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This Girl Didn’t Like Other Women Texting ‘Her Man’, But Then She TOTALLY Got Owned

Posted: 13 Jul 2016 08:30 PM PDT / Gremlin / Gremlin

It’s natural in relationships to be a little insecure from time-to-time. Especially early on, it can feel like love is super fragile and we can get nervous about things working out. That being said, this girl seemed to be taking her paranoia a little too far.

She noticed that a girl texted “her man” about how his flight was. She immediately gets defensive, and hilarity ensues:

via Imgur
via Imgur


It was his SISTER. And this girl got a big cold bucket of “real talk” dumped on her day. TC mark

I’m Not The Kind Of Girl You Call When You’re Lonely

Posted: 13 Jul 2016 08:00 PM PDT

Lucy Maude Ellis
Lucy Maude Ellis

I'm not the kind of girl you keep on the backburner, the one whose number you dial when it's late at night and there's no one else to pick up the phone. I'm not the booty call, the girl that's just here to satisfy your needs or to be a warm body next to yours when the other half of the bed feels cold.

I'm not the kind of girl you reach for when the other options have come up short, when you're tired of doing things solo or when you're craving some type of connection and you figure, why not.

I'm not the kind of girl that's just an option on a list, the girl that you think of only when you're desperate or when there's no one else.

I'm not just going to be there when you're lonely, or be your temporary fix. I'm not into a meaningless sort of connection. I want something real.

This is who I am—a girl who cares, a girl who loves. I want something that matters, something that's meaningful. I want someone who's going to see me as theirs and not theirs for the moment.

I have a big heart, a heart I want share.
But I'm not going to give it to someone who will just toss it aside.

I could give you the world; I could care for you better than anyone ever has. But I won't settle for just being an option. I won't settle for being the girl you only think about when the sun's gone down and there's no one else to call.

I won't be girl that's only here when you're lonely.
Because I want to be the girl that's your everything.

I want to be the girl that you think about no matter what you're feeling—when you're on top of the world or at your lowest. I want to be the girl you call when you're driving home from work or when you're just waking up on a Saturday.

I want to be the girl that fills your mind, makes you dizzy with happiness. With love.

I don't want to be someone that's a temporary fix; I want to be the reason you feel whole.

I want us to be all in.
And I won't settle for less than that. TC mark

Gaze Into The Deadlights Of Our First Official Look At The New Pennywise

Posted: 13 Jul 2016 07:25 PM PDT

Afraid of clowns? Did Stephen King’s IT — whether the book or the television miniseries — traumatize you as a child, or even as an adult? Well, then I’m sorry for what I’m about to do to you. For the rest of us eagerly awaiting the new film adaptation of what could be argued as one of King’s best works, enjoy: our first look at Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise the Dancing Clown.

Instagram Photo

This. Does. Not. Disappoint.

Horror fans are so excited for an R-rated taste of IT but understandably cautious to expect too much, especially after the loss of “True Detective” director Cary Fukunaga, but this appetizer of what’s to come should calm us down… for now.

Until then, we’ll all keep floating down here… in eager anticipation. TC mark

I Went On Vacation And Had The Hottest Sex Of My Life (With Another Woman)

Posted: 13 Jul 2016 07:15 PM PDT


I was vacationing in a small seaside town to celebrate my 40th birthday. I was feeling a little blue since I had gone through a breakup about a month back and with the big 4O approaching I was feeling a strange mixture of melancholy and anxiety.

One evening I sat in the seaside cafe (nothing more than a hut with a make shift bar on one side, really) reading a book when a young girl approached me. She was staying at the same hotel as me and I had seen her in the morning going for a dip wearing a bikini so tiny that it barely covered her crotch. She had a boyish haircut and small, but perky breasts. When I looked up she stood in front of me in denim shorts that were barely there and a white shirt so carelessly buttoned that most of her flat tanned stomach and her tiny black bra showed through it.

“Hey gorgeous, I am Mia,” she said and winked. Then she bent and whispered in my ear, "I have a bet with my friends that I would French kiss the first hot chick we will see here, so please play along."

Before I could say something, or even set my book down, she put her lips on my own. I was so stunned that before I could react her hand slipped through the neck of my summer dress and expertly inside my bra to cup my breast. It was a ladies only evening at the cafe so there were only about six women in the cafe. I was surprised to find myself on my feet that felt like they were made of jelly and responding to her kiss. All the ladies cheered and whooped. When we broke free I was breathless and blushing to my roots.

