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12 Things You Need To Know Before You Date The Girl Who Worries Too Much

Posted: 17 Mar 2016 08:00 PM PDT

Folur's photography
Folur’s photography

1. She's not necessarily insecure. Worrying about whether or not she's loved isn't always a product of low self-esteem, it's also what happens when you acknowledge the reality that love does not always last, and often unexpectedly so.

2. She wants a real relationship, whatever "real" means to her. She's not here to skirt around the corners or "hangout" or just half ass it, and if we're being really honest, who is? Either commit or let her find someone else who will.

3. Saying "stop worrying!" is not only pointless, it's damaging. This is a little something called emotional invalidation, and to have a healthy relationship, you have to be able to acknowledge how your partner feels, even if you don't "agree" with it.

4. Jokes that are mean aren't funny, they're just mean. Someone who worries a lot isn't going to take kindly to people who don't have enough decency to realize that just because *they* find something hilarious doesn't mean someone else doesn't find it hurtful.

5. If you want to help her feel less stressed, compliment her strengths. Worrying is a function of fearing you won't be able to handle something if it arises. The best way to get rid of it is either to ignore it when it's irrational, or counter it by pointing out how capable and intelligent she really is.

6. She's probably smarter than you realize. IQ is generally linked to a higher propensity to worry, as people who are more conscious of realities or potential outcomes would, naturally, have more reason to worry about them.

7. Laugh about the little things. Nothing will make a girl who worries fall in love more than someone who can laugh when the little things go wrong. It's important to let her know that not being perfect doesn't make her unloved.

8. She probably sees her imperfections as strikes against her, rather than characteristics. Remind her that the things she most worries about are likely the very ones that make her exactly who she is, and exactly why you care about her.

9. Be a grown ass person about your dating life together. If you want to take her out, explicitly ask her to do so. Let her know where she stands. Be honest, be straightforward, be considerate. This should always be the case, but especially with someone who is prone to overthinking.

10. She worries because she cares. She cares so damn much. She cares that you're happy, she cares that your relationship works out, she cares that her life turns out the way she hopes it will. She worries because she wants to protect the things she loves, and if you're lucky, you'll be one of them.

11. Reaffirm that she's likely doing better than she thinks she is. She's probably pretty motivated (people who worry a lot often come up with just as many solutions, ideas and dreams for themselves) so remind her that it's all normal, and that everything will be okay because it always is.

12. Being sensitive is a beautiful thing. In fact, the best people to date are the ones who care enough to worry, and who are sensitive enough to over-think a little, and who actually want to take their lives seriously. You may think you prefer the "chill" girl, but when it comes to actually giving a shit about your lives together, the girl who will worry is the one you want to be with. TC mark

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13 Men Reveal How They ‘Play’ When Their Significant Other Is Away

Posted: 17 Mar 2016 07:00 PM PDT

Drew Wison
Drew Wison

1. "I masturbate to nude photos of my ex girlfriends. They're stored on a hard drive I keep in a lock box in the back of the closet. It feels JUST sinful enough. It's not like I'm cheating, but I know it isn't exactly right."

— Jacob, 28

2. "As long as I don't catch anything or knock anyone up, I consider myself in the clear. So I double bag it and I draw the line somewhere between risky and too risky, know what I mean?"

— Shane, 32

3. "My girlfriend's pretty liberal, so she gives me a permission slip to be a bit of a bad boy when she takes off for a few days. I assume she gives herself a permission slip to fuck around a little too, but we don't talk about our sexual experiences with other people outright. Couples that say too much end up hating each other."

— Malcolm, 31

4. "Listen, if she's going to take a girls’ trip every six months, I'm going to do whatever the hell I want when she's gone. I invite my buddies over and we drink way too much and then we head out to the strip club. I'm a tits and ass kinda guy and I'm not gonna lie—I love a little change in pace from the ones I see every day."

— Willie, 27

5. "A few months ago I got into these cam girl sites and they're amazing. You can actually sit there and talk to these hot girls in real time, but it's not like you're being at all unfaithful because you can't touch them. You just pay an absurd amount of money to get them to interact with you, and to do what you say for a while. It's like directing your own little porno."

— Parker, 29

6. "In college my wife was a flat-out lesbian, so we have this rule whenever either of us is traveling on business: We're both allowed to sleep with other women. Works out beautifully."

