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22 Signs You’re The Best Sex He’s Ever Had

Posted: 13 Sep 2016 10:00 PM PDT


1. You’re confident. You’re not embarrassed to strut your stuff in lingerie or leave the lights on, even if you’re feeling bloated.

2. You know what you want. When you’re feeling horny, you initiate sex yourself. And during the act, you play with your nipples and rub your clit instead of waiting for him to do it.

3. You pay attention to what he likes and what he hates. You always notice when he moans extra loudly or twitches his body in a certain way.

4. You like sex. Whether you’re riding him or going down on him, you’re actually enjoying yourself. He sees that enthusiasm, and it turns him on.

5. You know his body’s pleasure points. You don’t ignore his balls, his ears, or his neck. You know you’re meant to touch more than just his penis.

6. You’re open-minded. He knows he can ask you for anal or oral, and you’ll actually consider it without just laughing in his face and shaking your head.

7. You’re vocal. You always say the inappropriate things that pop into your mind. When you’re not talking dirty, you’re at least moaning.

8. You get on top of him. You don’t expect him to do all of the work, because you realize sex requires two people.

9. You get him horny ahead of time. You don’t wait until you’re home alone to talk dirty. You sext him while he’s at work and grab his ass when you’re out in public.

10. You own sexy underwear. He gets the pleasure of seeing you walk around the house in lacy thongs, booty shorts, and crotchless panties.

11. You’re completely comfortable with him. When you sleep with someone you love and trust, the sex is instantly better.

12. You’re creative. You don’t expect him to pick the positions each time. You come up with positions of your own.

13. He has super strong orgasms. You don’t even have to ask him how it felt, because you can tell by the look on his face that it was fucking fantastic.

14. You’re unpredictable. You don’t want to be dominated all the time. Sometimes, you want to be the dominant one. Today you’ll put handcuffs on him and tomorrow you’ll let him put them on you.

15. You don’t need alcohol in order to let loose. You’re a naughty freak all the time, even when you’re stone cold sober.

16. Your partner’s happiness causes your happiness. You’re just as willing to give an orgasm as you are to get an orgasm.

17. You’re always moving. Even when he’s on top, doing all of the work, you find something to do with your hands or legs. You nibble on his earlobe, pull his hair, claw at his back. Anything.

18. You have good hygiene. You keep yourself showered and shaved, and you always smell as delicious as you look.

19. You’re adventurous. You’re willing to have a quickie in a changing room at the mall or outside in the parking lot.

20. You own multiple toys and incorporate them into sex whenever you can.

21. You love to kiss. His lips, his jaw, his neck, his back. You can’t keep your mouth off of him.

22. You have sex, because you want to have sex. It’s not because you feel like you’re obligated to. Whenever you get frisky, you’re always super into it, which is what makes you the best lover he’s ever had. TC mark

To My Fellow Women, When Love Finds You Please Stop Running From It

Posted: 13 Sep 2016 08:39 PM PDT

Roksolana Zasiadko
Roksolana Zasiadko

I know you're scared. I know you think you might mess this thing up. I know you would rather take off running the other way than let someone in close enough to hurt you.

It takes a lot to be the type of person you are. You believe in love so much, yet you also fear it. You understand it. You respect it. You know the power it has over people when you do get it right. And that's what scares you.

You're afraid of something you don't have any control over.

You're afraid of letting someone in. You're afraid they are gonna find out everything about you and they're gonna take off. So you beat them too it. You think it's easier to run from love than let someone love you.

It's taken you this long to learn to love yourself. And trust me when I say, I know how hard that was for you. I know you had to teach yourself and reprogram all the lies people in the past have told you.

Because somewhere along the way you began to believe what they said and it began to interfere not only with the relationship you had with yourself but the relationship you had with others.

But believe me when I say they are lying.

Those voices inside your head that tell you, you aren't pretty enough or smart enough or good enough deserve to be silenced.

I know you question love as much as you believe in it.

But you should know you deserve it. You deserve love more than anyone I know. You are someone who loves so deeply and sometimes I wonder where that even comes from.

How can a heart that has known so much pain and sadness love others so deeply?

How can a face I know has cried so many tears late at night smile and make everyone else's life brighter.

How are you not defeated? How do you still give others hope?

But most of all how do you not see yourself the way others do?

Because you are beautiful.

You aren't loving wrong, you just are loving the wrong people. Please understand the difference in those two things.

It's not flaws. It's not something you've done wrong.

