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15 Things You Can Only Understand If You Survived Private Christian School

Posted: 13 Apr 2016 08:15 PM PDT


1. You still sometimes very seriously say, “Are we going to get into trouble?”

It’s a real fear! Every little move you made growing up was scrutinized by your peers, your teachers, and the good Lord so you CONSTANTLY wonder if you’re going to get reprimanded for doing something. Especially if it’s maybe a little bad…or someone could potentially spin it in that way.

2. You find yourself instinctually doing the “finger test” with your skirt length.

You’re a grown adult woman, but you still get nervous that your hemline is too ~*scandalous*~. In your core you know it’s not a problem and no one is going to send you home for a dress code violation, but it still goes through your head EVERY time.

3. No matter how old you are or what position you find yourself in, you always have weird issues with authority.

You just do not (and probably will never) have a totally healthy relationship with authoritative figures. They were always looming over you growing up so now, you still have residual fear of someone telling you what to do in the back of your mind all the time.

4. You know exactly which bars and which gas stations don’t card.

Because of all the times when you wanted to get wine coolers and Swishers to smoke behind the gym, you know exactly where to go should you ever need a bottle of wine and find yourself sans identification. That kind of info is the kind you never forget.

5. Everything you learned about sex you learned on your own.

There’s abstinence only sex ed, and then there’s “we just don’t teach this” sex ed. So everything you learned about the birds and the bees you either Googled, heard in salacious whispers at recess, or read about under cloak and dagger out of an Encyclopedia. And then you IMMEDIATELY ran to your friends with your new found knowledge to tell them all about it.

6. But you got A LOT of things wrong.

Yeah…the guy doesn’t pee inside of the girl and you can’t get pregnant from orgasming. (Or some other completely incorrect info about sex that you believed wayyyyyy longer than you care to admit.)

7. Those dreaded run ins with people from high school? Yeah, never happens.

Your graduating class was BARELY 20 people and anyone who didn’t end up in ministry is either in Med School or out of the country. Not only was it a small class, but if you don’t run in the same circles you really don’t keep in touch. Needless to say you don’t see the good ol’ class of ’08 out at the bars too often.

8. Sometimes getting dressed in the morning genuinely stresses you out.

While you definitely dig being able to be original and express yourself, for YEARS you knew exactly what you had to wear Monday through Friday. There isn’t enough money in the world to make you want to put on a pleated skirt or tie a damn tie every morning ever again. But there was a sort of simplicity to not having to think about your clothes, and you sometimes miss it.

9. You thought going to political rallies for field trips was totally normal.

Your field trips were less “let’s go look at art” and more “let’s go support this politically right wing person who compares abortion to genocide”. It was weird.

10. Being called “different” growing up was definitely NOT a compliment.

Different was synonymous with “not doing what you SHOULD be” and you were ostracized or absolutely gossiped about should that label have been deemed yours. Whether you like your originality or not, it wasn’t something that the masses appreciated.

11. Seemingly normal trends were considered “of the Devil” and you were not allowed to like them.

Examples include Pokemon, Harry Potter, Twilight, and God FORBID you asked to watch The Craft.

12. Even if it was totally innocent, any sort of physical contact was frowned upon.

You could have been in 2nd grade and just pecked your first crush on the cheek and you’d get a lecture about how “feelings of the flesh” were not acceptable. You were basically told to internalize all physical affection because giving into it was wrong and if you stumbled, you need to repent. Even if, yes, you were only in the 2nd grade.

13. You HEAVILY edit yourself in front of your “elders” as a sign of respect.

While you may be your own person now and not care about following rules as much, you still don’t feel like being yelled at for everything when you’re around people who still do abide by those guidelines. Thus your swearing goes away, you cover up your tattoos, and you bow your head with the best of them.

14. You can zone out like no other.

Church gets boring, assemblies get boring, reading about Adam and Eve for the umpteenth time gets really effing boring. You’ve perfected the art of the “I’m still listening but actually thinking about that episode of The O.C. instead” face. Someone could (and has) scream about hellfire and damnation and you’d be just picturing Adam Brody in your happy place. But they’d be none the wiser.

15. You’d rather die than wear khakis, plaid, or polos ever again.

Burn all the tartan. BURN IT. TC mark

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Vulnerable

Posted: 13 Apr 2016 08:00 PM PDT


People so often confuse vulnerability with weakness. They believe that being vulnerable is being naïve, is standing on a ledge, closing your eyes, and falling, blindly into people and relationships.

