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6 Real Sex Stories That’ll Make You Disgustingly Horny

Posted: 18 Dec 2016 08:00 PM PST

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Thought Catalog Tumblr

1. Watching turns into play

I lived next to this really pretty redhead who was about 22 and I was 28. She had a party one summer night and invited me to it to meet her boyfriend who was in from out of town.

As the party died down around 2 am, and it was the three of us, she got up and put a porn on. I went to leave and she said for me to stay. I stayed and all three of us watched it for a while. We were all horny and they started to make out. I went to leave because I was by myself. She told me to stay because she and her bf had always had a fantasy about fucking in front of someone. So I stayed and watched.

She was about 5’4″ tall weighed maybe 120 lbs. Her breasts weren’t tiny but weren’t huge either, kind of looked like two perky apples on her chest. She had her nipples pierced, as well as her belly button, and the hood on her clitoris. He was about 5’8″ tall and probably around 160 lbs. He was in decent shape, but I did notice he was not that well endowed, maybe 5″ long and thin. I am 5’10” tall and weigh about 185 lbs. I am about 8″ long and 2 3/4″ thick.

I was getting hard as a rock and she asked me to play with myself while the fucked. Her bf said to go for it. So I pulled it out and was stroking it. She told me to move over next to them so they could both watch. I was literally a foot from their heads. I kept stroking, and right as I was about to cum, I said “I am going to cum.” All of a sudden he jumped up and wrapped his mouth around my cock and swallowed the whole load.

He was all embarrassed and got up and ran into the bathroom leaving his gf and myself wondering what the fuck just happened. He stayed in there for quite a while. We just sat there in silence for a few minutes, then she looked at me and asked me what the hell just happened and that she had no idea that he would do that. She got up to check on him, and told him to get out here and explain what just happened.

He wouldn’t come out of the bathroom so she threatened to fuck me if he didn’t come out and talk. She came back and started sucking on my cock. Eventually I started fucking her. We had no idea he was watching. When I was about to cum, I pulled out and shot on her stomach and outside of her pussy, I crawled off and we were both laying there exhausted, she with her legs still spread and my cum dripping down and me just laying there. He came over and crawled between her legs and started to lick her pussy and body. She was so into it she went with it. When he finished he looked at me and I had a look of WTF?!?!? on my face and she sat up and asked him to explain why he swallowed my load from my cock and then ate my load off her body.

He explained that while he was away at college he experimented with a couple of guys and he really likes the taste of cum and sucking cock. She asked him if he was gay now, and he replied that at the minimum he was bisexual. They argued for a while because he had cheated on her and never discussed this side of his sexuality with her.

— twohunglow

2. My Wife And I Have Very Hot Sex

Me and my wife have been married 5 years, been together for 11 years total. We have 2 daughters, one is almost 3 and the other is only 5 months old. Enough with the boring stuff.

We’ve always had such passionate sex that I think it’s worth sharing details on. I know the sex lives of couples can fizzle out over time leading to a sexless, boring, and sad existence. But that’s never really been a problem for us. Sure we’ve gone through stretches where we have the same routine and it can get a bit boring, especially if one or both of us wasn’t really into it. I think we learned over time that you have to put the effort into wanting to pleasure and be pleasured or it’s not fun for either side. Now even that can be hard at times but our love for each other is so strong that we express it in the best of ways when we make love.

It’s rare that we ever just strip down and start fucking. It almost always starts with a lot of foreplay. Kissing, making out, real hot and heavy tongue kissing, not the normal kind of make out you’d occasionally do in public. Like porno tongue kissing but sexy and passionate. Sometimes we get into this trance of really slow tongue kissing and lip sucking and it just boils our blood. I think it’s in these moments where our hearts race and we feel just as in love if not more than we were when we were just a couple of young 20 somethings.

Now while all this is happening she is always stroking my cock, getting me hard as a rock and I’m always playing with her ass (her ass is a very sensitive erogenous zone) and then her pussy. Rubbing her clit, getting her wet, fingering her, etc.

Next I lick, eat, taste and devour that sweet delicious pussy and on occasion I put her on all fours and eat her ass! I know it’s gross to some people but I’m not ashamed to say I love eating that ass! I’m not like shoving my tongue in there, just licking all around the outside and lightly sucking and biting on her ass cheeks. I’ll usually massage her clit simultaneously and make her cum like crazy.

Now I’ll also make her cum while eating her pussy and I’ve become more and more turned on by putting as much of my mouth over her pussy as I can and I just suck and lick her until she comes. And it was only just recently that I realized how insanely delicious and sweet her juices are when she comes. It’s so fucking hot.

On occasion I’ll alternate licking her ass and her pussy. If the mood strikes she’ll convey body language that she likes it and wants more, usually a finger in her ass while I lick her pussy and clit. This drives her wild and she always cums quickly. And on a very rare occasion this type of foreplay can lead to anal which is a nice treat for me! Probably more of the taboo that makes it hot versus the actual feeling, but fun none the less.

After I go down on her she always reciprocates with a fantastic blowjob. She is so good at sucking dick it just makes me incredibly hard. Nothing can make my dick harder than her mouth and lips on it (well except maybe her pussy but we’ll get there). She’ll lick up and down the shaft on the sides and do some tongue flicking on the glans which is super sensitive. Occasionally she’ll suck my balls but I’ve grown less fond of having them sucked. It actually feels better when she licks the underside of them and even as far down as my taint. She used to lick down there and even sometimes my ass while she strokes me (rusty trombone). But she hasn’t done that in years and I guess it doesn’t mean that much to me since I don’t ask for it. She’ll get into this rhythm where she sucks slowly and then uses her index and pointer finger to make a circle and she’ll slide the finger circle up and down my shaft as she sucks up and down. It’s so hot and it feel so damn good.

