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Here Are The 7 Emotional Stages Of Your First Scuba Diving Experience

Posted: 02 Jul 2016 07:00 PM PDT

Jane Drinkard
Jane Drinkard

Scuba diving is a surreal experience. It evokes the same soothing feeling of being sung a lullaby or waking up from a pleasant dream; it's lucid and abstract simultaneously. Imagine swimming through the clear water. A fairy basslet with its magenta head and yellowtail shimmy past your mask, a stingray idly dances 60 feet to your right, a nurse shark rests on its stomach beneath a rock. The sheer magnificence astounds you but at the same time, a sinking feeling of vulnerability invades your cells, keeping your brain on high alert for whatever might be lurking behind you. It's a mystifying, humbling activity— one of the only things we can do as humans that truly takes us to a different world. Like the 7 stages of a break-up, here are the feelings that arise during your first dive:

1. Panic

Stage one is, of course, panic. At first the equipment feels like it's suffocating you. The regulator is jammed too tightly in your mouth, your weight belt feels too heavy and is squeezing your muffin tops down in a dangerous way, your mask already seems to be filling up with water and your wet-suit is threatening to cut off the circulation in your neck. Like a wasted sorority sister, you stumble through your first couple minutes of descent into the deep blue.

2. Relief

After your initial bewilderment, your breathing starts to slow down to a calm, easy pace. You look around you and see an aquatic Matisse painting. Bold colors of every shade. Shapes you haven't set eyes on ever before in your life. You realize there's no pressure to tell anyone else these thoughts right now. You are alone with them and you can process these stunning corals on your own time. No snapchat or Instagram, just you. And you feel relief.

3. Discovery

During this phase you start to really look at and explore your environment. You poke at marine worms that shutter and fold into themselves at your touch. You look closely at an anemone's gelatin surface. You observe a blue tang feeding on the reef.

4. Elation

A pervasive feeling of happiness moves like a silky ribbon through your body. Like a sip of warm tea emanating through your chest. You have the urge to touch everything—to collect it all with one sweep of your arms and keep the beauty close to your chest.

5. Utter Calm

At this point you can hardly remember fumbling with your gear. You don't even realize it's on your body now. You're an astronaut on a nautical moon.

6. Belonging

There comes a point when it just feels right or correct in some strange way to be on this new planet. You feel like Mr. Rogers from "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood"— all the fish are waving to you, tipping their hats off in your presence and flashing you a smile.

7. Confusion

The final stage is confusion as to why you haven't tried this before. You're a little frustrated at yourself for being uneasy to try it. You start to think about all of the other things in life that you are ambivalent to try and find yourself in an inner monologue to try them. Your thoughts start to sound like a self-help book and you hate yourself a little for it.

Pro- tip: My favorite thing to do when I dive is look up at the surface of the water. I fell in love with the cerulean ceiling on one of my first dives. I was rocking back and forth, testing out my new gravity, flipping my fins and flailing my body around, finally fulfilling my childhood dream of being a mermaid. I looked up at the surface for a long time. I just couldn't get over the fact that I was physically inhabiting the ocean. For the first time, I was seeing the sky through a different lens: one that was even more glittering and brilliant. I wanted to express this to my fellow divers around me. How wild!? I wanted to say. How absolutely weird is it to be here?! I felt like I was trespassing, like someone from the heavens might just step in like your dad catching you at a college party while you were in high school saying "Woah, woah, woah, you're not supposed to be here!" But we really were! I knew it because I could still pinch my fingers and toes. I could breathe. TC mark

This ‘Relationship Contract’ Between Two Dating 8th Graders Will Make You LOL

Posted: 02 Jul 2016 06:00 PM PDT

Max Linsky stayed back after class when he noticed a piece of paper on the ground.

When he picked it up, this is what he saw.


It was a “relationship contract” that set out several stipulations for the gentleman hoping to be a fellow classmate’s new boyfriend.

In particular, there seemed to be quite a bit of restrictions about interacting with “these hoes.”

As well as a ban on breaking up with her, though apparently she can still break up with him?

"I think it's actually super smart. This is a confident little girl who knows exactly what she wants and wants to protect herself," says Toronto-based relationship expert Nicole McCance.

