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10 Men Reveal Their Crazy Sex Stories That’ll Make You Fuck-Envy

Posted: 27 Nov 2016 08:00 PM PST

Adriana Michele
Adriana Michele


She got way too drunk on our lunch date at the bar.

We go back to her place and she smokes weed for the first time ever. She gets super twisted.

Despite me being 100% explicit about only wanting something casual, no omission just upfront she now decides to start crying and telling me she really wants a boyfriend.

She takes on a 3rd person demon voice. “Fuck her. She wants you to fuck her just fuck her” no joke throaty like a movie

I ask where the water is, grab my shit and sneak out. She texts me angrily 20 min later and then adds me on snapchat 3 months later.

— meridian55


So my friend and I went backpacking across Europe. In one of our hostels we got lucky and were placed in a 3 bed room, nice and private.

That night I happened to be hooking up with a girl from our hostel (I kinda pulled a steal yo girl move because the guy talking to her for the past two days was a bit of an asshole to me. The dude from Ireland was trying to lecture me about us 2nd amendment rights ). Anyway we take the cab from a club back to our hostel and we stumble into our room where my friend was asleep.

She said “do you want to go to the bathroom, your friend is here”

I said “no its okay he wont wake up”

That was a total lie because my friend is the lightest sleeper I know. For the next 15m he pretended to be asleep while we were pounding away at each other literally 3 feet away from him. He opened his eyes once or twice to he greeted with my hairy butthole winking at him.

The next day he told me he wasn’t sure if he was angry at me because I had sex with someone right in front of him or that I woke him up at 3am….it was all good because he returned the favor a few days later

— jewboyfresh


I went to Jakarta, Indonesia last spring. I went to some clubs and bars, and as a 6’0 white dude with red hair past my shoulders and green eyes… Well, I stand out a bit. I ended up hooking up several times in the 10 days or so there, but one night was very memorable.

I was at a bar and these girls start talking to me. USD $ goes a long way, so I buy us all rounds and food and stuff. 4-5 of us getting drunk and fed us under $100. They are all curious about me, as they’ve never experiences white boys. Lots of flirting. At one point a girl is standing betweeny legs as I’m sitting in a stool and starts wiggling her and in my crotch. I become aroused and she turns around with a huge WTF OMG face and speaks some Indo to her friends. My Bahama Indonesian sucks so I didn’t follow. They all come over and start touching my dick!

Apparently, from their perspective, I’m huge. It makes sense, as my 6’0 is fucking huge.out of thousands and thousands of people I saw, one bouncer was larger than me. So it makes sense.

They spent the next half hour repeatedly touching my penis. One measured it to her forearm. They called over the elderly bar owner to feel. Other girls from other tables. My dick was touched by well over ten women in 30 minutes. At one point there were four hands.

I hooked up with three of them that night. One took me to the bathroom and gave me head, but didn’t finish as her jaw hurt. Afterwards, I took two of her friends to my hotel. I almost had a third, the two wanted her to come, but she was terrified of my cock (she was like 5’0 100lbs wet. Tiny) so only a threesome.i have to say, I prefer one on one, but it was a bucket list check mark. There was a lot of sex that night… And the next morning before we got breakfast. One of the two girls was a polyglot ao communication was really easy, while the other had zero English but lived my nose and wanted to marry me.

Don’t get me wrong, I know it had nothing to do with me personally. I’m just a “rich” exotic (possibly) once in a lifetime opportunity to them. But it still made my fragile male ego skyrocket

— drunkinmidget


In college, I met this girl in my writing composition class and we hit it off pretty well. We hung out casually and studied at the library together for a few weeks. She was incredibly difficult to read so I just assumed she wanted to be friends. So one evening, it’s like 11pm and we’re texting about our comp papers. I had finished mine and she just got started on it. She asks me to come over to her dorm and help her write it.

So I head over there and help her. We would make out a little bit and then she would stop me and insist we finish the paper. I spent about 3 hours writing her paper for her and in the end we hooked up. After that, she grew increasingly distant and we eventually quit talking altogether. She pretty much whored herself out to get out of writing a paper. The worst part is that she got a better grade on the assignment than I did.

— Batting-Practice


My gf and my best friends gf went out to a concert one night and messaged us saying that they wanted to hook up with each other. They have had a good amount of alcohol while he and I had been sitting on the couch dead sober. We go pick them up.

We get back to my gfs place and the girls go shower together, my buddy and I are sitting side by side in the bed naked not really knowing what to expect or do…we are long time friends so its not as awkward as it reads.

The girls start making out and then start moving down the neck and to each others boobs. Then they start getting handsy which is getting them really into it, my friend and I might as well have not been there. This doesn’t last long before they are eating each other out and 69’ing. Now if you have ever seen a girl eat another girl out in front of you, you know how much of a mind bending experience that can be, especially the first time. If you haven’t, I highly recommend it.

We then start having sex with our girlfriends, my friend nuts within about a minute and I can’t get there so i’m just getting some exercise as well as sweaty. My friends gf tells us she can squirt, so she gets on her back and puts on a fucking show, it was like we were at the Bellagio.

At this point we have done it all, except this. My gf turns to me and says, “I want to watch you fuck her” to which I step back and chuckle, because you know thats crazy right…I look at my buddy and he shrugs, so we pull the ol switcheroo. Now i’m fucking his gf beside him fucking my gf…and as you guessed it, he nuts right away again and im having trouble. Which means now, it’s just him and my gf watch me and his gf have sex.

Finally I get the job done, pull out and cum all over her ass…my gf leans over and licks it off. That was a good Wednesday night.

