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50 Different Ways Your Boyfriend Wants You To Fuck Him

Posted: 20 Nov 2016 09:00 PM PST


1. Sex in the middle of the night, when he can’t sleep and needs an orgasm to help him drift off.

2. Sex where you touch your clit as he thrusts, so he doesn’t have to focus on two things at once.

3. Shower sex, where water slides down your back and makes your tits and ass look extra soft.

4. Sex that you initiate by walking into the bedroom in your newest lingerie.

5. Sex where you actually orgasm instead of faking it to make him feel better about himself.

6. Tipsy sex where you’re extra adventurous, but aren’t so drunk that he feels like he’s taking advantage of you.

7. Sex during halftime of whatever sport he loves watching on television.

8. Make up sex, so he knows that you forgive him for the stupid shit he pulled.

9. Gentle sex, because men can be romantic, too.

10. Sex where you do all of the work, because he doesn’t want to be the one stuck with all the responsibility.

11. Morning sex, when he’s still fast asleep, but you slip under the covers to suck his cock.

12. Oral sex when he’s busy trying to do something else, like play video games or drive his car.

13. Public sex in a bathroom, on the beach, or even in his friend’s bedroom. Really, he just wants to have sex outside of your bedroom.

14. Sex when he least expects it, like after you come home from a long day of work with a massive headache.

15. Sex where you moan louder than ever before, because he hit the perfect spot and you can’t hold your sounds inside.

16. Sex with toys that’ll make you cum hard, like vibrators or dildos.

17. Sex with toys that are meant for his pleasure, like cock rings.

18. Sex where he feels comfortable looking you in the eyes the entire time, because he has such strong feelings for you.

19. Sex in front of a video camera, so he has something to masturbate to when you leave.

20. Sex on the living room floor, even though it’s going to hurt his back.

21. Anal sex, because he thinks your ass is the sexiest part of your body.

22. Rough sex that leaves him with bite marks and bruises.

23. Sex in front of a window, or even outside in the backyard, so that there’s a chance that the neighbors will see.

24. Thank you sex, where you fuck him, because he just bought you the most gorgeous necklace and you want to repay him.

25. Hotel sex, where you do it three times every single day, because you’re on vacation.

26. Period sex, because men aren’t as grossed out by blood as you think they are.

27. Threesomes. Or foursomes. Really, sex with you and as many other girls he can convince to come home with him.

28. Sex that lasts a ridiculously long time, because he wants to prove that he doesn’t have any premature ejaculation problems.

29. Speedy sex, where you do it in under five minutes before he has to leave for work.

30. Sex at work, where you’re bent over his desk or are underneath his desk sucking his cock.

31. Sex where you cum first, so he doesn’t have to feel guilty about ending things too early.

32. Sex where you feed him genuine compliments and raise his confidence by a long shot.

33. Kinky sex where he gets to blindfold you or snap handcuffs on your wrists.

34. Kinky sex where you blindfold him or snap handcuffs on his wrists.

35. Sex where you talk so dirty he can’t believe the things that are coming out of your mouth.

36. Role playing sex, because it’s fun to pretend he’s fucking someone else for a change.

37. Sex outside of the bedroom, because the couch and kitchen counters are perfect places for banging.

38. Angry sex where you’re pissed at him and fuck him in order to get out all of your pent up energy.

39. Sex without a condom.

40. Sex where he’s able to laugh with you when something goes wrong instead of feeling like shit about it.

41. Sex over the phone, because he still wants to cum, even if you’re miles away.

42. Birthday sex, where you give him permission to do whatever the hell he wants to do to you.

43. Sex that ends with him cumming all over your chest.

44. Sex during the rom-com you forced him to watch that he wants to be distracted from.

45. Experimental sex, where you try fucking with a brand new toy or in a brand new place.

46. Sex with the lights on, so he can see every inch of your beautiful skin.

47. Sex when he’s feeling stressed and needs you to help take his mind off of his problems.

48. Sneaky sex when his roommates (or parents) are home and he wants to lay low.

49. Romantic, intimate sex that makes him fall even deeper in love with you.

50. Honeymoon sex, where he makes love to you for the first time as your husband. TC mark

7 Early Warning Signs A Guy Is Going To End Up Being Controlling AF

Posted: 20 Nov 2016 08:17 PM PST

Franca Gimenez
Franca Gimenez

Have you ever had a friend who suddenly disappears off the social scene, changes their appearance, or gives up their goals and unique personality traits, at the beginning of a relationship? Most likely, they’ve been caught in the snare of a controlling guy.

Dating someone with control issues can begin with seemingly insignificant details, which make you feel minor irritation. When left to run wild, however, those details can cause emotional abuse, all for the benefit of feeding a guy’s need for domination.

To help you enter relationships with your eyes wide open, here are 7 early warning signs of a controlling guy.

1. He Comes on Strong

Controlling guys will often immediately come on strong, which can be very flattering initially, but is a common sign of their need for control. Feelings, especially for men, develop over time, yet a controlling man will often make you feel as if he’s falling for you straight away, by saying all the right things and investing a huge amount of attention into every detail about you.