I wonder if they are still together?? TC mark

Now Accepting Summer Fling Applications

Posted: 02 Jul 2016 05:00 PM PDT

IMG_8881I am an incredibly pro-summer person. Despite being pale AF (aka: I’m translucent) I am absolutely my best self when I need to track down some SPF 100+, when the temperature in my apartment is nowhere near needing a blanket, and it’s sun’s out thighs out season. I live for summer. Even though the days of summer vacation are long gone and I realized that I still have to work June – September I’m still going to always be a summer kid. They say girls love fall? Those girls are wrong and need to get off of Pinterest. Summer is where it’s at.

But what makes summer really great besides barbecues, bikinis, and BudLight Lime? That, my friend, is the summer fling. Summer flings are (imo) some of the BEST relationships. They’re simple, they’re carefree, they’re fun, and they’re built to last long enough for the bonfire but not long enough to get as messy as cleaning up sand when you come back home post paddle boarding.

Below is a little insight for the men (and women let’s be real two bikini babes are better than one) who feel that they are ready to have an truly Instagramable summer, and maybe some extra sweaty sex with a girl who never remembers to turn on her AC.

Qualifications Must Include:

  • A healthy love of water sports.
    And no we’re not talking about pee ya sickos. I am planning that much of summer 2k16 is spent paddle boarding, tubing, kayaking, and general galavanting in and around large bodies of water. If you are someone who gets weird about swimming around seaweed or who is going to “just stay inside and watch” you’re not ready for dis jelly. Let’s go get some first degree burns and minor UV damage on our shoulders out on the Sound. That’s what summer’s all about.
  • At least one pair of jorts.
    Summer 2k16 is officially the summer of jorts. Cutoffs are definitely my preferred jort but I can also get down with a nice cuffed Levi depending on the shirt pairing. To love me is to love my jorts. And if you’re also a fellow jort supporter, I know we’re going to get along.
  • No cat lovers need apply.
    Must love dogs. Must not love things that make me sneeze and want to scratch my already sunburned arms.
  • A valid driver’s license.
    I recently got ZipCar and am super stoked about the possibility of renting a Mercedes for the day or a convertible for the night. But I LOATHE driving. So I want someone to take the keys while I dolphin arm it out the window and play DJ with Spotify. That’s romance, ya’ll.
  • Ability to either slay at Flip Cup or Beer Pong.
    I’m proudly a Flip Cup champ and I don’t want anyone on my team who isn’t able to chug a beer and nail that sucker. But if FC isn’t your jam I can get down with Beer Pong. Summer is the time of year when it’s socially acceptable to still play drinking games like you’re a sophomore in college, even though in your day to day life you’re saving for the downpayment on a home. I want someone by my side who’s down to get competitive and a little tipsy.
  • A steady hand for photography.
    As previously stated I’m planning for a very Instagramable summer. I’m talking more majestic swan floatie pics, paddle boarding shots, bonfire candids in my overalls and Rainier hat. What’s the mark of a good shot? Quality framing, a steady hand, and ability to get a good one quick and dirty. You take care of the shooting, I’ll take care of the filtering. Deal?
  • Plenty of crewnecks for stealing.
    Remember how your high school GF used to always steal your hoodies? Yeah I was definitely guilty of that. But these days it’s all about the crewneck pullover. Nothing completes a chill girl look like a graphic crewneck paired with her cutoffs and aviators. Bonus points for aviators I can also swipe.
  • Hefty alcohol tolerance.
    Look. I’m a drinker. Some people go running, some people read Elizabeth Gilbert and do crafts, some people watch Game of Thrones to unwind. I drink wine and beer and sometimes gin. I can hold my own and I expect the people around me, especially the ones I’m letting sleep over, to do the same. No puking off the side of the boat, kids.
  • Great sense of humor.
    Even if we’re going to fizzle out like a firecracker come July 5th I still want to laugh with you. Self-awarness and the ability to laugh is a must.


  • A T-Swift level squad.
    I can always stand to make more friends. And I have a balcony and rooftop to party on so please, bring people. Let’s not be the awkward people who only talk to each other and no one else – that’s no fun.
  • A convertible.
    ZipCar has some but your own would be better. My hair looks best when windblown.
  • A King Sized bed.
    I’m currently living the Queen life and I could stand to upgrade for a few months. It’ll make it more comfortable to snooze together when it’s 98 degrees out if we can each comfortably have our own sides – ya feel?