— alldaydiver

3. Fucking My Wife A…Different Way

My wife’s libido is falling off a cliff. I’m patient with it, but I also need to get into her pussy sometimes. My dick literally aches for it.

She lets me in there every couple weeks maybe. Hopefully she gets up for it, but sometimes she’s just limp and I wish I hadn’t bothered. I’d rather beat off (which I love to do) than fuck her limp body.

Last night was as bad as it gets. She got naked, and was gonna let me fuck her, but it became clear that she was completely uninterested and bitchy, which is horrible. I get off on getting her off, so enthusiasm is entirely required.

I expected this going in, given the recent trend. But this time instead of forging ahead with the same old pathetic lifeless sex, I got a little mad. I figured I’d get some pussy quickly, then give up and go back to my mancave to jerk off. So this no longer required much from her.

I was irritated, I just decided to take what I needed. I stopped speaking, I put her on her back and pulled her legs apart, quickly spit on my hand, briefly rubbed it on her pussy, and thrust in hard. I decided to just take what I wanted for a couple minutes, and what I wanted was to get inside her pussy. I needed to feel real pussy.

I started right in fucking much faster than I usually would. There was a little kissing but that just didn’t work well enough and I was back up on my hands thrusting. I noticed she was propped up on the pillows the way she likes, but it screws up my body position. So without asking I just reached around her waist and tossed her off the pillows and got back to some more fast fucking. It was strangely energizing — I was just pounding her.

This got her attention. She started actually moving her hips and breathing harder. Her pussy was getting wet, and I could smell her pussy, which is a terrific bonus that doesn’t often happen. I was taking her like never before, and I guess she liked it. The smell and feel of her wet pussy while I was pounding her had me extra horny and hard and ready to blast soon.

I never fuck this fast, I never cum this fast, but this was unique. This was only about me getting some pussy quickly. But now it was going so well, it was also about blasting a horny cumload on her. After a couple minutes of hard fucking, I picked up the pace more and more. I fucked her harder, I tensed up all over. She was getting louder and wetter, I guess she loved it. I was just pounding her wet pussy and taking whatever I wanted, fast. It was entirely about me, but that seemed to work for her too.

More pounding, and soon I was ready. I pulled out and decided to cum a little higher on her. I usually spray her stomach while she rubs my balls but instead I took one step forward while on one knee and I squeezed my hot cum load up onto her tits and neck and chin. I didn’t care if she didn’t like it, I meant for her not to like it. She has never wanted my cum on her face… but this time she loved it. She was rubbing my balls and dick and –astonishingly — she actually sat up and sucked my cock for the first time ever after a fuck — and this has been 15 years. She never let my cum in her mouth before last night.

That was AWESOME, of course, and I held up there for bit, catching my breath, getting a hot slutty post-fuck cocksucking. Wow. But I was still feeling this weird anger fuck. Without saying a word, I grunted, pulled my dick out, flopped back away from her, and rolled off the bed. I didn’t care what she did or said. I quickly yanked on my jeans, shut the door, shirtless, grabbed a couple beers, and soon passed out on the living room recliner.

I’m looking forward to taking her again tonight. I told her I was going to fuck her again and she was entirely receptive. This time maybe she’ll let me give her a good horny slutty mouthful of cum. I REALLY hope she sucks my dick again after I cum.

— stevenotreallysteve

4. I just divorced my wife, and exploring my Gay Side

I’ve been bi as long as long as I can remember but have never really fully explored my gay side. After being married for over 20 years and raising two kids, my wife and I are separating for at least a few months while I figure this out. She was really pissed, at first, but has since calmed down and we are working through how to do this. I have been moved out for a whole week now, and I’m living with my straight friend who is also divorced. My first week of freedom I had sex with one guy twice and with 2 other guys once each. […]

On Thursday I started a conversation with a guy named Connor, but by the time we started chatting it was nearly midnight and I was very tired, so we decided to see where things took us Friday. All day Friday at work I left Connor’s profile open, on my phone. I constantly went back going over his pics and stats. 6’2″ tall and 220 lbs. A little chubby and covered in a fairly thick coat of hair. A bear for sure. But what I really liked were his dick pics. 7.5 inches, cut and gorgeous. I admit I am a sucker for a good looking cock. He texted me a little after 5:00 pm while I was driving home. I called him back and we chatted while I drove. He had a deep voice and laughed a lot. He said I could come over whenever I wanted. I said I would go home and clean up, then grab some beer and head his way. I told him 90 minutes, but it was almost 7:30 by the time I pulled into his driveway.

I parked behind a blue F-150. His garage door wasand so was the hood of a mustard yellow 64 Camaro. Connor came out from behind the car and introduced himself. We shook hands and opened beers while he told me about his car. We looked at some of his other toys, a dirt bike, a mountain bike, snowboards and longboards. He was an electrician by trade and things were going well. After checking out all his stuff, we went inside and opened another beer. He looked like he could drink a lot of beer. We took our beers and sat down next to each other on the sofa. Our eyes met and we could both tell how horny we were. Our lips and tongues crashed together as we tried to set down our beers without spilling them. Our arms embraced each other as we pressed our bodies together. Connor was clean shaven but his five o’clock shadow was already rough.

