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15 Hot Tips For Taking Doggy Style From ‘Bleh’ To Badass

Posted: 24 Jul 2016 08:00 PM PDT

1. Turn your head while he’s thrusting, so you can make eye contact with him. The sex can still be intimate, even when he’s behind you, you know.

2. If you don’t want to get any neck cramps, then skip the first tip and put up mirrors in your bedroom instead. That way, you’ll get to see your boyfriend from a completely new angle.

3. Reach back and latch onto whatever you can grab, which will most likely be his leg. Then dig your nails in to show him how much you’re enjoying his moves.

4. When he puts his hands on your waist, grab them and reposition them over your tits. Let him know that you want him to play with your nipples without saying the words.

5. If you’re a visual creature, and hate the fact that you can’t see your man, then try putting on some porn. If you can’t face him, you can at least face the television.

6. Test out different angles. Try bending your arms a little bit more, try arching your back a little bit less, or just try using pillows to prop up different parts of your body.

7. If you like taking it from behind, but don’t like hovering in the push-up position, then you can have him bend you over the edge of your couch instead. That way, you won’t have to use up all of your energy by keeping yourself propped up.

8. Ask him to get a little rough, so you don’t get bored staring at the wall. A little hair pulling and light spanking should keep you occupied.

9. Even better, smack your own ass or rub your own clit. Why wait for him to perform moves you can perform yourself?

10. Involve handcuffs. If your arms are stuck behind your back, and you can’t use them to prop yourself up, it’ll give you another new angle to try. It might be your favorite one yet.

11. Refrain from removing all of your clothes. When you’re still half-dressed, you’ll feel naughtier. Doing it doggy style in a skirt is way hotter than doing it doggy style while completely naked.

12. Dirty talk. Even if you’re usually super shy, it should be pretty easy for you to say kinky shit when you’re staring at the headboard instead of looking into his eyes.

13. If you’re into anal, ask him to play with your ass. He’ll be happy to obey.

14. During doggy style, he’ll be in the perfect position to reach your clit, so you might as well put his hands to use. If you don’t think he can rub you the right way, hand him a vibrator and let it do the work instead.

15. When all else fails, fantasize. You don’t have to imagine some hot celebrity that you don’t stand a chance with in real life. Just imagine your boyfriend fucking you on a balcony in Paris. It should do the trick. TC mark

30 PG-13 Text Messages That Are Way Sexier Than Straight Up Sexting

Posted: 24 Jul 2016 07:15 PM PDT


1. “I’m in bed thinking about you.”

2. “I can’t stop thinking about your tongue inside my mouth.”

3. “You make me feel so naughty.”

4. “I miss the way your lips feel around mine.”

5. “I can’t believe how much you’ve made my mind wander today…”

6. “Your body is perfect.”

7. “What color are your boxers today?”

8. “Just so you know, no has ever turned me on like this.”

9. “I was thinking about you in bed earlier. You made me make such a mess.”

10. “I’m all wound up thinking about you. Any ideas for a release?”

11. “Have I ever told you that I like to be spanked?”

12. “Come home so I can kiss your neck.”

13. “Remind me why you’re not underneath me right now?”

14. “I can’t focus on work today. I keep thinking about the other night.”

15. “I’m so stressed out, can you help me unwind later? In the fun way.”

16. “I’m going to wear something low cut when we hang out tomorrow so you have to stare at my cleavage all day and know you can’t do anything about it until later.”

17. “When I see you tonight, where do you want me to kiss you first?”

18. “I just washed my sheets. Can’t wait to make them dirty again.”

19. “Hearing your voice always turns me on.”

20. “I wish you knew how bad I’m missing your mouth right now.”

21. “Thinking about seeing you later is filling my head with dirty thoughts.”

22. “I’m really craving your hands on my body right now.”

23. “Your body drives me crazy.”

24. “Let’s skip dinner and have fun at home instead.”

25. “Wear sweats when you come over tonight. Nothing underneath.”

26. “I’ve been such a good girl today I think I deserve to have some fun tonight.”

27. “I want to do bad things to you.”

28. “I don’t care what movie we stream tonight because my goal is not to actually watch any of it.”

29. “The only thing getting me through this day are all the fun ways you can relieve my stress later.”

30. “My mouth misses you.” TC mark

If You Want Lasting Love, Know This: It’s Not All Roses And Handcuffs

Posted: 24 Jul 2016 07:00 PM PDT / Ondine32 / Ondine32

If someone told me years ago that my relationship would one day change, I would have laughed and said no way.

I write this from a very raw part of my heart. The other night I lay there crying for unknown reasons [okay, maybe not unknown – the utero was having it’s monthly party] as I tried to go to sleep.

He was snoring his busy week away and I was wide awake thinking of all the things we used to do. How different we use to be. I was mad at him for changing. I was mad at myself for changing. It is no one’s fault. It’s just a moment in our life where I can say – it’s not all roses and handcuffs.

The long date nights have gone.

The sleep-ins are non existent.

The surprise weekends away, we can no longer afford them.

The new underwear – seriously who even made edible underwear "excuse me whilst I finish my mouthful of cotton candy, shit I’ve got a hole in my tooth, that hurt"…. Completely impractical.

The long hot showers, are now luke warm and we're tag teaming kids in between.

The late nights are now laying there silently with our backs to each other hoping the other one will get up for the crying baby.

The text messages that use to read about how much they love you and why. Now they’re more likely " Babes got my period, get pads – wings. Don’t forget the bloody wings. Hazelnut magnums, not the minis that means I have to eat three, I'd rather just eat two big ones. And whatever you and the kids want for dinner. Can't cook dying."

The spray tans and shaved beaver are now for birthdays, nights out and possibly [I mean possibly] because I just simply feel bad for him.

Children are hard work. They do put a damper on things. Some people may be able to keep their shit together but some people, like us, we find it hard to balance.

The children have become the number one priority and at some point we need to learn to put our relationship towards the top of that priority list. I think in time it will become that way again. You have to make it past these difficult times to get there. It’s not that its even difficult, its just different. And sometimes different is really hard.

Things have changed. Have they changed for the worse?

No. I don’t think so. I think this moment in our lives is where we need to be right now. I am still very very much in love with my husband. It's just a different kind of relationship now.

It's commitment.

It's contentment.

It's frustrating.

It's repetitive.

It's another chapter in our life.

I know not all people go through this. But I have. I think it's normal and I also think that I cant be alone in this. Surely there are other people out there who feel the same?

Is the romance dead?

