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5 Real Sex Stories That Will Make You Really Horny (Part VIII)

Posted: 07 Feb 2016 08:00 PM PST


1. The hula girl who blew me (literally) away.

"I was the touristy guy sitting at a table for one on the deck of a restaurant at some cheesy hotel in Honolulu when my hula goddess took the stage. The way she swayed her hips and puckered up those dark pink lips, I was hypnotized immediately. She was fleshy in all the right places, but it was the way she moved that really got me. I stuck around after dinner and waited at the bar, figuring her shift had to end at some point.

Finally, around 10pm, she  headed to a back room and came out wearing these tight jeans that showed off her plump ass and a crop top that teased me with a sliver of stomach. I offered to buy her a drink and she replied that she’d love a vodka, but only up in my room. I couldn’t believe my luck!

I led her upstairs by the hand, but we didn’t even bother with the drinks. We got naked and I got to work, kissing every inch of her beautiful, voluptuous, tanned body. Her hair was long and sleek and soft and her nipples were these perfect little raisins begging me to suckle them. She went down on me like she wanted to suck it, badly, massaging my shaft and bopping her head up and down like a pro. Then she mounted me and started moving her torso, snake like, getting her hula groove on right on top of me. When she came, she screamed and grabbed her tits and the sight and sound of her orgasming was enough to push me over the edge. We came together, pretty much, which is rare with a stranger but the sex was that fucking good. I passed out right after and by the time I woke up, she was gone—and so was all the cash in my wallet. I didn’t care, though. She worth every single pinched penny."

— Male, 30

2. Three’s company in bed.

"When my husband told me he wanted a threesome, I was horrified at first. But then I actually started to think about it—I envisioned him having sex with another woman right in front of me—and, to my surprise, I got really aroused. Those naughty thoughts triggered some sensual place deep within that I didn’t even know existed, and I knew there was no going back.

We found our first ‘third’ through Craigslist. She came over and we sat crossed legged on a blanket on the living room floor taking shots of tequila and playing Truth or Dare until we were all wasted and naked. I was staring at our guest’s tits when she gave me the come-hither signal, and I crawled over on my hands and knees and started making out with her. Just kissing her and touching her naked body got me so wet and my husband obviously got hard watching. He was jerking off to the side until we invited him in on the action.

I made out with my husband a little and then I backed off so he could go at it with our new special friend. When I told him to eat her out, she spread her legs wide and I licked my fingers and started fingering my clit. Seeing him pleasure her right there in front of me was so incredibly sexy, I almost came. But I wanted to be fucked. I told my husband to lie back and the girl sat on his face and I sat on his dick. She climaxed first and hearing her scream like mad with satisfaction turned me on even more. My husband sat up a little and we held each other and he banged me harder and harder until I orgasmed. He pulled out right in time to squirt all over us both."

— Female, 28

3. The short skirted flirt.

"Last summer, every day for a week straight I ended up on the same subway car as this drop dead gorgeous girl. I could tell she was a model because she was so tall and thin and she looked like she’d stepped right off the cover of a fashion magazine. Friday of that week she finally met my gaze—she had one green eye and one grey—and I stared back at her, shamelessly undressing her with my eyes. As she stepped off the train a few minutes later, she handed me a little note with her name and number scribbled on it.

I texted her as soon as I was above ground and she replied with a naked photo, but not just any sexy shot—this was a professional, classy nude. Every fifteen minutes or so the rest of that day, my phone buzzed with another alert that led to another mind-blowing erotic shot. Around 3:15pm I couldn't take it any more, so I whacked off in the bathroom at work, thinking about banging the hell out of my subway seductress. Afterwards, I confessed what I’d done and begged her to join me for dinner that night. She accepted.

Halfway through our appetizers, she slid a note across the table. It said: 'bathroom in 30.' I popped a Viagra on the sly and at the designated time, she stood and I followed. One after the other, we slipped right past the bathroom attendant into the same stall, laughing like a couple of crazed horny college kids. Leaning back against the wall, She lifted her little skirt up and bit her lip like the little vixen she was. As I pulled my pants down she said 'no kissing on the lips,' so I went straight for her neck and started feeling up those perky A-cup breasts. We fucked standing up for at least 30 minutes. And then we fucked again back at her place, in the sex swing she had in the bedroom. I haven’t seen her again since, but I relive that night every time I jerk it.”