But what they don't understand, is that being vulnerable is the strongest thing you can be.

Vulnerability is opening your eyes and being honest with yourself. It is seeing the weakest, most fragile parts of yourself and acknowledging them, owning them. It is realizing your imperfections, your fears, and your desires. It is staring your past in the face and deciding that despite what has happened to you, you will continue to be open to people and experiences. You won't let the world make you hard.

Vulnerability is choosing love. Choosing love again and again. It is knowing that you may be hurt, you may get broken, but you are allowing yourself to experience the most wonderful parts of life. And that's truly beautiful.

Vulnerability is doing things that terrify you. It is opening up to people. It is giving others the opportunity to know you, the real you. And letting go of the fear of what they might find. It is giving yourself the opportunity for real, authentic relationships. Relationships that matter, that mean something.

Vulnerability is doing things that terrify you so that you can grow, experience, and flourish. It is not backing away from things because they're new or unknown or scary. But embracing what the world has to offer, without holding back.

Vulnerability is power, is second chances, is giving yourself the best life you can.

Vulnerability is what makes us human. So please, don't be afraid of it.

Don't be afraid to peel back your layers, to grab hold of what makes you nervous, to open yourself to love, even after the door's been closed.

Don't be afraid to forgive, to let go of your past, to bring in the new and to celebrate yourself, your life.

Vulnerability is strength. And you, honey, are resilient. TC mark

43 Moments That Make People Born Before 1995 Feel Extremely Old

Posted: 13 Apr 2016 07:15 PM PDT


1. When you order a glass of Chardonnay at a bar/dance club that has a DJ who plays EDM.

2. When your friend’s siblings who you remember as small children go away to college.

3. When you realize you can’t metabolize french fries, mozzarella sticks, or onion rings like you used to.

4. When you realize the 90s was not one decade ago, but two.

5. When you go through your closet and realize you own clothing older than your 15 year-old family dog.

6. When you see that trends from your childhood have come back in style more than once (If you have denim overalls in your closet you know what I’m referring to).

7. When it was extremely difficult for you to learn Snapchat.

8. When you realize you’re old enough for a quarter-life crisis.

9. When you realize you’re a quarter of a century old, or older.

10. When you have to use urban dictionary when talking to anyone under the age of 20.

11. When teenagers have never heard of the TV shows you watched as a child (Your 13 year-old cousin has no idea who Doug or Hey Arnold are).

12. When one or more of your friends gets engaged.

13. When you have to purchase a bridesmaids dress for more than one wedding.

14. When you go to your friend’s baby shower.

15. When you can no longer use your parent’s health insurance.

16. When your parents kick you off of the family phone plan.

17. When your grandparents stop giving you five dollars every time they see you.

18. When you talk about home decor in everyday conversation.

19. When you only watch shows from the 90s on Netflix.

20. When you leave before the bar closes because you’re tired.

21. When you drink decaf coffee after 6 pm so you’re not up all night.

22. When you have to file your taxes.

23. When your friend buys a house.

24. When your friends complain about mortgage payments.

25. When you travel cross-country alone for work.

26. When you reminisce about college parties with people who are still in college.

27. When you receive your family Christmas card at your new address that isn’t your family home.

28. When the freshman in your high school graduate from college.

29. When you start saving for retirement.

30. When your parents start asking for grandchildren.

31. When you realize you’re closer to middle-aged than you are to adolescense.

32. When you start dreading birthdays instead of looking forward to them (After 21 you wish you’d stop aging).

33. When you begin using anti-wrinkle night creams.

34. When you think your hearing is failing you.

35. When you think your vision is failing you.

36. When you say, “ough my joints.”

37. When you become pale because you try to stay out of the sun, instead of soaking up UV rays that will prematurely age you.

38. When you exchange recipes with elderly people.

39. When you host dinner parties instead of house parties.

40. When your mom calls and says you work too much.

41. When you feel too old to attend Coachella.

42. When you consider writing a will.

43. When you wish you were young again and realize that you still are. TC mark

8 Real-Life 911 Calls That Will Shock And Scare The Shit Out Of You

Posted: 13 Apr 2016 07:00 PM PDT


Death is a part of life; that's the way life goes and it's something we can't control. But it's how each of us will die that remains unknown. We all want to grow old and die in our sleep. That's the way it should be. But we live in a world filled with so much evil that we just never know how we'll die. It could be today, it could be tomorrow—it could be now as you're reading this.