I broke our kiss and started working my way down his neck, as I pushed him back and climbed on top of him. He moaned as I worked my way up and down his neck from his ear to his collarbone, while my hands explored his broad chest over his shirt. My exploration eventually led further south where I could fell the outline of his stiffening erection through his jeans. I slid down, an got on my knees between his legs. He looked down at me and smiled while I fumbled with with the bottom and zipper on his jeans. He lifted his ass so that I could slide them down leaving Connor in his athletic style jockstrap. The smell of dick was sumptuous. I nuzzled into his crotch savor if the scent of his manhood. My cock was so hard. I pulled aside the white ribbed fabric and out flipped his hardening 7.5″ penis and Connor grabbed his beer and sipped it. I grabbed it and enjoying the softness of the skin and the hardness of the shaft. I held in front of me and admired the head. I ran my finger around the ridge of his helmet and traced his veins up and down his shaft while Connor watched and drank more beer. A tiny pearl of pre-cum started to ooze out of his cock slit. I touched it with the tip of my tongue and pulled back allowing a translucent string of saliva and pre-cum to connect my mouth to his cock. He watched everything intently. I opened my mouth wide and slowly lowered it down over his dick until I felt the tip touching the back of my throat. I closed my lips tightly and pulled back applying pressure. I continued to bob up and down on Connor’s dick while he drank beer and enjoyed the show.

After about 15 minutes or so, he pulled me off and planted a big wet kiss on my lips. “I need another beer, you?” I pounded the rest of mine and said sure. We took our beers to the bedroom where we both stripped down to our jockstraps. The room was messy with work clothes and towels on the floor. There was an unmade king sized bed and a large tv on the wall. Connor flopped down in bed and turned on some porn on the big screen. It was a couple of manly leather bears grunting and sucking and fucking, and it made it seem like there was a couple of other guys in the room with us. I took a big swig of my beer while I stood beside the bed and admired this big bear of a man. He wasn’t fat. He didn’t have a gut that would hang over his belt, he was just big and thick everywhere. Including his cock. As I stood there looking down and admiring him he reached out and started fondling my hard cock and balls. So I reached down and started playing with his junk. After a few minutes he leaned over and took my whole dick in his mouth, all the way to the pubes. It was so warm and wet. He really went to town sucking and bobbing up and down until I was on the edge in almost no time. I pulled out and told him I was too close. “No problem,” he said. ” I’ll eat your ass instead”. So I climbed on to of him with my ass in his face and his dick in my face.

He licked and fingered my ass for at least half an hour, eventually working three of his beefy fingers into my wet hole. I just enjoyed the buffet of hairy cock and balls I had in front of me. Finally Connor couldn’t take it anymore. “Damn I need to fuck your ass,” he said, getting out from under me and positioning himself behind me while I was on my hands and knees. On the screen I front of us a black guy in leather chaps and harness was fucking a muscled hairy bald guy in a sling. I watched the scene on the screen while Connor got a squirt bottle of lube and a condom. Soon I felt his tip searching for love portal, a little too high, so I reached behind me and guided him inside me. He slid in easily but slowly, going all the way until I felt his pubic hair against my butt, then left it there for a minute or so, before slowly starting to move back and forth. When I first started bottoming, there were times when fist being penetrated it would still hurt, and sometimes a greedy top would try to go to quick. I was more experienced now, so pain was unusual, but sometimes there would be some discomfort. Not tonight though. Despite his size, Connor got things going slowly and built his pace and force gradually. Within about fifteen minutes however he was pounding me as hard as I’ve ever been pounded and stabbing my man-cunt with full thrusts that took him completely out of me to buried balls deep. We changed positions and guzzled some more beer. Now I was on my back while he held me by my ankles. Fuck I was in heaven. He thrust his dick all the way into my butt hole and I moaned loudly. He let go of my ankles an leaned down to kiss me while he ground he cock inside me, my own erection trapped between our bodies. We broke agin for more beer. He laid on his back, his hard dick against his stomach. I climbed on top of him, and lowered myself down onto his sword stabbing my guts to the hilt. I leaned forward and we kissed while rode him for at least twenty minutes. “Where do you want me to cum?” He asked eventually.

“I want to make you cum with my ass,” I said.

“That might take a little while longer,” he said. I was ok with that so I continued to ride him. After another 15 minutes or so, he started grunting and thrusting his hips up against me. I knew he was close so I increased my pace. I spit in my hand and grabbed my own hardon, so I could be ready to shoot my load when he came. It want long before we were both grunting and moaning loudly as we climaxed together. I laid down on him, all sweaty until we had to get up for more beer.

It was almost 11:00 and we drank beer and watched lorn and talked for a while. I noticed Connor start to fool around with his dick, shaking it and getting it hard. I leaned over and helped with my mouth, which usually gets me super hard. When Connor was hard again, I got on my hands and knees and he got right to business behind me. I didn’t need much warming up after the first time. He fucked me in various positions for the next hour until finally pulling of his condom and stroking his cock furiously until he unloaded on my chest. I was already jacking it too and it wasn’t long before I mixed my cum with his.

It was almost 1:00 when I left. My legs were shaking and I could hardly walk. Today has been a little rough. I am sore but I can’t wait to see Connor again. Fuck I love cock.

— kentrichard1970

5. I met her on the beach

This happened during the summer, probably a week into August.

