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Maybe I Want More Than ‘Just Sex’ (And Maybe That’s Perfectly Okay)

Posted: 05 Nov 2016 06:15 PM PDT


I liked that it all meant nothing. Whatever it was. However it started. However it ended.

Because I got what I wanted. It was a reminder that I could do whatever I wanted in life just because I felt like it, and the idea of that fulfilled me. Couldn't attraction just be raw and uncomplicated? Couldn't sex just be sex?

To me, there was nothing wrong with making out at bars and then being pushed against the brick wall outside my apartment, not caring who might walk by and see us groping each other. And there was nothing wrong with faking that innocent look like, "Should we?" when what I was really thinking was, "Who the fuck cares? C'mon."

It wouldn't be anything soulful. It wouldn't be anything familiar or kind. It would just be me and a guy, living in the moment and playing with each other because we just wanted to play. I didn't have to like him tomorrow. He wouldn't have to call me to say how much fun he had. And I wouldn't let it bother me that he might not kiss me goodbye in the morning. I got what I wanted. It was the thrill of the chase. And there were never expectations of what might happen afterwards. It would be nothing. I was fine with that.

I liked living my life without pressure. My days were light and young and free. I was fazed by no one. I liked belonging to no one. And the idea of all these emotions getting in the way of life? No, thanks—I was good. And it never made me feel weird when these guys would say things like, "I'm not really looking for anything serious right now" or, "I just broke up with someone a little bit ago." It actually made me pity them in a way that they'd think even for a second that just because they'd end up in my bed that suddenly I'd want something from them emotionally. "It's fine," I'd say. It really was fine.

The truth was that I wasn't looking for something, either—at least not with them. These guys only fit into one little box—and in my life that box could only fit in at night, after a lot of drinks probably, with hormones pressing. It's fine. I didn't have time for anything more than that, anyway.

This kind of fucking around, though, it doesn't last forever. Eventually someone real will sneak in and change everything. He'll break all those rules. He'll interrupt your anti-emotional self. He'll show you what sex actually means. That's what happened to me. And even though it didn't last but a little while, he still changed what I wanted from now on.

My friends say "a fling" will help me, though. A good romp to lighten up, get back in the game. But there was nothing exciting about that anymore—this kind of scandalous chase, kissing and only feeling it in one place, and pretending that this new, foreign body was something so exhilarating to my life. I used to believe in those nights. But now I realize that it was just a ploy to avoid emotional intimacy, to go for the guys who were ultimately unavailable. Was the sex with those guys ever all that great, anyway?

It's funny how a person can go from saying, "Who the fuck cares? C'mon." to shaking their head and saying, "I'm good. I'd rather be alone."

But I like that I'm different now. I'm happy I want more. TC mark

This Is How I Want You

Posted: 05 Nov 2016 05:15 PM PDT

Christopher Campbell
Christopher Campbell

I just want to kiss you like you've never been kissed before. The kind of kiss that starts at the lips but quickly spreads to every single extremity you have. The kind of kiss that for a split second makes you forget your own name. The one that will replay in your head until the next time you get to kiss me again.

I want to be able to be the one to make you forget the pain you've felt before. I want your last broken heart to be your last broken heart. I want to be able to heal you and remind you how incredibly lovable you are. I want you to be able to look at me and see nothing but happiness. I want you to know that I'm not going anywhere.

I want us to fight. I want to fight so hard but have no fear that one fight will tank us. We're going to argue. We're going to disagree. I just want us to know that we're going to get through it and be better for it. We're going to be able to express when things don't work. I want us to know that we've got this.

I want you to be comfortable enough with me to tell me every single scary thing in your past. Sure it's going to change the way I look at you but it's not going to change it the way you think it will. It's going to make me look at you as brave. It's going to make me look at you with pride. It's going to make me see you for who you are. And it's going to make me like you more.

I want to wake up to you next to me every morning instead of waking up alone. I've never wanted that before. I've never wanted someone to infiltrate my space and be around as much as I want you to be. I want you to be the reason why I don't sleep diagonally anymore.

I want a front row seat when you finally see everything that I do. It's everything I see when you're opening up and letting me into those corners of your heart that not many others have ventured to before. The rest of the world only gets a glimpse of who you are but I'm the lucky one who gets to see every part. It's a beauty that can't be replicated.