You overanalyze things because you know at any moment someone's mind can change. Because its happened. So you try and prepare for those types of things. You look for the warning signs so heartbreak doesn't come as such a shock.

You let people in but not close enough out of fear.

You get to these dead ends time and time again and you think the common factor is you.

But you'll come to learn one day everything is going to make sense. You're gonna meet someone who deserves you. You're gonna meet someone who never makes you feel like you are flawed or doing anything wrong. You are gonna meet someone who even if you say the wrong thing they won't look at you any differently.

But most all you'll meet someone who not only, won't run but they'll grab you not let you take off either.

You deserve that. You deserve the same love you've been giving everyone else. TC mark

Why You Should See The World Before Settling Down

Posted: 13 Sep 2016 08:35 PM PDT

 Jérémie Crémer
Jérémie Crémer

Everyone wants to travel but how many of us are actually willing to do it solo? We always claim to have wanderlust but how far will you venture out?

After my studies, my mother was daring enough to tell me if I wanted to decide what I would like to do in the future, I have to see the world first. Now, most parents would say that is just a waste of time and that getting a stable job would solve everything.

I remember this clearly. She told me that I was young and that I have time to go reflect and figure out what I actually wanted to settle down to.

After months of hesitation, I decided to do it. I took a huge leap of faith. Why? Because I have never done anything like this. Heck, I have never travelled to a country without my parents being my company.

When I first travelled abroad with my mates, it felt foreign. I had freedom. No curfew. No restrictions. I could be anything or anyone I wanted to be.

I chose to be me.

I literally could do anything. The limits were not existent. I explored secluded streets that were shortcuts to my hotel. I explored alleys that were well known for their graffiti's with little knowledge about the dangers of them but coming back safely (phew!). I took the subways alone at night. I explored cities that I could not pronounce. It was like I was in a whole new world.

Everything was new. It is scary, I must admit. Everything new is scary and foreign but once you overcome that, you would want to do it again and again. I ate food that I never thought I would like. I learn secrets of different streets and cities. I met new people, made new friends. Everything was a whole new ball game.

When I was growing up, I would never have thought I would travel alone. I was always sheltered and I like that because it brought me endless comfort but the thing that bugged me day and night was, for how long?

I will tell you this, if you have the chance to see the world alone, do it.  It is completely different than travelling with your mates. You would see things in a different perspective. You would think differently, you would live differently but most importantly, you would grow as an individual because you would trust yourself more.

Get lost on streets that you cannot pronounce. Get high on the adrenaline when you feel proud of finding your way on your own. Walk a distance in the shoes that have yet to walk on the pavements of different streets. Leave your mark.

Do it before you have restrictions that prevent you from exploring. Explore the unknown. Live with uncertainty. Get comfortable with being alone. Learn more about yourself through different seasons. Understand that there is more to life than the worries the flood your mind at night.

Embrace your uniqueness. Live freely. You have one life and it is up to you to choose how to live it. If you want to be known for something different than what people know you for then do something crazy. Challenge yourself. Embrace the unknown. If you live in your head for far too long, you run the risk of becoming your own secret.

Be greater than anyone else has ever dreamed of you. Don't settle for pats on your back. Instead, challenge your abilities. Change this place. TC mark

What Each Zodiac Sign Wants To Be Asked On A First Date

Posted: 13 Sep 2016 08:33 PM PDT / RoBeDeRo / RoBeDeRo


(March 21st to April 19th)
“What is something that motivated you to get to where you are today? And what is your motivation for the future?”

Ambitious Aries is always down to talk about the project they’re excited about. They thrive off of success and their accomplishments, and nothing makes them happier than feeling like a winner. Asking them about the things that inspire them to be said winner? They’ll light up and be so excited to tell you.


(April 20th to May 21st)
“Who is your absolute favorite person and why?”

Taurians are inherently sentimental and sweet. They love ‘love’ and get attached to people, places, and things incredibly easy. They are also incredibly protective of the people they care about, which is why those individuals become such a big part of their life and they’d love to talk about them for hours.


(May 22nd to June 21st)
“Tell me about the most fun you ever had as a kid when you were growing up.”

Playful, flirtatious, and always up for a fun adventure, Geminis are excited by the very possibility of being excited. And getting to retell said stories of fun times in the most animated, Gemini way? Even better.


(June 22nd to July 22nd)
“If you could hang out with anyone for an entire day, who would it be and why?”