— Male, 32

4. The all-time sexiest snow bunny.

"My boyfriend and I were bored one night during the last big snow storm that hit the city, so we smoked a bowl, bundled up, and head outside to play around. The streets were empty and we were having a snowball fight in a little abandoned alley off the main road when I tripped and fell face first in a snowy embankment. My boyfriend collapsed on top of me and we started wrestling.

As we tumbled around, I could feel his dick stiffen through his pants and I suddenly wanted him—badly. 'Fuck me like a snow bunny,' I said, partly because I was high AF, and partly because I was so damn turned on. I shimmied my jeans down so my butt was buried in the snow and he whipped it out and stuck it inside me and pumped and pumped. The entire time, I kept whispering, 'I'm a cock hungry snow bunny! Fuck me!' My butt was numb by the time we were done but it was the hottest sex we'd had in a long time."

— Female, 25

5. Player got played.

"I have a go-to story that works like magic on random women I want to fuck. I tell them I'm about to get married in three weeks, and that their pussy is the last bit of freedom I'll ever taste if they'll just let me bury my face between their thighs and lick them to fulfillment. I've whispered some version of that line to a lot of women—in the backseat of taxicabs, across dinner tables, at weddings, and at overcrowded bars.

But a few months back I met up with this chick through Tinder and after I said my piece she stared straight back at me, totally unimpressed. ‘I want you to fuck me,’ she said, ‘but don't bullshit me.' It was sexy to be called out like that. I was blindsided, and I got hard right there. We asked the bartender for the check and went straight back to her place. She was definitely the one in control, not me. She stripped (turns out she wasn’t wearing a bra or panties) and shoved my head down between her legs and I licked her pussy like I’d promised until she came. Then I fucked her with every last drop of energy I had and she came again. Next morning, she climbed on top of me and we did it again. We’re officially together now."

— Male, 27 TC mark

What Every Young Woman Wishes She Could Say To The Guy She’s Trying To Date

Posted: 07 Feb 2016 07:00 PM PST


I'm so tired of feeling like I want more out of this relationship than you.

I'm tired of being the one who wants to move forward. I'm tired of having my feelings invalidated and ignored. (If not ignored than ridiculed.) I tell you how I feel about us, what I want, and I get complete silence.

You're thinking so much.Or maybe you already know what your plan is and I'm not a part of it, so it's easier to be quiet and avoid confrontation.

I asked why you don't say, "I love you" anymore and you said, "Do I really have to? I mean we've been dating for almost 3 years." If that's not taking someone for granted then I don't know what is.

When we went out last Friday, our mutual female friend and I were both talking to a guy friend I knew from high school (she though he was cute), then all of sudden you said you were going to leave to a bar next door. Were you jealous? I still don't understand why you decided to leave, and why you couldn't wait for us.

You hardly spent my birthday with me – showing up at 6pm for dinner without even a card or flowers, and then going home an hour later.

My family and I got into an argument and you couldn't bear to listen to all of my "negativity".

I'm starting to realize more and more how far our paths are moving away from each other, because you aren't trying at all to keep me. You're not chasing me, I'm chasing you – I'm so tired. I give up.

I'll never be who you want me to be. You'll never see me as someone valuable, someone you're amazed by and proud of. In your world I am not "the one". In your world you're a star and I play a supporting role, always at your disposal.

You give an excuse for it being not the right time, for you not having a high paying job, for you not being a "real person". Guess what – you are a real person. I'm a real person too and I can't be with someone who won't put me as his number one priority.

But I'm a chicken shit who will never break up with you, because I'm scared I will regret it later.