I want to trust you fully. I want to trust you more than anyone I've ever trusted before. I've believed in a lot of people who have let me down. It's hard to remember sometimes that you're your own person and not any of the people before. You are someone who continues to prove every day that you're trustworthy.

I want you to have your own life separate of me. Even though I want to be with you all the time, I want you to also keep your individuality. You deserve to have hobbies that don't include me. You're allowed to have time to do the things you love in order to recharge. We all have times that we need to be alone. I don't want you to think that I'll be offended if you need that. All I want is for you to do whatever self-care you need.

I want you to be happy. That's it. That's all it ever comes down to.

Whatever happiness looks like for you, I want that. I want that to be the main goal of your life. I want you to look at your life with content and satisfaction. While I can't immunize you against pain, I want you to have more good days than bad.

I don't know what'll happen with us but I do know is that you're the best thing I've felt in a while. So let's not focus on the future and live in the present. We don't have to define anything. We don't owe any explanation. Let's just be us. TC mark

What It Means To Have ‘Words Of Affirmation’ As Your Love Language

Posted: 05 Nov 2016 04:15 PM PDT

You are drawn to the soft-spoken, the gentle dulcet tones, the romantic way with words, the coaxing persuasion, the poised speech, the way meticulous diction creates superfluous melodies.

You are repulsed by rough, casual remarks, offhand comments that stick to you and sting, things they don't mean but you take to heart, curt, choppy one-liners and that lone 'k.' you receive in a text reply.

You will never be able to win debates or arguments, because they send your heart crashing and emotions sky-rocketing. You will never be able to brush off those random hate comments left by anons on your Instagram. You will never be able to bring yourself to ignore conversations, to let words float by.

You will fall in love with poetry and prose, for the way they lift your spirits and calm your soul. You will fall in love with writing and you will learn to pour yourself out, overwhelmingly, into pen and paper. You will fall in love with expressing yourself, with talking to strangers, with speaking your mind.

You will be made vulnerable, weak – to anyone with a tongue and the ability to use it. They will be able to manipulate you, trick you, tease you. They will be able to hold your heart in their hand as they praise you. You give them the power to hold a knife to you, but you trust them to never plunge it in. But they do.

Sometimes it's tiny pricks, when they forget to tell you they love you, when they break small, meaningless promises. Sometimes it's a gaping hole, when they pull away and stop texting, when they stop speaking to you, when they ignore your cries.

You will forever be weak to those who shower your with compliments and their constant messages, calls, conversations. You will be weak to those who seem to hate you with the way that they speak to you, ever so coldly.

But you will learn. You will learn that others show their affection in ways that are not heard or read. You will learn to be dependent on yourself for words of affirmation, and you will learn that not everyone means what they say. TC mark

A Comprehensive List Of Everything In My Life You’ve Ruined

Posted: 05 Nov 2016 03:15 PM PDT


It's taken me a long time to compile this list. I add to it often, every time you ruin something new. It's been over a month since I've seen you, or even spoken to you, but I still can't seem to get rid of you. The list was written just for you. I hope you see it. I hope you read it. And I sure as hell hope you feel bad about it.

Things You Ruined:

San Francisco – Yup. You managed to ruin an entire city. That one Adele song – This was all you. None of it me.

Every single Drake song – You were always singing them. I can't listen to a single one without thinking of you. Especially "Too Good." You were so drunk that night, you probably don't even remember singing it to me. I couldn't keep my eyes off of you, though. You and your stupid dance moves.

My white sneakers – Someone got ketchup on them and you cleaned them for me. You weren't always such a heartless piece of shit. That was the same night you kissed me for the first time, just for the record.

The train station – You picked me up there for our first date. You waited inside, which I thought was such a gentlemanly thing to do. You were so excited to see me. I remember your smile. I remember how you helped me carry my bags, and how you walked out of there with your arm around me. On the ride home, you said you wanted me to meet your friends, and your mom. Were you lying to yourself, or just to me?

Captain & gingers – This one feels self-explanatory.

My 26th birthday – You got into a fight with my best friend, while I was out celebrating with her. You gave me an awkward hug when I walked in and you didn't say goodbye when you left. You never texted me the next day, on my actual birthday. I hope you know how much I cried over you that day. Sober.

My favorite bar – I still run into you every single time I go there. Remember the night you brought me there for dinner? We ran into my Aunt Beth, and you introduced yourself to her, so confidently. You asked her if you could come to our family's Fourth of July party. You made it sound like you were planning on sticking around.

