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Breaking: Kim Kardashian West Is Filming New Scenes For ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’

Posted: 26 Oct 2016 09:44 PM PDT

Kim Kardashian West Instagram
Kim Kardashian West Instagram

When Kim Kardashian was held at gunpoint in Paris on Oct. 3, production immediately ceased on Keeping up with the Kardashians giving the star time to breathe. Previously, a Kardashian “insider” has stated that Kim may *never* return to public life. Now, just three weeks after the robbery, the crew of Keeping up has resumed.

Season 13 of Keeping up with the Kardashians is filming, according to an E! insider, and Kim is participating along with her family.

According to Variety:

There's still no word on whether cameras for the reality show were rolling in Paris, leading up to the robbery, but the famous family typically does document high-profile vacations, such as Paris Fashion Week, for the series. When asked today by Variety if the robbery will be part of the Season 13 storyline, E! declined to comment.

Ever since the robbery, Kardashian West has kept a very low profile. She surfaced on Tuesday for the first time since returning to L.A., immediately after the traumatic incident overseas, which is currently under investigation. She has also remained off social media since Oct. 2 — the day of the heist.

Last Sunday new (filmed before the robbery) episodes of KUWTK began airing again. The premiere date for Season 13 has not yet been set. TC mark

The Kind Of Sext He’s Desperate To Receive, Based On His Zodiac Sign

Posted: 26 Oct 2016 08:30 PM PDT


(March 21st to April 19th)

Something adventurous and novel: “Can we sneak onto the roof tonight and get each other off under the stars?”


(April 20th to May 21st)

Something visual and teasing, like a photo of lace panties with: “This is all I’ll be wearing when I great you tonight.”


(May 22nd to June 21st)

Something exciting and passionate: “I signed us up for a sex toy of the month subscription. The first one arrived today. Come over and see what it is?”


(June 22nd to July 22nd)

A sext disguised as a love note: “I miss having your body on top of mine.”


(July 23rd to August 22nd)

Something that compliments them and makes them the center of attention: “Have I told you how hard you make me cum lately?”


(August 23rd to September 22nd)

Something NOT explicit but that can allow their imagination to wander: “I planned the whole weekend so we don’t have to leave bed.”


(September 23rd to October 22nd)

Something that praises their abilities and puts them in an elevated position over your past lovers: “Just so you know, thinking about you makes me wetter than I’ve ever been before.”


(October 23rd to November 22nd)

Something aggressive and passionate: “I’m going to tie you up tonight and I won’t untie you until you can make me cum.”


(November 23rd to December 21st)

A sext disguised as a joke: “Did you get your clothes on sale? Because when I get home they’re going to be 100% off.”


(December 22nd to January 20th)

Something that makes them feel powerful: “I bet I can make you cum in under five minutes tonight.”


(January 21st to February 18th)

Something cerebral and off the beaten path: “I love all the different ways you know how to make me cum.”


(February 19th to March 20th)

Something sensual: “I could tell you how wet you make me, but I'd rather you come over and feel for yourself.” TC mark

19 Fun And Freaky Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Halloween

Posted: 26 Oct 2016 08:15 PM PDT

Flickr / Valerie
Flickr / Valerie

1. In one form or another, Halloween has been around for 6,000 years.

All cultures have some sort of harvest festival, but our modern Halloween has its roots in an ancient Celtic tradition known as Samhain. (source)

2. Jack-o-Lanterns were originally made from turnips.

Irish villagers would burn candles inside hollowed-out turnips in order to scare away evil spirits. (source)

3. About 99% of all pumpkins sold are used as Jack-O-Lanterns on Halloween.

That seems like a tragic waste of potential pumpkin pies. (source)

4. In many American towns, Halloween was originally called “Cabbage Night.”

And instead of trick-or-treating, great fun was had by throwing cabbages at neighbors’ houses. (source)

5. Halloween is the third biggest party day of the year.

It is only outpaced by New Year's and Super Bowl Sunday. (source)

6. There is no word in the English language that rhymes with "orange."

This may be why you don't hear a lot of Halloween poetry. (source)

7. What to do if you see a spider on Halloween night.

According to tradition, you should take comfort in the fact that a dead loved one is watching over you. (source)

8. You originally had to dance to receive a treat.

We're not sure when (if ever) you had to do a trick, but in the original tradition, one had to dance in order to receive candy. (source)

9. In Alabama it's illegal to dress up as a priest.

That's not only for Halloween—it's for any other day of the year—unless, of course, you're actually a priest. (source)