We never truly know what one is thinking. Someone could be watching a horror movie and think that they could do the same thing, only better. Someone could be filled with so much jealousy that they would rather see you dead than see you with anyone else. These eight 911 calls are shocking and are filled with fear. We grow up thinking that only strangers could do us harm, never do we think that the ones who could kill us are the ones we love the most.

1. A Michael-Meyers-Inspired Murder.


After watching Rob Zombie's remake of John Carpenter's 1978 film, Halloween; 17-year-old Jake Evans from Texas murdered his mother and younger sister in their home with a .22 revolver that he had stolen from his grandfather.

Jake was inspired by the film after watching it three times that week. On October 3, 2012 at 11:15 p.m. Jake built up the courage to kill. Just like Michael Myers did on that cold Halloween night. After killing his mom and sister, Jake was shocked and scared by what he had done. He placed the gun on the kitchen counter, walked into the living room and called 911. As he confesses to the 911 operator, you can't help but think of the two dead bodies that are only feet away from him.

Listen to the actual phone call: HERE.

2. The Craigslist Baby Killer.


On March 18, 2015 Michelle Wilkin made global headlines after answering an ad on Craigslist for free baby clothes. Michelle was expecting a baby girl in a few months and was quick to jump on the deal. When she arrived, a 35-year-old woman answered the door. Dynel Lane's house sat quietly, isolated in the woods of Colorado.

Before Michelle could understand the gravity of her mistake, she was attacked and stabbed. Michelle watched helplessly as her baby was cut from her womb. Dynel had told people that she was pregnant and used Craigslist to fish for a victim to provide her proof: an unborn child. Holding on for her life, Michelle reaches for the phone and calls 911.

Listen to the actual phone call: HERE.

3. The Six-Murder & Suicide.


In 2001 Don Spirit pleaded guilty to possession of a firearm as a convicted felon, due to his previous conviction: fatally shooting his 8-year-old son on a hunting trip. He was sentenced to three years in prison.

Now, a decade later in 2014, Don will kill again. Only this time he will murder his entire family—and then himself. Don shot and killed all six of his grandkids, Kaleb Kuhlmann, 11; Kylie Kuhlmann, 9; Johnathon Kuhlmann, 8; Destiny Stewart, 5; Brandon Stewart, 4; and Alanna Stewart, who was only months old, along with his 28-year-old daughter, Sarah. When a deputy arrived at the home, 51-year-old Don Spirit committed suicide.

Listen to the actual phone call: HERE.

4. The Slender Man Stabbing.


Saturday, May 31, 2014, after two 12-year-old girls lured another classmate into the woods, they stabbed her 19 times, allegedly in order for them to impress the Slender Man, a fictional character. The victim, after being stabbed, made her way to the road. Luckily, a man riding his bike came across her and called 911. The young girl made it, thanks to him.

Listen to the actual phone call: HERE.

5. A Singer’s Tragic End.


On March 31, 1995 Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla-Perez was shot and killed by Yolanda Saldivar, her fan club president. After finding out Yolanda had been embezzling money from Selena, she was fired. Filled with rage, Yolanda lured Selena to the Days Inn motel in Corpus Christi and shot Selena. The following 911 call is sad as the young 23-year-old singer lays in the lobby bleeding to death.

Listen to the actual phone call: HERE.

6. A Terrified Woman.


You've heard the story already, or you've seen Ryan Murphy's FX TV series, The People Vs O.J. Simpson. Nicole Brown Simpson along with her friend Ron Goldman, were both brutally murdered on June 12, 1994. O.J. Simpson was tried for both murders and was found innocent. Simpson had a long history of spousal abuse and was accused of assaulting Nicole. In this 911 call Nicole reports that O.J. Simpson is trespassing and threatening her. She also states that he physically broke down her back door; you can tell from her voice that she is terrified of O.J. What happens next will shock you.

Listen to the actual phone call: HERE.

7. A Jealous Rage Murder.


In this cold, heartless 911 call, Checkingson Sinclair tells the 911 operator that he murdered his wife, 24-year-old Latwassa Argrett who was seven weeks pregnant. On the call, Checkingson says that he shot her because she was coming after him with a knife but later told the police he killed her out of jealous rage.

Listen to the actual phone call: HERE.