That Amy Schumer movie, Trainwreck You probably don’t even know why. That gas station, right near my favorite bar – You know why.

Rocky – You knew this was coming. You mostly ruined the 4th one. But really all of them. And by ruining Rocky, you ruined so many other things. How I Met Your Mother. Season 9. Episode 11. You managed to ruin that, too.

My faith in 20-something "men" – I hadn't had faith in a very long time, but you brought that back into my life. You reminded me that nice guys really do exist, and that I don't need to be so afraid of falling for one. You made me feel things that I had convinced myself I was incapable of feeling. You knew how much that all meant to me, and you took advantage of it. You used it against me. You used it to try to ruin me.

But here's the big difference between you and I – I know how to make myself happy. I don’t need someone else to do that for me. You may have ruined a lot, but you sure as hell could never ruin me. TC mark

How Learning To Hurt People Is Helping Me Heal

Posted: 05 Nov 2016 02:15 PM PDT

Alisa Zipursky
Alisa Zipursky

I told everyone I could about the first time I got punched in the face. I was excited because I was tired of people telling me I wasn't a real boxer until I took a hit.

I can thank the double-end bag for helping me hit the milestone. This tiny little devil is a melon-sized bag full of air and humiliation. One of my favorite pastimes is watching the new cocky brodudes try to hit it and see their egos crash harder than a fratboy after his 10th jager bomb.

The bag is both the best way to improve hand eye coordination, as well as the best way to disorient oneself so much that one ends up accidentally punching herself in the face. Which is precisely what I had done.

But no one needed to know that I was the one who punched me in the face. I was working hard to cultivate an air of toughness about myself, which is hard enough to do when you're typically the only woman in a warehouse full of shirtless ripped dudes.

It was easy to forget that there was a time only a few months ago when I was plenty tough just for simply showing up, considering I was so nervous that first day that I nearly shat myself on the bus ride there.

That first day getting off at the right bus stop provided no comfort, because Google Maps was leading me to a seemingly abandoned warehouse with a sign on it that read Beauty Supply Wholesale Cash & Carry.

Alisa Zipursky
Alisa Zipursky

Finally realizing that the gym was inside beauty supply warehouse, I walked in to find an industrial fan, a ring, 8 punching bags, a very graphic advertisement for a lotion that reduces ingrown hairs, five shirtless guys doing push ups, and one 50-something-year-old white haired man with a torso built like a brick wall who grunted at me when I said hello.

Alisa Zipursky
Alisa Zipursky

Despite being terrified both of boxing as well as not knowing where to put my eyes when all around me were shirtless sweaty dudes, (I have a newfound empathy for hetero guys in yoga classes), I knew I had to stay, and had to keep showing up. My doctor had recently diagnosed me with "homicidal rage", a new chapter in the ever-fun journey that is living with PTSD, and told me I had to find an outlet for my anger before it consumed me.

And beating the shit out of the bags was, indeed, an incredibly effective strategy for managing my homicidal rage. It was so strange and beautiful to be in a space where my anger was no longer a liability. I wasn't expected to be pretty, friendly, or frankly, even cordial to anyone, I was there to liberate myself through physical exhaustion just like everyone else. It is important for me to note my privilege as a white woman in being able to own my anger, as I have the privilege of not having to navigate the really shitty racialized stereotypes of "the angry black woman" or the "fiery latina".

I know it's more polite, especially as a wealthy east coast liberal elitist jewess, to say that zen came for me with the accomplishment befriending the trainer, a not easy human to befriend (which I did, love you Dave!), or with the accomplishment of being able to go four minutes in the ring without feeling like I was going to vomit (which I could).

Alisa Zipursky
Alisa Zipursky

But really, I can tell you exactly when I found my peace, and there's nothing polite about it. It was a moment six months in the making.

When I initially came in for my first workout ever there was one other person who happened to be starting that day as well, Alan. Alan had been brought there by a fellow bro who had been boxing for a few months. As I nervously did arm stretches I remembered from middle school PE class waiting for instructions from the trainer, I overheard these two nincompoops say to each other, "How is she planning on box with those boobs?" And then they giggled. Like a bunch of buttheads. And I never said anything to anyone about it.

About six month later, Alan showed up at the same workout as me and I watched him for a few rounds. I realized I could beat the shit out of him. I imagined being in the ring with him, and it became immediately clear how quickly I would dominate him and give him a real whopping.