— Davis, 30

7. "I actually get a little separation anxiety when I'm apart from my wife. We spend so much time together, and we're really still obsessed with each other five years into marriage, which is pretty rare. When she leaves town for even one night, I miss her a lot. But we almost always manage to have Skype sex."

— Frederick, 34

8. "I work my ass off, okay. So when the ball-and-chain's out of town, I don't feel guilty about letting loose. I have a buddy my girlfriend says is a total derelict (she's right) and I always call him up when she's away. We like to get drunk and do stupid shit because that's what boys do. It's a bonding thing. I'm not crossing any lines that'll land me in hell."

— Kyle, 27

9. "My girlfriend means well, but she's kind of a nag. I don't blame her for it, because I can be a lazy douchebag. But when she's away, I definitely take advantage of life without a constant reminder that it's time to make the bed or take out the trash or whatever. I'm a fucking slob until the last minute possible, and then I hire a cleaning lady (something I shouldn't be wasting money on) to come in and tidy up right before she gets back."

— Larry, 28

10. "There's a topless bar I go to every single night my wife's out of town for a few drinks. I don't get lap dances because it's too much money and she'd notice if I withdrew more cash than usual. But I'm really friendly with a few of the girls there. It's my safe place in a way."

— Kurt, 36

11. "Who wouldn't exploit their freedom while they have it? I'm all in favor of getting shit out of your system when you can. I'm a man who needs to get his party on every once in a while and I find it's best to do that when my girls' not around. She doesn't really like nightlife anyway. It’s not like I'm out there looking to get laid. HJ in the bathroom? I'll take it. But I don’t hunt for random hook-ups."

— Robert, 29

12. "I've got this guy who used to deal me coke back in the mid 90s before I got together with my girlfriend, who's totally against drugs. He's still around, and I call him up for a little 'boog suge'—just a gram or two, you know—whenever my girlfriend's away."

— Hank, 40

13. "I'm a really introverted guy, so I need a weekend apart from everyone, including my partner, once in awhile. I don't go nuts or anything. I just sit home and play video games and eat pizza and drink Coke. Being able to do what I want without having to talk to anyone else for a bit is a dream come true for me."

— J.T., 24 TC mark

21 Deliciously Dirty Sexts That Will Make You Unbearably Horny

Posted: 17 Mar 2016 06:00 PM PDT


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Don’t Miss Me Quietly

Posted: 17 Mar 2016 05:00 PM PDT


Don't miss me at 3AM when the house is filled with the hum of voices, the lights dance on the walls, and beer cans cover every surface. Don't miss me when the music pulses in your ear drums and you're surrounded by so many hands, so many bodies, so many faces, but still feel so empty.

Don't miss me when the sky is barely light and you reach across the bed for me, touch the cool fabric of the pillow where my head used to rest.

Don't miss me when you should be sleeping, when you know I've already gone to bed, miles and miles away.

Don't miss me quietly. Not your head as our song ques on the radio. Not when the shower water sends goosebumps down your back. Not when you walk through town and see the place where we first kissed, outside your old apartment in the glow of the faded streetlight.

Don't miss me timidly, with words that only cross your mind, notes written but never sent, messages saved as drafts. No, miss me loudly. Shouts, screams, statuses, regrets spoken to life on your lips, the lips of everyone we know. I want to feel that you miss me in the core of my soul, feel your longing like an ache in my bones.

I don't want that 3AM kind of lonely, the scared to say anything, the missing me solely because you're in the dark with only our memories to keep you company.

I want you to miss me like a pull in your chest you can't get rid of, an ever-pressing thought, not just late at night, but in the middle of the day when you're sitting down to lunch and look out the window at the sunshine and are reminded of you and I skipping rocks by the pond.

I don't want you to miss me quietly. In the words you never say, in the pain you hide behind closed blinds and blank faces and shots of bourbon lined up on the table.

I want to know. Want to know that you're still there somewhere—that heart, that mischievous grin. And I want to know that you miss me too, loudly, like words transferred from mind to page, given to the world to see. TC mark

9 Seemingly Harmless Beliefs That Are Actually Keeping You From True Happiness

Posted: 17 Mar 2016 04:00 PM PDT


1. The belief that a happy life and an easy life are the same thing. An easy life means no difficult choices, no heartache, no challenges, no fear, no rejection, no failure. But an easy life also means no adventure, no growth, no thrill, no risk, no appreciation for joy, and no love so great that it feels like your heart could burst. Happiness comes with a price (of pain, of worry, of anxiety), but it’s the most worthwhile price you’ll ever pay.