In a short amount of time you feel like you’re the center of his universe, and usually, that’s your red flag. Controlling men know what to say to lure you in and, before you know it, you’re caught in their net (‘caught’ being the operative word).

2. Your Time is His Time

Controlling guys quickly, and with great skill, try to make you feel as if anything you do, other than things that include them, is a disruption to the life you have together.

Unfortunately, these ‘disruptions’ are often your family, friends, hobbies, or anything else that equates to your life as an individual. When a controlling man feels threatened, he may try to make you feel bad about your choices or passively-aggressively make you feel guilty about doing something that doesn’t include him.

It’s flattering when someone feels and expresses slight disappointment when you tell them you’ve made previous plans; it’s quite the opposite when they hit you with the cold shoulder because of it, try to talk you out of your plans or create a sob story as to why you should be with them instead.

3. He Lacks a Social Life

Having a fantastic social life is rarely something a controlling person can do successfully.

If he never mentions his mates, recent social gatherings, group activities, or anything to do with others, it's a red flag.

This is because control issues stem from feelings of being threatened and ‘out of control’. Having a good group of mates with spontaneous social activities means putting yourself out there and trusting in people.

Controlling men are rarely secure enough to do this, so they’d rather just have you, and only you, because (they think) a singular relationship is easier to control than a bunch of ‘messy’ friendships with people who’ll behave however they want.

4. He Keeps Constant Tabs on You

Controlling guys can seem oh so caring to begin with. They're always concerned about you, that you're safe and made it to where you said you'd be. The attention is enamoring. But it doesn't take long before this behavior crosses a threshold where it moves into unhealthy.

Soon, his 'caring' texts become insistent calls. You start to anticipate them and having to explain yourself, so you decide, rather than deal with the drama of staying out a bit longer, you'll just make sure you're home on time.

Little by little, your confidence, and your feelings of freedom and choice in your own life, diminish. You start to live by his schedule rather than your own, and not risk the drama of an innocent night out with the girls or meeting up with that old guy friend of yours. If you don't pull the plug at this point, things spiral out of control. You'll be left completely dependent on him, your wings clipped, any confidence you had in yourself eroded away. All taken from you by a controlling guy so he never has to face his own deep seated insecurities.

5. He’s Charmingly Insistent

It can be flattering if a guy puts in the effort to suggest something off the menu for you or buys you something to wear. However, if you say no to his suggestion and he becomes insistent, especially with the attitude he knows what’s best for you, he’s a controlling guy.

This controlling guy will often ‘charmingly’ give you a backhanded compliment about the outfit you’re wearing as you leave for a night out with the girls, something along the lines of, “you look hot, but don’t you think that skirt’s too short?”

Although you may have been wearing a short skirt when you met him, (and he loved it) faced with the threat of other men loving it, he now feels entitled to influence the way you dress. This isn’t just a red flag; it’s a sign to run for the hills.

6. He Behaves Like a Director

If a man gives you the feeling he wants to ‘direct’ you, rather than connect with you, he has control issues. It’s one thing to be with a man who’s decisive and knows what he wants, but a controlling man will take this a step further by constantly ‘suggesting’ you go certain places, eat certain things, wear certain clothes and see or not see certain people, regardless of your opinion.

If you have to explain, defend, or expand on your ideas and decisions constantly to get him to understand your way of thinking, you’re under the influence of a controlling man. A man who wants to connect with you will be curious, open-minded, and possibly enthralled by your uniqueness, enhancing mutual understanding, rather than pushing his own agenda.

7. Other Men Are Off Limits

Quickly, a controlling man will take a stand on the other men in your life. If you’re friends with your ex, a controlling man will see this as a threat, rather than a sign of an emotionally mature person. If you regularly hang out with male friends, a controlling man will show his insecurity by questioning you, checking up on you when you’re not with him, and possibly even (gasp) going through your phone.

Considering we only have the choice of male or female people to hang out with, chances are we will all have friends of the opposite sex. This is healthy and necessary for balance in our lives. A controlling man doesn't see it this way, even if he has his own female friends, because he can’t deal with the perceived competition from other men.

Issues of control always stem from an emotional imbalance, whether it be insecurity, an inability to foster self-love, or an unhealthy need for perfection. It’s important to take note of the early warning signs, but it’s even more essential to be aware, at all times, of how a guy makes you feel.

Anyone who makes you feel self-doubt, guilt, or that you constantly have to second-guess your own decisions to see their point of view is not interested in your happiness or self-growth. They’re not interested in you, beyond what they want to make of you. Connecting with another person means to integrate with curiosity, joy, and wonder for what makes both of you unique.

This uniqueness, which we all possess, is to be celebrated, not squashed under the hefty weight of emotional control issues. When you celebrate your own precious individuality and know you hold the keys to your own happiness, you’ll never give them away to someone who only wants to use them to lock you up. TC mark

If He Sends Any Of These Texts, He’s Way Too Much Of A Fuckboy To Waste Time On

Posted: 20 Nov 2016 07:01 PM PST


1. “I don’t believe in labels.” It’s totally fine if he wants to take it slow or even if he’s not interested in only dating one person at the moment. But it’s totally unacceptable if he’s unwilling to communicate this clearly to a woman he’s seeing. It’s not about a label, it’s about having enough respect for someone not to purposely lead them on.