— PunchWasServed


That one time I got “friendzoned”

So I met this girl at a christmas market, and she was absoluteley stunning. I’m not trying to exaggerate here, but considering that she was exactly my type, she was a 10/10. I knew I’d never see her again because she wasn’t from the area, so I thought fuck it, gotta try your best to make a good impression. Managed to get her number, we chatted for a week or two before we found a date to meet up, and instead of spending just an evening in the nearest city between us, she told me we could meet there, go clubbing, and then spend the rest of the weekend at hers. Fuck yeah!

So we meet up, have a nice evening, round midnight we go to a club, and half past five in the morning we end up at her place. We’re too wrecked to do anything besides sleep at that point tho, and I get the couch.

Next day (Saturday) we go out for a walk, cook something, play a board game, we get along really well. At one point we’re sitting on her bed talking. She’s cold, so we cuddle. By now I’m certain I’m good, so I go for a kiss.

She turns her head away.

I’m quite confused. She explains to me that she doesn’t think we would work out as a couple and that she likes me, but only as a friend. This is what you’d call the “friendzone”. But I had had sex with friends before, so there’s your friendzone.

I told her that I also don’t think we’d work out, but that I find her absolutely stunning and that wouldn’t be a reason for me not to make out. I told her that it wouldn’t be the first time that happened and that she wouldn’t have to worry about me catching feelings.



So yeah, that night was pretty epic. I’d never been with a girl that hot. Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up in your head. She was legit one of the hottest girls I have ever met.

Now, I was an utter idiot because I forgot to bring condoms, so we didn’t actually have sex – but oral is also sex in my book. And it was wild. I made her come hard several times, and having a girl that hot enjoy being eaten out by humble you is a pretty neat ego boost. And she was epic at giving bjs.

But all in all, I’ve had sex that was wilder and harder and everything, but it’s the context that makes the night too, and I love that got “friendzoned” and still had a night that I’ll think about when I’m 90.

— berechnung


Backpacking in Europe. Met a hot Aussie girl. We fucked in a public bathroom, we fucked in our multi-bed hostel room when no on else was there and I pulled out and came on the floor, we fucked in a hostel’s common room where I pulled out and came on a couch pillow, we fucked multiple times in our hostel room with other people there… We fucked everywhere we could. That girl was amazing.

— DJ_Molten_Lava


Boyfriend and I go for drinks after work. I’m wearing a short dress and tall boots (it matters) and we’re sitting in the smoking area by ourselves. So I crawl in his lap to cuddle him. He gets hard and I’m not wearing panties so it seems like the perfect time to unzip his pants and get a little wild.

Things were going smoothly until a couple of guys came out to smoke….

Thankfully they kept to themselves and I continued to move ever so slowly until they left.

He and I have had some hot times but that ones is one of my favorites and one of his so I’ll share on his behalf.

— ClaimedBeauty


My ex-wife and i were experimenting with nonmonogamy. She met a girl online and went out for drinks before bringing her home, smoke some weed and yadda yadda we are all in bed naked. Having a great time watching them fool around, going down on each of them, getting a bj from 2 girls is fucking awesome.

But when it comes time to fuck the new girl i get soft. Fuck! Girl is hot too, slim little blond thing with some tattoos and perky little tits. I say fuck this imma destroy that pussy. I grab her hips and get ankles by her head and her ass in the air and i start devouring her pussy. I tease her ass a little and she likes it so now i am feasting on this girls ass and pussy like a fucking demon.

Cock springs to life so i throw her legs down so she’s on her back and pound an orgasm outa that girl. Her limbs go all fucking crazy when she cums and her convulsions spring her off my dick. So i flip her over onto her hands and knees before she has time to recover and go to work. This time i hold on tight and my eyes roll back as i feel her orgasm squeeze my cock.

— Ludovico


OK, here goes…. a long time ago in a town far far away in the cute fraser valley there was this group of guys who got invited to the party. [ ALL NAMES CHANGED TO PROTECT THE GUILTY AND THE INNOCENT].

Me, my now brother in law and 3 others arrived at a house party. It was a dud to say the least. Our other two friends were at the place already and there was only three girls and a few parent types around. When we showed up that was to much or many young idiots and we were kicked out. This one girl mandy I learned had banged Jer already so Jer decided since we were getting kicked out of the house he was heading home, so mandy decided to start clinging to Mike who had been hanging with Jer before we arrived.

Since we were told to leave, mandy & tracy invited us to there house. So we all took off. When we arrived at this basement suite mandy rented, mandy and mike hit the bed room right away. Ok that makes two guys so far she’s fucked.

Tracy and my pal Kelly disappeared into the other.

Now what I failed to mention was that when mandy and mike disappeared into the room first the door was left open. Me, scott, peter were left sitting on the coach kinding wondering wtf we should do, well kinda. We knew kelly was banging tracy and mike mandy. Next thing I know, I see mike in the bedroom talking to mandy, totally naked, her looking at us in the room. He comes walking out and says “Well boys it’s a gangbang she wants to fuck us all, first come first to get it” …

Hearing this my brother in law ran in and started to take his clothes off. Me having already done the math said fuck that, pushed him out of the way… fucked her for like 5 mins and finished. Scott got all pissed off, but then when she said to shut up and fuck her he decided wth. I’m not really ashamed at this point, but as scott was fucking her.. I walked up grabbed her tit to piss him off. He spouted off some shit about me being sick and I silenced him when I blurted out “But dude it’s a gang bang!”, after that he kinda laughed and I left.

Now the icing on the cake. It seems in the time this all went down peter had passed out on the sofa. Me scott and mike woke him up, peter was all groggy and shit, almost sick from the booze, he’s like WTF look on his face “It’s a gang bang” we keep saying to him. He looks into the room as do we kind of with our eyes pointing to what he was tasked to do, and as I did at least and peter we seen mandy grab a towel and wipe her cum dripped snatch clean. Peter was noping out of this, and we all peer pressured him into it. I remember he took a big gulp and went in.

