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33 Real Photos Of Men’s Butts That Will Instantly Turn You On

Posted: 15 Nov 2016 09:30 PM PST


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16 Men Reveal What Exactly Is Going Through Their Minds When They Are Fucking

Posted: 15 Nov 2016 08:00 PM PST



Catholic guilt.

— narfasopalofagus


Very primal and physically related thoughts. “Her ass looks fucking amazing, I’m gonna smack it.” “I love sucking her tits.” “Her pussy smells great.” – the problem is these thoughts/visuals cause me to spill my seed too early sometimes.

I can only look at her bouncing in reverse cowgirl for so long before I have to look away or close my eyes because I’ll blow my load. I wish I could think of other things like some men do, but at the same time I feel like that would take away from the experience. I don’t want to fuck a girl and think about algebra.

— Mustang80


Several things really… in no real order.

  • Fuck, this feels good.
  • Let’s try and break her.
  • She’s soaking wet… thanks article X on how to eat pussy!
  • I love her eyes.
  • Am I still hard…?
  • Is my boner going away?
  • Her ass looks amazing.
  • Pull out? tummy? Face?
  • I love you.

— Tuki2ki2


– this still feels pretty good after two kids.

– man I’m thirsty.

– I’m gonna sleep good after this.

– what if i just cum on her face by accident?

– sheets are sweaty.

— Jmpaul


I feel like an engineer in a control room.

“Am I losing my erection? Shit, I’ll need to go faster and think of something especially sexy.”

“God dammit, I’ve over-corrected and about to cum. Should I pull out and hope I’m not too late to hold it back? How long have we been having sex? Is that too short a time? Has she orgasmed? If I cum too soon it’ll be awkward AF.”

“Fuck. All this worrying has stopped me from cumming, but now it’s caused me to go to half-mast. Fuck fuck fuck god dammit. Can she feel me going soft? How the fuck do I explain it away? Am I going to have to explain that it isn’t her and I just can’t get out of my own head? She’s never gonna have sex with me again after this.”

“Oh, I like it when she does that. Ok I’m hard again.”



New partners: my mind is 100% on how they’re making me feel and how attracted to them I am. I pay attention to their body as I learn it and the little things they really like.

If the sex is bad… disappointment and the idea of “let’s just make him cum so I can bail without feeling like an asshole.”

Long term: I think about everything that’s happening, how it feels, that I love them. It’s a pretty consuming feeling. I like to talk dirty so I think about those things. I’m definitely an all or nothing person in bed. I don’t want to have sex if it means Im just going through the motions.

— jewelrider


Don’t cum, don’t cum, don’t cum, PULL OUT, PULL OUT, PULL OUT!

— holic_2


Mostly concentrating on not finishing too early and remembering what positions I want to try next.

— Unsmiley


When the sex is good, I have a momentary reprieve from constantly churning thoughts.

Nothing coherent, but there are vague emotional impressions. Happiness, safety, validation.

— Halafax


Am I the only one whose mind wanders into a sort of dream-like state? Well, not always, but when the sex is good/intense (and not during foreplay etc.).

My mind isn’t blank, but it’s also not forming coherent thoughts, but all kinds of associations and images. Hard to explain, a dream or trance is the only description I can come up with.

— s1295


My thoughts are, does she like that, what is on tonight, oh yeah I’m having sex concentrate! her ass looks great, that hurts, ah ah a charlie horse, that feels awesome, damn did she just cum, must hurry up to orgasam, what did my friend say about that movie I want to watch, oh crap I forgot to turn off the kitchen light, what time is it? and I came, what nexts?

— waywas


“Ohhohoh Yeah. Fuck this angle is hot as fuck. Pussy. I’m fucking this pussy.”

Very base and carnal thoughts.

— xSerenadex


Depends how horny / into it I am. It can range from “Okay, keep going, she likes it, come on, keep it up…” to “flesh grab fuck feel hands tits hold her fuck soft fuck neck lips moan feel her grab her fuck her fuck”.

— Stratisphear


It’s totally different if it’s with someone I care about vs. a hookup. Emotional connection: them. All them. Making them feel good, what they sound, feel, and taste like, getting them off, looking at them, etc. Sex-only hookup: all me.

— just_real_quick


Always thinking about what to do with my hands…always.

— 91Bolt



The thoughts that you can, like, hear in your voice are more focused on anxiety than anything else. If it’s a really long-term thing, that kind of goes away. Then it’s more about my partner and how I enjoy their company and warmth.

— kuury TC mark

13 Sex-Crazed Men Confess Their Favorite Spot To Cum On A Woman’s Body

Posted: 15 Nov 2016 07:00 PM PST

Thought Catlaog Tumblr
Thought Catlaog Tumblr

1. “In her mouth. Even if she isn’t giving me a blowjob, I like to pull out at the last second and stick it in between her soft lips. Seeing her swallow is mega hot.” — Aaron, 25

2. “In her pussy…? I mean, it’s the only place I’ve ever tried. I feel like it’s rude to cover her in my fluids. Wouldn’t that be gross? I’m fine ejaculating inside of her vagina. Pretty happy with it, actually.” — Sean, 23

3. “In between her breasts, especially when she’s wearing a bra that pushes them together.” — Samuel, 20

4. “If I could cum anywhere, it would be inside her tight little ass. We don’t do anal all the time, but when we do, I always have the strongest fucking orgasms.” — Kevin, 27

5. “It doesn’t really matter to me. Her back, her stomach, her chest, inside her. Anywhere, as long as it’s not happening with a condom. I can’t stand those things.” — Jordan, 19

6. “Every girl is going to hate me for this, but I like shooting my load all over her hair. Because there’s nothing in it for her. It’s only for my benefit. If a girl is willing to let me do that (and to be clear, I only do it after asking), then it makes me feel hot. Like she really likes me.” — Ross, 24

7. “Her back. I mean, I don’t know if it’s my favorite, but it’s the most common. The easiest way to do it. She doesn’t like me ejaculating inside of her and we usually do it doggy style, so it just makes the most sense.” — Daniel, 26

8. “On her face. Never tried it myself, but I see it in pornos a lot. Kind’ve afraid to ask my girlfriend to try it though. I don’t want to make her uncomfortable or whatever.” — Wayne, 22