No. It’s very much alive but it also has another 3 humans involved it’s not as easy anymore. Do I think he deserves more? Of course I do. He deserves the world when at this moment all I can give him is a hairy, cranky wife.

If someone asked me today "Did your relationship change over time?" I would answer – Yes. Nothing is going to be easy forever. Nothing is going to stay the same. And that’s okay. Life is all about the change. It's about becoming together and staying together during the good, the ugly and the children.

Once you stop comparing yourselves to your old selves it becomes easier. Once you talk to each other about it you understand you’re both feeling the same way. Of course it’s worrying and of course its scary. No one likes change, and no one expects change. But just like everything else in life – relationships change.

SO here’s to grey pubes [not yet] and sexless nights. No round twos and nothing tight.

I wouldn’t want to be old and saggy with anyone else! TC mark

This Girl Just Could NOT Believe That Her Classmate Wasn’t Romantically Interested In Her

Posted: 24 Jul 2016 06:45 PM PDT

These two individuals had a class together, and began with some nostalgic about bad lectures past.

But it will get dramatic REALLY quick.

via Imgur

She starts off with a maybe racist, definitely awkward statement about the guy’s race.

But she’s not done yet.

via Imgur

She asks him to go on a date with her.

But what happens when he says no?

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I wonder if he responded after that? I probably wouldn’t. TC mark

50 Straight Guys Confess The ‘Gayest’ Thing They’ve Ever Done

Posted: 24 Jul 2016 06:00 PM PDT

Flickr / Benjamin Linh VU
Flickr / Benjamin Linh VU
Found on AskReddit.

1. He grabbed my dick and said, 'Whoops, a fish.'

"I was swimming with my friend in a lake at a crowded beach. He grabbed my dick and said, 'Whoops, a fish.' Never asked him why he did it."

2. Sucked some dicks because my wife wanted to watch me do it.

"Sucked some dicks because my wife wanted to watch me do it. It was fun. 7/10, would suck again."

3. When I was about 13-14 I had a wet dream that I came inside Al Gore.

"When I was about 13-14 I had a wet dream that I came inside Al Gore. Never been attracted to men, that dream freaked me out for many years."

4. I fucked myself with a plunger while jacking off, then it caused me to shit.

"I fucked myself with a plunger while jacking off, then it caused me to shit. I’m a guy."

5. My cousin invented a game called 'Weiner Wars.'

"My cousin invented a game called 'Weiner Wars.' Each player whipped out their dick and got it hard. Then we would proceed to play 'swords' with our dicks and the person who stayed hard longest won. I always won."

6. For a while now my friends and I have been sticking our fingers in each other's buttholes.

"Well, for a while now my friends and I have been sticking our fingers in each other's buttholes. Not in a sexual way at all but its like in the anime Naruto. Its more funny and its pretty much like a slap to the face. We’ve gotten so used to it that we’ve started clenching our butt cheeks together whenever we are around each other. But at the end of the day, my fingers have been second knuckle deep in a few different mens assholes."

7. Swordfight!

"I once decided to fence an opposing male with my Captain Johnson to decide who was truly the best knight in the land."

8. I started blowing him underwater. I'm a swimmer so I can hold my breath comfortably for more than two minutes.

"Well, we were all outside a bit past 11 pm. We were sitting in these lawn chairs just chilling, talking, the usual when three guys are drunk. Then someone had the idea of what it’d feel like being in hot tub while drunk, so we all got up and walked over. Then someone else said they didn’t have any swim trunks so what would they do?

Either I or my other friend responded with, 'Who the hell cares? Just strip down.' Being drunk, that sounded fine and then once one person did, the other two got naked in the hot tub also. We were fine for a while, still talking, but then I started to eye one of my friends a bit. I’m not gonna lie, for his height and build, he had a way bigger dick than I would’ve expected.

Somehow we all started talking about our sexual experiences, and then he (my friend with the big dick) remarked how he was getting turned on. I slid over next to him and started jerking him off, and then eventually started blowing him underwater. I’m a swimmer so I can hold my breath comfortably for more than two minutes. Things progressed to where I was switching off between them. Then someone figured out that this was weird and stopped. We all got out and began trying to find our clothes, for some reason they weren’t just on the ground. We were moving the drinks into the garage, all still naked, and my friend was walking toward me. I stopped him, crouched down, and blew him some more. I kind of gripped his ass a bit I think and pulled him closer. Then we got dressed, played a couple rounds of poker, and then we passed out. We all sort of woke up at the same time, I made breakfast, and no one mentioned it or even acknowledged it. I’ve never really talked about it to anyone. But I guess anonymously putting on the internet for the world to see kind of breaks that barrier."

9. From personal experience, joining the Marine Corps is about the gayest thing you could possibly do.

"From personal experience, joining the Marine Corps is about the gayest thing you could possibly do."

10. The weirdest experience of my life was realizing that I definitely wasn’t into dudes when one was inside of me.

"I was 19 and bicurious. Found a guy on Craigslist, we met up at a sleazy motel. The weirdest experience of my life was realizing that I definitely wasn’t into dudes when one was inside of me. He was also MUCH larger than me and he paid for the hotel room, so I felt like I had to let him finish. Not my proudest hour."

11. I wore an 'It's my birthday, touch my cock' T-shirt at a gay bar.

"I seriously doubt anyone will really believe this, but this is my true gay experience as a straight man…back story, purchased my first house which had very terrible rooster wallpaper. Shortly after my friends threw a surprise birthday party for me. For party they made everyone rooster shirts. Mine had a picture of a rooster on the very lower front and over the chest area it said 'It’s my birthday, touch my cock.' Flash-forward about a year. I’m studying with some friends for a grad school class. After studying, we head out for a beer to the local gay club because it was near their house and it was supposedly 'straight night.' My friends, one of which was gay, assured me I would be OK. We got there, had a beer, and then danced. Which is completely ridiculous, because I hate dancing. After a bit I take my long-sleeve shirt off because I was hot from the dancing. I had totally forgot that I was wearing my birthday cock shirt. Remembered right after my friends introduced me to her gay friend. He faked the handshake and went right for the prize. I tried to give him the paint the fence move, but it was too late. I definitely deserved it."

12. I baked a cake and watched RENT with my male roommate.

"In college, I found out my roommate had never seen RENT (the movie version of the Broadway musical). I told him that needed to change, so that night I baked a cake and we ate it while watching RENT together. 10/10, would do again."

