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57 Dirty Little Compliments That Will Make Her Want Sex Immediately

Posted: 21 Mar 2016 08:00 PM PDT

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1. It’s actually unfair, how fucking sexy you are.

2. I get hard so much faster when I’m around you.

3. You have the most perfect tits.

4. Your ass deserves its own Instagram account.

5. When you bend over, even just a little, I lose control entirely.

6. With all due respect, you are a non-stop cock tease.

7. With every twirl or your hair and every giggle, I get a little stiffer.

8. Your pussy is intoxicating.

9. Eye contact with you always feels like foreplay.

10. I need your naked body more than I need oxygen right now.

11. When your lips move, I can't help picturing them around my cock.

12. You make me want to be so fucking naughty.

13. My dick wants nothing more than temporary asylum inside your pussy.

14. I would give up masturbating forever just to see you naked right this second.

15. You must have driven all your teachers insane once you hit puberty.

16. You are a living, breathing sexual fantasy.

17. When you lick your lips, I see a sex goddess moistening her perfect pout.

18. Every other woman on Earth should be jealous of your effect on men.

19. I can't stop thinking about that thing you do with your hips.

20. Were you always such an accomplished seductress?

21. So smart and sexy. You are lethal.

22. I want to kiss every single inch of your body, explore every nook and cranny, penetrate every crevice.

23. Do you realize how beautiful you are when you orgasm?

24. Your nipples, my lips. Heaven.

25. Pleasuring you should be considered an honor.

26. I want to spank your hot ass for driving me so crazy.

27. I'm trying to pay attention, but you're just too fucking sexy.

28. You're the kind of woman I could only ever make love to.

29. Your very presence makes me want to be tender.

30. When you touch me—even just graze my skin—I get a tingling sensation down there.

31. Your pussy must be magic because I’m spellbound by it.

32. All I can think about is how good you're going to taste.

33. You don’t even mean to torment me, do you?

34. I can't even hold you without getting hard.

35. Every single one of your curves deserves to be worshipped.

36. Your very scent makes me want sex.

37. I want to eat you out until I've memorized every single pink fold of flesh.

38. There's nothing you could do to make me stop wanting you.

39. The thought of sleeping with you is the only thing keeping me sane.

40. If we worked together, I would definitely have to jerk off in the bathroom at least once a day.

41. I can't handle not touching you.

42. Your breasts are almost as tantalizing as your piercingly beautiful eyes are.

43. I have no doubt you’re going to blow my mind tonight.

44. Do you even notice everyone checking you out?

45. You are undeniably the sexiest woman I’ve ever met.

46. I haven't felt this horny since high school.

47. Your body should be studied for the impact it has on the opposite sex.

48. I didn’t even know I could want someone this badly.

49. Do you realize what you do to me?

50. Every time you spread your legs, an angel must get its wings or something.

51. My goal in life is to make you squirm like never before.

52. I’ll never be free from needing you.

53. Your unclothed body is my happy place.

54. Monogamy doesn’t scare me now that I know you exist.

55. You are the very definition of “irresistible.”

56. Do you know how many times I’ve mentally stripped you while playing with myself?

57. I just can’t lie. I’m picturing you naked right now. TC mark

47 Women Confess The Weirdest Item They’ve Used To Masturbate With

Posted: 21 Mar 2016 07:00 PM PDT

Ines Perkovic
Ines Perkovic
Found on AskReddit.

1. Tickle Me, Elmo!

"When I was younger (late middle school/early high school age, I think???) I realized my old Tickle Me Elmo doll felt very nice when it shook as it 'laughed,' so, being a creative youngster, I cut it open and took out the part that vibrated it. I unscrewed that and cut out the speakers so it wouldn’t make that laughing noise every time you push the button, put it back together, and voila! Li’l me’s first vibrator."

2. A wiggling goldfish in a plastic bag

"You know how at the fair you can win those goldfish in a bag? Yeah I used that. I poured most of the water out the slipped it up inside the bag, the way it wiggled felt unreal. I’ve still got the fish but I never used it again."

3. A snake plush toy

"A snake plush toy. 10/10 would fuck a snake again."

4. Lego dildo

"I once made a dildo out of Legos…."

5. Bubble wand

"One of those bubble wands. I would take in the shower and use it with the showerhead. That makes it sound like I masturbated with bubbles. Hold on. It was one of these. I used it like a dildo and the shower head like a vibrator."

6. Hairbrush handle

"The handle of my hairbrush when I was about 15."

7. A huge Scooby-Doo

"One time when I was 14 I straddled a huge Scooby-Doo I won at Kings Island and rode him to Kingdom Cum. I only got to do it once though because I busted him open. I was cleaning up that weird foam filler for weeks."

8. Electric toothbrush

"Electric toothbrush."

9. The bristled end of a toothbrush

I heard losing my virginity would hurt so I tried to pop my own cherry with a toothbrush before I had actual sex. It hurt like hell. Probably shouldn’t have used the bristled end.

10. Toy drumsticks

"When I was about 13 I bought a happy meal and it came with some toy drumsticks (which were suspiciously thick.) Used one of them as a dildo and that ladies and gents is the story of the first time I squirted."

11. The McGyver method

"For desperate times I McGyver my way to an orgasm. Ladies, listen up. You need a washcloth, a hair tie, and your shower that unfortunately doesn’t have a detachable showerhead. Put the hair tie on the showerhead and then the washcloth over top of it with one corner hanging down and then hold it in place with the hair tie. Adjust until the water is falling down in one stream. Enjoy."

12. Top of a bedpost

"Top of a bedpost. It was very dick-shaped and it wobbled one day as I was changing my sheets. I got an idea and that night I went and unscrewed it and used it to masturbate. It was awesome. I was sexually active and very good with it. OMG, that’s embarrassing."