10. Many animal shelters won't let people adopt black cats around Halloween.

This is due to a fear that they'll be ritually sacrificed. This fear traces all the way back to the Druidic ritual of Samhain, during which live cats were sometimes tossed on a fire. (source)

11. Two billion dollars.

That's how much Americans spend on Halloween candy every year. (source)

12. Candy corn was invented in the 1880s.

And the world still hasn't figured out a way to get rid of it. (source)

13. Three-quarters of all Halloween candy is chocolate.

That's according to the National Confectioners' Association. (source)

14. There's a term for the fear of Hallloween.

That term is "Samhainophobia" and is based on the Celtic precursor to Halloween, Samhain. (source)

15. The term 'witch' derives from an Old English term meaning 'wise woman.'

That word is wicce, from which is derived the modern term Wicca. (source)

16. Talk about a great pumpkin!

The largest pumpkin ever recorded weighed 836 pounds and was grown in 1993 by a man named Norm Craven. (source)

17. Trick-or-treating started with a medieval practice called 'souling.'

In the Middle Ages on November 1, the poor would go door-to-door offering to pray for dead souls in exchange for cakes. (source)

18. The world record for most Jack-o-Lanterns lit at once is 30,128.

This massive "jack-off" happened in Boston in 2005. (source)

19. The most common Halloween costume for American adults is the witch.

This is followed, in order, by animals, superheroes, pirates, zombies, and vampires. (source) TC mark

This Is How Much Your Favourite Youtubers Make Per Month (Disclaimer: It’s Messed Up)

Posted: 26 Oct 2016 08:00 PM PDT

Zoella Instagram
Zoella Instagram

Instagram Photo

Carli Bybel

(Estimated: Anywhere from 3.4k — 54k per month)
Carli Bybel is a makeup, beauty, fashion, and fitness guru from New Jersey. She currently boasts 4,918,770 Youtube subscribers, and over 3.9 million Instagram followers. Not only does she make money from her main channel, she has also collaborated with companies around the world to create her own clothing line and her own makeup palette.

Instagram Photo


(Estimated: Anywhere from 5.8k — 93.2k per month)
Eva Gutowski, known as MyLifeAsEva on YouTube, is a beauty guru and vlogger. She currently has 7,298,229 Youtube subscribers, and over 4.7 million Instagram followers. She is known for her easy going personality and her hilarious videos that perfectly sum up what it is like to be a 22 year old girl in the world today.

Instagram Photo


(Estimated: Anywhere from 4.3K – 68.9K per month)
Zoella, a beauty guru and vlogger from Britain, is so popular she is a household name in certain parts of the world. She currently has 11,206,689 Youtube subscribers, and over 9.6 million Instagram followers. She has literally taken over the world with her beauty products, her lifestyle product line, her best selling books, and her #goals relationship with fellow YouTuber PointlessBlog (who is also on this list)

Instagram Photo


(Estimated: Anywhere from 7.6K – 121K per month)
Bunny Marie Meyer, who is known on YouTube as grav3yardgirl, is an fashion and beauty vlogger. She currently has 7,740,700 Youtube subscribers, and over 2.7 million Instagram followers. She shot to internet fame when she started creating her insanely popular “Does This Thing Really Work?!” videos, where she can be seen reviewing viral lifestyle products.

Instagram Photo

Tana Mongeau

(Estimated: Anywhere from 5.1K – 82.2K per month)
Tana Mongeau is a lifestyle vlogger from Las Vegas. She currently has 1,835,874 Youtube Followers, and is close to hitting 800k Instagram followers. Tana is mainly known for her Story Time videos, where she can be seen ranting about certain things that have happened to her in the past.

Instagram Photo


(Estimated: Anywhere from 6.3K – 100.7K per month)
NikkieTutorials is a beauty blogger that first gained popularity when she created a viral video trend called “The Power Of Makeup.” She currently has 5,579,488 Youtube Followers, and 5.8 million Instagram followers. Nikkie is praised online for encouraging women of all shapes and sizes to embrace what they look like and motivating young women everywhere to love themselves.

Instagram Photo


(Estimated: Anywhere from 7.9K – 126.6K per month)
Jeffree Star is a beauty blogger that also owns his own makeup line. He currently has 2,871,647 Youtube subscribers and 3.5 million Instagram followers. Jeffree is most known for his honest approach to makeup reviews, and made a big splash on social media earlier this year when he was seen throwing his Kylie Lip Kit into the trash, calling her products a “waste of money.”

