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Why You Should Forget What Your Mother Told You And Date The Slut

Posted: 23 Mar 2016 07:00 PM PDT

Joel Sossa
Joel Sossa

If you’re someone still buying into the archaic mentality that there’s a specific “type of woman you bring home to Mom,” you need to schedule a chiropractor appointment ASAP. Because hon? You’ve got it twisted.

The slut you imagine isn’t just some giggly blonde doing tequila shots in Cancun (because she may very well be one of my friends – UC Berkeley graduate and currently in Law school).

The slut isn’t Tinder meet ups at 2 am and walk of shaming it the next day. Slut is still thrown around when sex isn’t even in question. At this point, slut is used to describe almost anyone on the internet with a vagina. If you’ve never read a comment section, you probably have a higher opinion on humanity and I urge you to keep it. (Aka never scroll down too far)

If we could erase hurtful language, if we could put a ban on pure vitriol, people would probably be generally happier. But we can’t. And even when we try to redefine slurs, the origins still lurk. So, if you want to continue throwing it around, I guess I won’t fight you. I know a losing battle when I see one. But I’ll urge you to understand what exactly you’re referring to these days. Slut isn’t risky or stupid behavior. Slut is a mindset.

Fuck it, slut is a philosophy.

You should date a slut because she doesn’t limit her sexuality to what you think it should be. She does not subscribe to any certain belief that she should shy away from her natural thirst. When she wants something, she goes after it, sexually and beyond. She’s likely setting goals and planning the necessary steps to make them realities.

You should date a slut because she’s got a hunger for life, for mind-blowing sex, for satisfaction (and not just the kind orgasms bring). Her vibrancy would be celebrated in men, and yet…But your preconceived notions about who she is will never stop her from doing the damn thing. She has too much fun to worry what boring plebeians might think.

You should date a slut because she’s confident in who she is. She’s had people try to tear her down. She’s had people try to convince her she’s somehow less than. She’s had to do all that and still, she knows it’s better to be unapologetically herself than some societal shell.

You should date a slut because she doesn’t waste your time with uncertainty. She knows what she likes. And she wants to know what you like, too. This applies to in and outside the bedroom. There is no timidness, no walking on egg shells. She knows life is too short and unpredictable to not practice honesty.

You should date a slut because she’s authentic and effervescent. There is no one she’s trying to fool. There is no one she’s hoping to impress. She is allowing herself to just be.

You should date a slut because, above all else, she’s a human being. She has her scars and flaws. She has her heart, bloody and pumping. She’s a body full of past stories and moments. She’s a mind full of ideas and questions. Maybe she’s like my friend, who doesn’t seek out commitment to feel whole. Or maybe she’s like me, who likes sex coupled with monogamy. Or maybe she’s somewhere in between.

So, for all those times Mom warned you against dating that type, for every second the word slut was pushed into your mouth and you used it to categorize people, what if, once upon a time, your mom was a slut too? TC mark

9 Weird Signs That You’re Actually Really Good In Bed

Posted: 23 Mar 2016 06:00 PM PDT

Look Catalog
Look Catalog

1. You eat your food slowly.

And not just popsicles. Those who aren’t in a rush to devour their meals take their time in all aspects. You don’t skip over foreplay like it’s some annoying YouTube ad. You’ll give pleasure as long as you possibly can.

2. You aren’t afraid to be vocal.

Those who can speak on what they want in day-to-day life make for communicative partners. Sex is all about sharing: your body parts, your desires, your thirst, etc. If you’re the kind of person who lets it be known what you’re looking for, there’s a good chance that carries over into the bedroom. And good sex is vocal sex.

3. Your exes stay hung up for an incredibly long time.

I mean, can you blame them? They know just how good it can be. God bless those poor, horny souls.

4. You don’t regularly watch porn.

Porn has a numbing effect on sexuality. I’m not saying it’s the worst, but those who watch a large amount have a tendency to have problems…performing. That’s not to say if you don’t typically watch you don’t also have a large and healthy sexual appetite. But you know how to differentiate realistic sex with fantasy sex. Or, you’ve figured out how to combine the two.

5. You can sing, dance, or play an instrument.

If you have a natural understanding of rhythm, *ahem*, I’d bet your body does too.

6. You have regular dental check-ups.

Nobody wants to play tonsil hockey with someone who has untreated halitosis or undetected cavities. You’re on top of your dental health. And your make-out partners are grateful, I’m sure.