13. I’ve put a lot of weird stuff in/on/around my pussy

"Oh man…I’ve put a lot of weird stuff in/on/around my pussy. When I was first figuring out what all the parts were and what they looked and felt like, I put this full-length mirror on my bedroom floor and sat in front of it with my legs spread. I’d push back the labia and poke at stuff to see what happened. One day during my ritual, I got this bizarre idea…I got up, walked to the kitchen, got the box of Morton salt, plopped back into my mirror spot, and just poured it all over my clit and inner labia. It was horrible and burny and awful. I was then trapped in my room, with a vagina completely covered in salt like some giant, radioactive slug. Later on, I was rifling through my mom’s underwear drawer and found a little vibrating bullet. I swiped it and masturbated with it all through high school. I think I refused to acknowledge to myself that it was my mom’s. (Or dad’s? Bleh)."

14. Powerful subwoofer

"Powerful subwoofer."

15. A doll face covered in baby oil

"Covered one of my Anne Geddes doll’s faces with baby oil and rubbed myself up and down on it until I came. Couldn’t look at it anymore after that night…I was a messed-up kid."

16. Vibrating Wii remote

"I had a game named Avatar Burning Earth and found a spot in game where it would endlessly vibrate the Wii remote if you stood next to it. Lubed Condom+Wii Remote+Avatar the last air bender game=strangest sex toy I’ve ever used."

17. Knitting needles

"Knitting needles. I was super into knitting when I was like 15, and it helped with my anxiety. I used to take them to school and knit between classes. Wasn’t long before I figured out the handle end was perf for hitting my G-spot. I remember in an IT class once, some asshole of a kid made a comment that I was like an old lady and probably masturbated with them. Hope he didn’t notice how red I went."

18. A body pillow with an electric toothbrush stuffed in it

"Didn’t discover the joys of masturbation until I was 19. I think the strangest thing I’ve ever masturbated with was a body pillow with an electric toothbrush stuffed in it. What a ride!"

19. N64 controller with a Rumble Pak

"N64 controller with a Rumble Pak. I just walked Mario into a corner and rumbled away."

20. Bedpost ball

"I used to have a bed with a ball on the post (the post was only about 2 feet high and the ball on the post was quite small) and I remember using that."

21. M&M Minis tube

"One of those tubes of M&M minis before I was old enough to buy a real sex toy. It worked well. I think they still sell these, lol."

22. A toy Gandalf

"A toy Gandalf. Technically it wasn’t really masturbation; I just wanted to see if he would fit."

23. Pretty much anything

"Hmm, pretty much anything I could get away with that would fly under my parents’ radar. So, here goes: glue sticks, an oddly dick-shaped glass deodorant container, markers strapped together inside a glove, an electric toothbrush which I covered with a water balloon every time so it wouldn’t get scratchy, the well-stuffed tail of my large tiger plush (only once… Ow, fuzzy things don’t feel so fuzzy and nice in there), a long ovoid manicure set container, end of hairbrushes, the end of pool cues, cucumber covered in a glove, and one of those silly squiggly pens that everyone else seems to have tried. Take that, crazy repressive family! Anything I could do to find a bit of enjoyment growing up… So glad I figured out masturbation to help keep my own sanity."

24. Italian squash

"Italian squash. Let me explain…..This story goes back 15 years ago when nobody talked about or even could figure out what the hell was wrong with me when I began developing symptoms and went to PP for help. After like 5 visits of not finding a reason they began accusing me of it all ‘being in my head/psychological issue.’ Made me an appointment for a specialist for a month later. I knew there was no way this sudden issue popping up was in my head. I was desperate for answers. After one night of crying over it yet again, I got on the computer and decided I was going to find out what was wrong with me or I wasn’t putting the computer down. I had tried and failed previously during searches. Finally after hours of putting on symptoms and nothing coming up I got a couple-sentence hit on my symptoms. It was some obscure medical article talking about a term I had previously never heard about before: vaginismus. I read it and my symptoms matched exactly! I was so relieved to actually have a name for my problem and to prove I wasn’t crazy that I cried happy tears. Now, basically you had to retrain your vajaja to dilate on its own again without pain so they sell these massively overpriced POS plastic tubes that essentially look like cheap dildos and sell them for like $100+ and you need different sizes to work your way up…to well, be accepting of at least an average-sized penis. So I was a broke-ass college student and terribly embarrassed about this. I know it probably sounds weird, but doing it this way helped me out a lot. First of all I could get an assortment of sizes, I could throw it away immediately, and it was cheap as hell at the time. (And no, you sickos, I didn’t eat it after.) Anyway, it wasn’t really fun at all but that wasn’t the question asked. Good News: after two weeks it went away. Bad News: I discovered a few months later I had a (highly unlikely—I’m guessing) autoimmune disorder."

25. A leaf blower

"Strangest thing…I would probably have to say either the inserting those clacker toys or when I figured out a leaf blower could be used as a vibrator."

26. Every manual screwdriver in the house

"MasterCraft multi-bit screwdriver. Black & Decker cordless screwdriver (AS600—ribbed for her pleasure). Pretty much every manual screwdriver in the house, really."

27. A curling wand

"A curling wand. Obviously wasn’t plugged in. But a little warmth makes it that much more real."

28. A spoon cupped to a vibrating soft toy

"I made a contraption using a spoon with a thick plastic handle, and the spoon part cupping this little soft toy I had that had a pull string vibration motor in it. I’d have probably preferred it to be a motor with a battery but I just worked with what I had! I imagine if I’d ever been caught it would’ve looked like I was trying to start a tiny chainsaw inside myself."

29. Squiggle Wiggle Pen

"When I was a kid, I masturbated with my Squiggle Wiggle Pen, which was both shaped similar to and vibrated like a dildo. My mom caught me, and she made me throw it out. But by then, I was so addicted to cumming that I secretly fished it out of the garbage. The next time she caught me with it, she told me that if I ever touched myself again, she would take me to the doctor and tell them something was wrong with me. Looking back, she did a real shit job on sex ed. For those of you wondering, this is a commercial for the pen."

30. PS2 controller

"PS2 controller. Venus razor handle, tbf it’s curved, ribbed and squishy, what did they expect?"