Instagram Photo

Philip DeFranco

(Estimated: Anywhere from 9.5K – 151.5K per month)
Philip DeFranco is a Youtube personality that focuses on bringing current events and trending news stories to his subscribers. He currently has 4,834,581 Youtube fans and 545k Instagram followers. People flock to his channel to hear his opinions on things that are happening around the world, whether that consists of his opinions on the upcoming election, or his views on internet feuds and Youtube drama.

Instagram Photo


(Estimated: Anywhere from 64.3K – 1M per month)
Felix, known on YouTube as PewDiePie, is a gamer, and Youtube vlogger. He currently has 48,692,697 Youtube subscribers (what the hell) and 10.5 million Instagram followers. People flock to his channel to see his playthroughs, facial expressions and hilarious commentary, on their favourite video games. He dominates YouTube and has been toted as the most paid personality on the platform of all time.

Instagram Photo

Jenna Marbles

(Estimated: Anywhere from 7.5K – 120.7K per month)
Jenna Mourey, known on YouTube as JennaMarbles, is an YouTube comedian that is best known for her hilarious video "How To Trick People Into Thinking You're Attractive" that went viral years ago. Since then, Jenna has racked up 16,594,460 Youtube Subscribers and 4.1 million Instagram followers.

Instagram Photo


(Estimated: Anywhere from 21.6K – 346.2K per month)
Smosh is a YouTube channel that is run by friends Anthony Padilla and Ian Andrew Hecox. The channel focuses on comedy videos, and boasts 22,426,104 Youtube subscribers. On Instagram Smosh has around 2.7 million followers. The duo also runs a website with the same name, that brings in millions and millions of views per month.

Instagram Photo


(Estimated: Anywhere from 12.8K – 204.6K per month)
Lilly Singh, known as IISuperwomanII on Youtube, stand up-comedian & vlogger. She currently has 9,962,272 Youtube subscribers, and 4.9 million Instagram followers. People admire her because she is hilarious, witty and creates content that almost anyone can relate to in 2016.

Instagram Photo


(Estimated: Anywhere from 21K – 335.7K per month)
Rachel Levin is an beauty guru and video blogger that is best known for her DIY videos, and her Reality vs Expectations video series. Currently, she has 9,881,442 Youtube subscribers, and 3.1 million Instagram followers. Rachel is loved by a lot of young girls, and was even nominated for a Teen Choice Award in the “Choice Web Star: Fashion/Beauty” category.

Instagram Photo

Shane Dawson

(Estimated: Anywhere from 28.4K – 454.2K per month)
Shane, commonly known as Shane Dawson, is an actor, producer, and insanely famous Youtuber. He currently has 8,233,875 million Youtube subscribers, and 3.5 million followers on Instagram. Shane creates different personalities and plays them on his channel, producing story lines, vlogging in character, and so on. In 2010 he even won a Streamy award for his content.

Instagram Photo


(Estimated: Anywhere from 8.6K – 137.3K per month)
HowToBasic is an anonymous YouTuber from Australia. He is known for his erratic tutorials, that border on psychopathic. There is truly no way to describe his channel, or what category of content he creates, but when you do watch his videos it is impossible to look away. He currently has 8,128,925 Youtube subscribers, and 169 thousand Instagram followers.

Instagram Photo

Tyler Oakley

(Estimated: Anywhere from 1.2K – 19.3K per month)
Tyler Oakley is a YouTube celebrity that is best known for his comedic collaboration videos with other popular Youtubers. Currently, Tyler has 8,125,457 Youtube subscribers, and over 6.7 million Instagram followers. He has written a best selling book and has won many awards based on his Youtube channel. He is an incredible advocate for LGBTQ Youth, and actively uses his platform to educate his followers on how to be allies.

Instagram Photo


(Estimated: Anywhere from 6.5K – 104.5K per month)
Joe Sugg, known as ThatcherJoe on Youtube, is a popular vlogger and comedian. He is known mainly because he is Zoella's little brother, but he has made a name for himself due to his witty personality and his eccentric antics while gaming. Joe currently has 7,430,769 Youtube subscribers, and 5.3 million Instagram followers.

Instagram Photo


(Estimated: Anywhere from 10.8K – 173.5K per month)
Miranda Sings is actually a character that was created by Colleen Evans. Colleen's fictional personality boasts 7,136,029 Youtube subscribers, and over 5.2 million Instagram followers. She is known for her terrible singing videos, her tutorials, and vlogs that hilariously comment on current events.