9. “On her stomach. She’s all insecure about the extra weight she’s gained after the baby, and I like to show her I still find her skin sexy–so I cum all over it. Hey, it works. She’s stopped stepping on the scale so much.” — Noel, 32

10. “Wherever she lets me. When I know I’m close, I’ll ask her where she wants me to cum. I’m not looking for a specific answer. Just hearing her say on my chest or in my mouth is hot. Truthfully, I just like hearing her talk dirty.” — Brandon, 22

11. “I cum in my hand. Because I’m alone. Single as fuck and hating every second of it.” — Billy, 20

12. “I don’t like messes, so inside one of her holes. Don’t care which one. Just don’t want it to get all over my sheets. That’s disgusting.” — Drew, 21

13. “Directly on her tits. Seeing her nipples covered in white is my favorite mental image. Gets me hard instantly.” — Gabriel, 29 TC mark

27 Guys Describe The Best Blowjob They’ve Ever Gotten (And What Made It *That* Good)

Posted: 15 Nov 2016 06:00 PM PST
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Every single time my wife has gone down on me for about a year now. She started doing this thing while jacking me off where she sucks at the base of the penis, the top of the balls, right on the urethra. It’s almost like a weak suction cup, with tongue action. It makes me cum EXTREMELY intensely within 60 seconds almost every single time she starts. And a little attention to the balls and taint with her second hand only makes it more intense.

— Jordioteque


We met on tinder and had been talking for a couple weeks. Things had progressed to sexting, so it was pretty clear where we were gonna end up. We met up at a bar, got a few drinks in us, and that’s where the teasing started. There was much grinding, not so subtle under the table groping, and she even went to the bathroom and sent me a few pictures. After a long while of this we headed out to her place and climbed in bed.

Now at this point you’d think we just get right to it immediately, but no, we got down to our undies and she continued teasing me. There was a lot of making out and feeling each other up and dry humping, but every time I tried to progress further she’d stop me. Finally, after hours and hours, she starts to move downtown. I was pumped to finally be getting some, but she didn’t go for my dick, she went for my balls. She spent probably 20 minutes just sucking on and licking my balls with no dick contact.

Fiiiiinally she moved up and started going to town on my dick. I’m not talking just sucking on it, she was slobbering on it like she was dying of thirst and my dick contained the only water for miles around. She used her tongue, deepthroated right off the bat, and everything was very wet and slippery. It was fucking amazing.

Now you need to understand that I’d had a hard on since basically when we met up at 9pm until this point (3 or 4am), so I came with more force than I ever had before and probably ever would in the future. I came so hard that I blacked out momentarily and my entire body got all tingly when I came to. And God bless her, she swallowed every last drop.

And that’s the story of my best oral sex experience.

— missingherdearly


Best? It was with a girl who acted like she really wanted to give me oral. Like she enjoyed getting me off. How good? I wifed that woman.

— thehumanscott


I was like 16 and she was 15. It was almost creepy she was so skilled. Instantly started deep throating (at 46 this has only been done by 2 other people). She went at it steady and just kept taking it all every single stroke while staring in my eyes. Made me cum in under a minute, and did not stop.

Not once did I get overly sensitive or need a refractory period. Kept going. Ten minutes later she made me cum again and still kept going. Finally after 25-30 minutes she climbed on top and fucked me stupid for over an hour. It was almost creepy because I have no idea how a 15 yo had those kind of skills.

— Solkiller


Don’t know what my best is, but just recently I was with a girl for the first time and as I was about to put a condom on, she flipped on her back, stuck her head over the edge of the bed and started sucking on/very light biting my balls while she stroked me.

Then she ran her tongue up and down my cock and put it in her mouth. After sucking and tonguing it for a little bit, she grabbed me by the hips and pulled me in so that I was deep throating her. I got the hint and started fucking her mouth fairly deep and she pulled me in even harder so that I was basically going straight down her throat. I kept fucking her throat as hard as I could and she never tried to stop me, even while she was gagging.

The memory of her on her back, with my cock being repeatedly rammed down her throat, and my hands on her perfect tits will never fail to instantly get me hard. God, do I want to do that again.

— Steinberg1


Enthusiasm, lots of saliva, fantastic suction and thoroughly enjoying having my dick in her mouth.

— popcorned


She put my dick in her mouth and magically her teeth never touched it for even a single moment.

— xcorinthianx


O man.

Met this one out one night and we started going at it on a bench by this hotel pool until security came by and told us to cut it out (she was shamelessly straddling me in front of a good number of people).

After that night I didn’t hear from her for at least two or three months until she randomly hit me up one night at like 1 a.m. with the classic “what are you doing?” text. I distinctly remember I was in bed ready to conk out but I replied with “Just chllin, watchin tv.” Her next text was “I’m coming up from Orange County, I can be at your place in an hour” to which I said “Ok”.

FF to about 10 minutes after she arrives and she is going to town on my knob. Spitting, Deep throating, slurping, artistic hand movements/motions and all sorts of other tactics I was experiencing for the first time. To be honest – I had no idea what the fuck was going on. After about 5 minutes I had to unload and she took it all down like it was absolutely nothing. Completely unfazed minus a slight tinge of disappointment.

Well another 10 minutes later or so I was ready to go again and knew I had to at least make it to sex this time. So she domes me up for about 2 minutes and then I reach over into my nightstand to grab a condom and she goes “No”. She proceeds to reach into her duffel bag on the floor by my bed (which I didn’t think much of at first) and pull out lube, condoms and wet wipes. This chick had a god damn duffel bag full of sex accessories and supplies. It was unreal. Without much surprise, I last about 5 minutes the second time around as well.

After that night I hit her up again a week later to which she said “Sorry Wet_Walrus, you’re gonna have to find another chick to spit on your dick; it was fun though =)”

Bless her heart.

— Wet_Walrus


Enthusiasm is King.

Bear with me: If you’ve ever seen most porn videos, you’ll notice the reaction from the female performer(s)

They’re amazed at the size of that dick. They need that dick. They can’t get enough of that dick. After the man ejaculates, she doesn’t treat it like it’s gross, in fact, most of the time they treat it like the shit that comes out of a caramello.

