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15 Guys Share What Super Slutty Things Girls Should Do If They Want Their Man To Cum Like Never Before

Posted: 12 Sep 2016 10:00 PM PDT



“Enthusiasm and confidence is the big one; you need to act like you’re just craving the D something fierce, and don’t care about much else.

In terms of what to wear, the first thing that comes to mind is a skirt or dress that’s an inch too short. Or long socks. Fuck long socks are terrific.”

— bfg24


“Don’t wear panties. Then tell him to fill you with cum before you go out.”

— I_like_tortoises


“Omg long socks make my cock throb. Also yes, skimpy clothing.

Yes enthusiasm is where it’s at. I had a girl who would greet me whenever we met up, offer a drink and then proceed to claw my pants off. It was hot and made me feel amazing that she as was cock hungry for me.”

— fallout52389


“If my girlfriend was going trying to be slutty for me, I’d much rather her wear normal or classy clothes (depending on the situation), because slutty is all about taboo and being inappropriate. So whispering in my ear that she wants to feel my cock at the back of her throat while wearing a very classy dress in a very nice restaurant is a thousand times hotter than dressing what we might call ‘traditionally slutty.'”

— Soloandthewookiee


“Have sex be her idea for once. No, hinting that you’re available does not count. Like, rip my pants off and start blowing me when I walk in the door like you’ve been poisoned and my semen is the antidote.”

— iggybdawg


“If you want to be ‘slutty’ in the bedroom, then push the boundaries of what you normally do. It’s hard to give suggestions without knowing your sex life, but trying new things is always a good idea, as long as everyone is comfortable with them.”

— Soloandthewookiee


“Try to get in character, make him believe it’s ALL your thinking about ALL the time. You’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is vitamin D!

Whispers, gropes, and “samples” at random/inappropriate times will help sell your performance.

When you actually get down to the deed, it’s time to be… a sexy Gollum, obsessed with your precious. Barring unsafe practices, nothing is off the table in your quest to fully sate him!”

— herknav


“For me, acting slutty is about being aggressive and inappropriate. Slide your hand down his pants at the table, flash him in public when nobody is looking, come back from the bathroom and hand him your underwear. But also pay attention to how he reacts, he might not like some of these. Just don’t get discouraged if he doesn’t like something and try a different tack.”

— Soloandthewookiee


“In theory, sluts like to fuck, they enjoy every moment of it and they don’t just get fucked, they fuck the guy back as well…

Be enthusiastic and act like his dick is the fountain of youth. Take control of your pleasure, and know when to be dominant and when to be a bit more submissive (submissive =/= starfish).”

— jigglywigglybooty


“My wife and I use a collar. When she wears the collar, she’s not allowed to make any decisions except that the collar is coming off. She decides when it goes on and when it comes off, but I decide what she does when it’s on. That could mean as simple as ‘make dinner and do the dishes,’ but it could also mean ‘let me fuck your face like I own it’.”

— FaxCelestis


“Swallowing the cum.”

— nginparis


“Go out for the night with no underwear on under your skirt. Remind him of this fact regularly.”

— arkofjoy


“Give him a lapdance, guys love lapdances. YouTube the how-to videos. I make sexy jokes and and just have fun. It’s not always about being serious and overtly slutty. It’s like be playful and interested in whatever they want, even if it’s strange to you. Trust me, nothing is really strange, it’s just all preferences.”

— Snotpuff


“Wear something that makes you desirable, hot and sexy, show at least 50% skin.

The slutty behavior outside of the bedroom would be even hotter, because you show how proud you are, how much you want him in public and you two can’t just have sex right now.

Show him how you like his superficial features, his body, his manliness, how you want to feel him inside you.”

— aqua995


“Go out for a nice date, a nice dinner somewhere. Wear a hot but still decent dress, makeup, heels etc. Go all out, look fucking hot. Right after you order, excuse yourself and go to the restroom. Come back and sit next to him in the booth instead of across from him where your place setting is.

Give him a kiss, drop your panties in his lap, and whisper in his ear that you can’t wait to get home so you can have his big hard cock inside of you. Tell him you’re going to be thinking about how great his cock tastes all through dinner and that you can’t wait for dessert. Then give him another quick kiss and go back to your seat and take a drink. Look over at him, bite your lip and do a slow blink.”

