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21 Guys Reveal The Nastiest Sex Act That They Did With An Ex

Posted: 04 Aug 2016 10:15 PM PDT


1. “She was very into me fingering her in public. Like if we were closer than normal in a booth somewhere, there’s a solid chance I was finger-banging her. Sorry to all of my friends who went to bars with us whose girlfriends I met and shook hands with during that time. My bad.” — Kyle, 27

2. “Spontaneous anal. No clue how or why I let her go. Have you had anal on a random Tuesday? I have.” — Dalton, 24

3. “She was pretty tame except for the fact that she really got up in there when going down on me. Like this chick was not afraid of going for the grundle, licking my ass, fingering my asshole, the works. Gotta admit, it felt amazing.” — Billy, 29

4. “We had a threesome with my roommate who is a girl. Watching my girlfriend eat out another woman while I was fucking her from behind is a sight I’m literally never going to forget. God bless.” — Johnny, 26

5. “I knew she was into like, BDSM stuff but I never thought I’d fuck a girl who wanted to wear a ball gag, nipple clamps, and be totally tied up spread-eagle on a bed. But…I have.” — Rylan, 25

6. “We joined the mile high club together but not in a way you’d ‘expect.’ Instead of going to the bathroom like a civilized couple, we got a blanket and she sat on my lap and rode me until I came all over that complimentary Delta fleece. It was a red eye, no one knew. …Ok like maybe some people knew but whatever. It was awesome.” — Eli, 28

7. “Two words. Water sports. Three more words. Not for me.” — Will, 29

8. “She let me cum all over her chest while blowing me in the bathroom at her cousin’s engagement party. Then she just cleaned it off on one of their towels and we made it back in time for her uncle’s toast.” — Matt, 26

9. “She was super into the idea of public sex and like, who am I to deny someone something like that? So we fucked on several lawns of various suburban households in our college town. I’m 99.9% some dad has seen me railing my girlfriend next to his manicured hedges.” — Garrett, 27

10. “I choked her with my tie while banging her on my desk at work. Hottest thing I’ve done sexually so far.” — Nathan, 30

11. “While we were breaking up we’d have really angry, volatile breakup sex. I’m talking bite marks, scratches everywhere, she slapped me across the face a bunch, I’d yank her hair so hard I’d momentarily panic. We kind of looked like we’d been mauled by tigers after but the sex was so hot neither of us would use a safe word or anything. I miss that sex.” — Andrew, 28

12. “She loved having sex with a butt plug in. She has/had one that vibrates…and that feels crazy good.” — Jamie, 23

13. “After I would finish inside of her (we were totally committed and monogamous while doing this by the way) I would either eat her out to get her off again, or finger her to get her off again and lick myself off of my fingers while doing so. Kinda weird, but she was so into it and would always cum like a train.” — Robert, 25

14. “We went to a private sex club and I watched her get gang-banged by three guys in roughly their mid-40s (she was 22 at the time) while I jerked off in the same room. Basically I watch my girlfriend have a dick in her every possible way she could.” — Mark, 27

15. “I let her peg me. She was really turned on which turned me on more than the actual pegging. It was fine but not really my cup of tea.” — Chase, 24

16. “So the first time this ex of mine and I actually met, it was because we matched on Tinder and figured out we were in the same bar. We ended up getting pretty hammered, and fucking in the handicapped bathroom stall while other people were using the restroom. Great story, not so great relationship.” — Owen, 26

17. “She blew my boss at the company Christmas party and let me watch before fucking me in his office after he came. We don’t really talk about it — we were all pretty wasted.” — Adam, 29

18. “She was really into being dominated and humiliated, which was super out of character for her and me. I’m usually more passive, and she’s a total ball buster in her job. But once the lights were out and we were behind closed doors she’d crawl around on the floor, basically act like my little sex slave. It’s a secret that I still get hard thinking about.” — Peter, 28

19. “Ever done a Craiglist bukaki with your girlfriend as the girl? It’s about as weird as you think it’d be.” — Benjamin, 25