I almost ran out of the cafe. As I walked the half mile between the cafe and my hotel, I turned back and saw her following me. She walked like a predator, sure, and was stalking me like her prey. A handbag carried over one shoulder was the only feminine accessory on her.

She caught up with me in the elevator and again attacked me. She pinned my hands over my head and pressed me to the wall as her tongue darted deep in my mouth. This time I too responded and touched her tongue with mine. Her shirt was open so her tiny breasts pressed to my own larger, but slightly sagging ones. She was shorter and definitely weaker than me. I could have pushed her away easily, but there was something about the self-assured way with which she made her moves that made her irresistible.

We stumbled together in my room and Mia pushed me so hard on the bed that I gave a surprised yelp. She raised my dress to my hips and yanked my granny panties down in one swift move. I screamed and sat up in bed. Mia showed surprising strength and pushed me back on bed. She planted her knees on either side of my waist and held my hands with one hand over my head.

"You like this don't you doll?" she asked and bent to kiss me. Her mouth tasted of chewing gum and strong tobacco. Her hand moved to cup my breast with her as we kissed. This time I pushed my tongue against hers and weakly tried to free my arms.

"Won't you behave darling?" she said and pulled the scarf I had around my neck. She took both my wrists and tied them to the bedpost with the scarf.

I am letting a skinny chick to tie me to my damn bedpost, I thought and tried to choke back the crazy laughter.

I felt her hands working the buttons of my dress and the expertly undo my bra hook. Mia took my right breast in her palm and kneaded it while her mouth went to work on my left nipple. I was so sore and tender and full there. I sighed and arched my back. Mia took her time kissing my nipples alternately before moving down to kiss my stomach. I was painfully aware of the small roll of fat there but my young lover did not seem to care.

She slowly licked my navel and my sides and then climbed down from bed to sit on her knees between my spread legs. She touched my cuntlips with her finger. I screamed and tried to close my legs. Mia without any warning slapped the inside of my thigh quite hard. I screamed hard as tears sprang to my eyes.

"Did I say you could close your thighs doll?" she asked in a hard voice and forced my thighs apart. She held my ankles and kissed my calves. That is one part of my body I have never been kissed before and I found the sensation different and heady.

Mia moved up, taking her time. Her moves were practiced, deliberate. She seemed to be in no hurry while I was close to orgasiming for the first time already. There was another electric shock moment when she kissed the underside of my knees (ladies, if you have not been kissed there, you must ask your partner. It is magic!).

She again climbed in bed and stroked the spot where she had hit me. I was moaning and trying to move my hips. A weird moment when we looked in each other's eyes. My eyes pleaded, hers seemed strangely disconnected. She discarded her shirt and reached behind to unhook her brassiere. It came off to show her tea cup sized breasts. Her nipples were only half erect.

She is so in control.

She moved up and kissed my lips. I responded and tried to free my hands. She shook her head and stroked the area just above my vagina with her hand. The touch was feathery light and it sent shock waves through my body.

"Mia… please…. Ohhhhh," I was moaning and thrashing my legs. She kept that maddening stroking, careful not to touch my vagina and touching within a centimetre of it for more than a minute. I was feeling faint with arousal now.

Finally, blissfully Mia positioned herself on her knees again and put her lips on my cunt. Her tongue touching there was like an electric shock again. I tried to sit up but could not due ato my hands tied over my head.

I thrust my ample hips at her as her tongue began to explore the depths of my cunt. I always thought my ex-boyfriend was better than average in eating a girl, but the sensation of having your body explored by a woman was out of the world. Mia went to work on me and soon picked pace. I was wiggling and finally managed to untie my hands.

I sat up and stroked her hair. She looked up and said "Did I say you could sit doll?" and made me lie on my back again. Her tongue now explored the depths of my cunt while her hands played with my breasts and their hard as pebble nipples. The orgasm when it eventually came, nearly left me unconscious. It got better when my lover mounted me, pinned my legs with hers and again kissed my mouth hard. I responded hungrily while our hands explored each other's smooth bodies.