13. I once blew coke up my straight friend's ass with a straw.

"I once blew coke up my straight friend's ass with a straw. Didn’t work as well as he hoped and I felt very depressed once I sobered up the next day."

14. I absolutely love cocks—however, only on a feminine form; males do absolutely nothing for me.

"These stories may disqualify me from the ‘straight guys’ aspect of the post to some, but I personally think it fits here.

First off, let me preface these stories with the fact that I absolutely love cocks—however, only on a feminine form; males do absolutely nothing for me. I’ve been this way since I was a teen (I’m in my late twenties now). I am currently happily engaged to my fiancee of two years and she does not and probably will not ever know about this.

I have a few more stories than these two, but they’re pretty similar so I wont go too far into detail.

Anyway, onto the first story. This was when I was around 20-21. Around that time, I had started signing up for several very ‘specific’ dating sites. Basically, sites for men looking for transgendered individuals. Ended up messaging someone on there and we hit it off pretty quickly and decided to meet up. She was about 16 years older than I was, but nothing was going to stop me. I ended up driving about an hour and a half to meet her halfway to her house and the two of us decided to head over to a secluded dock that she knew of in the area. Once we arrived, things started getting pretty sensual very quickly. I pulled a blanket out of the back of my car and laid it down on the dock and, after a lot of heavy petting, she ended up inside of me, wrapped her arms around my waist, and eventually finished inside of me. This went on for almost a year, and I was constantly going over to her house to let her have her way with me.

Second story. This was when I was about 21-22. Same situation, however this time I was truly interested in ‘dating’ and not just casual sex. Anyway, after talking for almost a week, we decided that we should meet in person and go on a real date. I ended up picking her up at her house and we went to the closest mall to grab some food and just kind of get to know each other. Eventually we both decided that a movie would be really fun and there was one she way dying to see. We get out tickets and pick out seats in the top right of the theater, not all the way at the top but a little more than halfway back. It became quickly clear that we were far more interested in each other than the movie. After grabbing and stroking at each other, she places her jacket over her lap and I get underneath the jacket and proceed to give her a blowjob for almost half of the movie, loving every second of it. Eventually, the two of us decide to find somewhere a ‘little’ more private. So we both end up in a stall of the women’s bathroom (Yes, kinda gross, I know), with me on my knees, sucking her off until she finishes."

Would I do it again? Absolutely, but I’ve pretty much accepted that this part of my life is in the past now."

15. I bought myself a dildo for anal play and now it’s the only way I masturbate.

"I bought myself a dildo for anal play and now it’s the only way I masturbate. I still watch straight porn but I love that dick in my ass while I do it."

16. My first year of college I went full gay for like 6 months.

"My first year of college I went full gay for like 6 months. I was totally out of my depth my first year and had too much pride to ask my parents for help. Did coke and weed for the first and last times. ran out of money and food after my first 3 months. My hygiene was terrible; hair looked crazy. I wouldn’t want to be associated with me at the time. A gay guy befriended me and helped me out with food and friendship. One day he offered me a blowjob and then it escalated from there. Never let him fuck me but I did the other shit (literally I got shit dick every time). Then one day I looked at myself in the mirror and was disgusted by what I saw. It wasn’t me and I needed to get out of there. I broke it off and ran my ass back to my hometown and have been trying to bury that year ever since. Been with my lady for 5 years now and got my shit together. I think back to those days sometimes and shudder. Worst year of my life."

17. I've been railed by two T-girls and it wasn’t so bad.

"All right, so I consider myself straight. I don’t like cock and have no interest in touching it or doing anything else with someone else's cock. Not in any way sexually attracted to another man.

I’m a very sexual person. Wouldn’t say sex addict, but I get very distracted. I’m a young professional in my 20s.

I’ve had sex with, I think, 52 women. I’ve had sex with three T-girls. First was when I was blacked out in Thailand and I got ‘surprised’ after picking up a woman at a bar who, well, she was packing three inches of Asian heat. I was so drunk I was like whatever, and put a condom on turned her around and went to town. Dry, no lube. What a champ.

The last two times were more recent in the last month. I’ve had a little more free time than normal and my mind has wandered off. I’ve used CL for swinging encounters and met with couples off there in hot wife or MFM situations. I only play with the women, again not interested in men.

But recently me and a gal pal got more kinky, trying bondage and we ventured into anal. We bought a few butt plugs and we’ve both used them on each other. It feels pretty good once you get comfortable and relaxed I have to be honest.

So that led me jumping on CL and looking at the T-girl ads. I would say 95% of them are horrible looking, but there was one girl who had an honest ad up just looking for a cool guy to hang with. So, nervous as HELL I show up to her hotel and she sucks me off, I fuck her, and then she fucked me. It hurt like hell initially, but it felt so good eventually…until I had a trace of poo then we stopped doing that and I continued doing my thing to her. She was pretty good looking, looked very feminine and had the realest boob job I’ve ever felt (literally couldn’t tell they weren’t natural DD) and had a big, curvy booty.

The more recent encounter was another lady, she actually ended up telling me she’s a prostitute and SHE was the one who was nervous because she said she’s never hooked up with someone without it being a paid situation. We watched TV for a bit just for both of us to relax. It was an enjoyable situation, it hurt a lot less for me and we had sex for 30 minutes or so. Again, poo problem on my end (not anything crazy, just like ‘oh, maybe you should take a break’) kind of thing.

In those three encounters I didn’t touch their tools at all. No desire to doing that and they were all cool with that.

It’s interesting, it’s exciting and at the same time a feeling of ‘I can’t believe I have done this,' especially when I meet up with my guy or girl friends at the bar the same night. Actually, the second encounter I had, I went clubbing that same night, met a gorgeous girl and was hooking up with her all night, fingering her on the dance floor and we’re planning to meet up. Normal weekend nights, I’ll go out and meet girls and do that routine. Exchange numbers, flirt, etc.

But there’s my secret. I've been railed by two T-girls and it wasn’t so bad."

18. I kissed his beautiful bearded face.

"Close friend was dumped by his then fiancee, which in turn led to a night out of heavy drinking. I remember saying something along the lines of 'I don’t know why she’d leave, but I’d kiss your beautiful bearded face.' After hearing 'so do it then' from nearby, I did. Someone bought us a round later because we 'made a cute couple.' I’m guessing it was the 'so do it' person.

19. The time I ended up taking photos of a gay, amphetamined-up, Hitlerish-looking guy in Austria.

"The time I ended up taking photos of a gay, amphetamined-up, Hitlerish-looking guy, wearing just a string vest and some weird hot pants, the morning after some random house party I ended up at after an interesting hitch-hiking journey in Austria!"