20. “She worked from home and would send me the DIRTIEST messages. Nudes, videos of herself masturbating, Snaps of her cleaning her house in nothing but heels, just really raunchy stuff. It would always get us both really worked up for when I’d come home and we’d have crazy sex in the living room or wherever was closest because we’d both be so horny.” — Dave, 27

21. “We filmed a video for an amateur porn site. She didn’t want it to be ‘boring’ so we used dildos, a bullet in her ass and my ass, I gave her a facial, lots of different stuff to make us seem really adventurous. It was admittedly pretty hot. I still watch it when I’m alone sometimes…though I’d never admit that to her or my current girlfriend.” — Zack, 26 TC mark

20 Über Romantic Tips For Giving Her The Fairy Tale Kiss She’s Been Craving

Posted: 04 Aug 2016 08:00 PM PDT

Ángela Burón
Ángela Burón

1. You can’t kiss for hours without taking a break to breathe. So every so often, pull apart just a tiny bit, so you can look her deep in the eyes.

2. During that pause, rest your forehead against her forehead.

3. Then whisper something sweet, about how stunning her smile looks or about how sweet her lips taste.

4. Play with a strand of her hair. Stroke her hair. Push a piece of hair back behind her ear.

5. For an added touch, grab her hand and place it over your heart. Let her see how fast it’s beating, so she knows how excited she makes you.

6. Touch her face. Outline her lips with your fingers. Caress her cheeks with your palm. Make tender, gentle movements that’ll make her feel like she’s in the middle of a romcom.

7. Talk to her in between kisses. There’s nothing more adorable than hearing the words, “I love you” piecemeal, one word in between every kiss.

8. Of course, you should kiss more than just her lips. Kiss her forehead, her cheek, and especially her neck.

9. Hold her hand. When you’re in the middle of a tender kiss, run your thumb over her skin. When the kiss deepens, squeeze her hand.

10. Let tiny little moans fall from your lips. Don’t hold them inside, because they’re bound to turn her on.

11. Of course, before you even go in for the first kiss, make sure your breath is fresh and your lips are ChapStick smooth.

12. You should also make sure your beard’s at the right length. If it’s too scratchy, the kiss will be more painful than pleasurable for her.

13. Keep in mind that if you apply the right cologne, you won’t even have to be the one to initiate the kiss. She’ll be all over you.

14. Move your hands to her waist. Or, if you know she’s completely comfortable with you, rest them on her ass.

15. Be patient. Don’t shove your tongue down her throat right away. Start by giving her tiny pecks, then move up to soft kisses, and then you can finally go for that French kiss you’ve been waiting for.

16. If something awkward happens, like if your teeth clash or your noses bump, let out a laugh and make a joke about it. Don’t let her feel embarrassed, even for a second.

17. Experiment. Try nibbling on her lips and sucking on her lips. Then move onto kissing her ear and try nibbling and sucking on the lobe.

18. Hug her as you kiss her. Basically, you should keep your arms wrapped tightly around her back as your lips meet, so she feels enveloped by you.

19. Compliment her kissing skills. Let her know you’re enjoying the feel of her lips, because she’s definitely wondering what you’re thinking.

20. If you want to turn the kiss into something more, then press your body up against hers, so she can feel your boner. That should make your intentions pretty clear. Then she can decide whether she wants to take things a step further or continue the make-out session. TC mark

17 Orgasmic Tips For Giving Him A Handjob He’ll Actually Cum From

Posted: 04 Aug 2016 07:45 PM PDT

Twenty20, vedrana2701
Twenty20, vedrana2701

1. Before you go anywhere near his cock, make sure you get him nice and hard. French kiss him, grab his hair to deepen that kiss, and stroke his thighs–but wait to touch that sweet spot.

2. Once you can see the bulge in his jeans, it’s time to start rubbing over the fabric. Lightly move your hand back and forth, just to tease him. It should make him even harder.