2. “I’ve dated a lot of crazy girls.” Luckily we’ve gotten to the point as a society where we no longer buy this bullshit. There are two people in every relationship and if it goes up in flames one person may be holding a match but the other is probably holding a can of gasoline.

3. “That’s just the way it is.” If he talks about any part of his personality or his life and then throws this phrase in there, run the other way. Not only is he totally set in his ways, but he’s unwilling to be open to change, improvement, other people’s opinions, or even things like scientific explanation. You did not get a smart one.

4. “Boobs?” Sexting can be a healthy part of a normal relationship, but in those cases it goes both ways. If the demand is one-sided (and not even like, dressed up to be an appealing request), it’s totally unacceptable and should be below your standards.

5. “I’m horny.” A good guy won’t make his arousal your responsibility. If he wants to hook up, he’ll try to turn you on too instead of just acting like a baby with an erection.

6. “Can’t we just Netflix and chill?” If he only wants to see you in private, somethings up. Its normal (and fun) to hang out at home, but any normal guy is going to want to go out in public with you as well. This dude is definitely hiding something.

7. “I’m sorry babe.” If he did something wrong and he gives you this half-assed apology over text, it’s a major red flag. It means he doesn’t care enough about you to give you a better one.

8. “There’s more to life than money.” Since I know you aren’t pressuring him about how much money he makes (right?) this is a sign that he’s super defensive about his job and would rather pretend he doesn’t care than be more ambitious. There is more to life than money and a guy that knows that is definitely a good guy, you just have to separate him from the people who don’t say this without really meaning it as a way to never try for a better life.

9. “I just want to have fun.” Every human being on this planet likes to have fun. You’re going to have to be more specific.

10. “Just been busy.” Everyone gets busy, that’s not a problem. But he should be able to give you a heads up, not a vague apology after the fact. He’s covering up why he fell off the face of the earth and came crawling back here, and he’s not doing a good enough job. TC mark

37 Borderline Genius Text Messages To Send If You Want To Be ‘Good Girl Naughty’

Posted: 20 Nov 2016 06:00 PM PST


These aren’t over the top if you’re not comfortable with hardcore sexting, they’re just the right amount of suggestive. Add winking emojis liberally.

1. Is it wrong if I get turned on sometimes just seeing your name pop up on my phone?

2. You should see how bad my tan lines are right now.

3. BRB thinking of you in the shower.

4. I have big plans for when I see you later.

5. What color briefs are you wearing today? I wanna see if we match.

6. You’ll never believe what you did in my dream last night.

7. I don’t care what we watch on Netflix tonight, I only have one thing on my mind.

8. I think I finally mastered a new position at yoga today, want to come check my form?

9. I just realized I forgot to wear panties today.

10. I was thinking about you last night.

11. I just saw the sexiest scene in a movie and now I’m all wound up.

12. Just realized my shower is definitely big enough for another person…

13. I’ve been too lazy to put clothes on all day.

14. My bed feels so empty with just me.

15. I miss having your body to touch.

16. I’m still in bed and I’m bored…

17. Apparently I forgot to wear panties today.

18. I can’t sleep, wish you were here right now.

19. What are you wearing?

20. I just finished a really sexy book and now I need you to come over later.

21. I think I have an oral fixation today.

22. I can’t wait for you to have your hands on me tonight.

23. I’m not usually the kind of girl who hopes the guy she’s seeing sexts her, but here we are.

24. Are you horny? I’d love to take care of you.

25. My tongue misses you.

26. I could tell you what I want to do to you later, but I’m going to let you wonder instead.

27. Have I mentioned lately how sexy you are?

28. Just want you to know that for some reason everything turns me on today.

29. Ever since I started birth control I swear my boobs have gotten bigger.

30. If only you were touching me right now.

31. I don’t feel like showering alone this morning.

32. You make me think such dirty thoughts.

33. I can’t stop thinking about how incredible you made me feel the last time we hooked up.

34. I get so hot thinking about you.

35. I really love your body.

36. I don’t want to put clothes on today.

37. I can’t believe how turned on I get texting you. TC mark


Posted: 20 Nov 2016 05:00 PM PST

It only took a second for the world to change. There was a flash, and the earth became hot and the room filled with lava. As my body was violated I went all the way to the beginning of time, right to the fall of Man. I saw the first expression of free choice take place. I watched as Adam took the apple and ate of it. I was there as Eve understood for the first time her Nakedness.

Do you know how the story goes? God called out to Adam, "Where are you?"

Do you not think God knew where Adam was in the garden, He with his infinite knowledge and understanding? Down where the path meets the river and the birds would take their morning shower, and the flowers would sing sweetly as they walked by? He knew exactly where Adam stood; He wasn't trying to place Adam, he wanted Adam to place himself.