And I didn't have to say anything, or do anything. I wanted to hurt no one, including Alan. But in realizing that I could beat this kid's ass, I had found power. And in my power, I finally found my peace.

I'm never going to fight Alan, hell at this point it wouldn't even be a fair matchup, but knowing I don't have to always run and hide, that I have the capacity to slug someone, even if it is accidentally myself, feels like freedom to me.

Story soundtrack

When it all falls down, I’m a free soul now, can’t nobody take that from me.

For a year, I have listened to this song every day as I enter the boxing warehouse TC mark

I Won’t Allow My Heartbreak To Make Me Lose Faith In Love

Posted: 05 Nov 2016 12:45 PM PDT

Brooke Cagle
Brooke Cagle

I lost appetite that whole day, because of thinking so much about you. My eyes were welling with tears, causing me to lose focus on my work. Our sweet conversations replayed in my mind over and over and over again, and I couldn't get more excited by just seeing you popping in my mind. You are truly awesome—someone with a great sense of humor. You excited me in everything you did, by simply being you, and it was more than happiness for me. I had so much faith in you.

Your beautiful green eyes and your genuine smile, I loved them.

I wept all day trying to sift the issues we had, asking myself how it all happened and why we let it happen. We could have done better. We could have done more to work it out, but we were left with no choice because as you said, you didn't want to hurt me and I agreed. I couldn't wait for nothing. That was not fair. Although, I thank you for the courage of letting me know and facing me even though you knew it would completely shatter me. Perhaps you knew from the start that it would happen anyway, but you never did tell me because you knew what I'd be up to.

I'm weak and fragile. You taught me how to take risks, but you failed to do it yourself. But I never blamed you. Despite how it turned out, I could say I'm still lucky.

Love remains and it's what that matters. We get to continue our life because wonderful things are about to happen.

Remember, when one door closes, three more open. But I wish that even if I wouldn't have three doors to open, this special one will remain closed forever. I wish I could jump in joy and settle. Yet it was never that way and there was nothing I could do. I thought that you would hold my hands and never let me go, just like what you said, "No goodbyes, no letting go. We'll never be alone. We're ready." I never saw it coming. I went with the flow. I might not have clearly understood your reason, but I wanted to believe it was for our benefit.

For a short period, we had beautifully imagined our life together. We planned to travel the world together, build a small school and teach English to kids. We made it our goal to try out new adventures that we'd never done before. It was too good to be true, but I believed whatever we dreamed of could come true. Now I know that taking risks means preparing for a new love, a new beginning, a new ending and something that is not happening.

Maybe…maybe one day in the future, things will change. Because that's how it's supposed to be. We can never be stuck forever in this sweet mantra of life.

"You were like a precious gift given to me, but was suddenly taken away, and I cried trying to get you back but it was hopeless."

I never regret I met you and let you stay in my world even for a short span. The moments I had with you were the happiest. I was always gleeful, because I always had something to look forward to. Unfortunately, our love story was short lived. It all happened in just a snap of a finger and everything great was gone.

If ever you're reading this, I hope that you remember me. And I hope that God bring you back to me one more time, because you're amazing. I didn't want to admit it, but I fell for you even though I never met you in person. I thought we would be really happy together, but you broke my heart by deciding to just let go. Mutual decisions sometimes are the most painful. It was the saddest Monday morning I ever had. I may not have had understood your reasons, but I just believed it was for the both of us.

I still believe that what's meant to be will always find a way. I'll still take the risk whatever happens and whatever comes my way. That's what you taught me. It's part of growing up. Goodbyes are not forever. I'm hopeful that one day, our paths will cross again down the road and we'll meet each other again, but this time, in person.

I like taking risks. I'm not afraid to do so. And this is a chance for me. Plus when it comes to love, chances and hopes are the only thing you have. It's life. I'm not afraid of trying. I'm a very optimistic person. I believe everything will always work out in the end. God has a plan for everyone and they say that if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans. It's life, babe. You can't stay terrified, or else you'll be missing out on amazing things.

Sometimes things are hard but that's fine. Every failed relationship is a real failure, but it teaches us lessons. Lessons on what you want and what you don't want. And then you get to know and understand yourself more. One day, you will and there will be someone with his arms out to catch you. You deserve it because you're beautiful. You're a beautiful soul. TC mark

The End Of The Meet Cute: Why Romance Doesn’t Need To Be Like A Movie

Posted: 05 Nov 2016 12:15 PM PDT

Amazon / Serendipity
Amazon / Serendipity

I'm willing to lie about how we met.