By this time kelly had come out of the room with tracy and learned of what had and was going down and said lets get the fuck out of here. So me, scott and kelly left. It was the weirdest, probably sickest sex night of my life. But it did happened and we still tell tales of that at the BBQ’s and shit time to time.

A last note to this, we had all been drinking and really didn’t remember much of where this took place in the small town we were visiting that night. 20 mins from ours. But my brother in law scott went back a few weeks later to buy some joints from a local dealer, he was upset and told scott he had to kick his girlfriend out of the basement apartment they lived in since he found out she had fucked like 5 guys in one night. It was a VERY uncomfortable purchase and that was the last we had heard of mandy, although we ran into tracy at a few parties. I think it was known best to keep the events of that fucked up night a secret.

— allmen TC mark

Ask Your Lover These 13 Questions If You Want To Have Even Better Sex

Posted: 27 Nov 2016 07:30 PM PST


Every sexual act is a journey into yourself and your partner. It's a continual exploration of sensations, eroticism, and love. Each relationship is a vessel that embodies both security and adventure in a commitment that offers life's greatest luxuries: time.

Marriage is not the end of romance. It's the beginning! You get years to deepen your connection, experiment, and even to fail and start over. The chapters of eroticism in a relationship is a story with many chapters that both partners are writing together, continuously unfolding. There's always a road we haven't traveled, always something about our partners that still needs to be discovered.

Modern relationships are the melting pot of opposing feelings: safety and transcendence. The security of love and the fire of passion.

Controlling both the tame and the erotic parts of a relationship is a delicate balancing act that most couples achieve on occasion at best.

Because erotic intensity waxes and wanes, and sometimes desire disappears. But given sufficient attention, couples can bring the passion back. Because love requires knowing your partner while realizing her persistent mystery. Love is about creating security while staying open to the unknown. Eroticism requires an active engagement and willful intent of both partners.

Willfully engaging in eroticism is an ongoing resistance to the message that marriage is serious; that it's more work than play. That passion is an immature feeling for teenagers. Complaining about sexual boredom is easy and common, but nurturing eroticism is an act of open defiance.

The feeling of passion floods the early days of a relationship. Every word, glance, and touch makes our skin tingle. It's nature's way of bringing us together. But once this captivating rush of desire wanes, many of us check out from the hotel of romance and focus on other things, not realizing we are the ones that have to clean up after ourselves. To make the bed of love. To cook our low desire a hearty meal of sexual fulfillment. Happy couples understand that sex offers a never-ending playground of exploration and excitement.

One of the largest playgrounds of the human body is our skin. With over 22 square miles of land, our bodies have evolved to be caressed. To be touched and felt. To be held. Erotic touching cultivates closes and nervousness. As a guy, I used to go from lips to tits to vagina, with little touching of anything else.

But as I started exploring my partner's entire body, I realized she had a really sensitive spot on her left leg right above her knee. When I kissed parts of her lower back, she would move in delight. And as she explored my body, I discovered new sensations I've never felt before. Some spots I loved, and other spots made me feel uncomfortable because they were so sensitive.

It was exciting. Scary. Thrilling and sexy. I want to offer you the same kind of journey; an exploration into each other's erotic nature. To explore the vast universe of your partner's skin.

The path to heart-pounding, breath-taking, passionate lovemaking requires a little heart-to-heart convo with the one we love. Any honest conversation you can have about sex will improve your relationship in bed and out. Here are 13 conversation starters to help you discover each other's bodies.

For Both Partners

1. When I touch you, how does it feel? Do I feel feel fast and strong? Or slow and gentle? How would you like me to touch you differently?

2. What is your favorite type of foreplay? What type of foreplay kills your arousal? Is there a part of foreplay you'd like us to work on?

3. Some partners say their lover neglects to touching them in some favorite places. Is that true for us? What are some of your favorite places?

4. Would it help if I asked you what do you want and need?

Questions for Women to Answer Regarding Sexual Touching

1. Many women feel that they cannot ask for nonsexual physical affection like cuddling, being held, or being touched without feeling an expectation for it to be erotic. How do you feel about this?

2. Most women wish that a warm touch does not lead to a expectation of sex. Is that true for us? Do you want more variety and openness?

3. How do you feel when I touch your clit by hand? Does that turn you on? Is there a way I could make it better?

4. Do you like it when I penetrate you with my fingers? Is there a way I could improve it?

5. Is penetration as important as clit stimulation? What is your preference? Or do you like to shake things up? What subtle way could you let me know in the act?

6. Do you feel embarrassed to ask for clit stimulation from me? If so, what can I do to make it easier for you? I want to please you as best I can.

Questions to Ask Men Regarding Sexual Touching

1. A lot of men wish their partners would pay more attention to their penis. Do you wish I would?

2. What are your feelings about me stimulating you with my hand? Does it work for you? Is it too tight? Too soft? How could it be better?

3. How do you feel about me getting turned on by touching your penis?

Enjoy your journey into the mysterious land of erotic touching. TC mark

What He’s Been Thinking About During Sex, Based On His Zodiac Sign

Posted: 27 Nov 2016 07:00 PM PST

Pexels, Adrianna Calvo
Adrianna Calvo

Aries: March 21st – April 19th

He’s thinking about whether or not it’s a good idea to risk sticking a finger up your ass or breaking out one of the sex toys he’s been dying to use on you.

Taurus: April 20th – May 20th

He’s thinking about baseball, soccer, or his grandmother. Why? Because he only sleeps with women he really likes and if he didn’t distract himself, it would only take him two seconds to cum.

Gemini: May 21st – June 20th

He’s wondering if you’re enjoying the current position you’re in and if it’s too soon to switch things around. As soon as he puts you into a certain position, he thinks of a better one. The grass is always greener on the other side…

Cancer: June 21st – July 22nd

All he’s thinking about is how he hopes no one interrupts you. He doesn’t want your parents, your kids, your dog, or anyone else to ruin what’s happening. He just wants to enjoy the moment.