31. Markers and pillows

"When I was a horny pubescent 12-year-old—markers. I even tried using those toys that were fashionable at the time—they were squishy and filled with gel but resembled dildos (in my mind). Obvi didn’t work out well. Also experimented with the vibrate setting on a cellphone. Certainly humped a few pillows."

32. Nail polish bottle

"Slender nail polish bottle…sorry."

33. Everything

"More like what haven’t I used to masturbate with? When I was a kid…Removable top on my four-post bed and squeezing my thighs together hard enough to orgasm. Hairbrush handle. Venus razor handle with the razor detached. Various bottles. A bottle of lube. A mini bottle of baby powder. Too many things. I’m so glad I’m older now and have actual fucking sex toys. My vagina thanks me for it significantly, but the best toy that to this day I STILL use? The showerhead. Turned on the ‘stronger’ spray setting settled right in between the legs. It feels good, man. It feels good."

34. A Prismacolor marker dipped in wax

"A Prismacolor marker in powder blue that I dipped in wax several times to increase the width. I then wrapped it in saran wrap and went to town…"

35. A novelty umbrella

"When I was about twelve years old, I had one of those novelty umbrellas with a plastic cover that made it look like a sword. Now, around that time, I was slowly discovering that looping a hair tie around my wrists and pulling really hard made me feel weird. So, one night, I absent-mindedly did the same thing with the umbrella strap—some kind of sturdy cord that didn’t give nearly as much. I felt even weirder, so naturally I Googled 'feel good when I tie my wrists.' To make a long story short, I then absolutely used that umbrella where the sun don’t shine—and discovered a fetish at the same time. Win-win?"

36. A live beetle

-bottle of deo
-bottle of shower gel
-plastic gloves filled with water and tied at the wrists
-my little sister’s skipping rope*
-kitchen roll holder
-my mum’s electric toothbrush (sorry mum)
-my dad’s razor(s)* (not sorry dad, you were an asshole)
-my own shit (got a UTI from that)
-a live beetle (I just had him crawl around on my clit for a little while and then let him go)
If it’s marked with an asterisk I put it up both holes."

37. A glow stick

"When I was a pre-teen I used a glow stick. I didn’t really feel anything, was probably dangerous, and was done more under the stance of 'wow I just put something inside me.'"

38. A clay penis

"• Once made my own penis out of clay and stuck it inside of a glove for protective purposes before use.
• Have masturbated with variously sized markers/highlighters.
• Golf balls.
• One of those 3 pronged massage things.
• ETA: also Mardi Gras beads."

39. A light saber

"I used a light saber. One of the toys ones that have been out forever. Never got caught either, even though I shared a room with my sister."

40. PlayStation 2 controller

"PlayStation 2 controller. Dat dual shock tho."

41. My boyfriend’s Rogaine foam can

My bf’s Rogaine foam can; not that i can’t afford a toy or anything; I just like to put random stuff in my vagina."

42. A bike seat

"I was at a spinning class today and my bike was a little wobbly, and somehow the cycling action was making my clit rub against the my labia/the seat (through my pants and leggings of course) and I had an orgasm right there in spin. Luckily it’s very dark in the spin room and I sit in the back row so nobody could tell. So uh, a bike seat."

43. A bushel of decorative Styrofoam bananas

"Usually: a bushel of decorative Styrofoam bananas I bought at Michael’s. Rarely: unused plastic hair dye syringe with the end stuck into a length of rubber medical tubing."

44. The magic of whirlpool jets

"I’ve used a wide variety of things through the years, including after turning 18 and owning a vibrator. When I was 13 I stole a wine bottle from my parents’ collection and attempted to use it on myself. I didn’t drink the wine, and honestly can’t remember if I washed it off and replaced it afterwards, or threw it away. I prefer to not think too hard on that one…When I was 14 I discovered the magic of whirlpool jets (my parents had a whirlpool in their bathroom). This was how I came for the first time. I asked to take a lot of baths. I was only caught once by my mom, but I like to think I played it off as I was just thinking hard about something, pressed up against the edge of the tub. Yeah, she probably totally believed it. Like another person here, I did use one of those M&M mini containers when I was 15 or 16. It of course was no match for the whirlpool so I, instead, turned it into a steamroller pipe (took the bowl off of a metal pot pipe, heated it up with a lighter, screwed it into the plastic, then cut off the other end of the tube). Way more useful… In my adulthood, I’ve made plenty of trips to the grocery store specifically to buy phallic produce. And no, none of that produce ever went to waste after. I had lady friends over for a barbecue after one of my “sessions” once, told them what I’d done, and asked if they cared if I barbecued that specific zucchini and served it – none of them had a problem with it (it was washed of course). Lastly, a couple years ago I was at the drugstore and found a clear candy tube that was shaped just like a dick. I bought it, ate the candy, and filed down the protruding plastic seam at the end. I’ve since used it as my shower dildo, as filling it up with hot water makes for a lovely experience."

45. Gym machines

"I used to run the tap in the bathtub while I laid with my crotch underneath it and let the hot water run. I got some intense orgasms from it but would have to turn the water really hot, to the point where I’ve scalded my back. Also there are two machines at the gym that if I really push myself on them, I eventually orgasm. One is a leg machine and the other one is an ab machine. It’s nice because it’s great incentive to work out but I just hope no one can tell what’s going on when I’m doing it. Lastly, not sure if this counts but in 5th grade I discovered that I could squeeze my legs together and eventually it would make me orgasm, so I would just do it during class all the time without anybody knowing. I can still do it now but it’s not as easy to finish anymore. So basically I’m just real good at sneakily masturbating and might be a bit of a masochist."

46. Horse riding

"When I was 14 I went horseback riding and my horses legs were shorter than my moms and grandmas. She has to trot harder to keep up with the other horses; the motion made me orgasm right there in front of my grandma and mom. I didn’t make a lot of noise but it was daytime, they could see my face and we didn’t go riding again."