2. The belief that happiness is something you should grasp at, rather than something that exists inside of your being. The problem with happiness is people think it’s just another trophy to put on their shelf, something they can chase after until they finally catch it and can display it to others. But you’ll have much more luck experiencing contentment if you learn to be grateful for what you do have, especially the simplest of things: air in your lungs, the fact that the sun rose again this morning, a smile from someone you love. If you pay close enough attention, you’ll feel how deep the connection of those little happy moments goes into your soul.

3. The belief that your dream job will feel stress-free and effortless. A dream job just means finding something you care about so much that the work brings you energy and joy rather than exhaustion and apathy. Your dream job will be just as hard as any other job you would have, and you’ll probably work ten times harder at it. But at the end of the day, you’ll feel alive and exhilarated, rather than trapped and listless.

4. The belief that true love means being just as passionate on day one of the relationship as you are two years or twenty years down the line. Passion can definitely be a lifelong aspect of a relationship. But that over-the-moon, butterflies-in-your-stomach, can’t-breathe-when-you-look-at-them type of infatuation has an expiration date; everybody’s newness wears off eventually. But true, genuine love is so much better than that. It’s having a sense of calm, safety, trust, and pure joy around your significant other at all times (even when you’re fighting) because they make you feel more like yourself than any other person in the world.

5. The belief that the world owes you something. It doesn’t. Think about how complicated your life is, and then remember that every person you encounter is living an existence just as complicated as yours, if not more. They’re too busy to revolve their world around yours. If you want something, it’s up to you, not them, to figure it out.

6. The belief that you can make everybody like you if you try hard enough. Some people just aren’t going to like you. Stop wasting your energy trying to figure out why, and spend it on people you actually care about.

7. The belief that you’re finished learning after college. You’re never done learning about anything. There are books and websites available at your fingertips that many people in the world could only dream of. There are lectures to attend and new people to meet and workshops to sign up for and passions to discover. Never stop learning. The minute you stop learning is the minute you stop living.

8. The belief that it’s someone else’s fault every time something doesn’t work out for you. Maybe sometimes it is, but where does that get you? You’re better off trying to go about it a different way than to waste time figuring out who’s to blame.

9. The belief (even if it’s unconscious) that you’re the center of the universe. On the contrary, you’re just the smallest of specs. And while that may seem like a negative and brutal outlook, what it actually does is give you freedom and clarity. The timeline of your life, in comparison to the length of time that humans have been on this earth, is as insignificant as it could possibly be. So who cares if you can’t figure out why that one coworker doesn’t like you? Who cares if your photo got an “embarrassingly low” number of likes? Who cares if you’re not as accomplished at your current age as your older sibling was? When you’re dead, all those worries are going to evaporate in an instant – plenty of them already have. So you might as well spend your time worrying less about forgettable problems and more about how you can make even the smallest of differences in the lives of others. TC mark

This Is The Difference Between A Fleeting Friendship And One That Is Destined To Last Forever

Posted: 17 Mar 2016 03:00 PM PDT / Ondine32 / Ondine32

I’ve had a lot of friends come and go in my 23 years of living so far. With some, we grew apart naturally and there were no hard feelings between us. With others, there usually was an incident that happened, and I had to let that friend go (or they had to let me go).

What I have learned so far about real friends, is that not everyone in this world is supposed to be friends with you, and not everyone in this world is going to like you. I used to spend so much time trying to please everyone instead of thinking about what type of friends I needed and what kind of friends were lifting me up instead of bringing me down.

A real friend is not someone who is going to agree with everything you say or give you a thumbs up all the time. They are going to disagree with you and let you know that you are making a mistake, even if it doesn’t seem like it to you. They are going to tell if you are acting like an idiot and say it straight to your face. They aren’t going to sugar coat things to make you feel better, they are going to tell you the truth.

A real friend is not someone who constantly compares themselves to you, insulting you on your appearance or clothing choice. A real friend however will tell you that your hair looks better without those tiger striped highlights you just got. Real friends are going to be honest and will not apologize for being real with you, because they ultimately just want what is best for you. And they probably know you better than you know yourself.

