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17 Men In Relationships Share The Telltale Signs That They Just Gave Their SO An Incredible Orgasm

Posted: 22 Nov 2016 09:00 PM PST

via Pexels - John Rocha
via Pexels – John Rocha


She sounds like a scared person walking on very thin ice.



Her vagina will give your dick a firm congratulatory handshake then her face/chest will go flush and she will being trying to catch her breath.

If it happens during an episode of pound town you might not notice unless she is more vocal about it.



Depends on the women. Some are incredibly vocal. Some are not. A lot of times you can feel the contractions on your dick. Flushing of the face chest and back. Sometimes they will inform you in sexy groan/moan talk.



I have asked my wife to tell me. I often could not tell the difference between “almost there” panting and moaning and when she was tipping over the edge. Now I do my best to coast until she shouts or moans NOW. Then I pick up the pace and we almost always cum together. Awesome.



Generally can feel her heart pounding, breath gets more shallow with a few gasps, maybe she’ll grab you and her grip will tighten, pussy starts contracting a lot and gets tighter and tighter which has lead me to mutually climaxing at the same time which is amazing, lots of frantic kissing, blood pumping.

Intense shit.



When it looks like they need an exorcist.



We’ve been together long enough that we communicate through the whole process. Honestly, we’re probably better at communicating during sex than when we are while not having sex.



Any woman can fake an orgasm and probably fool you … if she really wants to.

Best way of knowing that it’s real is to know your woman. Cultivate a relationship of honesty with her in the bedroom. Tell her you never want her to fake it, and to always let you know both when it’s eminent and when it’s happening through her body language, moaning, or whatever.

Physically, there are a few “tells” you should come to recognize that are specific to your woman. Like snowflakes, such tells are different with every woman. However, most women’s vaginas will spasm rapidly during an orgasm. If you’re fingering her or doing PIV, you should train yourself to recognize the sensation of those spasms squeezing you.

It’s just an AWESOME ego high — at least for me — whenever I can get a woman’s vagina to spasm like that while her body writhes with pleasure!



Slightly more vocal, heavier breathing, legs twitch, light spasms, abdomen tenses, tilting of groin, tightness then loosening of vaginal muscles, relaxation, contented sounds, “oh my god”, and “that was good”, drool possibly, slurring or drunken sounding, possibly unable to speak properly, tries to say something but can’t, “you’re good at that”, “lets cuddle”, “I need to pee”.

If she does any 5+ of those, you gave her a good one.



Depends on the woman: some are obvious, some aren’t. If they tense up, their muscles contract, they lose control of their body, their legs squeeze together, they start to quiver… there are a number of ways to tell but for some women it’s more subtle and you just kinda have to learn the signs by making her cum a lot.



The vagina closes around you. For me anyways it gets really tight all the sudden almost squeezing me out but it feels awesome.



For me and the wife I can always tell if she gets off because the dog starts barking like fucking crazy. Super weird, but it happens literally every time.



She holds on for dear life.



Mine visibly shudders, sometimes doubles up into a fetal position and stares at me with a simultaneously distant and focused smile.



She becomes suddenly interested in making it good for me so I can finish and she can be done with it.



Different girls have different reactions.

Some of them tremble and giggle. Some of them moan out loud like it’s hurting them in a good way. I haven’t met a girl that didn’t do something relatively unique when she had cum.



The tiny little tells – the shifts in her voice, how the muscles in her back tense, how she slightly moves her hips to push her clit against my fingers, the face she makes, and so on and so forth.

She’s very vocal, but quietly vocal, both during sex and during orgasm. The signals she gives are subtle; and even a strong orgasm results rather in glazed eyes and winces and soft growls and shuddering, panting breathing than screaming the house down.

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15 Kinky Ways To Use Handcuffs To Enhance Sex

Posted: 22 Nov 2016 08:00 PM PST

1. Handcuff your wrists together in front of you, so you can still reach down and play with your clit as your partner thrusts into you.

2. Handcuff your wrists together in back of you, so your partner can grab the chain and control your arms during Doggie Style. Just make sure you have a pillow in front of you, so if your head ends up crashing onto the bed, you’ll have something soft to lean against.

3. Handcuff your wrist to your partner’s wrist and see what kind of new positions you can come up with. You’ll be restricted, so it’ll be a fun little challenge.

4. Move out of the bedroom. Try handcuffing yourself to the railing of your staircase, and then have hot sex on the steps. Or handcuff your partner to a low-hanging tree branch and have sex in the park.

5. Handcuff your partner to a sturdy chair, and then do a striptease for him from across the room. He’ll be dying to touch you, but he won’t be able to move.

6. Roleplay. Instead of breaking out the handcuffs without any context, pretend to be a dirty cop or a horny criminal.

7. You don’t actually have to use the handcuffs at all. Just place them on your nightstand and use them as a sexy little “threat.” If your partner doesn’t do as you wish, then they’ll get the handcuffs as a punishment.

8. Handcuffs aren’t always enough. Try placing a blindfold over your partner’s eyes as well, so you have even more control over them. Then you can kiss them all over their body, but they won’t see it coming.

9. Instead of handcuffing your wrists together, have your partner handcuff you to the bedpost. You can even buy a few extra pairs of handcuffs so you can secure both of your wrists, and both of your ankles, as well.