I was at the gym, and I had a nasty chest and arm pump going. I decided to get some cardio in that day but didn’t feel like staying at the gym any longer, so I decided to run on the beach instead.

I got to the beach and I took my shirt off, because when you’re at the beach, you’re expected to be shirtless. I began running, had my keys in my pocket, my phone with headphones connnected in my hand and the house music was bumping. I was running between the hard, wet sand and the loose, dry sand. Within the first 10 minutes of my run, I saw these girls about the same age as me and we ended up making brief eye contact as I passed by. I threw in a little nod and gave a cheeky smile.

When I reached the main lifeguard tower which is about a half mile from my starting point, I turned around and ran the other way. By the grace of God, the girls were still in the same spot. I decided like going for a little swim, but I didn’t want to risk getting my stuff stolen as it was fairly busy (11:30 am in a tourist town). I asked the girls if they would mind if they could watch my stuff as I went for a swim, they obliged.

Went for a little swim, came back, commence small talk. Basic questions like if I was from around there, if they were visiting, etc. They were in town to visit the fair and the rest of the city. One of them asked if I wanted to hang out later, said yes, we exchanged contact info, and we parted ways after a decent amount of time of talking.

Went home, showered, and awaited for her to send me a snap. Sometime goes by, roughly 4 in the afternoon. Then I get the message. She’s at a hotel not too far away and she provides her room number.

I arrive. I brought my drawstring bag with me packed with the essentials: phone charger, jacket, and some condoms. She ended up meeting me in the lobby. She guided me back to her room, and we started watching some TV. While we were watching, we talked a bit more. I’m sitting on one end of the couch, and she’s on the other. After a little bit, she repositioned herself, but this time she’s on my lap, and this triggers a boner.

There was no way she didn’t feel it. But she looks at me and winks, gets up, grabs my hand, and takes me to the neatly made bed.

Foreplay ensues. She starts giving me a blowjob and it was my first one so I really had no idea what to do with my hands. I was flat on my back so I kinda just put one hand on the back of my head and the other on my chest. I tap out before I burst. Then I go down on her and that was also my first time at something. Eye contact was avoided as she seemed to be enjoying herself and had her eyes closed.

After foreplay, I bring out a condom and she helps put it on, I was able to maintain the erection by jerking myself off while going down on her.

To start, we went with the standard missionary position. However, it didn’t last long since it was my first time. She asked if it was because what felt like 5 minutes was more like a minute and a half. She said not to worry and that there would be plenty of more to come.

Its only 7:30pm and we end up cuddling on the bed while the tv was going in the background. She initiated round 2 by sliding her hand into my boxers and began working her ways. This time we did a different position, since I had to get up and grab another Durex, I was off the bed, and when I got it on, she was on the edge of the bed, and opened her legs cordially inviting me to penetrate her. I accepted of course, and she has me put her sun kissed legs on my shoulders, this was great. She felt like mixing it up a bit. I pulled out, almost about to burst, and she turns over into her stomach and has me continue. (Not anal) I wanted to last as long as possible so I could enjoy this sweet view. Lasted probably 2 minutes plus the first 2ish in the starting position. Back to cuddling. Get a text from the mother saying I needed to head home (both me and my new female accomplice are 18 btw.). I head home but the girl said she’d message me the next day for some more.

Wasn’t until around noon till she sent a snap. I forgot my drawstring bag back at her hotel and the snap I received was a picture of the condoms, captioned, ‘ready for more. ;)’

Went over. More fucking. We fucked maybe 3 times. Would’ve been more but she wanted to go out and get something to eat. After we ate at a local diner, we went back to her hotel for another round. Then, we went to a movie at 830. It was her idea to have sex in the car after the movie. Got back to the hotel. Went to the bed, and we ended up spooning the night away. Spent the night at her hotel room. Woke up next morning, and good ol morning wood woke both of us up. This iniated even more love making.

She had to leave that same day, and it was bittersweet saying goodbye because I knew I wouldn’t be getting any hot action like that anytime soon. But the sweet part was that my back could heal from all the scratching on her end.

— Skeezelele

6. When Church Kids Get Naughty

It was summer time and we were both young and ready for adventure and fun. I was a staff member at a summer camp, back from my first year at college and you were just out looking for some fun. I was a 20 year old male boat driver and wakeboard instructor and to this day I don’t remember your name but I know you were an 18 year old Hispanic female, very attractive and that we definitely caught each other’s eye.

We were hanging out with our mutual friends at a church gathering called camp meeting. A gathering usually reserved for adults to talk about boring church business while the younger age groups get into trouble. That was where we caught each other’s eye.

I remember watching you and your sister laughing and joking and feeling the primal urge arise inside of me. Something about you drove me crazy. I remember the moment I happened to glance down as you were writing in the dust on my friends car. I caught site of the word “penis” I looked up and our eyes locked. I glanced away uncomfortably but there was no question what we both wanted. After a few minutes of gentle flirting you hopped into the back seat of my friends car as he got ready to drive away. You looked at me and said, “You coming?”

I responded with a, “where ya headed?”

And got the response, “we are going to blow shit up.”

“I’m in!” I responded eagerly and hopped in the back seat. We were pressed very close together with you partially on my lap but neither of us minded and I only half fought the growing erection in my pants. Meanwhile you didn’t seem to mind feeling it press against you in the crowded back seat.

When we arrived at the location my friend and your sister began “blowing shit up” literally actually with the old mentos and soda trick as the car was parked on a nice gravel road far from prying adult eyes. You however still seemed to have something else on your mind.