They will let you know if your boyfriend treats you like crap and will remind you to not text your ex when you’re drunk and home alone. They will remind you to not forget your birth control pills and will give you tissues and hugs after a hard breakup. And they will also love you regardless of the bad highlights, crappy boyfriends and late night impulsive choices. They will ultimately support you in what makes you happy, and what makes you feel good about yourself.

Real friends won’t ever abandon you. Not even when even when you are too drunk to function and cry ugly Kim Kardashian tears to them. They know you’re a little messed up and a little bit lost, but so are they. And you’re all in this together. TC mark

Trump Watch, March 17th, 2016: Trump Shotguns Everyone In Sight After Victories On Tuesday

Posted: 17 Mar 2016 02:27 PM PDT

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 7.30.20 PM

Trump attacked Megyn Kelly again today saying she is “highly overrated” and to “focus on others!” He also attacked Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz and ran a poll asking who was the bigger liar. So far Hillary is winning. She’s probably happy to hear it. She likes winning.

He also attacked the Wall Street Journal saying they’re bad at “math” or physics or whatever. He demanded they “apologize” for their lack of math or physics skills.

He also attacked Ted Cruz again saying the reasons evangelicals won’t vote for him is because they are “very smart.”

He also attacked Mitt Romney’s former campaign manager calling him “Sad!” He also attacked Fox News for having bad and boring debates.

Donald won every state but Ohio on Tuesday. He has a new attack ad out where Putin laughs at Hillary Clinton while she barks like a dog.

The Kremlin was ecstatic at being featured.

"It's an open secret for us that demonizing Russia and whatever is linked to Russia is unfortunately a mandatory hallmark of America's election campaign. We always sincerely regret this and wish the (US) electoral process was conducted without such references to our country." 

They loved it.

March 15th, 2016: Nice Guys Get Put Down

Trump attacked John Kasich today reminding everyone that Kasich isn’t a nice guy. “Watching John Kasich being interviewed – acting so innocent and like such a nice guy. Remember him in second debate, until I put him down.” Donald just wants to remind everyone that he’s the nice one, not John Kasich who is just acting nice. People who act nice have to be put down.

Florida, Illinois, North Carolina, Missouri, and Ohio are all doing the GOP voting thing today. I predict that Trump will win the Black vote handily in both Illinois and North Carolina and Donald is predicted to win every state except Ohio.

There are reports out there that Trump’s name was left off of a bunch of Florida ballots. I’m sure that’s just a mistake.

Also, people are accusing Trump of doing 9/11. I imagine we’ll start seeing attacks ads about it soon.

March 14th, 2016: An Accident In Chicago

What a crazy weekend for trying to get into a Trump rally. Up in Chicago it looks like they didn’t sell enough tickets and a lot of people ended up fighting to get seats.

Trump wine and steaks were not served at this rally. Coincidence?

March 10th, 2016: An Accident In North Carolina

Trump attacked Fox News today saying “Wow, you are all correct about @ – totally biased and disgusting reporting.” I think he was talking to his followers maybe? Maybe the entire internet? Maybe the Democrats? Anyway, it looks like Donald is on to them.

He also tweeted an ad saying he wants to keep “lightweight” Marco Rubio and “his friends” out of the White House. The debates are tonight so Donald will probably let Marco know this in person in case he didn’t see the ad. Donald’s pretty thorough, I think. I don’t think he’d want Marco to miss the ad.

There was kind of an interesting incident at Donald’s North Carolina rally last night that a lot of people are making a big deal out of. A group called “Black Lives Matters” was protesting there for some reason and were asked to leave. On their way out, a Trump supporter, obviously trying to keep one of the protesters from falling backwards down the stairs, balanced the guy’s head with his fist and I think he misjudged the distance because the guy pitched forward up the stairs. Security was quick though and grabbed the protester and pulled him up the stairs to make sure he didn’t fall.

You’re always safe at a Trump rally it seems, so many people looking out for you.

March 9th, 2016: Trump Performs Miracle Of Turning Politics Into Wine And Steak

Trump attacked the Club for Growth today saying “Phony Club For Growth tried to shake me down for one million dollars, & is now putting out nasty negative ads on me. They are total losers!” I’m not sure why he bothered talking about a phony club. I mean, if it’s not real then what’s the point? Just mark them spam and move on.