I understand the story differently now. "The woman, she made me do it," he explained. Here it was: The First Betrayal; The first Deferring Of Responsibility; The first Casting Of Shame.

I watched as all of time passed and heaven slipped away from our humanity. I watched as women were silenced and put behind doors. I watched as women gave birth to the men who left home and named countries and cities after their fathers. I watched as the child brides left their dolls for their marriage beds. I watched as the prostitutes counted their coins at the end of their long nights as new morning light snuck through their window. I watched as women painted their signs of protest, lining city streets, calling out just to be heard. I watched myself with my colleagues as we wait tables in our black dresses, men telling us to smile, telling us to come closer, placing their hands on our waists, telling us our looks please them. We as women carry with us every injustice since the beginning of time. What has been done to one woman has been done to all of us.

It all flashed before me with my body made of fire, his hands on my breasts, his hands down my stomach to my groin, his breath heavy on my cheek. Another betrayal. Another deferring of responsibility. Another casting of shame.

"I think this should stay between us," his words hovering above me like dark smog as I laid there, paralyzed by disbelief. Is it in some manual somewhere, "The Line Every Pervert Must Say"? Verbatim, I heard it with my own ears. The first betrayal to now, they have said the same thing to us. "Shut up and take it." "Boys will be boys." "This is just what men do." My story is unique, and it is not unique. His hands on my body was a violation done to all of us. I am not the only one.

This story belongs to every woman, and this story belongs to every man, but it is not every man's sin. Rather, it has been the men in my life that have buoyed my grief.

Rob walked me through the park and took my hand, he let my soaked face and dripping nose wet the shoulder of his sweater. His quiet steadiness made it safe for me to unravel and succumb to the sadness on the first night.

The next morning I kept my appointment with Ryan, and, his hands in my hair, I was overwhelmed with the stark contrast of his touch to the man touching me the day before, here with my friend who paints my hair gold and tells me stories of all the places he's been and all the people who have made his day. And as he massaged my scalp, I didn't flinch from the intimacy. It was Ryan's gentle urging and encouragement that helped me rally the strength to file an official report.

Iain, my stand-in dad when I'm 2000 miles away from my own, picked me up after I was finished at the police station and anchored my thoughts with prayer, his words a prophecy for a whole heart and a bold life; "You were victimized, but you do not have to live as a victim," he reminded me.

Two days later I got on a plane and was gathered by my parents, and I spent the weekend clinging to my father. I cried and he cried and he put his hands on either side of my face and the rage in his eyes flashed the same color as the fire in my belly. My lovely father who honors us with morning coffee runs when I visit and stoic gentleness at any other time was furious and bellowing, and his outrage was a gift to me.

The men of my life have stepped up and demonstrated their loyalty to me over and over. They have taken on the responsibility to stand like mighty oaks in this heavy forest, their kind words like rustling leaves whirring and singing, making it easier to find some sleep. They have gathered my tears and cloaked me in honor. They are not like him. His sin is not their sin.

Last night I had a dream that we were all back in Eden; the sun was tucking itself behind the mountain range and the wolves began to howl and the tide of the ocean began to come in and people gathered in their tribes around crackling fires. And Eve walked – no, she was floating – from circle to circle, calling us each by name. She kissed our foreheads and her laugh was like a song, and each man's eyes filled with tears and they took her hands in theirs and one by one spoke the covenant: "I see you, I am with you, I am for you, I honor you." Eve kissed their palms and anointed their brows as our daughters danced and ran through the field and down to the water. TC mark

12 Men Explain What They See As An ‘Annoying White Girl’ (And Why They Don’t Want To Date Them)

Posted: 20 Nov 2016 04:00 PM PST

@greganmay /
@greganmay /

1. A Life Without Problems

The annoying white girl is middle to upper class who has no clearly definable struggle or problems in their lives. This can lead to them finding the tiniest problems and self righteously speaking about them as if other people are the problem. Or making small problems to be much more important than they are.


2. Vapid Personality

It’s a upper-middle class white girl, from the ages of around 16-30 (the upper limit seems to keep growing). She usually has a college education and leans liberal. But the stereotype isn’t about her background so much as it is about her vapid personality and bland cultural interests.

  • She speaks like a middle schooler who is excited/outraged by the smallest things: That was AMAZING, this gives me LIFE, I’ve lost my faith in humanity, etc.
  • She dresses in very popular clothing: yoga pants, Ugg boots, North Face fleece
  • She is addicted to Starbucks Frappuccinos and pumpkin spice lattes
  • She is obsessed with social media, particularly Instagram, since it allows her to show off and get the validation she craves
  • She’s generally not an intellectual powerhouse
  • She’s consumed with celebrity gossip and pop culture along the lines of reality TV
  • She usually has a standard tattoo like a butterfly
  • She might have vocal tics like the vocal fry or what used to be referred to as a Valley Girl accent
  • She is often very into Disney movies, stuffed animals, and coloring books
  • She tends not to be good with money or other adult responsibilities, which she refers to as “adulting”
  • She tends not to have any passions or hobbies outside of “wine and Netflix” or generic “travel”
  • The words “I love to laugh” will most likely be on her online dating profile


3. Life Owes Them Something

They are essentially upper middle class women who have no discernible skills in life other than being “not horrible” and some can’t even manage that. Practically speaking they don’t really have any value and all power and value they do possess are all derived from those around them (parent’s money, other people’s perception of their potential social value).