3. Now you can seductively remove his jeans. Make a show out of unzipping them and pulling them off. Think of it as a reverse strip tease.

4. If you want to use your body to your advantage, now would be a good time to remove a few items of clothing. Say something about how it’s not fair for him to be naked when you’re still fully clothed, and then take your top off so he can suck on your tits or run his thumbs across your nipples.

5. It’s finally time to grab his cock. Just make sure that there’s pre-cum dripping down his shaft. If there isn’t any in sight, you can either kiss him until it pops out or reach for the lube. You don’t want the handjob to hurt, so you have to make sure he’s sufficiently wet.

6. Don’t go hard and fast right from the get-go. Start out with light, slow strokes. When he gets closer to orgasm, then you can tighten your grasp and move at a quicker pace.

7. You could always start out by grabbing him with just your thumb and forefinger, moving up and down, and then gradually adding more fingers to increase the pressure.

8. Don’t forget to twist your wrist as you move your hand. Simple “up and down” movements aren’t going to cut it.

9. Don’t forget to explore his body, either. Instead of focusing all of your energy on his dick, try touching his balls, kissing his neck, and licking his nipples. Use whatever moves you know he’ll go crazy over.

10. Use a new toy every time. Try handcuffing him one day, trailing a feather across his shaft the next day, and running your vibrator over his balls the day after that. You never know what he’ll cum hard from.

11. If you want to be extra sexy, you can try straddling him while giving him a handjob. That way, he’ll be able to grab your waist and put your tits in his mouth. It’ll give him he illusion that you’re riding him. Just make sure you sit more toward his knees, so your hands actually have access to his cock.

12. If you don’t think one hand is going to do the job, then you can always use two. Just make sure that they’re moving in sync.

13. Even if you don’t want his dick in your mouth, you should put his index finger in your mouth. Make sure you suck it in and out while running your tongue around the entire thing. Then it’ll be easy for him to imagine that your lips are on his junk instead of your hands.

14. For the most part, your mouth won’t be busy, so you should use it to talk dirty. Tell him how sexy he sounds when he moans and how wet you get whenever you feel his cock twitch. 

15. If you have your heart set on giving him a handjob, make sure he knows it’s not leading to anything else. Otherwise, he’ll assume that it’s just foreplay, and he’ll try to keep himself from orgasming so he can have sex with you. So make your intentions clear.

16. Friendly reminder: Handjobs aren’t meant to be given when you’re in bed together. They work best when you’re casually watching TV, so he’ll feel like he got a special little surprise. (Of course, if you want to make him cum faster, you could always turn off the TV and put on a porno.)

17. Even if you’re not in the mood to lick and suck, you can still use your mouth to catch his cum when he’s all finished. Seeing you swallow is the perfect way to end the occasion. TC mark

Here’s What People Like About You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Posted: 04 Aug 2016 07:00 PM PDT



(March 21st to April 19th)

Having an Aries best friend means that you are going to have a lot of fun, as they are the epitome of playful and adventurous. The most normal, boring day will turn into something spectacular with them. Highly observant, nothing will ever get past an Aries, so do not deceive or lie to them. Befriending an Aries means that you are in store for a loft of sarcastic, witty humour, and though they may joke around a lot, an Aries will always respect and appreciate you. They are some of the most loyal friends in the Zodiac.


(April 20th to May 21st)

When you have a Taurus as a best friend, they are the perfect travel buddy. They will never say no to a road trip of a fun little beach vacation. A Taurus will bring to your friendship their calm nature, and they will give the best advice. Their ambition and their creativity will inspire you, and ignite your passions. The great thing about a Taurean best friend is that they will appreciate you and accept you for your faults, rather than judging you for them.


(May 22nd to June 21st)

A Gemini is often considered to be the social connector in the group. They bring together a lot of different people, merging different friendship cliques and creating inclusive companionships. Whenever a Gemini is around, there will always be laughter and fun. However, a Gemini can be an extremely flaky friend, and they will never commit to a plan because they are always worried that something better will come up. Though they have large circles of friends, if a Gemini calls you their best friend, you can be sure that you are one of very few close people in their life.