Trump didn’t sweep all four states yesterday like everyone said he would. Ted Cruz won in Idaho. Donald seemed to take it pretty well and had Trump wine and Trump steak at his victory afterparty last night. He apparently has a palatial 600 acre setup on the Potomac River in Virginia where the grapes are grown for Trump wine.

Not at all the Trump vineyards
Not at all the Trump vineyards

He offered all the reporters free wine. I mean he ended up yelling at one reporter but he still offered him free wine. I don’t know if Trump had been drinking or if the reporter had but there was wine available. You could see it right behind him.

At one point he was really nice though and complimented a different reporter for being beautiful and so politically correct.

So, all in all I think he was nice to everyone.

He did seem a little tired. He’s such a dynamo that it’s hard to tell but to me the area around his eyes seemed a little whiter than usual. Still, at the end of his speech he asked all the other Republican candidates to drop out so everyone could unite behind his campaign so I guess he wasn’t that tired.

The 10,001st Republican debate is tomorrow which is really great because they’ve all been very informative I think and really varied in the topics.

March 8th, 2016: Ivanka Trump Is Our Future

Donald was mad at Mitt and Lindsey again today. He tweeted that they’re both losers and that Lindsey was a drop out. He says it’s all very sad.

Today Mississippi, Hawaii, Michigan, and Idaho all report to the polls to decide whether they want to bring back Christmas or see it become another also-ran holiday like the Winter Solstice. Last night Trump promised Mississippians he’d save Christmas like Jason Alexander in that awful 2002 movie. The War on Christmas just seems to start earlier every year. Maybe Trump can stop that from happening.

He also released four videos, one for each state, with Ivanka asking people to get out and vote. Ivanka is very pretty. I really think all those years running the Miss America pageant put Donald in touch with what Americans really care about. The videos reflect that I think. Complex stuff, honestly.

Looking at the polls, the predicted simultaneous loss of all four states to The Donald tonight may cause the Earth to shake. I’m expecting tremors.

March 7th, 2016: A Question Of Hands

Donald Trump made fun of Marco Rubio today in a new ad. He said Rubio had been ripping the government and the Republican Party off through double billing and unapproved driveway construction. He also says Rubio is a lazy Senator who hardly ever shows up for his job. Then, after all that, he tweeted out that Rubio is a low energy guy, a stab at the man’s virility after Rubio said Trump had “small hands” and Donald had to go on tv and defend the size of his manhood.

Somebody else on Twitter said that the video shows a picture of the House instead of the Senate which is probably a little embarrassing.

Donald also made a video today about Trump University and showed a bunch of hand-written reviews from people. He cited the Better Business Bureau and seemed really serious about it and a little hurt that people might have gotten the wrong idea.

Tonight at 7pm he’s doing a rally at Madison County School District in Madison, Mississippi. He’s got five planned for the month. The guy’s doing a lot of traveling, it seems. TC mark

14 Emotional Crisis Milestones Every Girl Has Hit At Least Once In Her Life

Posted: 17 Mar 2016 02:00 PM PDT

Obvious Child
Obvious Child

1. Eating everything in sight.

It starts slow. There’s popcorn in your pantry so you might as well just have a snack. But oh wait…you’ve got guac too. And string cheese. …And chicken nuggets. Suddenly, before you know what’s happened, you’ve dipped popcorn in guac and made a grilled cheese “Double Down” style with dinosaur nuggets and Target brand Monterey Jack string cheese. If no one saw you eat it and you do some half-assed sit ups during the commercial breaks of Scandal do the calories still count? Wait…is that Americone Dream in the freezer?!

2. Trying to Eat, Pray, Love yourself.

You know you’re stuck in a rut. You’ve been watching the same ASMR videos and clicking nostalgically (read: depressingly) through the same Facebook albums from high school where you were skinny and apparently had NO pores. It’s time to pull your shit together and do something with yourself. Maybe you’ll take up yoga! Nah…you hate working out in front of happy people. So you end up watching Wild a little too closely and then spend a solid afternoon at REI just kidding yourself that you could last even a DAY in the wilderness.

3. Feeling the insatiable need to dramatically change your appearance.

But you STILL need a change. And then it hits you. If you can’t hike your way to happiness, you’ll just change everything about yourself! How much do tattoos cost? You could TOTALLY rock a sleeve. What’s the deal septum piercings? Are they the new thing? What does your office dress code say about those?