They then proceed to roam the Earth and act as if life owes them something.


4. They Create Drama

A white girl who is supported by her parents, SO, or has an easy job. Doesn’t have many issues in their own lives so they have to create drama from time to time, complain constantly on Facebook, and take 500 selfies on Instagram a day to occupy their time. The only positive words you hear from them is their praise for pumpkin spice lattes.


5. AKA The Basic Bitch

The Basic Bitch™ has no genuine interest in learning about other cultures beyond what she can Instagram for her followers. Staying in a 5-star resort isn’t travel, it’s a vacation.


6. Think Kanye And The Kardashians Are ‘Icons’

I think the white girl stereotype comes from the fact that feminism is led by the absolute most privileged class of women-middle/upper class white women. Their grievances are at the forefront of the movement, and they dictate what becomes a “women’s issue.” But when you have people trying to start a movement or trend of not shaving their armpits because it’s “empowering,” the rest of us (i.e., women of color) can’t relate because we have bigger fish to fry. When Kum Kartrashian West and Khloezilla Kartrashian are called what they are, they’re called icons by those “annoying white girls.” Those “annoying white girls” (and other feminists) sure are quiet when Michelle Obama and Serena Williams are called everything but children of God.


7. Vapid, Unskilled, And Hot

Your average annoying white girl will possess a number of traits including, but not limited to:

  • Wealthy/upper class upbringing
  • Fairly/very attractive
  • Poorly educated despite attending a good school

These factors combine to create a girl who is typically vapid, unskilled, and hot. They’re usually given everything in life, have a drug problem of some kind and have almost no self awareness. It’s what happens to a lot of kids that are raised in wealthy families that lack integrity.


8. Actions Without Consequences

The “annoying white girls” stereotypically don’t worry about the same repercussions for their actions that women of color or men do.


9. No Self-Awareness

If you want to know where “annoying white girls” come from, it’s typically from a life bereft of self-awareness or personal responsibility.

The hotter the girl, the more the world has generally failed her in terms of demanding she accept responsibility for the life she creates for herself (good or bad).


10. #Adulting

Lately it seems that culture has swung towards glamorizing being an incompetent adult (e.g. “lol I hate people and want to just sit at home and drink wine, don’t make me grow up”) but only if you’re female. Men who do this are called manchildren, but women aren’t. It’s considered “funny.” So when they actually do behave like normal adults, they need a special word for it. “Adulting.” For example, “I got dressed today and did all my housework and cooked a real dinner. #adulting.”


11. Act Like Idiots In Public

I’ve been out of the country many times in the past 10 years to multiple countries on almost every continent. I’ll just say that American white girls are ALWAYS easy to pick out.

It’s kinda inflammatory to say… but they act like idiots in public. They also seem to move in packs, with at least one annoying and oblivious girl that won’t stop talking.


12. Flashes Entitlement To Lyft Drivers

It’s this girl.

mclukas TC mark

16 People Reveal How They *Finally* Got Over The Hardest Breakup Of Their Life

Posted: 20 Nov 2016 03:00 PM PST

Brandon Stanciell
Brandon Stanciell


“Cutting all ties with them, it’s very difficult, but just do it. It helps so much in the long run.”

— ChuckEnderton


“Time. The ultimate answer is time. No matter how hard it is, it will get better by itself. Just don’t get too invested and stalk her Facebook and you will be fine sooner or later. Guaranteed.”

— Shoben


“Finding a hobby.”

— ThisBolognaSandwich


“Still getting over it. Just take it one day at a time. Today I will do something to improve myself. Tomorrow I will do something else to improve myself. Until so many days have passed, and so much has been accomplished, that person seems like from another life ago. Time and change.”

— MatasterMatt


“Blue Planet and Planet Earth one. The first two or three days of my break up were unbearable.. and I watched these DVDs on repeat, it was the only thing that helped slow my heart rate and stop the crying.

Once the crying stopped, I decided to work on myself and went to therapy. I spent as much time as possible with friends, not being alone really eased me into being ok with being alone and not spiraling.

Just making plans for the future really helped me move on.”

— Bodymindisoneword


“Spent a lot of good quality time with friends, talked it out, got involved in different activities I love doing and eventually moved on.”

— tengolacamisanegra


“Sleeping with as many women as possible.”

— pteawesome


“Parents that love me. Friends that love me and told me they’re glad i got out of the relationship before it got worse. They let me stay at their place on the weekends so i didn’t have to be alone.

Then it was getting back into shape to spite her. And to work through the anger and sadness.

I also focused more on my hobbies than the breakup. It’s true; you can’t frown on a motorcycle.