Instagram Photo

Joey Graceffa

(Estimated: Anywhere from 10.7K – 170.6K per month)
Joey Graceffa is a Youtube personality that is known for doing it all. He is a comedian, an actor, a producer, a writer, a singer and a model. He has been nominated for various Youtube awards. Currently, Graceffa has 6,925,350 Youtube subscribers, and around 4.7 million Instagram followers.

Instagram Photo


(Estimated: Anywhere from 6K – 96.6K per month)
Caspar Lee is a South African-British vlogger that is best known for his pranking videos. He currently has 6,864,471 Youtube subscribers, and 3.9 million Instagram followers. He is best friends with Eva Gutowski (who is also on this list) and they run a joint “family” channel that has already garnished around 1,452,722 video views.

Instagram Photo


(Estimated: Anywhere from 9.8K – 156.8K per month)
Bryan Le, better known as RiceGum, is a YouTuber that is known for his satirical skits and “diss tracks." If anyone criticizes him or mentions that they do not like him, he will call them out on his Youtube channel and people absolutely love it. Currently, Ricegum has 4,541,582 Youtube subscribers, and 2 million Instagram followers.

Instagram Photo


(Estimated: Anywhere from 6.5K – 104K per month)
Alfred Deyes, known as PointlessBlog on YouTube, is one of the most popular male personalities on the platform. He has three channels, but his vlogging channel makes him the most revenue. He is in a relationship with Zoella, and fans flock to his vlogs to see the cute couple interact and live out their days together. Alfie currently has 3,508,164 Youtube subscribers, and 4.5 million Instagram followers, and is also known for simply making people happy with his laugh and his happy go lucky blogging style. TC mark

The Reason Why People Love To Hate You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Posted: 26 Oct 2016 07:45 PM PDT


(March 21st to April 19th)

They have contradicting feelings of both envy and respect for you, due to the fact that you’re constantly on the go – trying new things, traveling to new places, and constantly opening yourself up to new experiences. They love to hate-stalk you on social media, because they can’t resist simultaneously rolling their eyes at, and admiring, the photos you share from trips you’ve been on, interesting classes you’ve taken, and the bajillion other fun things that you do.


(April 20th to May 21st)

People love to hate your attention to detail and your tendency to always go for pleasing aesthetics. Whether it’s the outfit of the day you’re posting on Snapchat, the new throw pillows you’ve added to brighten up your bedroom, or the way you somehow make a sweatshirt and a messy bun look chic and careless at the same time, people greatly enjoy being both flabbergasted and fascinated by the way you carry yourself and the way you maintain the spaces around you.


(May 22nd to June 21st)

Because you’ve also got a nervous and tense side beneath your happy-go-lucky and bubbly surface, people like to tell themselves that you’re fake. Particularly when you’re being the life of the party, making people laugh and having a blast, people get a bizarre joy out of telling themselves (and sometimes others) that you’ve got a sadder, darker side and that you’re ‘not actually that happy.’


(June 22nd to July 22nd)

You’re extremely intuitive and particularly good at reading the moods and emotions of others, which sometimes freaks people out. You often make people feel uncomfortable because they can sense that you can see right through their bullshit, so they tend to try to emphasize the fact that you’re ‘extremely moody’ or ‘way too emotional.’


(July 23rd to August 22nd)

You’re full of good ideas and your creativity seems endless, which causes some people to look up to you and hate you at the same time. The people that display the most negative energy around you are usually the ones that are unhappy with their work or the path that they are currently on in terms of career, love, etc – and because you’re so passionate about pursuing what you truly want to do with your life, it’s hard for them to be around you.


(August 23rd to September 22nd)

Virgos are particularly passionate about figuring who they are as people – understanding their wants, their needs, their fears, their vulnerabilities, etc. And when someone feels disconnected with their own life or with their truest self, there’s nothing they hate more than being around someone who is authentic and self-aware, like a Virgo. So while a lot of people feel a deep-rooted respect for you for trying to figure out who you are, their surface level gets a strange comfort from watching you deal with your own self-criticisms and self-doubts.


(September 23rd to October 22nd)

Charming and easygoing people, like Libras, are at once some of the most fun and some of the most frustrating people to be around. People are torn by the fact that you’re so likable because you’re kind and friendly to everyone,  but you’re also exhausting to be around because it basically means the spotlight is always on you.