Leo: July 23rd – August 22nd

There’s no reason to worry about what you look like, because he’s more concerned with what he looks like. He wishes he could put a mirror on the ceiling or videotape the act, so he could see how sexy he looks. He’s proud of his body.

Virgo: August 23rd – September 22nd

He’s thinking about how he wished he would’ve trimmed his genitals or showered with a better soap. He wants you to find him attractive, and it’s making him a little self-conscious.

Libra: September 23rd – October 22nd

He doesn’t dirty talk often, but his brain is filled with filthy things he wishes he could say to you. Things that would make you gasp (or moan) if you actually heard them.

Scorpio: October 23rd – November 21st

He’s thinking about all of the different places where he wants to fuck you. In a parking lot. On a beach. In an amusement park. He wants to have his way with you everywhere.

Sagittarius: November 22nd – December 21st

In the bedroom, he’s pretty intense. That’s why he always ends up thinking about how sweaty he’s getting and how he hopes he’ll be able to finish before he needs to stop for a glass of water.

Capricorn: December 22nd – January 19th

He’s not thinking about anything. His mind is completely blank. Sex is the one time of day when he can really let loose. The rest of the day, he’s stuck in his thoughts, stressing out over every little thing.

Aquarius: January 20th – February 18th

He’s thinking of ways to make you moan louder. How can he spice things up? He’s not sure, but he’s going to try something creative to see if it works.

Pisces: February 19th – March 20th

After a few minutes, he’ll be thinking about how badly he wants to cum, but how he doesn’t want to finish until you do. He’s more concerned with your orgasm than his own. TC mark

16 People On The Biggest Mistake You Can Make When Choosing Your Forever Person

Posted: 27 Nov 2016 06:00 PM PST



Thinking they can change that person into someone else or in some other significant way.

— TheMonksAndThePunks


Listening to your SO when they said “I’m not really like this, I’m just really stressed right now due to grad school, moving, etc.”. Turns out they really were that anxious, neurotic, stressed, depressed, and negative even in the best of circumstances.

— NotLostJustWanderin


Staying with someone they’re not happy with because they’re too afraid to be alone.

— choadspanker


I asked this question of my therapist who also does marriage counseling.

She said that the most common pitfall she sees is people falling for “opposites attract.” She said, in the beginning, people marry someone different from them because they see it as a positive. In her experience, those unions will last for a while and then eventually the couple can’t stand each other because of those same differences. So, she told me some variation is obviously good but the most successful marriages she’s seen are the ones where the people were as similar as possible.

Anyway, I’ve never been married, but that was her take on it after 20 years working in the field.

— Confetticandi


Some people marry the “best” partner they can get – on paper, the best looking, smartest, most talented, etc – rather than the most compatible. Rookie mistake, but a common one.

— MaribelindaLinda


Marrying a profession: a lawyer, doctor, pilot, Enterpreneur etc instead of the person.

— blacchic


Kids. Agree on the damn kids.

If she wants kids and you don’t (or vice versa), chances are it’s going to come up later and bite you really hard in the ass, possibly even ending the relationship. Get that shit straightened out early on.

— Heavy_Cheese_Gunner


Having a single “deal breaker” and assuming anyone who passes that test is good enough. I married a woman solely because she didn’t want kids and I didn’t think I’d find another one. We didn’t even make it 4 years.

— archpope


Waiting for love and refusing to let love happen

Ill explain, most people i know are waiting to meet someone and be slapped in the face by this feeling of love and walking on clouds

This is a mistake, too often this leads to someone who you realize is awful after the new wears off

That isn’t love, you aren’t thinking with your heart, you are thinking with your hormones

Instead, fond someone you like, who treats you how you would want to be treated, who is worthy of being in a relationship, and work on that friendship to see if love will grow, i’m not saying to date them, bang them and marry them, i’m saying spend time with them, see if you are compatible and go from there

Everyone has this closed mindset of “this is my type and i will only date this type” but if your type is toxic or isn’t working, maybe try dating outside the box

— gives-out-hugs


Hiding your true beliefs from them until after the honeymoon phase. Be upfront from the word go, and if they bolt, it just wasn’t meant to be.

— kixxaxxas


Settling for looks at the expense of a great personality, morals, or whatever traits people have.

Looks don’t last forever.

— DrPorzingis


Marrying for love and love alone.

People are always horrified when I say this, but marriage is a business arrangement in a lot of ways. You’re giving someone half your stuff; better make damn sure that you can trust them with it.

Like 90% of life isn’t fun. It’s about coordinating chores, dealing with finances, caring for children and working. Being so in wuvvvv is awesome, but it won’t pay the bills. You’ve got to be able to communicate effectively, to trust each other and to work together towards a common goal. It’s more like the relationship between business partners than the relationship between lovers. I’ve loved people to pieces and ended up breaking things off because the boring stuff wasn’t quite right.

If you can only have fun on dates, don’t get married. If you can have fun going grocery shopping or doing laundry, you’ve got a good shot.

— two__sheds


Settling for someone they don’t love completely because they don’t think they’ll be able to find anyone better.

— RoosterShield


Ignoring possible addiction issues.

— Offthepoint


I have girlfriends, and honestly myself included, that have been through such god awful relationships that they settle for someone as long as they’re “nice enough”.

My sister is currently the victim of this, she went through a slew of dating asshats and is now with her bf who is nice, but honestly the polar opposite of her in so many ways. I find her compromising a lot of what she previously wanted out of life just because she “knows he’ll never cheat on me and is nice”. WTF. That’s a bare minimum requirement for dating someone, is them not being an asshole, not their selling point. Know your worth ladies and gentleman.