Lying entwined like that, I told her everything about my boyfriend, about how he abandoned me when I was at my most vulnerable. Mia listened without a comment. She was smoking a fat cigar as I talked my heart out.

"You know what you need doll?" she finally asked touching my right breast lightly,

"What?" I asked shyly.

Mia rolled on top of me again and kissed me in her usual slow, luxurious fashion.

"You need love doll, you need a guy to make you feel all girlie, weak and submissive," as she spoke, she grinded her middle against mine. The way my body responded was an admission that Mia was telling the truth. I kissed her back and hid my face in her small breasts.

The weekend had just started. TC mark

I Cherish Every Memory, Bad And Beautiful, Because They Have Built Me

Posted: 13 Jul 2016 07:00 PM PDT

Gabriela Pinto
Gabriela Pinto

There are many times when I sit alone reflecting on the life I have lived. Though young, I astonish myself so often. It is as though a mental visionary photo album stores itself upon the bookshelf within my mind. Whether I want to remove it from the shelf or not is a choice I rarely have. A single noise, smell or image – all seem to hold a special key to this album. With such grace yet absolute manipulation, the key is entered, twisted and the album unlocks. Images begin to unfold. Memories.

I believe that I speak for everyone in saying that we all have memories we never want to forget. We cherish them for thousands of reasons. Some are ones that fill our souls with the greatest happiness. Whilst, others remind of us of how our souls felt as though they'd been ripped in two. These are probably the memories most wish to forget. Perhaps this is because pain and sorrow are frightful emotions. Why would we want to hold onto them? A question I would ask many people if I had never experienced heartbreak in any form. Though, because I have… in many different unimaginable ways, I have really found the importance of holding onto both good and bad memories.

So, as we are talking memories, I’d like to ask you to do something.

Close your eyes… imagine a time you just so truly wish to forget, but can't. Do it now. Let yourself be uncomfortable for just a few minutes. Hold me accountable and scream at me through the screen you are reading if it really goes deep…

Assuming you have done just what I asked, please now breathe… become calm again. For you have overcome the hellish time that often obstructs your mind. These memories may haunt you. They may make you want to never feel another thing. Hell, they probably make you want to punch somebody in the face.

But, don't you see? Don't you see, that although you went through a living nightmare – you have come to the end?

Perhaps, you are still going through a time and it is not yet a memory.

But you are here. You are reading this. You are still living. You have made another day.

Now, if you don't realize that alone is magnificent, then my dear virtual friend you are far too hard on yourself.

Many times, when I have come to moments where I have felt both mentally and physically drained, something incredible has happened. The view in front of me turned from doom and gloom to a bright blue sky filled with chirping free flying birds – with just one connection.

The smile shared with an innocent silly child. The warm furry hug of a beloved animal. The pat on the back from a very masculine man at work who says, "come on girl". The inspiring quote you see on Instagram. The friends who become delivery girls to make sure you're getting your 5-a-day. The partner who says, "I believe in you". The homeless person who so gratefully accepts your donation of a huge chocolate chip cookie. Your siblings who remind you of the crazy child you once were. The cups of your favorite teas.

These are connections that spur you on during negative times. These are the experiences that help you to regain your strength. They help you to believe in yourself. To feel utterly grateful for what you have/have had. They may only fix your view on the world for some time.

But often, it is only something so sweet and short that you need to regain humanity.

Life without hard times would not be life at all.

All the negativity I have ever had, has given me such an enormous sense of livelihood. For this, I will be forever grateful. I sure as hell do not welcome any further heartache, but I sure as hell know that with the power I now have through true life experiences – I can take on anything.

So, although some wish their memories to be forgotten… I wish to never forget mine. For they have taught me the greatest lessons of all.

I have learned to turn them into mystics of magic… for their unpredicted, unwelcomed, unwanted storylines – that they have forced upon me and successfully made the strongest character of. TC mark

The Inspirational Story Of Pokémon Go’s Creation Will Inspire You To Never Give Up On Your Dreams

Posted: 13 Jul 2016 06:45 PM PDT

Facebook / Roger James Hamilton
Facebook / Roger James Hamilton

Pokémon Go — the new game that allows you to bring the popular world of Pokémon into your everyday surroundings — has been a huge hit. Many financial spectators expect the name to have increased Nintendo’s value by over $7 billion, and it has become an overnight pop culture staple.