The vast majority of porn is written by men for men. And men want you to be very excited about getting to suck that dick.

Most “techniques” are just for show. But enthusiasm will last in his memory forever.

— code_brown


When I took off my pants, she said “let me suck it”

Note the phrasing of that, Not “do you want me to suck it” or anything similar let me suck it. As if I’m doing her a favour or something.

— rainbramage


She deep throated me while my gf ate her out, the image is burned into my mind forever in my permanent spank bank

— caseyberg


Hard to pick one time. Her blowjobs have always been completely different from anything I had imagined, and from anything I later saw in porn; there are four kinds of blowjob she offers and all of them are pretty…unique.

My favorite probably is what she calls “loving me with her mouth”, where she’ll lie down at a perpendicular angle to me on the bed, resting her cheek on my belly. Then she’ll put one hand between her legs to play with her clit (that part’s important) and use her other arm either to sorta hug me or run her free hand over my chest or hold my hand.

Like that, she’ll take me into her mouth, slipping back the foreskin with her teeth, and then just swirl her tongue around my glans. No bobbing, no hands, no nothing, just swirling her tongue. At every n-th swirl, she’ll pause, will tighten her lips for a moment, or give the shaft a gentle tiny bite just behind the glans, or will give a little suck. Then she’ll again swirl her tongue. All this happens with so much gentleness that I almost can’t bear it, and the longer it goes on, the more it feels like I’m being melted in a paradise of warmth and wetness and softness.

Meanwhile, I 1.) absolutely have to let my voice out and 2.) have to play with her hair, not being allowed to take my hands out of her hair, or she’ll stop. I’m allowed to take one hand away for a moment to caress as much of her as I can reach, or to hold her free hand, but at least one hand always has to remain in her hair, and the more I play with her hair, the more tiny sucks, the more gentle little bites and the more soft moans I get from her.

All that plus the fact alone that she’s petting her clit at the same time makes me feel so incredibly close to her, which is only heightened by how incredibly into it she gets. On top of that, she’s really good at getting us both to cum at the same time, which makes me feel like my heart’s gonna stop with happiness and closeness and love. It’s especially intense when she’ll simply not stop even while I am coming; she’ll just open her mouth a little to let the cum drip out and keep on going, while I’m getting full-body winces, seeing stars flickering across my vision, moaning and whimpering uncontrollably, and unable to let go of her hair.

To hear her own moans because she’s gotten her off at the same time in that moment is just incredible, and I usually need a looooong hug after that because I’m so opened up and vulnerable that I just need to feel her close.

— middaysun


My wife knows I like ass play so she’s not shy to slip a finger back there while blowing me.

— ExpiredAccount


She just really wanted to please me, so she sucked it really hard, took it really deep, and would lock eyes with me intensely for a few seconds every few minutes. So hot.

— autobot57starkiller


She had a cough drop before giving me a blowjob. The menthol gave me tinges and basically I saw all my life flashed in front of me. Best oral experience.

— sardarjionbeach


Enthusiasm, and she liked to be facefucked. Gagging didn’t bother her in the slightest.

— XjohnsonX


I will always remember my ex.

As she was sucking me, she took momentary pauses and switched to her hands to just rub and jerk me. Why did she alternate, you ask? Well, because she is sexually bi, and she was telling me about this first time she was brought to an orgasm by another.

I was getting an amazing blowjob as she sucked, teased, took my balls in her mouth, licked the tip, deep throated me, everything I could dream of, while telling how it felt when she was grinding on her friends face as her friend sucked and licked her.

She also denied me cuming which I love and only let me cum after about 40 min.

Right before I came, she begged me to just grab her head and fuck her throat, and when I came she made me shoot all over her face and hands. She gently licked my cock clean, and took all my cum from her face and licked it all up too.

Then she went and got me a glass of water, had me drink it, and curled up next to me with her beautiful head on my chest and rubbed my body as I passed out.

It was by far the best sexual experience I’ve ever had.

— phillycheese


My gay friend in school. The only gay guy on the male floor, knew I had some bisexual tendencies, just me and him in his room(kinda kicked his dorm room mates out) and slowly coaxed me into making out with him. He led me to the bathroom, sat me down, got my dick out, and went to work.

My golly this guy worked it like it was his job. Probably would have came in the 3-4 minutes he was down there, but he came first and had to pee, so I wasn’t very sensitive. The best part, my girlfriend loves this story.

— LortChanka


She informed me she enjoyed giving head and was able to prove it. However, what sent it over the edge for me was when I felt a sensation I’d not felt before. I look down and bam, the entire thing is down her throat. I’d never had a girl take the whole thing before, and it felt just as great as I’d imagined it would. Even after I’d cum she’d keep going at it, and I didn’t have any overly-sensitive issues, so it was just jolt after jolt of bliss.

— sykilik101


We were at a small gathering. She came out from the bathroom and into the kitchen where I was making some tea. I looked her up and down and looked at her gorgous frekles. I think she noticed just how much I loved her being around so she started moving towards me into my space and put her hand on my parts.

I instantly went hard as she stared into my eyes with a cheeky gleam. Not a word was said, she unzipped me, dropped to her knees, pulled it out and started sucking.

She was amazing. Her tongue wrapped around me so sweetly and the sensation was the most intense blow job I have ever had. She gently sucked me into her and released that pressure as she let me out. Her tongue was just incredible. It felt like I was being caressed by an expert, a magical mouth with a thousands tiny hands in it. I came within 3 minutes. No one has ever repeated that amazing, exciting and expertly performed act of brilliance ever in my life again. She also swallowed it all, gave me a big huge grin and walked off to the lounge.

No one busted us too.

— North-of-the-river


FiancĂ©e does this thing where she rocks her entire body while sucking me off instead of just bobbing her head/neck. She always cups my balls and pulls them up a little bit every time she rocks forward. It’s the hardest I ever ejaculate every time and I’m always lightheaded at the end.

— _Appello_


I came, but stayed hard.

It was a girl I’d been dating for a few months. Our sex life had been good, nothing mindblowing, but good. For some reason though, completely out of nowhere, one day she decided she was going to suck my dick like her house was on fire and my cum was the only thing she had to put it out.