— MT009


Never choose someone just based on income or looks alone. My mom has been looking for a super handsome rich guy for over 15 years and they are all assholes.

Just pick someone who makes you happy and will be there for you when you need it. Someone you want to spend all your time with. Money doesn’t matter and looks fade. Its the heart that matters.

— SnowDropAngel TC mark

36 People Describe The Pros And Cons Of Being Single

Posted: 27 Nov 2016 05:00 PM PST
Found on AskReddit.


Pro: freedom.
Con: no sex.



Pro: You can do what you want, when you want to.
Con: You’ve got nobody to do those things with.



Pro: peace and quiet whenever you want.
Con: peace and quiet when you don’t want.



Pro: the nights out.
Con: the nights in.



Pro: You’ve got a lot of time to spend.
Con: You’ve got too much time to spend.



Pro: you get to lay around naked and by and each what you want, shower when you want, and cry when you want.
Con: You lay around naked, dirty and constantly crying.



Pro: Have whatever you want for dinner, complete freedom, disposable income, have your own schedule.
Con: The empty feeling in your chest that makes you slowly die inside.



Pro: Nobody there to nag me constantly.
Con: Nobody there to support me, either.



Pro: Freedom, any girl, anytime, money saving.
Con: No love.



Pro: I can do what I want, wearing what I want.
Con: No one around to tell me which ideas of mine are actually really dumb.



Pro: No one gives a fuck what you do.
Con: No one gives a fuck what you do.



Pro: You make enough money to live.
Con: You want to die.



Pro: you don’t have to check in/on someone.
Con: no one to call when that funny thing at work happens.



Pro: No one will miss you when you hang yourself.
Con: There’s no one to go 50/50 with on the rope.



Pro: No one around to make you be responsible.
Con: No one around to make you be responsible.



Pro: all the porn you can masturbate to.
Con: the self-loathing and thoughts of suicide.



Pro: You have a lot of time to sit and think about things.
Con: You have a lot of time to sit and think about things.



Pro: You get to do what you want and when you want. You save money on dates. Nobody bothers you when you want to be left alone. You don’t have to deal with anyone else’s problems.
Con: If you need human touch, there is none. If you want sex, you have to pay for it or establish a FWB relationship. Extended loneliness could lead to a decline in mental health.



Pro: Freedom, get to make unilateral decisions, get to do what you want when you want, lots of casual sex.
Con: I’m so freaking lonely.



Pro: only have to depend on one person’s schedule.
Con: nobody to do stuff with.



Pro: More toilet paper.
Con: Less tissues.



• Learning how to love yourself
• Meeting new people without having to worry about making someone else jealous
• Not waiting for someone else to continue watching a show, you can binge watch anything without having to wait on another person
• Gaining independence
• Spending time doing whatever you want without worry about the feelings of anyone but yourself.

Sometimes you just really want a sidekick to be productive with. Someone to do chores/errands with you and lighten the mood. Sometimes you want somebody to talk with about the newest celebrity gossip or random happening in your personal life. Sometimes it’s nice to have someone who won’t judge you about those things that you want to share, but feel like your social media audience doesn’t need to know. Those things come with relationships, and it’s something special that isn’t easily replicated with anyone else.



Pro: Not having to answer to anyone about personal decisions.
Con: My family won’t shut up about me being single.



Pro: Nobody can whine at you about your weird habits.
Con: I miss cuddling.



Pro: You have all the time to yourself to devote your interest/hobby/passion in. Time to self-develop or to do things without caring what your partner will think. You have more money saved up to be able to enjoy activities or pick up things on the side. You have the freedom to meet and socialize with others at your own time. All choices and impacts made are the result of your own life and not taking the other’s mental/well-being in mind. You are free to choose any path you so desire.

Con: Once you’ve experienced what it’s like being in a relationship, it forever changes your brain pattern and when you stop being in one, that is when you learn what true loneliness is. The sudden feeling that life alone is not as great anymore. That is why you hear about how many people quickly find others as a rebound so they can keep their dopamine and serotonin high because those are the neurotransmitters that are involved when one is in a relationship and enjoy another’s company. Or when people end up taking drugs because some drugs can mimic the neurotransmitters of being in a relationship. (Look up fMRI studies involving love vs. recreational drugs, and you will see that similar parts of the brain metabolize with either one). In terms of loneliness, it’s a very severe thing that leads to degradation of mental health and that is why many individuals end up picking up hobbies to try to replace or repress that pathology.



Pro: You can do whatever you want, whenever you want. Want to go shopping for 2 hours? Why not? Too lazy to eat out/cook a proper meal for yourself? Just grab that can of soup and heat it up.
Con: No one to nerd out on things together like art exhibits and museums (these are things you can also do with friends, but sometimes it’s more fun with an SO).



Pro: Emotional independence. Your happiness is only reliant on yourself, not how someone else’s happiness or unhappiness is related to your own. Someone once told me being in a relationship brings your worst insecurities to the surface because someone else will know them and have to be ok with them if they’re willing to commit to being in a relationship. They could wake up any day and decide it’s not worth it and totally fuck your emotions.
Con: you have to have self-confidence in order to be emotionally independent. It can be really lonely, especially if you need others to validate you and you go through a dry spell or don’t have a good support system with friends and family.



Pro: Follow your dreams, personal growth, more relaxing alone time when you want it, live your life as you want to, optional leg and underarm shaving (ladies only, I suppose), anyone attractive you meet who is available can be a potential date, more time with friends, more time for hobbies, watching fewer movies and series that you really don’t like, fewer dishes to deal with and less food to buy (and only the stuff you like), that kind of explosively awesome sex you have with someone you are crazy about but don’t know that well, pre-date butterflies.
Con: Judgement from society, coupled friends tend to only want to socialize in couples, if your best friends are all in couples their partners will become their first ports-of-call for their personal lives and you’ll be left out and they won’t be that available for you when you need them, worrying about being ‘alone forever,’ no access to sex with someone who knows you in that way, no automatic plans for evenings and weekends, no real emergency contact.