Cancers are all about good vibes, good times, and good feelings. A Cancer is incredibly imaginative, and sometimes hard to get to know. So asking them about who/what inspires them and makes them inherently happy is a great way to break down their walls, and actually spark a meaningful conversation.


(July 23rd to August 22nd)
“How do you think your best friend would describe you?”

Highly emotional and creative, a Leo’s friend probably knows them better than they even know themselves. Asking them to think outside of themselves and into the mind of someone else will likely generate a more honest, and ultimately deeper answer. Plus, they’ll have fun being emotionally challenged with a question like that.


(August 23rd to September 22nd)
“What is the accomplishment you are most proud of?”

Virgos absolutely thrive when they feel like they’re being successful. They love moving up in the world and feeling like they’re crossing off another thing in the list of what they want to do with their life. Asking them about one of those things, one of those times, will put a smile on their face and keep one of the signs that’s typically more inclined to listen talking for hours.


(September 23rd to October 22nd)
“What was the last book you read that really made an impact on you?”

Libras are incredibly inspired by art, and the world around them. They’re also a highly intellectual sign, and always are striving to be emotionally and mentally challenged. Combining their thirst for knowledge and their love of all things creative will always excite them.


(October 23rd to November 22nd)
“Who do you think is funnier, you or me?”

A Scorpio is all about teasing, flirting, and a challenge. Being a simple, easy date for a Scorpio is not a good thing – it’s a turn off. Challenge them, tease them back. They’ll love it and be more into you because of it.


(November 23rd to December 21st)
“Tell me about the most incredible journey you’ve ever gone on.”

Sagittarians have a natural instinct towards chasing new things, new adventures. Because of this, they’ve likely racked up a fair amount of stories revolving around said adventures. And they are just itching for the opportunity to share them. So give it to them! They’ll be forever grateful (and forever into you.)


(December 22nd to January 20th)
“What’s most ridiculous excuse you’ve made for canceling on a date?”

Capricorns are pretty judgmental, often difficult to get to know, and dislike most things at one point or another. Because of this, they’ve probably been a bad date or canceled a date last minute MORE than once. Make them laugh at themselves, make them in on the joke. It will loosen them up and make the date unlike any other they’ve ever had before.


(January 21st to February 18th)
“What do you want to ask me?”

Aquarians will naturally deflect on a first date, or when initially getting to know someone. They’re slightly apprehensive, but absolutely amazing listeners. Providing them with the chance to ask something that they’re actually dying to ask and then GET the answer to? They’ll be sold.


(February 19th to March 20th)
“What is currently inspiring to you?”

A Pisces is the artist of the zodiac. They’re constantly creating, constantly working on something, constantly striving to make something new. Asking them about their passions, the things they’re so inspired and motivated by is the quickest way to their heart.TC mark

What Sparks Joy For Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type

Posted: 13 Sep 2016 08:32 PM PDT


ENFP: A Ferris wheel all lit up at the county fair. Kissing in the rain. Finding something you haven't seen in years. Candy flavored chapstick.

INTJ: Purple ink in a gold tipped fountain pen. An ironed Sunday Times. A personal library filled with leather bound books. A perfect Scotch and soda.

INFP: Shooting stars on a warm June night. A tattered paperback copy of a classic novel. A cotton printed dress with Birkenstocks. Backpacking through Europe. Messy curls.

ENTP: A marble statue at a NYC art museum. A fresh Moleskine notebook. A vintage full manual camera. A cappuccino in a paper cup. The sound of rain on a window.

INTP: A lamp glowing in a dark room. Thick glasses, pushed up on their nose. A wrinkled shirt. A notebook with pages torn out of it. The smell of boiling Top Ramen.

ENTJ: A colorful Excel spreadsheet. Dancing to music in the kitchen. The feeling of weary success after public speaking. Wrapping gifts while watching Christmas movies on TV.

ISTJ: Opening a package you've been waiting for. The scent of ivory soap. New school supplies. A big box store that's perfectly organized.

ENFJ: The smell of a new car. Going out with your friends, laughing over overpriced mixed drinks. The satisfaction of things going according to plan. The snapping sound of closing an expensive jewelry box.

ESTJ: The smell of printer ink. Black coffee in a travel mug. The sound of hanging up dry cleaner bags. Buying holiday decorations for cheap directly after the holiday for next year.

ISFJ: Holding a brand new kitten and deciding on a name for it. Queen Anne's lace waving gently in a field. Funky dangling earrings. A tranquil lake. A quiet sense of adventure and excitement, like waking up for a 3 AM flight.