8. A Boy With No Recollection.


14-year-old Florida teen Alex Crain doesn't know what’s going on in this 911 call. He's in panic and can't seem to put into words what just happen. He says in the call that one minute he was sleeping and the next he had a gun in his hand and his parents were on ground. Hear this as Alex tries to understand what just happened.

Listen to the actual phone call: HERE. TC mark

Here’s What Kind Of Crazy Ex You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Posted: 13 Apr 2016 06:15 PM PDT

Chel Hirons
Chel Hirons


(March 21st to April 19th)

Aries are the kind of crazy ex who becomes increasingly reckless after a breakup. Their personal loss has them feeling sluggish but instead of laying on the couch watching Sex and the City reruns and binge eating burritos like a normal person, they crave exciting distractions to distance themselves from their negative emotions. If one of your exes has suddenly bought a motorcycle, started experimenting with new drugs or developed an interest in bouldering — they are likely an Aries.


(April 20th to May 21st)

Taurus are the kind of crazy ex you never hear from again, but who make broad sweeping changes in their life afterwards. They cut out mutual friends without saying goodbye and punish their next potential partner by making them jump through a hundred hoops before they’ll commit or open up. Once they’ve been hurt, they’re tempted to close down and not give anyone the opportunity to do this to them ever again.


(May 22nd to June 21st)

Gemini are the kind crazy ex who make important life decisions based on feeling shitty about themselves post-breakup. They’ll cut off all their hair or move to a new country or decide that now is the right time to quit their day job to pursue their art full time. The thing Gemini are best at is passion, so when they feel shitty they want to combat it by getting excited about something new. That guy you broke up with who seemingly changed personalities and became a gym bro the next day, who’s always Instagramming his protein shakes? Gemini.


(June 22nd to July 22nd)

Cancers are the kind of crazy ex who become extremely slutty (but only towards their ex). They miss the person they loved, they’re hurt and they want to a) recapture the good feelings they used to have and b) show their ex what they are missing with someone who can love them as deeply as a Cancer can. So they end up having a lot of very confusing break-up sex (which in their minds is make-up sex). If you have an ex that suddenly became hyper-sexual after you rejected them, they are likely a Cancer.


(July 23rd to August 22nd)

A Leo is the kind of crazy ex who starts posting everything cool they do on social media in an effort to convince everyone around them that they’re sooooo much better off. They miss the attention and affection they got from their relationship, and they need to fill that void somehow. They know they’re being a bit of an exhibitionist (and kind of needy, tbh) but they can’t help themselves.


(August 23rd to September 22nd)

A Virgo is the kind of crazy ex who will methodically figure out how to ruin your life (and probably do it). They have all the skills they need: intelligence, focus, problem-solving — and a nasty breakup gives them the single-minded desire. And because they’re so, well, Virgo you won’t even know they’re a crazy ex. One day your life will just fall apart and you’ll never know that someone was the mastermind behind the whole thing.


(September 23rd to October 22nd)

A Libra is the kind of crazy ex who goes out of their way to win over your mutual friends. When you started the relationship, you may not have had any mutual friends, but when you leave it rest assured that your friends will forever probably like the Libra better. Libras are amazing at people, and their favorite way to say “fuck you” is to make the people you like love them more.


(October 23rd to November 22nd)

A Scorpio is the kind of crazy ex who gets straight up aggressive about you leaving them. They’ll leave ‘wtf’ comments on your social media and trash you to mutual friends. In their mind, no one hurts a Scorpio, so they have to fight (what they perceive as) fire, with fire.


(November 23rd to December 21st)

A Sagittarius is the kind of crazy ex who never mentions the breakup ever again, like a complete psycho. Sagittarians pride themselves on not being overly emotional, they don’t brood over broken relationships for long. To others, this seems bizarre to the point of disordered, but it’s an earnest expression of their personality to cut ties and move on in a practical fashion.


(December 22nd to January 20th)

A Capricorn is the kind of crazy ex who will try to make you feel guilty for moving on. They’ll invent reasons to keep you in their life — you owe $7.22 from your share of the electricity bill, you RSVP-ed to a cousin’s wedding as their plus one, you left half a box of tea behind at their apartment — and then they’ll use their in person time to guilt you into reconciling with them. More than any other type, Capricorns are prone to on-again, off-again relationships. They can drop their cold exterior and pretend to be chill and fun-loving long enough to lure someone back, but it always ends up with the same result.