I'm scared that despite how awful I've made you sound – that my judgment is clouded – that really you're the best I'll ever have or deserve. I'm scared that maybe you really do care, and that I'm just being too pushy. TC mark

12 Qualities Of People Who Are Naturally Likeable And Authentic (Because You Can Be Both)

Posted: 07 Feb 2016 06:30 PM PST

Twenty20 / aubreeplodinec
Twenty20 / aubreeplodinec

Of all the things most people aspire to be, the common subconscious desire is to evolve into someone who’s more likeable. Whether to ourselves, our loved ones, the people we’re still hung up on impressing, most aspirations are somewhere tied into a supposed promise of being “loved.” It’s human nature.

Yet, there’s often a strange paradox in the world of self-development, and it revolves around whether or not it’s more important to be true to yourself, or to be true to the kind of person that others find more appealing.

The cookie cutter advice is to always be yourself, but that often doesn’t take into account the practicality of needing to censor yourself.

You can’t tell your boss they’re incompetent if you want to keep your job, you can’t expect to walk around oblivious to the needs and reactions of others, and expect everyone else to simply adapt. Life doesn’t work that way.

But there’s a middle-ground. There are ways to consciously become a more likeable person without ever having to sacrifice who you really are. There’s a way to be self-aware and authentic.

The two aren’t as mutually exclusive as we assume. Being likeable is a change in how we connect, not a change in who we are.

So here are the core traits of very likeable people, so you too can consider adopting a few more socially intelligent habits yourself.

1. They validate other people’s emotions, even if they don’t agree with them.

In other words, they don’t find reasons to dismiss the way other people feel. If someone says, “You hurt me,” they don’t try to deny it even though they may not have realized they did anything wrong. They don’t assume they can tell people how to feel, or that logic (or peer pressure) can change that fact. They accept and validate other people’s feelings as they are, and in turn, they validate people for who they are.

2. They ask the important questions.

Inquisitiveness, when coming from a place of genuine interest, makes people feel important and valued. However, that can easily take a turn for the worst when you ask someone questions that make them uncomfortable to answer.

That’s why likeable people ask people questions regarding things they’re inherently passionate about. They give others an outlet to share and express what they love the most. It’s a bonding tool, but it’s also a way of showing someone you care about them because you care about what they care about.

3. They look you in the eye.

They give you a firm handshake, address you by name, and make you feel comfortable, not intimidated. Likeable people command respect with how much respect they give to others.

4. They put their phones away.

When you’re with them, they give you their full, complete attention. The gesture of responding to something in the middle of a conversation communicates the idea that there’s something more important than the person you’re talking to. Whether there is or whether there isn’t, likeable people consider the way this small (but significant) action will make other people feel.

5. They’re consistent.

The truth is that people dislike change, and they especially dislike when people change. This is unfortunate, as change is the only real constant in life, and the idea that people shouldn’t evolve is dangerous at worst. Yet, there’s a mild difference between being “changeable” and “consistent,” the latter which has to do with having a sound idea of who you inherently are.

Sure, your politics may change, your opinions may change, but consistently showing up with your whole, genuine self makes you more likeable, simply because people are certain about what they’re getting.

6. They don’t try to elicit emotional reactions from others.

They don’t tell someone about their promotion with the intent of eliciting awe and admiration. They don’t seek sympathy for their hardships. They don’t go into conversations looking for a specific emotional reaction from other people (it’s exhausting to the opposite party).

7. They don’t project.

When they see someone walking down the street, they don’t size them up and start comparing. They recognize that other people and places and events and issues exist without their involvement whatsoever. They aren’t selfish to the point where they believe that if someone else is successful, it means they aren’t; or if someone else doesn’t have love, that makes them better. They don’t project their issues onto whatever is in front of them.

8. They speak with precision.

They speak clearly and concisely simply because they aren’t trying to edit or inflate whatever they’re trying to say. They communicate directly and well, and it’s this transparency that immediately puts others at ease.

9. They aren’t looking to “convert” anyone.

They’re resolute in their beliefs to the point where other people’s aren’t threatening. In other words, they don’t pick out opportunities to “inform” people of their ignorance or turn every family dinner into a political debate. They have enough self-awareness to know that the desire to do so comes from a place of crippling insecurity, and that it doesn’t need to be acted on.