— kersius TC mark

18 Men Explain Why They REALLY Don’t Want To Eat You Out

Posted: 12 Sep 2016 08:00 PM PDT



“I don’t like going down on women. I don’t like the taste, the smell, or the view. I don’t like the texture, I don’t like the way it makes my jaw and mouth feel, and it doesn’t do anything to turn me on. Perhaps most importantly, there are so many things that we both like doing in bed, so I would much rather do one of those things.”

— B0000000BS


“I can either love it or hate it depending on the the taste, smell or look your vulva. Yes, the last part is shallow but that’s how it is: if you have a pretty pussy I’ll want to eat it for hours, if not I’ll want to get over with it ASAP.”

— n0ggy


“While I do very much like the visual, I don’t really like the taste.”

— JackPAnderson


“I don’t always refuse to go down on girls. Just certain girls…. And yeah, it’s the smell. Not every girl smells/tastes good. I’m not accusing them of being unclean or anything. I think it’s just hormones, diet, or similar. Still, if my finger smells nasty after I’ve fingered you for a bit, I will NOT be going down on you.”

— Inigo93


“Frankly, I smelled urine. I didn’t like that smell. I am honestly wondering if that is a common occurrence. Is it? Because I would like to try it again if this is something that is extremely rare.”

— Unknown


“I didn’t go down on my last EX. I didn’t ask for blow jobs either, she offered (honest). HOWEVER, I was totally cool with going down on her but the smell… oh god the smell… she wasn’t a dirty girl (tee hee) but for some reason, it was really bad down there. maybe I’m a just a pussy. whatever.”

— IronChefJesus


“Too much hair can be a deal breaker. I like the smell of clean vagina just fine, but if there’s a bush it turns the smell awful, and more potent. Strong smells strip me of my power.”

— Qui-Gon_Wolfkiller


“I don’t care if a girl won’t give me a blowjob, I want to go down on her for my pleasure as well as hers. But I don’t want to go down on a sweaty, smell vagina.”

— SpiritMaker


“Some people did a study and it showed that 1 out of 3 girls have crabs where I live. Meaning if I go down on a girl I’m either gettin’ the seafood special or a face full vag.”

— Calphoba


“Because they don’t reciprocate.”

— topspin424


“Because my neck gets really sore. I don’t refuse entirely but after the third time or so it loses the novelty so i’d really prefer for her to straddle my face, but to hell with these chicks who won’t accommodate me that way.”

— gabbagool


“I won’t go down on a girl with pubic hair. It just grosses me out. Otherwise, I love eating pussy.”

— revjeremyduncan


“Going down on girls with HPV can give you throat cancer. HPV is one of the most common STD’s, and is usually asymptomatic.”

— Unknown


“I’ve never done it because I know if I don’t like it I will immediately stop. Never tasted it so I imagine it’s an odd flavor.”

— Volraith


“It smells, and tastes bad. Women like performing oral sex, men generally don’t. Everything doesn’t have to be the same between the sexes.”

— Cithlu_Bob


“I don’t like the taste, plain and simple. Didn’t on the first girl I went down on, don’t on the girl I’m with now. I also don’t expect her to go down on me; partly because I don’t enjoy it, partly because I don’t go down on her.”

— PhoenixMagus


“Let me put it this way; would you put your face on a vagina? They bleed sometimes and are generally messy, creating their own lube and all. Try oral on a girl and you’ll know what I mean. I’ve only done oral for one girl and that’s because she’s “the one” and I know her junk is clean. Maybe guys are particular about what goes into their mouths but comparatively, dicks are much less messy and gross to have in your mouth.”

— noman2561


“If anyone here actually wants to hear a reason why without instantly losing their shit, it’s pretty simple: I just think vaginas are weird looking. They just look kind of unsettling to me. It’s not that I won’t do it, it’s just that I prefer not to. I’d much rather just have sex.”

— enthos

You’re Not Really A Couple Until You Survive These 23 Awkward Moments In Bed

Posted: 12 Sep 2016 07:00 PM PDT

Drew Wilson
Drew Wilson

1. When you're in the middle of talking dirty but one person gets completely flustered and tongue tied and says something totally nonsensical and/or utterly unsexy.

2. When you're wasted and intent on having sex but you're both so sloppy that it's a total mess.

3. When your flesh slaps together in such a way that your bodies create some reallllly weird sounds, and, try as you might to shift about, the unsexy orchestra just won't stop and you can only hope that your partner doesn't really care.