10. Hate it when your man pushes your head down during oral? Snap handcuffs onto him, so he has absolutely no control over how deeply you take him in your mouth.

11. Hold off on having sex, and use the handcuffs as foreplay. Secure your partner to the bed and then run a feather or a vibrator over their skin. Do whatever the hell you want to them while you watch them squirm.

12. Handcuff him to the bathroom sink, so he can watch you seductively shower in front of him. You’ll be putting on your own personal peep show.

13. Handcuff one of your wrists to his belt buckle, so your hand is in the perfect position for stroking his cock. See how hard you can make him through his jeans.

14. Handcuff your partner to the fridge, so that you’re easily able to grab whipped cream, ice cream, and chocolate to cover his body with.

15. Handcuff your partner, push them onto their knees, and order them to use their tongue to make you orgasm. Make sure you explain that the cuffs won’t be coming off until you get off. TC mark

16 Insanely Hot Ways To Wake Him Up With An Orgasm

Posted: 22 Nov 2016 07:00 PM PST

Twenty20, mazik
Twenty20, mazik

1Remove all of your clothing, grab his hand, and move it across your body, from your tits down to your pussy. Once he wakes up, it won’t take him long to realize that you’re completely naked, and he’ll want to do something about it.

2. Set an alarm on his phone that says, “Time to fuck your girlfriend.” At first, he’ll be annoyed when it goes off in his ear. But once he reads the message, he won’t have a problem obeying his orders.

3. Straddle him. You don’t even have to remove the covers from his body. Just put your tits in his face, so your nipples brush up against his lips. When his eyes open, he’s in for a real treat.

4. Slip underneath the covers and pull his dick out of the hole in his boxers. Then start licking and sucking until he wakes up with an orgasm.

5. Masturbate while you’re sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with him. Make sure you let out moans and use your loudest vibrator, so that he wakes up in time to see the show.

6. When you’re spooning, press your ass up against his cock and start moving it around. Act like you’re in the club grinding up on him, except from a horizontal position.

7. Whisper something naughty into his ear. Once he realizes you’re in the mood for sex, he’ll get in the mood, too.

8. Step out of your flannel pajamas and slip into your sexiest lingerie. Then strike a seductive pose and wait for him to open his eyes, so he can admire your outfit.

9. Open up a porno on your phone and start playing it. When he hears all that moaning, he’s going to wake up to see what all the fuss is about. Either that, or it’ll trigger a wet dream and you won’t have to be the one to give him that orgasm.

10. Move your hand to his cock and start stroking. He probably already has morning wood, so it shouldn’t be all that hard to make him cum with just your hand.

11. If he’s already hard, then climb on top of him and start riding him. By the time he fully wakes up, he’ll be halfway to an orgasm.

12. If you’re a kinky couple, wake him up with handcuffs. Grab his wrists and put the restraints on him. Then do whatever the hell you want to him.

13. You could also take a feather or a flogger and run it across his skin to rouse him.

14. Leave a trail of kisses against his body. Start by pressing your lips against his shoulders, then his chest, then his thighs. It shouldn’t be long until he wakes up and kisses you right back.

15. If you don’t want to wake him up early, send him a text he’ll see when he does wake up that says, “Breakfast is waiting for you on the table. And I’m waiting for you on the couch.”

16. If you’d rather get an orgasm than give an orgasm, then wake him up by sitting on his face. (As long as he’s given you permission beforehand. You don’t want to end up smothering him in his sleep.) TC mark

Outfit Your Workspace Like A Boss Lady With These 10 Items

Posted: 22 Nov 2016 06:15 PM PST


These 10 products (all available on eBay) will help take your workspace from drab to fab. Some assembly required — but that's what interns are for!

1. Find the office chair that suits you perfectly.


Having the same, black, probably mesh chair is not chic, and not what boss ladies do. Order your own chair with a snazzy pattern, or in a bold color that flairs up your space, and makes it indisputably you.

2. Create a workspace with ambiance.


Not only do candles create a light that's truly relaxing and inviting, but smells like lavender, fir, lemon, and eucalyptus can instantly change your mood. They're not only incredibly soothing, but they'll actually make you feel better. Win win.

3. Art that really speaks to you.


Art that reminds you to kick ass, that you're doing a great job, and that you're a boss lady, deserves a place in your workspace. Whether you find something created, or frame a card or something else, have things around that inspire you, that get you going, that remind you to be a boss.

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53 Real Stories Of People Being ‘Accidentally Sexy’ When They Weren’t Even Trying

Posted: 22 Nov 2016 06:00 PM PST

Illustration by Daniella Urdinlaiz / lookcatalog
Illustration by Daniella Urdinlaiz / lookcatalog
Found on AskReddit.

1. She did this nose wiggle and pushed her glasses up.

"Talking to girl, she did this nose wiggle and pushed her glasses up. My. Oh. My."

2. She sticks out her tongue when she concentrates.

"The person I tutor sticks her tongue out when she concentrates. Her tongue is super long and sometimes touches her nose. She also turns it sideways and bites down on it as a sign that she’s joking."

3. He unbuttoned ONE button from his shirt and I could see his chest hair.

"A friend of mine was too warm so he unbuttoned ONE button from his shirt and I could see his chest hair and it was fucking unacceptably hot."

4. A cute guy sat down next to me on the train recently and started reading a book.

"Guys really intently reading books. A cute guy sat down next to me on the train recently and started reading a book, so I started having a reaaaaally hard time concentrating on my own book."

5. He fell asleep on my shoulder.

"Mmkay. So I was riding in a train with my male best friend. I was sleepy and fell asleep it was like 3 am. When I wake up, he fell asleep on my shoulder. I am a short girl so seeing him slumped over like that just flipped a switch in my head. I fell in love with him then and there and he doesn't know."

6. She hiked up her skirt and took a piss in the park.

"I once saw a very attractive girl, thinking she was unobserved, hike up her skirt and take a piss in a park. Hot as fuck. Rock hard."

7. Random chick grabs a chip, dips it, and feeds it to me.

"Chilling at a party some hours in, and a group of us are at the dining room table just munching on junk food and talking. A chick, no idea who it was, just grabs a chip, dips it, then feeds it to me. She took me completely by surprise, I had no idea how to respond. The most unintentional sexy thing ever done to me. I loved it."

8. While reaching for something, he pretty much had me leaning over a table with him behind me.

"A really tall coworker was reaching for something in front of me, and pretty much had me leaning over a table with him behind me. Insta-lady boner."

9. She would put the end of the shrimp in her mouth and just suck the shrimp out of the shell.

"I was in Korea, eating dinner with a couple of friends and some dates. It was one of those places where you throw all of the seafood down on a big huge steel plate, and cook as you eat right in front of you – like a Korean teppan-yaki, but you do it yourself. (very good, BTW) – and my date starts eating shrimp. She would pick the head off, and then just put the end of the shrimp in her mouth and sort of 'suck the shrimp out of the shell'— it hypnotically sexy. We just kept ordering more and more shrimp after that… the girls were like “wow, you guys really like shrimp!’ – HELL YES WE DO."

10. Waitress spilled water on my lap and dabbed my shorts with a towel for a good 30 seconds.

"Waitress spilled water on my lap and dabbed my shorts with a towel for a good 30 seconds. She got a good tip that night."

11. This girl casually walks by, stops, and sucks the blood from the cut on my finger.

"I cut my finger on a beer bottle at a party. This girl casually walks by, stops, and sucks the end of my finger. Without saying anything, walks away. That happened 25 years ago and I still think about her all the time.

12. Every time she spoke in her British accent, I melted.

"I’m a sucker for accents. Had a British girl come into my work for a few days in a row and every time she spoke I melted. I swear, if she had told me to go with her on a killing spree, I’d have gone."

13. A Mormon woman in a 'sexy witch' costume.

"About 12 years ago I lived in Utah. A good friend was a rather plain looking, very religious very repressed Mormon housewife. She came to a Halloween carnival at my kids school dressed as a witch. It wasn’t intended to be a 'sexy witch' costume but it was low cut. That in conjunction with the dramatic witch make up made her hot as hell! It was very jarring to see someone I had never given a second thought dressed that way. I wanted her so bad! I played it cool and tried to not let it show but, never saw her the same again."

14. A 5’4'-90lb blonde getting sweaty while chopping wood.

"An old high school friend had a little sister who loved chopping wood (lumber, not boners). I went over to his house to help set up for a party and his sister was out splitting logs (again, the lumber, not boners). I don’t know if it was the fact she was a 5’4'-90lb blonde splitting wood (the lumber, not boners) in one strike or just her getting sweaty but I’ve never been so hard (Now it’s a boner, NOT lumber) before."

15. With this fucking smirk on his face he told me, 'Good girl.'

"Was at work, and I had this coworker who was pretty hot but I had a boyfriend at the time so I never pursued him. I was going to take out the trash and with this fucking smirk on his face he told me, 'Good girl.' Sploosh. Right in the submissive fetish."

16. A guy with some great abs held onto the edge of the pool to lift himself out.

"Was at a pool party and a guy with some great abs held onto the edge of the pool to lift himself out. The water ran down his chiseled arms when he came out of the pool. And that’s how I found out I’m bisexual."

17. A girl at work told me to kneel down and tie her shoe.

"A girl at work told me to kneel down and tie her shoe. I’m 6’4″ and she’s 5’7″. I couldn’t stand up immediately afterwards."

18. She would come over smelling like donuts every day.

"In high school I had female friend that was home schooled and worked at a donut shop. My parents both worked the night shift so I basically had the house to myself after school. She would come over smelling like donuts every day."

19. When my wife was wearing only a blazer and panties.

"My wife knew she was wearing a blazer the next day for a meeting, but couldn’t decide what skirt. So she was going back and forth to the closet for different skirts to see in the mirror, but the whole time only wearing the blazer and panties. Sexiest combination ever."

20. He started speaking Italian on the phone.

"Italian exchange student at my school. He started speaking Italian on the phone to a friend who had called, and I absolutely melted. Anyone who can casually fluently speak two languages automatically turns me on a little and I have no idea why."

21. Every minute or so he’d ever so slightly just twitch his fingers in a tiny caress of my knee.

"My coworker laid his head on my lap on a long car trip home from the beach. Every minute or so he’d ever so slightly just twitch his fingers in a tiny caress of my knee. Oh my god."

22. She agreed to help me wash the car.

"Was just starting to see a girl and for some reason she agreed to help me wash my car. She was bent over vacuuming the seats and it was all I could do to keep my mind on the job at hand. Pretty sure we skipped the wax."

23. There was something about the way she was yelling and the look on her face that made me want to take her right then and there.

"I have a coworker whom I usually spend breaks with smoking. We were outside last week and she was ranting about some stupid shit that went down over in her side of the office. (We work in different departments.) Anyhow she ended up getting pretty upset and while a sexual thought has never crossed my mind involving her before there was something about the way she was yelling and the look on her face that for some reason made me want to take her right then and there. Can’t explain it and haven’t had a similar thought since. I couldn’t even look at her I just stammered 'I have to go.' And went back inside."

24. My breasts heaved at the sight of him playing piano.

"When I was an undergraduate student, I sang in the school’s vocal ensembles. One was a chamber choir, the other a show choir. I had an outlandish, shameless crush on one of the guys. He was also a pianist and composer, and a little older than me.

We hung out a lot but I was plump and he liked very thin girls, so he wasn’t interested in me. I genuinely liked him as a person so I settled for being friends and tried to quash my crush.

One day, he invited himself over to my house after school. We had an upright piano in our living room at the time, and as soon as he walked in, he made a beeline for it.

I stood beside him and watched him play for about 20 minutes. I was mostly looking at his hands but was somehow also keenly aware of his stubbly jawline at the same time. I was completely enraptured.

I was wearing jeans and a V-neck t-shirt. Being quite busty, it was a slightly immodest look, but it was one that everyone who knew me had seen many times.

After about 20 minutes of this fuckin' musical Adonis serenading me, my mother walked out of her bedroom. I was standing with my hand on the bannister, completely light-headed with arousal.

My mother’s eyes dropped straight to my bare chest, which was flushed and heaving. She promptly burst into laughter, suggested that he play more quietly and went back into her room."

25. I told him that someone in my family recently died. '…oh, I’m so sorry.' he said softly, placing a hand on my knee.

"I am insanely turned on by my college lecturer. I don’t think he’s what most 22yr old girls would consider attractive: 5’0” tall, late 40s, stocky, white hair. But damn, he presses all the right buttons for me in a way no-one else ever has. He just needs to look at me and I feel paralyzed.

Anyway, I was dealing with some personal issues and it was effecting my work, so I asked if I could talk to him after class (that prospect alone made me feel nervous). At 4, everyone left, and it was just me and him. I told him that someone in my family recently died. '…oh, I’m so sorry.' he said softly, placing a hand on my knee. His beautiful warm brown eyes filled with concern.

Holy motherfucking shit. I think my ovaries exploded. He started talking to me about how his father died when he was young…while it was taking all of my will power keep looking normal, trying to regulate my breathing and feeling blood rush to my face. I think he thought I had a minor panic attack and looked at me funny. I quickly thanked him and excused myself as quick as I could.

I think about that moment a lot. I’m such a thirsty bitch holy shit."

26. My friend's sister jokingly told me 'if you don’t stop being naughty I’m going to have to whip you.'

"My friend's sister jokingly told me 'if you don’t stop being naughty I’m going to have to whip you.'

I didn’t know someone I wasn’t infatuated with could make me blush for a fetish I don’t even like!"

27. He gave me an absolute verbal smackdown.

"Gave me an absolute verbal smackdown.

This was a bloke I knew in college (16-18), and it was a longstanding pillar of our interaction to bicker and take the piss. I’d been ribbing him about one thing or another, making the others around us laugh, when he causally laid out a quip that utterly blew any of my insults out of the water.

It was just the way he did it—this sort of lazy flick of sarcasm and wit—that had me both laughing in appreciation, and inwardly screaming take me now."

28. A cute girl actually smiled at me while walking past me today.

"A cute girl actually smiled at me while walking past me today. Rode off of that high for the rest of the day!"

29. He was briefly describing to me the mechanics of engines.

"My friend was dropping me off at my place. He was briefly describing to me the mechanics of engines in the driveway. When he got to the functioning of pistons I about lost it."

30. She whispered to me in Swedish.

"Final year of uni, doing a group project presentation. One of our group members was this really cool, pretty Swedish exchange students. We were sitting on the sidelines as one of our other group members was presenting. She leans over and starts whispering Swedish things in my ear. Holy shit. I turn to look at her and she blushes and giggled and apologized saying she got the wrong language (we had a lot of Swedish students in the course so they spoke it often among themselves). She then repeats herself in English, but I wasn’t listening because I was too focused on the fact that I was about to stand up in front of a panel of industry professionals with a semi."

31. She correctly identified my bayonet and the era it came from.

"The first time my gf came over to my apartment, she picked up one of my bayonets I had sitting next to my desk. She correctly identified it and the era it came from. Then she asked to see the rest of my collection. May seem weird, but that was insanely hot to me."

32. She grabbed my crotch to prove I had an accidental boner.

"I was hanging out with a group of friends at the county fair one day a couple summers back and I had accidentally got an awkward boner. Unfortunately, it was quite obvious. One of the girls I was hanging out with confronted me of my problem and I tried denying this allegations. She then grabbed my crotch to prove me wrong. I’m not sure if she was trying to turn me on by this, but it totally worked. The awkward boner did not go away."

33. He had the deepest, chocolatiest voice I had ever heard.

"I was on Spring Break a few years ago staying in this hostel with groups of travelers from all over the world, and one night as a group of us were sitting on the patio drinking and chatting about stuff this hot dude from I think….Australia, maybe?—laughed at something his friend said and I realized he had the deepest, chocolatiest voice I had ever heard. BAM! Right to the clit."

34. She started hopping around to wiggle off her sweatshirt.

"When I was in the 8th grade, I was getting ready to race my then- crush (who had a very nice rack), her twin sister (flat), and her friend at the park after our science project when my crush decided to take off her sweatshirt. While pulling it off, her shirt rode up and got stuck while taking off the sweatshirt. She started hopping around to wiggle it off which gave me an quite an eyeful and was a little too mesmerizing. Guess I stared too much since I got a warning slap from her twin but my crush didn’t seem to mind."

35. Her natural Texan accent.

"Revert back to her natural Texan accent. swoon."

36. The cashier at Taco Bell touched my hand giving me back change.

"The cashier at Taco Bell touched my hand giving me back change."

37. He cut his naturally curly hair short, and with the glasses, he looks like Clark Kent.

"My husband’s glasses. We have both worn contacts for most of our lives, and when we’ve bought glasses, it’s always been the cheapest pair, since we don’t wear them often enough to care (plus, you know, poor.) We finally bought ourselves new glasses, and I swear my husband has never been sexier. He cut his naturally curly hair short, and with the glasses, he looks like Clark Kent. I’m totally diggin’ the look!"

38. I turned around and BAM, there he was, mock-acting girlish and running around in a cute skirt.

"There was a skit in a talent show I participated in for my old school where the guys in student government came out in our uniform skirts, complaining about the strict dress code. It was hilarious, but the part that made me swoon was when my then crush (NOT a part of student gov) decided to try one of them on for funsies. I turned around and BAM, there he was, mock-acting girlish and running around in a cute skirt. Swear I felt my knees wobble and heart skip a beat. From then on I always go nuts when guys put on dresses."

39. A girl in 6th grade mouthed the words 'I want a fig newton' to me.

"A girl in 6th grade mouthed the words 'I want a fig newton' to me. I had to sit down all day."

40. She stopped dead in front of this guy’s car and fucking spit on the hood.

"I was walking to lunch from my office and this incredibly beautiful woman, classy as hell, in a really nice, tastefully short and airy dress was jaywalking across the street.

A car turns right from the intersection and has to stop while she crossed and the guy decided to honk at her.

She stopped dead in front of this guy’s car and fucking spit on the hood.

Seeing a beautiful, classy woman get so aggressive and disgusting really did it for me."

41. A massage therapist gave me an orgasm by pressing on my back.

"I had a sore back so I went to see a massage therapist. Yes, a legitimate, licensed therapist. She got to work on my back. But every time she pressed on my back, it made my whole body shift on the table. This indirectly stimulated my penis.

So I started to get an erection. But I ignored it because she was clearly a professional. Draping was in full effect. But then she found the knot in my back, and started digging into it. The long, slow strokes on my whole back became short, sharp motions in that one spot in my back.

Well that erection I had been ignoring was doing just fine, thank you very much. But now it couldn’t be ignored because it was getting a whole lot more stimulation from this increased frequency of motion on my back. I realized that if nothing changed, I would soon be heading to orgasm.

I scrambled to collect the words to calmly express to this stranger that she was inadvertently causing me to head rapidly towards an unsolicited orgasm and she might want to do something differently. But this was a new situation for me and the words to express this complex thought were not easy to find (while my penis was getting harder by the second).

So before I could utter any kind of warning, I had an orgasm on her table, under her hands.

It wasn’t as hot as it might sound, because I knew this was not her intention at all. I felt guilty about it. If she had done anything to indicate she was even aware of what was going on, that would have been different."

42. We were sandwiched together and she said, 'Nice weather we're having.'

"I was at a neighborhood concert one time and this girl was making her way up to the front while the masses of people were pushing and kicking each other. This very cute girl stopped to talk to me to see what’s up and at that moment, everyone decided to sandwich together, so my body was pressed against her tightly (she was directly in front of me, facing me) and she was pretty humorous too because while we were literally face to face she said 'Nice weather we’re having.'

Never saw her again but I still think about her."

43. She had grey hair and green eyes. I was struck by lightning

"I used to work at this absolute dogshit place called Dollar Tree. If you work at a Dollar Tree, my condolences. Basically, it’s a Walmart for the cheapest shit money can buy. Everything costs a dollar plus tax, so most shit costs like a dollar and a half. Anyway, I worked at the front, cashiering people. Most of the people who came through my line were decidedly unattractive (cigarette smell and meth mouth don’t go together). One day, a few days before Easter, I had my head down cashing people out when there was this…smell. I don’t quite know how to describe it, but it was pleasant with a sting. When I looked up this girl was standing in line. I must have cashed her out because I don’t remember anything about what she looked like, except that she was around my age (twenties), had grey hair and green eyes. It was like I was unconscious for just a moment and then she was gone. I don’t remember her paying (which she must have), or even what her voice sounded like.

If you have grey patches in your twenties, you either have some odd genetics or a really crappy childhood. I have patches in my hair that have gone white from stress, and the way her hair was (lots of gray hair near the top, blondish toward the sides) said stress.

No idea what she looked like. Never saw her again. But just for a moment, I was struck by lightning."

44. She was very careful while fixing my wound.

"The other day I fell off a long board and fucked up my knees. My friend's girlfriend started fixing the wound. I completely respect my friend and would never try to get in between him and his girlfriend. But DAMN something about her guiding me through the process of fixing the wound, and her being very careful with the wound was incredibly sexy. I can’t stop thinking about it."

45. Pulled up her yoga pants and they were sheer enough to see her thong.

"Pulled up her yoga pants and they were sheer enough to see her thong."

46. I went over a bump in the road and saw her boobs bounce from the impact.

"I was driving with a girl I’ve known since high school (both in our early 30s ). Talking while driving, I happened to look over as I went over a bump in the road and saw her boobs bounce from the impact. Instant chub, thank God for loose-fitting pants."

47. Watching a well-curved Montana girl using a chainsaw.

"Watching a well-curved Montana girl coworker expertly toss around a Stihl chainsaw bucking logs, when her shirt pulled out of her jeans, and the top of her thong peeked out dividing two amazing curves…wow. Still (Stihl?) a hot memory, years later."

48. When she talks to me about anything science.

"When she talks to me about anything science. How she’s putting a protocol together or outlining how her cell cultures are handled. Detailing small pathways that now one else will ever tell me about. I love her and I love this."

49. He was standing close to me and just whispering to me in German and holy shit.

"My manager and I are pretty good friends, but we have a very flirty relationship. I’ve had two different coworkers ask if I was talking about him when I’ve mentioned going out with somebody. We were working together one day and he was standing close to me and just whispering to me in German and holy shit. It was the one and only time I’ve considered actually doing anything with him."

50. Anytime my SO works on a car, it turns me on like crazy.

"Anytime my SO works on a car, it turns me on like crazy. He’s insanely focused and starts sweating and has to take his shirt off.. umph"

51. Black/brown chicks with English accents.

"Black/brown chicks with English accents. Have no idea where it came from but I went to a work conference and attended a presentation by an English woman who was black and I could not pay attention to anything else."

52. A bunch of dirt bikers immediately cut their engines when they saw me.

"You guys are going to think this is awfully weird … but I was riding a horse and I came across a bunch of dirt bikers who immediately cut their engines when they saw me. I just thought what a classy bunch of guys. Just to explain – I was overwhelmed with a sudden crush for all of them."

52. He was coding, and OMG instant sploosh.

"My boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship, so often we’ll just hang out in voice on Discord with nothing to talk about. Kind of like we’re hanging out on the sofa together, but 1500 miles apart. One day he started talking to himself about this project he was coding, and omg instant sploosh. Ever since then I have to remind myself not to sexually objectify him when he’s programming."

53. She started touching me while naming each bone.

"I’m disturbingly thin. Met a girl in med school who was amazed she could see so much of my skeletal structure and started touching me while naming each bone. She touched me while displaying her intelligence!"
RaNerve TC mark

7 Ways To Manipulate Him Into Making The First Move

Posted: 22 Nov 2016 05:00 PM PST

Vince Perraud
Vince Perraud

In reality, you’re going to be the one making the first move. But you’re going to do something so minuscule that he won’t even realize you’re the one setting everything into motion.

1. Drop hints.

First, figure out what it is you want. His phone number? Then casually mention how you were going to remind him that SNL was new last night, but you didn’t have any way to contact him. If he’s interested, that should be all he needs to hand you his number.

Or, if you want him to take you out on a date, then mention that you don’t have any plans for Saturday and are going to be so unbelievably bored. You can even take it a step further by bringing up the movie you’ve been dying to see, but none of your friends want to watch. Then he won’t have to do any planning. He won’t have to do any thinking. He only has to ask you out.

2. Make sure he realizes you’re single.

If you don’t have a relationship status set on your Facebook page and are always posting Instagram photos with your guy friends, then he might assume that you’re taken. That’s why you should casually mention that you’re having a single ladies night out or make a joke about being “forever alone.” If it’s not obvious that he has a chance, then clear up the confusion for him.

3. Joke around.

Don’t put on your serious, sultry face whenever he walks into the room. Be playful. Tease him. Joke around. The more comfortable he is around you, the less intimidated he’ll be by you. That means there’s a higher chance that he’ll actually ask you out.

4. Be mindful of your body language.

If your arms are crossed and head is down, he’s probably not going to bother you. When your crush is around, look like you’re open for conversation. Keep your back straight, your head up, and make eye contact with him. Give him incentive to walk over and talk.

5. Be patient.

You need to watch your pacing. You can’t become a doctor overnight and you can’t turn a boy into your boyfriend overnight. So don’t text him about hanging out, and then send him a Snapchat, and then comment on his new profile picture all in the same day. Build up the sexual tension. If you make it seem like you’re obsessed with him, then he’s going to run off.

6. Spell everything out.

Remember to be blunt about how you feel. You might think your crush on him is obvious, because all of your female friends know about it — but he might be clueless. No matter how much you’ve been texting him and how often you’ve been touching his arm, he still might be mistaking your flirtatiousness for friendliness. So do a little extra flirting than you usually would.

7. Make a move.

You don’t have to make an obvious move, like leaning in for a kiss. But you can get him alone, glance at his lips, and get close. That way, you won’t technically be initiating the kiss, even though you’re pretty much the mastermind behind it all. Even though you’re giving him a million reasons to close that gap between you. TC mark

The Marriage Myths That Will Ruin Your Relationship (If You Let Them)

Posted: 22 Nov 2016 04:30 PM PST

Scott Webb
Scott Webb

As soon as the engagement ring is slipped on, we are inundated with messages about how our relationship should be. Our friends and family tell us what we should tolerate and what we shouldn't. It's "common knowledge" that marriage kills sex, right?


What you believe about your relationship determines the relationship you end up with, and some of these common beliefs can be toxic. They lead couples down the wrong path, or worse, convince them that their marriage is hopelessly going to go up in flames.

These myths ruin countless healthy relationships just because a couple believes there is something fundamentally wrong about it.

Active Listening Saves Marriages

According to Dr. John Gottman, active listening and conflict resolution in marriage don't work. The research has shown that even after using active-listening techniques, couples were still distressed. The few couples who did benefit relapsed within a year.

Active listening requires Olympic-gold-medal-emotional performances. The idea expects you to swim in a pool of emotional criticism next to Michael Phelps. Even though Susan may do her best to hear Steve's complaints, the person he is whining about isn't a spectator in their marriage – it's her husband – and behind all those "I" statements is her!

It's not that validation, active listening, and "I statements" are useless. Dr. Gottman uses a modified version in his conflict blueprint, but the myth that all you need to do is to "fight better" or less frequently to save your marriage just isn't scientifically proven.

"Even happily married couples can have screaming matches – loud arguments don't necessarily harm a marriage." – Dr. John Gottman

If you want to learn how to listen to each other and dialogue about your problems, then check out The Seven Principles For Making Marriage Work.

Marriages Are Ruined By Personality Flaws

Every single one of us has baggage we're not rational about. Tom Bradbury of UCLA calls these "enduring vulnerabilities."

For instance, Lacey struggles with authority. She hates bosses. That's why she runs her own company. If she were married to a controlling partner, the marriage would be World War III. Lucky for us, she is married to Tom who treats her like an equal and doesn't try to control her.

Whereas Ashley has a fear of being abandoned. Her husband Jake reinforces this by flirting with any cutie that walks by, even though he is devoted to their marriage. When Ashley tells him how much this bothers her, Jake laughs. He tells her it's harmless, and he tells her to get over it.

Ashley can't just "get over" the threat of abandonment, so Jake's unwillingness to stop eventually drives them apart, ending in divorce. It's not that personality flaws or vulnerabilities ruin marriages. It's how we choose to deal with them in the relationship that determines if it will last.

All of us are imperfect. The trick to making a marriage last requires both partners to tolerate each other's "crazy" side. We must learn how to handle our partner's vulnerabilities with care, affection, and respect.

Note: There are situations, like severe mental illness, addictions, clinical depression, phobias, and PTSD that require the support of a knowledgeable and experienced mental health professional.

Marriage Is Always Equal

Some therapists and relationship coaches will tell you that good marriages require a reciprocal nature. "You scratch my back, I scratch yours." "You help out with vacuuming the house, I'll help out by taking out the trash." This requires couples to function with an unwritten agreement to offer something in return for each kind of word or deed.

Keeping a running tally of who has done what for whom is actually a sign of trouble in a marriage. Unloading the dishwasher as payment because the other cooked doesn't make a couple happy. Happy marriages are about positive feelings, not a perfect 50/50 split.

In toxic marriages, this unspoken contract is full of anger and resentment. When a couple writes up a "contract" of who does what, it's no longer about unconditional love and supporting each other. It's about keeping score.

There will be times in your marriage where you will have to do more than your fair share for a while. Maybe your wife is going back to school, or your husband is preparing for a business meeting that could give him a big promotion. Usually they'll do the same for you when your challenges come. It's not about being equal in everything, it's about loving each other and working with each other to make things work. And sometimes it won't feel fair.

This doesn't mean you should be doing everything for your partner while waiting for them to do everything for you. That's also toxic. If you feel like things have been unfair for a while, don't hold it in. Go to your partner and tell them that you feel like you're doing a lot and would feel better if they could help you out with some of the things that need to be done. No scorecard needed.

Sex Stops Once You Get Married

It's believed sex is a well that dries up after a few years into the marriage. The problem isn't this myth – it's the belief that it's normal to stop having sex or being intimate. When sex and intimacy stops in a relationship, it's a sign that both partners need growth to occur.

In David Schnarch's book The Passionate Marriage, he argues that our sexuality isn't in its prime when we are teenagers or college students. To him, our sexuality doesn't mature until well into our 40's and 50's.

With time comes wisdom. Marriage offers you the biggest growing machine there is. The time with your partner allows you to explore your deepest desires with someone you trust. It allows you to experience new ways of loving each other. Your marriage gives you a foundation to face the anxiety of growing, so you can embody your full sexual potential.

Studies show that couples in long-term relationships have more sex than their single counterparts. So when the spontaneous passion stops in the bedroom, don't leave things up to chance. If you want your sex life to be amazing, work at it. TC mark

To The People Who Continue To Love Us When We Are At Our Worst

Posted: 22 Nov 2016 04:00 PM PST


To all the people who still love us at our most vulnerable, and at our most hideous state, thank you.

Thank you for telling us to get the fuck up when we are wasting our days crying in our beds. Thank you for giving us tough love when you know we need it most. And thank you for slapping some makeup on us to make us look a tiny bit better when tears won’t stop rolling down our eyes.

Thank you for giving us tissues when our boyfriend breaks up with us out of the blue on a Tuesday. Thank you for giving us a shoulder to lean on when we ask a million question about what we did wrong or where it went south.

Thank you for reassuring us that it wasn’t our loss. It was theirs.

Thank you for telling us when a boy we meet is trouble and that we need to stay away from him. Thank you for yelling at us when we go and meet up with them anyway and end up hurt just like you said we would. Thank you for not judging us when we tell you that we kissed them and liked it. And than you for letting us sleep in your bed when he never calls back.

Thank you for giving us your last bite of cake when you know we need it more than you do. Thank you for dancing on top of tables alongside us with too much wine in our glasses, and laughing hysterically while we sing at the top of our lungs off tune. And thank you for giving us extra strength tylenol and tea when we wake up the next morning with a nasty hangover.

Thank you for loving us despite our downfalls and our negative traits.

Thank you for adoring us when we don’t have anyone else to adore us. Thank you for the pep talks before exams, and the encouraging phone calls before first dates. Thank you for the hugs when you know something is wrong even when we don’t tell you anything.

Thank you for the memories that we can reminisce about together until we make even greater memories.

And thank you for loving us when we are the worst people in the universe who give you every reason to walk out on us. Thank you for standing by our side. And thank you for never giving up on us despite our thoughtless actions.

Thank you for the unconditional love. Always. Thank you for always believing in us we stop believing in our dreams. And thank you for loving us, when we can’t even bear to love ourselves. TC mark

5 Girls Open Up About How Abortion Changed Their Life Forever

Posted: 22 Nov 2016 03:30 PM PST

Vero Photoart
Vero Photoart

Trigger Warning: Abuse, sexual assault, incest, rape.

1. “My older brother had raped my little sister and she had the baby because our family is very Christian and we don’t believe in abortion. When my sister had the baby it had this birth defect that the doctors and geneticist said could of only happened if the baby’s father was someone of such a close relation that it had to have been my brother or father. When my brother raped me, I couldn’t go through with what she did. I just couldn’t. I couldn’t bring something into this world under that circumstance.” — Anonymous from California

2. “I grew up in Syria and we moved in with my grandma who has lived here in the US for nearly 30 years. I was 13 when I moved here without my parents and I ended up getting pregnant by someone who was 18 that went to the same high school as me. I couldn’t have the baby, my family was still struggling in another country and I just couldn’t face having a child so young in such a bad place.” — Hutal, From Virginia

3. “I was 16 at the time and my mom always had such abusive boyfriends. I would watch them beat her and pull her hair all of the time. I grew up watching that. At the time I was just 16 and I knew I didn’t have the money, resources, or education to get fully out of my environment and provide for an infant. I just couldn’t. I had to get an abortion.” Kelsey, From Illinois

4. “I was working for a lobbyist when I was about 22, I knew he did slimy deals with clients, and I knew he cheated on his wife, but one night I went in the office late because he asked to me to print something off for him. When I walked in he was naked and he raped me, I knew he had been wanting a child and the court process is so long and drawn out, I didn’t want to have the baby and have him potentially want to claim the rights as a father. I wanted to get away from him, and I certainly was not going to let a child have that for a father.” — Jennifer, From New York

5. “It was my second year at Stanford. I worked so hard to get in, I genuinely worked so hard. I guess I can only say that I made a mistake, and I completely blame myself. I had never had sex before, I had never even drank, it was my first ever party, it was a frat party, and I had sex with someone from the fraternity. I couldn’t tell my parents, I’m not even sure if they would be bad about me getting an abortion. I guess it doesn’t matter, I just knew I had to. I had to prioritize my success. I know it sounds selfish, but somehow I humbly know that I did the right thing.” — Sarah, From California TC mark

The One Sentence Reason You Always End Up Alone, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Posted: 22 Nov 2016 03:00 PM PST

Atikh Bana
Atikh Bana


You’re more of a handful than your partner originally thought.


You play it so cool at the beginning that your clinginess and neediness completely throw your partner off.


You’re so nervous and filled with such self-doubt your partner is usually forced to end things before you do it yourself.


You are filled with underlying insecurities that cause you to constantly question your partner while constantly needing reassurance they love you.


You are completely full of yourself and as cute as your partner first thought it was, they’re now seeing it’s a huge turn off.


You are too critical and you over think everything, often making your partner not feel like they’re good enough or doing enough.


You are constantly feeling sorry for yourself and thinking the world is out to get you, it’s completely draining for your partner to be with you.


You try to cover up and hide too much from your partner that they just can’t trust you.


You fill your relationships with too many empty promises that your partner doesn’t know when they can rely on you or not.


You hold too many grudges over the little things that cause unnecessary fights and ultimately drives your partner to resent you.


You close your heart off and pretend you don’t have feelings because you’re afraid to be vulnerable, but all this actually does is cause your partner to walk away because you can’t be open with them.


You’re always still asking for more and it makes your partner feel inadequate because they feel like they’re still not enough to make you happy. TC mark