10. They focus on the big picture.

Likeability is more than just how someone speaks to you — it’s their body language (crossed arms or relaxed shoulders?), the way they style themselves to communicate who they are, and so on. People communicate who they are in many ways, and crafting a more likeable identity goes hand-in-hand with crafting a more genuine appearance and relaxed attitude.

11. They make an effort to understand others, not to place themselves above them.

They see conversations as opportunities to learn about what they don’t know, not informother people about what they don’t know.

12. They work on themselves.

The most important trait of a likeable person is the willingness to work on oneself. It’s the ability to say, “I’m sorry I hurt you. I’m going to work on being better about that.” It’s the openness to admit that you’re wrong, or apologize, or at least not become defensive when someone wants to bring unwanted behavior to your attention.

People who are committed to working on themselves are committed to working on their relationship with others. At the end of the day, those two things are one in the same. TC mark

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14 Reasons Why I Want You To Be My Valentine

Posted: 07 Feb 2016 06:00 PM PST

 Twenty20 graceee_kayyy
Twenty20 graceee_kayyy

1. I want you to be my valentine because you are the one I want to go to whenever something good happens and you are the first person I want to talk to whenever something bad happens. You always know how to make me smile.

2. I want you to be my valentine because you introduce me to a new universe. I see stars in your eyes and I want to build galaxies around you.

3. I want you to be my valentine because you make me laugh and you make me forget the world. You make me look forward to tomorrow and look forward to forever.

4. I want you to be my valentine because you saved me from the demons that possessed me. I think you are my guardian angel.

5. I want you to be my valentine because you actually like listening to my horrible voice and you sing along, and I can see us taking road trips and singing awfully together.

  I want you to be my valentine because you make me see the world in vivid colors after I saw the world in black and white.

6. I want you to be my valentine because I am not scared of getting closer to you. I am not scared that you will leave, you make me feel like you want to stay. You make me feel safe.

7. I want you to be my valentine because you are interested in unraveling the words of my untold story. The esoteric words that my tears have written, the words that I vowed never to show anyone. You make me want to read them out loud and you make me want to write a happy ending.

8. I want you to be my valentine because I love the way you care about your family and the way you put them before anyone else, but I also love the way you make room for me in your big, gigantic heart.

9. I want you to be my valentine because you are my maudlin truce. I sleep at night knowing there is no battle between my thoughts and my feelings. You are the answer to all my questions.

10. I want you to be my valentine because I can see you playing golf with my dad and listening to my mom's crazy stories. I can see you being part of my family and I can see you being my home.

11. I want you to be my valentine because you like my silly side, and you like how goofy I can be. I like how you like my frivolity and I like how you admire the depths of my wisdom.

12. I want you to be my valentine because you inspire me to make the most of my day. You help me find meaning in empty moments. You inspire me to simply live.

13. I want you to be my valentine because when I miss you I know where to find you. You fit me in the crazy hours of your day and you always make time for me. I don't get lost in my brain wondering and asking where you've been. I love that I know where to find you and I love how you found me.

14. I want you to be my valentine because you make me see the world in vivid colors after I saw the world in black and white. You make me see the lurid details of you and the lurid details of me, and you are slowly letting your light pierce through the lonely cracks of my heart. TC mark

I Made A Million And One Mistakes Loving Him, And I Will Make Them All Again

Posted: 07 Feb 2016 05:30 PM PST

Daryn Bartlett
Daryn Bartlett

I loved. I lost. I fought hard. I argued. I compromised bits of myself for the sake of love.

I changed my mind. I went back on my word. I became a different version of myself, lost myself, and found myself again.

I was too stubborn. Too forgiving. Too harsh. Too gentle. I gave in. I gave up. I went back when I shouldn't have. And let go too soon.

I made a million and one mistakes loving him. But I don't regret a single one.

He came into my life with quickness and charm, both quiet and loud. I should have been stronger in the beginning. I should have been firm, stood my ground. But I caved. I tripped, slipped, and fell headfirst into love.