So there you have it. All interested parties can direct their applications with a cover letter and references here. Please note I only accept applications in Document or Powerpoint form. And no, I am not opposed to bribery. TC mark

How It Feels To Fall Out Of Love With The Man You Planned To Marry

Posted: 02 Jul 2016 04:00 PM PDT


Nobody wants to talk about the falling out of love part, the long, lonely nights spent lying beside the man you once pictured yourself walking up the aisle towards. Nobody wants to hear stories of how you dread him returning home from work because the mere thought of spending the evening curled up with him on the sofa makes you feel trapped and panicked. Or how just getting through each day pretending to be in love with him is exhausting.

It's not a quick process, this slow dying of your feelings for him.

You do not wake up one morning and decide you are no longer in love with him, that the thought of your naked bodies colliding makes you feel empty or that you would simply rather being anywhere else than here, with him.

No, instead the love seeps out of you over months, years even and you spend every waking moment wondering how in the hell you ended up here, and every night dreaming of another man and another life.

You argue with yourself, you convince yourself that of course you love him because how could you not? You tell yourself that it's just a phase; you have been together a long time and you are bound to have wandering eyes and wandering thoughts, it's only natural.

Love is never a steady stream, it's a changing current, forever rushing forward and creeping back, and if you just stay, if you just go through the motions of being in love then maybe, just maybe, all of those feelings you once had will return.

But they won't. Deep down you know that.

It's been a year now and you can't even remember the last time you had sex sober and spent the duration thinking only of him. Instead it has become a chore, one which is only endurable with a bottle of wine and dim lighting. And you can feel him pulling away, you can see the hurt in his eyes when you say, "not tonight" and roll over to the cold side of the bed.

You begin to notice things which you were oblivious to before, little habits which were once adorable become irrationally irritating and you can't help but feel annoyed by his very presence. Weekends are no longer something you spend the week waiting for so you can be together but something you dread, avoid even, because you don't know how to keep up your act for that long.

You go over and over your life with him, all of the times you believed this was it, he was it, you were done.

You try to remember how to love him but each time you're left feeling empty and frustrated. And worse still, all of those things you imagined for the two of you, they begin to fade; the cities you were meant to visit, the engagement you were meant to have, the children you had already picked names for, they disappear and you struggle to see how your life will look now, without him.

So you lie there in the dark with him beside you, tears rolling down your face as you hold yourself and you scrunch your eyes up real tight and imagine a future without him.

You say goodbye to the house you bought, the fictional children you already love, his family, your mutual friends, the wonderful future you were meant to have and you choose yourself. You choose passion and romance and that horrible feeling where the thought of losing someone makes your breath catch in your throat and your heart drop low into your stomach.

You choose more than mediocrity, you choose greatness.

You roll over on to your side, your eyes dancing along the silhouette of your past love, the man who holds some of the best years of your life and you let go. You stroke the back of his head and run your fingers along his arm and you know you have fought for as long as you can, you know you have tried but the heart cannot be swayed nor tempted, it cannot be pushed, it cannot be made to feel things it doesn't want.

Because, brave girl, your heart, it will always know you better than you do.

It will always choose for you. And you loved him, you did and he taught you what is important in a relationship, the things you absolutely are not willing to sacrifice. He was exactly what you needed at one point in your life but you have changed, and this love, it's over now, so its okay.

Just let go. TC mark

Someday, You And I Will Be Beautiful

Posted: 02 Jul 2016 03:00 PM PDT

Courtney Carmody
Courtney Carmody

Someday you and I will dance in the rain, the drops of water acting as our beat.

Someday you and I will gaze up at the stars, the light from the sky acting as our own personal lantern, illuminating the profiles of our faces.

Someday you and I will watch the snow fall between our noses, as we hold each other tight to shield our bodies and our minds from the coldness of our surroundings.

Someday you and I will vow to hold each other’s hands through life forever.

We will vow to never forget to let the rain create a mystical beat that only lovers could dance to, to let the stars act as our lanterns when it seems as though we’re forever in darkness, and to protect each other from the coldness that too often surrounds us.

Someday you and I will create something so magical that we’ll wonder how two imperfect beings could ever create something so genuinely perfect.

Someday you and I will conquer the world, hand in hand, heart to heart, if we just believe that we can.

But right now, we have conquered today. And we have made it through another one of life’s imperfect moments, and we have hands to hold and love to share.