47. Toy cars, Barbies, hairbrushes, pop bottles

"When I was ten I discovered that I liked the feeling of rubbing my crotch against the corner of the bathroom counter. I then began to use different things around the house. Toy cars, Barbies, hairbrushes, pop bottles. When that became boring I discovered cleaning brushes. You know the ones that spin? I stole one that hadn’t been used from a brand new cleaning kit and used it. I remember being so obsessed with how it felt. After that I moved into the vibrating PS2 controllers. I particularly remember never besting one of the bosses in Final Fantasy X because their entrance had a lot of vibrating and I was always to busy reloading the save and enjoying the vibe." TC mark

49 Brutally Honest Warning Labels Every Relationship Should Come With

Posted: 21 Mar 2016 06:00 PM PDT

Twenty20, xtramoney
Twenty20, xtramoney

1. You will question your togetherness—sometimes as a result of questioning yourself, sometimes because you’ve been bickering, sometimes for no reason at all, really.

2. You will just want to be alone sometimes, and you will struggle to convey this without insulting your partner.

3. You will think about an ex now and again, wondering what life with them would have been like, constructing alternate, hypothetical realities simply because imaginations wander.

4. You will grow suspicious, rightfully or wrongfully.

5. You will snoop, and, depending on the circumstances, you may or may not feel guilty about your sneaky behavior.

6. You will discover something you don't quite like about your partner—something that actually makes you cringe—in the digital landscape or IRL.

7. You will treat each other unfairly.

8. You will keep a few secrets—out of fear of upsetting your partner, or for purely selfish reasons.

9. You will misinterpret your lover’s behavior without even realizing it.

10. You will be so convinced that your gut is right that you'll ignore the truth and reason entirely.

11. You will grow enraged at your significant other without even understanding why you feel the way you do, exactly.

12. You will get caught sometimes—for fibbing or doing something foolish or unkind—and you will either admit fault, or deny the accusations.

13. You will make a few terrible mistakes.

14. You will make some very bad decisions.

15. You will fight.

16. You will sometimes struggle to find it in your heart to forgive each other.

17. You will have to find a way to move forward every single time you find yourselves in a relationship rut, or call it quits.

18. You will say things you don't really mean.

19. You will hurt each other, intentionally and unintentionally.

20. You will work harder than you ever thought you’d have to on building a life together.

21. You will have to work even harder to maintain that life together.

22. You will struggle to love each other sometimes—because you are not always going to be in a loving mood, or because you’ve pissed each other off royally.

23. You will not always have amazing sex.

24. You will choose to masturbate instead of being intimate with your partner sometimes.

25. You will wrestle with temptations.

26. You will fantasize about sleeping with someone else.

27. You will recognize that if you're having such fantasies, your partner is too.

28. You will call your partner the wrong name (hopefully not during sex)—because you're overtired and your mind is jumbled (or because you not-so-secretly want to bang someone else).

29. You will cross some boundary you never thought you would, and you may or may not feel guilty about it.

30. You will fall completely out of step sometimes.

31. You will feel betrayed.

32. You will feel deceived.

33. You will feel humiliated.

34. You will feel disappointed.

35. You will feel unloved.

36. You will get upset when your partner doesn't laugh as hard at a joke or a funny story you find hilarious, and then wonder how your senses of humor could be so misaligned.

37. You will feel as if you're drifting apart.

38. You will catch yourself leaning on someone else—a friend, family member, or colleague—for support and feel sad that that’s the case.

39. You will struggle to remember why you got together in the first place.

40. You will have to rebuild aspects of your relationships that once came so easily.

41. You will look back on the early days with a sense of wonder.

42. You will wonder where the hell all that passion went.

43. You will roll your eyes at each other.

44. You will have to attend each other's annoying family gatherings.

45. You will fail each other.

46. You will be forced to start fresh.

47. You will have to accept each other's shortcomings.

48. You will burp and fart and vomit in each other’s company.

49. You will have to try harder and harder as a couple if what you want is to stay together forever. TC mark

21 Quotes About Wine That Perfectly Explain Your Need To Have A Glass At The End Of Each Day

Posted: 21 Mar 2016 05:00 PM PDT / EYEemCLOSED / EYEemCLOSED

1. "I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food." ― W.C. Fields

2. "Either give me more wine or leave me alone." ― Rumi

3. "Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup. All wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle." ― Paulo Coelho

4. "One should always be drunk. That’s all that matters…But with what? With wine, with poetry, or with virtue, as you chose. But get drunk." ― Charles Baudelaire

5. "his lips drink water but his heart drinks wine" ― E.E. Cummings

6. "Wine is one of the most civilized things in the world and one of the most natural things of the world that has been brought to the greatest perfection, and it offers a greater range for enjoyment and appreciation than, possibly, any other purely sensory thing."
― Ernest Hemingway

7. "At church, during communion, they give out free wine. Whoa! Talk about a great place to drink and meet women." ― Jarod Kintz

8. "If reassurances could dull pain, nobody would ever go to the trouble of pressing grapes." ― Scott Lynch

9. "A raisin on the ground is full of hope that if it just keeps aging, it will turn into wine and get drunk on its wrinkly self." ― Jarod Kintz

10. "Wine is the most healthful and most hygienic of beverages." ― Louis Pasteur

11. "Beer is made by men, wine by God." ― Martin Luther

12. "What wine goes with Captain Crunch?" ― George Carlin

13. "Give me wine to wash me clean of the weather-stains of cares" ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

14. "Wine makes all things possible." ― George R.R. Martin

15. "A bottle of wine begs to be shared; I have never met a miserly wine lover" ― Clifton Fadiman

16. "Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized." ― Andre Simon

17. "The first kiss and the first glass of wine are the best." ― Marty Rubin

18. "My love is like an empty bottle of wine. If you're wondering, my ex wife drank it all." ― Jarod Kintz

19. "…wine [is] a constant proof that God loves us, and loves to see us happy." ― Benjamin Franklin

20. "WINE! Because these problems aren't going to forget THEMSELVES!" ― Tanya Masse

21. "Wine is to women as duct tape is to men, it fixes EVERYTHING!" ― Tanya Masse TC mark

26 Pick Me Ups That Everyone In Their Mid-20s Needs To Hear Right Now

Posted: 21 Mar 2016 04:00 PM PDT

Noël Alva
Noël Alva

1. Love yourself.

Let's face it, you are pretty awesome. There is nothing more liberating than owning and loving who you are. The world does not need another replica. Accept yourself and remember there is no one out there like you. The minute you do you will be ten times happier.