(June 22nd to July 22nd)

If you are lucky enough to have a Cancer in your friend group, you know that they tend to be the protectors. They consider their friends to be their family, and they cherish every single moment with them. They hold every memory close to their heart, and they give everything they have to make their friendships strong. Cancers, however, believe that friendships are two way streets. Therefore, they need to see effort and appreciation on the other side of the fence as well, or else they will feel used and hurt.


(July 23rd to August 22nd)

Having a Leo as a best friend is a lot of fun. They are generous and adored by so many people. They love having the spotlight on them, and are often considered bossy. However, a lot of people will turn a blind eye to how bossy the Leo is because they are so fun. They always know how to cheer people up, and everyone wants to keep the Lion around because of its good nature and its thrilling personality.


(August 23rd to September 22nd)

A Virgo is a gentle and kind friend. They tend to be quite shy, so they will not make the first move when meeting new people. They do not like to lead and prefer to follow their friends and go with the flow. Their best friends adore their advice and their problem solving skills. Virgos tend to feel like they aren't doing enough in friendships, when in reality they give so much to their pals. Therefore, they need to find friends that are just as attentive to their needs, making the Virgo feel accepted and less obligated to prove something. Virgos are usually at the center of life long friendships, for they value and get very close to those they harmonize with.


(September 23rd to October 22nd)

Libras are excellent communicators and they have great taste, resulting in them being very, very popular. Libras can often be found with a posse of people around them. However, Libras don't let the popularity sway them, and they use their leadership role to be a mediator in their group of friends, and are always there to give advice when their pals need it. Unfortunately, Libras find it difficult to keep a secret, and they may end up upsetting people they care about without intending to do so.


(October 23rd to November 22nd)

Scorpios, although guarded at first, are some of the most loyal friends in the Zodiac. They love being alone and having time to themselves, but they also enjoy having people around them when that aspect of their personality is turned on. They really love surrounding themselves with like minded people, who understand them and can handle their depth. Scorpios want friends that are just as committed to loyalty as they are, and they need to know that they can trust those friends. Trust to a Scorpio is absolutely everything, it is the cornerstone of every relationship and friendship they enter.


(November 23rd to December 21st)

If you have a Sagittarius as a friend, you are guaranteed to have a lot of fun. They are adventurers, explorers and they are in love with freedom and liberation. They will always be up for exciting things, and are the kinds of friends you want by your side when you travel and find new places to dig your feet into. Sagittarius pals are adored for bringing the unexpected to other people's lives, and friends that are easy going and not needy are embraced by the wide-eyed Sag.


(December 22nd to January 20th)

As a friend, a Capricorn is very interested in filling their free time with people who hold superior jobs in society. They want friends in high places. They will always try to go to the most selective and popular places in town in order to rub shoulders with those they want to befriend. When they do make a friend that they trust, and that isn't too needy, they often keep them for life as they are rare and a Capricorn admires that.


(January 21st to February 18th)

An Aquarius represents friendship in the Zodiac. They have a lot of friends, and that is an understatement. They network and they love all forms of social media. They are well loved by their pals because they have a very unique point of view, and a detachment that makes them come off as very cool individuals. Though they do often seem aloof, they are deeply loyal and compassionate friends. They will always notice when someone they care about is struggling, and they will go out of their way to support that person.


(February 19th to March 20th)

As a friend, a Pisces is a very compassionate source of love for others. They help anyone in need, and are often taken advantage of because of how willing they are to stick their neck out for others. Their kind nature is either extremely appreciated, or completely taken for granted. Therefore, Pisces tend to pick and choose friends with a lot of reservation. They may be guarded at first because they have been so hurt by fake pals in the past. Due to their close knit choices, a Pisces will stick to childhood friends who understand their depth. That way they won't have to worry about being hurt, and they will never have to explain their dispositions or their depth. Pisces truly believe in the saying, "No new friends." TC mark

I Will Always Pick Up, Every Time You Call

Posted: 04 Aug 2016 06:15 PM PDT


There's something to be said about dependability. About reliability. About being the girl that will always have a heart for you, no matter where in the world you are.