4. When someone gets legitimately hurt in the process of trying to shift from one position into the next and you have to weigh the promise of an orgasm against the certain pleasure of icing your injury immediately.

5. When you realize, mid-sex, that you definitely have to pee and you have to channel every morsel of willpower within to stick it out without urinating all over your significant other.

6. When you're not really enjoying what your significant other is doing down there, but you don't really have the heart to articulate that their technique isn't quite working for you since they seem so into whatever they're doing.

7. When he's trying to penetrate and her vagina's drier that the Sahara desert for whatever reason and he's forced to wonder why she's not feeling aroused.

8. When either party farts. And it stinks.

9. When one person breaks out into song randomly or says something so out of the blue and mood-killing that the other's forced to confront the reality that their partner isn't exactly feeling it at the moment.

10. When the sudden awareness that there might just be a tampon inside one of you forces you to stop humping and fish around for the thing just in case before resuming the sexy play or moving onto another activity altogether.

11. When one person can't help but wonder, ephemerally, if this is how their parents did it and the very thought of their mom and dad humping puts their libido in reverse.

12. When one person wakes up feeling so turned on that they can't help waking up their partner, who's really just desperate for a few extra z's and not exactly the most willing fuck buddy so the sex, if it happens, is totally meh.

13. When you forget to pack your favorite lube so you have to use saliva, a poor substitute for the premium, water-based stuff you're used to, on that romantic vacation instead.

14. When your excitement over that position you've both been dying to try evaporates instantly upon execution because it sucks for at least one of you and you're forced to shelve disappointment and resort to something a bit more routine.

15. When you either person starts thinking about a past lover or an ex mid-sex and almost says that other person's name out loud.

16. When anal enters the conversation because one person's desperate to try it but the other one's either terrified that it will hurt or make them "feel gay."

17. When her period is late and you have to pause and think about the real world implications of having sex with someone regularly.

18. When someone gets called out for faking it and/or exaggerating the pleasure factor to a ridiculous extent.

19. When one person's craving a little post coital cuddling but the other's in a serious rush to get on with their day.

20. When one person comes within seconds because they're so damn horny and they just can't help it.

21. When one person is super randy but their partner doesn't want sex because they jerked off one too many times earlier that day.

22. When someone suggests a threesome and the other person interprets it as a sign that they're not satisfying their partner properly.

23. When you realize that, in spite of the chemistry between you, you're not 100 percent aligned in the bedroom, so you'll both have to grit and bear it through certains acts for as long you're together. TC mark

Real Sex Stories book cover

Read more writing like this in Mélanie Berliet’s book Real Sex Stories That Will Make You Really Horny here.

9 Ways To Win Him Back (If That’s What You Actually Want)

Posted: 12 Sep 2016 06:30 PM PDT


Ok, this is unusual territory for me because I'm not such a fan of 'get your ex back' tactics or strategies. That said, there are some impressive resources out there, which all make total sense but the problem I have with some of them, is that it's all very well to get your ex back….but then what happens?

We want our ex back most when our emotions are on a kamikaze self-destruct mission. When the breakup is still raw and we're a mere text message away from crazy town. We're reactive and will do literally anything to get them back (regardless of why we broke up in the first place) and usually at the expense of our self worth, self-esteem, dignity and inner knowing that there probably needs to be some deeper work done before we could or should even consider getting back with them.

In this state, yes, you can use some tried and tested methods to get back with your ex and possibly, successfully, But then what happens after that when it's time for Act 2, 3, 4 or even 5 of the s**t show that the two of you created?

Every breakup between the same two people each time, hurts harder, leads to more emotional exhaustion and strips yet another layer of self esteem leaving us even more emotionally vulnerable and weak – hence why we end up going back yet again.

So, I wanted to offer my take on how to get your ex back, which avoids all of that. Disclosure – there are no magic texts or things you can do/say that will have your ex back in your arms tonight. But hear me out because like most things in life, if you're willing to play the long game, whatever the eventuality, you really can't lose.

1) Commit to doing this for you.

This isn't a going through the motions thing. I can't guarantee that you will get your ex back and no relationship or dating expert can. This journey goes far deeper than getting your ex back and you'll reap the benefits in all areas of your life too. So, just make a deal with yourself that for this next phase post breakup you're going to put yourself first, take responsibility for yourself, be kind to yourself and do everything with compassion for yourself. Do we have a deal? Good! This experience is really going to show you the value and importance of mental toughness and resilience and that's a great thing.