2. Enjoy your own company.

The most important relationship you will ever have is the one with yourself. Take time to dedicate it to yourself and get to know yourself. Treat yourself to a date, you deserve it!

3. Listen to your gut.

If something does not feel right to you then do not do it. You are allowed to change your mind. Stick to your guns if it does not feel right chances are it is not.

4. Do not hold a grudge

Holding a grudge is just not worth all that time and energy spent on hating someone. The best thing you can do is to move on without them. In the long run you will be better off without all that negative energy.

5. Positive vibes only.

It can be a dangerous spiral when you start to feel sorry for yourself. Look at the glass half full and focus on the positive things in your life. You have so much to be thankful for. I truly believe that when you act positive you attract positivity. No one likes a Debby downer so turn that frown upside down!

6. Be grateful.

No matter where you are in life remember to be grateful and graceful. Do not be a jerk and stay humble, always.

7. Be kind.

Being polite is never out of style. Take others into consideration and be mindful. A smile can go a long way. Make sure to look up from your phone screen once in a while and say hello, please, and thank you.

8. Be happy.

You are the only one who has control over your life. Realize what makes you happy and go after it. Spend time doing what makes you happy and rid yourself of what does not. Cliché as it may sound life is just too short to spend it being miserable.

9. Live in the now.

Making new goals for yourself is important but celebrating your accomplishments is as important too. Try not to get too wrapped up in the constant planning of what is next that you forget to enjoy the now. You do not want to look back years from now and wish you would have enjoyed certain moments in your life more just because you were too concerned planning what was next.

10. Do not forget about your dreams and aspirations.

We are all guilty of getting lost in the routine of our everyday life but do not let that distract you from your goals. Ask yourself, “Is what I am doing now helping me get to where I want to be?” If the answer is no, that is okay. Begin working towards your goals today. Put things into perspective and decide what changes you need to make to get you to where you want to be.

11. It is okay if you are lost.

No one has everything figured out in their twenties. You will figure it out in due time and if you do not that is also okay. Remember, life is not meant to be figured out it is meant to be lived.

12. Do not settle for less than you deserve.

Go after what you want and do not stick around for what is convenient. It might be hard to do because going after what you want can be scary but believe me you will thank yourself in the long run.

13. Your mistakes do not define you

I refuse to believe that we are all solely defined by one thing, especially our mistakes. Making mistakes is part of growing up and they will only follow you around if you let them. Do not let them hover over you! Accept them, learn from them, grow from them and move on.

14. When you know better you do better.

Do not let your mistakes become a nasty habit. Try to improve and break free from them. Do not be that person who never evolved, be better, and do better. It’s that simple.

15. Never stop learning.

Just because you are done with school does not mean you should kiss learning something new goodbye. Things are constantly changing and evolving in the world and there will always be something new to learn. Do not forget knowledge is power.

16. Be a person of their word.

Do not be that person no one can count on instead be that individual people can trust and rely on. Let your word carry weight. If you said you were going to do something then do it.

17. Break-ups happen.

Things happen for a reason and while you may not be able to see that now you will one day. After some time and distance you will find yourself with some much needed perspective. You will realize why “the one” did not work out and maybe even be glad it did not. Most of all you will realize it was not the end of the world after all.

18. It is okay to be single.

Do not look at being single like a negative thing. Take this time to focus on yourself. Work on yourself, your goals, and building a career. Independence can be a great thing. Everything else will fall into place in due time and the “right one” will sneak up on you when you least expect it.

19. Friendships are two way streets.

Relationships take work, even friendships. That being said, you should not have to be the one who puts in all the effort. The responsibility does not fall entirely upon you. If they are interested and care they can also reach out. If not, do not be afraid to move on. Some friendships are not meant to be forever and can run their course and that is okay.

20. No such thing as frenemies.

Your friends should be your best supporters. Surround yourself with people who will lift you up and not bring you down. Leave the frenemie sagas for those who do not know any better.

21. Do not be a sore loser.

Your friend’s success is not your failure. Everyone is on their own journey and we each accomplish things at different times. Cheer your loved ones on the same way you would want them to cheer you on. Be truly happy for others success and motivate each other to keep striving. The world is already full of haters, do not be another one.

22. Do not be a hot mess.

Going out for a night of drinking with your friends is fun but know your limit. Do not be that friend your friends always have to take care of, that can get old real quick. We all have to grow up sometime. Enjoy yourself, but just remember not to do anything you will end up regretting. You are not 21 anymore and getting over a hangover might be more difficult than you think.

23. Netflix and chill.

It is okay to skip a night out. You will not miss anything that important, probably. Spending a night in with Netflix can be equally fun and relaxing. Even better you will not have to spend the next day nursing a nasty hangover.

24. Family is everything.

They can drive you crazy most of the time but they mean well. Appreciate them and make time for them. They are an annoying bunch but no one is rooting harder for you than they are. Remember, they are not the enemy and will stick with you to the very end. Despite the countless petty fights and disagreements do not stop loving them because they definitely will not stop loving you.

25. Explore new things.

Some things are worth spending your money on. Put yourself out there! Whether that means buying a plane ticket and exploring the world or ordering something different than your usual. Do not be afraid to explore and make new discoveries. It is never too late and you will not regret it.