Pro: You can come and go as you please, without having to compare schedules and appointments.
Con: Sure is great to have that special someone in your life to share everything with—bad and good.



Pro: you have a lot more spare time (I don’t play video games as much as I did before I got a gf).
Con: being with someone you love is amazingly fun and exciting.



• No one gets on my case about playing video games naked.
• I have a low monthly expense report.
• I can devote more time to my own passions and pursuits.

• Lack of companionship.
• No access to human touch. I’ve never even been on a date :(
• My bedroom is fucking disgusting because no one gets on me about cleaning it.



Pro: more free time, money and freedom of decision.
Con: a creeping feeling of loneliness that is the strongest when there’s nobody around with whom you could talk about it.



Pro: You get to do what you want, when you want. No bickering or being dragged to stuff you have no interest in. No faffing around having to look “presentable” at all times. Being able to do what you want without someone constantly checking up on you. Not having to give up your phone for it to be searched. Sleep diagonally in a bed.
Con: It’s awkward to go to a restaurant alone.



Pro: can literally starfish myself across the bed and not annoy anyone.
Con: having someone in the same bed is like having a heated blanket, lovely and cozy.



Pro: You can do whatever you want, whenever you want and never have to consult with anyone else’s needs or schedule. It allows you to have complete control over yourself.
Con: There are points where it can get extremely lonely. I remember there was one point when I was single where I looked forward to going to my barber because she would massage my head and face after my haircut and shave. It was the only physical intimate human interaction I ever had after my long term relationship ended. Sometimes, you completely don’t realize how much you need that until it is gone.



Pro: You can be as hoboish as you like without anyone really appreciating how bad it is. Plus, the bathroom is always free.
Con: Winter is colder without a human water bottle and for a girl, having to bring my own jacket is such a pain.

Done_fapsing_nowthis TC mark

12 Signs You’re Turning Into The Psycho Girlfriend You Swore You’d Never Become

Posted: 27 Nov 2016 04:00 PM PST, CoffeeAndMilk, CoffeeAndMilk

1. You go through his phone without permission. You used to casually glance at the screen when it lit up, just to see which name flashed across it. But now, you’re praying for him to use the bathroom, so you can read through all his messages — even the innocent looking ones from his friends and coworkers.

2You’re overly jealous. You’ve stopped inviting him out with your friends, because your BFF is prettier than you and you don’t want him around her. You know he wouldn’t flirt with her or anything. But you don’t want him to even look at her.

3. You keep starting pointless arguments. Maybe you’re bored. Maybe you need attention. Maybe you just don’t care anymore. But you keep starting fights over the most ridiculous things. You can’t help yourself.

4. You worry when he doesn’t text back ASAP. You don’t care if he’s working or hanging out with his buddies. If it takes him more than a half-hour to answer you, you’ll wonder if he’s gotten into a car crash or is sleeping with someone else. Your mind jumps to the worst case scenarios.

5. You freak out if he doesn’t compliment you. If you slip into a new dress, apply a new lipstick, or actually get a new haircut and he doesn’t compliment you on it, you flip. You assume he finds you ugly. He hates you. He doesn’t want you anymore.

6. You’ve physically hurt him. Girls can be abusive, too, and it’s not okay. You shouldn’t get so pissed that you throw a glass at him or slap him. That screams unhealthy.

7. You stalk his social media. This isn’t an occasional thing. You frequently check his Instagram to see if he’s been liking other girls’ pictures. And if he has, you can bet your ass there’s going to be a fight about it.

8. You spy on him. He’s given you no reason to suspect him of cheating, but you’ve still figured out his email password and have installed a GPS on his phone. You want to know where he is at all times.

9. You lie to get attention. You pretend your Uber driver was flirting with you to make him jealous. Or that you hurt your shoulder to gain sympathy. You manipulate him with your lies.

10. You want him to spend all his time with you. You hate it when he hangs out with a friend multiple times in a week or cancels a date to spend time with his mother. He’s the only person that matters in your life, so you can’t stand that he has other people in his life.

11. You bombard him with questions. You used to ask him informal questions about how his day was. But now, you’re asking him more and more questions. Who exactly was he working with? What time did he get off? Why did it take him so damn long to drive home?

12. You’ve stopped taking the pill. You kind of want to get pregnant, because you know it would force him to stick around. At least for a little longer. TC mark

When You Miss Me, Punch Yourself

Posted: 27 Nov 2016 03:00 PM PST / Ondine32 / Ondine32

When you miss me, punch yourself.

For always being hesitant; about your future, about your plans, about me, about us and about yourself. Punch yourself because you're a coward; a coward who doesn't want to acknowledge his feelings and a coward who decided to give up before even trying.

When you miss me, punch yourself.

For thinking I'd be okay with being the 'in-between' girl, for thinking I'd be another name on your list, for thinking I'd wait until you made sure there's no one else better for you out there and for thinking that I wouldn't know or understand the game you were playing.

When you miss me punch yourself so that you can finally understand how it feel to miss someone who doesn’t miss you.

When you miss me, punch yourself.

For thinking that you can get away with anything because you're used to, for thinking that everyone will follow your lead and your pace, for playing hard to get, for acting like you don't care when you're burning with desire. Punch yourself for not telling someone they matter or showing someone that you care when you had the chance. Punch yourself for taking yet another heart for granted.  

When you miss me, punch yourself.

For all the words you left unsaid, for all the texts you didn’t send, for all the calls you ignored, for all the questions you evaded, for all the conversations you didn't want to have and for all the moments that you ruined when you weren't fully present. Punch yourself for being so stingy with your heart and selfish with your feelings.