After watching for a minute you walked to the other side of the car. You still intrigued and excited me so I followed. I was not shy as I faced you and very obviously enjoyed the sight of the body standing in front of me. We stared at each other and you asked me to give you a hug. I walked forward and wrapped my arms around you and enjoyed having no distance between our bodies except what our clothes provided.

I could feel the urgency to remove even that separation as you clearly didn’t care about my erection which I could no longer hide or stop from pressing against your body. Nor did I want to stop. We stood there leaning against the car for what seemed an eternity as a primal urge continued to rise inside of me until I could no longer ignore it. I began to grind my body against yours as you softly moaned. I pulled back slightly and looked in your eyes and could see the desire reflecting back and intensifying my own.

Suddenly nothing could hold us back. Our lips locked, shirts came off, pants unzipped and dropped to the ground and shirts went flying as we no longer cared about where we were and who might see. The only thing that mattered was removing every barrier that existed between our bodies.

After finally removing any pesky clothing barring us from feeling each other’s body I put a shirt behind your back to provide a barrier between your back and the car and slide myself into you as your body pressed against the car. The following time period was a blur of body against body, kissing on your lips and neck.

Sweaty thrusting bodies lost in the pleasure of youthful exploration as my hard cock found the fulfillment of all its pleasure and desire inside of you. After a blur and a daze of thrusting and moaning against my friends car parked on that gravel road in the woods we both collapsed against each other breathless and moaning as we climaxed, clearly overwhelmed with the pleasure we had just experienced. To this day on lonely nights I think of you and wish for the return of such youthful pleasure and enthusiasm. I wonder if we were to meet again if we would be overcome with the same unbridled enthusiasm to feel our bodies as one, our sweat mingling and our moans of pleasure combing to form an incredible symphony of pleasure and sound like none ever experienced before?

— Chiapet_01 TC mark

33 Things That Automatically Turn Women Off (Even If He’s Hot AF)

Posted: 18 Dec 2016 07:00 PM PST

Unsplash, Dimitar Belchev
Unsplash, Dimitar Belchev

1. Men that are always bragging about how strong they are, how much they can lift, and how often they visit the gym.

2. Men that wear the same exact shirt every single day.

3. Men that can’t form a complete sentence without throwing a curse word into it.

4. Men that are overly attached to their mothers.

5. Men that are unemployed and have no interest in trying to find a job.

6. Men that turn every single conversation into a sexual one.

7. Men that pressure their partners into sex.

8. Men that use too much tongue and get too handsy during a first kiss.

9. Men that refuse to text first.

10. Men that ‘like’ every Instagram photo they see of a woman in a bikini.

11. Men that aren’t able to enjoy themselves, unless they’re completely wasted.

12. Men that play the victim whenever they don’t get their way.

13. Men that spray on way too much cologne before leaving the house.

14. Men that glance down at their phone when someone else is speaking. 

15. Men that ask for your Snapchat before they ask for your phone number. 

16. Men that are always bragging about how expensive their car is and about how they own the newest iPhone.

17. Men that still believe in gender roles. 

18. Men that can’t go an hour without mentioning their ex. 

19. Men that lie to get into someone’s pants. 

20. Men that won’t put in the effort to plan out a date or even send a cute text message. 

21. Men that don’t take their underwear off during sex.

22. Men that flirt with every waitress and bartender that speaks to them.

23. Men that don’t keep themselves clean below the belt. 

24. Men that hate animals. 

25. Men that refuse to admit that they actually liked Mean Girls, The Notebook, or any other movie ‘made for a woman.’

26. Men that pretend they know more than you, even when they’re completely clueless about a certain topic. 

27. Men that purposely burp and fart around you, even though you’ve just met and haven’t reached that comfortable stage yet. 

28. Men that body-shame or slut-shame women. 

29. Men that stop to fix their hair every five seconds. 

30. Men that lead women on, and then blame them for developing feelings. 

31. Men that claim that wearing makeup is “false advertisement.” 

32. Men that send dick pics without warning. 

33. Men that treat women like their toys instead of like their equals. TC mark

11 Television Cameramen Tell Their Fucked Up Behind-The-Scenes Stories You Don’t Want To Hear

Posted: 18 Dec 2016 06:01 PM PST

Flickr / Jonathan Kos-Read
Flickr / Jonathan Kos-Read

1. Most disgusting reality TV room in the world

Oh I’ve got a lot. I was a camera op for Shipping Wars on A&E, My 600 Lb. Life for TLC, North Woods Law for Animal Planet, and High Profits for CNN, and others.

Probably the worst was on My 600 Lb. Life. One family was moving out of their apartment, and we were shooting the move. They were very very unsanitary. Instead of cleaning up their dog shit in the small 2 bedroom apartment, they would put plants on top of it. We had to use a mentholatum oil on our upper lips to withstand the stench. The grandma was sleeping on a bed in of the bedrooms. When they went to remove the bed and flipped it over, thousands of bugs scattered out of the bed all over the room. The 80-something year old woman was sleeping on a bed that was infested with roaches and god knows what other bugs. It was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen.

— skeeterou

2. “They love it if you can make them cry”

I was freelancing between film jobs by shooting segments for Inside Edition. On the way to an interview the producer, who wrote his interview questions in the car on the way over, kept talking about how he had to make this woman cry. “They love it upstairs when you can make them cry,” he said. “It’s the gold ring.”