Didn’t want intercourse, didn’t want me to reciprocate, didn’t want foreplay, she just walked into her apartment, took her work shirt off, and immediately proceeded to shove my knob as far as humanly possible into her slob. And this shit was aggressive. It wasn’t one of those sensual blowjobs you see in porn, in the videos with the white sheets everywhere, and the guy who actually doesn’t look like a disgusting sex monster. This was nothing like that. This was me sweating on the floor of her messy bedroom, hanging on to the unvacuumed carpet for dear life, and the only sound in the room was a rhythmic ULGK ULGK ULGK as she, I can only assume, tried to beat my penis up with her gag reflex. This blowjob was so rough you could describe it as bordering on the inhumane. This blowjob was a fucking war crime in some countries. If the UN ever catches wind of what happened in that bedroom, somebody’s gonna get sanctioned.

Anyway, there was something about the way she was sucking when I came the first time, it was like I didn’t…empty all the way? It was like when you take a shit, but you know there’s a little bit left in there. And I stayed hard. And this girl didn’t bat a fucking eyelash. Nope, she just kept right on committing felonious assault on my person. About ten minutes later, I came again.

That’s not a regular occurrence for me, by the way. It’s only happened two or three times in my life, and I’ve never been able to replicate it on purpose.

— hamelemental2


A fwb wanted to get freaky, but she was on her monthly. So she told me she’ll give me a blow job to make up for it. 3hrs later… omg… best head of my life. She went from fast to slow, gentile to deep throat. It was amazing. I didn’t think such a thing was possible. When I was ready to cum, she did this thing with her tongue and kept sucking as I came. I’ve never had any other girl blow me away like that. Damn, i miss her freaky ass.

— tattooed_n_high


I once came three times when my girlfriend gave me a blowjob. She had been teasing me pretty hard before, I came, she kept going and going and I came two times. It was really intense and amazing.

Yesterday she started blowing me when I came out of the shower, told me to lie down and started teasing my asshole, I begged her to play with it for which she complied. By. Odins. Beard. That was amazing.

— ballibt


Best? Waking up to getting my dick sucked. I had woken up to unlock my door so she could come over since she lived like an hr away I went right back to sleep. Woke up with my dick being sucked. Ever have a wet dream come true? Shit is amazing. Also like it when a girl gags when she deepthroating.

— slitheredxscars


Had been dating a girl for a few months. She was getting more confident and a little freakier over time. One day we’re at her place (she lived with her parents/brother), lying on her bed watching a movie with the door open. Then she gets under the blanket and slides my pants down.

She starts working my dick hard and taking it deeper and deeper while gently rubbing my balls. Her dad and brother both walk by at least once each, but I must have been channeling a champion poker player that day because my game face was strong.

I came down her throat so hard I thought for sure I’d snap her neck, but she swallowed every drop and licked it clean. Then she got out of the blankets and resumed cuddling like nothing had ever happened.

That was years ago now and I’m married to a totally different woman, but I still think about that one experience from time-to-time. It was unbelievably sexy, and probably the only thing my wife won’t (or hasn’t already) be able to top.

— Flaktrack


We were highschool sweethearts in the early 90’s, same age. We had dated for over a year and were both still official virgins. Things changed overnight when her best friend had sex and she was ready. On the day she got her driver’s license we very briefly had sex. After that first time the floodgates were down and she wanted to do it all the time.

A few weeks later she came over to wake me up. I was in bed sleeping and she very quietly came in, took off her jeans and panties and slid in next to me. I woke up but pretended to be sleepy while she took my hand and rubbed her already wet pussy. I opened my eyes and kissed her and things progressed fast after that.

We were grinding and I was making progress towards getting inside her when she stopped me as usual and reminded me that she was not yet on birthcontrol and we needed a condom. I grabbed one and put it on hastily wanting to get inside of her as quickly as humanly possible. I noticed almost right away that I had put the condom on poorly and it was stretched to the point of having a painful pinching sensation when she rode my cock up and down.

I didn’t want things to end and I told myself that the pinching sensation was good and that it would prevent me from cumming so damn soon. I didn’t say anything and she kept slamming herself down around me. I swear I saw a look on her face like she could feel something wasn’t exactly right but it wasn’t wrong enough to stop. We were both determined to power through it seemed. Finally after a few minutes the tension pinching my cock stopped.

Looking back the 23 years ago I am pretty sure that I knew what had happened, but it felt too good to stop. The pinching feeling gave way to a perfect slippery feeling that felt better than anything I had ever felt before in my life. Whether or not she knew or sensed what had happened I do not know for sure but what I do know is that she rode me harder than ever before and was determined that one of us cum. I don’t think she cared who she was riding me like a cowgirl on a bucking bronco.

I made the sound and began to tense to the point we both knew I was about to explode. To this day I can remember how fast my mind was racing and that somewhere in the back of my mind I was pretty sure that the reason for the slippery amazing feeling was that the condom had broken and I was about to shoot cum into her for the first time. Either she didn’t know or she didn’t care because she was holding on to me and not letting me fall out of her. Finally the big showstopper as I released inside of her and she collapsed on me.

I know you’re thinking “what does this have to do with oral sex?” and I will tell you. After 3 or 4 minutes of her laying on top of me and though I was no longer hard most of me was still inside her. She slowly rolled over and I fell out of her and thats when I reached down and felt the broken condom. It had shredded into a rubber ring around the base of me and my shaft was slippery and wet with cum and her pussy juices. I said “oh my god! Oh no, what did I do?” She looked down shocked and touched herself and we could both tell my cum was now dripping out of her like crazy.

She was bewildered at first, she was obviously thinking about the ramifications of what may come, but unlike me she calmed down almost right away. I however was freaking out BIG TIME! I was apologizing and berating myself for not being more responsible. I was terrified that I had just ruined my girlfriends life by cumming inside her. I couldnt stop picturing her with a giant belly walking into highschool with people staring at her and her crying. Her parents would be furious. Shit, her dad might even kill me.

She was calming down and I winding myself up more and more. I couldn’t stop apologizing. Waves of remorse were all I could think of. Now we finally get to the oral sex part.

