Edwards. Edwards was a serial killer who delighted in taunting the police and framing others for his crimes, which makes sense why onlookers might think he was involved in Steven Avery’s case.

Well, for one, at the time of Teresa Halbach’s murder, Edwards lived less than an hour away from Avery’s property. For another, he was purported to be seen multiple times on camera during the documentary — this is up for debate, as some people can apparently identify the person who was suspected to be Edwards.

Again, Amy didn’t know any of this. (You must take this, as always, with a grain of salt — but I trust Amy. And I didn’t preface the photos I sent with anything; I send photos with no text or clues.)

All that being said (phew!) let’s take a look at Amy’s reaction to:

Edward Wayne Edwards

Edwards' mugshot
Edwards’ mugshot

I sent this photo, along with a few others that had nothing to do with Edwards, to Amy via email. This was her response to Edwards in particular:

This is a very messed up person. I see basements…torture. I see sick, sick thoughts…I feel them. They make me sick to my stomach. This person leads a complete secret and double life. The things that go on in his head and then the way he presents himself? Two different things. He is a psychopath….sociopath.

There is no way for Amy to know this out of the gate. Especially considering that Edwards went so long without being caught. The part about the “double life” is especially poignant, because Edwards was only arrested in 2009 after apparently being at large for some time . He apparently even appeared on television shows such as “To Tell The Truth” and “What’s My Line?” She goes on:

He has the capability of living in normal environments and people know something is off…but think it is just normal kind of “off-ness”. I know that sounds like an oxymoron….but there is a difference between “that guy is weird” to “that guy holds people prisoner in his basement.” He is the basement. He gets joy out of people’s fear. It turns him on.

“He is the basement.” I feel like that statement will haunt me forever. Again, this is all just from a single photo of Edwards. And yet, Amy has more:

I actually feel this man has hurt people. Animals too. It is very difficult for me to even tune into him. Physically, I feel sick to my stomach. The feeling I get from him to is what horror movies are made of…which you know I can’t watch. I can’t tune into him anymore. Awful!

So, to shake things up, I threw a bunch of a photos together based on audience requests. No rhyme or reason whatsoever. And yet, here’s what happened when Amy saw a photo of:

The Letter Supposedly Sent By Steven Avery

I feel the letter written in that first picture you sent is connected to him? That is the first flash I get. Him and a connection to that letter. I don’t feel this has to do with Sad Man [Steven Avery]…Sad Man has nothing to do with this letter. At all. I am no handwriting expert or psychologist…but when I look at that letter, I get two things. One, two personalities. One prints, one writes in cursive…it shows a split to me. I also feel that the misspellings are intentional. To make the person(s) reading it to feel it is an uneducated person.

I actually thought this, too, when reading the letter the first time. It almost looks like someone wrote it with their left hand. It’s right, but also almost not. From what I’ve seen of Steven Avery’s handwriting, it absolutely doesn’t look like his. However, it doesn’t look like ANYONE’S. There are certain characteristics in the handwriting — loops in the y’s, crosses on the t’s — that vary TOO wildly.

So, we have this much. That’s enough to chew on. However, a reader asked Amy to specifically focus on the weird word in the note — the strangely unidentifiable ‘sikikey.’

Here’s where shit gets weird.

I did just that. I honed in on the strange word and asked Amy to read it. Her response?

Okay… so I tuned into the word… and what I got immediately was the meaning is in the initials KK. Now, I didn’t look at the text you sent me when I got that. It wasn’t until after that I took a second look at the word and saw that the “k”s are written in uppercase.

I couldn’t even respond before she went on:

Whatever “KK” stands for is a person, or a place… that is what we need to figure out. What “KK” stands for.

You know what I know, right? I promptly told her that the “fat man with the red tie” who she’d guessed was in law was named Ken Kratz. Right away:

WTF!?!?! OMG, this is IT. Every hair on my body is standing up!

I, ever the realist, wanted to know how this connected. Amy did not disappoint:

He [Edwards] smelled a rat. He knew they were framing Sad Man [Steven Avery]; that got him involved. It was a new way of playing the game. He is the ultimate framer… how dare they [the prosecution/law enforcement] think that no one is smart enough to notice they’re framing Sad Man [Steven Avery]!

I pushed farther. Why was he even around? What would Edwards have to do with this case?

He wanted to taunt them. He totally gets off on the “framing” and seeing the players suffer and being so smart that no one figures it out. So when he saw that here the prosecution and police are playing the game he is so good at… he decided to give them a run for their money.

This gave me legit chills. I had seen theories online where people thought Edwards was responsible for Teresa Halbach’s murder and I wasn’t on board — he’s old, he’s out of shape, there’s no way he would be able to corner a 25-year-old girl in the prime of her life and stop her from escaping.


If he couldn’t do all that, and he relished the idea of framing people, why wouldn’t he try to indulge in the one part of that gruesome activity he could still participate in? ESPECIALLY if he saw someone doing the part of the chase he loved the most… and possibly doing it wrong?

We are still digging, looking for more connections. Everyone who has sent tips/pictures/ideas, you are wonderful. We welcome your help and hope to keep uncovering more as we go along. I can’t even tell you what’s up next because… well, you’ll just have to see. TC mark

Part 8 Coming Soon.

We Asked Thousands Of Millennials About Their Sex Lives And Here Is What They Had To Say

Posted: 23 Feb 2016 03:00 PM PST

In cooperation with the survey professionals from Whatsgoodly, we asked thousands of Millennials about the current state of their sex lives. Below are the very interesting results.

1. What turns you off the most in the opposite sex?


Bad smell wins the day here for everyone with no sense of humor coming in second.