20. We spooned all night long and it was the best I’ve ever felt next to someone.

"I was Internet friends with this guy who lived across the ocean. This guy had a huge crush on me and I teased him a bit (shirtless pics, etc.), but also made it very clear I could never feel the same way. This went on for years. And along the way, he became a she (went trans). I’m pretty sure I was a big part of the reason that happened.

In the meantime I had gotten a travel job and was flying all over the world. One day I found out I’d be flying to his her city, and we decided to hang out for a week. It was an amazing week and we were both having a great time. Long story short, I fell for her hard.

She had a ridiculously tiny apartment (the bedroom and kitchen were basically the same thing) and only one bed, so of course we were sleeping together. But not together…until she rolled onto me in the middle of the night when she thought I was asleep. I pretended I was, and enjoyed every second of it.

The next night (the second to last night I was there) I told her I wanted to be close to her and asked to share her blanket. We spooned all night long and it was the best I’ve ever felt next to someone. That morning we woke up and pretended it never happened.

The next night at 3am when we went to bed, I of course wanted more, but she said it was weird and awkward so I stopped, and basically curled up in a ball on the other side of the bed. Turns out the previous night she wasn’t into it either and only let it happen because she was afraid of telling me no. And the night before that, she was honestly just rolling around in her sleep and had no idea what happened. I called a taxi at 4am to catch my flight out and left depressed and with no closure.
I tried to stay friends, but she won’t talk to me anymore. I thought I was giving her everything she ever wanted, but instead I ruined a great week and lost a friend. I’m still not sure how I feel about everything.
Sorry if you wanted a happy ending. I did, too."

21. Having the best climax to gay porn.

"Having the best climax to gay porn."

22. Before I knew it, he was pretending to 'tickle' my private parts. When it was his turn, I did the same thing he was doing to me, kind of like a game of Simon Says.

"I had a friend in high school that was as competitive as I was. We used to compete and make a game out of everything. Our favorite was 'Distracted Mario Kart.' Basically, we picked an object and tried to use it to distract the other person while they play a race on Mario Kart. Whoever went the farthest or finished the quickest won. Sometimes we would make loud noises, sometimes shoot Nerf guns at the racer, sometimes punch them with a boxing glove.

One day, we were both pretty drunk and started playing. It was an anything-goes race, so while I was racing he started tickling me. When it was his turn, I tickled him as well, and it went on like this for another turn. When it was his turn to tickle me again, I laughed and told him I was immune to his tickles and would win. He took this as a challenge, and tried to find new places to tickle me, places where neither of had gone before. He reached between my legs and tickled the inside part of my thighs. At first, this felt really weird because I'd never had a guy, you know, get so close to my privates before. But I told myself it was just a part of the game and dismissed it. This kind of went on for a while, and before I knew it, he was pretending to 'tickle' my private parts. When it was his turn, I did the same thing he was doing to me, kind of like a game of Simon Says. It was around that time that I realized that we were basically jerking each other off while playing our game, but it wasn’t overly weird to me for whatever reason.

We played like that for probably an hour or so and passed out. We never spoke about that night and we never played Distraction Mario Kart after that; neither of us ever brought it up to play when we were hanging out. This was 10 years ago, and we were both 15-16. We never talked about it again and are still friends in a completely straight way."

23. There was a period in my life when I really wanted to try sucking a dick.

"So back when I was living in a different country, there was a period in my life when I really wanted to try sucking a dick, but at the same time, I didn’t feel attracted to men. I’ve always been attracted to women, and always will be, but I just needed to suck a dick to get it off my head, so naturally, I went for a transsexual sex worker so that I could suck off someone who at least looked like a woman.

I found the perfect one, like, it was impossible to tell she was a guy, and also looked like Rihanna (never been that into Rihanna, but she’s a celebrity and not bad looking either, so w/e).

So we took a cab back to his/her place… I touched his/her dick a bit on the way… I remember how excited about it about it I was. As soon as we get there, I go straight for what I came for and sucked the shit out of his/her dick… Turns out it was nothing special after all, and he/she wasn’t that big, when I was looking forward to a big throbbing cock. He/she made me stop a few times cause I was using my teeth too much, which is understandable, since I had never done it before and had no idea how to do it properly. In the end I just ended up fucking her in the ass while he/she wanked until we both came. I only had $100 US dollars and he/she didn’t have any change. This was more money than she initially asked for, so I had him/her buy me McBreakfast and pay for my cab back home.
5/10, would not do again, however, I don’t regret doing it."

24. I spun around and pissed all over his shirt.

"So I was out with a friend of mine who’s gay and some of his gay friends and we went to a gay club. It was awesome because all these guys were buying me drinks but not with the intention of getting me drunk and taking advantage because, I quote, ‘You dress like a straight guy.' So they were all just being nice really.

My friend's gay friend was a real slut and the whole night he was proudly proclaiming that he was going to turn me. Let’s call him JimBob. He would do stuff like brush up against me and slap my bum because I'm pretty comfortable with my sexuality so I just laughed it off.

At one point I had to go to the toilet. This is where shit got real.

I used the urinal because I'm a huge dumbass. So I'm standing there writing my name in pee as you do and I hear a voice directly behind me say something like 'There’s nowhere to run now’ in a really like rapey-type voice. It’s JimBob and he’s pulling his junk out. Keep in mind I was mid-pee and had to defuse the situation quickly. There was only one thing I could do.

I spun around and pissed all over his shirt.

Like a fireman dousing a bushfire, I attacked JimBob with every mighty strain of my urethra. The poor guy was shrieking like the witch from The Wizard of Oz when she had water poured on her…except pee, not water. At one point he ran into one of the stalls, obviously distraught. I zipped up and bounced the fuck outta there."

25. I grab his dick and decide, nope. Nope nope nope.

"This was when I was in high school, I was figuring out if I was gay or not. Even had a ‘guy friend.' So we had a sleepover with other friends, except a female friend stayed in the same room as us. Yet we both slept in the same bed. Cuddling, I got hard and started grinding. Theeeeen I reach around to go under the pants on him, I grab his dick and decide, nope. Nope nope nope. Surely it was awkward, but… That’s what happened. Blue-balled each other, and everything."

26. Wow, that’s it…I’m gay now.

"I skipped a review day for one of my classes and went to go get drunk with my friend at her house. She invites her boyfriend, his friends, and their girlfriends for a small pool BBQ. They all declined to drink because they had something to do but were playing spin the bottle with one of my beer bottles.