7. You’re comfortable with nudity.

And not just when you’re having sex. You enjoy a good nude selfie on Instagram, or a graphic image on Tumblr. You don’t find the human body threatening or uncomfortable. You appreciate the beauty in it. You are secure with your own body and have no problem letting everything hang out. You have confident sex, and that’s the absolute hottest.

8. You’re a good listener.

This should probably go without saying. If you are the type to sometimes just shut up and listen to what the person you’re with has to say, you’re the kind of person people want to fuck. You don’t make it all about you. You’re happy to be all ears.

9. You have a healthy view about sex.

So many people get fucked up because of their upbringing. When someone is taught that sex is fundamentally wrong and dirty, that’s pretty hard to unlearn. Not to say they can’t, because it’s happened many times. But if you’re someone who understands the naturalness of it all, you are already more dynamite in bed. No nagging guilt eating away at you. TC mark

How My Pregnancy Caused The Untimely (And Gruesome) Death Of My Husband

Posted: 23 Mar 2016 05:00 PM PDT

Flickr, emily mucha
Flickr, emily mucha

I wasn't always like this.

A crescent shape on my left nostril from the time I toppled out of my high chair at age three. Everyone says they don't notice it, but it's all I can see when I look in the mirror.

I used to be strong. Fearless. Maybe that's not just me. Maybe that's everyone. Sprung from the womb without all the heaviness that envelopes us as adults, so free and clean and new. I know when I was small, as far back as I can remember, I had no fear. The world hadn't beaten that into me quite yet. My mother had taught me to be brave. She taught me so many things.

I remember running across the tops of hay bales, heart beating hard in my chest, playing chase with my friends. When you get older, you're playing chase from far worse.

A rough patch of skin near my ankle from tripping over Dad's dismantled weight bench in the backyard. It had been dark, I didn't spot the pieces in time.

I wonder about that, still. Where my courage went. Did it leave me in middle school? When suddenly it was wrong to raise your hand and answer the question right? Being right made you a target. Maybe that was it, what started it anyway. The fear of being a target. It’s not what my mother taught me but my mother didn’t matter as much any more, I was growing into who I would really be someday and everything she had spent years teaching me just sort of… evaporated.

I certainly didn't have courage in high school. I was a spineless little shit, dressing like all the popular girls, laughing at their jokes even when what they were saying wasn't funny, wasn't worth anything. Because it was better to belong. I needed to belong to someone.

A curved little nick at the nape of my neck from the time I didn't tell him 'no.' He pushed farther, bit harder, until he drew blood — he said he was sorry but he was never sorry.

The summer after senior year I met Jay. He was meant to be one night of fun that turned into a few months of mistakes. I should've known he was trouble when he told me he liked it rough. I suppose he warned me.

It would've been brave to leave him but as I've said my bravery left me at some point, slipped through my fingers like smoke. I didn't leave him but he left me for college on the west coast; I called his house one day and his mother said he was gone. She sounded surprised that he hadn't told me but I wasn't surprised. I was relieved.

Jay was not the last mistake I would make. He wasn’t even the worst. Not by a long shot.

A short line, a raised hyphen like a break in a sentence on the heel of my palm from where I reached under an old end table for a beer pong ball. It had gotten away from him and I insisted no, don't worry, let me, and I got scraped by a rusty staple.

Warren and I met at a house party. He was the most charming man I'd ever spoken to in my life. I was 19 and didn't know that his charm was a mask he wore. It was the sticky-sweet inside of a venus flytrap's mouth and I was the tipsy, clueless fly.

I also didn't know that in six months he would propose to me and I, the fly, would say yes to my own flytrap.

We stopped going out with my friends almost right away. He told me it was because I was embarrassing, I drank too much and got too loud, but I know what it was about now. It was about isolating me. Separating me from everyone else.

But that didn't matter because I finally belonged to someone.

A leathery strip shaped like the state of Illinois on my knee from my tumble outside of the bar. My heels were too high and I ripped a hole in my jeans and he shook his head in disgust, saying he couldn't take me anywhere.

I didn't know it then but I know it now — that Warren wanted me, he targeted me because I had no courage anymore. He could sense that I needed to belong to him and he gladly obliged. He ate me up until there was nothing left and I thanked him afterwards.

I was always thanking him for something.