(October 23rd to November 22nd)

Your diligence, passion, and hardworking nature are aspects of your personality that people hate just as much as they want to emulate. Your coworkers especially appreciate and dread working with you, because it means that the project will almost certainly go well, while also guaranteeing that you’ll get most of the praise and credit. You have a reputation for being respected and looked up to, so people want to be like you almost as badly as they want to knock you down.


(November 23rd to December 21st)

Optimism and a good sense of humor don’t always come as easily to other people as they come to you. While you can be an incredibly enjoyable and uplifting presence to be around, people can’t help themselves from feeling slight relief when your blind positivity occasionally comes to bite you in the ass.


(December 22nd to January 20th)

Patience, ambition, and wise decision-making – qualities that most people are desperately trying to emulate but that seem to come to you effortlessly. As much as they appreciate and look to you as a model for how to steer their life, they can’t help but feel slightly reassured and assuaged when you lose your cool or go through a rough phase of pessimism and insecurity.


(January 21st to February 18th)

Your ability to not give a shit what other people think is a way of living that everyone wants to sustain but that few people have success in. Your strong sense of independence and of your own originality frustrates people to no end. Sometimes, they just want to see you stumble like everyone else – to make them feel like their days of self-doubt and self-loathing are totally acceptable and okay and normal.


(February 19th to March 20th)

Your compassion and sensitivity are rare in this world – people appreciate it but they’re also frequently baffled by it. Sometimes, they just want to see you crack, to see you – for once – lose your temper or be mean or finally give in to gossip. They want to see some sort of outward sign (through toxic behavior) that you’re as unhappy with yourself as they are with themselves. TC mark

11 Men Who ‘Fell Out Of Love’ On The Excruciatingly Honest Reason Why

Posted: 26 Oct 2016 07:15 PM PDT

Alivia Latimer
Alivia Latimer

1. “One day it dawned on me that the part of my day I hated the most was going home. I hated when I pulled into the driveway, I hated when I saw her car and knew she was there. I just wanted to be alone and be left by myself. I didn’t enjoy sharing my life with her anymore.”

2. “I realized that we weren’t on the same team anymore. We used to support each other and kind of cheer each other one in our different pursuits. Somehow over time we’d gotten to this place where I felt like I was competing with her, or against her. I was trying to do good things to prove to her that she was wrong about me. I realized she hadn’t had my back in a long time and that we had become toxic to each other.”

3. “I realized I never wanted to marry her. We were together for 3 years and I’d been planning to propose for the last year, but I never felt like doing it. Finally I realized all the procrastinating was me actually knowing deep inside that I didn’t ultimately see myself with her.”

4. “She cheated on me.”

5. “I looked at the my Google calendar and realized it was Friday and that we’d had a major fight every day that week, and that I wasn’t looking forward to the weekend because I’d be spending it at home with her with no break to “escape” to. That was a bad wake-up call.”

6. “Some work friends asked me if I wanted to go in on a Powerball pool with them and I accepted. We were making conversation at lunch and everyone was saying what they’d buy or where they’d go with their money. One guy was saying he’d quit his job and buy a catamaran so he and his girlfriend could just travel around the world together. I realized I’d rather break up with my girlfriend and travel alone.”

7. “When I met my girlfriend she was in a very demanding time in her career studying or working almost constantly. Despite that we still became close and I gave her space to pursue her dream. She was irritable a lot and would have a short-temper, but I assumed it was because of her high-pressure life and it was temporary. After 2-3 more phases of her career — each that came with the assuring notion that “as soon as this part was over” she would have time for me and treat me better. That day never came and I realized I didn’t want to be with a crabby woman who never made time for me forever.”

8. “Our politics used to be aligned, but she got new friends and started reading new stuff that fundamentally changed her beliefs and values. And she doesn’t keep them to herself. She’s unpleasant and proselytizing. My friends hated it and started refusing to come around if she’d be there. It was a stress on my life that overwhelmed the things that attracted me to her to begin with.”

9. “I was keeping things from my wife because I didn’t want to deal with her comments about them. She had become negative about everything. I got an unexpected raise at work and realized I had no one to call and celebrate with me because I expected my wife would find some part of this to bitch about. At that point, I realized I might as well be single.”