4. But you can’t commit so your hair takes a beating.

Nahhhhh you’re scared of needles and definitely don’t want to deal with the healing time. But HAIR. Hair grows back! And plus if you don’t like it you can just slap some L’Oreal in “Almond” on top of it and presto-changeo: you’re fine. Should you go pink? NO. Purple! Should you get bangs? BANGS. You’d look SO cute with bangs. (Every girl has gone through emotional bangs.)

5. Deciding to cleanse because you’ve eaten everything in sight.

Ugggghhhhhhh. All of those late night popcorn/chicken nugget/shredded cheese directly from the bag fests have left you feeling like a bloated, greasy blob. So you dive a little too deep into Kylie Jenner’s instagram and see her promoting a juice cleanse. PERFECT. You just won’t eat anything but $200 worth of juice for a week and BAM. You’ll be back. Your abs will come in and you’ll be HAPPY. Buuuuuut this lasts about a day and a half because you bite the head off of someone in a blind hunger rage, and end up eating a hot dog on the curb outside of your work.

6. Crying at the stupidest shit imaginable.

You know what doesn’t quit? The crying. You’re constantly walking around, pretty misty and ready to burst at any moment. ANYTHING can set you off. Puppy videos, poems on tumblr, seeing someone wearing the same coat your ex has, seeing elderly people grocery shopping, that stupid gum commercial. You are a walking, emotionally unstable, about to start sobbing uncontrollably, time bomb.

7. Listening to the same “anthem” on repeat.

If Kelly Clarkson gets royalties for every repeat of “Beautiful Disaster” on Spotify she owes you a drink.

8. Watching your Google search history turn into the self-help aisle of Barnes & Noble.

All of a sudden Google starts suggesting things instantly like, “How To Be Happy” or, “Is it possible to be sad forever?” or, “Signs that everything is terrible and love never wins.” Your search history is the most honest place in anyone’s home and yours, my friend, is BLEAK.

9. Reaching out to people you haven’t talked to for eons.

It starts innocently enough. You just go on the ol’ Facebook to see what Jordan from the summer before Freshman year is up to. But then you add him on Snapchat. And you start messaging “hey remember when” messages with WAY too many lols. And then before you know it you’ve built an imaginary life where you just run into each other at your favorite dive bar and pick up where you left off and have SO much in common and end up growing old together. Reality: you get drunk and say something dumb and he blocks you.

10. Deciding that you too can be a Jennifer Lawrence level of cool.

Cool girls don’t listen to “Wrecking Ball” 18 times before 10 AM and definitely don’t “u up?” their high school boyfriend. Cool girls are chill, collected, DGAF kind of girls. You can be cool. You can wear baseball caps and have an effortless bob. It’ll be FINE. (Spoiler alert: you can’t, you look dumb in hats, and it won’t be fine.)

11. Tweeting/Instagraming/Pinteresting waaaaay too many inspirational quotes/song lyrics.

Slowly but surely your social media becomes all pictures of sunsets you didn’t take, captioned with phrases like “it’s always darkest before the dawn” in calligraphy. ~*cringe*~

12. Drinking everything in sight.

Eating everything didn’t make you feel better, but maybe drinking everything will! You build a bar from Ikea, stock it with lemons, limes, and “liquor for company” but end up just making 6:30 vodka tonics because you can. No that’s not lipstick, that’s permanent red wine mouth. But the alcohol only distracts you for a little while and eventually you realize it’s just hurting your sleep, your head, and your wallet.

13. Accepting your fate.

You will just be sad forever. You are a one-woman Eeyore. This is your life now and your memoir will make everyone depressed AF. There is no silver lining and Disney movies were invented to sell sweatshirts. Everything sucks and everyone dies and everything is terrible. But like…it’s fine?

14. Coming out of it and pretending it never happened.

Friend: Lol. Remember that time you thought you were going to be a yoga instructor in Bali with Zooey Deschanel bangs?

You: No ma’am I do not and also, we agreed to not talk about it so goodbye forever. TC mark

40 Wonderful Things That Can Happen In A Year

Posted: 17 Mar 2016 01:00 PM PDT

Twenty20 dannyrozenblit
Twenty20 dannyrozenblit

A lot can happen in a year.

One year can bring about enough changes for a lifetime. One year is enough for you to know yourself. One year is enough to know where your relationship is going. One year is enough to end toxic friendships and one year is enough to make the best out of the next one.

1. You can change the job you hate and find something else you love.

2. You can quit your job and explore the world to find yourself – or lose yourself.

3. You can study something you love and be great at it.

4. You can meet the love of your life.

5. You can end an unhappy relationship or marriage and take back your life.

6. You can change your body and your health.

7. You can change your mind and transform your life.

8. You can quit a bad habit.

9. You can get over someone you never thought you would.

10. You can finally reveal secrets that have been haunting you forever.

11. You can learn from your failures and change them to success.

12. You can learn how to love yourself.

13. You can move to another country and start over or stay in the same place and start over.

14. You can get over your fears.

15. You can finally understand the reason behind your pain.

16. You can fix a broken relationship.

17. You can learn how strong you really are.

18. You can see the person who broke you and not feel a thing.

19. You can finally get the closure you needed.

20. You can laugh at the things that made you cry.

21. You can surprise yourself by doing something you were always afraid of.

22. You can love someone fearlessly and not regret it.

23. You can forgive someone who deeply hurt you and purify your heart.

24. You can restore your faith.

25. You can learn how to believe in yourself.

26. You can learn how to trust your gut.

27. You can take a risk that can change your life.

28. You can help someone selflessly without expecting anything in return.

29. You can find a reason to smile every day.

30. You can create unforgettable memories.

31. You can be an inspiration to someone.

32. You can witness a change in history.

33. You can tell someone how you truly feel about them.

34. You can avoid certain mistakes from happening again.

35. You can bounce back after hitting rock bottom.

36. You can attend an event you only dreamed of.

37.  You can get recognized and acknowledged for something you are really good at.

38. You can meet new people and have life-changing conversations.

39. You can buy yourself something you've always wanted but couldn't afford.

40. You can change your whole life in one year.

One year can determine the rest of your life. You have 365 days to do something extraordinary, achieve a goal, and get much closer to living the life you always dreamed of. A lot can happen in a year and the power is in your hands. TC mark

10 Important Beliefs That Will Free Your Mind From Negativity

Posted: 17 Mar 2016 12:00 PM PDT

Unsplash Bảo-Quân Nguyễn
Unsplash Bảo-Quân Nguyễn

1. Life may not be easy, but it could be great. Even though we may be faced with a lot of unfortunate events that we were not prepared for, we could still be happy living in an imperfect life if we shift our mindset. Simply by knowing that life's ups require life's downs, we will be better-equipped to embrace life's predicaments.

2. People who disappoint us are merely lessons. They were there to teach us something about ourselves or about life. The biggest changes often come from the biggest disappointments. That's how we grow and evolve and make better choices in the future.

3. We can't change our past but we can change our future. We are not defined by what we did, we are defined by what we choose to become. We are capable of changing our lives any time if we take responsibility for our lives and proactively work on changing ourselves.

4. Assumptions and judgments are the root of all negativity. Instead of jumping to conclusions or making false assumptions we should live day by day and let time unfold the real answers we are looking for. Consuming our minds with assumptions will only lead to confusion and frustration.

5. Just because something good ends, doesn't mean something better won't begin. Our life is in constant motion and progression – so are we. Often good things end because they are no longer right for us, and we have to wait and be hopeful that life has better things in store for us.

6. Start each day with a thankful heart. We should be thankful for our health, our bodies, and for the gift of life in general. The most powerful way to get rid of negativity is to be thankful for the things we have that we take for granted on a daily basis.

7. Some things take time. Stay patient. Just because something isn't happening for us right now, doesn't mean it will never happen. Timing makes a huge difference and we have to stay patient and keep asking the universe for what we want and believing that it will happen when it's supposed to.

8. Without the dark, we would never see the stars. As long as we don't stay in the dark, good things can come out of really bad situations and we can even come out of it better and stronger people. Sometimes it takes the worst pain to bring out the best in us.

9. The people we surround ourselves with matter more than we think. If we surround ourselves with people who lift us higher and see great potential in us, we will be able to get rid of negativity faster. Don't spend time with people who thrive on drama, they will strip away your happiness.

10. Only a positive mind can give us a positive life. Negative thoughts are like weeds, they keep growing if we don't root them out. That's why we have to keep thinking positively and focus on the things we can control and get rid of all the thoughts that are holding us back one by one. TC mark