2) Disappear from your ex's life (including their digital one) COMPLETELY.

If there is one thing that will push your ex further away, it's reaching out to them, 'accidentally' bumping into them, commenting on their social media masquerading as being cool and unaffected and just trying to stay 'friends'. It's not attractive, it makes them see you as a full on PITA (pain in the ass) who won't leave them alone and gives off a needy energy that screams pining ex.

If you worry that by disappearing your ex will forget you, believe me, in these cases it isn't 'out of sight out of mind'. The longer you're off their radar entirely, the more curious they will become about what you're up to and who you're out with. And if it is out of sight out of mind, then they have given you a very clear path and message that it really is time to move on. Dealing with that is hard, but better it being immediate, clear and without any unnecessary and messy discussions about closure.

You also don't need to tell your ex all your plans about moving on. Just do it. Being elusive will drive them nuts and from a general perspective, if you're constantly telling people your intentions instead of showing them, the chances are those things won't be aligned.

3) Move and get energised.

The absolute best go-to when you're feeling down is focusing on your health, physical strength and body. When you're feeling emotionally weak and vulnerable, it's time to amp this all up big time. And because you've already made a commitment to stop putting all the focus on your ex, you'll have time and space to focus on this part, right?!

Moving represents change and growth and this is what you need right now because you're stuck in the past. If you need to make a few new lifestyle choices, brilliant. Get your greens in, move your body in some way every day and drink plenty of water. That is an amazing start and the obvious added benefit is that you'll look pretty damn good too if you do this consistently 😉 When your ex hears on the grapevine about how smokin' you look, that will feel great, but not in a validation way because that's not what we're going for. This small change that people comment on will show your ex that you're taking responsibility for yourself and your life. They'll see that your world not only goes on, but is thriving without them.

4) Get social. Be out and about.

Go and do things with friends. Be the organiser. Even if you don't feel like doing this, switch off the Netflix right now because like in the earlier point, you want to be moving and the more social you can be, the less stagnant you are and the less time you're having available to dwell. I don't mean you have to start going out every day and night like the Tasmanian devil being the life and soul of every social gathering. You can still do low key things like yoga or even meditation classes if you feel you need something more on a soul level right now. If being social always seems to equate to going out getting wasted every night/weekend, that can be fun every now and then sure, but alcohol and emotional vulnerability aren't exactly a match made in heaven, so try and focus more on activities where alcohol isn't the core focus. The idea is that you go and be around people and do things you enjoy. Even if your ex doesn't see you, they'll hear about you or feel it energetically. I know that sounds weird but you can really feel when someone you have intense feelings for is out genuinely enjoying their life.

5) Don't engage in conversation/banter/anything with your ex if they reach out.

Ignore them or if you really feel you have to, politely tell your ex that you don't want to talk because it isn't what you need right now. Be matter of fact. It isn't rude, it's merely defining your boundaries and is showing them that you're being authentic in implementing those. It isn't going against the plan of getting them back because you need space for all of these things you're working on. Even if they get mad, so what, that's for them to deal with not you. Right now you are your priority.

6) Don't react and reach out if you hear they're dating someone else.

You immediately lose all your power and they've probably moved on quickly to give their ego its fix and reassurance that they can get someone else. Don't let this derail you. They will love it if you react because it proves to them that they still have a heavy impact on you. Like the other point – if they have moved on and it's with someone they genuinely want to be with, that's your pathway to completely exit this relationship emotionally. It feels painful now, but you're not the sort of person to pine over an unavailable ex, regardless of how much you love/d them.

7) Don't talk about your ex in public.

It isn't congruent with moving forwards. It keeps you stuck in victim mentality street of heartbreakville, within your old identity and you 100% don't want your ex hearing that you've been talking about them or crying over them.

8) Make an effort with your appearance whenever you go out.

Not for their benefit but for yours. When you make an effort, you have more confidence, you walk with more sass/attitude and you exude a completely different energy. Get out of those Primark trackies, put on an actual outfit, do your hair, smell good and look happy. Even if you don't feel happy, if you consciously change your body language, smile and look happy, you'll soon start to embody and feel it. Change your physiology and your emotions will soon follow.