Aside from all that, time really does heal the wound. Even if it’s cliché as hell.”

— TheRealirony


“Cut off all ties. no text or emails. Cold turkey cut off, then in time its amazing how you can be friends and be totally over them. Took me years though.”

— mypinkskull


“Finding a new girl. However this can be hard if you’re still comparing every potential romantic partner to your ex.”

— PmButtPics4ADrawing


“The fact that I was cheated on. That made it easy to move on. And I just happened to have a month long stay in Minnesota coming up which helped greatly. Being surrounded by complete strangers where no one knew me and I could act in whichever manner I wished without social repercussions.”

— loverofaltmedicine


“Working out. Focusing on myself, I was with my now ex-boyfriend for two years, we broke up and it was super hard because I was so use to having him around, but I couldn’t go back it wasn’t healthy. So every time I wanted to talk to him I would go on a run, or workout. I lost 40 pounds and I was so happy being just by myself.”

— tacosbetheshit


“Time and manic yardwork. I hate that time is what helps the most bc I am impatient, but it really does. So find a distraction to get you through the waiting.

Also, nix the social media.”

— baydinosaur


“Running. I took on every spare shift at work I possibly could, and then to fill the hours between sleeping and work, I’d go for a run. First a mile, then two or three, eventually seven, eight, ten. I was experiencing so much emotional pain that I wanted to cause myself physical pain to distract from it, but also knew that wasn’t healthy. Running was the best middle ground I could find.”

— erikarew


“Boulder climbing. Excellent sport, great meditation, lots of cute climber fish in the sea.”

— i_like_to_reddits


“Whenever I thought about the other person I took a moment and honestly wished them well, even when it hurt. I think it really works — after the initial pain fades you’re left thinking well of someone instead of wronged by them, and we went on to remain really good friends.”

— Pays_in_snakes TC mark

30 VERY Specific Feelings Only Introverts Will Relate To

Posted: 20 Nov 2016 02:32 PM PST


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22 Everyday Signs That Your ‘Forever Person’ Is A Fuckboy In Disguise

Posted: 20 Nov 2016 02:00 PM PST

@_eatandlove_ /
@_eatandlove_ /

1. Makes fun of you in a mean-spirited way. All couples tease, and sometimes it is VERY good natured, but if he is poking where it hurts a little too often he probably doesn’t care about you.

2. Doesn’t want to introduce you to his parents. If you’ve been talking for a while, and he still seems to go out of his way to keep you away from his parents, he probably doesn’t seem you as a long-term prospect.

3. Doesn’t want to meet your parents, or hang out with your close friends really. If he doesn’t seem interested in the important people in your life, he isn’t interested in you for anything serious — period.

4. All his ex’s have bad things to say. Now, it’s perfectly normal for good people to have bad breakups that stir up some bad blood. But if he has a LONG line of ex’s who are claim he’s horrible, that’s a very ominous sign that you shouldn’t ignore because “you’re different!” or “he’s changed this time!!”

5. Becomes MUCH more interested in texting you back after 10:00pm. Classic fuckboy move, but fuckboys in disguise (FIDs) do this too — they are just more subtle about it. The text might not be “u up?” it might just be asking you about your day, or saying how much they miss you.

6. Always has excuses for why he can’t do anything with you. He’s always busy. Crazy week at work. Studying for a big test. Oddly, however, you see fresh Instagrams of him out at the bars.

7. His guy friends always come first. Always. Mark wants to go out to the bar. Brad needs help asking someone to dance. Chad wants to play video games. He always has a whole schedule of activities with his guy friends, and you are somehow always so much lower on the priority list.

8. He doesn’t pay much attention to you when at parties with other people. He always has “someone to catch up with” or “promised to pay a game of pong with Dave.” He will be happy to go home with you after the party though.

9. He goes “all out” on big romantic gestures, but isn’t there for the everyday things. It’s easy to get confused, because he is really good at the Valentine’s Day surprise or the birthday gift. But when you need him to go to the doctor with you, he’s a ghost.

10. He doesn’t have a stable group of friends. People rotate in and out of his life a lot, and he doesn’t have many “best friends” because his understanding of loyalty might be ambiguous.

11. He gets really defensive when you ask him questions. Every perfectly valid question you have is “attacking” him, or being untrusting.

12. He avoids labels in your relationship. He’s not your “boyfriend” you are just “dating.” You aren’t “dating” you are just “talking.” Everything is super casual. Even if you are in an official relationship, he insists that it is super “easy going.”

13. He has a lot of “girl friends” that he won’t introduce you to, or talk about. And when you ask, again, he gets defensive.

14. There’s always an excuse for EVERYTHING. There’s an excuse, a story, an explanation for every time he can’t help you, or be with you, or weird behavior. It’s almost like he’s done this before.

15. He says really sweet words to you, but his actions are empty. He’s great at complimenting you and making you feel great in the moment, but nothing lasts.