She was now totally calm and decided the best thing to do now would be to try and calm me down as well. She kept saying “it’s okay, it’s now big deal calm down” over and over. She started running her hands up and down my body stopping at my still cum covered cock. She got me to settle down and before long I was getting hard again. I was puzzled but willing and she kissed my chest and rubbed me soothingly.

She then said “just lay back and relax. It’s not a big deal, we’ll figure it out. Everything is going to be fine” as her head disappeared under the bedsheets. Soon after she started stroking me I felt her tongue and lips touch my now hard shaft. And so began the greatest oral sex of my entire life.

She was amazing! She didn’t care that she might get pregnant from the cum that was still dripping from her pussy. She stroked me and sucked me and her lips were so soft, like fluffy clouds. My mind was racing in crazy directions but soon what she was doing to me was all I could think of. Her technique was amazing and although this happened decades ago I remember it like yesterday.

She did this thing where she twisted her hands around my shaft as she licked and sucked. Now this part is important because to this day none of the girls Ive been with have executed this technique correctly. The most important part was not my cock in her mouth but the fact she was sucking. Not just passing my cock beyond her lips but literally applying suction like a vacuum cleaner. The best way to describe it would be to say that she was trying to suck the cum straight from my balls whether I was willing to or not. Every new bobbing motion she sucked harder until nothing on Earth could stop me from shooting cum into her mouth.

I came harder than anytime I can remember in my life and finally ended with a slurping sound followed by the gulp of her swallowing my cum. After a few gulping and slight coughing sounds to get it all down she slinked up from under the sheets until she was draped over me and her head was on my chest. I told her how sorry and scared i still am about the possibility of getting her pregnant and she reassured me again and kissed me. I could just barely taste a slightly salty quality to her lips and vowed I would never ever get cum anywhere near my face or lips again as long as I live.

She fell asleep laying her head on my chest with my cum still dribbling out of her pussy and inside her mouth and stomach. God do I miss those days. We broke up just weeks later and lost touch for years after. Then about 5 years ago we became Facebook friends and talk almost every day now. She’s married with two adorable kids that are just awesome. Neither of us ever plan to tell her husband about our history and has far as he knows we were two high school friends that hung around in the same group. I’m cool with that and she is as well and unless she gets divorced I am happy to be her old high school buddy that stops over for a few hours now and then to chat. I will remember our time together for the rest of my life.

— 2whiteandnerdy TC mark

Here Are The Face Masks Your Favorite Celebrities Swear By

Posted: 15 Nov 2016 05:12 PM PST

Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask

Charlotte Tilbury
Charlotte Tilbury

This mask focuses on cleaning and smoothing skin by restoring elasticity. It will feel soft and hydrated when you’re done, not tight and dry. A famous fan of the product is Gigi Hadid:

Gigi Hadid Snapchat
Gigi Hadid Snapchat

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

Mario Badescu
Mario Badescu

For a spot treatment, just apply a small amount to pimples and they’ll dry out! Here’s a great instructional from fan Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat:

Instagram Photo

SK_II Skin Signature 3D Redefining Mask


SK_II masks are a favorite of Chrissy Tiegan. This brand is famous in Japan and makes sheet masks that hydrate skin and “increase skin power”. They’re pricey, but there are plenty of cheaper, less-intensive versions — see the next item.

Instagram Photo

She even wears hers while flying:

Instagram Photo

Tony Moly sheet masks

Tony Moly
Tony Moly

Tony Moly is a Korean beauty brand that has blown up in popularity in the U.S. in the past few years and are even carried by Sephora now. Their sheet masks are super easy to use because unlike traditional masks, you just lay them on your face and throw them away when you’re done. It’s not quite as work intensive as washing off a thick charcoal mask. Plus, they’re so cheap that you can try a bunch of different ones for the cost of a normal mask.

Here’s Chris Pratt wearing a similar mask:

Instagram Photo

And Jenna Dewan-Tatum wearing an animal version:

Instagram Photo

Tony Moly Lip masks

Lip masks are a once-a-week ritual that give lasting moisture to your lips. Massage your mouth area and apply for 10 minutes of intensive moisturizing! Here’s Lady Gaga using one:

Instagram Photo

Along with a (Tony Moly?) sheet mask:

Instagram Photo

skyn ICELAND Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels

January Jones loves these cooling “face patches” that restore elastin and firm, tone, and depuff the area around your eyes.

Instagram Photo

She’s also Instagrammed a pic of her favorite black rose face oil made by Sisley:

Instagram Photo

Charcoal based masks like Origins Clear Improvement

Charcoal is a natural ingredient that is awesome for deep cleaning. It cleans out your pores and gets rid of all the gunk that builds up throughout the week.

Here’s Khloe Kardashian rocking a charcoal mask:

Instagram Photo

And if you’re on a budget, Avocado masks are budget-friendly

Just mash an avocado and add a tbsp of honey. Leave it on your face for 15 minutes for refreshing moisture and glow.

Instagram Photo

15 Ways Single Girls Spend Their Weekends (Because There’s More To Life Than Dating)

Posted: 15 Nov 2016 05:00 PM PST

Zach McCaffree
Zach McCaffree

1. Thinking about being single. But really, you will sit there and ponder why you're single just because you don’t get it sometimes. You'll wake up, making a slamming breakfast, have a great hair day, come up with some clever jokes and then you’ll wonder how the hell you're still single.

2. Drunk make outs. Almost every single girls favorite thing to do is get drunk on the weekend and make out with some random hot guy on the dance floor. Then you wake up in the morning and kind of regret it, but not really at all because it gives some light to your life.

3. Flirting with whoever you cross paths with. Maybe it's the pizza guy who showed up at your door at 3 AM or maybe it's the guy at the cash register when you're buying pain killers in the morning because you weren't prepared for the hangover you're nursing. Either way, when there's an attractive male and you've got nothing but time to kill you can usually be found flirting.

4. Binge watching Netflix. Because what else are solo weekends for? Not much. A date with your couch, a cup of coffee and a blanket sound fabulous.

5. Debating whether or not you should text the guy you're thinking about. Maybe it's your ex, maybe it's the guy you made out with last night or maybe it's anyone in between. But regardless, you're thinking about it.