Punch yourself for always wanting to take much more than you're willing to give.

When you miss me, punch yourself.

Because this time, I won't respond to your text, I won't listen to you talk about yourself, I won't be there when you need me and I won't sacrifice anymore for you. Punch yourself because I stopped caring. Punch yourself because you pushed me away.

When you miss me, punch yourself, because I finally stopped missing you. TC mark

18 Men Talk About What It’s Like To Date A Girl Who Doesn’t Love Herself

Posted: 27 Nov 2016 02:00 PM PST



Exhausting. At least when it’s a true state of self-hate.

It’s like your love for them bounces off like rubber. No matter how good you are to them and show your love, they won’t stop thinking and acting in ways that are ultimately negative for most relationships.

For me personally, these kinds of relationships never lasted long. I’m supportive, but I can’t be a doormat to issues that never are attempted to be resolved.

— CardinalsFanatic


Just so frustrating and emotionally draining as everything you do for them gets thrown back at you. Presumed their self-confidence would improve over time… It didn’t. Would run a mile before going through that again.

— aljones27


You pour out your love trying to fill them up, but they have a hole in their love bucket and you both wind up empty. Broke up after 5 years.

— shadowcentaur


I’m in a 10 year relationship with a girl who hates herself.

She’s incapable of accepting my affection or praise, and she believes she’s unworthy of being better, so doesn’t care about bettering herself. We have a dead bedroom because she feels so unsexy she refuses.

She won’t diet, exercise, or work on making more money or saving.

It’s exhausting, alright…and it’s hardest because I still love her,and don’t want to leave, but don’t know how much longer I can handle it.

— 200PercentHonest


Suffocating. You spend so much emotional energy trying to convince her she’s a great/worthwhile person, and yet she never quite believes you.

— LouBrown


It’s fucking awful. Everything is taken negatively. Playful banter, constructive criticism, asking for what you like in bed, all of these things are interpreted as one thing: I’m not good enough.

0/10 would rather slam my balls in a sliding glass door.

— Omadon1138


Tiring and generally without reward.

— Clyde_Died


Like hitting my head against a wall. Any sort of negativism is a instant turnoff imo.

— GustavoM


Awful. Would never do it again. I’m not here to be your entire world and make you happy at all times.

— keanex


Terrible. I’m a firm believer in helping those who help themselves. I believe this because of an ex who didn’t love herself, even a little.

I had an ex who always talked down about her self, said she hated her appearance, her figure, her body, her talents, her everything. At first, I thought she was self-deprecating, maybe fishing for a compliment. It wasn’t until later on that things got ugly.

She had a bit of a rough childhood, grew up poor, and didn’t have any good men in her life. Her previous relationships ended in abuse, and she carried this with her. Every attempt at loving her and showing her how great she was ultimately ended in an emotionally charged fight, her hurling insults and abuse at me, and me trying to figure out how to help her.

We lasted a few months, and it ended with her dumping me and then cheating on me with a physically abusive ex. That messed me up for a long time, and it took me years until I got my head right.

By the time I met my wife, I was finally comfortable in my own skin, and met an amazing woman who was comfortable in hers.

If the man, woman, both, or other you are with doesn’t love themselves, at least a little bit, RUN. Get the fuck outta there. It’s okay if they have things they don’t like about themselves, but if they don’t like anything, leave money on the table for dinner and cab fare, and leave. Don’t even explain yourself, just say, “you should get an Uber” and go.

— cleric3648


Pretty terrible and taxing. Whenever you try to cheer them up or get them out their depressed state with words you truly mean, like they are beautiful and you do love them. Their mind truly tries its hardest to dismiss or reject that.

God forbid you are too tired to meet up with or have sex with a girl that truly doesn’t love herself, that is one of the worst personal affronts to them. On top of them already basically feeling not desired even though you constantly tell them otherwise you basically gave her more fuel to prove her right.

One of the weirdest side effects I did not expect is as a result it brought me down most of the time and even now years after my relationship with her it still gets to me sometimes.

— Rarelyrare


Rewarding when you break through and she accepts what you’re saying. But difficult.

— outline01


A fucking chore

And ultimately not something I can fix. So I will probably not stay with someone like that, almost makes it a self fulfilling prophecy

— smpl-jax


It’s awful.

  • She began to shower less often than anyone would consider normal. I’m talking days…
  • She put on so much weight she needed to buy new clothes
  • She didnt even wear the new clothes since she hardly ever left the house
  • While in the house she would always wear this hideous pink cotton robe
  • Talking to her was difficult
  • Getting her to laugh was impossible
  • She began to abuse ambien; staying up after she took the medicine to “enjoy” the high
  • She lost her job
  • She didnt try to find a new one
  • She stopped talking to my family
  • She stopped talking to her own

And all of this just describes the final 12 months of our marriage. I had to leave her. By supporting her I was enabling her. It was for her own good…and my own.

— youreallmeatanyway


I’m going through one of these relationships right now and I just constantly feel exhausted. No matter what you do, or how often, it never registers. All of that effort goes unrecognized and she makes it seem like you never do anything.

— TheActualAtlas


I suppose I have a different opinion than most I’ve read here. I will agree, it is lost impossible to properly love anyone who does not love themselves. At the same time, there are pieces of shit like me that thrive on this.

I can’t make you happy forever or possibly even for very long! Although, these situations and people can provide for an exciting and tumultuous ride.

I have no interest in a long term relationship, so there short spurts of insanity and loss of self can be very enjoyable and good for the short term as long as it is what you are seeking.

We are all broken in a way, sometimes these broken parts, when combined, can hold the weight of the structure.

— alpasa04


I agree with what most guys here are saying. But it’s all focused on the negative. To give some perspective on the actual range from negative to positive, there may come moments when it seems like you’ve gotten through.