(January 21st to February 18th)

An Aquarius is the kind of crazy ex who finds someone else to take care of, and becomes obsessed with their new pet project. Big-hearted Aquarians can’t stand to be without an object of their love. They are masters of the rebound relationship. If you have an ex that met someone literally five minutes after your breakup and you can’t figure out why they even like this new person in the first place — they’re an Aquarius.


(February 19th to March 20th)

A Pisces is the kind of crazy ex who makes you their muse. You’ll read about yourself in their stories, or see bits of your personality in their artwork. Creative Pisces channels all their feelings into their craft, and breaking up is no different. If you’ve had an ex write an about you on the internet, they’re probably a Pisces. TC mark

What The Hell Happened To Going Out On Dates?

Posted: 13 Apr 2016 06:00 PM PDT

Flickr Emily Poisel
Flickr Emily Poisel

Seriously, what the hell happened?

I'm racking my brain as to why the hell the world of dating has suddenly turned into a world of "Let's snuggle at my place and watch a movie."

Translation: “I'll let you choose the background noise while I try and get into your pants.”

How exciting it is when the person you like only has to offer you the invite of going to their place? Really? We're in that "comfort" stage already? Firstly, why is it always their place? No discrimination, this can come from the guy OR the girl. Is it pure laziness? Is for them to feel a better sense of control as to when they can kick you out? Is it that things are just too easy for them now? Sad but true, situationships are getting easier and easier as time goes on. Situationships are easier to come by, while relationships are way harder. What the hell has happened? Why is this now OK? Acceptable for some, sure, but dating on the whole? NO!

Whatever happened to having your own little date spot? Or "Are you doing anything on Thursday? We should go do something." 'Something' is good! Anything!

You left the house to take a girl out—good work, it shows you've made some effort. Compared to the alternative, anything that involves actually going out and having a good time makes you feel like someone is actually interested in you. Me coming over to your house? It makes me feel like you are only interested in someone to fill up your spare time. If that's the case, you're wasting my time.

Has anyone stopped to think how appreciative someone can be over the small things? Opening the door for you, walking next to each other, NOT one person miles ahead of the other—holding hands even?

On a recent first date the guy had gone to the trouble of finding a certain type of chocolate I had told him I was planning to look for; I was in complete surprise when I he pulled it out from behind his back after we said hello. The thought, the effort, and the surprise left an awesome first impression. He was scared I was going to think he was "weird." No one ever gets turned off by kindness and manners, so why are these things slipping away? Why do people feel there is just no need?

My dream date? A total teenager-of-the-1950's date, bowling or going to a drive-in movie and then going to a café or smoothie bar afterwards. Something different for the modern day, but something that millions before us have already enjoyed. Those days need to come back. Old-fashioned dating is definitely not as cheesy as it sounds; I guarantee it will bring out nothing but appreciation. Bring back those days. TC mark

13 Reasons Why Couples That Have Morning Sex Are The Happiest People To Be Around

Posted: 13 Apr 2016 05:15 PM PDT

Credit Joel Sossa
Joel Sossa

1. Forget Folger's. The best part of waking up is getting off shortly after opening your eyes. Why not remind yourself how awesomely pleasurable life can be the instant you rise? Sex is, quite simply, the best way to start the day.

2. In addition to making you happy by releasing feel good hormones like oxytocin in the brain, an orgasm gives you a boost of good energy—the jolt you need to handle whatever looms ahead with a positive attitude.

3. An orgasm also reminds you that you're a living, breathing, sexual being. You're not just an employee or a friend or a member of some team. You're a multi-dimensional individual with sex appeal among many other awesome qualities.

4. There's a reason they call it "climaxing"—you're at your peak, literally. Getting frisky in the AM makes you feel on top of the world, and then you carry that confidence with you throughout the the rest of the day.

5. Intimacy isn't just good for you—it's good for your relationship, too. During sex, you're literally connected to your significant other, which leads you to feel more attached to them on a biological level. After a morning romp, you get to go your separate ways knowing that your bond has been strengthened by way of naked play.

6. Tenderness and physical contact also inevitably make people feel loved, and who doesn't appreciate a reminder that they're loved before breakfast?

7. Morning sex is a solid way to feel like you've done your part in meeting your significant other’s sexual needs, and acting in such a generous, thoughtful way is the key to attracting good vibes and to leading a smiley life.