ESTP: The lights of the Las Vegas Strip reflecting in a pair of sunglasses. A storm brewing at the edge of town. A concert full of lights and sound. An empty shot glass and the smell of cigarettes and old leather.

ESFP: The pulsating lights at a club. The smell of cheap alcohol and expensive perfume. A social-media-worthy brunch. That feeling you get before you get a daring haircut. A candy necklace.

ISTP: That feeling you get driving on a foggy road at night. Looming evergreen trees in a National Park. A redone vintage car. Shaggy haircut. Bright eyes filled with wonder.

ESFJ: Petit four in neat paper frills. A loose braid swinging behind its owner. A clear forest pool. Short nails, neatly bitten down. Talking in a low, happy voice in front of a fire.

INFJ: A priceless work of art, tacked to a wall. A long black overcoat with half a bag of Skittles in one pocket. Walking through a silent city at 2 AM. A cottage in the mountains, half obscured by morning mist. A vintage record spinning silently.

ISFP: Jeans that fit exactly right. A mystical shop, stuffed full of books and curiosities. That feeling of finally discovering your destiny. Finding a secret menu item from your favorite restaurant. The quiet noises of a small hamlet town awakening to a crisp fall day. TC mark

50 Cute Text Messages To Send Your Guy (That He Secretly Craves)

Posted: 13 Sep 2016 08:31 PM PDT / Tekso Molika / Tekso Molika

1. I’m so lucky I get to be with you.

2. Waking up to a text from you seriously makes my day.

3. I love the way you smell when you’re hugging me.

4. Come home soon. I miss you.

5. No one can make me laugh as hard as you can.

6. I wish my all my friends would meet a guy as good as you.

7. You always make me feel better.

8. I love being able to brag about my awesome bf.

9. Thanks for being you.

10. I love the way you look when you smile.

11. You make me feel like I am at my best.

12. You make me so happy.

13. You’re the kind of guy I always hoped for.

14. I love thinking about all the ways I’ll get to love you in the future.

15. Just wanted to say I’m thinking of you.

16. I love how handsome you are.

17. I find you irresistible.

18. The place I am happiest is in your arms.

19. No matter what happens, I’ll always think you’re amazing.

20. I always smile when I think of you.

21. I love you exactly the way you are.

22. You’re the last thing I think about before I go to sleep.

23. My life is happier because you’re in it.

24. Thank you for always making me smile.

25. I’ve never been happier than I am with you.

26. You’re an angel.

27. You have my heart.

28. I’m so luck you chose me.

29. I somehow love you more today than yesterday.

30. I don’t know how you do it, but you make me so happy.

31. Sometimes I just smile randomly because I remember I have you.

32. I wish you knew how excited I got when I think about you.

33. You make me feel so safe and supported.

34. You’re the only one in my heart.

35. Every day you make me love you more.

36. You’re the last thing I think about before I fall asleep.

37. Spending the day with you is always my favorite day.

38. I can’t stop thinking about you.

39. Hello handsome.

40. I hope I make you as happy as you make me.

41. When I woke up this morning I pinched myself to make sure you weren’t a dream.

42. I can’t believe I get to call you mine.

43. I wish you knew how much you mean to me.

44. No one else could make me feel the way you do.

45. I love how much you love me.

46. I love how much I love you.

47. You’re the best guy I could ask for.

48. You’re my MVP.

49. I don’t know what I did to deserve you.

50. I’m so happy we’re together. TC mark

14 Horrifically Gross Sex Stories That’ll Make You Gag

Posted: 13 Sep 2016 08:00 PM PDT

Daniella Urdinlaiz
Daniella Urdinlaiz


Steve and his girlfriend Samantha went off to college in August. She went to Florida State, he went to Penn. So, she decides to fly to PA to visit him. He was really happy to see her so he decided to give her some oral action.

He had done this numerous times before and he always enjoyed doing it…but for some reason, this time, she smelled really horrible, and she tasted even worse. He didn’t want to offend her though because he hadn’t seen her in months…so he put a Jolly Rancher in his mouth to cover it up, even though it didn’t do much to help.

In the course of eating her out, he accidentally pushed the candy inside of her… and stuck a finger in to grab it out. He took it out, and put it back into his mouth and bit it. Only…it wasn’t the Jolly Rancher.

It was a nodule of gonorrhea.

As in, the blister-like structure that gonorrhea makes filled with diseased pus was the size of a fucking Jolly Rancher and the poor guy BIT it. I guess it was really dark in the room. He freaked out and started vomiting all over the place when it exploded in his mouth…

He demanded to know what was going on, turns out she had cheated on him at a club like, the first week of college, and fucked some random guy and the stupid bitch had no clue what was wrong with her. She noticed a strange smell though.

So now, Steve is freaking out that he now has gonorrhea of the mouth and God knows what else.

— rivalthecreator


So a few years ago I had brought a new girl back to my apartment after being out drinking all evening. We were too drunk to make the beast with two backs so we passed out until morning.

When we awoke we started kissing and canoodling and I decided to go down on her. This is one of my favorite things and generally will do it as long as it takes to make a girl orgasm…

Anyway, I head down south and pull down her panties to see the hairiest bush i’ve ever seen in my life. Not only is it hairy but the hair is very long and also messy looking, kind of bedraggled. Like a homeless guys beard or an abandoned birds nest.

Slightly less enthused but still determined I plunged in face-first and started getting busy. The taste of this beaver, if possible, was worse than it looked. It was fetid and bitter and to make matters worse I had numerous pubic hairs caught in my throat which were tickling me and making me cough.

I decided to pull back for a second to regain my composure. I thought if I pulled open her lady-bits I might be able to have a better angle of attack on her clit. I opened up her pussy to a terrible sight. There were multiple lumps of what looked like cottage cheese dotted around her pussy lips and clit.

Each lump ranged from a few millimeters in width to half a centimeter in size. It looked like some sort of fungus was growing there.

Needless to say I was fucking revolted and started gagging. I knew that despite my love of pussy I could not go down on her again without puking my guts up. I mumbled some excuse about a headache and not feeling good and fled to the bathroom, whereupon I spent ten minutes washing my mouth out and brushing my teeth.

Even now I shudder when I think back upon “cottage cheese pussy girl”.

— finebushlane


Girl beneath me, rolls me over onto my back – in the process we roll off the bed and we land on the floor, me on the bottom and her still straddling me. Her leg went straight through a big glass of water. Blood everywhere. She had lacerated her leg straight to the bone in a clean cut: I could see her muscle. Within ten minutes of our initial playing around there were 6 firemen and 3 policemen in the room (she was mental and shouted down the phone that I had a gun so they would come sooner). I was high and drunk and so her roomie took control. Paralysed by shock and weed, I had to hide while they took her in the ambulance as she was THAT crazy that I was expecting her to call rape.

She required 62 stitches, 40 on the muscle covering her shin.

This is the singular most traumatic experience of my life.

— Darzel


He pulled it out to come on my face, I was unprepared and snorted his semen up my nose. We started making out and I sneezed his semen onto his own face.

Probably grosser for him than for me, but not by much.

— SisterNamedJan


Three words.

Anal sex. Pinworms.

Maybe not as gross as the OP’s story, but it’s fucking nasty to pull your dick out and see a dozen or so worms writhing around on the condom.

— ukqjlv


I was in a band in college and we played a show this one weekend. I was pretty smashed after drinking for free all night, and this surprisingly cute chick saunters up and started with the whole, “oh my god, you like write songs and stuff?” Despite the fact that I am usually a bit shy in situations like this, she had her arm around me and is doing all the work. “Fuck it, let’s do this,” I think to myself. While she is mid-sentence, I grabbed her hand and started walking her out the door.

We headed back to her apartment, and things started to heat up. We were on her bed, ripping off eachother’s clothes. Suddenly, in one swift move, she pounced me, knocked me onto my back, jumped on top of me, spun around and started sucking me off, 69 style. I was totally into it, and started reciprocating. Only a few moments pass before I felt a tap on my forehead. My face was fully between her legs, yet there was this tap tap tap on my forehead. Every couple of seconds, tap tap tap. This tapping continued and started to take me out of the moment. I pried my face from between her legs to get a better view of what was going on. To my horror, I witnessed, dangling from her asshole, a fucking tape worm, bouncing like a fettuccine noodle with every excited movement she made. I was totally disgusted, but kind of in shock, and she had no idea what is going on, just gobbling away down there. Before I knew it, I had thrown her off of me and I was stringing together a long series of “fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck” as I put on my pants and ran out the door.

— kidmonsters


So, the boy and I like some backdoor fun from time to time. We talk about it more than we do it because it’s tiresome to get ready and clean up after… usually worth it though ;). One Saturday afternoon, the boy is performing some world class cuminonumbulus when I feel a pressure at my nether orifice. I soon realized he was using some beads on me. We had some filthy and very very satisfying sex, then I went to the bathroom to clean up without removing the beads.

I’m so glad I did that.

I sat on the toilet to get the beads out.

I’m so glad I did that.

Those beads were solidly embedded in a great big turd.

I just stared at it dumbly for a moment before the smell hit me.

— tiedyestarburst


Ex girlfriend and me having anal sex in a pitch black room. Smell hits, I turn on the lights, and there is dark brown diarrhea all over my crotch, and both our legs.

Cleaning up in the shower afterwards with her I said with a smile, “That was pretty gross.”

She says, “I thought it was pussy juice, so I was rubbing it into my pussy.”

— poooboy


I accidentally shit once while fucking a girl.

I was pretty drunk and had to fart.

I had the runs, and well. You know… I pooped. It was especially runny, it felt weird landing on the back of my thighs. It really sucked, but I kept on at it for a few more minutes.. Then I felt the bubble guts. I was torn. I was drunk, so I was debating if I wanted to just shit and keep going or get up and run away. Some how those were my only two options.

My body had a third option.

I decided to get up and just leave but I didn’t want get my pants all covered in shit.

So I did a quick wipe with the boxers, threw my jeans on.. and pretty much just walked out.

I was really upset at myself for how I handled it.

I started to walk home and I fell down and shit myself.

I think it could have been karma.

— highonfire


We were messing around in the car waiting for the class to start where I had to write my midterm exam. So to relieve some pressure I suggested a quick one. She agreed. We were in the school parking lot and right when I finished and was about to pull the condom (my gf was in the front seat already) our prof parks right next to us. I was terrified to say the least.

He said gestured if I was coming to class and said I rolled my window down with my hand on my crotch and said yes. He said, “Do you mind helping me with these papers?”, with the best poker face ever! I had no other choice but to say yes. So I pulled my pants up and walked with him with the cum filled condom still on my penis. I was in the class for one hour and 45 mins and had to write the test with the condom on my dick. Every time I moved I died a little inside.

— lhjmq


Freshman year of college, I met this guy and brought him back to my dorm (I’m also a guy). He seemed nice and everything, and he was cute, and we started to fuck around. Eventually he decided he wanted to bottom (i.e. get fucked), and so we started having intercourse…

I started to smell the distinct smell of fecal matter very soon. I thought “whatever, I guess you should expect a little smell when having anal sex.” I continued, and the smell continued to get worse.

Eventually, we finish, and I pull out – only to see a stream of shit spew out of his ass. It was everywhere. I mean, fucking everywhere. It was explosive diarrhea-type shit, on my bed, on me, on the wall even.

… and then my roommate walked in.

I found out later that the dude had a severe bowel problem of some kind, and really shouldn’t have bottomed. My ex-roomate is still a friend of mine, and I still have to assure him that that’s not what gay sex generally looks like.

— tellme_areyoufree


Sucking a chicks nipple in the dark. She was loving it. All of a sudden there is liquid.. Lactating.. sick. So keep going, she seems to be loving it.

Lights come on, dun dun dunnn, I had been sucking the pus out of a boil.

— Pict


I was going out with a girl, and one night we got drunk and had sex without protection. She wasn’t on the pill, so she had to go to the pharmacy and get a morning-after type thing.

So a few days later, we were fooling around in the dark. I fingered her a bit, went down on her. I noticed it tasted a little weirder than normal, but didn’t say anything. She repaid me in similar fashion. Afterwards I go to the bathroom, and turn the light on. My whole face and arms are covered in blood. I look like a vampire after a feeding frenzy. Initially I thought it was a cut on my face or something, but I couldn’t find anything wrong. Also, the blood was not like any blood I’d seen before, like it was really thick and gooey. So I go back to the bedroom, turn the light on, and her entire lower regions are bathed in this syrupy horrible red gunk. It’s all over the bed sheets, and all down the side of her legs.

She understandably freaks out. We call emergency services etc. At first we thought I cut her down there with my fingernails or something. But it turns out when a girl uses emergency contraception, it can wreak havoc with her menstrual cycle. And I spent 5 minutes lapping up her period blood. We never spoke of it again. Remember kids: if she isnt on the pill, use a fucking condom.

— sobe86


So… I was fucking my ex-girlfriend one night, and we had been going at it for quite a while. we took a little break to smoke cigarettes and drink some water, and went back at it. well, in the break, i forgot to close my bedroom door, which i usually remember to do.I do so, because I have a dog. A dog that really, really, likes girls.

So, I’m fucking my ex, with us both sitting upright, her in my lap. She starts moaning, and saying, “oh that feels good!”, and whatnot, so we just keep grinding it out. After a few minutes, I realize that she shouldn’t be feeling as good as she’s feeling. I mean, I’m not doing poorly, but I’ve never done this good with so little effort.

So I look down.

I stop fucking her immediately, and start laughing like crazy.

My dog has been licking her pussy and ass for the past few minutes, as I fucked her.

She didn’t find it nearly as funny as I did.

oh well.

— Unknown TC mark

9 Lessons I Learned From When I Contemplated Suicide As A Teenager

Posted: 13 Sep 2016 07:30 PM PDT

Priscilla Westra
Priscilla Westra

I was just like you. Normally, I wouldn't say anything so presumptuous or arrogant, but I was. Not all of you, just the people reading this who hate themselves, who are depressed or anxious, who think life isn't worth living and there is no way it will get better. People who don't have any friends, who are being bullied, who don't have support at home, I was just like you at one time.

I don't know exactly how you are feeling. This kind of assumption would be insensitive, but I know how I felt, and I bet we have a lot in common. I often felt unlovable and confused.

I'm much older now. Age brings wisdom if you learn from your experiences and face your fears. I love being around young people, often more than adults. Their creativity, energy, new ideas, talents and way of viewing the world is inspiring. They fear what they don't know sometimes and think they should have all the answers. No one does. Learning is part of growing.

I'm not any smarter than any young person, but I do think I have learned some things that would benefit you, especially if you are struggling.

1. You might not actually want to die.

I really didn't want to die when I thought I couldn't continue on. I wanted to feel better. It took work, but it was possible and worth all the time and effort.

2. When you think no one cares, you aren't thinking hard enough.

If you were not here, you would be horribly missed.

3. High school ends, and real life begins.

You will meet people who aren't jerks. You can make friends and find love. I'm not just saying that. I know from reunions and Facebook that we find our person, sometimes more than one, no matter what our social status in school was.

4. You are so much stronger than you think.

Everyone is afraid and insecure, even if they pretend not to be.

5. Most people have no idea how other people really feel about them.

They see our beauty, our talents and our heart much clearer than we see it ourselves.

6. The "faults" we hate, most people don't even notice.

They are too busy thinking about their own lives.

7. It is the unusual, unique and different people who have invented or created things we use every day.

They are the artists, innovators, changers, people who inspire and often the most successful. When you are common, you aren't threatening. There is nothing for others to be jealous or afraid of. We need more people like this in the world.

8. An enormous number of successful, brilliant, amazing people have been bullied.

They include Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Sandra Bullock, Tyra Banks, Justin Timberlake, President Obama, Robert Pattinson, Kate Winslet, Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Chris Rock, Michael Phelps, Jessica Simpson, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Alba, Tom Cruise, and I could go on for pages and pages.

9. We are all important, and we all matter.

If I were not here, my children wouldn't be either. I can't imagine a world without them. It wouldn't be fair to deprive the world of what you might do or whom you might love or help. It is possible to love yourself and be happy. I am, and I do. I am very loved, and I make a difference.

You can have a happy life too, if you stick around. It may not happen tomorrow, but it is worth waiting for. Please, choose life. TC mark

This story was published on The Mighty, a platform for people facing health challenges to share their stories and connect.

8 Signs Your Relationship Is Going Nowhere (And It’s Time To Move On Already)

Posted: 13 Sep 2016 07:00 PM PDT

Folur's photography
Folur’s photography

Are you in a bad relationship? If you can't quickly answer it with a "No" …then you must accept that you are in doubt about being in a good one. Your uncertainty in itself should be a sign that something's not quite right.

In general, it's easy to tell if you're in a good relationship. You both:

  • Are happy
  • Do things you love together (or even apart)
  • And the people around you keep noticing how wonderful you are together.

Everyone wants to experience the happily ever after often told in fairytales. That's why we are often in denial when what seems to be our "prince charming or princess" isn't "Mr. Right or Ms. Right" after all.

It can be hard to admit that you’ve exerted all your time and effort on something …and then find out you have to leave with nothing. So, in order to avoid being hurt, it's good to find out whether you should invest further in your relationship right now …or close the book when it's still easier to.