This is a line I often see written on people's online dating profiles when they're trying to be funny and point out the obvious – that meeting online kind of sucks. It is a line that is anticipating the common desire for a more romantic "how we met" story: The desire for a meet-cute.

What Is A Meet-Cute?

A meet-cute is a scenario where two individuals meet for the first time in an unlikely, destined-for-each-other sort of way. A way in which you can't help but feel may have been fate.

Oftentimes, a meet-cute involves some sort of funny or unique situation, butterflies in your stomach and an immediate spark.

Imagine being seated next to an eligible bachelor or bachelorette on an airplane, and bonding over both being scared of flying. You end up dating and falling in love . . .

. . . I'm usually seated next to screaming babies on airplanes, so if I was ever seated next to a cute eligible bachelor, I'd definitely consider that fate – and I would certainly consider that a meet-cute.

Romance Isn't Always Like A Movie

In a Rom Com, the meet-cute is the scene where the Protagonist meets his or her love interest. For example, there's a great meet-cute in the John Cusack movie Serendipity. He and Kate Beckinsale's character meet at Bloomingdales during the busy Christmas season, after both reaching for the last pair of black cashmere gloves. The rest is history.

There's just something ultra-romantic about meeting someone 'accidentally'. Some unique or funny circumstance when you were least expecting it creates a great story. However, life isn't at all like a movie, and that's ok.

The only dating app I've used that has cleverly caught on to the fact that meeting online isn't ideal for everyone is Happn. On Happn, you get to meet singles you've crossed paths with in real life. This creates more of a "missed connections" scenario and less of a "he swiped right" scenario. It feels like a more natural "how we met" story than most dating apps create, and the app alludes to the fact that you could have met in real life – you just narrowly missed each other. This way, it still sort of feels like 'fate'.

It's Getting Increasingly More Common To Meet Online

More and more people are meeting on dating sites or dating apps, resulting in less funny stories of "how the Bride met the Groom" being told at weddings. However, maybe that's just fine. Perhaps an interesting story of how a couple met each other isn't as important as some people think it is.

It is more likely these days that rather than paying attention to an eligible bachelor sitting next to you on an airplane, you will be too busy frantically getting as many messages sent on a dating app as possible before your plane begins take-off and you're told to put your electronic device away.

Our generation is happily adapting to the growing popularity of online dating, and realizing that meeting online is normal and perfectly fine.

The same people you would meet on an airplane or at the grocery store are also on Happn. Is there someone you met recently who you were crushing on a bit? Perhaps that handsome sales rep from your meeting last week? If he or she is not already taken, the likelihood that you'll find them on a popular dating app is quite high.

Your First Date Story Can Be Better Than Your "How We Met" Story

Perhaps some of us don't have the cutest "how we met" story, but we could always tell the adorable or funny story of our first date instead. If you need a memory to cherish, cherish that one. Don't place such high importance on the story of how you met someone, because it is not that relevant in the grand scheme of things.

Your Chemistry and Your Connection Matter The Most

Having great conversation, great laughs, and great chemistry with someone matters a whole lot more than a meet-cute. If the way you met was because he messaged you on a dating app, that's fine! A cute story of how you met, or a funny first date story are both bonuses – but these stories pale in comparison to the bigger picture and the bigger story: the bond the two of you share, your amazing relationship, and where you ended up. TC mark

It Has Always Been You

Posted: 05 Nov 2016 11:45 AM PDT

Alex Jodoin
Alex Jodoin

We have danced along each other’s borders
since before we were born, your eyes
calling to me, between dimensions,
with gentle whispers of greenish-blue.

My body has been waiting impatiently
for your touch to bring it alive,
for your kiss to chisel away
the volcanic rock encircling my heart.

It has always been you
that I'm searching for, yearning for,
lusting after, dreaming of
and begging for

Please let it be you.
Please let it be you.
Please let it be you.
Let me find
you, among all of the billions
who have nothing for me
but cold stares and derision,
let me find

With one look you will know
what I'll never show
to anyone else
but you.

There has never been a single moment
you have not been a beacon
lighting my path.

You have always been
the song in my heart.
I just didn't know
the words.

I just didn’t know
it was you.