16. He probably also buys you gifts, but they feel empty too.

17. He loves Snapchat a little too much when talking to you. Snapchat can be great, but being able to send messages to multiple people at once can make it a prime tool for someone who wants to talk to…more than one girl at a time. Also he wants nudes from you on it a little too much.

18. He chats with a LOT of girls in social media comments. And the comments are never totally over the line, but are kinda flirty.

19. And LOVES talk about how many “likes” his Instagram pictures get. Why does it matter to him so much? Because he is the priority.

20. He doesn’t ask you about your day. Or your week. Or your life. Or anything.

21. He never wants to go out with you. Just stay in and “watch movies.”

22. He doesn’t treat people particularly well. He doesn’t tip well, he doesn’t treat people with respect, and he probably needs to get out of your life. TC mark

20 People Reveal The ‘Dirty Little Secret’ They Know About Someone Close To Them

Posted: 20 Nov 2016 01:00 PM PST

Vince Perraud
Vince Perraud


“While on a family trip to Thailand, my mom spent a few days in the hospital. My dad told us that she was sick, but I know she really just got a boob job.”

— holdinyourbreath


“A botany professor at my university managed to impregnate his wife and a colleague within one week. He is now known to some as The Pollinator. He is still married and still works with the mother of his other child.”

— KingJayVII


“I know of a case of a failed attempt at an incestuous relationship.

A man had sex with who both he and she thought was his daughter. She was in her early 20s and he was around 40 or so. He saw her very rarely and the mom wanted nothing to do with him. Didn’t want child support, nearly no contact. After she turned 18 she looked him up, and they had a creepy bond. Neither really knew each other but it was dad and daughter so they tried to make it work.

A few years later they ended up getting shitfaced drunk and having a go at each other. Apparently also happened a few more times sober. They ended up both deciding it was too weird and I don’t think they speak now but I haven’t heard from either in several years.

Turned out when the girl was around 12 the mom made him take a paternity test to settle an argument. It came back he wasnt the father, but mom lied and said the test was positive. She never told the daughter and the man believed he was. So while they did have a creepy father/daughter sexual relationship and will always have that in their memory, they weren’t actually related.

The mother confided in me about the paternity issue. The “father” had confided in me about the ‘incest’ relationship he had with his estranged ‘daughter’

TL;DR I know a girl who did not have sex with her father.”

— NotQuiteIncest12345


“My brother started the fire in our backyard that destroyed half the property and my dads whole shed full of tools.

The fire was centered around the very spot my brother had been sneaking out back at night to smoke, and he would always put the cigs out on the dry pile of logs stacked right next to him. I saw him out there every night cause my window pointed to the back yard, and I was planning to use the information for leverage to get him to take me to Gamestop on Halo 2 launch night. But after the fire I kept my mouth shut; I could tell he felt guilty enough about it since he spent the whole week after helping my dad clean up the damage and repaint/repair what they could.

I still got Halo 2 at midnight, so it had a happy ending.”

— RedBoxPhen


“An individual I know is very anti porn. Speaks out against it on Facebook, stops talking to people if she finds out they watch it, the whole works. Doesn’t stop her from watching it with her back conveniently turned to the wall. She’s also not as discreet as she thinks.”

— Lostsonofpluto


“I know a dirty little secret about myself, that my mother doesn’t know I know.

When I was born, I was given up to a religious services group, but less than a month later, my mother, with the help of my grandparents, hired a lawyer and filed papers to get me back. It took a few months. My uncle (her older brother) told me this a few months ago, and I haven’t brought it up with her. I don’t know if I ever will. I’m not sore about it, in fact, it just goes to show that I was wanted, even if I was an accident.

The people from the service came to my mother when she was still doped up on painkillers the day of my birth. Apparently this was a common practice in the 80’s and earlier.”

— the_dastard


“My aunt had a baby boy when she was a teen. To this day, my grandparents are not aware of their first grandson’s existence and still believe I am their first grandchild. The only other person she told was her sister (my mom). I only know because my mom told me.”

— betacomplex


“At my old job, my manager at the time was sleeping with 2 of the female coworkers. Both of then where unaware of each other. They called him the boyfriend since they did not want anyone at work to know. I knew about them, and the fact that he was cheating on both of them. I over heard the manager fighting with one of them from the other room and grunted ‘I love you’ to her.”

— DreNarci


“My neighbor is having an affair. She and her husband leave for work every morning and she comes back with another dude around lunchtime about twice a week. I don’t think she knows I work from home and realizes how big their picture windows really are.”

— puckpanix


“My Brother-in-law has a stash of used, dirty panties. That in itself wouldn’t be that weird to me.

But he keeps them all in a zip lock bag, locked in his safe, with nothing else in the safe. Just a bag of dirty panties. In a gun safe.

I know this because other BIL had to go through his room recently to get all of his guns out of the house (that is a whole other thing with a whole other story) and he found the panty stash.”

— GinevraWPotter


“Had a friend middle school who legitimately had a crush on Spongebob Squarepants.

She let me use her computer a couple of times and I snooped through her shit and found her stash of self-insert Spongebob fanfiction. Found a couple of NSFW drawings as well.