There is a time and a place for everything. Do not forget to laugh at yourself once in a while. Be spontaneous, loosen up and have fun. TC mark

21 Guaranteed Ways To Find Out The Answer To The ‘What Are We?’ Question

Posted: 21 Mar 2016 03:00 PM PDT

Aaron Anderson
Aaron Anderson

1. Send them a Snapchat lip syncing the classic hit “All By Myself” by Eric Carmen.

2. Then send a follow up Snapchat with the caption: “Well, am I ;) ;) ;) ???”

3. Next time you’re in bed together, passively aggressively sigh until they ask you what’s wrong. Longingly stare out the window (or just look at the wall if there’s no window nearby) and dramatically whisper, “Nothing…”

4. While they’re sleeping, change their alarm to Taylor Swift’s “Out Of The Woods.”

5. Leave before they wake up and literally wait in the woods for them.

6. Text them photos of wedding dresses with zero explanation.

7. Text them photos of otters holding hands with zero explanation.

8. Text them an artisanal assortment of emojis with zero explanation.

9. Text them photos of Steve Buscemi with zero explanation.

10. Make them a mixtape that is you just saying “boyfriend/girlfriend or nah???” over and over again.

11. Inquire as to whether or not it goes down in the DM.

12. Have your family gently interrogate them.

13. Take them out for coffee. Ask them to order for you to test just how well they know you. If they don’t know exactly how you take your Grande-No-Foam-Extra-Shot-Soy-Vanilla-Latte, KICK THEM TO THE CURB. THEY DON’T LOVE YOU.

14. Amazon Prime them a fruit basket. This isn’t going to tell you anything, it’s just a lovely gesture.

15. Recite them poetry in a dark room. Pay close attention to whether or not they stay.

16. Give their special bits a nickname. See how they react.

17. Ask to move in together.

18. Propose.

19. Tell them Magic Mike XXL is your favorite film of all time. (Shut up, it’s a cinematic classic)

20. Hide from them for 6 months. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Or something.

21. Summon up the courage to finally just ask, “Soooo, what are we?” But before they answer, run away. Life is all about mystery, boo. TC mark

Even Though It Hurts To Say, I Have To Thank You For Leaving Me

Posted: 21 Mar 2016 02:00 PM PDT

mikesh kaos
mikesh kaos

I only cried once when you left, I cried for one whole day. Once for months, anyways – it was long enough 'til I cried for you again. I was off that day, I locked myself in my room, cried myself to sleep, lost my appetite for the day, and went to the beach for a drink or two with my sisters trying to cheer me up. It was windy that night, there was thunder and lightning even; my eyes were sore red from crying. I wasn't mad at all, but I wanted to be.

I managed to smile like I always do, you know, my signature smile that shows my deep dimple everyone's envious of. Nobody even thought I was going through something that time unless they asked me how we were doing. I managed to be strong for myself – up until you came back.

Two months since you called it quits, we started talking again, you were even saying stuff that hint that you were still into me. But it only took three weeks 'til you decided you can't do it anymore… again. I was so used not getting my hopes up with you, but that caught me off guard, I thought we were going somewhere again. But, surprise! you walked out of my life again. Months after, you're in a new commitment – it only took eight months for you to move on and replace that four years we had.

We met up days after your birthday. I was ranting about how I was ready to give up everything for you. You asked me why I was even telling you those details. I answered, "So you'll know what you wasted." I was hurting all the time I was beside you that night. I wanted to hug you, to cry on your shoulder, to tell you I still love you, but I didn't. I didn't because I know she loves you, and I know that if I did, you'll leave her. I wanted to steal kisses from you that night – damn, I miss your lips.

If I didn't stop myself that night, I know we'll continue to destroy each other; we were growing apart. I saw that when you left; I realized everything when you left. It is always better to look at things from afar.

I wanted to be the one to make your bad days into good ones, if that isn't possible, then I'll just be there for your bad days, and allow you to turn my day into a bad one, too. I want to be the one to witness your everyday, and feel what you feel, but understand that I can't put you in a situation that makes you choose, choosing whether to bring me in with your pain or not, to bring me in your plans or not, because it hurts me, knowing that you have options beside me hurts, it's breaking me.

This may be not the ending I dreamt for us, but I know this is the one we needed. TC mark

This Is How It Feels To Realize Your Best Friend Is Now A Stranger

Posted: 21 Mar 2016 01:15 PM PDT

Franca Gimenez
Franca Gimenez

I went to your old apartment yesterday and it wasn't the same. I know I was there a few short weeks ago and so were you. You came back to visit, but even then it just didn't feel right. You weren't really you, at least the you I've grown to love, or used to love. I looked at you and didn't see the person I used to do everything with. The person that I used to confide in; the person that used to support me, every single day. Where did that person go?

You've been gone for almost two years now and I can't be upset over that. I'm not upset over that. You had to move on; I get it. Soon it will be my turn to leave this small town we both called home. You had a great opportunity you had to take and I was so happy for you, even though it killed me hearing those words. I was put on a fake smile for you. But you leaving changed you and I don't know if it changed you for the best.

The person I used to know was so fun. You used to put your friends before everything. You were the person I could count on when I wanted to drink in the morning, or watch a movie with at night. You were the person I knew would order pizza with me no matter what time it was and always be up for a spontaneous adventure. We did everything together and I had the best times because of you. You were one of the best things that ever happened to me in this small town.

I wanted more time with you. When you were here with me everything was fun. Nothing was too serious and I always knew I could count on you for having a good time. You brought people together and you brought out the best in everyone. People looked up to you, people wanted to be around you. Maybe they still do, maybe you've made that impression on your new friends in your new home.

You came back a few weeks ago and I looked at you and I didn't recognize you anymore. Your brown eyes were blank, I didn't know what to say to you and you didn't say anything to me. You didn't introduce me to your new girlfriend. You didn't catch me up on your life. You didn't tell me how your job is going. You didn't even ask how I was doing. There was just an awkward silence building between us.

It breaks my heart; I used to know everything about you.

You used to come back home and surprise me, every time. You used to never tell me if you were coming back to town and just show up. You knew it would make my week every time, and it did. It always did.

Now you still don't tell me when you're coming to visit, you just show up. But there is no more surprise visits, no more calls when you get to town, no more catching up. There is nothing.

I can't wrap my mind around the person you've become because you are not the person I used to know. I know that person is still there though. I just don't know if I'll ever see him again, because you are too wrapped up in the new life you live.