In the most fucked-up events possible I was roped in to play a sort of swingers spin the bottle. I kept saying no I shouldn’t, but I was drunk and didn’t want to be a downer. I made out with these dudes' girlfriends in front of them and they just high-fived me and shit. When one dude landed on me he actually pop-kissed me. I kinda lost the wind in my lungs 'Wow, that’s it…I’m gay now.'

Then I stopped playing and just went home."

27. I consider myself 100% straight; I just like things in my butt.

"Browsing through Tinder and I matched with a strikingly different looking chick. Right out the gate they told me they were Trans. I was like, 'why the fuck not' and after a short convo I headed to theirs. I let them eat, finger and fuck my never-before-touched ass. Physically, I would be down to do that every day. Mentally, not even close. I consider myself 100% straight; I just like things in my butt."

28. Jerking off and climaxing when the video switched to a close up of the guy's face.

"Jerking off and climaxing when the video switched to a close up of the guy's face."

29. When I was 8, I asked a friend to suck on my feet.

"When I was 8, I asked a friend to suck on my feet. Not sexual or anything, but I just thought it would feel good, which it did very much. Then his mom found us, and it was kind of awkward. He and I ended up being totally straight, and we never spoke of the incident since."

30. Jujitsu fantasies.

"When you spar in jujitsu, one of the common positions to be in (full guard) is a whole lot like missionary sex. There were a few times when I was pushing guys into the mat that I've thought, 'If I were into dudes this would be super-hot.'"

31. I go to quite a few gay bars.

"I go to quite a few gay bars. The mixed drinks taste good, no one is upset if I get a sweet nice-tasting pink drink, the music is better, everyone is way nicer and I get hit on way more. Granted it’s guys hitting on me and I have a girlfriend but it feels good, man."

32. My wrestling partner tried to reach his hand under my butt and accidentally stuck his thumb in my asshole. And that’s how I lost my virginity.

"I wrestled freshman year of high school. Watching my 40-year-old coaches basically dry hump my 15-year-old teammates in front of everyone on the team. Also once during practice my partner tried to reach his hand under my butt and accidentally stuck his thumb in my asshole. And that’s how I lost my virginity."

33. Before I could even blink he said, 'You’re cute when you sleep.'

"My best friend and I had a bromantic relationship. One time he stayed over my house. I shared my bed with anyone that stayed with me because it was massive, you could easily fit three people with no contact.

I woke up the next morning to find him with his head in his hand, staring at me. Before I could even blink he said, 'You’re cute when you sleep.'

Still ranks as the weirdest and sweetest thing another guy has said to me."

34. Sometimes you don’t want to be the wet rag when everyone else in the room is bi.

"I’ve sucked dick a few times. Sometimes you don’t want to be the wet rag when everyone else in the room is bi."

35. My best friend and I had both hit puberty and were very horny.

"So my best friend and I had both hit puberty and were very horny, we weren’t popular with girls and after a while it was clear it wasn’t going to happen for a long time. Fast-forward to a few weeks after sex ed where we were taught that it was OK for two guys to have sex with each other, they had also handed out lubricated condoms and so the agreement happened that we would try sticking it into each other. I now know that I happen to like butt stuff but I’m not attracted to guys. Don’t know how he turned out, though,since his family moved away not too long after since his dad got another job."

36. Me and another dude made out. It was okay.

"We were all playing spin the bottle at a house party and it landed on me. Me and another dude had to make out. It was okay."

37. Screwed another guy.

"Screwed another guy. But I never came."

38. He tied me facing the wall and spanked/whipped me a bit; it was good.

"Went to a club night where there was a guy doing BDSM demos. I was in the process of discovering that part of me and figured it was a good opportunity, so asked him to (this was early in the night, just a few people in the room). He tied me facing the wall and spanked/whipped me a bit; it was good. Finished up the scene, I clambered down and turned around to see the room was now FULL of people. I made it two steps before I staggered to the ground in what felt like an orgasm, though my pants stayed dry as best as I could tell.

39. It was a Boy Scout camping trip when I was 12.

"It was a Boy Scout camping trip when I was 12, my normal tent mate wasn’t going to be there until the next day so I tented with the only 2 black kids. 1 of them was older than me; the other was younger.

It’s lights out and I’m trying to sleep. The older kid, let’s call him Jarod, starts ruffling in his sleeping bag. I look over to see what he was doing only to be greeted by his 6″ erect cock. I immediately look away while saying 'Jarod wtf.' At this point the younger kid looks over and very quickly looks away let’s call him Rahim. Jarod then says sorry and tells us to go asleep. I wake up a few hours later to Jarod humping me in my tent. I immediately flip him off, telling him he was waking me up making noise. He then proceeds to hop on top of me placing pressure on my dick. At that age my dick would get hard even if there was just a bit of pressure placed on it. So of course my disappointment of a dick gets hard along with his cock. At this point Rahim is staring at me with fear in his eyes. Jarod then gets off, says sorry, and says we should pray to ask God for forgiveness (we were Catholic). We say our prayers and go to bed. I wake up the next morning only to be pulled aside by Rahim telling me to never speak of the night again (he also asked if I was gay which I promptly said no to). It was later revealed that Jarod was bi and had developed a crush for me (I have no idea why; I was a fat lazy asshole.) He was later kicked out of the troop for attempting to rape another kid in the troop. This is the first time I have told this story."

40. Fucked a bisexual friend of mine.

"Fucked a bisexual friend of mine. I was on bottom and he was riding me, I was jerking him off. I was about 17 at the time and he was 19."

41. Once me and another dude sucked each other's dick.

"Once me and another dude sucked each other's dick. Wasn’t as bad as I expected, like ordinary sex, just very gay."

42. He grabbed my head and stuck his tongue down my throat—so I punched him in his. We laughed about it afterwards.

"The first time I got drunk, my friends and I were playing 'King’s Cup,' if you’ve heard of that. Basically teenagers trying to work up the courage to hook up with each other by structuring it as a game. Me and my guy friend were dared to kiss. I said OK, leaned in and started to give him a slow, closed-mouth kiss. He grabbed my head and stuck his tongue down my throat—so I punched him in his. We laughed about it afterwards."

43. I beat a gay guy at Gay Chicken.

"A friend and I went to go see I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. He brought his friend. Unbeknownst to me, his friend is gay and decided to sit between us for the movie."