I couldn’t really judge (I’ve had my fair share of animated crushes), but it was still bizarre experience.”

— TouchTheGuyBelowMe


“Found my cousin on a porn blog.”

— MetalLava


“When I was in 1st grade, my friend’s brother in 4th grade wanted us to tie him up and embarrass him. We thought it was funny and played along: It was nothing sexual for us, but I remember his boner and wondering how it just stood up like that. But other than that, I didn’t think much of that incident. Sometime during HS, I remembered all of a sudden and had a ‘holy shit!’ moment.

Now we’re older and we’re friends. He probably thinks that I completely forgot about that incident or maybe he forgot himself because there’s no way he could act so naturally towards me otherwise. If I tell him now, he would just die of embarrassment.”

— badassmthrfkr


“I know my deceased wife cheated on her ex by sucking off the tour van driver when she was on vacation in Europe.

After she died I was going through her things and I hesitated to read her personal journals but we have a son together and I was trying to figure out which things might be good to keep for him to see (like a journal she kept when she was a kid of a great camping adventure she went on with her family) and which ones to burn (like the trip to Europe obviously) so that our son never saw them if something happened to me.

Mostly what I learned is that she struggled a lot through her life trying to connect with men and with her own parents. She carried a lot of anger around and felt emotionally abused by the men in her life. She was also a free spirit who had amazing adventures, and some not so amazing adventures.

She was like Jenny from Forrest Gump with some, but not nearly as many, drugs (she was done experimenting by the time we got together) and no – she did not die from AIDS (since I know someone will ask). I also learned she did not feel that way about me – I was the one (based on her journals) that saved her and made her feel whole. The story about her trip to Europe does not surprise me, and our relationship was not perfect and I guess that’s all I have to say about that.”

— Danger_Zone


“A female friend confessed to me drunk one night that her father once made out with her for a few minutes while they were on a canoe trip together when she was like 11 :/

She says that (to the best of her recollection) that’s as far as it got and it was a one time thing. I didn’t press for details.

Next day she either didn’t remember talking about it, or pretended not to remember knowing I’d follow suit.

It’s strange because on the surface she seems to have a really good family. Parents are tight and all, I’ve even been to dinner with them all since the conversation.

Really fucked me up for awhile though, I was sure there had to be some history of systematic abuse or whatever buried beneath the surface. But damn maybe not? This is a morbid question, and in no way a sort of apolagia for child abuse. But do you think that it happens from time to time? A father gets drunk, some hidden monster comes out for 6 minutes (in the case of him making out with my friend) and then never does anything like that again?”

— WhiskeyOnASunday93


“My dad cheated on his ex-wife with my mom. My older brother (from 1st wife) has no idea that my dad cheated on her (assumed they were already divorced). I actually don’t know if my mom knows either. Dad’s been married to my mom for like 25 years now, so no point in stirring up trouble now.”

— VakarianBottleBlast


“My 16 yo goodie-two-shoes sister got caught having sex in the car….twice. At midnight I got a call from a cop asking if I was her mother. Sensing something was up I said yes. He loudly told me ‘WE FOUND YOUR DAUGHTER HAVING SEX WITH A BOY IN A CAR.’ Shocked, irritated, but laughing at her misfortune, I drove 20 minutes to pick her ass up. I pulled up to the parking lot of an apartment complex and saw three police cars, lights still on. (Not alot goes on in our neighborhood on a Saturday night.)

Her boyfriend sat on the curb talking to one of three cops, but still waved when he saw me pull up. Cute. A very serious cop with eyebrow way too plucked brought my crying sister to the car. It was clear I wasn’t our mom, since I’m just a few years older, but my cunning small talk convinced him to let me take her home instead of calling our mom ‘again.’

On the way back she was all too grateful for protecting her from my mother’s unforgiving wrath (she doesn’t know six months later & confessed that they’d been caught elsewhere last weekend. In conclusion, I’m the slickest cooliest sister u could have & she is forever my bitch.”

— Zoid_berg1997


“My father watches some nasty, freaky, disturbing and very high quality porn. He apparently doesn’t believe in turning the monitor to one side or closing the blinds so i have spent many a cigarette break on our porch pretending to not notice what is going on in the living room.”

— originalusername25


“A colleague of mine is a convicted rapist. It is an office setting, so there are lots of women around who might feel uncomfortable around him.

HR knew about the rap either in his employment application or in the background check, but decided NOT to tell the hiring manager and blessed the hiring. A couple of folks did a search online later only to discover there was a shit tonne of coverage in the local news about the events that led to drugging and raping a young woman.”

— Sarclown


“I know of a woman who was married, had sex with at least one other person, got divorced, had sex with me two of my buddies and a coworker of mine. Then was hanging out with two other people who I can only surmise she had sex with, I only have rumors tho. Then she got married to a different coworker of hers. Then not to very long ago, I literally witnessed her have sex with a third coworker of mine while at a party.

There’s a whole lot of Eskimo Bros here. Oh yeah, she’s pregnant now!”

— Original_name18 TC mark