6. Thinking about whether or not you should have sex. You're single so you can do whatever the hell you want, but TBH sometimes sex is just a lot of work when it's casual and you're sober. Like did you shave, is your room clean, are you feeling bloated, do you even want sex or do you just want pizza??? Is it really worth it?

7. Swiping on Tinder. A single girl's best friend because when you're feeling down and lonely there's an app right at your fingertips where you can reassure your self-confidence in minutes.

8. Taking selfies. You've got no date to go on but that doesn't mean you can't get dressed up and make yourself feel like a 10. Do your thing, get all fancy and post selfies on Instagram and watch the boys flock.

9. Spending a whole day pampering yourself. You have no one else to spend money on so you might as well spend it on yourself. Get your nails done, schedule a hair cut, get a spray tan, buy new candles, do whatever your idea of spoiling yourself is.

10. Going shopping. Buy the top you've been wanting but aren't sure you want to spend THAT much money on. Just do it because you know you looked good in it in the dressing room and you know soon enough you'll have a date to wear it on.

11. Spending it completely surrounded with friends. Don't spend it alone at all, just surround yourself with your other single friends (so you don't have to hear about boyfriend drama you don't care about at all). Have the girls over, sit around and gossip over chocolate and wine, or go out to dinner and gossip, basically no matter what you do we just know there's going to be gossip.

12. Watching an embarrassingly sad movie. The kind of movie you know will make you cry or the kind you'd actually be embarrassed to watch with other people because it's just so bad, yet somehow your guilty pleasure.

13. Hanging out in your favorite bookstore. Grab a few books, sit in one of those big comfy chairs with a hot tea and get lost in your own world. Bookstores are super cozy and it'll be a good break for you.

14. Ordering takeout. Because as much as you'd like to take yourself out to some nice, romantic dinner you're just not feeling the effort and take out in your living room sounds much more appealing.

15. Reading articles on the Internet. Because reading about other people's heartbreak makes you feel a hell of a lot better in a way. You also can't ever resist the urge to read the articles that tell you about why you're single and everything you're doing wrong in dating. TC mark

We Need To Start Accepting Ourselves For Who We Truly Are

Posted: 15 Nov 2016 04:30 PM PST

Ariana Prestes
Ariana Prestes

When I was a kid there was a silly game where we would walk up behind someone, push them, then catch them from falling and say… "I just saved your life!" We would create a problem, solve it, then become a hero. But honestly, who would be fooled by such a thing? Apparently all of us.

In fact, we buy it on a daily basis. Consider these 3 steps.

Step 1: Implication that people are broken through culturally accepted beliefs.
Step 2: Inspirational message that you can be fixed.
Step 3: Offering of services or an organization to fix the brokenness.

Different groups have been using this model for years.

Beauty Industry

Step 1: Do you want a boyfriend? Someone who will love you forever? Men are only attracted to women who look like models and porn stars.
Step 2: You can look like a model, it's simple and easy.
Step 3: Buy this make-up, wear these clothes and alter your body and men will love you forever.


Step 1: Here are a list of sins and if you do them, God won't love you.
Step 2: Thanks to Jesus, you can be saved because he died for your sins.
Step 3: Give your life to Jesus (the church) and you will be saved from your sins.

New-Age Spirituality

Step 1: Are you experiencing abundance in all areas of your life? If not, it's probably because your vibration is too low.
Step 2: If you work on your energy, you can vibrate higher and manifest your dreams.
Step 3: Do a energy session and when you leave, you'll be able to attract whatever you want into your life.


Step 1: Iraq has weapons of mass destruction and if we don't stop them the world won't be safe.
Step 2: By invading Iraq, we can stop them from using the weapons.
Step 3: Support the war in the name of peace and homeland security.


Step 1: Are you living the life you want? If not, then you have limiting beliefs and psychological wounds that are holding you back.
Step 2: There is a three-step belief release process that will get rid of your limiting beliefs forever.
Step 3: I'm a certified blah blah blah and I can help you.

A friend of mine recently posted this about a program he is in.

The ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu, who I respect tremendously, says that we must "first admit that we are sick, and then we can be healed." Whether you know it or not, you are totally F'd up. Seriously, we all are. You don't even know how magnificent you are meant to become. ******* is an expert at both helping us dudes to heal from our past psychological wounds as well as help us to orient, in an empowered and super practical way, towards the man we crave to become.

Do you see the three steps at play here? I mean… Lao Tzu, that guy is pretty smart right? Who's gonna argue with an old Chinese guy that looks like this?

Now try reading this again, but I want you to look for something different. See if you can get on board with the message, see if you can feel why people would rally behind this (it was a very well liked post on Facebook).

The ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu, who I respect tremendously, says that we must "first admit that we are sick, and then we can be healed." Whether you know it or not, you are totally F'd up. Seriously, we all are. You don't even know how magnificent you are meant to become. ******* is an expert at both helping us dudes to heal from our past psychological wounds as well as help us to orient, in an empowered and super practical way, towards the man we crave to become.

The most interesting thing I feel is relief. I'm relieved because I can now blame all my current problems on the fact that I'm fucked up. It's not my fault, it's my past psychological wounds.

When we think there's something wrong with us and we need to be fixed, we seek wholeness in the future. When will I be whole and complete? In the future. When will I be able to love my life? In the future. When we believe this lie, we get access to something we know will take the pain away, but it's only temporary. It's cheap, it's socially acceptable and highly addictive.


We are strung out on hope.

Hope is also a big money maker (just like dope), because it plays into the lie that things will be better in the future. Buy this pill, take this program, read this book, join our club, blah blah blah… We have a hope epidemic, and it's making a lot of people rich.

Hopelessness Is The Birthplace of Confidence

I wish we would abandon hope like the sinking ship that it is.

What a beautiful thing it would be to release all attachment to our life being any different than it is right now, relaxing into the complete uncertainty and magnificence of the present moment. Surrender to hopelessness.

We need to stop selling ourselves to people who say we're not enough. We need to stop feeding the economic machine of hope with our insecurities. We all feel insecure, we all struggle with self-acceptance, we all want to be liked and fit in.