I should have put on the brakes. Should have stopped myself. Should have closed my eyes and let it happen slow, filling me, settling into my roots like a plant baking in the sun. But I didn't. I won't ever. The mistake I made in falling hard, I'd do it over, every time. For him. For the next love, and for the other loves that will come after.

I will make the mistake of kissing too deeply, of confessing too much, of letting someone touch the parts of my soul I try so hard to keep hidden. And I won't regret it.

I will make the mistake of trusting, make the mistake of intertwining my life and dreams with another. I will do this willingly, because this is love. Because this is beautiful.

The mistake I made in falling hard, I'd do it over, every time.

In loving him, I made the mistake of losing myself. Not in a terrible way, but in the way that comes with love, when parts of yourself twist around that person. When who you are shapes, and is shaped, by your relationship. You are still whole, still complete, yet even more of yourself with that person. That is a mistake, with him, I willingly made. And I will make it again, wrapping my heart around my next love. Learning to give and take, once more.

I made the mistake of running when I couldn't face my anger. The mistake of shutting off when I should have spoken, of shouting when I should have been silent. These are mistakes of passion, mistakes of the moment, mistakes that define who I am, and mistakes that I cannot apologize for. I am human. I am me. I will do the same thing, every time. When you love someone you cannot help your reaction. So I will make these mistakes again. Make them when I'm angry. Make them when I'm scared. Make them when I fall in love in the future, whenever that may be.

I have never been afraid to love. To be vulnerable. To give. To gain. To lose.

I have never been afraid of making mistakes. Even when I make them, time and time again. Even when they hurt just the same. This is a cycle that to me, will always be worth it. This is love, and I will keep on loving. TC mark

8 Struggles Overly Empathetic People Deal With On A Daily Basis

Posted: 07 Feb 2016 05:00 PM PST


1. People will never be interesting until you are interested.

You realize certain people are an open book but others have a couple walls to knock down before you really get to know them. Therefore, you ask people the real questions—the ones about their family issues, their deepest fears, or what their dream job would be and what steps they are taking to make it come true.

2. Your level of empathy: expert.

Asking for and hearing other people's stories inspires you to put yourself in other people's situations. This makes you realize your own humanity. Other people's mistakes remind you of your own, keeping you well aware of your imperfection (in a healthy way), and they even remind you of your ability to overcome hardships.

3. Your direct nature can make others uncomfortable.

You are the straight shooter of your friend group. You are not interested in small talk and you may even struggle with it. You like to get to the heart of a person. It may not always be welcome but it is a huge part of who you are.

4. You see the bigger picture.

When you interact with people, you take everything you have learned about them and use that information to see the bigger picture. You realize people are not who they have been but who they are in the present moment and you often think of their future potential.

5. Self-care can be a struggle.

You are well aware that it can be exhausting to be a dedicated friend, lover, or coworker. You know better than anyone else that self care should be first priority. That being said, nothing makes you more fulfilled than putting others before yourself.

6.You are more curious than judgmental.

You have asked any and every kind of question there is to obtain a better understanding of your fellow humans. Ergo, you receive a plethora of answers and a collection of other people's experiences. Anything from horrific breakup stories to embarrassing childhood experiences—if it's been done, you have heard about it. This encourages you to reduce your assumptions and increase your curiosity.

7. Authenticity is your kryptonite.

You are not interested in the lives of others because you are nosy or concerned with the latest gossip. You crave an authentic connection with the people around you. Your idea of a perfect night would involve a classic game of 20 questions, wine, and a renaissance romance film to get the tears a-flowing.

8. You will love until your heart explodes.

Most people do not love like you do. You give 100% and no matter how many times you have been hurt, you will continue to love others because people are, and will always be, interesting and worthy of so much love. Imperfections included. TC mark

8 Little Things To Remember When You’re Feeling Jealous Of A Friend’s Success

Posted: 07 Feb 2016 04:30 PM PST

Morgan Sessions
Morgan Sessions

1. Other’s success does not mean you've failed.

Watching others close to you succeed doesn't mean you have failed. There is no job where there can only be one of something; there are always more options out there. If you are still working hard and doing what you love then you are more successful than all the other people who might be rich but hate what they do. Always remember that.