So today, let’s just think about all of our somedays that are yet to come. TC mark

10 Ways Ambiverts Experience The World Differently

Posted: 02 Jul 2016 02:00 PM PDT


Ambiverts are part of the lost personality type or the happy medium; they lie in the middle of the extroverts and introverts spectrum. If you've never felt like you fit in to either category completely, you're not alone. Many people don't feel they fit in either category because everyone contains depths and multitudes that shape them to who they are.

I feel I am more extroverted than introverted, but I also believe that everyone contains pieces of both personality types, one is just more prevalent than the other. Containing qualities of both dominant types would make you an ambivert.


1. Ambiverts always need balance.

They crave social settings like an extrovert; they thrive off of meaningful conversation and company of others. They just maybe aren't considered 'the one in every crowd' that is loud and always craving the center of attention. They flourish in their level of comfort at social events. They also crave time to themselves, but don't need it as much as the typical introvert. They recharge in both aspects and need both aspects to be the best version of themselves.

2. Ambiverts enjoy something until they don't.

This comes with balance, swaying in one direction can cause them to fall off balance and in turn lose interest in something quickly. Once they have had too much of something, they need a break from it for a little while.

3. Ambiverts are flexible.

Since they are in the middle of the spectrum they would be happy with going out on the weekend or staying in. This makes their weekends, much like their lives, unpredictable. They go with what they’re feeling at the given time.

4. Ambiverts have the best of both worlds.

They get to experience a little bit of everything. They can tap into the strengths from both ends of the spectrum to be the best versions of themselves.

5. Ambiverts often are influenced by their surroundings.

They are more influenced by what is going on around them because that's where they draw their energy from. If they are at a concert where everyone is having a great time you can bet they're going to happy and lively living in the minute. Or if they are in a bookstore with friends they will be perfectly happy cozying up on a couch checking out a new book.

6. Ambiverts are a close to perfect balance of give and take.

They like being made happy and they like making others happy. It comes with balance. It’s a quality they posses because they can’t be greedy (and they don’t want to be.)

7. Ambiverts live life in a gray area.

They can switch between leaning more towards extrovert personality or introvert personality as frequently or infrequently as they feel. There might be weeks where they just want to be alone hiding in their rooms before they spend the next few days without any alone time. They are unpredictable and base everything off how they’re feeling internally when it comes to plans.

8. Ambiverts don’t love set-in-stone routines.

While they like routine, they also hate it occasionally. Sometimes they are happy with their job and their everyday routine, where other times they find themselves wanting to drop everything and go do something new and spontaneous. They like mixing up their routine and it's something they need.

9. Ambiverts love knowing plan options ahead of time.

They like to know what everyone is doing in advance and know their options. It makes it easier on them to decide if they feel like going or staying in.

10. Ambiverts are not fans of public displays of anything.

They like being acknowledged in public, but they hate being embarrassed. You have to find the happy medium between keeping quiet and being overly affectionate and loud. Giving them too much attention makes them feel uncomfortable and awkward, while giving them no attention at all makes them feel like you're ignoring them or don't want them around. TC mark

84-Year-Old Woman Throws EPIC Shade At Her Roommate In This Super Salty Letter

Posted: 02 Jul 2016 01:00 PM PDT

Flickr / Mark Matienzo
Flickr / Mark Matienzo

Elderly people can be so so awesome, and the hilarious woman who wrote this letter demonstrates that perfectly.

This older lady wrote a thank you letter for a radio that she won, but she didn’t stop at saying thank you.

She told the luncheon team — which awarded her the radio — about how most of her family has passed away, and how a selfish roommate didn’t want to share her radio with her.

You can read the rest for yourself!


God bless you for the beautiful radio I won at your recent senior citizens’ luncheon.

I am 84-years-old and live at the county home for the aged. All my people are gone and it’s nice to know that someone thinks of me.

God bless your kindness to an old forgotten lady.

My roommate is 95-years-old and always had her own radio but would never let me listen to it. The other day her radio fell and broke into a lot of pieces. It was awful. She asked me if she could listen to mine and I said “Fuck You.”

This is just too too much! TC mark

Here’s What Your Opinion Of Donald Trump Says About Your Dating Life

Posted: 02 Jul 2016 12:00 PM PDT

Flickr / Jamelle Bouie and
Flickr / Jamelle Bouie and

If you LOVE Donald Trump

If you are head-over-heels for “The Donald” this is a quick indicator that you like bad boys and people who say outrageous things. You like people who have the confidence and the arrogance to do whatever the fuck they want without worrying about other people’s opinions. You see “people pleasers” as weak, and bad partners in general. You also love being dominated sexually, and you would love to have a man break down your wall.