So we go to this woman’s house, get the gear inside, set up the interview and start rolling. It turns out this woman saw her husband and son killed in front of her when the motorcycle they were riding on was hit by a drunk driver. The segment was about drunk drivers who had killed people and gotten away scot free. This guy ran to Canada and he still lived there ten years later.

The producer asked a lot of tear-jerkingly emotional questions and finally got her to cry. It was heartbreaking. As we drove away he all but high-fived himself, he was so happy.

On Strange Universe the producer wanted my sound person to drive the van through a funeral procession so we could shoot it from up close, out the side door. We said no. Where do they get these people?

— ZardozSpeaks

3. Got chased off by drug lords

My husband was doing a documentary for college and we were filming next a a museum and a guy told us: “Are you cops? Stop filming us! this is a drug dealing place”. We thought he was joking. Turns out, it was truth.

They surrounded us and were very violent. Thankfully, my husband kept calm, explain that it was something for college and he’d delete the scene. I was pregnant and then one of them, realized that it was impossible for us to be cops, so he calm the others and told us “Leave!”. We ran out of there. It was very scary.

— Lis_9

4. I got forced into an awkward AF lapdance

I was cameraman for a series about strip clubs in the local area (Birmingham UK). We filmed for about 8 weeks, spending most of our time behind the scenes, talking with the girls, getting a bit of insight into why they were strippers (for the most part, they were earning money for college etc).

It was just about the least sexy thing I could imagine; not my cup of tea. Couldn’t get my head around why men would want to spend money (and sooo much money, at that) when all you could do is look, no touching, no happy finishes. After the first hour of filming, I was immune from any idea that I’d find it sexy. Not like I was spending every day walking around with a semi.

Got to know the girls well. They were universally nice people, doing a job. And even the attractive ones – once you know a bit about them, and why they were getting their tits out – it was as far from being a turn on as I could imagine.

On the last day of filming, in the brightly-lit changing rooms at the back of Legs 11, our (female) producer asked if I had ever had a “private dance” – no, I hadn’t, and no I didn’t want one.

“Oh, we can’t have that! Who’s going to give [me] a dance? He’s never had one!”

They sat me in a chair, and with my sound man filming it, one of the girls did her “private routine” for me. Well, on me. Lots of gyrating, rubbing herself on my legs, then pulling her pants aside and getting an inch away from my nose…


It was all in good humour, but it was fuckin’ weird. Uncomfortable. I mean, where do you look? And everyone was watching me. I knew this girl, I’d filmed interviews with her and her kids; she wasn’t my type (sooo not my type), but she was a sweet person, and now she’s putting on the sultry looks, sticking her nethers in my face. And I had an audience – a dozen other girls, mostly naked, my producer, my sound man, our production assistant, all standing round watching and laughing.

I didn’t know where to look.

In hindsight, I think I did a good job of playing along; acting the right sort of jocular / cringy / ha ha ha, isn’t this uncomfortable thing, but in reality it just all felt a bit fucked up. And the room was so fuckin’ bright.

Not exactly nightmare stuff, but occasionally it does freak me out to remember that somewhere, sitting on a shelf in the TV station’s archives, there’s a DigiBeta tape of my “private dance”. Eech.

— slartibartfist

4. We had to see how awful things were being handed

Went to PH like 6 months after typhoon Haiyan to document a medical team. The island we went to was still completely fucked, nothing was being done, and none of the donations were being given to them. The med team was super pissed off at the situation.

— loserlame

5. Hoarder nightmares

We had an episode of hoarders where a long-dead cat was discovered, and another where an obese man said he’d like to clear the walkway to his front door so that EMT could get to him in case he had a heart attack or his wife tried to stab him. He said both things not nonchalantly as though they were ordinary and totally normal events that happen to him routinely. His wife was a total jerk.

There was also the man with an enormous scrotum who used it as a table when eating. Not sure if that made the final cut.

— little_green_lamb

6. Accidental shot of something, something

So back in late 80’s I worked for a local television station in Paducha, Kentucky. We were hosting the (whatever-whatever) annual Children’s Miracle Network, Live. I was running the remote or “bunny-cam” as we sometimes called it. I would go around the studio audience and get bumper shots or reaction shots or whatever the director yelled in my headset to get.

About mid-way through the evening during one of those exhausting montage vignettes showing kids in need of help I took a rest off to the side of the audience. Little did I know that my cam was giving the control room a impromptu up-skirt of a not-at-all unattractive woman. It could have easily been the elderly lady in the seat behind her if I was sitting on the next step up.

Noting went live thankfully (although they might have seen a spike in donations if it had.) They let it go on I guess until I asked what they were all giggling and talking about.

Once they told me my face went to thirteen shades of red as I slowly backed right on out of there before anyone had suspicions.

I passed the remote cam to someone else to take over and I jumped on one of the fixed studio cams never to look back. I never lived it down.

— Waneman

7. Drank the witch doctor’s potion

I used to shoot and edit short docs for NGOs that did water well work over seas. Burkina Faso was the most remote location out of all the trips I had taken. We stayed in a small dirt village a few hours from the capitol, then drove another 2 hours every morning to get to our locations.

Anyway, we met this witch doctor who brought us to his small mud house. We asked if we could film b-roll inside, but he was being super hostile and wanted something valuable in return. We argued back and forth for a bit through our translator but had no luck. Then the witch doctor told us he would approach the spirits and ask them if it was ok for us to come in. He went inside his shrine and started shaking this bead shaker and talking to someone. We could hear both voices, completely different sounding, and at times talking over each other. This went on for a few minutes. Then he came out and asked us to drink this potion if we wanted to go in. Our guide suggested we don’t, but we had come this far, so we each took little sips. He met with the spirits one more time, then finally let us in.