8. Plus, that rise-and-shine O-face you trigger in your partner by mounting them first thing lets you check a critical item ("ensure s/o's ongoing sexual satisfaction") off your neverending To Do list before you get out of bed. That feeling of accomplishment will reverberate throughout the balance of your day.

9. It also means that you and your partner leave the house feeling sexually satisfied, and are thus less likely to fantasize about other people and/or act on said fantasies.

10. Since you're both less likely to cheat, you're also way more likely to stay together forever. Yay!

11. By the time you get home after a long day, you don't have to worry about being too exhausted to do it when you can honestly say you've already gotten busy.

12. Plus, your partner can’t begrudge you for not being so into sex come nightfall when they know they can count on you for a morning hump sesh.

13. As it happens, sex, like most things, is generally better when you're fresh and well rested anyway. TC mark

29 People Confess The Creepiest, Cringiest, Stalker-iest Thing They’ve Ever Done

Posted: 13 Apr 2016 05:00 PM PDT

Illustration by Daniella Urdinlaiz
Illustration by Daniella Urdinlaiz
Found on AskReddit.

1. I masturbated to pictures of my dead friend

"I masturbated to Facebook pictures of my friend…who died two years ago."

2. I shit on my friend’s toothbrush

"I shit on my friend Mitchell’s toothbrush."

3. I unfriended her four years ago but still stalk her Facebook profile daily

"I look at my crush's Facebook profile almost every day….I unfriended her 4 years ago in a futile attempt to get over her."

4. I drank a blonde girl’s pee

"In high school sister’s hot blonde friend came over and they were hanging out in her bedroom. I went into the bathroom and disabled the toilet. Hot blonde went in a while later and of course it wouldn’t flush. Afterwards I went in and drank her pee."

5. I fucked the cleaning lady’s boot

"I fucked the cleaning lady’s boot (not to completion, just a few thrusts). It was one of those puffy slipper type things. I thought it was hot to be secretly jacking it a few rooms away from her, then I realized it’d be even hotter to have her walking around not knowing I sexed her foot area."

6. I stare at people while they eat and sleep

"I've been repeatedly told that staring at people when they eat or sleep is creepy and that I need to stop doing it. Well, until someone finally tells me why it’s creepy instead of just telling me “it just is,” I’m gonna keep watching people at the food court eat their food. There’s so much you can learn about a person by watching them eat a hot dog."

7. I drew a face on my dick and talked to it

"Got drunk and drew a face on my dick and had a conversation with it."

8. I helped stuff a dismembered corpse into an oil drum

"I used to live in Paraguay and most things are legal there if you are willing to pay a bribe or keep quiet about it. I had this friend who was studying medicine and he asked me one day if I wanted to go over to his house, hang out and help him with something. I arrived there and this 'something' he wanted me to help him out with was a dead body. Apparently, for a small price, his professor hooked him up with a corpse. By the time I had arrived, it was already dismembered and missing all the organs. My friend wanted to inspect the bones next, but there was still quite a bit of muscle attached to them, so we went out and bought an empty oil drum from a garage and some lime from a hardware store. It was like something out of Breaking Bad."

9. I sold my soul to the Devil

"I was a lonely child. Though surrounded by many siblings, I felt completely isolated. I sold my soul to the Devil. Here was my train of thought on this spontaneous soul-selling: I asked him for someone to like me—a girl to like me—girls to like me—for a short period of time (I didn’t believe it’d work if I asked for girls to like me forever). A week later a girl kissed me on the cheek and we were dating.' Then she broke up with me… two weeks later (DUN DUN DUN). I seriously thought I sold my soul for two weeks of love. Seems to still be the case."

10. I bought people’s souls for a quarter

"I remember having a jar and bringing it to school. I kept little pieces of paper in it and a pencil. This was like in grade 5-6 mind you. Anyways I had a business where I would buy souls off people for 25 cents. This would mean I would write down their name on the paper and fold it up and put it in the jar. If you didn’t think this was creepy enough, keep reading. One day a girl wanted a refund on her soul. I told her I didn’t do refunds. She got very upset and demanded I give her back her soul. Young me decided it would be good to just start ripping up her piece of paper. Needless to say, as a naive youngling, she believed all this and was mortified to the point of tears. That was a fun trip to the principal's office. Looking back on it, it was manipulative, weird, exploitive, and just plain creepy."


Just So You Know, It’s Okay To Feel Everything

Posted: 13 Apr 2016 04:28 PM PDT


It's okay to feel things, and to feel them deeply.