The girl who will care about you, even after you're gone.

I've always been that kind of girl. The one who tries to smile instead of turning her back. The one who keeps her heart open, even when it should probably stay closed.

There's something to be said about having love for people who don't always deserve it, or forgiving when forgiveness is hard, or just being there, and putting your own hurt aside.

Sometimes I've tried to be the kind of girl who shuts herself off, who walks away, who distances herself at the end of the relationship because it's easier that way, right?

But it's never been easier for me.

I find myself wondering, find myself aching at the thought of two people becoming strangers. I find myself sick at the sound of a goodbye that seems more like the end of life than two people just drifting apart.

See, I'd rather be the girl you know felt something real than the girl who pretends you never mattered. Because no matter our outcome, you always mattered, and always will.

And that's why no matter where life takes us, I'll always answer your call. Whether it's late at night and you're walking home from the bar, mumbling words to me that you'll never remember tomorrow. Or late afternoon on a Sunday and you just got a call about a new job.

Sure, it will suck, knowing that we're thousands of miles apart and that things have changed between us. Sure, it will be hard knowing we are two different people chasing two different dreams. Sure, it won't be the same and I won't fall back in love with you the way I once did.

But there's this unspoken bond between us, an unspoken line between what was, and what is. We don't owe each other anything, nor need anything. It's merely just to hear the sound of each other's voices on the other end of the phone. And I promise, I'll pick up.

If you're calling to see if I'm happy, I'll tell you the truth, that I am. If you're calling because you feel lost and you need to know that it wasn't all a waste, I'll tell you the truth, no life is ever a waste. Especially yours.

If you're calling just to hear a familiar voice, I'll talk. And I'll listen.

I know life will take us in unexpected directions and that we'll get a little twisted around sometimes, but if you ever need someone just to be the breathing on the other end of the receiver, I'll pick up. I promise.

It's not because I'm desperate. It's not because I'm missing you. It's not because my life is on hold, just waiting to hear that ring.

It's because love isn't something that I can just forget, or shove into a hidden corner of my mind. It's because you mattered to me, and time and distance won't ever change that. It's because we all need human connection in this life, just to keep on living.

It's because I can't change who I am. And I'm a girl who will always care.

So, you beautiful soul. Wherever you are and whatever you're doing I hope you know you're forgiven. I hope you know I only wish the best for you. And I hope you know that I'm only ever a phone call away.

And I'll pick up. I promise. TC mark

25 Hilariously Awful Puns You Can Torture Your Friends With

Posted: 04 Aug 2016 06:00 PM PDT

34 Mortifying ‘Texts From Last Night’ That Will Make You Feel Better About Your Own Messed Up Life

Posted: 04 Aug 2016 05:00 PM PDT

>Flickr / Mo Riza
>Flickr / Mo Riza


i just walked into a room at this party and someone yelled “dibs!”…


i got kicked out of Barnes and Nobles cuz i put all the bibles in the fiction section


i went to disney world today with my friends, met snow white, then saw her later at a bar. she is naked next to me in her bed, passed out. when you wish upon a star…


I remember going home with 2 girls. Woke up with 4.


I was just told by a cop that my party was the most epic party they ever crashed


Just woke up wearing a top hat and simpsons boxers. i also found more money in my wallet then what i had before going out, about $1000 more


so I was just driving high and I stopped to let a pinecone cross the road because I thought it was a hedgehog.