9) Have a goal.

Strive for something. Have something to work towards that gives you a sense of accomplishment and the feeling that you're really doing something beyond your comfort zone. Commit to it and give it 150%.

None of these are particularly groundbreaking. But I can't tell you the number of people I work with who go through these fairly simple and straightforward steps and quickly begin to feel so empowered and noticing incredible shifts within themselves. The funny thing is, by fully putting themselves at the centre stage of their lives again, it makes them completely reassess the relationship with their ex, how they feel about them and what they now need in life moving forwards. It starts to break down codependency issues, redefines who you are as a person and makes you see the world with a different lens.

And if you do still want your ex back after you've spent all this time on yourself, the key question you want to be asking is have they done the work on themselves too? Will you get the respect, love and emotional investment that you deserve from them? Relationships all have varying dynamics but the one thing you can always guarantee is that how you treat yourself sets the bar for how other people treat you. All of the above steps in their own ways give you that time to really get introspective about what that means and what it looks like in reality. You can assess your own needs and if your ex doesn't match up, you won't be blinkered by how 'perfect' everything else about them/the relationship was.

Like I mentioned in step 2, if you're constantly telling people your intentions instead of showing them, the chances are those things won't be aligned. Let him or her show you that they value you and that they're working on what went wrong from their side. By disappearing and doing all of this work on yourself, that will get his or her curiosity raised, sure. But is the challenge of getting you back then matched with the right intentions? At least now, you can review this from a completely new perspective AND the ball is fully in your court. TC mark

11 Snapchat Pics That Caught Something Less Silly, And Far More Sinister

Posted: 12 Sep 2016 06:00 PM PDT

1. Demon Face Swap

Source: Tumblr

This eerie picture was posted by Jenna May Cobb on Facebook earlier this year. According to Jenna, she was trying to perform a “Face Swap” with her carebear, but this happened instead. Snapchat seems to have honed onto some entity that was either right in front of, or right outside the dark window. Nobody has been able to fully debunk this image, aside from saying it is some kind of “glitch.”

2. What’s in the Window?

Source: Tumblr

This very spooky picture doesn’t involve a face swap, but just involves someone taking a fairly casual mirror selfie. However, when you look in the background of the picture you cannot help but be shocked.

3. Why was the ground swapped?

Youtube / Para Normal
Youtube / Para Normal

Some context on this one. For the face swap feature to work, the Snapchat app must detect another face in the phone’s view. Many people struggle to even swap faces with animals because Snapchat just doesn’t detect a face it can recognize. In this picture, it just swapped a face with a section of the ground. How did that happen? Unless, of course, there was something there unseen…

4. Stubborn Ghost

This video is very interesting because the face is appearing multiple times from slightly different angles. The man in the video is trying to touch the entity while it appeared on Snapchat — but he was actively not able to. Some people suggest, however, that this only occurred because of the bright lighting.

5. Face in corner of view

Youtube / Inform Overload
Youtube / Inform Overload

This Snapchat was a captured by a girl who was reportedly, “very freaked out by it.” While the YouTube video reporting on this freaky pic insists this is “obviously a fake,” they don’t exactly explain precisely why. Form your own conclusions here.

6. There’s nothing there…

Another creepy video. Many people in the comments section seem to think this is just a glitch.

7. This happens quite a bit to this person

What is most remarkable about these Snapchats is how often this individual experienced this phenomenon. Either they are actively faking it, or it looks like there is some entity haunting their place.

8. What is that!?

Youtube / "Believe" A Paranormal Experience
Youtube / “Believe” A Paranormal Experience

The story behind this picture is that an employee working late at the hospital was being pestered by his untrusting girlfriend about where he was. To satisfy her, he snapped her this photo of the hallway to her via Snapchat and she was FREAKED out by what she saw.

Toward the end of the hall, there appears to be a nurse in old-fashion garb entering a room.

9. What is Snapchat detecting??

This video gives us ten seconds to examine the possibility of paranormal activity. While it is very creepy, some people have suggested that the air vent might explain why Snapchat thought there was a face to latch onto.

10. That’s an Actual Face…

Youtube / Para Normal
Youtube / Para Normal

This photo is particularly freaky because — if you look closely — you can see an actual face below the floral crown. Very crazy, and nobody seems to have an obvious answer for this one.