If you like Donald Trump

If you think Donald is just “okay,” you probably struggle to form coherent opinions in your dating life. You bounce back and forth between different people, always just “going with the flow” and seeing how things pan out without ever communicating or defining the relationship. You haven’t been in a committed relationship for a while, because you just can’t force yourself to sit down long enough to actually form a hardline opinion or take a chance.

If you don’t give a fuck about Donald Trump

If you openly don’t know anything, or don’t care about Donald Trump, you are literally only into dating for the sex. You aren’t here to listen to someone’s feelings, or process how mass-deportation could effect the national economy. You don’t have time for that shit. You are here to get down and dirty, and screw any thinking that has to happen along the way.

If you dislike Donald Trump, but see him as better than the alternatives.

You date quite a bit, but eventually you have (or will) settle down with someone who has lots of flaws. You don’t kid yourself, you have accepted that you will never find a “fairytale” romance, but you are happy with what you have. You don’t need things in life to be perfect to find contentment, and you’ve lasted a long time in romances that have some big problems.

If you HATE Donald Trump

You have very firm expectations for potential partners, and you want them to meet all or most of them. You go along with what mainstream society tells you is key for successful romances, and you want that fairytale love that you see in Disney movies and in Rom-Coms. Because of your high expectations, you have been single for a while, but that doesn’t bother you. You enjoy vanilla sex, and you are pretty sure at least a few of your partners have enjoyed sleeping with you too.

If you hate Donald Trump, but are still voting for him because you want to see the world burn

You are that crazy ex that everyone knows because text logs of your rants were posted by your former partner on Imgur or Tumblr. TC mark

21 Things You’ll Try To Talk Yourself Out Of In Your 20s (And Why You Shouldn’t)

Posted: 02 Jul 2016 11:30 AM PDT


1. Applying for jobs you assume you’re under-qualified for. When you're fresh out of college, it really feels like every job description requires you to have eight years experience and come loaded with at least three super powers for an ENTRY-LEVEL job. But that doesn't mean you should talk yourself out of even trying.

2. Reaching out to people you assumed didn't want to keep in touch. We never want to be the one who reaches out first, because in a way, it makes us vulnerable. Being the one who initiates plans makes you the one who wants it more, somehow. But here’s the thing: it doesn’t matter who reaches out, and whoever you worry doesn’t want to hear from you likely does. You have nothing to lose by taking the first step.

3. Going on a trip abroad. There are a lot of reasons not to travel. Money hang ups and vacation day restrictions are 100% legitimate reasons to push the trip off until next year. But there’s also something to be said for committing to the idea, and then figuring out how to make it work money-wise. That doesn’t mean you need to book a flight tomorrow, but making travel a goal might make working and saving money feel even more purposeful.

4. Investing. No one WANTS to put their money away where they can’t see it, and can’t use it, but future-you will be forever grateful.

5. Being honest with people. Telling someone when you care about them. Telling someone when their behavior is offending you. Telling someone the things you bite back for no reason.

6. Being honest with yourself about how you really feel, or what you really want. Because no one else is going to do that for you – it has to be you.

7. Being compassionate, instead of brushing people off, because you think you’re supposed to be "strong." Strength doesn't come from being devoid of emotions, or being cold when someone first approaches you instead of welcoming. It doesn't mean appearing overly confident and acting like you don't need people. None of those things are synonymous with true "strength."

8. Moving. Going somewhere new is daunting, not only because it involves putting yourself out there all over again, getting comfortable in a new place, and making a new home for yourself, but because of the preparation that has to be done beforehand.

9. Asking your parents for advice. It’s nearly impossible to imagine any parent as a 20-something, but if they’re ridiculous pictures with 70s/80s hair prove anything, it’s that they once lived their YOLO years and know what the ups and downs are like — at least in some respects.

10. Caring about the Superbowl half time show. You shouldn't feel ashamed of your very real desire to watch and screen for potential nip slips. It's a totally natural impulse.