Grinding on my ninth grade teacher. Dreams really do come true


I thought it was weird that her dad told me to finish and get out after he walked in on us. I like him


i took some ambien and I TRIPPED out…i went into my mom’s room to say goodnight and i don’t remember anything…she said that i got really pissed at her because we were living in the Keebler elf tree and she was visiting other trees, then i started laughing hysterically and she goes “whats so funny?” and i go “there are 7 people sitting on my knees” and she goes “doesn’t that hurt?” and i said “no we’re sitting in a bowl” and then i capped it off and said “join the crazy train bro” and passed out.


Sex on bubble wrap = best decision ever.


my math teacher staples burger king applications to failed tests


At McDonald’s last night the guy gave you the wrong kind of McFlurry, so you screamed at him, “YOU MCFUCKED UP.”


Renamed my iPod as ‘the titanic’ so when I plug it in it’s says ‘the titantic is syncing.’


My girlfriend went down on me and as she did she hummed the theme from star wars and pretended my dick was a lightsaber…I’m buying the engagement ring tomorrow


rather than putting your name in guys phones, you just texted 90999 to donate $10 to Haiti and then gave it back to them


I asked a girl to buy her a drink, she had I have a boyfriend, so I said, well i have a goldfish, she said what? I replied, oh I’m sorry I thought we were talking about shit that doesnt matter.


i fell off the bed in the middle of it, and he yelled “5 second rule” and kept fucking me. i think im in love


So, when he came he screamed MORTAL KOMBAT!!!! at the top of his lungs and all of his roomates yelled back FINISH HER!!!!…..yeah kinda awkward


im stripping for him via video chat, but the sound is turned off cause his students are taking a test


seriously iPhone. stop autocorrecting all my fucks into ducks. you’re making all my strong worded texts look harmless and adorable.


she gave me a handjob in the middle of the night and my stomach growled so she walked out totally naked and came back 5 minutes later with two sandwiches. who the fuck says getting married is awful?




in the middle of sex he stopped to tell me that he loved me… then slapped my ass and told me “back to business”… im gonna marry him


the girl i fucked last night woke up this morning, disoriented and looked at me, and said “oh, you’re hot.” and went back to sleep.


He literally didn’t stop until I lost count of how many times he made me orgasm. It took three hours.


The guy I was getting with last night took off his purity ring mid-sex and threw it across the room.


i made the cop pinkie-promise not to arrest me if i failed the breathalizer.


I have to decide between the hot young blond with no apparent gag reflex, and the brunette with a great ass and a trust fund.


On a scale of one to Chris Brown, how angry are you?


I don’t know where I am but the food in the fridge is awesome.


Microwave minutes are longer than normal minutes.


A lesson I learned in the hospital….when you masturbate while attached to a heart monitor, it scares the nurses a lot.


Going to spend my cab money on more shots and just take the ambulance home TC mark

This EPIC Facebook Post Just Took Enablers Of Rape Culture And Read Them For Filth

Posted: 04 Aug 2016 04:00 PM PDT

Flickr / Helga Weber
Flickr / Helga Weber

Too often women who are victims of sexual assault are questioned because, “Are you sure you weren’t asking for it??”

They are interrogated about how much they flirted, or what they were wearing, or whether they really meant “no.”

Rapist enablers make excuses for the attacker, as we saw in the Brock Turner case (“He comes from such a good family”, “It was only a few seconds of action!” “This could ruin his future!”)


Let’s compare sexual assault to a different crime — like, say, robbery — to discover how bogus some of these asinine questions are:

Read on:


Yeah, that doesn’t make any sense, does it?

Neither does suggesting that when someone says “no” they don’t actually mean no. TC mark

I Woke Up This Morning And Decided To Let You Go

Posted: 04 Aug 2016 03:15 PM PDT


I woke up this morning and I have decided to just let it all go. I am willing to admit what I never have wanted to admit since I met you almost 20 years ago. I think you are the love of my life. Even now, after the betrayal and the pain and the sleepless nights. I have a lot of anger towards you which will keep me safe.

I can't have you in my life.

But I have to stop fighting this sense of great loss. This sucks, this fucking sucks. A part of me feels no one has ever loved anyone this much. If the world could know – if God could know, if you could know, then we'd have to live happily ever after, right?

I love you; I love your face, I love your touch, your smell. I see a photo of you and my breath catches in my throat. I think of a joke you would have laughed at and I feel lonely. When you are by my side my heart is happy and feels home.

The ones you love the most can also turn and hurt you the most as well.

I have fought this because it feels pathetic and crazy. You have a lot of issues and are simply not capable of giving me the fidelity, attention, honesty, and the true-equal-partnership that I require. It's so fucked up. If I go with my heart, I will go against every fiber of my being. I would be going against all of the values I have set for myself. I need certain things from a partner and you can't give me them. And that's not saying something against you – I am drawn to that free spirit in you. But at the end of the day I need the stability and comfort of reassurance and commitment.

You and I are square pegs in round holes. It can never work out and it never will. I can't change who I am and I am certainly done trying to change you. I accept and love you as you are today: green eyes, salt and pepper hair, that masculine scent of aftershave and male shampoo, your strong arms, your laughter, and also – your detached indifference when you don't care anymore. You can flip in an instant and walk away so easily leaving me dejected, hopeless. Love is not enough. I can't love you enough to make a relationship out of fire but no kindling.

I love you and I may always love you.

I miss you every day. But I cannot know you anymore. My heart breaks for you over and over and over. Today I am mourning the loss of you and the hope of you. You are a light in a dark day. But the pain of our constant, never-ending misunderstandings is not worth it. I need peace in my life above all else. I need respect from a partner who is on my same level.

When I think about never, ever seeing you again it makes my stomach flop. I cannot bear the thought of it. But you are like my own personal unhealthy addiction and I will continue to take it "one day at a time" as I take care of myself first.

I am not sure if it makes any easier – the fact that I know that I am doing the right thing by walking away. It doesn't really matter. What I do know is my life and my future will be better this way. There are other people in this world that I can make a relationship work with. It just happens to not be with you, my favorite person. TC mark

11 Things You Need To Know Before You Date An Aquarius

Posted: 04 Aug 2016 03:00 PM PDT


1. Aquarians are deep thinkers, they won’t date shallow, small-minded people. If you’re trying to attract one, have an open mind, give good conversation, and ask deep questions.

2. Aquarians need their independence and to be able to spend time alone on a regular basis. Don’t take this as an affront, it’s their nature and something their partner should work with, not against.

3. Aquarians gigantic hearts, even if their deep thinking and intelligence can also make them emotionally detached. They always want to do the right thing, but the “right thing” for them needs to be backed up by their intellect, not just their heart.

4. You cannot date an Aquarius unless you’re intelligent. They get easily bored of stupid people and are so drawn to people who can make them think.

5. Similarly, you can’t date an Aquarius if you’re close-minded. Trump supporters, people who get irrationally angry when someone disagrees with them, and reactionaries need not apply.

6. Unlike Capricorns, Aquarians are not traditional and do not want traditional partners. They think it’s much cooler and more attractive when someone marches to the beat of their own drum than being a drone who does what is expected of them at every turn.

7. An Aquarius is at their best when they can help you out. From making you laugh when you are down in the dumps to helping you solve a difficult work problem, this is where Aquarians THRIVE. They love to use their big hearts to make the lives of those they love better.

8. If it were a high school superlative, Aquarians would be voted ‘most likely to start a cult’ they’re deep and persuasive, but that doesn’t mean you have to go along with what they say. Don’t lose yourself in your Aquarian. Make sure everything you’re doing is also grounded in who you are as a person.

9. If you need someone to cling to you or depend on you in order to feel like you’re in a real relationship, you’re in for a rude awakening.

10. The ideal date for an Aquarius is intimate — they want to connect with you on a deep emotional level. Take them to a dive bar where you can sit in the corner alone, or take a nighttime scenic walk along a body of water.

11. Whoever said “if you love something let it go, if it comes back it’s yours” was talking about an Aquarius. The more freedom you give them, they more they will appreciate you. TC mark