11. Demon Face V2


Yet another face swap with darkness. Could be a glitch, or could be something else…TC mark

When Your Brain Is Telling You To Move On, But Your Heart Can’t Let Go

Posted: 12 Sep 2016 05:15 PM PDT

You'd think that once I saw you with another girl that it would do the trick. That I'd automatically fall out of love with you and move on with my life because I knew I deserved better. Nope! It didn't happen like that, not even a little bit.

It didn't even happen when I saw you making changes for her, changes you'd never make for me. You told me you stopped smoking; you smiled and said you just stopped cold turkey. It wasn't until later that I found out that you stopped for her. You know what's the sad part about that? I asked you to stop because I had breathing problems and couldn't tolerate breathing it in, but still you smoked in front of me because you told me that it was hard for you to quit. And then she asked you to quit and you just did it.

You invited her on trips with your friends when you never invited me.

You supported her in activities she was a part of but never went with me to any of mine.

You included her into your life more than you ever included me.

But still hope prevailed.

The bible says love is patient, love is kind – but it doesn't really tell you when's the right time to let go of the love you're still holding on to.

Do you let go in a matter of days or will it take months? How about letting go the moment you fall to the floor because you can literally feel your heart breaking and you can't breathe? What if – no matter how many people tell you to let go and no matter how hard you try – you just can't do it?

It's a constant battle sometimes; your heart says to hold on but your head is telling you it's not worth it and that you deserve better – which do you choose?

I always say that true love could stand the test of time and that nothing could hinder it from overcoming everything and anything, but there does come a time where you have to determine if it's worth it all. Sometimes you have to hold on for the both of you, but sometimes you have to let go and protect yourself. TC mark

27 Things You Should NEVER Say To Your Girlfriend Unless You Want To Get Stabbed

Posted: 12 Sep 2016 05:00 PM PDT

Instagram / Vivien Liu
Instagram / Vivien Liu
Found on AskReddit.


"We have a new coworker. I like to work with her. Her smile is beautiful."



"Your ass is bigger than my wife’s."



"Welcome home, how was your business trip? Look, I washed the bed sheets."



"'I have a crush on your friend.'

Yes, this happened. Yes, we’re still together and worked through it. But it was a rough time of trying to be supportive of him (since he had no intention to act on it and felt bad about feeling that way) and at the same time wondering why I wasn’t good enough."



"'Calm down.' That’s a recipe for getting stabbed."



"The honest answer to, 'Do I look fat in this?'"



"The real and unabridged answer to, 'What are you thinking about?'"



"I don’t intend to cheat on you."



"The new neighbor has a nice ass."



"'If your sister was single, I’d be with her.' True story."



"'You’re more important to me than I am to me.' It sounds nice and all, but. You’ve demonstrated your low self-worth, and set yourself up to be marginalized."



"I’ve thought of other women when masturbating."



"That dress doesn’t make you look fat. Your face does."



"Your sister’s breasts don’t feel as firm as yours do."



"My ex was better in bed."



"You smell a bit menstrual."



"I think you might be crazy."



"My ex is so fucking hot."



"You’re overreacting."



"Why do you bother putting on makeup all the time? You look the same without it."



"You sound just like my mother."



"Happy Birthday; I got you a treadmill. "



"You’re starting to sound like my wife."



"I need to get home to my wife and kids…."



"Of all your friends you have the tightest vagina."



"Your brother can suck a mean dick."



"Hey, would you like to start coming to the gym with me? We could work out together!"

FoximusMaximus TC mark

14 Signs You’re An Emotionally Intelligent Person

Posted: 12 Sep 2016 04:00 PM PDT


Emotional intelligence is one of the essential soft skills in life that’s incredibly important to personal and professional success but often goes overlooked and undiscussed.

In his new book Promote Yourself: The New Rules for Career Success, author Dan Schawbel talks about emotional intelligence and why it’s so critical to thriving in life. It’s probably one of the best books I’ve read this spring and it made me think about what emotional intelligence means to me and how I see this portrayed in everyday life. Are you an emotionally intelligent person? Here’s how to tell.

1. You’re constantly striving to understand the human condition.

You notice everything – the way someone hesitates before they speak, the way their eyes light up when they see someone they love. You often notice all the things other people seem to miss and you seek understanding for the logic and motivation behind how people behave. You want to understand the human condition from every angle because it helps give you insight and perspective on your own life.

2. You’re inherently curious about the way other people live.

You love talking to people from varying cultures and backgrounds because you love learning about how other people live and what makes them tick. You enjoy seemingly random interactions with strangers because that’s where you can often learn the most about other people.

3. You’re self-aware about your shortcomings and strengths.

You know the things about yourself that make you not such an ideal person and you’re also aware of the things that make you really great. You know you have a bad habit of procrastinating on projects until the last minute or maybe you know you can be a bad communicator at times, but because you’re aware of these things you actively try to work on them when they come up. You also know what makes you excel in life and you’re always looking for ways to improve on those traits.

4. You place an emphasis on living in the moment rather than in the past or in the future.

You don’t believe living in the past or hoping for the future has any value here, in the now. You would rather experience what’s currently happening as deeply and fully as you can instead of reliving the memories of yesterday or the stories of promise for tomorrow. You have accepted your past for what it is and know you can no longer go back, just as you understand your future is merely a dream you like to live in to give you hope but have yet to actually experience.

5. You actively try to understand your moods and change them when they go bad.

When you get angry, sad or jealous about something you have a self-awareness about it. You experience your emotions as they’re happening with the perspective of trying to understand why exactly you’re feeling this way. You understand emotions are the way your body processes your thoughts and because of this, you attempt to alter your thoughts before spiraling emotionally out of control.

6. You confront people as issues arise instead of letting them fester within.

When an issue comes up between you and another person you would rather deal with it right away than not saying anything at all and letting it create residual problems between you.

7. Your motivations come from within yourself, not from outside influences.

You live for yourself and the motivations within. You listen to what people say – your peers, friends, parents, people in your industry – but ultimately, you’re going to seek out a life and achievements based on what drives you deep within yourself.

8. You’re always working on personal development.

You feel restless when life becomes stagnant so when you’ve hit a lull you begin to think about how to get out of it. You start considering your interests, job, friends, relationships, and how you could do things differently to improve upon these areas.

9. You genuinely enjoy listening to other people and helping them with their problems.

You have an ability to make other people feel calm and accepted in your presence. When they’re around you they feel like they can say anything and you aren’t going to judge them for what they’ve done but instead, you’ll actually listen and give constructive feedback. It’s not just one way for you though. You genuinely enjoy connecting with people, whether it’s your friends or family, or random people that talk to you, and listening to what’s going on in their life.

10. You have an empathetic nature for everyone.

When people talk to you about the struggles they’re currently experiencing, you can often feel and understand their pain, even if it’s something you haven’t personally experienced. You can imagine what it must be like for them and how this obstacle is affecting the rest of their life.

11. You’re somewhat of a social chameleon.

You change your behavior based on who you’re with. This doesn’t mean that you aren’t genuine in your personality but that you’re aware of other people’s moods and you try to match their energy level so you’re on the same wave length.

12. You listen to your intuition and let it guide you when making tough decisions.

As soon as you get that subtle hit of your intuition telling you something isn’t right you know you should listen to what your body is telling you and look a bit deeper into the situation before proceeding further.

13. You don’t have a problem saying “no thanks” if you need to.

As much as you understand other people’s desires and you want to help them out, you also understand what’s best for you and your situation. You’re not afraid of other people’s feelings and telling them no when you have to.

14. You can read people well.

You have an inherent sense about people and understand what they want or what they’re thinking without them having to say anything directly about it. Through social cues and behaviors you just get a feeling about things and know when someone is telling you something, even when they’re not saying anything at all. TC mark

The 25 Funniest Tweets You’ll Ever Read

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Daniella Urdinlaiz
Daniella Urdinlaiz



















































How To Heal Your Aching Heart, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Posted: 12 Sep 2016 02:00 PM PDT

Manik Rathee
Manik Rathee


There’s no denying that Virgos pay attention to detail. Virgos are the reflectors; they pay close attention to every word, feeling, and action. They explore the depths of their humanity meaning; they analyze their pain and desire to give every microscopic discovery the attention they feel it deserves. However, just because Virgos might perseverate does not mean they are not resilient. They explore healing to the same extent they explore destruction.


Leo’s are some of the most passionate lovers. They love to be loved and they seek to love in return. Leo’s are loyal, which makes it excruciating for them when something leaves. Leo’s are determined; they put great effort into making things work. Leo’s are stubborn so when things do not work it’s easy for them to get discouraged. Leo’s are driven by love and passion. Meaning, that is also how they cope and find excitement in the new.