It was a dark mud room, no bigger than the size of a queen bed, with a single beam of light coming through. He showed us his dolls and medicine. Also razor blades that he would use to make cuts on children’s bellies and stuff medicine into (saw some gnarly scars that trip too). But the whole time I was looking for a voice box or recorder to explain the phoniness of the “spirits” but found nothing. Kind of gave me the creeps.

— joshtay11

8. The actual creepiness of prison

I worked on a documentary about Riker’s Island, which is a very large jail just off the north part of Queens, NYC. The whole thing was surreal, but the worst part was the maternity ward where incarcerated mothers had a few hours a day to see their kids in a large acrylic cell.

We had incredible access to everything- one of the executive producers was the niece of Rose Singer, whom the nursery is named after and she became a member of the Board of Corrections of NYC shortly after.

Other things that stand out:

Unannounced ‘TEAMS’ meetings at 0600 where the main governing body of the island grilled the heads of each jail about incidents and things like amount of toilet paper their jail used that month.

The smell of hardcore disinfectant and overwhelming body odor.

The food was a lot of starchy pasta and soda.

Extraction was the term used when officers went in as a team and removed an inmate by surprise force to find contraband.

The officers patrolled the island on mountain bikes. They had water teams of boats, jet-skis, and divers. LaGuardia is only about a hundred feet away at one point so there are escape attempts, but the divers are there to rescue prisoners. There’s a dangerous tidal pool call Hell Gate there.

You enter by bridge, the producers made sandwiches in a cooler for everyone.

— RollX

9. Blowjobs under the table

Former camera operator/ AV tech for live events here.

It was an annual banquet, everyone had to be in a bowtie including me, which usually I get away wearing black polo and khakis at anything, but not this time. I was basically filming the speakers, awards ceremony, auction, etc. As I was packing up people who remained there were the high end socialites of the city I was in, and they were fucking wasted. One table in particular I kept hearing, “nooo OH NO..COME ON Jay” and a trophy wife was sucking this well known local attorneys dick under the table in front of everyone. It wasn’t the first interesting incident, seen a republican congressman make out with another dude at a country club. It was his actual boyfriend, but to the public he was still in the closet.

What’s amazing is how the scandalous drama among socialites never make local or national news more often.

— paneling

10. I got to hit someone!

Part of a camera crew filming a documentary in a business. Female employee had pranked a male employee’s car. He became violent when he confronted her, so we had to restrain him. I got to hit him with the boom (mic), which was rather satisfying as nobody really like him.

— Erunamo99

11. Just cut it out, people

I’m a former one-band-band reporter. I Shot, wrote and edited my stories. No fancy van or crew.

I can’t count how many non-live stand-ups or interviews on the street were ruined by the “F#$% her in the Pussy” non-sense.

Some examples, not all mine.

Apartment building fire with multiple families on the street crying? Someone drives by and yells “F her in the P”

Interviewing the neighbor of a woman who police believe is being held at gun point by her drunk husband. Another driver swings by “F her in the P”

Another reporter I worked with: Candle light vigil, and someone runs into his camera shot and yells “F her in the P”

It stopped being funny years ago, now you are just being rude.

— 4u5t3n TC mark

7 Tactics Narcissists Use To Keep You In Love With Them After They’re Gone

Posted: 18 Dec 2016 05:00 PM PST

1. They flaunt their indifference. They act as though the relationship meant nothing to them.

At the end of a relationship, narcissists will often act as though it really meant nothing at all to them in the first place. They will play off the loss as though it’s a relief to be rid of you, and don’t seem to be processing the normal emotions that would come during a breakup. This leaves you questioning, if not outraged, which is exactly what they want: they’re getting your attention while preserving their ego.

2. They take the blame for the relationship ending, which seems like a positive thing, until you realize that it’s just another way to maintain control.

As long as they think the relationship ended on their terms, or because of their faults, it creates an assumption in their minds that they can then fix it, or have you back whenever they want. They will not assume full responsibility for what went wrong unless they want to do just that: have you wrapped around their finger again.

3. They keep coming back, or keep stringing you along.

They comment on your photos, text you now and again, say they miss you without any much of a follow-up. They drop into your life in bits and pieces, just to make sure you’re still thinking of them.

4. They talk in vivid detail about how you’re soul mates, and how much they love you and are destined for you, then leave you high and dry.

The thing about a narcissist is that they always assume they are greater than everybody else, therefore meant to have a destiny that’s greater than everybody else’s. They feel they should not settle for anything less than soul mate love, that they’re worthy of a top-tier job, that their ideas are more superior and informed than other’s. This all leads them to projecting their superiority onto their idea of romance, and glamorizing what they think they have with you. This only leaves you confused when they eventually leave you for something else they’ll idealize and fall in love with.

5. They move on immediately, and make you jealous.

A day after you’ve called it quits, they’re flirting with people on social media and re-downloading their dating apps. Though it makes you feel as though your relationship was meaningless to them, what’s really happening is that their main source of admiration and attention is gone, and they need another one to sustain themselves.

6. They turn to you for comfort, for solace, or when they just need a friend.

The way they confide in you makes you feel as though you’re an important part of their life, or as though you mean more to them than you do. However, when it comes to continuing or rekindling a relationship, they’re completely closed off, though they’re acting in decidedly partner-like ways.