10. “I’ve struggled with depression my entire life, but I have a history of managing it pretty well if I am taking meds and staying active. I was engaged to a woman I loved, who knew all about my medical history and told me explicitly that she accepted that this was a part of me. But when the going got tough, she wasn’t there for me. The more depressed I got, the more she withdrew. I was trying during that time, I was really fucking trying. I just wanted her to be with me, I didn’t think I was asking for too much. But she acted like I had the plague and I was going to infect her. The sad part is, she’s still the one who broke it off with me. I would have left, eventually, because I deserve better than her. I guess I was lucky she had more nerve than I did.”

11. “I realized I made her birthday into an elaborate event and the last two years she hadn’t put any planning into mine. We went to dinner and I paid. I didn’t ‘fall out of love’ with her at that moment, but I began planning the breakup. It was a symptom of me always being at the bottom of our relationship.” TC mark

Date Someone Who Will Fight To Be With You Every Single Day

Posted: 26 Oct 2016 07:00 PM PDT


Date someone who will fight to be with you every day.

Where out of the ocean of faces, the myriad of choices, and infinite possibilities, he chooses you. When despite the instantaneous attraction, the fleeing connection, and the elusive search for love that is associated with modern dating, he knows it is you he's looking for.

There is no hesitance, no second-guessing, and no back-up plan. It is you he is in love with. You captivate his every thought.

You are what he first thinks of when he wakes up, and the last thing that crosses his mind before falling asleep. He does not put you on the sideline but the center of his life. He does not put you on a pedestal, but sees you for who you and loves you just as much if not more. He is not with you out of boredom or loneliness or any other reason, but because he loves you.

Date someone who will fight to show you how much you mean to him. There is no confusion, mixed signals, or grey areas.

He shows up every single day and proves his conviction in his feelings for you. He establishes a strong presence in your life that you don't have time to miss him. He hands you his whole heart and tells you firmly, how you are the only one for him.

He brings you to your favorite places not to impress you, but because he wants to see your delighted smile. He tells you everything there is to know and more. He asks about you and both of you exchange secrets of your souls.

Date someone who will fight for you during tough times. When sunshine and rainbows cease and the darkest nights persist.

He is not okay with your silence and questions you what it means. He chases after you when you storm off in the middle of the argument. He fights for you even when you don't believe you deserve him. He tears down all your walls and shows you there’s nothing to be afraid of.

His love is boundless and without restraint. He is willing to follow you to the ends of the earth to show his sincerity. He wants to love you to the end of time and to eternity and beyond. He does not see the end of you and him no matter what troubles loom ahead.

Date someone who will fight to be your equal. Your sidekick, your partner, and your best friend.

When you want to run away, he grabs your hand, all too willing to escape this life with you. With him, the rest of the world just melts away. Life is one big adventure. The sun shines brighter. You breathe easier. And your heart is bursting with so much love and happiness.

He is your solace and is a great source of comfort from the harsh reality of life. He is your lighthouse that burns brightly and guides you to shore amidst dangerous times. He is your biggest muse for pushing you to try harder and inspires you to greater heights.

Date someone who will fight for you because you promise when you find him, you will do the same for him.

He is worth all your affection, your effort, and the wait. Until then, don't settle for anything less. TC mark

What It’s Like To Be In Love When You Have Anxiety

Posted: 26 Oct 2016 06:45 PM PDT


When you have anxiety, you can’t mask it. You can’t wish it away, or pray it away. It becomes this part of you that you can’t seem to control. And it can get out of control. Kind of like love.

When you fall in love when you have anxiety, someone telling you that they love you doesn’t feel like it’s enough. For most people, to hear someone say those three words is reassuring. It’s supposed to be comforting and soothing. But anxiety has a way of making anything scary. And anxiety has a way of making love seem impossible.

Falling in love can be scary for anyone, especially falling in love for the first time. But when you have anxiety, the fears can grow. The uneasiness can take over. And your worries can sometimes overpower the feeling of love.

It doesn’t matter how good your partner is to you. It doesn’t matter how much they assure you they will never leave you. It doesn’t matter how many times they hold you through the night while your brain is on overdrive. It doesn’t matter how much they tell you that they love you.

When you have anxiety, you can’t just shut off. You can’t just turn off your mind to focus on the good. You can’t just hide from your worries.

So you worry. You worry about your future. About your future with your partner. You worry if your anxiety is driving them away. You worry if it’s too much for them to handle. You worry about tomorrow, and the next day and the next day.

No matter how good of a place you are in and no matter how happy you are, anxiety can creep up on you at any time. It can show up in the middle of night or at 5 am the next morning. It can pop up during a perfect dinner date, or midway through a goodnight kiss. It seems like at times, that it is always there. Mocking you. Mocking your happiness.