A thin thread of white that runs through my lip from the time I asked him where he'd been all night. I never found out the answer but he found out that if he hit me I'd shut my mouth.

I learned how to hide the bruises. Cover up the black eyes. All the cliches. After all, I was used to the scars. I'd been collecting them my whole life.

My skin used to be smooth and then it wasn't. I used to be strong and then I wasn't.

A split in my eyebrow from when he threw me against the wall. I had left, summoned up what I had of my bravery and gone to a hotel, but he had found me and he had hit me and I ended up on the floor, unconscious, not knowing what he'd done to me until the next morning.

I let it go on. I let him do what he wanted. I let him tell me how I was worthless, stupid, how I was lucky that he even wanted me at all.

I thanked him.

But when I took the test, when I peed on that little stick and the two lines stared back at me in silent mockery of what my life had become, well. That changed everything. That brought my courage back.

A long, snaking puff of puckered skin along my palm from where I drew the blade across the meatiest parts of my hand. I knew the ritual, should've gone to it before, but I hadn't been strong enough to do what so clearly needed to be done.

I wasn't strong enough to fight him, not physically, but I remembered what my mother had taught me. What my grandmother had taught her. I'd always kept it shelved, not brave enough to ask the Dark One for help. No bravery left at all. But with the life growing inside me, well, I knew I couldn't let him stay in the picture. And hell, I knew he'd never leave. Not on his own.

So I cut and I bled and I called upon Him, the Dark One, the source of our power. And, as I soon found out, the source of my courage.

God, I hadn't felt that strong in years. Not since I was a girl.

A series of half-moon shapes on my forearm from where he grabbed me in the night. It happened in the night, in his sleep, but it was not peaceful.

How he went isn't important but I'll tell you anyway because I love to remember the sounds of him gurgling on his own blood, his insides betraying him, twisting into mush and coming back up his throat. Warren went that way because I wanted him to, I wanted it to hurt, and the Dark One promised it would.

It sure sounded like it did.

The EMTs looked less shocked than I thought they might but I think the Dark One had something to do with that because after he was gone, the doctors who performed his autopsy said something about an embolism. It hadn't looked like an embolism. It had looked like fucking justice.

A prim, simple slash along my abdomen from when my daughter was pulled from me, screaming her way into life the way I once had. I knew at once that I loved her and I knew at once I would teach her to be brave.

We're happy now. I'm not the way I used to be, I'm different, but it's a good different. I'm strong the way you can only become by collecting scars. Smooth skin is pretty, sure, but it doesn't tell a story. My skin does. I can count each one and tell any stranger my whole life.

I've told my daughter my story because it's important she knows what she is. She is the product of my mistakes and my metamorphosis. She is my most recent scar but she is not the last. She is brave.

We are the granddaughters of the witches you could not burn.

We are strong. And we will always be like this. TC mark

15 20-Something Women Reveal What They’re Thinking When They Sleep With A Guy They Just Met

Posted: 23 Mar 2016 04:00 PM PDT

Joel Sossa
Joel Sossa

1. “I’m thinking, he’s attractive, I’m horny, let’s do this.” —Kara, 24


2. “The only time I sleep with a guy I just met is when I’ve gone through a terrible breakup, and feel a) sad, b) lonely, and c) like I’ll never find another boy to love me ever again. Clearly sleeping with some random is the way to solve these problems.” —Jessica, 26


3. “I’m thinking as long as we’re both consenting adults, what’s the big deal? I’m allowed to have sex with whoever I choose, whether I met him 2 hours ago or 2 months ago.” —Gillian, 25


4. “I like to think that they’ll call or text me again, but that’s usually not the case. I just tell myself that so I can have sex with them.” —Talia, 24


5. “A woman has needs, and sometimes the fact that I just met him, I really don’t give a shit.” —Stacey, 23


6. “I’m thinking, wow my mother would be horribly disappointed in me, and I’m also thinking I’ll never tell my mother about this, ever.” —Corrine, 25


7. “I’m more thinking with my vagina than my brain, but I think I should be allowed to do that every once in a while.” —Ashley, 23


8. “The main two thoughts going through my head are pregnancy and STDs…CONDOMS. I guess that’s three thoughts.” —Lisa, 24


9. “I know it’s casual sex and that no feelings should be involved at all, but at the same time if I’m being completely honest, I still hope that maybe that one night will turn into more nights that delve deeper than just sex. Yes I know that most likely won’t happen, but who knows.” —Danielle, 23