7. They refuse to give you closure.

They don’t say the relationship is over, they just stop reaching out. They don’t tell you they want to be single, they just date you for a while and refuse to commit. Basically, they keep you leeched onto them so you continue to offer love, sex, attention and of course, your desire, as they lack the empathy to perceive what this would do to you. TC mark

People Don’t Realize You’re Struggling With Depression, Because You Do These 16 Things To Conceal The Pain

Posted: 18 Dec 2016 04:00 PM PST

Twenty20, matthanns
Twenty20, matthanns

1. You use humor to cover up your pain. You make self-deprecating jokes about how you don’t have any friends and about how you want to die. But no one realizes that you’re serious, because you always say it with a smirk on your face.

2. You make excuses when people ask about you. If someone tells you that you look like crap, you won’t admit that you’ve been under severe stress. You’ll say that you’ve just been tired. Or that your allergies have been bothering you.

3. You tell yourself you’re overreacting. You don’t want to complain to your friends about your life, because you’re worried you sound like a brat. Like a baby. Like an entitled little bitch.

4. You leave such little signs. You leave a miniature trail of your depression. You repost articles about heartbreak and breakups and death. You listen to music about suicide and self-harm. But no one reads too much into it.

5. You’re in a healthy relationship. If you’re in a serious relationship, everyone will assume that you’re doing well. That a happy relationship equals two happy humans without a care in the world.

6. You keep your emotions to yourself. You write out lengthy text messages for friends and exes, but delete them before sending. Then you write melancholy lyrics and slam poetry, but you never post them online. You keep your feelings to yourself, even though they’re begging to be released into the world.

7. You wear a false smile. You don’t want to be an outcast. You don’t want to draw attention to yourself. You just want to fit in. That’s why you always pretend you’re happy. So that no one pays extra attention to you.

8. You aren’t a stereotype. You don’t walk around in all black clothing and thick eyeliner. You wear bright colors and keep your hair brushed and your body fit. The way you look on the outside doesn’t match how you feel on the inside.

9. You look happy online. You upload gorgeous selfies and post statuses about all the parties you’ve been attending. You seem happy and successful online, so everyone assumes that means you’re happy IRL, as well.

10. You refuse to see a therapist. You know you need one. You know it would help. But you don’t have the money or the time or the willpower to actually visit one. So you suffer alone.

11. You casually talk about tragedies. When you actually open up about your issues, you act like they’re no big deal. Like they don’t make a difference to you. Like you haven’t been crying over them every night for a week.

12. You’ve learned how to lie well. If someone asks why you didn’t answer their texts or attend class, you don’t let them know it was because you spent the entire day in bed. You tell them you were out having the time of your life.

13. You keep secrets. When you engage in self-destructive behaviors, you do it on your own time. No one realizes that you’ve been getting drunk every night after work or have been having unprotected sex with strangers, because you keep it to yourself.

14. You cry alone. When you’re upset in public, you’ll find a private bathroom to bawl your eyes out in. And before you leave, you’ll splash your face with water and adjust your make-up. Your friends won’t even know the difference when they see you again.

15. You put other people first. Even if you have a close friend you can open up to, you won’t let her know about your problems until she’s told you all about her problems. And by the time she’s finished ranting, you don’t feel like saying anything anymore.

16. You’re fully functional. You still work. You still eat. You still sleep. You still see your friends. You do everything a twenty-something should be doing, so no one realizes anything is out of the ordinary. TC mark

21 Borderline Genius Things To Remember When Anxiety Has You Freaking Out

Posted: 18 Dec 2016 03:00 PM PST

Deep Snapchats
Deep Snapchats

1. What was the outcome of every stressful or devastating event so far in your life? You got through it. You have a 100% success rate of overcoming the very kind of thing you are worrying about.

2. The rule of 5: if it’s not going to matter in 5 years don’t spend more than 5 minutes worrying about it.

3. Someone has survived worse. No matter who you are and what your situation is, someone else has been there, survived, and made their life better on the other side.

4. What percent of the things you’ve worried about in the past have turned out to be as bad as you thought they might be? For most people (even people with anxiety) the answer is 0%. If you have such a bad track record of predicting past outcomes, you’re probably wrong about this one, too.

5. It’s never too late to do anything. Every 3-4 days the lining of your stomach regenerates completely. Starting over is something that’s built into our biology and every ecological system as a whole. Why wouldn’t it be part of your history, too?

6. Even the worst storm runs out of rain. Every bad thing is temporary.

7. It’s brave to do the hard thing. You are not on this earth for things to be easy all the time. You are here to be brave and strong and climb the hill that’s in front of you.

8. Feelings aren’t facts. Your anxiety brain is like a Facebook mom posting fake news memes. Just because you see them doesn’t mean you have to believe them.

9. What if the problem you are worrying about only exists because you are trying to solve it? What would it look like to spend your energy accepting the situation instead of trying to change it?

10. Nothing is the insurmountable obstacle it seems in the moment. “The cross looked like a huge win for the Romans.”

11. You might not be able to let go of a problem, but you can let go of the way you feel about the problem.

12. This Buddha quote: “You can only lose what you cling to.”

13. If something bad is going to happen, it’s going to happen so you might as well enjoy life now. Worrying does not prevent bad outcomes. Worrying robs you of the time you have before the bad outcome happens.

14. You feel this way because you care a lot. Enormously. It’s a rare quality in a culture that places emphasis on being ