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I’m Being Forced To Submit To A Man Who Believes We Were Married In A Past Life

Posted: 26 Nov 2016 08:31 PM PST

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I wanted to say no, protest about being filmed but when he devoured the opposite nipple my answer was a cry of submission. Gabriel caught hold of my waist and roughly turned me over back on to my front. His firm male palm struck first one buttock then the other in quick succession and then repeated the action. I cried out with surprise as the sting of my short spanking burned in to my flesh.

"Hands above your head, on your knees and bottom up in to the air. Face down and do not raise it until I give you permission to. I will have your respect, Arielle," he ordered in a stern fatherly tone.

I found myself jumping to his order actually feeling excited by the way he snapped his demand at me. His tone and robust handling gave me the unexpected urge to obey and please him. I was nervous about how natural it felt to do as it had in my dreams. I was a strong independent woman and shouldn't be submissive. It was wrong but I couldn't help craving it at that moment. I remembered the dream where I knelt at his feet in the stable and could see myself doing it in the present very soon despite my reservations. I knew then Gabriel Knight would win.

I remained in the pose hearing him undress. The light on top of the camera bathed my body. I made sure I kept my face down just as instructed not daring to move incase he took his hand to my bare bottom again and delivered another stinging blow. A warm feeling spread across my cheeks as I thought about my spanking and open pussy having been recorded by the cameraman to titillate and provoke the men who stalked me in to action.

Gabriel's naked body covered me like a blanket. I was consumed when his body sank down on to me and flattened me on to the bed beneath him. His hard cock moved against my bottom rhythmically moving up and down against me, a promise of things to come. Gabriel raised one of my legs to the side and upwards at an awkward angle to better expose the entrance to my pussy.

"I need to be inside you now. I won't wait any longer," Gabriel breathed gripping and twisting my mid length blonde hair in his hand forcing my head to rise from the silk sheets clothing the luxurious bed. His penis twitched at my entrance from behind and I began to ache, needy for his deep penetration to satisfy it.

My sex and channel were soaking wet from his caresses and my sudden chastisement making it easy for Gabriel to enter me quickly. He guided himself inside my entrance and thrust upwards in one strong motion embedding himself inside me to the hilt. I panted loudly and cried with satisfaction as my body shuddered with the force and bounced forwards on top of the bed. Using his grip on my hair he pushed my face down in to the sheets until my breathing and speech were muffled. I whimpered keenly feeling his power and strength over me.

His free hand held my wrists down on the bed. Gabriel grunted with each thrust as though he were making a conquest. I suppose he was. I loved the hard stabbing movement of his drive in to me. But then he would slow the pace withdrawing his length to the tip and then slowly move it back inside stroking and massaging the velvet wet walls of my vagina, caressing the delicate tips of the nerve endings within the soft flesh until I couldn't breathe and believed I would explode with desire.

Just as I neared orgasm he would change and cruelly drive his penis hard until my body convulsed and jumped. Occasionally he would lift my head from the bed just a little way to allow me to breathe before forcing it down again and holding it there.

I had never been mastered like this in lovemaking. It made me feel uninhibited. My eyes flashed wildly with lust at him when he raised my face from the bed. He wore a grin of triumph. He twisted my head to the side and savagely kissed me. When he pulled away I reached for him but he would not satisfy me and once more my face was buried in the sheets.

I forgot the camera and the man filming our passionate encounter. After a while of keeping me on the edge, Gabriel wound his arm around my waist and lifted me on to all fours. The hand in my hair remained but his hand at my wrists moved to my pliant vagina. He sank his fingers in it as he thrust slickly coating them harshly pinching and kneading my clit until I screamed not sure if it was from pleasure or pain. Then his fingers left my sex and pushed against my lips. I inhaled my own musky scent. His wet fingers pushed hard at my lips again forcing them to part and suddenly they were inside caressing my tongue.

"Suck," he commanded.

The taste of his fingers were sweet and overwhelmed by the urge to obey him much stronger than before, I feverishly sucked on his hard manicured fingers licking away my juice. He depressed my tongue gagging me and his push inside my body became frantic, demanding and hard again. My screams of pleasure were mere mumbles against his fingers.

The camera came close to my face reminding me of its presence. I stared in to it my face awash with tortured ecstasy.

"Beautiful," I heard the soft male voice say behind it.

Gabriel's fingers abruptly left my mouth and his hand closed around it instead just like his aide had done to me when I was kidnapped. Gabriel's control of my mind, my body, of me in my entirety was expert and threatened to send me over the edge.

"Come," Gabriel hissed. "Now," he ordered slapping one of my breasts bouncing violently beneath my chest. The camera zoomed in underneath my body as he did it again, capturing the moment. My orgasm detonated. Gabriel roared and dipped his fingers back in to my pussy once more. Tiny explosions erupted in my vaginal channel only to join and spiral in to a heady large one. My whole form was scorched in flames and I had the strange sensation of feeling at one with Gabriel as though two halves had been joined back together. I was in him, part of him just as he consumed me. I didn't understand it and truth be known it frightened me. I had never felt that close to anyone before. It felt supernatural. Gabriel rammed inside me grunting and growling his own strong release riding my intense climax with me.

"One of the dreams I had was of you and I walking along this beach," Gabriel told me cradling me in his arms on the bed as we lay alone. He stroked his fingers along my shoulder in a loving caress as he talked. "I couldn't have been more than fifteen and you were a little girl of four. I was very protective of you. I think you might have been living with my family here. I get the impression you were a distant cousin from America and sent to live with us when your parents died. I don't know. It is just a feeling. I was helping you collect seashells off the beach holding your hand and your bucket as we walked. You were so small and fragile in a pretty white dress with a silver sash. You looked adorable."

He sat up undeterred by my surprise and continuing confusion.

"When I first came here last week after suffering the dreams for a month I found a similar dress in the cupboard only it is for an older woman. It is very old. I want you to put it on and we can try and recreate the dream to see if anything else comes up in our memories."

He stood up and I couldn't help admire his taut buttocks and his fabulous lean muscled form. It made me feel inadequate with my curves and small appearance. He deserved a tall skinny woman on his arm not me, I thought. But then I reminded myself I shouldn't care and should be concentrating on finding a way to escape and work out what was actually happening. Perhaps this was somehow a cruel hoax.

He pulled the dress out of the ornate nineteenth century wardrobe slightly out of place in the modern room. He handed it to me. It was made of silk but its appearance was childlike rather than adult, as though it were a child's dress fashioned for adult wear. I frowned. It had come with frilly panties and a small bra that looked like it was a training one and I had been made to wear them.

"Put it on, Arielle and I will take you for a walk on the beach to collect shells."

When I came out of the bathroom, Gabriel was immaculately dressed in a dark grey suit and red tie. I lowered my eyes unable to meet his dismayed by my growing attraction to him. I'd tied back my hair and he was pleased. I felt like a little girl in the dress and although I was perplexed by his need to make me one, I couldn't help thinking it made me feel like a fairy princess. He took my hand and led me out of the room as though I was his little girl. When we reached the last two steps at the end of the stairs he lifted me up against him forcing me to wrap my legs around his waist.

I had to admit, despite my reluctance to take on the persona of a child I loved the tender way he held me and I rested my head against his shoulder indulging in the role. He carried me out of the castle across the courtyard I recognized in my dreams and down a small track to the dunes. Once there he put me down.

"Come along, little one. Let me take you to collect shells."

His condescending tone sparked my reason in to life once more. What was I doing allowing him to treat me like a child? Like a little girl having a tantrum, I kicked his leg hard and ran away from him.

I ran as fast as I could to escape not only Gabriel but myself. It was a futile act but I was compelled to try. He was behind me. I could hear him running along the top of the dunes beneath the castle towards me. He would catch me up soon and my fate would be sealed once again. Part of me wanted him to, to force me to come to my senses. Perhaps if he spanked me again, brought me under control I would see the reality of my situation and understand he was the only man who could protect me just as he had back then. Maybe I could be made to accept the strange reality of being reunited with a past life husband.

The adorable white dress was becoming torn by some spikey thorn bushes growing in between the dunes as I ran along the top of them. It made me want to cry. I continued to run along the sand dunes and down to the beach dirtying my soft white ballet pumps. The sun was warm and still relatively high despite the lateness of the afternoon. Soon I would make it on to the beach. Gabriel would probably hunt me down there. Still I ran. A thought gnawed at the back of my mind that I might actually be enjoying being chased by him just like I had done in my dream.

The billionaire wasn't going to let me go. He wasn't going to let me be killed. He didn't think I was capable of looking after myself. To him I would always be the little girl in that memory who needed to be taken care of, guided and when necessary disciplined with love. I had to admit there was a lot of comfort to be had by his assertions in being my protector and his dominance over me enthralled me. Still I wasn't useless and just because I was female it didn't bloody mean I couldn't look after myself. I ran harder stubbing my ballet shoe on a stone sticking out of the sand. Grimacing I headed down the bank to the beach. He was so much closer now. It wouldn't be long before I was back in his arms.

I ran out on to the sand and tripped to fall flat on my face in my pretty dress covering it in damp sand. Quickly I tried to recover and stand but Gabriel athletically jumped down from the top of the dune and tackled me back down to the sand.

"Got you. No more running, little one," he sounded darkly triumphant with his catch as both of his arms trapped my own as he held me down. To my annoyance and frustration his powerful tight hold made me feel safe. And secretly I was relieved he had caught up with me.

"I was worried you would get hurt running in your dress, little one."

He nuzzled by neck and I felt the erotic scrape of his designer stubble brush my delicate skin. I closed my eyes inhaling the scent of him wanting to melt and surrender in his arms. But I couldn't. Too many men had deceived and hurt me in the past if I let down my guard . . .but for a delicious second his persistence and determination to make me submit to him broke through. Hopefully he would keep trying until I knelt in submission at his feet and welcomed his protection and love. But that was not going to happen today.

"I am going to keep you safe whether you want it or not. I won't lose you, Arielle like I did last time," his deep possessive voice was passionate. "You might not value yourself and your life but I do. You belong to me," he told me in to my ear holding me tighter when I struggled to free myself again. "The bond we have is bigger than time and space itself. It is eternal, Arielle. Don't reject it or be afraid of it. We can't escape each other. I don't want to and I know deep down inside you don't either. You are just afraid after all the crap that has happened to you. Anyone would be. I let you down last time. I wasn't there to protect you but I promise you I am now even if I have to strip you naked and keep you tied down on the bed. And believe me, honey I will do it if I have to. I may do it anyway to teach you a lesson," he finished humorously. "Lets get you home and tied down."

Gabriel dropped one of his arms around my waist. He lifted up against him like a little girl. I struggled kicking and screaming nearly losing my ballet shoes in the process. He wasn't taking me back to the castle to tie me to the bed. No way. I wasn't letting him. I pushed back against him as he twisted me, placing his arm under my legs to lift me up to carry me back. I succeeded in making us fall backwards on to the sand. Gallantly he cushioned my body against him as we fell but his grip loosened and I was very quick to take advantage. Scrabbling to my feet I kicked off the shoes and ran along the beach.

Gabriel jumped to his feet and took off after me. It was stupid I wasn't going to get far but there I was running along the beach not even knowing where I was heading. The beach was deserted and stretched for a couple of miles and I realised I was in the private cove. I would have to climb some rocks at the end to make it out. What would they think of me dressed in my little Princess outfit at the local shops when I cried for help if I made it? No time to think.
The tide was coming in and my bare feet were splashing in the cool water when Gabriel finally caught up with me. I shrieked when he reached for me and pulled me back against his chest. I expected him to raise me in to his arms and carry me back to the castle but he now had other ideas.

"It's time I showed you just how much I am in charge here just like I have always been," he shouted in my ear making me jump and tremble against him.

Gabriel threw me down in to the water. With a shriek I landed on all fours the soft sand underneath the surface of the water making my fall an easy one. Gabriel bent to weave his fingers through my hair. Cruelly he turned his hand and bunched a large section of my bobbed hair in to his fist and tugged. My head was forced backwards up to look at him. He towered over me in his suit, his expensive shoes and his trouser legs wet from the water, his handsome face full of dark fury and his blue eyes swirling with concern and fear for me. He was confused by my need to run from him and refusal to believe him. I could see it all in his beautiful expressive eyes. His need to protect me was fierce and I was about to find out just how much so.

"Crawl," he snapped the command in a menacing tone and pulled my hair to encourage me to move.

He wanted me further in to the water. I whimpered as I crawled a little afraid of what he might do. Would he use violence to make me capitulate? Gabriel kept tight hold of my hair walking majestically beside me and underneath all of my fear and frustration I couldn't help feeling aroused at the way he was firmly handling me.

I shivered. The North Sea water was freezing as the waves grew higher and washed over me. My pretty little Princess dress was soaking and dragging heavy on my body. I was in the sea up to my arms and he only to his calves when I was made to stop. He removed his hand from my hair.

"Don't move," he ordered.

I couldn't. The waves were charging at me and it was an effort to keep my head above the damn water. The seagulls shrieked overhead. Gabriel took hold of the back of the dress and with his bare hands ripped the bodice. He proceeded to rock my body back and forth as he ripped the satin garment from my form until there was nothing left of it. Tears swelled in my eyes at the idea of being publicly stripped and for the first time since I had been made to wear them I felt comfort at the fact I was still wearing the frilly pink panties and training bra. The water leapt and slapped at my covered pussy making me feel uncomfortable. The dress floated alongside and was caught by a wave. Gabriel caught hold of it and tossed it on to the beach before turning his attention back to me.

My panties were the next item to be torn from my body. Gabriel tucked his fingers underneath the material and pulled hard. I gasped when I heard them tear. He was going to completely bare me and spank me here in the water. To top it all when he made short work of my bra and my heavy breasts bounced free, the tips brushing the cool water, I realized I really needed to pee.

Gabriel knelt down in the water next to me landing my buttocks with a heavy slap. I was to feel the sting of his strike more keenly when he dipped his hand in to the water and struck me with a wet hand.

"You have to stop running from me."

"I won't be controlled," I screamed at him finishing my sentence with a loud yelp when he smacked the seat of my bottom card for my insubordination.

"You will. It is necessary. That is the way we have always been together. I am the male in this relationship, always have been and I rule. It is what we both need and want. Don't lie to me."

Another thwack resounded over the top of my naked bottom making me start to cry. My body and breasts thrust forwards to meet each crashing wave with each firm spank.

"No. I don't want it like that now," I lied. I couldn't accept that this was what I was, that I was a natural submissive who craved a strong man to rule her. It just couldn't be. It was wrong my mind screamed at me. I hadn't left a controlling marriage only to go in to another one. But the small voice in the back of my head sobbed at me.

But you know I do. I want him. I want to be close to him. Don't take me from him again. I can't bear it. Don't lie. Surrender to him. Stop the games and submit. Feel safe. Feel loved. Please stop hurting me with your denial. Stop it.

Gabriel continued to spank me like a naughty little girl in the water and I considered finally submitting to him. The very idea made me pulse with wet need as the sea splashed around the insides of my need spanking me in unison conspiring with the billionaire to guide me in to submission. But that cruel voice of reason would only show me disapproval as I yelped.

When he finished my punishment, Gabriel's hand wound around my throat as though to choke me but his grip was not violent. It both calmed and aroused me as it had done before. It also had the dual effect of keeping my head above the waves as well as my body under his control. I heard him unzip his trousers and quickly felt the brush of the tip of his cock against my wet thigh.

"I can't I need to pee," I told him breathlessly desperate for him to penetrate me despite my awkward situation.

He laughed and tightened the grip on my throat.

"Do you think that is going to stop me, baby girl?"

"But I can't . . .

He nudged his cock inside me as another wave crashed around us. My relief was immediate. I needed him inside me satisfying this ache, quelling my fear almost forcing me to submit to him.

"I control you, Arielle. I control your body and its functions. It is time you accepted your place at my side and when I want it at my feet. Hold your water until I let you release it," he said huskily above the roar of the surf.

His hand curved around my stomach underneath me as he spoke. Cruelly, he pressed down on my full bladder making me squeal afraid I was about to lose control and leak in front of him. I wasn't going to pee for him just because he thought he could make me. Gabriel gave a small laugh and rammed his cock hard inside me to the hilt. I gasped for air.

Immediately he began to ride me, thrusting hard but slow and deep as each wave covered my body with force. My whole body jumped and jerked forwards with each forceful thrust just as the ocean caressed me. My need to pee built along with my desire. I delighted in the robust manner Gabriel used to make me capitulate and drag me out of denial sailing close to the thin line in my mind between dark fear, danger and love. My sanity urged me to be afraid of him and the darkness his obsession wrapped around me but I couldn't. He was unpredictable and I was his prisoner but I couldn't dismiss the truth no matter how hard I tried. I knew deep inside I belonged to him and I could never evade our relationship. But my reason would continue to dismiss my assertions and war with my feelings.

"I won't pee when you tell me," I panted angrily trying to not to give in to the delicious pleasure flowing hot and wet inside my sex.

Gabriel's hand moved from around my throat as his hand on my stomach depressed a little further making my swollen bladder complain and attempt to force a trickle of water from my body. Using his hand he twisted his fingers in my hair and pushed my face down in to the water until it was submerged and I was staring at the sand. He held me under there just for seconds before raising my face up again and giving my hair a sharp tug he said,

"Oh but you will, my darling."

I coughed and spluttered annoyed at him but thankful he had not stopped his thrusting.

"No I won't. I am in charge of my own body and life."

"Not now, Arielle. You keep placing yourself in danger and I am not standing for it anymore now I rule you and you will be made to obey before you get yourself killed. I told you I am not losing you again. This lifetime we will be together. We have been denied too many times. Now do as you are told," he shouted hurriedly guiding my face back down under the water to repeat the action and enforce his command.

I whimpered more from the terrible need to wee as my face lifted in to the air once more. He gave two more hard powerful thrusts in my channel until I thought he might burst forth in to my womb and plant his seed deep. I wanted to come and I knew the minute I did my body would relax and I would automatically pee. I couldn't bear the shame or humiliation but I wouldn't be able to stop it. My cheeks warmed with embarrassment for what was to come as Gabriel pressed his hand hard on my stomach to force the pee out of me.

"Come now and let your water go. I want to feel it flowing on my fingers as you orgasm," he ordered pulling harder on the makeshift rein he had made with my hair to ride me. My head strained backwards up away from the water and with a primal cry my climax consumed me tingling every nerve ending, coursing violently through my veins until my body shook with electricity. I barely noticed
my pee was flowing. Gabriel's hand was between my thighs stroking and pinching my clit allowing the heavy flow of water to travel over his fingers like a waterfall to disappear in to the ocean. He roared and grunted his own violent orgasm his power frame moving slickly in and out of me with practiced strokes tightening every muscle on his athletic body until finally we were both spent.

Gabriel maintained his stoke of my pussy lips and his hold on my hair while he leaned over me.

"That was very satisfying, little one. I look forward to more," he turned my head to the side and kissed my cheek. My eyelashes fluttered at the possessive lustful way he looked at me. That terrible need to be kneeling at his feet quiet and submissive as I had done in my dream in the stable overwhelmed me again making me want to sob with frustration. I put my head down to hide it in my eyes. It was getting stronger and much harder to resist. I heard Gabriel laugh.

"I believe I am making progress with you, Arielle. You must feel more comfortable now your bladder is no longer full?"

I could imagine the grin on his handsome face as he spoke. It made my skin prickle in the cool water.

"I had no choice but to pee. You made me. You a cruel man," I was indignant trying not to remember how the relief of letting go heightened the strength of my orgasm.

He gave another laugh and pulled on my hair forcing me to turn and look at him.

"Yes I did and I will again," he told me sternly. "I will be cruel as long as you force me to be. Now I want you back in your room in the castle. Collecting seashells is off for today I want you tied to your bed until you learn running away is futile and I have some obedience from you."

Gabriel abruptly let go of my hair and stood out of the water pulling up his zip. I remained in position waiting for his word to move. I suppose a part of me was now conspiring with him and learning to accept his direction whether I liked it or not.

He pulled me up to standing and once more I was grateful the beach was private and no one could see my nakedness. The second I stood his arm swept up under my water drenched legs and lifted me up in to his arms. He waded out of the water carrying me back along the beach back to the castle in silence allowing me to contemplate my behaviour and the consequences it brought. TC mark

I Needed To Punish Two Of My Students To Teach Them An Important Lesson

Posted: 26 Nov 2016 08:30 PM PST

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I pulled on her leash loving the way her naked body arched on all fours at my feet. She gasped as her head was forced to rise upwards towards me. She purred and rubbed her soft pale cheek against my suit trouser leg like a delicate kitten. Satisfaction settled inside my body making me pull tighter on her leather collar's leash to emphasize my control over her.

Looking to my left the other golden-haired beauty I had leashed and held in my power was also sweeping her cheek against my opposite leg. Transfixed I watched her bare large milky breasts bounce with her movement. With a smile I tugged her leash she moaned loudly and looked up at me as I held both women's leashes taut and looked down at their beautiful submissive bodies and faces.

I was a natural Dominant and the women I chose were always appreciative of my stance in taking a firm lead in a relationship. They appeared to be insatiable for the power I instinctively wielded and the protection I lavished over them when in my care.

The night had been eventful. I had captured the twin sisters at the fundraising party for the prestigious Parkford University where I was finishing my PhD in Geology. I had no reason to work or earn money. Both my parents were dead and their combined wealth had left me with boundless affluence. Geology was my pet subject and I had a fanciful notion that I might teach it at University. Already I had been given some classes to teach and it was a fun pastime. These girls were in one of my postgraduate classes and in their final year.

Glancing at their bottoms I noted with satisfaction that they were both glowing red. The girls had submitted their essays for the module I taught late in day and I was a strict disciplinarian. Not only did I insist they endure the penalty set by the University, they would receive a punishment from me for not adhering to the rules and putting their final marks in jeopardy. I never showed favouritism or put my role in disrepute. A lick of my belt against the girls' bottom would make sure they never did again.

At first when I informed them of my resolve to correct their behaviour they were reluctant even a little afraid. But the moment we reached my home and the privacy of the bedroom they knelt at my feet to beg for my leniency in their soft delicate voices promising better behaviour.

I chuckled. They didn't know me very well. I would not be swayed. A Master should always remain true to his word and carry out every threat he makes should it become necessary. If he doesn't he will never gain any respect. I'd had a good teacher who'd taught me the art of being a successful Dominant during the first of my postgraduate courses. It had been a pleasure to watch him work and I remembered the lessons he taught me well.

Bending I cupped the chin of each beautiful woman and shook my head.

"The punishment has been earned and must be executed, little ones. It will help you remember I am a fair man. I want you both to succeed. You are good students and I would hate to see you fail this module. You will take the University's punishment for disobeying the rules on top of my own."

I began to stroke their cheeks in unison lowering my voice to a deep sensual octave.

"So I am going to strip you, bind you both and whip your bottoms until I am satisfied you have both learnt your lesson. Then if you are good girls the pleasure will follow."

One of them gasped and I bent lower to capture her lips to silence her. She responded well and I felt the fear inside her ebb. The second stared but the glint in her eyes showed me she was accepting and ready to face the lash of my belt.

"Good girl," I whispered turning to brush my lips with hers.

Probing my tongue I found her hungry for my kiss and I was forced to pull away wagging a finger at her disproving of her behaviour.

"Don't tempt me in to giving you more lashes," I told them in a fatherly way. "Now be good girls and stand. Let me help you."

The twins were dressed identically in sea green dresses setting off their hypnotic emerald eyes. Their red-gold curled hair was piled high on their heads and I wanted to see it free tumbling around their cream freckled shoulders. Reaching behind them I tugged at their hair forcing their heads back as I robustly freed their hair from the pinned prisons.

I had successfully completed the act many times before with one and often two women and I found the task easy tonight. Once free and their whimpering had ceased, I smoothed my fingers through their manes loving the touch of my fingers through the silky strands. Then unexpectedly I gripped both manes until their faces looked to the ceiling and using the grip as reins I raised both of them from the floor of the room.

When they stood in front of me I let go of their hair briefly cupping the sides of their faces to reassure them of the care I would take of them in our game of domination and submission. I ran a thumb over each of their putting red lips, slick with anticipation then gently pushed my thumbs sensually inside their wet mouths to pulse them in an out. Moaning they sucked on my thumbs like babes taking milk. I moved closer to them suddenly taking my thumbs from their mouths to hold the fronts of the girls' pretty flimsy dresses. I ripped the material quickly in unison raising shocked gasps that were replaced with submissive purrs of excitement.

Eventually I finished tearing the dresses from their bodies to bear them to my aroused gaze. Four delicious braless pert breasts tumbled out of the remnants of the garments bouncing lightly on their chests. With amusement I noticed they were wearing matching black lace panties and sparkling platform heels.

"Turn around," I ordered.

The twins looked coyly on me and to my delight chorused.

"Yes, Sir."

Coming up behind them I cupped one buttock on both girls testing the weight and size with a gentle squeeze. They were perfect, not too skinny, plenty of flesh to slap at with my belt, just enough to make quiver and jump when whipped. I wound my arm around the first woman's waist and carried her up against my body to the bed to position her face forwards on the black silk bedclothes then repeated the action with the same girl. I swept my palms over the rump of one golden-haired beauty and seductively slid down her lacy panties bending my body until they reached her ankles and helped her step out of them in her high heels. I tossed both pairs of panties across the room and instructed the two naughty girls to move their legs a little further apart with a gentle tap to their buttocks to encourage their obedience.

"Faces down on the bed," I dictated placing the first bent woman's arms behind her back to tie her with silk rope I kept in the chest of drawers at the other end of the large room. I did the same with the second and stood back to view my handiwork.

They were a tempting sight with their luscious bare bottoms thrust upwards, the ripe fruit hanging vulnerably from their vulvas displayed so I could have a tasty view of the silky wetness coating each plump vaginal lip while I punished them. But there was something missing. I would have liked to see them plugged but there was no time and I was eager to begin their whipping.

Standing tall behind them I removed my tuxedo jacket, loosened my bow tie and the top button on my evening shirt then undid my belt. I slid the leather from the belt loops on my trousers listening to them gasp at the sound it made. They shuffled on the bed prompting me to cup one buttock on each girl again and soothe them with my caress.

"Now be good girls. This won't take long and you will feel better for it," I told them softly, bending to plant a kiss on both tender bottoms.

I folded the belt over and pulled it taut before I stood a little to the side to obtain the perfect aim. The first strike came hard and fast from my raised hand gracing the middle of Clara's bare bottom. She yelped loudly but I was already raining the second blow down on to her sister's bottom and quickly returning to crack the makeshift whip across her own rump again.

The small jewel between the two sets of luscious thighs grew moist as it jumped in response to each strike. It was a pleasure to see them swell with arousal and hang like heavy dew drops. My cock grew hard and tight and I needed to be mounting them as soon as I could. But perhaps they could ease the tension a little first.

The girls began to sob louder when I turned my attention to the backs of their thighs. They blushed a light shade of crimson to match the colour shading the pale bottoms. I ended the girls' whipping and replaced my belt before buttoning up my shirt leaving my bow tie hanging around the neck while I put my jacket back on.

Clothes were part of the domination game. Stripping the sub and remaining fully clothed helped ease the woman more quickly in to subspace and I always found she was more willing to obey. Control needed to be maintained at all times to provoke pleasure for both parties. Now I had taught the twins their lesson, pleasure would follow as a reward.

They were collared and leashed purring at my legs like kittens.

"Undo my zip and take out my cock," I instructed Louisa.

She responded well to the sternness in my voice and reached up to accomplish the task I'd set her quickly.

I gave a relieved sigh when I felt her free my penis from its prison and the cool air on the room settled upon it. It was long and throbbing ready to spill its precious seed. Her hand closed around.

"Take it in your mouth and suck hard," I ordered.

Electricity danced when her luscious painted cherry red lips closed around the top of my cock and her wet tongue circled its tip. With a gentle but firm thrust I slid deep in to her dark pouting mouth. Her breasts with their tight nipples brushed my trousers as she sucked, teased and licked. I pulled tight on her leash to hold her in place whilst I maintained my grip on the other girl caressing her body and her sex against my trouser leg.

I groaned with pleasure thrusting in and out of Clara's mouth, enjoying the sensation of rubbing against my leg from the other girl's body, transfixed by the way her pussy lips split and moved against my calf.

Wanting to taste Louisa's mouth I yanked on Clara's leather leash and directed her way back to all fours while pulling on Louisa's to guide her mouth to my cock.

"Suck," I fiercely commanded to the second girl.

She obediently opened her mouth wide and I thrust inside her hard with determination beginning to feel myself close to coming. Her tongue circled the tip and her hand gripped me tight. With artful practice she eased me in and out of her mouth and brought me close. I panted and pulled harder on her leash before I exploded inside her mouth forcing her to take nourishment from every last drop of my seed watching her gulp greedily as it slid down her throat. Her eyes watched me with awe as I dominantly pulsed in and out of her mouth riding my climax until it was completely spent and the seed ceased to flow down her throat.

"Good girls. Louisa, zip me up. Time for you both to come."

I raised them both to kneeling by a tug on their leashes.

"I want to see those wet pussies rubbing my legs and you coming. The first one to climax will be mounted first," I grinned.

The girls purred and entwined their bodies around my legs. I felt the tantalising caress of the tips of their nipples scrape against my evening trousers as they gripped my legs with their slender hands and humped them. It wasn't long before I felt the twitch in my penis that told me it was coming back to life. I watched Clara and Louisa thrust their soaking wet vagina's against my calves dancing and turning their bodies around my legs as though they were poles in a club.

The show was astounding with their red bottoms adding spice making them look like a couple of naughty baboons and the panting crying noise they made as they fought each other to come first and enjoy the first mounting. But it was Clara who climaxed first with a shriek. Unashamedly she rode my leg biting her lip as the flush of pleasure swept over her body and breasts. I tightened my grip on her leash to heighten her submissive experience. She stared up lustily at me and my cock tightened painfully. Louisa was not far behind and I sighed and smiled satisfied with the wondrous sight and my prowess as a Dominant.

When the pleasure was spent and the ecstasy receded I led the girls' to my bed, undressed and quickly mounted each wet pussy from behind pulling each girl's hair to use it as rein, riding each mare to my own satisfaction and their own. Finally tired in the early hours of Sunday morning I fell asleep cradling Clara and Louisa at either side of me with an arm around their bodies. The lesson had been learnt. TC mark

What It’s Honestly Like To Get Sober At 27

Posted: 26 Nov 2016 07:15 PM PST


Does anyone ever really want to get sober? In my experience, they don't. Sobriety is born out of necessity, out of pain, and out of the depths of despair.

I certainly didn't want to get sober at the age of 27, but that's exactly what happened. Now that I'm 3.5 years sober I am often asked what it feels like, how I did it, and what I've learned. I'm in a constant state of awareness and reflection. But despite that, I rarely think about the age of 27 as being relatively young to quit drugs and alcohol. When talking to older sober people, I am reminded. Their reaction is always, "the good thing is you got it, and you got it young."

Getting sober at 27 was a life-altering event. It was never something I planned on doing. It was never how I saw my life going. I thought I'd get a job, get married, and have kids all while downing wine daily, still going to happy hours, and celebrating milestone birthdays at bars and nightclubs. I pictured myself vacationing at the Jersey Shore with family, coolers full of beer, and tanning on the beach all day. In my family we grew up going to Ocean City, New Jersey every summer for a week. Ocean City is a dry town and I thought "what fun is that?"

I couldn't wait to get out into the world and flex my drinking muscles.

My unhealthy relationship with substances started way back in high school, although I would never admit it until I got sober. I stayed out past my curfew, I yearned to get high again as soon as I was done smoking. I drank alcohol whenever I could. When I had my first knee surgery at the age of 16 I became familiar with the mellow sedation of Vicodin. I immediately liked how it made me feel and after having several more knee surgeries I started taking the pills for fun. I never considered these facts to be part of my addiction either until a few months ago. I thought alcohol was my only problem, but I've realized alcohol is only a symptom of a bigger disease.

I didn't plan on getting sober and definitely didn't want to take my last drink before the age of 30. Most people think that getting sober at 27 is depressing, sad, and a lifetime sentence of boredom. I was no different. I was convinced that alcohol was the lifeblood of my existence. Without happy hour, dirty martinis, craft beer, nightclubs, and mimosas what is life? I was convinced I couldn't live a glamorous life without booze. Even when I looked towards the future I would always imagine life with a cocktail in my hand.

In 2013 when the pain became too great, my only option was change. I had been attempting to moderate my alcohol and drug use for a year before then. I failed in every way.

When I quit drinking I felt like I had no other option.

The first year of my sobriety was much like living in a new place for the first time. I felt lost, confused, emotional, out of place, and unsure of where I was headed in life. All I could do was put one foot in front of the other and get through each 24 hours without a drink or a drug. Once I strung some days together I started to feel much better physically. But there was another experience I had when I quit drinking and that was mourning my relationship with alcohol. As time went on I knew in my soul that I had found the answer to my problems, sobriety. But internally I was struggling with how to let go of alcohol. Being told by society, the media, and my peers that alcohol is necessary to live a fun, exciting life led me to believe I could not have these things if I stopped drinking.

I believe I went through all the stages of grief when it came to mourning my relationship with alcohol. Before I quit I was in denial, and still when I stopped drinking I had the idea that maybe one day I would be able to drink again. I didn't want to believe alcohol was the source of my problems. As the denial faded I became angry, why did this have to happen to me? Life wasn't fair and I felt like the only person who could have ever dealt with this issue. As I graduated to the bargaining stage, I felt overwhelming shame and guilt. How could I have let it come to this? If I got my life together and proved to myself I could stop drinking, then maybe I wouldn't be an alcoholic or an addict. Maybe one day I would be able to learn how to control myself and enjoy life with alcohol moderation. If I behaved now, it would pay off in the end. After bargaining came depression. For many months during my first year of sobriety I felt sad and at times, I felt like I was missing out. I believe this was because I was truly accepting that sobriety is the best path for me. Losing substances that were my crutch for so long was sad, life-altering, and transformative. It also proved to me just how embedded alcohol and drugs were in my life.

It proved to me that I did have an addiction.

The one-year mark is when I truly reached a state of acceptance. It was when I embraced my new identity as a sober woman. I've had to relearn how to do almost everything – how to express and work through emotions, how to socialize without alcohol, how to attend weddings, birthdays, and get-togethers without ordering alcohol.

But getting sober young isn't just about learning how to live your life without alcohol, it's also learning why you drank and reconciling those reasons and the mistakes you made while drinking.

So, what's it really like to get sober at 27? It's hard and it's sad and it's happy and it has changed my life in every single way. It has given me my life back. It's given me the possibility of growing older with less health risks, with healthy relationships, and free from the shackles of addiction. I love being someone who doesn't drink or do drugs. It's empowering. I am happy that my future children will never know a mother who drinks. I no longer feel like I'm missing out on life, in fact I feel like I am more connected to life than I ever was when I was drinking.

Getting sober at 27 was a relief. I feel grateful every day that I found recovery and I encourage everyone to do the same, regardless of age. TC mark

We Are Two Completely Different People, But Damn Our Love Is Beautiful

Posted: 26 Nov 2016 06:15 PM PST

Tim Stief
Tim Stief

You and I are two different people. You're quiet to my loud, bold to my hesitant, shy to my outgoing. When I shrink back, you march forward. When I stand fearlessly, you pull away. When I speak too loudly, you whisper. And when you raise your voice, I pull you closer, trying to silently kiss your anger away.

We're two different people, with two wildly different hearts.

You come from strictness and strength; I come from loudness and independence. We fit together, imperfectly but wonderfully. And as we've loved, we've learned our way around these opposites. We've learned to let go and lean in.

But damn, are we different.

I've always been the one to jump into love with two feet. You've always been the one who takes things slow. You speak what's on your mind, carefully and tenderly. I keep my voice silent, but pour my heart out on paper, line after line of emotion that I'll only share with you if you ask.

You want me to take things day by day. I want to plan out a small future. You want me to write for you. I want you to know what I'm thinking before I even put the pen to paper.

We are opposites in so many ways—in our backgrounds, with our past loves, with the way we speak and listen and learn and let each other in.

We are so different, but damn, do we love.

And we keep on trying, keep searching for ways, keep talking to each other, trying to understand how and why and what we can do to love one another better.

So please, promise me one thing as we stumble forward in this love: Promise that you'll keep loving me for me. Promise that you'll keep trying to know me, to understand me, to love me, in both the way you know how, and the way I need.

Promise that you'll meet me halfway. That you'll put forth all of your heart, to love me somewhere in the middle. And I'll do the same.

Promise that you'll give yourself to me in all the ways you possibly can, and I'll match your heart in the ways I know how.

Maybe it doesn't matter if we are two polar opposites, that we love so differently, and that we have different ways of thinking. Maybe what matters is that we love with all we have.

Maybe what matters is that we don't stop—even when things get hard, even when we start to lose focus, even when one of us feels that we won't ever be understood. Maybe if that happens, we can search inside ourselves for strength and keep on loving until that other person's heart heals back up again.

Maybe it's better that we're so different, so that we'll never give up on each other.

So please, love me like you know how to love. And I'll love you how I know I can, no halfsies, no fear, no holding back. Love me in that way that doesn't make sense, but fills my entire soul. And I'll love you right back, even deeper, even fuller.

Meet me somewhere in the middle, our opposites clashing and colliding and becoming one.

It doesn't matter how we're different or how we love, all that matters is that we do. And baby, I can promise you, I do. TC mark

I’m A Woman And I Hate Modern Day Feminism

Posted: 26 Nov 2016 05:15 PM PST


Yes, you read that correctly. I’m a female and I hate feminism.

Feminism has changed drastically over the years and it’s become a nationwide phenomenon that’s entirely cultivated by us. I’m all for “girl power” and the concept that women posses equal rights to men. But we’re shoving the idea of feminism down each other’s throats and forcing ourselves to believe that we’re considered to be less than men. Radical feminists have slandered the true meaning of the word feminism. We’re highlighting the extreme differences between men and women, which completely goes against the idea of gender equality.

In fact, women are doing better than ever in terms of having equal rights to men in the United States. We have more rights in the U.S. than any other country in the world. We have the right to be assumed caregivers for children. We hold the right to call unwanted, coerced, forced sex what it is: rape. We hold the right to choose parenthood. Gender equality has evolved a tremendous amount and it often goes unnoticed.

It’s inevitable that women have several differences from men. There is a divide between both the mental and physical makeup of a male and female body. There is a reason for this; therefore we are not equals. Although we aren’t totally equal in that sense, we live in a time period where women are able to take on the same jobs as men. Women are able to perform the same physically grueling labor as men. Day in and day out we are proving that we’re able to take on the same tasks as the average man does.

Feminism used to mean that women are to possess the same rights that men do, but we’ve flipped the switch and morphed it into a entirely different game. If you tell a woman to smile, you're automatically a sexist. If you tell a woman she's beautiful, you're reducing her to just her looks. If you tell a woman she's intelligent, you're a sexist for being bewildered that she's smart and more than just her body. Of course, there are plenty of men out there that go against these beliefs and disregard any respect for the female race.

But, this generalization of the entire male population needs to go.

The belief that all men are cruel, women-degrading pigs — this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Modern Feminism is overloaded with obtrusive hypocrisy, lies, and double-standards, that it’s become incapable of defending itself without denouncing itself at the same time.

Modern Feminists have slandered the name of feminism by tainting it with preposterous, easily condemned, and self-contradictory allegations.

I fully support the idea of being a strong, powerful, independent woman. What I’m not supportive of is putting down and entire gender in order to claim a sense of “dominance” over the other. Men are not dominant over women. Women are not dominant over men. In all reality, feminism is what we make of it. Of course, there are still gaps in gender equality. Yes, in some circumstances women are not equal to men. There will always be an undisclosed divide in gender equality. We need to utilize how much women’s rights have evolved throughout the years and the independence we’ve endured from it. TC mark

40 Small Ways You Can Be A Light In Someone’s Darkness

Posted: 26 Nov 2016 04:15 PM PST

Sunset Girl
Sunset Girl

1. Smile at a stranger.

2. Listen.

3. Offer to help someone carry their grocery bags to the car.

4. Wave as you pass another car or a person walking.

5. Let someone into traffic when you're waiting at a stoplight.

6. Hold the door open for the person behind you.

7. Pay for the next person-in-line's meal.

8. Send someone a greeting card on their birthday.

9. Cook a meal for a family who has lost a loved one.

10. Write an encouraging note.

11. Text someone an uplifting Bible verse.

12. Remind the people you love that you love them deeply.

13. Send someone an unexpected gift.

14. Engage in conversation with someone you just met.

15. Tell a stranger to have a good day.

16. Offer to help someone for no reason at all.

17. Give a random person flowers.

18. Let someone cut in front of you in line.

19. Buy a homeless person a meal.

20. Tell someone they're beautiful.

21. Hug someone.

22. Share your testimony, or an encouraging story.

23. Give someone your shoulder to cry on.

24. Ask how you can help.

25. Be a voice for someone who can't find the words.

26. Offer to pray for someone.

27. Offer to pray with someone.

28. Do something nice for someone, just because.

29. Give someone a compliment.

30. Take a friend out to eat.

31. Be open and encouraging when faced with change.

32. Support someone in any way you can.

33. Tell a joke to brighten someone's day.

34. Be present. In every situation.

35. Spread the gospel.

36. Look someone in the eyes and acknowledge them.

37. Express gratitude.

38. Share your blessings.

39. Tell someone they matter.

40. Be positive and spread your positivity. TC mark

I Don’t Care About Beginnings Anymore, I Care About What’s In-Between

Posted: 26 Nov 2016 03:15 PM PST

 Jena Postma
Jena Postma

Beginnings are easy, beginnings are usually sweet and endearing and beginnings don't really require that much effort from anyone.

But it's the in-between that counts, the in-between that matters, the in-between that determines the future of the relationship and shows what you really mean to someone.

It's easy to be nice at first but it's harder to stay nice when things get hard.

It's easy to be charming and loving when all you see is the best version of someone, but it's hard to remain loving when you start to see the flaws.

It's easy to say all the right things because no one holds you accountable to anything but it's hard to actually do the right things when you know someone is expecting more of you.

Beginnings don't say much, it's the in-between that says it all, it's the in-between that tells you how things will end.

Because beginnings end quickly when there is nothing in-between and beginnings can feel like endings when you have nothing more to hold on to.

I've always fallen for beginnings, for the people who sweep me off my feet, for all the wonderful 'firsts' one experiences, for all the highs that come with the first message, the first date, the first kiss but then it all goes way when you have nothing after that.

What's the point in having firsts when you don't have seconds and thirds? And what's the point of all the highs when they're bound to drop shortly after? 

I learned to fall for in-betweens; for consistency, for effort, for words that don't change and for actions that speak louder than words.

Because when you have an in-between, you will probably have a clear ending. An ending that's defined, an ending that probably makes sense, you will get closure or maybe you'll be lucky enough to get no ending at all if the in-between lasts.

But to reach an ending you don't only need a beginning, you need an in-between, you need a story, you need something in the middle and you need a connection. You need something to connect the beginning and the end.

I want to start things that will not end right away, I want to start things that don't end at the first sign of trouble or when things get hard and I want to start things that could potentially give me my happy ending. TC mark

40 Reminders For When He Makes You Feel Like Crap

Posted: 26 Nov 2016 02:15 PM PST

Jesse Herzog
Jesse Herzog

1. You don’t need his attention to feel beautiful, his friendship to feel lucky, or his love to feel whole.

2. You’ll never find real love if you’re still stuck on an old love.

3. He’s going to regret losing you as much as you regret wasting your time with him.

4. There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman that realizes she’s worthwhile.

5. If he makes you feel shitty this early on in the relationship, imagine what he’ll act like if you two get married.

6. The version of him in your daydreams is totally different than the real version of him, so stop putting him on a pedestal.

7. If he really loved you, then he wouldn’t make you feel this way.

8. An unanswered text is a good sign. It means it’s time to move on.

9. Maybe he wasn’t your soulmate — maybe he was just another boy.

10. If you can’t trust him, then you can’t build a life with him.

11. You should spend your nights masturbating over him — not crying over him.

12. You don’t get to decide whom you fall for, but you get to decide how much shit you take from them.

13. You thought you’d never get over that boy in high school and you did, which means you’ll get over this boy, too.

14. It’s better for him to break your heart now than ten years from now.

15. Your comfort is more important than his ego.

16. He might be cute now, but his looks will fade and his crappy personality will stay the same.

17. You can fall in love again and again and again. It’s not a one-time opportunity.

18. You’re too pretty to be frowning so often.

19. The love you have for yourself matters more than the love from a friendly stranger.

20. If one of your friends was dating a guy like him, wouldn’t you tell her to dump him?

21. Your standards aren’t too high. His expectations are just too low.

22. You’ll feel better after a glass of wine and a night out with the girls.

23. Relationships are meant to reduce your stress — not add to it.

24. You can’t change him, no matter how deeply you love him.

25. If you spend less time on boys, you’ll have more time to spend on your career, your friends, and your passions.

26. There are plenty of men out there that are less douchey than him and more attractive than him.

27. He isn’t thinking about you, so why should you continue thinking about him?

28. Boys aren’t the answer to your problems, so stop looking to relationships for validation.

29. It’s your job to make yourself feel whole.

30. Tinder takes two seconds to download, and you don’t have to talk to the men you match with. You can just use all of your new matches as a confidence boost.

31. Promises are broken more than they’re kept.

32. All you have to do is press a button to delete him from Facebook (and your life).

33. You’re strong enough to handle this heartache — and the next one.

34. Just because you love each other doesn’t mean that you’re meant to stay together.

35. Instead of focusing on the message he hasn’t responded to, look through your messages to see who you haven’t responded to and start a conversation.

36. You can live without him, and you can thrive without him.

37. Your boyfriend is meant to be your best friend — not an enemy.

38. Missing him isn’t a sign that you should text him again.

39. One day, the relationship will end in marriage instead of a breakup.

40. You deserve to be loved deeply. Madly. Unconditionally. Forever. TC mark

Here’s The Best Part About Your Personality In One Sentence, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Posted: 26 Nov 2016 01:45 PM PST


(March 21st to April 19th)

Your absolute thirst for life and your ability to get excited (and get others excited) about anything, from an everyday trip to the grocery store to a backpacking journey around the world.


(April 20th to May 21st)

Your contagiously warm nature and your ability to make every person you meet feel incredibly comfortable and happy around you.


(May 22nd to June 21st)

Your adaptability and the fact that practically nothing can shake you, because of your easygoing and incredibly optimistic nature.


(June 22nd to July 22nd)

Your unstoppable and incredibly powerful intuition, as well as your ability to bond with and connect with every type of personality under the sun.


(July 23rd to August 22nd)

Your bottomless well of creativity and new ideas, and your tendency to always ‘bring people up’ and to be encouraging to everyone around you.


(August 23rd to September 22nd)

Your capability of always being an incredible and reliable sounding board for anyone who comes to you for advice, and the fact that you bring intelligence and helpful logic to anything you touch.


(September 23rd to October 22nd)

Your tendency to charm the pants off every person you meet and your dedication to making sure everyone gets along and everyone feels comfortable in any and every situation.


(October 23rd to November 22nd)

The fact that you can pick up on the emotional cues that most people miss and that you always know when someone is having a tough time and needs to be cheered up.


(November 23rd to December 21st)

Your ability to always look on the bright side and to improve the moods of everyone around you with your sense of humor and your kind nature.


(December 22nd to January 20th)

The fact that you get shit done, that people feel like they can trust you with literally anything, and that you give off a patient and calming presence.


(January 21st to February 18th)

Your authenticity, your ability to see the good in everyone, and your desire to always do what is right.


(February 19th to March 20th)

Your capability of forming a strong bond with anyone (no matter how different they are than you), your selflessness, and your unshakeable sense of self and of who you are. TC mark

25 Things You Need To Know About Him Before You Can Be Considered ‘Serious’

Posted: 26 Nov 2016 01:15 PM PST


1. Whether he believes in god. It may not seem important when you’re in your 20’s and everything is smooth sailing, but life gets very hard. When you struggle through job loss, health issues, family emergencies — how is he going to cope? Is it compatible with the way you will cope?

2. The names of his parents and immediate family members. These are the people who grew up around and formed him into the person he is today. If you want to understand him, you have to understand them.

3. What he’s like when he’s sick. If it’s been all rainbows and sunshine, you still don’t really know him.

4. What he listens to in the car. Along with the big stuff you want to make sure you’re digesting all the little commonplace things about him. You know what he puts in his coffee, what his morning routine is, what he listens to on the way to work, and what kind of shampoo he uses (especially by smell).

5. Who he voted for. Agree or disagree with his political beliefs, they’re an important part of his value system and thought process. You should know what kind of leaders he likes and what draws him to them.

6. His childhood pet’s name. You’ll want to tell each other the stories of your life, especially what it was like for them growing up.

7. His career goals. Where does he want to go and how can you support him in getting there? He’s going to spend most of his waking hours at whatever his profession is, that’s too much time for you to be completely clueless about it.

8. What you can’t stand about him. If you’ve only seen things in him that you love, you’re not past the honeymoon phase.

9. What his friends are like. At this stage you should know who his friends are, what they do when they get together, and what kind of people they are. When he tells you a story about one of his friends, he uses their first name because you know who they are.

10. What he’s like when he’s raging mad. When he’s at the end of his rope, does he still treat people with respect? Does he ever flip out? Has he ever been violent?

11. Whether he wants children. It’s okay if this milestone is far off in the distance, as long as you’re on the same page about whether it’s something you’re both interested in.

12. How much money he makes. Additionally: how much he saves and what his debt situation is like. Obviously these are not conversations you have right when you’re getting to know someone, but if you’re contemplating a future with him, you need an idea what that future is going to be like. Money matters when you’re considering legally attaching yourself to someone’s financial situation forever.

13. How clean he keeps his home. Long after he picks up before you arrive, is his “resting” state of affairs something you can handle? If he’s stupid messy and that chaos stresses you out, you have something to think about.

14. How often he prefers to have sex. Sex is the physical bond that keeps your attraction alive in a relationship, if either of you is being rejected all the time it’s going to cause some wear on their happiness. The healthiest relationships aren’t between people who have a huge mismatch in libido.

15. What he’s like on vacation. Some people go on vacation because they want an adventure and spend it in exciting cities seeing and doing new things. Other people want to park their butt on a beautiful beach and not move for 7 days except to pick up a new drink. You can compromise and do things you both enjoy, but you should know what their preference is.

16. What cheers him up when he’s sad. This is super important, because you need to be able to speak this language to him in order to support him through difficult times.

17. Where he wants to plant roots. Does he like big cities or small towns? Does he want to move away from the place you met one day? Where does he want to raise children if you have them?

18. What he absolutely needs to do in order to unwind. Some people need to come home and turn on trashy reality tv or play video games or be outside or get a good workout in every single day. He won’t be able to feel complete with you unless he can be himself, including whatever mechanisms he’s created in order to veg out.

19. What his issues are. Everyone has something. There’s a sore spot in all of us that’s made up of un-healed emotional baggage. You should have some idea of what this is for him and be willing to walk with him as he figures it out.

20. Whether he’s totally over his exes. You don’t have to dwell on his life before you, but it is important to know for sure that he’s ‘over’ her and not using you as a crutch (or worse, to make her jealous).

21. Whether he respects people who are different than himself. There’s an easy way to find this out: look at how he treats customer service people who help him out.

22. What his views on couples therapy are. It’s an incredibly handy tool for working through rough spots, but some people are totally opposed to ever trying it. Best to find out now.

23. Whether he’s comfortable giving you space. You need to know what kind of social life you’re going to have and whether it’s going to fully overlap with his social life. Is he the kind of guy that encourages you to go on a girl’s weekend trip? Or will get get jealous and ask you to check in constantly?

24. What he considers cheating. It’s going to be a problem if one of you thinks flirting with your regular barista is totally fine and the other thinks that crosses the line. You have to be on the same page about what’s cool and what’s going to be a problem for the relationship.

25. Whether you really love him. It can’t just be the idea of him — or of being in a relationship that’s moving forward. You have to be know that you love him and that the feeling is mutual and that you’re both going to put in the work to make each other happy. TC mark