I want you to know I'm thankful for the person you were; the person I spent nearly every day with. You were incredible and I'll always miss the old you. I'll always remember the old you when I think back to this part of my life. The new you just doesn't seem compatible for me anymore, and that's okay. I've always got the memories of who we used to be and those are the memories I'll cherish. TC mark

24 iNtuitive Thinking Women Explain What They Wish The World Understood About NT Females

Posted: 21 Mar 2016 01:00 PM PDT

Benjamin Child
Benjamin Child

1. “Women often get a bad rap for ‘over-thinking things’ while at the same time being characterised as ‘irrational’. This is clearly problematic for all women in society, but as an NT this is especially frustrating. NT women will immediately lose respect for the person who dismisses one of their key strengths, analytical thinking, in this way. If you encounter an analytical women, make sure to respect this side of her, including her ability to explore emotional/psychological areas. If you give her this respect, she might just share her wisdom and teach you more about yourself, women and the world than you thought there was to be taught.” –INTJ, 25


2. “As gross and high-school as it is to say, we are not like other girls! Literally… there are just fewer of us. This doesn’t mean we are like men and don’t want to be treated like your dudebro friend. We are Rational first but still have feelings. Real ones. And they can get hurt.” –ENTP, 34


3. “It’s not that we don’t have emotions. In fact, NT females have lots of emotions. It’s just hard to share them, and we look at emotions as barriers to success at times.” –INTJ, 19


4. “As an INTP woman, I would just like the world to know that we exist and we are interesting. It seems INTP women in particular, over any other NT female, are absent from film and other media. We don’t assert ourselves but we are not weak willed. We don’t control others but we are not easily controlled ourselves. And because the media generally has a simple outlook on women, they want to show either strongly assertive women or strongly submissive women. The INTP is too complicated for either of those roles. But, I am optimistic about people — I hope someone in the media world realizes the audience is ready for INTP women.” –INTP, 24


5. “I really resent when people make the suggestion that I am actually wired ‘like a man’ or that there is something masculine about my approach. As an ENTP, I feel that people come down on me harder for my weaknesses like details, logistics, etc. than they do with my male counterparts like my INTP husband. Women are not supposed to be spontaneous thinkers, but are supposed to hold all the pieces together and be emotional. This is a frustrating expectation.” –ENTP, 28


6. “I’d like to let everyone know – especially other NT women out there – that NO, you are not completely heartless and cold like others may say you are, and YES, it’s okay to be you. It’s not like we don’t have feelings, we’re just more comfortable using logic and rationality to view the world as well as make our decisions. Sometimes we’ll do certain actions that might come off as cold to others, but it might be because we have thought deeply about the future consequences, delved into all possibilities, and have finally come to a decision that we believe is best for all. My general takeaway message for everyone is: love the NT women in your lives, stop pressuring them into being ‘feelers’ or anything they aren’t, and let them shine the way they are!” –ENTJ, 22


7. “As an NT woman, it’s exhausting when everyone expects you to always act warm and friendly and to smile all the time. It’s just not natural for me but women are pressured to project that otherwise we have ‘resting bitch face’ or ‘have an attitude.'” –INTJ, 28


8. “As an NT woman, many of the stereotypes and descriptions online are quite unfitting. Although I can relate to much of what is said of my type, being raised within the social constructs of society make it hard to identify with the ‘Thinker’ label for women, especially an Intuitive one. I, as well as other NT women I have met, am not as cold, calculating, technical or uncaring as NTs are made out to be descriptive wise. As women, I believe we are encouraged to develop our Feeling function much earlier than men. Men share in this societal based upbringing in that they are encouraged to utilize their Thinking function, and/or to bypass their Feeling function. As a female Intuitive Thinker, it is difficult to discuss or debate theoretical and philosophical principles without people referencing my ’emotions getting the best of me’ or that I’m getting ‘too into it/heated’… Another favorite of mine is that I ‘have no clue what I’m talking about’ (especially engaging with S’s). I can usually laugh it off, because I have to say, I cannot remember the last time I debated a topic and got emotional in the middle of it, or made it personal. I discuss issues/ideas to expand understanding, either my own or another’s – not to emotionally blind side people into agreeing with me. That being said, I wish others understood that NT women are not rigid or ‘bitches’ for caring more about the world of theory/psychology/philosophy/possibilities than about traditional structures, such as being ‘a lady’ who only speaks when spoken to and never challenges the popular opinion. I can’t speak for all NT women, but I would like to be accepted, or at the very least respected, for how I choose to interact in my daily life, no matter how much it differentiates from the ‘ideal.'” –ENTP, 23


9. “We come off strong but we still feel and care deeply. I care about you and your opinion but expressing those issues don’t always translate in the way others may expect. But I would love for if you call me on it so I can have a chance to better explain.” –ENTJ, 40


10. “Please understand that we can see right through the crap. We hold the people we love and associate with to a higher stand, and if we think you’re giving or doing less than your best we’ll call you out on it. Also, just because we want to be alone doesn’t mean we’re mad at you, we just want to be alone and recharge. Don’t get offended if we’re not texting you everyday, we just really appreciate uninterrupted alone time.” –INTJ, 19


11. “A lack of blatant sentimentality does not equate to an absence of empathy.” –ENTP, 68


12. “Yes, we understand things intuitively and can think quickly on our feet, but don’t let that intimidate you or make you fear us. We want appreciation and love, and your willingness to try and keep us is enough. (Also, we probably know we are a little terrifying and have been told to tone ourselves down our whole lives.)” –ENTP, 22


13. “We are not heartless or emotionally inept. We understand the feeling too and its not okay to say outright that we can’t actually comprehend feeling. We just think with our brain to get the solution instead of being a drama queen.” –INTP, 20


14. “You can’t assume that I will act like a ‘typical female.’ Although I have worked hard at becoming more accepting of emotion, it’s still hard work. Most of the time I am logical and into problem solving and deep thinking. Also, don’t assume that if I’m quiet that I’m angry or hurt. If I am, I’ll probably let you know. Quiet just means I’m busy inside my head.” –INTP, 46