2. It is good to be associated with successful people.

It will give you an inside look at the lifestyle without having to put in the work to be there. You never know what they might be able to help you with in the future if you need a hand or a job opportunity. Also, if your sibling or close friend is successful you can live vicariously through them. You know that when a famous person tags one of their friends or siblings you've never heard of in a picture you instantly click on their profile to stalk that person too.

3. Use it to motivate you to work harder.

Success often breeds success so don't let their accomplishments blind you from having your own. Use it as motivation to find your own story. There is more than one way to find success and just because they are successful in one field doesn't mean that they will excel in the same places you will. So keep working hard and find your niche to excel in.

4. Jealously limits your own chance of success.

If you spend your time ouu-ing and ahh-ing over what someone else has you might never find your own things to be proud of. If anything, it’ll lead you to believe you could never accomplish what they are accomplishing and you are pushing away the things you're craving so deeply. Feeling excited for someone who becomes successful in front of your eyes will create more positive energy, and more good for both of you in the long run.

5. Acknowledge the hard work they put in prior to their success story.

Unless they are one of the people in the world that inherited everything they have, you can’t assume they didn't work their asses off to get where they are. You often don't notice the many trials and errors those face before they get to the top. The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is not giving up. If you fail, try again. Ask for help and get feedback from whoever is willing to give it to you. Successful people are successful because they put the work and time in. When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breath that is when you’ll get it.

6. Realize you are the only thing holding yourself back from success.

People often like to pin blame or their problems on others, but if you want to achieve things that is something you cannot do. Finding success means realizing your weaknesses and turning them into strengths. It means that you cannot blame others for where you are. Being successful is finding your own forte and improving on it to be the best possible version of yourself you can be.

7. Everything is always changing.

Be happy for them now because nothing in life is certain. They could lose what they have in a few short years down the road and you let your jealously get in the way of things. Be happy for them now because who knows. In a few years you could have a ton happening for you and you will want them there to support you. With how fast things change in life there is no point in wasting time thinking about "what could be."

8. Being happy for them will improve your overall relationship with them.

A good relationship goes through the ups and downs together, it's about always being there for the other person. Nothing feels better than when someone is actually happy for you and your success. It will improve your relationship and lead to a happier, more positive life. TC mark

14 Beautiful Emotions That You Don’t Need To Be In A Relationship To Experience

Posted: 07 Feb 2016 04:00 PM PST

Greg Rakozy
Greg Rakozy

1. Hope.

"Hope" when you're in a relationship versus "hope" when you're taking a hiatus from the dating scene are two entirely different things, but they are equally valuable. When you aren't searching for the love of your life, it pushes you to hope for literally anything else. So much of your hope and effort is expended on wanting love, looking for love, finding love, and resurrecting lost love. When that isn't what you're chasing, you have so much room in your life to be hopeful about milestones that don't revolve around romance.

2. Love.

Single does not mean "looking for love." Single means having the love of parents, friends, and family. It means not settling for less than what you deserve. It means learning to love yourself. Anyone who ever presumes to have more love than you do in their lives because of a relationship is overstating.

3. Happiness.

You cannot rely on anyone but yourself to make you happy. Again: you cannot rely on anyone but yourself to make you happy. One more time: You cannot rely on anyone but yourself to make you happy.

4. Anticipation.

Excitement that only comes with missing someone when you haven't seem them in the long time: the human equivalent of how dogs feels when their owner walks through the door. This emotion isn't reserved for people in long distance relationships. Whether you're in long distance friendships, or you just want to see your family after a long week, that is pure anticipation over seeing someone you love. You also experience anticipation when you have a new crush, or when you find out what it feels like to care about someone new, kiss someone new, or experience things with a new love interest.

5. Trust.

The trust you share with the people in your life who know things that you would never tell anyone else is the most important trust you can experience. Think about it this way: the trust you might one day build with a significant other is still years away from being comparable to the trust between you and a best friend. Years of "promise you won't tells" cannot be beaten by a romantic relationship.