11. Taking the high road. Always the less tempting route, but always the route you’ll prefer in the long run.

12. Putting money in savings, instead of spending it when the check hits your account. All the temptations around you can talk you out of this; the new purse you realllllly want, or a night out to celebrate the fact that you have money again. Don’t give in.

13. Telling someone how you really feel about them. There is never as much time as you think there will be to be honest about your feelings. People move. People get into relationships. Shit happens. Tell them now, before you miss your opportunity.

14. Admitting when a friendship isn't working. The sooner you can admit it, the sooner you can work it out, or at least talk through things without feeling like there are empty obligations between you two.

15. Leaving a job you hate. Leaving security behind is terrifying, and I personally think it’s only a good idea if you have a) savings, and b) a plan. But all scariness aside, even when there’s something to be said for getting that year on your résumé, there’s also something to be said for getting the hell out of a toxic situation.

16. Watching reality TV. You are not above The Bachelorette. In fact, you are seriously missing out if you aren’t watching.

17. Trying online dating. It’s going down, I’m yellin’ Tinder.

18. Giving someone completely unexpected a chance. Because you likely have much less to lose than you stand to gain.

19. Staying in. Don’t succumb to the pressure if you don’t have the energy or the money. Skipping a night out never hurt anyone.

20. Dental hygiene. You need to floss. Every. Single. Day. Once your parents stop paying for your cavities, you realize how expensive they are, and you will never want to go back to the dentist’s office again. So start flossing.

21. Chasing down what you really want. Out of life. Out of your job. Out of your relationships. Don’t let your standards slip because you feel like you don’t deserve to keep them high. Don’t let your standards slip because you don’t want to make the effort to raise them. TC mark

7 Toxic Personality Types You Don’t Need In Your Life

Posted: 02 Jul 2016 11:00 AM PDT


Everyone knows at least one toxic person. Often people don't realize that they are friends with a toxic person until it is too late, and by then they are already wrapped up in the toxic person's drama.

It is important in life to be able to deal with different kinds of people, but you shouldn't associate with people who bring you down and negatively affect your life. They will hold you back in life, and they will also put you under a lot of stress.

Before you can get rid of the toxic people in your life, you need to be aware of the different toxic personality types. Here are 7 toxic personality types that you don't need in your life.

1. The Leech

The leech is always broke and looking for a hand out. While everyone goes through difficult times in their lives, the leech has been struggling for years. They often ask for money and favors, but they aren't willing to take advice on how to actually improve their lives. In reality they are happy with their lives, and they don't want to make any effort to improve their lives – instead, they prefer to leech off others.

2. The Jealous

This person is never happy for others when they accomplish things, as they are too narcissistic. Instead they believe that they deserve the success more, and they will ask themselves "Why them? Why not me?"

However, the jealous person isn't willing to put in hard work or effort, so they will struggle to succeed. Over time, this will make them even more jealous and bitter.

3. The 'Me Me Me'

The 'me me me' person is very self-absorbed, and they only enjoy talking about themselves. They often come to you for advice, but they rarely follow the advice as they were actually just looking for an opportunity to talk about themselves.

Whenever you have a problem that you want to talk about, the 'me me me' person is no-where to be seen – because in their eyes, you are just a tool to help build up their self-esteem.

4. The Victim

The victim is often difficult to identify, as you can't help but to sympathize with them. However, over time you will start to notice that they are always the victim. You will notice that they don't take responsibility for any of their actions, and they constantly feel like the world is out to get them. They don't choose to learn and grow after a difficult experience – they prefer to wallow and feel sorry for themselves.

5. The Gossip

The gossip is normally an insecure person who wants attention and group acceptance. They love drama, but they don't want to be personally involved; they just want to watch the drama unfold from a safe distance.

They are happy to create distrust as they think it may help them to bond, and they don't respect other friendships. Cut this person out as soon as you can, as you never know when you will be the subject of their gossip.

6. The Hormonal

The hormonal person has zero control of their emotions, and you regularly see them flip out or start crying. They react without thinking and they often lash out at their friends without feeling guilty. They often apologise after the outbreak, but they don't change – as soon as they are annoyed or upset, they lash out again.

7. The Stuck-In-The-Mud

The stuck-in-the-mud person is happy to be stagnant and they hate the idea of change – even when it is for the best. They wish you were the same person you used to be, even if you are happier and more successful now. This is because they don't actually care about you; they just don't like the idea of falling behind everyone else, so they try to hold you back with them. TC mark