Instead of trying to have someone fix you, rip open your chest and show the world that you're just like everyone else. You suffer, you cry, you feel afraid, you get angry, you put yourself down and you want to run and hide. You are a beautiful hopeless mess, just like the rest of us.

The Only Thing Missing Is Love

My definition of love is "uncompromising acceptance", and it's the only problem we've ever had. Acceptance is literally the only form of personal growth, everything else is just skill building. Your life is exactly the way it's supposed to be and as soon as you believe otherwise you will get eaten alive. Your ego will have a field day seeking validation, completion and reassurance from the millions of people who would be happy to sell it to you.

If you still watch the news, expect to be told what's wrong with you, then to have the solution sold back to you on the commercial break.

If your religion is telling you God only loves certain people, ask yourself why you choose to believe in a conditionally loving God.

If you meet a coach, therapist or a spiritual teacher who says you need to change, consider that you are, always have been and always will be perfect, whole, capable, interesting, lovable, magnificent, and an awe-inspiring miracle of life…

And being reminded of that is all you've ever needed. TC mark

What It Feels Like To Get Replaced By Someone New

Posted: 15 Nov 2016 04:00 PM PST

dahiana candelo
dahiana candelo

Today you will feel inadequate but tomorrow that inadequacy will eat you apart. That feeling of being replaced by someone new will haunt you in your sleep. There will be no dry pillows to sleep on tonight and tomorrow will be more difficult because it will be another day of thinking, dreaming, and wishing it was still you who grazed his hands, touch his body, and most importantly hold his heart.

In a few days you will seem to be okay. People around you will treat you normally. The people who see you will make you feel okay again. They smile, laugh, and joke without worrying about your feelings. This will be a little bit helpful.

The next days will appear as if you have moved on. You then pride yourself in believing you're okay. But, in a week you will start wondering how you were so easy to replace. Questions will creep and eat you alive again.

A week after, you will relapse and start crying again thinking, blaming, pitying, and hating yourself. You will cry to the heavens hoping for better days, you will ask why he left. You will actually pray you will forget everything and re-start to the time you didn't know that person or to that time that person's existence didn't mean anything to you.

You will ask HIM to take the pain away. You will ask HIM why he gave you this problem… This heartache… but you will never really know until that day you accept that HE is gone forever.

How does it feel to be replaced without warning? Without a grace period? Without as much as a sense of respect and appreciation of the relationship you had?

Maybe no one really knows the exact feeling or gravity of pain. No scale could ever describe the pain.

But all we know is that it will really and truly HURT. As much as we would want to follow the so-called three month rule there will always be that one person in a break up who will be ready to jump to the next relationship. It's not because it is easy for them. It's because they've accepted the fact that you will never truly work and be happy with each other. It was a matter of choice. A chance they had to take.

Sadly there will always be that one person holding on, that one person who will be left behind. That person will continue to wonder what happened, what went wrong, and what chances they still hold. Sadly, this is a reality we have to face. Loving and breaking up doesn't have any legalities or contracts. You cannot expect someone who broke your heart to still think of your welfare and think of how you would feel after. If they did… you would have never broken up. Because breaking someone's heart means they've stopped caring for you.

The only time a person starts living after a break up is after they are ready to fight for their own happiness and that means they will be selfish and ruthless enough to not think of the other to get what they want.

Breaking up is like a war. There will be winners and losers…. On the side there are casualties. You can chose to win or lose but there will always be casualties. Someone has to fall in order for the other to be freed.

Falling and hurting happens to everyone. Tears also stained there pillows at one point in their lives. It's just not you who fell for this unfortunate event. How you heal and when you heal will be dependent on how you accept this loss. You can take all the time in the world or do it as quick as you can. You can meet other people or relish in solitude to get through the pain and longing.

Remember this, only you can help yourself in this time of emptiness. Just know that you have to stop waiting, wishing, and hoping for them to come back because they won't ever come back. If they did, it wouldn't even be worth it to take that chance. If someone decides to leave you, they are ready to live a life without you and you wouldn't want that. You deserve someone who stays and will continue to stay by your side. Always remember that your goal is to be happy and if they were ruthless enough, have the same vigor to get your own.

Today you will ask yourself if you will ever be ready to come face-to-face with the person you loved and the new person who makes their heart flutter. It will elicit shivers down your spine or make you insides churn. Believe me when I say that in the near future you will never even worry for this day to come. It will never even cross your mind and if you do… you will have the big smile on your face knowing you've given them a chance to be happy.

All you have to do is to find yourself, love yourself, and accept that this all happened for ONE reason. And that is to learn your lesson, be braver and tougher be the best version of yourself for someone destined to experience that greatness. TC mark

Some Writing About Writing

Posted: 15 Nov 2016 03:31 PM PST


I have one rule about writing and it's this: don't write about how hard it is to write. I am about to break this rule.

Writing is Hard

There, I said it. But I don't want to say it again. If I allowed myself to write about how hard it is to write, that's pretty much all I would write about. Every time I would sit down to write I would stare at the blank page and just start typing about how I have nothing to say right now.

Writing to me feels like building a sand castle without any water and you have to create your own sand first. Or perhaps it's more like the old anecdote of James Joyce in utter despair over having only managed seven words on a particular day. A friend says, "Well, that's not bad for you." To which he replies, "Yes, but I don't know what order they go in."

Writing about how hard it is to write bothers me for another reason: it's a plea to the reader. "If you don't like what you're reading, take it easy on me, this is hard!" Well, you should be prepared to fail. Be prepared to have people not like what you've written.

Actually, that's not it. The opposite of praise is not vitriol. It's indifference. I once asked a friend if he liked a story I wrote. I shouldn't have put him on the spot but I'll never forget his response. He looked at me, paused, smiled, and said, "You know what? As long as you enjoy writing…" When someone screams, "You suck!" It's not about you. But when someone visibly doesn't want to hurt your feelings, it says as much without saying it.

When I don't have a positive response to something that I've written as soon as possible, I have to curb the urge to get into the fetal position and sleep for three days straight. It makes me feel as vulnerable as if I just accidentally replied all to a company-wide email with a dick pic. It stings. It sucks. But that's the bargain. And when something you write sucks, you get to move past it and write something else.