It’s wonderful to fall in love. It’s beautiful and incredibly magical. But when you have anxiety, it takes some work getting adjusted. It takes work to even be happy when it keeps following your every move.

When you are in love with anxiety, you find yourself in a constant worry. You worry about if they are the one for you. If it’s destiny or fate. You worry if they will leave you. You worry because it’s something you have always done. But if it’s truly love and if this person is right for you, they aren’t going anywhere. And you need to remind yourself of that. 

Loving someone when you have anxiety is hard. It’s a journey full of bumps and dark corners. But, if the love is true and real, anxiety isn’t going to chase that love away. Anxiety isn’t going to overpower the love that was so carefully crafted for you and your partner.

Don’t let anxiety win the race. Let love in and let love win this time. Anxiety is a terrible beast, but it’s not ever going to be a match for the power and greatness of true love. TC mark

25 Real Two-Sentence Sex Stories That Will Make You REALLY Horny

Posted: 26 Oct 2016 06:30 PM PDT

Photo by
Photo by

1. He pulled out right before I climaxed, waited a beat, and then plunged back inside—again and again. The pleasure delay was incredible.

2. "I want your hot body pressed against mine…NOW," he texted. "Who am I to deny my best friend's dad?" I replied.

3. She sucked me until I was begging her to fuck me. Right before I came, I told her to put her mouth back on my cock and she did, swallowing every last drip of my cum.

4. We were sitting on the couch one average night when my libido started screaming from within. I ripped the remote out of his hands, jerked his soft, startled cock to erection, then wiggled out of my panties and mounted him.

5. "You own this pussy!" she screamed while she bopped up and down, grabbing her own titties. The sight and sound of her pushed me over the fucking cliff and I screamed, with orgasmic ecstasy, “You own this cock!”

6. He gripped my breasts firmly from behind, lifted up my skirt, and penetrated—just with the tip at first, then the rest of his heavenly salami. I didn't turn around because I knew he wasn't my boyfriend.

7. She was wearing nothing but pigtails—my handles for the night—when I arrived. So I grabbed ahold and rode her like a dirty cowboy trying to break a wild horse until the sun came up.

8. We both had a thing for our babysitter so we were ecstatic the night we came home early to find her masturbating, naked, on our couch. The threesome was everything we needed it to be, so we paid her a little extra.

9. She whipped out a dildo in the taxi ride home and told me to fuck her with it right then and there, so I did. Later, I jerked myself off and came all over her.

10. My wife's boobs are enormous and the only thing better than sticking my dick between her massive, tender mounds of flesh is watching her lube up another man so he can go to town. I've always been into sharing.

11. "Vagina?" she said, as if it were on the menu. "Hell yes," I exclaimed, then followed her lead into the grownup playroom where she kept the sex swing and gadgets.

12. He was pissed as hell at me for flirting with a stranger, but I know how to win my man back when necessary. Next morning, I woke him up with my tongue circling the rim of his dick and blew my way to forgiveness.

13. When I was pregnant with our first kid, I was insatiable. I'd beg and beg and he'd stick it in on command and suck my titties until I orgasmed like crazy, knowing I'd be asking for it again minutes later.

14. She's a phone sex operator so I asked her to call a customer and I went down on her as she did her dirty talk thing. It was sexy as hell—listening to her, knowing that she was making some guy squirm but I was the one with my face planted between her legs.

15. "I want to drink your man milk," she said, as if it were ndb. So I got the check immediately and rushed her back to my place where we made love and I let her do just that.

16. Watching her flick her clit got me so hard. I needed that pussy, so I scooped her into my arms and placed her on top of my throbbing cock.

17. Her skirt was so short I could see her pussy lips in the gap between her thighs and all I could think about was licking that pink flesh for hours after that fortuitous subway encounter. Obviously, I jerked off in the bathroom as soon as I got to work.

18. He was so hot, I didn't care if it was cheating or not. You only live once, so I invited him home while my husband was out and let him ravish my naked body without ever asking for his name.

19. We came together, fast and hard, like rabid animals hungry for each other's bodies. It was the best sex of my life.

20. She was a vixen, a deliciously experienced sensual being who could make me cum just by clenching and releasing her pussy. In and out, in and out, she'd squeeze until I was screaming with mind-blowing pleasure.

21. He whispered 'fuck me' in my ear and those words sent a shiver down my spine so I said 'yes' before thinking twice. We escaped to the nearest empty room and banged each other before returning to the party like nothing had happened.