Moments when she actually visibly lights up inside, even if it’s just a flicker. To see those moments happen inside a woman you love is indescribable. I’d bleed for those moments. But they’re still not worth it if she can’t help herself into real progress.

— jmteraberry


Like trying to put out a grease fire. They won’t accept a compliment, constantly ask why you’re with them, the sex is usually awful if it’s even existent, and they usually dress like they’re 90 years old. Although I can’t complain because I’m terribly insecure myself.

— drinkthebleach TC mark

10 Beauty Buys Under That Are Actually Worth It

Posted: 27 Nov 2016 01:30 PM PST

It can be a gamble trying to decide what’s worth it and what is just plain over-hyped but that’s part of the fun anyway. There’s something about scouring the Internet for the best undiscovered brands and reading pages upon pages of reviews before hitting the jackpot on that one item that feels a bit like a diamond in the rough. Cause if it ain’t about the deals, what are you really hunting for anyway?

1. Indie Lee Blemish Lotion | $26.98


This tiny, pink bottle is one hell of an acne fighter. “Blemish Lotion” is an overnight spot treatment that uses hero ingredients, salicylic acid and zinc oxide to dry out the pimple while reducing redness and inflammation almost instantly. I apply mine with a cotton swab before bed to give the product ample time to do its thing while overnight. As someone who has zero chill when it comes to pimples, quick results are a must. This one delivers.

2. Kari Gran Cleansing Oil | $30


Packaging alone is fire; glass container with simple black and white always does it for me. It should also go without saying, “Kari Gran” just sounds like someone I’d love to be friends with. A simple, natural cleanser, with only five ingredients. One being sunflower oil, which is super rich in Vitamin E and acts as an antioxidant for the skin. I opt for this cleanser at night when skin is most primed for repair. The oil feels spa status relaxing and takes off all my eye makeup, too.

3. Baby Foot Exfoliating Foot Peel | $16.18


If you haven’t been introduced to the magic of acid foot peels, you’re for sure missing out. The entire process is strange, bizarre even. You throw on plastic sheet socks, and let your feet soak for an hour. The formula contains insane amounts of key AHA’s: glycolic, salicylic and lactic acids, that help shed away dead skin. Think of it as a high concentrated chemical peel for your feet. After the purging phase, where your feet peel like crazy for a few days, you’re left with baby soft skin. Hence the name. Also, don’t Google before and after pictures of the peeling process. Just don’t. You’ve been warned.

4. Weleda Skin Food | $10.87


“Skin Food” does exactly what it says. It delivers ultra moisture in the form of a very thick cream for when your skin is dry, cracked, hangry (me always) and needs some TLC. It’s thick and goes on like a paste but blends in so smooth. I use it less as an all over moisturizer and more as a skin salve. Apply in spots only where hydration is really needed. It also works well as a dewy highlight on the go. I pat it along my cheekbone and down the bridge of my nose on those mornings when I can’t be bothered with a full-on makeup look.

5. Mario Badescu, Facial Rose Water Spray | $7


A basic rose water spray without the fuss. I’ve been known to buy products for their packaging and counter top appeal, but this is one product I can’t keep in stock. I use this every single day, multiple times throughout the day. I spray it on after I cleanse, when I’m feeling dry, when my makeup is looking dull, or when I need a good pick me up. It smells like a garden of fresh rose buds and you can’t beat $7.

6. Pūr-lisse, Blue Lotus 4-in-1 Cleansing Milk | $29.60


I’ll admit, I was so skeptical of this cleanser right out the gate, simply for having the term “milk” in the name. I’m not vegan but it threw me off. Luckily, I’ll try anything once and in this case over and over again. I love what this does to my skin. It removes all my makeup but leaves behind moisture that other cleansers strip away. Infused with blue lotus, soy milk, whole oat, and white tea, which all work in conjunction to support the brand’s ethos: asian beauty with french cosmeceuticals.

7. Aztec Secret, Indian Healing Clay | $14.89


I read about this clay mask a few years ago on a beauty message board and chalked it up to hype. My Amazon cart needed 8 more dollars to garner free shipping and this popped up on my “saved for later” cart. I figured I had nothing to lose so I went for it. I used it once on a Saturday and documented a before and after to compare, since everyone claimed the benefits were immediate. I was slightly red after for a couple hours but the flush to my skin brought a youthful complexion I hadn’t seen in years.

8. Klorane, Dry Shampoo | $10.00


Dry shampoo should be a staple in everyone's beauty arsenal. I don’t care who you are. Hair gets greasy (AF) and no one has the time nor the energy to wash it everyday. There’s a reason this won both Allure and Into The Gloss’ best of beauty awards. I was previously a Batiste fan until this one came along and won me over. It leaves your hair with a fresh, just-washed clean instead of the powdery-dry feel that most cheap dry shampoo’s leave behind.

9. The Face Shop, Rice Water Bright Cleansing Milk | $8.65


If you’re at all into K-Beauty you’ll get why this garners such a cult following. It’s gentle enough for twice a day use and works to clarify skin. Rice water is the main ingredient and aids with brightening and clearing. I immediately apply this after cleansing, it works to bring hydration back into the skin and remove any last bits of makeup. Comparable to a micellar water but more treatment focused. A great Korean beauty starter product that you’ll keep around for years.

10. OSEA, Essential Hydrating Oil | $30


Face oils have been my latest obsession in skincare mainly due in part to the ultra hydrating payoff. This one from OSEA really drives it home. The nourishing benefits of chamomile and lavender help lock in moisture while addressing anti-aging concerns, like wrinkles and fine lines. You know, the things that skincare nightmares are made of. I wasn’t an immediate fan of the roller applicator but once I figured out how easily I could target my neck area I was sold.

Now you know my deepest skincare fear—aging neck skin. Are we besties yet? TC mark