And it's going to be just as hard to start that next thing as it was to start this one.


All blocks to creative work are based in fear. Look at the gap in entries on this blog. From June 26th to October 7th, what was I doing? I'm not sure but I do know this: I sure as hell wasn't writing. I was afraid and writing is hard. (I said it again and didn't want to.) I was afraid of not being perfect. I was afraid that the no talent police would show up at my door and tell me to never write another word again. I was afraid of sharing something too embarrassing. Or perhaps I would reveal something awful about myself – some racist opinion that i didn't even know that I had – and my writing would go viral and I would be shamed forever. Word would spread of my lack of talent to the point where strangers would stare at me on the street, mouths agape, and I would eventually go live in the woods. "Did you hear about Rob Penty?" "No, what happened?" "Well, his blog was so mediocre that he's become a hermit. And good riddance, if you ask me."

But, frankly, I'm not that important. The conversation would more probably go more like this: "Did you hear about Rob Penty?" "Who the fuck is Rob Penty?"

This brings me to my next point.

Something to Say

It annoys me when people say that they write because they have something to say. If you think people do need to hear what you have to say, I want you to go into a mirror, look into it and say the following, "I am not that important."

I'm not being falsely modest when I say that no one needs to hear what I have to say. I want them to hear it but they don't need to. Perhaps I'm splitting hairs but I think it's a valid point.

I write for myself to clarify my own thoughts about things and then my ego kicks in and I share it. You don't need to hear what I have to say, I just want to show it to you and I hope that you enjoy it and get something out of it, some catharsis, some recognition of a common experience or point of view. This isn't to say that I want to preach to the choir but I won't flatter myself to think that my writing can instruct. I tend to return to think of the W.H. Auden quote:

Someone says: "Whom do you write for?" I reply: "Do you read me?" If they say, "Yes," I say, "Do you like it?" If they say, "No," then I say, "I don't write for you."

I have an audience in mind, I suppose, but it's just anyone with whom I might have an enjoyable conversation.

I feel better after I've made something. Publishing a blog post feels good to me. Accumulating several blog posts feels good to me. Pushing through the "This is crap" phase of writing to find something I like or looking back at an old post and thinking, "Huh, that's not so bad," that's enough.

And No One Is That Gifted

Ironically, it's television and movies that perpetuate the myth of the writer genius. Television shows like Californication and movies like Finding Forrester and Winter Passing (and other stuff people have actually seen) show the tortured writer who merely has to get past all of the emotional pain, alcoholism, and soul-killing commercialism to turn on the faucet that is his (and it's usually his) creative genius to gift the world with just one more piece of brilliant writing.

But even Kerouac set a daily word count.

Ta-Nehisi Coates,who just won the National Book Award for Non-fiction, said that writing is like having "a certain music in your head, and trying to get that music out on the page is absolute hell." You go from bad to okay to acceptable, hopefully seventy percent of what you heard in your head.

We're always striving for something amazing but that ideal gets in the way of writing. My writing isn't great. My writing is finished. That's enough.

And it was hard to write it.

(Last time, I promise.) TC mark

Here’s What You Need To Think About Before Ending Your Relationship

Posted: 15 Nov 2016 03:30 PM PST

Jen Timms
Jez Timms

Vanessa, 30 years old, is struggling with whether or not to end her six-year marriage. The answer is not at all clear to her.

Vanessa and Jon have a “good” marriage. They are kind and caring with each other. They enjoy many of the same things. So why is Vanessa in such turmoil over whether to stay or leave?

The problem is that Vanessa is very lonely with Jon. They are good friends, but they are not emotionally intimate. Jon has no desire to share any of his feelings with Vanessa, nor does he have any desire to understand Vanessa’s feelings. He is content to keep everything on the surface, while Vanessa wants a deeper emotional connection.

Since they have many good things in their marriage, Vanessa has decided to try marriage counseling, and Jon has agreed. Counseling or not, there is only one thing that can save this marriage – Jon and Vanessa shifting out of their intent to protect against pain and into an intent to learn about what is loving to themselves and each other.

Jon’s intent has always been to protect against pain rather than to learn about being loving to himself and others. He has done this by numbing out his feelings with marijuana and work. Jon’s choice – whether to continue to protect against pain, or to begin to open to learning from his feelings – will determine the outcome of the counseling.

Vanessa, too, has operated with the intent to protect against pain. She has ignored her own feelings and been a “good” wife, submerging her own needs, to comply with what Jon wanted. But at some point, she shifted her intent to learning about what is loving to herself, and now she realizes she cannot continue in an emotionally disconnected marriage.

The issues in your relationship may be about emotional distance, lack of passion, sexual problems, constant fighting, emotional abuse (if there is physical abuse, then you must find a way to leave), or being used financially. There may be control and resistance occurring around many different issues. Yet the underlying issue is a lack of open and caring communication. And open communication only occurs when both people have a deep intention to learn about their feelings, fears, limiting beliefs and resulting unloving behavior. If one or both people in a relationship are closed to learning about themselves and each other, the relationship will not heal.

If you are thinking about leaving your relationship, first think about your own intent. Are you open to learning about your feelings, beliefs and behavior? Or, are you devoted to protecting against pain, with anger, withdrawal, resistance or caretaking? Are you avoiding your feelings with substances and activities, or are you opening to learning from your feelings and taking responsibility for them? Are you willing to learn and practice the Inner Bonding process? The first thing you need to do is deal with your own intent.

Once you are open to learning for a number of months, and really doing your Inner Bonding work, then re-evaluate your relationship. Has anything changed? Is your partner more or less open to you? Are you talking more and fighting or withdrawing less?

If things are not getting better or are getting worse, you may want to ask your partner if he or she is willing to do some healing work with you – through counseling, workshops and reading books together. If your partner refuses to embark on a learning journey with you, then you need to either fully accept it as it is, and continue to learn to take responsibility for your own happiness, or leave the relationship.

Although it may not become the relationship you want it to be unless both of you are open to learning, much change can come about through one person doing his or her Inner Bonding work.

If one or both partners remain in the intent to protect, the relationship will not heal. Yet many relationships can be healed when at least one person is deeply devoted to learning about loving themselves and their partner. TC mark