It was that high-tension courtroom scene when they're about to kiss, friend of friend decided to put one hand on each of our thighs. Friend freaks out and pushed him away. I’ve never been one to back away from a challenge and pulled his hand up my thigh. Gay friend freaked out and pulled it away.

TL;DR beat a gay guy at Gay Chicken."

44. My best friend and I both won/lost at Gay Chicken.

"My best friend and I both won/lost at Gay Chicken."

45. Hanging out with my gay friend, discussing his sexual encounters, and building a giant dick in Minecraft.

"Hanging out with my gay friend, discussing his sexual encounters, and building a giant dick in Minecraft."

46. He looks away for a second, arm still around me, then looks me straight in the eyes and says, 'I've fucked a lot of straight dudes,' and holds eye contact.

"I was at a club in the gay neighborhood with a bunch of friends (mostly straight) one night, and this guy comes up to me, puts his arm around me, and says 'Hey how’s it —wait. You’re straight, aren’t you?' I replied in the affirmative, and he looks away for a second, arm still around me, then looks me straight in the eyes and says, 'I've fucked a lot of straight dudes,' and holds eye contact. I started cracking up and he started laughing too before going on his way, but we gave each other the nod whenever we saw each other the rest of the night. Still one of the best lines I’ve ever heard."

47. I worked for a construction company and my supervisor threw me up against a box and humped me. He had a raging hard-on.

"I worked for a construction company and my supervisor threw me up against a box and humped me. He had a raging hard-on. I swear, half of the guys on most construction sites are closet homosexuals that act out their repressed desires as 'jokes.'"

48. I spooned in bed with my gay BFF.

"Sharing a bed with my gay BFF. We spooned."

49. I drunkenly complimented an ex-roommate’s dick.

"I drunkenly complimented an ex-roommate’s dick when I went into the bathroom as he was getting out of the shower."

50. Once gave a male friend a handjob.

"Once gave a male friend a handjob. We were both incredibly high and it didn’t feel like a sexual thing at the time just like a 'Hey I got you' kinda thing." TC mark

Exactly What It’s Like To Date The 12 Men Of The Zodiac

Posted: 24 Jul 2016 05:15 PM PDT

Emily & Steve Photography
Emily & Steve Photography


(22nd Dec to 20th Jan)

If he is a Capricorn male, he is authoritative and is an amazing lover. He likes a woman who is intelligent, seductive and respects him. Successful women turn him on and he wants a woman he can build a secure, solid life with. Sagittarians make for good friends as do Aquarians with whom he will share a lot of common qualities. Taureans and Virgo's make for best matches. Pisceans and Scorpio's are fantastic. Cancerians will both fascinate and frustrate him and he will find their neediness both bothersome at times and endearing. There is no deep connection with Aries, Gemini's, Leo's and Librans.


(21st Jan to 18th Feb)

If he is an Aquarian male, he is logical, eccentric and rebellious. He likes a woman who is intelligent, logical and friendly. Pisces make for good friends as do Capricorns with whom he will share a lot of common qualities. Gemini's and Librans make for best matches. Aries and Sagittarians are fantastic. Leo's will both fascinate and frustrate him with their need to always be the centre of attention. There is no deep connection with Scorpio's and Cancerians whose emotional intensity scares him as he cannot relate. Taureans and Virgo's are not for him either as they are too down to earth.


(19th Feb to 20th Mar)

If he is a Pisces male, he's sensitive, romantic and imaginative. His ideal woman is gentle, understanding and giving. Nurturing Cancerians, magnetic Scorpios and sensual Taureans make for perfect partners. Virgos frustrate and attract him at the same time. Fiery Leos scare him away whilst Librans are too emotionally detached for him. Gemini's will entertain him but are not always ideal for long-lasting love. He will have a lot in common with Sagittarians. Aquarians and Aries make for good friends whilst Capricorns are, at times, too authoritative for his liking.


(21st Mar to 20th Apr)

If he is an Aries male, he is sex-driven, sporty and loves a challenge! He likes a woman who is in great shape and is confident. Sagittarians and Leo's make for best matches whilst Gemini's and Aquarians interest him. Librans cause a lot of frustration for him as well as challenge! He won't have patience for Capricorns and Cancerians. Pisces and Taureans will make best friends whilst he won't understand Virgo's mannerisms. An Aries partner will make for fireworks in the bedroom but also explosive fights!


(21st Apr to 21st May)

If he is a Taurus male, he is romantic, practical, adores food and loves playing with money! He likes a woman who is a natural cook, curvy and enjoys getting dirty and having fun. Pisces and Cancerians will make great romantic partners as will Virgo's and Capricorns whilst Scorpio's draw him in sexually, magnetically and challenge him all at once. There may be common outlooks shared with Librans whilst Gemini's will make great friends as will Aries with the benefit of very hot sex! Aquarians are too emotionally detached for this kind of energy and there won't be much common ground with Leo's. Sagittarians will interest him but don't make for the best coupling. Taurus women will attract him but there may be difficulty due to issues of stubbornness between the two.


(22nd May to 21st Jun)

If he is a Gemini male, he is talkative, trendy, enjoys books and usually has a lot of friends! He is usually slender, curious and often has two distinct personalities – hence the twins (Gemini). He likes a woman who can make him laugh and is talkative and chatty herself. He prefers his women slender with a nice sense of style. Cancerians and Taureans make for good friends. Aries and Leo's are a great fit whilst Sagittarians challenge and excite him. There is a common outlook to life with Virgo's. Aquarians and Librans are a wonderful match romantically. Scorpio's are far too deep and complex a sign for Gemini and there will be no understanding whatsoever. There are fun times to be had with a Pisces.


(22nd Jun – 22nd Jul)

If he is a Cancerian male, he is sensitive, extra-nurturing, loving and is often found around family and food! He likes a woman who is herself very attentive, loving and nurturing. He prefers his women curvy. Pisces, Cancerians and Scorpios are soul mate material. Taurus will make for a perfect pair – especially in the kitchen (followed by hot sex!) and Gemini's and Leo's make for good friends. He will find Virgo's adorable and Capricorns will challenge him in a good way. Aquarians and Librans are far too emotionally detached for this "feeling and emotional" soul. Sagittarians are too independent and free-spirited for his clingy nature.


(23rd Jul to 23rd Aug)

If he is a Leo male, he is bold, confident, is exceptionally generous, kind hearted, very creative and loves children. He is turned on by women who are strong and own their power. Aries, Leo's and Sagittarians match his fiery spirit perfectly. Gemini's and Libras will interest him. He will also learn a lot from Aquarians. Capricorns and Taureans bore him while he enjoys Virgo's. He doesn't understand Pisces energy, enjoys Cancerians but may have explosive fights with Scorpio's.


(24th Aug to 22nd Sep)

If he is a Virgo male, he is shy but precise, obsessed with health and loves to keep tidy and neat. He likes a woman who takes good care of herself and is healthy. Scorpios and Cancerians make for wonderful matches whilst Pisceans intrigue him. Capricorns, Taureans and fellow Virgos understand him. Sagittarians and Aries are too fiery for his nature whilst Leo's, Librans make for great friends. He will have a lot in common with Geminis. There is not a lot of understanding with Aquarians.


(23rd Sep to 23rd Oct)

If he is a Libra male, he is romantic, charming, easygoing and sociable. He likes a woman who is lady-like in her mannerisms and beautiful. Virgo's and Scorpio's make for good friends. Sagittarians, Geminis and Leo's are great matches. Aries will both fascinate and frustrate him. He will have a lot in common with Taureans and will find Capricorns too authoritative in their ways. Pisces and Cancerians are too deep, heavy and emotional for his character.


(24th Oct to 22nd Nov)

If he is a Scorpio Male, he oozes sex appeal, is deep and intense. He likes a woman who is super sexy and highly experimental in bed – S&M is ruled by Scorpio! Libra and Sagittarius make for good friends. Pisces and Cancerians make for best matches. Virgo and Capricorn are fantastic. Taurus will both fascinate and frustrate him and the sex will be explosive! He will have a lot in common with Aries. There is no deep connection with Aquarians and Gemini's are too talkative for him. There will be power struggles with Leo's.


(23rd Nov to 21st Dec)

If he is a Sagittarian Male, he is a traveler who loves his freedom and is wise. He likes a woman who is intelligent, well-travelled and can teach him things. Scorpio and Capricorn make for good friends. Leos and Aries make for best matches. Libra and Aquarius are fantastic. Gemini will both fascinate and frustrate him and he will find their chitter-chatter interesting. He will have a lot in common with Pisces. There is no deep connection with Cancers, Virgos and Taurus.

I love using Astrology to help me with dating. I have found it has always helped me choose my partners wisely and understand their emotions and ways. Personally, I am always attracted to the exact same sign and my most meaningful relationships have occurred this way. Trust me when I say dating will now be a breeze. Happy hunting! TC mark

Finding Your Soulmate Has Nothing To Do With Fate

Posted: 24 Jul 2016 05:00 PM PDT


There are those who believe in one soul mate, and there are others who believe in multiple. I fall into the latter category, for I consider there to be multiple people out there that you can spend a full lifetime of happiness with, and it most simply comes down to two main factors: timing and location.

I believe all of this because I once had a conversation with my dad about it. We were sitting in our basement, him on the couch and me on the floor, as he looked at old college calendars with dates of past loves scrolled in the spaces. Sure he loves my mom and they've made a beautiful life together, but had the timing and location been off, he most likely would have ended up with someone else (maybe from the calendar) and I wouldn't be here right now. Go ask your parents about this and see if it's a similar scenario, I dare you.

I found one of my soul mates. Timing and location were perfect for two months. That is, until he moved across the country after graduating college and both variables became bitches. Want to know what else became a bitch? Him. For believing too much in fate and not having the balls to intervene.

That being said, I am going to refine my previous sentiment. I believe in multiple soul mates, yes, but the reason people only have one actual soul mate is because so many people out there easily give up. People don't like difficult. They like easy and convenient. When things get complicated those soul mates that cannot go the distance peace out. Sure, had timing and location been different, maybe you would have stuck together, married, had a beautiful family and been content. But the variables were not in your favor. And so you say hello to the end and goodbye to that scenario of unknowns with them, only to find even more unknowns in your path.

There must be some secret formula out there, like where if you've been together with someone for X amount of time and the distance is only X miles away, then you stay together. But if the calculated sum is not greater than the product, it's not worth it. I'd like to find out this formula. I think my version of it may be slightly different, because although I believe in "whatever will be, will be," I also believe it will be that way because you have a say in your own life.

I also think there's some switch in the human brain that says, "Ok, I'm ready to get married now. I'm at that age. It's time." And whomever that person is with becomes the lucky half of a newly engaged couple.

I probably sound very cynical. I don't mean to be, but I can't quite grasp why we end up with the people we do besides timing and location. Those variables have such a huge impact. If I live in New York I'll end up with someone different than if I lived in Colorado or Idaho or across the world in Turkey or Japan.

My one soul mate was defeated from the start. I still talk to him because we're friends. You'd have to be friends with someone to even consider them a soul mate. But he wasn't my actual, life-long soul mate. He was the first of (hopefully) many.

Perhaps someday, in the next ten or so years, my brain will activate the magical switch. I'll become the newest product of timing and location. And, I won't blink an eye, happy to have found my actual soul mate, leaving the possibility of anyone else behind. Please forgive me, other soul mates. It's not me. It's not you. It's the variables. TC mark

I Survived Every Young Adult’s Worst Nightmare And Here’s How I Did It

Posted: 24 Jul 2016 04:15 PM PDT

 Issara Willenskomer
Issara Willenskomer

On February 1st, 2016 I woke up to the worst news I would ever receive. I had missed calls from multiple family members and text from my mom saying to turn my phone off until she got to me. To this day I can tell you believe the feeling in your gut when in any situation because in this moment I was expecting the worst and that was exactly what I got.

Needless to say that afternoon the news was broken to me that I had lost my father. I was twenty years old and two weeks into my second semester of my junior year of college. I had transferred home to the University in my town, which I discovered to be the school of my dreams, I had found my home and countless amazing sisters within a sorority, and had just moved into my first big-girl apartment. I had every end of my life tying together, but on this day it all came crashing down around me.

Nothing in your life prepares you for this moment. I had plenty of friends who dealt with loss very close to them, but I had never really understood what they were going through like I thought I did. Within 24 hours my life had not only changed but did a 180. I sat paralyzed with fear how I would deal with this, get through it, and I guess one day get used to it.