But this rapid success didn’t actually happen overnight!

The game’s creator, John Hanke, has been working toward this goal for over twenty years. Entrepreneur Roger James Hamilton tells the whole story in a pretty moving Facebook post:


Success might not come right away. Sometimes it takes a very long time to accomplish something truly great. But never give up on your dreams. Achieving your wildest dreams will not be easy, it will not be fast, but it can — and will — happen if you keep fighting for it. TC mark

Take Your Time To Heal

Posted: 13 Jul 2016 06:00 PM PDT

You are calling yourself
worthless and weak again
because you feel like
you are taking too long to heal
too long to be 'normal' again
and it makes me ache inside
to watch you tear yourself
down this way.

Because you are neither
worthless nor weak.

What about all the tremendous wars
you have been fighting within yourself
whilst the rest of the world sleeps?

What about the battle cries that echo
in your mind from fighting fearsome demons
made of pain and damage and destruction?

What about all the heartache
you have survived,
that you have pulled yourself through?

You are stronger, stronger
than anyone gives you credit for.
Stronger than even you know.

So your survival is different,
your survival demands more
to heal your pain.

Healing has never been a straight road, love.
It contains the steepest mountains and valleys
and the deepest of oceans.

Repeat after me:

Healing is not horizontal
and I am allowed to take my time.

Healing is not horizontal
and I am allowed to take my time.

Healing is not horizontal
and I am allowed to take my time. TC mark

Nikita Gill is a poet and the author of the book Your Soul Is A River.


Your Soul Is A River is available as a physical and electronic book. You can buy it here

I Will Love You Forever Because I Promised I Would

Posted: 13 Jul 2016 05:00 PM PDT

I've fallen in love before. At least I thought I had.

When I loved before it was broken by stupid mistakes, annoying habits, and time. This time with you was different though. Mistakes seemed like impossible tasks. Annoying habits caused small smiles. And time was a theory made up my man.

I watched flowers bloom in your eyes. It was spring and my favorite color became you. The sun started to shine brighter and my heart beat lined up to yours. Long days turned into short nights with you. The air grew colder and our toes intertwined to stay warm. The leaves echoed the color of your hair and I saw you everywhere I looked. Hats and scarves became everyday necessities and your sweatshirt was my blanket. The frozen air was not a match to our flame. Your voice was now my music and your arms were my home. The cold lasted too long and as the ground began to change, so did we.

The earth got warmer, but our love had gone cold. The sun beamed down too much on my body for me to notice. But you had. I saw flowers being born again, but your eyes weren’t looking at me. It's hot out now, but my feet have never been so cold. The earth is filled with colors but I've forgotten what my favorite looks like.

Every day reminds me of us. My love for you hasn't gone away. I told myself that I would love you forever. I promised you that I would love you always. As the seasons change from summer, to fall, quickly into winter and too long into spring, I know one thing won't. Being in love with you may not be my future anymore, but loving you is. My broken heart will heal, my favorite color will return, my heart will beat individually, and my promise will still be kept. Unconditional love does not come around often, and it is not always a two way streak. Being destroyed by someone usually causes hatred. Hatred will only hurt me though, and despite me losing you, you're the one that lost something. My love for you is unconditional and you lost the ability to feel that from me. I will care from afar. I will hope you are happy from miles away. I will think about your fears and wish them all away, and when I see a shooting star I will remember you and your dreams. You will forget about me and the way I looked at you. You will fall in love and my kiss will be a distant memory. You will delete photos and throw away gifts. But I won't.

When the air gets cold again I will keep myself warm. When the flowers die I will remember your eyes. I will love you forever because I promised I would. I will love you forever because how could I not? You may never experience unconditional love, but I have. It's painful, and sad. It's frustrating, and difficult. It's also wonderful, and beautiful. I am mad at you for kissing my scars and then making new ones. I am hurt that you forgot me as quickly as you made me feel remembered. But I am happy. I am happy I get to love you despite what you've done. I am happy I know what it's like to love without limits. Even if the person I love is you.

I've fallen in love before. At least I thought I had. I will fall in love again and I hope I can love them like I love you. TC mark

This Is How I Will Fall Out Of Love With You

Posted: 13 Jul 2016 04:00 PM PDT

I met you and fell in love with you so hard and quickly. It's an absurd human reaction which they called love at first sight. I never believed it till I met you. It's funny and totally unacceptable to my norms and personal rules of nature. Thus, it is when I found refuge and simple happiness.