Until now. TC mark

The Unedited Truth About The Girls You Call ‘Crazy’

Posted: 05 Nov 2016 11:16 AM PDT

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

“All girls are psycho.” It’s an explanation often cried by immature boys who can't come up with a real reason on why they can't commit to a girl or when they just want to get rid of her in general.

But what exactly makes a girl "psycho"? The truth is that most girls that are called this are really not psycho at all. Have you boys ever seen Gone Girl? Has a girl pulled that stunt on you? Pretended to be missing/murdered and frame you for the crime as revenge? No?

Then she’s probably not psycho, she probably just really likes you.

Sure, us girls may joke about being psycho and crazy with our friends because we drunk texted that guy we like 5 times in a row or stalked his ex's Instagram page all the way back to their high school prom. But joking around with our friends about it is far different than being called that by a guy we like. Reputations (unfortunately) tend to stick with a person so branding a girl a “psycho” could very well affect her chances at a new relationship in the future.

Even though the truth is she’s really not that crazy, you’re just emotionally immature. 

She’s psycho because she asks you questions about what you’re doing? Maybe she just genuinely cares about what you are doing. If you aren’t doing anything shady then why not just share your plans with her. And if she is investigating a little extra, the chances are it is because she doesn’t trust you because of something that happened in the past. Think about it and be considerate of her feelings before name-calling. She's not always prying for an invite to whatever you are doing, because chances are she probably has plans of her own with her friends, this can literally just be a topic of casual conversation.

So what if she wants to hang out a lot? This is a good thing.

She is not stalking or suffocating you. She just enjoys her time with you and would rather spend it with you rather than some other guy.

Boys should consider this a high compliment rather than a high warning sign. Blowing off a girl who shows genuine interest in you only proves your crazy commitment issues. And if you don't feel the same about her then be honest, don't be a coward.  Leading her own could cause her to actually go crazy on you for lying. Girls respond much better to honesty than you might believe.

She may text you 10 times in a row but she's not really crazy- she is either 1) drunk (probably very drunk) 2) misses you 3) she is mad about something you did. And if boys would just answer the damn message then the girl would have no reason to text multiple times in a row anyway.

A girl should not be given the "crazy" title just because she is upfront and acts on her feelings about someone.

I don't discount that there are some extremely crazy bitches out there who do some wild stuff but for the most part, girls are just more sensitive than boys especially when it comes to falling for/ showing their true feelings for someone. Boys want to appear tough and masculine especially around their friends which is probably they use the word psycho as a defense to prove they're not as emotional as women.

Don’t mistake craziness for caring. The realities are very different.

So boys, better think twice and analyze the situation the next time you want to call a girl crazy or psycho because she might just go real Amazing Amy on your ass as a result.

And hey, maybe guys are the "psycho" ones for not understanding (or having?) feelings at all. TC mark

You Don’t Need Him To Give You The World, You Just Need To Be Able To Trust Him

Posted: 05 Nov 2016 11:15 AM PDT



A five little word that carries so much weight. Do you trust me? What a loaded question. It's asking if you can count on that person to be good to you. It's asking if someone can hold your heart in the palm of their hands, free to do with it as they wish, all the while you're standing off to the side, powerless and vulnerable.


It means letting go of the past and stepping forward into the new. It means becoming something that you weren't before, this time tied with another person, with another soul that you may or may not fully know just yet. It means giving into love, giving into a lover's embrace, giving that person the power to destroy you, and believing that they won't.


It's being able to stand on solid ground and knowing that he'll put his faith in you. That he'll let you be free, be yourself, live your life. And that he won't question you. Because he trusts you.


It's knowing that wherever you are, whatever distance lies between your physical bodies or wandering minds, that you'll be good to each other. That you'll be true. That no matter what happens, your hearts will stay pure and be only for each other. And that you will keep your word.


It's the first step of real love. It's vulnerability. It's everything.

See, you don't need him to give you the world in the palms of his hands. You don't need him to cater to you, to put you before himself every moment of the day, to spoil you with gifts and affection. Those things are nice, but they aren't everything. Trust is everything. And so you don't care for ridiculously expensive things or lavish dates. You don't need items that sparkle in the light or empty his pockets. You don't need him to give you all that he has, and then some.

You just need to be able to trust him.
And you need him to trust you.

Because when you pull back the curtain, when you strip down to the basics, when you unveil the truth about your relationship—trust is all there is. And if you don't have trust, you don't have real love. TC mark