To cry at the end of your favorite movie, to smile ear-to-ear when your crush texts you, or to close your eyes, lean your head back, and just bask in the sun.

It's okay to feel excitement, to feel loneliness, to feel fear.

To feel anxiety, indecision, unexpected calm.

It's okay to feel pain, to let it soak into your pores, into each delicate cell of your skin.

Allowing yourself to feel doesn't mean you're weak. Rather, it opens you. It makes you human.

To feel means that you are experiencing life. It means that you are letting yourself be a real person. A person with faults and flaws, expectations and emotions. A person that is capable of loving and forgiving, breaking and rebuilding, again and again.

To feel means embracing the ups and downs, accepting that you can feel hurt and happiness almost simultaneously. It means that wonderful, dizzying moments of joy will occur when you least expect them. It means that sh*tty things are inevitable, and that's okay.

Wherever you are—right now, in this moment—embrace your feelings. Close your eyes and let your emotions consume you, cover you like a blanket, warm you from the inside out.

If you are in a moment of celebration, pull that close. Fill your heart, let it flutter.

If you are in a moment of darkness, let yourself be pulled down, weighted and heavy.

Let yourself find peace in the little things, laugh at the carefree moments, revel in the ecstasy of something wonderful and unexpected. Let yourself wallow in the brokenness of a failed relationship, the betrayal, the fear, the uncertainty of what's to come next.

Let yourself be sad, for as long as you need. Then turn your face, once again, to the sun.

It's okay to feel. To feel deeply. To feel intensely. To let your emotions control every part of you, even the parts that should be rational and poised. This life is too short to not experience things fully. Too short to not be true to the thoughts rolling around your mind. And too short to not be yourself—your good and bad and crazy and sullen and lonely and joyful and quiet and ecstatic self. TC mark

10 Things God Wants You To Remember When Life Gets Rough

Posted: 13 Apr 2016 04:00 PM PDT

1. He is listening. He is listening to your prayers, your fears, your pain and your silence. He is listening to what you are asking for and in time he will either give you what you were asking for or something much better.

2. He is making you stronger. With every unanswered prayer, with every disappointment, with every hurdle, with every loss, he is making you stronger. He is giving you the strength you need so you can be strong for others. So you can be a strong mother, a strong father, a strong wife, a strong husband, a strong daughter, a strong son, and a strong friend.

3. He has a better plan for you. He knows what's better for you, he knows what you need not what you want. He is planning the perfect timing for your life. The timing of your love, the timing of your career, and the timing of your miracle.

4. He will answer your questions. He will show you why you didn't get that job, or why it didn't work out with that person. He will show you why you lost a loved one, why he broke your heart or why he tested you so much. He will make things clear to you and you will thank him for it.

5. He will heal you. He will heal your broken heart, he will ease your restless mind, and he will solve the mystery of your puzzled thoughts. He wants you to be patient but he will always fix you.

6. He wants you to trust him. He wants you to have faith in him, he wants you to leave the big things – the uncontrollable things up to him, he wants you to believe in him, he wants you to go back to him when you think you have no one and he wants you to trust that he will provide for you when you lose everything. He will always rescue you before you drown.

7. He wants you to know you're never alone. He is always there with you; when you're scared or confused, he is there with you. When you're afraid of the dark, he is there with you. When you are crying late at night and you think no one can hear you, he can hear you. When you've given up on your life and on love and think you have no one, you have him. No matter where you are, he is always with you and he wants you to trust that he is enough.

8. He wants you to grow. He wants to you to change, he wants you to learn things the hard way, he wants you to evolve, he wants you step outside of your comfort zone, he wants you to lose your way so you can find him and find yourself. He wants you to be wise and strong and he wants you to prosper.

9. He wants you to know he loves you. He loves you more than you know, he may be hard on you sometimes but he loves you, he may not give you everything you asked for but he loves you. No matter how many mistakes you’ve made or how many times you got angry with him, he still loves you, he forgives you and he is turning your life around. He doesn't love you for your money or your looks or your status, he loves you for you. God loves you more in a moment than anyone could in a lifetime.

10. He wants you to believe in miracles. He is bringing you small miracles so you can believe in the big miracles. In every dream of yours that come true, in every pleasant surprise you get, in every enlightening situation you encounter, in every person who moved you, in every person you loved – he’s making miracles happen. He's a God of magic, wonder and hope and he wants you to believe that. TC mark