Let me take you step my step how this went. For one, anyone who has lost a parent will tell you there is no getting used to it. I still open my eyes each morning, take a deep breath and have to face all over again each day I will have to survive today without one of the most important people in my life. This is a strange, strange thing that it takes the human mind a really long time to process. There were days in the beginning where something would happen and I would dial his number, or see his car in front of the house and think he was there. It didn't happen over night but I got there. I began to focus on more positive memories than anything. I stopped regretting stupid fights, and times I chose hanging out with my friends over spending time with him. I began to laugh at our funny texts, and all the angry faces he commented on pictures of my boyfriend and I. I started a journal full of all the good memories I had, because when someone is gone, they start to leave you a lot easier than you would expect. I cried a lot. I let myself feel everything. I threw things when I was angry, I drove around when I couldn't sit still, and I let it all out when I was alone.

I let people in. I let my friends take me for ice cream on a bad day, or went for a walk with my boyfriend on the days I woke up feeling a little off. I had wine nights with my mom and dinner with my grandmother. I was open with people, I told stories and randomly burst into laughter thinking about the things he would say. The people in your life are there to make it easier, they want to help you, they want you to grieve.

But of all the things I did that helped me, the most important thing was I lived. I went out with my friends, I didn't shut out other family members. I went to class and my sorority mixers and I let life go on. When people go through loss they tend to get stuck. You don't want to leave this person behind in the dust like they don't matter. You think, "maybe if I stay right here in this spot, it'll be like it never happened." But we should know better than to think that works.

The worst thing you could do for the person you lost is to stop living your life, stop growing.

I'm not saying this is easy, I'm not saying there weren't days where life was great and a week later I didn't want to get out of bed. It's a process, it’s heartbreaking, challenging and beautiful in its own way.

I learned more about myself in the last six months than any other adversity I've faced. There's always a part of me missing, but I feel stronger too. I look at life as the fragile gift it is, I look at the people around me and value them and make every laugh and conversation like it's the last. I've learned there's no time to be negative, or to take all the precious blessings around you for granted.

My life is drastically different because I now live for two people. I have goals and dreams to accomplish, and things to experience for not just me but the angel I have above.

We've all wondered at one point or another what it would be like. To lose a parent at a young age, before it was their time. We've wondered how bad it hurts, and how the people that have gone through it have survived it. We all have the strength in us to overcome anything, we as humans were made that way.

And everything that has happened to you in your life has brought you to where you are right now wherever that may be. Never underestimate your own strength, and you will never face anything alone. TC mark

To The Girl Who Loved A Guy Who Only Loved Himself

Posted: 24 Jul 2016 04:00 PM PDT


Listen to me carefully.

There are days when you find yourself awake at 3 AM not knowing what to do after your phone rings and it's their name plastered on your cellphone screen. You will pick up and waste time talking about non-sense and his extreme fondness of himself. After a few hours you will curse in the air as you see sunlight beaming through your bedroom window and yet think of how it was all worth it because it was his voice you heard.

There are going to be days when you would feel so unrestricted and free and then suddenly all you have are his messages asking you if the two of you can meet up, get dinner and maybe grab a couple of beers. You'll think that it's okay and you'll dress your best and spray on that special perfume that he likes so much because you hope that maybe this will finally be the day that you've been waiting for.

He will tease you about the slight blush of your cheek when he sees you walk towards him from across the room. He will bring up topics that make you smile, giggle and laugh. He will order your favorite salad, even requesting the right amount of dressing you like. He will dazzle you with his wits and you will fall in love again. The days of saying you're ready to move on will be the same number of seconds he can convince you to change your mind.

This person will make you feel secure and give you numerous reason to love every strand of his being but regardless of your faithfulness he can never promise you his.

He will give you time but never his heart. He will go on dating other women and go back to you when he feels you slipping. He will give you hope, he will give you his hand and he will give you lies.

He is going to ruin you and you'll just sigh because you already know yet you can't stop from falling in because he just makes it seem so enticing. He will make you dependent upon him through every call, text, and date. He will continually break your heart, help you fix it and break it again. Then eventually, when you've given everything you've ever had, you'll realize it'll never be enough and that he can never really love you with all of his heart.

Listen to me; you need to get out now. You have to drop him and run like hell.

You have to face your fear that he may never be yours because in truth, he will never belong to anyone. He will always just belong to himself.

You have to know that you were only a passing face and you can never really change his ways.

Let go dear girl because if you trap yourself like this, chances are you'll never meet your real prince. TC mark

How Your Brain Tricks You Into Staying Attached To Your Ex (And What You Can Do To Stop It)

Posted: 24 Jul 2016 03:15 PM PDT

Jesse Herzog
Jesse Herzog

The reticular activating system is a part of the brain which blocks out unimportant information in your environment and only allows you to pay attention to the important stuff. It basically acts like a filter. Like the restaurant noises at lunchtime when you are engrossed in a meaningful conversation – you screen them out.

The reticular activating system basically computes the immense barrage of sensory data that your brain is receiving at any one time and blocks out the things it regards as unimportant to the specific task you're doing at that moment in time.

While this is a highly efficient system, the problem is that it can occasionally go against you. Sometimes when you are convinced something is true, this system will block out any information contrary to it being true. In other words you become so convinced of something that you will only pay attention to information which backs it up and disregard any information which shows the opposite. Consequently a vicious cycle is set up.

It Creates An Unhealthy One Way System In Your Mind

Lets say for example that you were living in the 16th century and you believed that the world was flat. Logic would tell you that the world is flat because from your perspective – it looks flat. In addition, the church and most scholars would be telling you that it was also flat –  therefore it must be flat, mustn't it? So basically, the world being flat would become ingrained in your mind as one of your beliefs.

Now consider this: What do you think would happen if a small group of scientists came along with convincing mathematical data which showed you that the only way the world could work was if it was round? What if they pointed out that every other body in the night sky was round? The sun was round, the moon was round and all the planets in the solar system were round?

The reality is that despite such information being presented before you, you'd probably still hold onto the belief that the world was flat, as did the people of the time. It was only over an extended period of time that people came to accept that maybe this belief was incorrect and they started listening to people who were presenting the hard facts.

What does this have to do with getting my ex boyfriend/girlfriend?

It shows that when people get locked onto a belief – they put up barriers to every other idea. Right now you think that this person is "the one". This concept intrinsically means that you're blocking out other information that is contrary to this (i.e. information that shows that you can be equally happy with a multitude of other people). In effect your mind is blocking you from reality and is trying to maintain the idea you currently hold.

However, by being aware that your subconscious is blocking you from seeing things in a different light, you will now begin to actually pay attention to those things which your subconscious had previously tried to push away. You will start seeing that you can be happy with any number of possible people who satisfy your lovemaps specifications.

Knowing this frees your mind from the prison of thinking that you could only ever be happy with this one particular person you're longing for right now. TC mark