Aries are the epitome of fire. They jump into relationships with heating passion and a craving that never burns out. Aries are heavy and hot in love, but they also have those same qualities in their solitude. Aries can jump in things just as abundantly as they can leave the things that cannot keep up with them. Aries are active, almost unattainable unless you really great at keeping up them engaged. Aries are strong and independent; they actively pursue all that may benefit them-, which is why, and how they know exactly how to heal.


Gemini’s are powerful. What makes a Gemini so powerful is the way they understand how much power they truly have. Gemini’s are lively; sometimes they think with their mind and act upon their thoughts more than their heart. Gemini’s are the communicators, they know what they want, and they express it in all of the ways they know how. Don’t get me wrong, Gemini’s can be sensitive to the point that they want to bury their feelings rather than look weak. But, the nature of a Gemini is very quick witted, they are one step ahead even when they have no idea where they are in the first place. That’s how Gemini’s get out of their pain when it comes to loss, they keep moving and hold the power of their mind for the world to see at all times.


People who fall under the sign of Aquarius are internally soft. They make the world a better place with the simplicity of their soft and gentle interactions with everything in the world, especially when they are at their best. However, they are progressive. They are busy devoting themselves to tasks of all sorts. Sometimes the way they present their minds flourishing ideas can be interpreted as unpredictable and even cold. Now because Aquarius’s are progressive, that is what gets them out of havoc and pain. They know how to keep busy, and they know how to keep moving at the speed they need to until they are where they need to be.


Libra’s represent love and harmony even in the most distraught circumstances. They are romantic, loyal, and naturally desire to be at peace with themselves and those around them. The Libra’s idealistic disposition usually comes from their past endeavors. Libra’s know all about pain and all of the forms it comes in, which makes them great people to talk to. They know how to offer empathy. Libra’s are founded on balance, which is how they desire to deal with loss. There is no fixed way to address their distress, and they know that quite well. Libra’s know how to heal, and they know that the first step is to just be.


Taurus’s are naturally diverse creatures that can’t seem to hold judgment in their soul because they simply know it’s not good for them. Taurus’s live life every single day inexorably feeling the positivity around them, they seek it too. When a Taurus is going through loss or heartbreak they tend to do that exact thing, they seek beauty in the most heart-wrenching moments- simply because they know it exists there.


Sagittarius’s are travelers. They seek everything out in this life that interests them and they know where to look for the answers to their own questions. Sagittarius’s are not heartless, although sometimes they seem a bit detached at times. They are so fulfilled; content, and busy in search of all they want to know, and all of the questions they have yet to ask that that is in fact where their healing lies. They set out on a mission, they fight for clarity and they continue on their journey despite everything they find.


Cancers are deeply intuitive. They find every thing the human condition offers a form of art. They are very attached to everything surrounding them so they are greatly aware of what devastation feels like. Cancers can be emotional, quick to address their feelings, so they need to take time to process things. Working through their emotion is where Cancers will find their healing as well as their unconditional ability to love again.


Pisces are very colorful people. Pisces are extremely selfless and always seem to put others on top. Pisces are dedicated to the well being of others, though they are still capable and very good at extrapolating their own emotions as well. Pisces are very artistic and they seek that in others. When Pisces undergo loss with the intent to heal, they continue to do what they do best and extrapolate their own humanity and turn it into a masterpiece.


Capricorns are very ambitious and very determined, the most determined of all the Zodiac signs. Capricorns are extremely independent, but also very helpful to others. Sometimes it’s difficult to let people in for Capricorns, they seek control, but they know and pride themselves on how good vulnerability feels nonetheless. Capricorns can be guarded, but when they let their guard down they go in. Capricorns use their practical nature to work through their loss and pain in a way that still leaves them knowing the importance of it.


Scorpios are very in-tune with the universe, so in-tune that sometimes people don’t understand them. Scorpios are fiercely independent but do not mind close connection with few. Scorpios are observant, and very loyal to the people they let in. Scorpios are masters at manifesting in their emotion, they look into it with depth yet still are able to perceive them very simply. Anger or any intense emotion gets in the way of the healing of Scorpios. They are quick to think and act upon their feelings. Healing for Scorpios is the vulnerability they navigate through in order to let go of everything that does not serve them. TC mark