10. “I think about how many drinks I’ve had, and how many more I’ll need to actually go through with it.” —Bethenny, 25


11. “Usually I’m trying to remember his name. I’m terrible with names.” —Jamie, 23


12. “I don’t think much of it. If I’m sleeping with a guy I just met I’m not thinking about whether or not he’ll propose, I’m thinking I’m attracted to him, he’s attracted to me, I want sex, let’s go.” —Nichole, 23


13. “I think about how this is going to affect my number, it’s getting pretty high.” —Hannah, 24


14. “Sounds sad, but it’s sort of a confidence booster. I know there’s probably tons of women who will tell me I shouldn’t use a man for sex to make me feel good about myself, but it’s more a matter of the fact that I’m feeling good enough about myself to hop into bed with a complete stranger who could potentially be a judgmental asshole. It’s not that I’m using him as validation, it’s that I’m feeling hot and I want to show someone just how hot I’m feeling.” —Gia, 24


15. “I’m basically just thinking about what I want. It’s my ‘don’t give a fuck’ moment, and I love having those.” —Rachael, 25 TC mark

This Is What I Want You To Promise Me

Posted: 23 Mar 2016 03:01 PM PDT

Vic. 夏
Vic. 夏

I want you to promise me that when things get rough and tough, you'll think of all the times we were tougher. Those times when we sailed smoothly, when no wave was high enough to knock our boat down. The times when all we had to do was talk things out and we’d be good as new.

I want you to promise me that when I push you too hard, you will recall the times I barely got in your way.. the times I let you be, and do whatever it is that makes you happy.

I want you to promise me that when you feel like I'm being crazy, you will think of the moments you felt like I'm the most understanding person you’ve ever met. Of the moments when you thought I compare to Gandhi. Think of the moments when you thought I wasn’t real because of how easily I could see the light in the dark.

I want you to promise me that when you get mad at me and become too tired of being with me, you'll think of our crazy moments together, of when we didn’t have to say anything anymore because our being latched to each other said it all. Promise me you’ll think of the times I made you smile in the liver, of the good morning love and kisses at any time of the day that made you relax, of the nights you found it a lot easier to sleep cuddled with me.

I want you to promise that when I hurt you too much, you'll remember every single day I made you feel loved, cared for, and special. Promise me you will believe more in the truth that I love you and that your pain is my pain.

I want you to promise me that when you feel like giving up, you'll remind yourself of everything we've been through, of how we both were made better by our shared feelings, of how we are so in love. Remind yourself of how we promised to keep choosing each other no matter how hard the situation gets. Of how we won’t let go of each other, not in this lifetime.

I want you to promise me to remember these promises no matter how busy and crazy our life and schedule get. To never forget that your dreams are my dreams, and that your happiness is my happiness.

I want you to promise me these things, not because I did it myself but because I love you and have been with you long enough to know you can continue keeping these promises you have quietly made through the things you do for me. Because I believe in you, your words and actions no matter what you think of yourself. TC mark

27 Very Sad Apartment Listings That Speak The Bleak-Ass Truth About Real Estate

Posted: 23 Mar 2016 02:00 PM PDT




























TC mark

Why The Best Women Are Kind To Men Who Hit On Them (Even When They’re Not Interested)

Posted: 23 Mar 2016 01:00 PM PDT / Henk Badenhorst / Henk Badenhorst

Here's the scenario: You're at the club or the bar with your girlfriends. You spot a cute guy across the room hanging out with his buddies.

"Wow!" you think. "I'd really like to talk to him."

You tell your girlfriends and they convince you to go up to him and start a conversation. You are so nervous.

"What if he rejects me?"

"What should I say?"

"I don't want to look stupid."

You take a deep breath and proceed to walk over to him. Your heart is beating so fast.

"Calm down" you tell yourself. "It's just a guy. He's a human being. Relax."

You tap him on the shoulder and he turns around.

"Hi!" you say, with a smile on your face.

He takes one look at you, rolls his eyes, and says "No!"

He turns back around to his friends and you're left standing there feeling like a complete idiot. You do the walk of shame back to your girlfriends who are eagerly awaiting your return.

"What happened?" they ask.

"He was so rude! What a jerk!"

How many interactions like this would it take before your feelings started to get hurt? Would it make you more or less confident in yourself?