8 Signs That Your Relationship…Is Going Nowhere

  1. You only want the relationship to progress because it's supposed to: This only means that you are letting the dictate of society run its course even if you don't really want to follow that path. Our society expects couples who have been together for a significant amount of time to eventually live together or get married. There is nothing wrong with this if you really love each other and want to be together forever. If you don't love each other however, then you might regret it in the end.
  2. You can’t see yourself being with your partner many years from now: This is definitely a sure sign of trouble. It generally means that you are ambivalent of your feelings or simply don't want to end up with your current partner.
  3. You think you can’t do any better: Staying in a relationship just because you think you can't have a better relationship other than the one you currently have can lead to stagnation that can last for a long time.
  4. You or your partner feels being only used: If one in a relationship feels this way, it's a sign that what you have isn't really a true relationship. And if you feel being used, then it is most likely that you are.
  5. You find yourself caring less for your partner or the other way around: This is an indication that you’re only in the relationship because you find it easier to stay than go out and find someone new.
  6. You or your partner is perfectly happy with the way things are: This is not a bad thing, however the problem will start when one of you will want to take it to the next level and expect more out of the relationship. It's either what you or your partner wants will happen due to pressure, or it will not happen and the other becomes unsatisfied with the relationship.
  7. You or your partner is often indecisive on important issues: Sometimes, people delay on making decisions because they are afraid of change. But for a relationship to grow, it requires decision-making. If either of you have difficulty in this aspect, your relationship won't flourish.
  8. You’re afraid to let go because of the length of time you've already spent together:Normally, when you've spent too much time with someone or something, it's difficult to live without it because you've gotten used to it. Couples who've been together through the good and bad times often develop a strong bond which is difficult to let go. But always remember that the years together won't matter as much when there's no love left for the person.

Final Thoughts On Bad Relationships

These are just some signs to know whether your relationship is going nowhere and not leading to a more serious one.

A successful relationship takes mutual effort to make it work. But you should know when there's a need to work on a relationship …or when you are only wasting your time. If you notice any of these signs, you should consider reevaluating your relationship and take stock of where you currently stand with one another. TC mark

If He Likes You Enough To Fuck You, He Should Like You Enough To Do These 30 Things

Posted: 13 Sep 2016 06:00 PM PDT

Troy Freyee
Troy Freyee

1. Text you back within the hour.

2. Make plans with you in advance, so you’re not rushing to shave at the last minute.

3. Hold your hand while you’re out in public, so everyone can see that you’re an item.

4. Cuddle with you, even if sex is off of the table that night.

5. Take you out on a more romantic date than just dinner at Applebee’s and a crappy movie.

6. Delete his Tinder, his Bumble, and his ex girlfriend’s number.

7. Hang out with you when you’re both 100% sober.

8. Hold himself back from flirting with other women, whether or not you’re around.

9. Set aside time for you, instead of claiming that he’s too busy to hang out for an hour or two.

10. Meet your parents without making you beg for it.

11. Talk to you from morning until night, instead of magically appearing once the sun goes down.

12. Go to parties, work events, and weddings with you.

13. Compliment you on something other than your looks, like your laugh or your singing skills.

14. Buy you dinner without expecting you to sleep with him as a thank you.

15. Open up to you about his darkest fears instead of sticking to safe topics like work.

16. Tell you the truth about where he’s going, what he’s doing, and who he’s with.

17. Invite you out with his friends instead of cancelling on you to hang out with them.

18. Resist the urge to sleep with the pretty girl at work that keeps hitting on him.

19. Introduce you as his girlfriend to his friends, parents, and anyone else you run into on the street.

20. Remember your birthday and actually buy you a gift for the occasion.

21. Spend the night, instead of leaving as soon as he’s done sleeping with you.

22. Tell you who he’s texting, so you don’t have to sit there wondering who the hell is on the other end of the phone.

23. Dress up for you instead of wearing the same plain tee-shirt to every date.

24. Keep in touch with you on a daily basis instead of randomly going MIA without any explanation.

25. Hang out with you, even when you’re on your period and aren’t going to let him see you naked.

26. Put down his phone when you’re trying to talk to him.

27. Keep his eyes on you when another pretty girl walks by.

28. Listen to you yammer on about topics he couldn’t care less about, because he does care about you.

29. Tell you how he feels about you and what he wants from you.

30. Treat you with actual respect instead of acting like you’re some toy that he can fuck with and then flee. TC mark