6. Respect.

Before you earn the respect of your significant other, or your coworkers, you have the unconditional respect of your friends. But none of these is the respect you need to seek out. The only person's respect you need to chase is your own. Respecting yourself is the first step toward showing how valuable you are to the people you work with, your friends, and your potential relationships.

7. Safety.

People associate safety with being in a secure relationship. Somehow, falling in love became synonymous with "security" and "safety" simply because having a partner you can rely contributes to making you feel safe. Yes, true, but it is not guaranteed in a relationship, nor are you without safety if you're not in a relationship. Security comes from having a support system, and you don't need a relationship to have amazing people in your life who are always on your side.

8. Closeness.

We reserve feelings of companionship for those with Serious Companions, but having a partner you may or may not have for life is not the only thing that guarantees a close connection with another human being. Soulmates are not only found in romantic relationships.

9. Relaxation.

Relaxing by yourself is the highest form of relaxation you can ever achieve. Unwinding is most effective as a solo act. Recharging on your own time while indulging in your personal favorite things is what enables you to be at your best the next day.

10. Wonder.

And the genuine belief that there are good things out there, and that they are coming your way. Wonder goes hand-in-hand with curiosity and the desire to discover, explore, and do new things. There will be a point in your life where you won't have time to exercise your curiosity, or consider life paths other than the one you are on, so relish it while you can.

11. Thankfulness.

Because if you think you need a partner to have a human being to be thankful for, then you need to find better friends before you go any further.

12. Impulsiveness.

I would argue that you tap into this even more so when you aren't in a relationship, because when you're single, you only have to worry about yourself. You aren't bound by someone else's agenda. You move where you want to move, you take the job that fits your schedule, you travel to the destination of your dreams. And when you want to make an impulsive choice, you don't have to consult anyone else.

13. Confidence.

Your confidence should never be reliant on the feeling a romantic relationship gives you. All that does is make you vulnerable, because if you lose the relationship, you lose your confidence too. There is so much else that you can draw confidence from.

14. Desire, or the feeling of being desired.

There's some Pinterest quote about not frowning when you're sad because someone is falling in love with your smile. And while I think that it's nonsense because you should definitely frown as much as you damn well please, I think the fact that people care about you and gravitate toward you without you even realizing it is a point well taken. Yes, being in a relationship means knowing you're desired, and by whom. But just because you aren't attached to someone does not (by any means) imply there aren't interested parties. This doesn't mean you have to capitalize on that — and you shouldn't if you'd only be taking interest in someone for the sake of a relationship — but more people appreciate you than you think. TC mark

La Croix Is My Religion: 6 Truths People Who Are Addicted To Sparkling Water Understand

Posted: 07 Feb 2016 03:30 PM PST

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 12.33.25 PM

1. Flat water is actually gross. Sparkling water addicts know how great water is. We drink our recommended glasses per day. We prefer the pure stuff to sugary drinks or soda. But — we know just how much better flat, viscous water can be. We prefer water in it’s very best form: infused with a good amount of Co2.

2. There is nothing more refreshing than the crisp, spicy taste of carbonated water hitting your lips. It’s what you think about on a sweltering day or when you’re working out — not just hydrating but the actual feeling of the bubbles delivering the perfect combination of water and fizz to your refined water palate.

3. There’s a wide world of delicious cocktails out there, and all you need to make them is a few different kinds of La Croix. Every liquor in the world mixes with sparkling water. If you’re going for the Goop-iest thing you can think of, mix your homemade probiotic juice + unflavored La Croix + liquor of your choice. Boom, you are now ready to be interviewed about your discerning tastes and unique diet.

4. Every vice is able to be swapped out for a much healthier one: sparkling water addiction. Sparkling water easily replaces soda or juice. You can add frozen fruit to sparkling water for an afternoon treat instead of hitting the vending machine or fridge for a snack you don’t have the calorie budget for. If you don’t want to drink but you want to feel like you’re doing something fun you can order soda water + lime, or bring them with you to a party. It still feels like you’re enjoying something special and fun, just without the guilt or diet derailment.

5. The more sparkling water you drink, the less tap water you consume. Most sparkling waters are made by infusing normal bottled spring water with carbon dioxide. Spring water is free from contaminants found in normal tap water, so every time you replace one with the other you’re ingesting less of the bad stuff.

6. Hydration is life. If you’ve ever been a normal person drinking way under the recommended amount of water and staying in a constant state of dehydration via coffee — and then started drinking enough water — you know the importance of water in a person’s diet. It’s also one of the easiest things you can do to have a big impact on your health. It can be hard (and even out of your control) to get enough sleep and diet is infamously difficult for people to consistently get right, but hydration is as easy as reminding yourself to drink throughout the day. When you enjoy your water (Hello La Croix coconut water!!!) it’s something you can accomplish unconsciously. TC mark

Know That You’re Unsinkable, Even When It Feels Like You’re Drowning

Posted: 07 Feb 2016 03:00 PM PST

Sanja Marušić
Sanja Marušić

It's hard. I get it.

You're probably reading this because you're at a loss with what to do or because you're dealing with something you feel like no one will ever understand. You've gone over the solutions, and you've tried all there is to try but to no avail.

I know it's difficult when you're faced with a situation that seems like it's not going to get better. I know, I know, believe me, I do. Whether you're struggling with academics, work, friends, or with your relationship with your significant other (or lack thereof), I hope you know that you're not alone. Let me remind you, that there are thousands of people who are also struggling, and who are trying to fight the good fight.

But let me also remind you that it's going to be okay. It might not be okay tomorrow, or the day after, or maybe even the week after but it will be; sometimes, you just have to wait it out. I know that it's disheartening to keep going when you've been stuck in the same situation for what feels like thousands of years, but you have to know that most of the time (not even sometimes), the only way out is through. It's rough and I'm not going to pretend that I know what you're going through, because we most likely have very different problems from each other (whether I'm talking to my future self or addressing another person); but know that I know you have the strength to see this through until the end.

“I know that it's disheartening to keep going when you've been stuck in the same situation for what feels like thousands of years, but you have to know that most of the time (not even sometimes), the only way out is through.”

You could concoct several different scenarios in which you get exactly what you want, but we both know that those things rarely ever happen. And sometimes, when you know that the best-case scenario or even, at least, the okay-case scenario won't ever happen, you feel like nothing good will ever come. You think that nothing can surprise you, and you feel like life is playing a game of hide-and-seek with your luck.

You're going to put yourself in a foul mood. You're going to put yourself in that state of mind where you say that nothing can harm you because you're going to make yourself cold as a rock. You're going to do all those things and more, because you want to protect yourself from another horrendous event that you're sure to happen.

To that, I tell you, stop. Stop making your life miserable as it already is. Stop making your situation worse for you. I'm not telling you to change your perspective about it, because I think that's the worst advice you can give someone, when the situation is so obviously difficult. I'm telling you to sit still, give yourself some time, think of a solution, and should whatever it is that you're going through is out of your hands, then let it be.

Learn to give yourself some credit for everything that you've so far accomplished, whether it's just getting out of bad, running that small errand for a friend, attending a class or eating lunch when you feel like you want to throw up.

Pat yourself on the back for having the strength to do the little things, because eventually you'll find the strength to do the big things. Maybe one day you find yourself lying down on your bed, finished with all the insurmountable work that you thought you couldn't do. Maybe you'll find yourself having lunch again with that friend of yours you thought you couldn't patch things up with. Maybe you and your significant other will be okay again, or maybe you'll find someone new—one definitely better than the previous.

You are, by far, a very beautiful person, especially when I know that you're reading this because you want to help yourself. That's always the first step to getting better—helping yourself because you know that you deserve to be somewhere better.

Remember: You are unsinkable.

And though I took a quote from the Titanic, which definitely sank, both you and I know that it's still one of the most famous ship liners to ever set sail. It was big and beautiful, and its elegance was admired for years and years; and though it's demise was tragic, it's still a so-called "failure" that many are proud of.

So be proud of your sinking ships, of your big and beautiful scars, of all the tragic demise you've been through, because people will admire you for it; and one day, you'll be proud to call it your own.

I know it.

Just keep going. TC mark