The sad truth about this is that it happens on a daily basis. However, it isn't women getting rudely rejected, it's men. When did we learn to become so hateful when someone wants to tell us we're beautiful and ask for our name?

I get it, we've run into some creepy men, disrespectful men, and straight out dogs. And those guys need to be put in their place. But what about the rest of the male population? The ones that are just like you and your girlfriends? Do they deserve to be treated with such disrespect simply for finding you attractive? Or is it because you don't find them attractive so you don't care what they have to say?

A female can compliment another female and we love it, don't we? When a guy we think is cute compliments us, we like that too. But let it be someone we're not interested in and watch how disrespectful we can get. And for what? What are you proving by being rude?

It takes a lot of courage for men to approach women. Because of our gender roles, men face rejection far more than women do. When's the last time you were rejected by 5 men in one night? As much as we hate rejection, it is going to happen.

Not everyone is for everyone, and that's ok. But just because someone isn't your cup of tea, doesn't mean that you have to be mean about it. Accepting a compliment and respectfully declining the advances of someone you're not interested in is not hard and it shows confidence in who you are as a person.

If you want respect, you have to give respect. Just like you wouldn't like a man to shut you down rudely, men don't like it either. And they don't deserve it.

As women, we want to be told we're beautiful. It makes us feel good. It shouldn't matter whose mouth it's coming out of, the fact that someone noticed your beauty and had the courage to come tell you should be flattering, regardless of what they look like. A simple "Thank you!" goes a long way. Let the man have a little dignity. Despite the fact that he might be rejected, he had the courage to come up to you anyways. That has to count for something.

I think as women, it may appear that men are confident because they have to approach a lot of women to get one to say yes, but many times that is not the case at all. They are just as nervous as you would be if the situation were reversed. The way a man views himself relies heavily on how well he is able to interact with the opposite sex. In many cases, this effects how his buddies view him as well. And the way his buddies view him ties directly into how he views himself. There is a lot of pressure to prove where he stands when it comes to his place among men. He doesn't want to be seen as weak, and that means he's going to have to face some rejection.

So the next time you're out, and a guy approaches you, just smile and say hi. Let him keep his confidence. It's not about being hit on, it's about acknowledging a person that thought you were beautiful, and thanking them for noticing. Remember how much courage it takes. Remember the pressure he's under to prove his masculinity. If you're not interested, tell him. And let him know you appreciate his kind words and wish him the best of luck.

We are all adults here and boys don't have cooties anymore. It's better to be the beautiful woman that men respect rather than the beautiful woman they call a bitch. It feels good to be desired. Let them desire you. Remember, your attitude can make you pretty, or it can make you ugly, and it has nothing to do with your looks. No one wants to be shut down. When you have to do it, don't burn people with your words in the process. The sting of rejection hurts bad enough as it iS. TC mark

10 Little Ways To Personalize Your Life And Make It 100% You

Posted: 23 Mar 2016 12:51 PM PDT


Dr. Seuss said it best when he wrote "there's no one alive who is you-er than you." There's not a whole lot in this world that is as satisfying as being truly yourself. But outside of your awesome personality, it's so fun to let your you-ness shine through in every aspect of your life. These 10 completely customizable items help you do just that. Show off your creativity and keep marching to the beat of your own drum, because you know that's the best way to live.


1. Let Your Walls ACTUALLY Do Some Talking

For those of us who aren't hiding an secret da Vinci inside of us, this completely one-of-a-kind wall lettering is here to help us put something original in our homes. Maybe it's a favorite lyric, a quote that inspires you, or even an inside joke that no one else will get, but putting something that's unique to you in your space is sure to make you smile every day.


2. Say Hello To Yourself Every Time You Walk Out The Door

You are fabulous and unique, and never a doormat. So your literal doormat should be just as original! Whether it's simply your last name letting everyone know who's house this is, or a silly phrase to make even your most stoic friends crack up every time they come over, your personality in your house should come through even at the most basic level. Aka: right when you walk inside.


3. Class Up Your Wine Nights And Say Cheers To Yourself

Sure, anything is an upgrade from the plastic cups you used to drink out of in college. Still, nothing says classy, put together adult, quite like personalized wine glasses. You don't have to know the difference between merlot and pinot noir, but you'll still impress everyone with your unbelievably chic barware.

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15 Little Things I Sincerely Wish Someone Had Told Me About Being 25

Posted: 23 Mar 2016 12:15 PM PDT

Geoffroy Baud
Geoffroy Baud

1. Sleeping is a beautiful thing.

Functioning on 8-10 hours of sleep versus 7 or less makes a world of difference. Getting proper shut eye makes you an entirely different person.

2. You have to chase your dreams.

You spent some years deciding on your next steps while working hard, now more than ever your dreams are within reach (if not already accomplished).

3. Spending quality time with your family is one of the (if not) best things ever.

Any issues your family used to have or excuses for not spending enough time together no longer exist. Scheduling quality family time with your siblings and parents is an absolute priority now and the best times.

4. It’s okay that your friends circle has gotten smaller, because it’s probably better.

In the past ten years your circle has gone from "party / hang out friends" to just real genuine do anything with friends. Quality over quantity.

5. Your life is not all figured out yet.

You're not exactly where you thought you would be when you were 25, so what? Your exactly where you need to be at this time, and can look ahead with your arms and mind wide open to possibilities.

6. Things will never ever be fully "figured" out.

As soon as you think you will have your life under control and on a path, your life will change again. It always evolves and never stays the same, which is a great thing.

7. Adult bills are expensive.

But you are damn proud you have been paying your own way for a long time now.

8. Time goes fast.

It felt like a blink of an eye when life went from just getting out of High School to almost 30 years old. Live in the present moment and be present with everyone you encounter. All the time we ever have is right now.

9. You’re going to make a LOT of mistakes.

Job mistakes, relationship mistakes, accidents and everything in between. You've gone through it, you came out and you don't feel bitter about the experience at all. Instead you feel like a better person because of it.

10. Plans change.

The career you thought you would have has been altered or changed all together. Take time to follow any path you feel an yearning for and follow your desires. Chances are it will probably change again.

11. Cooking is actually something you should learn.

No more convenience easy ready meals and drive thru's, cooking a meal from scratch and doing it well almost feels as good as winning a marathon. It tastes great, its good for you and you save money.

12. You won’t be able to party like you used it, but you’ll (probably) like it.

When you go out and drink you like to start early so that you can get to bed at a decent time. Trying to stay up until 2 am or later is pretty much impossible now. Friday and Saturday nights are now spent with either your close friends, family or significant other.

13. Being stressed and worried is a waste of time.

You have realized that wasting hours stressing about what is to come and being worked up will not properly lead you into your future. Everything has worked out in your life so far well and will continue to work out, wherever you go next.

14. Kid activities are just as fun as when you’re an adult.

Coloring books, jumping on a trampoline and water slides. Its nice to enjoy your inner Kidult.

15. Real love did exist and you have it in your life.

You met him, you’re inseparable, his happiness is your happiness and it's almost as if you were reborn since you have been together. TC mark

I Thought You Broke My Heart, But I Found A Way To Fix It

Posted: 23 Mar 2016 12:00 PM PDT

Joel Sossa
Joel Sossa

I thought you broke my heart because when our time together ended I didn’t want to be alone. The fear I had of being hurt became my reality like I knew it would, and the fear of loneliness came with it. There were promises and plans, but none of that mattered because the moment you wanted to leave, you did.

And at first I was completely angry, mad that you would hurt me like you said you never would, frustrated with the words you said, and how your actions did not reflect them. And then the anger I had towards you became doubt I had towards myself. Maybe it was me who wasn’t good enough, it was me who didn’t deserve your affection, it was my fault you left me, something I did, something I didn’t.

And once I completely absorbed that self-doubt I began to learn what heartbreak feels like. And it’s strange that even though you once felt happy before this person came into your life, when they leave, you feel like you’ll never be happy again. But happiness is something you find within yourself, it just takes a bit of searching. And when this realization became something I accepted, I began to fix the heart I thought you broke.

When someone breaks your heart you tend to guard it more carefully, but just because one person hurts you, doesn’t mean you should convince yourself that everyone else will do the same. When you shield yourself from hurt that hasn’t happened yet, you shield yourself from feeling anything at all.

And when I learned to let my guard down, I learned how to let people in. And when you allow someone to learn all of you, you begin to accept the parts of yourself you were reluctant for others to see. And you learn not only to accept yourself, but you also learn that you should only share your life with someone who will do the same, someone who accepts, enjoys, and cherishes every part of you.

So when I thought you broke my heart all of these realizations came to light, and it turns out you didn’t break it, you actually made it stronger. TC mark