Then, the universe brutally unfolds the truth about my lunacy of falling in love so fast. Everything started to make sense and little did I know, the game of make believe does not work its wonders anymore. It became obvious that you say only what I want to hear, then you flaked and ghosted and now gone. But, hon, I will accept and embrace this truth. This is how I will unlove you.

1. I will delete your number even if I memorized it by heart.

I will delete it and save it again like the way I love and hate you now at the same time. I will stare at my phone screen whenever you're online and hope that you think of me too. I will anticipate a call from you one of these days or a late night text messages. I will do this till I get tired of waiting and get disappointed over and over again.

2. I will look at your pictures.

I will memorize your face. Retrace every line of it in my mind, all the imperfections that I adored, each part of it that I filled with kisses. I will look at your pictures till it pains me to realize that I will never see you again.

3. I will think of you every second of every day.

I will fill my thoughts of you till you distract me from my routines. I will imagine what I wished we have become and think about all those passionate moments we shared. I will dream of you every night and whisper words that I longed for you to hear before I drift into slumber. So, when I wake up with lingering memories of you, it will break my heart and hope that I will never dream of you again. I will think of you till it's hard to breathe; till I abhor the feeling of it all.

4. I will forgive you; but mostly I will forgive myself.

I will forgive you for being so perfectly flawed that I see you so perfect for me; damaged and broken. I will forgive you for not having the guts to end it before it begins; when you know you are just stringing along. I will forgive you for not feeling the same way and I will forgive myself for allowing you to come into my life even if I know you won't stay. You are the same kind of mistake I will never learn.

For all it's worth, I do not regret knowing you at the time I am most vulnerable. You are a beautiful person whom I met at the wrong time. Someday, everything will make sense for both of us. If we cross our paths again, I will look at you with no self-loath; no pain. I will smile to you and not hate you, I promise. I will do that because I am better without you; that, we both know. TC mark

This Is How You Love Yourself

Posted: 13 Jul 2016 03:01 PM PDT


Take a look at yourself in the mirror. Come on, do it. Take yourself in because my god there is no one else in the world quite like you. No one else who has your eyes and your laugh, your scars and birthmarks, indentions and bruises, your stories scattered across your skin. There is no one else in all of history who looks exactly like you or who ever will. You think you're too much or not enough, and you want to change as much as you can.

Please know you're not a bad person for wanting to change things, but don't sell yourself so short. Please know that people will love you, people already do love you, exactly as you are.

Take a look at your mind. Your perspectives on the world are just as valuable as anyone else's. Your opinions and the way you think about things and see them in your own way are crucial in this world. The world doesn't need just one thinking pattern. The people in your life don't need only one point of view, but they need yours too even if it challenges them. Because how do we ever grow if we aren't pushed to rise to the occasion? Your voice and the way you take in this life you're living needs to be heard, so why do you quiet yourself? Why are you so afraid?

Take a look at your heart.

Regardless of if you are full of all types of compassion and you think your it might burst, or you are more reserved with how it works, it's beautiful.

We all have hearts and they all beat and thrive in their own ways. They way you choose to love and express love is important. Whether you are someone who is able to understand and value other's feelings and encourage them, or if you're able to press through and make necessary decisions in the midst of hard situations, you're necessary. You're not too overwhelming and you're not cold-hearted, because those labels are simply words attempting to define someone so undefinable as you.

So why do you try to restrain your heart, or wring it dry to squeeze out something more?

Take a moment to understand that not everyone is meant to love you, and that's perfectly okay. You are not a one size fits all option meant for hundreds of grasping hands searching for a quick fix. You weren't meant to stretch yourself thin to meet everyone's standards, skating on thin ice. You were meant to love and be loved, by people who recognize your worth, not someone trying to create it.

And until that time comes, learn to love yourself first. You must do this, and you must do this without hesitancy or doubt. Because how can anyone else ever see you are worth it if you keep telling them you're not? How can anyone love you if you tell them you aren't worth loving?

They can't. So please, love yourself.

Love every single part and every single fabric that's woven you together.

One day, you'll find someone who will step up and love you exactly as you are.

But today, right now, begin by loving yourself. TC mark