21. Every inch of her body smelled like sex. She would moan what she wanted me to do to her and I would obey, happily acting as her sex slave whenever she wanted.

22. She was my college sweetheart and I hadn't seen her in years when we ran into each other at the coffee shop last month. At 50 we were both on our second marriages but we fucked like 20-somethings without a care in the world that day.

23. I invited him back to my place and stripped the second we walked through the door. I wanted his cock and I took what I needed without bothering with pleasantries or foreplay.

24. He was uncircumcised and I sucked that extra bit of flesh like it was the flap of the most delectable lollipop. Then he went down on me we equal vigor and we topped it all off with a solid fuck sesh. TC mark

16 Women Give The Dirty Details About Why An Ex-Partner Couldn’t Make Them Cum

Posted: 26 Oct 2016 06:16 PM PDT

1. He thought porn sex was real sex.

“He’d watched too much porn and thought women came from that first moment a dick goes inside them. Oh, honey… no.”

-Anonymous, 26

2. He didn’t know the clitoris existed

“True story – I was with a guy for almost two years who never once bothered to figure out where the clitoris was. It was my first relationship and the first guy I’d had sex with so to be fair I didn’t really take the initiative to teach him anything about how my body worked. But looking back now I can’t believe I didn’t dump his ass sooner. The sex was aggressively average for years and I didn’t cum ONCE the whole time I was with him.”

-Anonymous, 28

3. No stamina.

“He came in like two minutes. And then was done.”

-Anonymous, 24

4. He was TOO communicative.

“He was too busy asking me for feedback every three seconds for me to enjoy myself. Like, I appreciate that he liked good communication, but asking me to rank him from “1 to 10″ on how good he was in bed after approximately half-a-minute was excessive.”

-Anonymous, 22

5. He had baby fever.

“A guy once told me, “you’d look good holding a baby” mid sex and I DEFINITELY wasn’t gonna orgasm after that.”

-Anonymous, 28

6. He read the wrong Cosmo article.

“He sincerely thought doing the alphabet was a quality cunilingus technique.”

-Anonymous, 25

7. He didn’t even try.

“The unfortunate truth about most of the guys I’ve been with is that they just aren’t interested in my orgasm – they want to cum and aren’t really concerned about anything else.”

-Anonymous, 23

8. She made a cutting impression.

“She forgot to cut her nails. RIP vagina.”

-Anonymous, 24

9. His understanding of the female anatomy was all wrong.

“He genuinely believed that the clitoris was on the top of the pubic bone, so he’d just like…rub awkwardly there. Thinking it was doing something. It wasn’t.”

-Anonymous, 20

10. The comfort level just wasn’t there.

“I usually don’t feel comfortable enough to cum with anyone I don’t know very well. If it’s a casual hookup I don’t even bother trying. That shit takes energy and intimacy. It doesn’t just happen for us the way it does for men.”

-Anonymous, 25

11. He couldn’t take helpful advice.

“He was intimidated by me telling him, “hey this feels good, do this please.” He would get all weird and in his head about it instead of just doing what I knew would get me off.”

-Anonymous, 27

12. The heat was a turned up in a bad way.

“I was once with this guy who was just SWEATING EXCESSIVELY. Like he was dropping sweat from his face on to mine and I simply could not. And his hands were always cold and sweaty too. So then he would, like put his hand on my hips and it was just… yikes.”

-Anonymous, 23

13. She wanted it to be all about her.

“One time I was fucking a girl who was a total pillow princess, and then FINALLY was like “I mean I guess I’ll reciprocate” and she just like, sort of half-assedly fingered me while looking out the window all sadly. Not exactly a turn-on.”

-Anonymous, 31

14. He ignored the mental component.

“I can’t cum unless I’m mentally stimulated by the person in some way. I need texts through the day and building anticipation to get in the mood. Most of my exes who failed to make me cum didn’t understand that sex for women starts waaaaay before their clothes come off.”

-Anonymous, 26

15. He couldn’t give back.

“He wouldn’t go down on me because he thought eating out a woman was ‘gross.’ But expected me to go down on him. You can guess how long that relationship lasted.”

-Anonymous, 20

16. All he did was thrust and hope for the best.

“He thought that blindly thrusting into my vagina was going to give me an orgasm. It never occurred to him that what feels good for him isn’t directly equivalent to what feels good for me. Ugh.”

-Anonymous, 25 TC mark