2. What sexual fetish would you most like to experiment with?


Both millennial men and women are open to trying BDSM. Very surprisingly, to me anyway, is that cake sitting comes in second for both while furry play comes in last.

3. How in love were you with the person you lost your virginity to?


Wow, lots of people didn’t have any feelings at all about the first person they had sex with. But “madly” in love comes a distant second.

4. What’s your favorite sexual position?


Girls don’t like to be on top but like missionary and doggy. Guys like doggy and reverse cowgirl.

5. What does orgasming feel like to you?


Being God? Seriously, guys? The roller coaster thing I get for women but “being God”?

6. Girls: What do penises taste like from your experience?


Better than a ham and cheese sandwich that’s been left at the gym.

7. Guys: What do vaginas taste like from your experience?


Ew?! Gentlemen, this is unacceptable. Step up your game.

8. What turns you on the most in the opposite sex?


Men and women have nearly the same turn-ons here with men being more interested in a woman’s quirks and women caring slightly more about how a man smells.

Survey results produced by Whatsgoodly. Download the App for iOS here and Android here. TC mark

9 Awesome Nostalgia Moments Every 30-Something Will Relate To

Posted: 23 Feb 2016 02:46 PM PST

Green Day
Green Day

Growing up in the 80s and 90s was a special time. No smart phones, no ring tones, no streaming anything. Let’s take a moment here to look back at:

1. Old, dangerous playground equipment.

The slide was burning hot to the touch, a stovetop set to high all day under the summer sun, just waiting to greet the underside of your legs with first-degree burns as you enjoyed the ride. Everything in the playground was more dangerous. And they were different and unique, seemingly put together by the neighborhood handymen who in a burst of creative energy one Saturday morning emptied their garages of old tires, 2x4s, and chains and just nailed it all together.

Everything is plastic now — unaffected by temperature, easy to disinfect, and bendable into all kinds of Safe-T-Shapes, the sharp, rusty nail heads of yesterday replaced with non-toxic washable adhesives poured from a cauldron of polymers and Purell. Now not only are our kids getting lame baby-approved fun, but just think what we're doing to the tetanus shot industry

2. Finding a mix tape given to you by an old boyfriend or girlfriend.

Love Tapes are simply any mix tape carefully put together by someone who like-likes you. Yes, that blurry, distant boyfriend or girlfriend probably spent hours timing songs to fit perfectly on a side of a tape, painstakingly scrawled out love notes and drawings on stickers, and maybe, if you're lucky, even sprayed it with a bit of perfume.

3. When a human answers the phone.

When you hear your office pals chatting all day you start noticing some voices rise higher than others. Sure, there's tense phone calls home once in a while, but generally the biggest culprit of Telephone Anger is getting locked in a fierce battle with a voice-automated help desk. Yes, frustration fills the air anytime anyone rings up an airline, cable company, or government.

That's when you overhear the painful ten-minute experience of Office Joe or Jane trying to talk to a computer. There is the extremely long pause before the stern "Option Seven, please" and "NO. SEVEN." There's the frustrated hanging up and calling again. And there's the exasperated attempts to exit the system completely. "Main menu." "Request agent." "Main menu, main menu, main menu."

4. Watching The Price is Right when you're at home sick.

The Price Is Right is great when you're sick because it comes along at 11:00am, which is about the time when your enthusiasm for missing school is sort of deflating into a boring day on the couch with a stomachache. By mid-morning, whoever is taking care of you has either headed upstairs or just put a blanket on you and gone grocery shopping. You feel too sick to do much of anything, so you just lay on the couch and flip channels endlessly, trying to understand why there'e nothing good on TV at ten in the morning.

Then finally — just as you finished counting the cracks in the ceiling, tried and failed to nap several times, and mindlessly gobbled down a pack of saltines — the clock strikes 11:00am and it's time for the show.

5. Using Rock-Paper-Scissors to settle anything.

You can't argue with Rock-Paper-Scissors. When it's over, it's really over. Sure, you can beg for that extension, but the victor never needs to take your bait. They played by the rules and they won.

It answers the little daily decisions that freeze us up. Which team starts the game? Who gets to shower first? Who pays for pizza? And who gets to change baby's diaper?

These are all tough, challenging questions. And they are all easily settled once and for all with a quick game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. But if you do enter the arena, then take my advice.

Just go for two out of three.

6. Changing the channel during a commercial break and then flipping back just as the show's coming back on.

Before streaming, before PVR, there were commercials that you just couldn’t skip. You knew another show was on! So it was over to baseball during Full House ads. Or over to Cosby Show reruns during Fresh Prince breaks. And that created that beautifully seamless moment of flipping back to the show you were watching just as the commercials were finishing off. You played a risky game, friend. But you made it.

7. Before you could Google it.

Smack dab in the middle of the movie's big scene, it always happens.

Everything gets tense for the big courtroom finale or championship football game, and then all of a sudden the defense attorney or opposing coach turns out to be that guy from some other movie and you just can't stop thinking about where he's from.

Wait, was he the prison guard in Shawshank? Or the lawyer from Miracle on 34th Street? Or, no, no, no, I got it. He's the knife guy in From Dusk Till Dawn.

8. Getting the last copy of the video at the video store.

Oh look, shoot, there's a giant empty wall of Dark Knight DVD cases. Wait, wait, there's one left in the corner!

9. Pushing those little buttons on the soft drink cup lid

There's just something about the way they give, the way they turn white, and the way they're permanently transformed for all eternity that just makes me itch for it. It's just compulsive. It's just instinct. It's just AWESOME! TC mark