15. “I’m actually very sensitive and caring of others’ feelings. But I may process and display those feelings in my own unique, logical way. You may see me comforting a close friend, but that intj problem-solving stuff is gonna be mixed in there as well. It’s part of how I show I care.” –INTJ, 32


16. “I’m a deep thinker, and super rational about almost everything. But because I’m such a deep and rational thinker, I’m able to open my mind, see through different perspectives, and understand the world and my loved ones. My Ni helps me out to understand people, on a deeper level and connect with people.” –INTJ, 17


17. “I wish people would stop expecting me to be feeling driven just because I’m a female.” –INTP, 23


18. “I wish people would more regularly ask how things are going emotionally. I think it doesn’t happen that often because it’s hard for me to emote (it’s easy to communicate emotion, tertiary Fe ftw, but rarely does the display of emotions communicate my actually demotion; it’s more of a means to get a general idea across than to let anyone know anything about me). Furthermore, I rarely know what’s up with my emotions until it’s too late but I’m forced to focus on it when someone asks, which helps. And, if something is really going on and I’m aware of it and trying to hide it, asking communicates to me that the other person is willing to be there for me, which increases the chances I’ll reach out.” –ENTP, 21


19. “We are not scary. Those expectations I have of you, I also apply to myself. I am not a hypocrite.” –INTJ, 42


20. “I understand men are attracted to women they can help or provide for and impress. No matter what I do or say (or don’t do or say), NO men I have ever known has felt compelled to be my true partner – to step up and take over doing anything to make my life easier. In fact, I get the opposite. They expect me to improve their life. It seems men just don’t believe I could ever need help. Ok, I might not NEED it but it would still be nice to experience once in a while.” –INTJ, 45


21. “Yes we over analyse everything. Yes it is aggravating to us, never lone you. (How many times have i rewritten this comment?) Personally speaking I am constantly struggling with emotions. I have them. I have them all the time, but i am too busy analysing them internally to understand how that presents, or doesn’t, to others. While logic rules my external world, chaos and the edge of insanity rules my internal dialogue. This seemingly immovable dichotomy rules all aspects of my life from work, kids, love and philosophy. I have so much to say and do but don’t have the patience to invest in it. And yet, i am convinced i am just seen as the crazy nerd with a cute smile and constant quizzical look.” –INTP, 36


22. “I may be an INTP, but I am no unfeeling robot. I can be extremely emotional and irrational at times.” –INTP, 18


23. “I just wish it was socially acceptable to be an NT. I feel like women are ‘supposed’ to like and be outwardly friendly toward everyone they meet. Just because I don’t warm right up to you or care about making small talk doesn’t mean I am a bitch, and it doesn’t mean I don’t like you. I probably don’t care enough to have an opinion of you right away.” –INTJ, 28


24. “NT women are caught in a conundrum. There’s the stereotype of the overly emotional woman and a type of dread that lingers around dealing with her emotions, but when confronted by an NT woman – whose primary view of life is not through an emotional lens – our very womanhood is questioned. Some people wonder why women ‘just can’t be more rational/less emotional,’ and then they finally interact with an NT woman and call her ‘frigid’. Women as a whole just can’t seem to win! NT women actually have a surprising level of depth to their emotions; we are still human after all! I find that my natural inclination towards seeking all viewpoints, outcomes and opinions leads me to have an overwhelming sense of understanding of our interconnectedness. I feel very deeply because I have an acute awareness of the effect that just one action can have on an entire group of people or a personal situation. This makes me cautious in social situations, aware of my impact on my loved ones, and provides me with a strong sense of wanting the people in my life to feel complete and fulfilled. I'll run myself ragged trying to help a close friend or family member accomplish their dreams – and also feel personally responsible if they fail somewhere along the way. (Because of course, I should have seen that problem/hurdle coming, right?)” –INTJ, 31 TC mark

10 Signs You Are The One Who Is Not That Into Him

Posted: 21 Mar 2016 12:00 PM PDT

Sophia Sinclair
Sophia Sinclair

1. You’re not excited to see him. The excitement you had when you first met him fizzled out quickly and now you are neutral – even nonchalant about his texts. You're not bothered if he doesn't make plans to see you or if you go weeks without seeing him. There’s a lack of passion.

2. You don't try to know more personal things about him. When you see him, you are not genuinely interested in getting to know him personally or know more about his values and his ambitions. Your conversations are more casual than deep and you are not trying to change the tone.

3. You don't flirt as much. You don't send flirty texts or compliment his looks, you don't try to slightly touch him or make him laugh. You talk to him like you talk to a friend, you enjoy hanging out with him but it doesn't feel special or exhilarating. The chemistry is dull.

4. You don't miss him. If you go all day without hearing from him, or if you go weeks without seeing him, you don't really think about it as much and it doesn't bother you like it normally would. He crosses your mind occasionally – but that’s it.

5. You’re not progressive about the relationship. You are complacent, you don't want it to move too fast – or maybe at all. You don't nurture it to grow or evolve. You don't put in the effort to propel the relationship forward.

6. You would rather spend time with your friends than see him. Time flies when you're having fun – with your friends. You feel that your time together is good but not great. You look forward to girl's night more than your dates with him.

7. You're hesitant about him. You don't know for sure if he is right for you, you don't know what you will say if he says he wants to be with you or meet his family. You're unsure of him more than you are sure of him.

8. You're open to dating other people. You haven't completely brushed off other men, you are still keeping your options somewhat open. You have a gut feeling that you can find someone else more suitable for you.

9. You're not letting him in. You don't share things with him, you don't tell him about your work updates, or the argument you had with your friend or your future travel plans. You don't look for ways to include him in your interests. You are still not comfortable being completely yourself around him and making him part of your life.

10. You feel like you're settling. If liking him doesn't come naturally to you, then you are settling. If you like him because he's 'good on paper,'  then you are settling. If he doesn't make you feel something you've never felt before, then you are settling.  TC mark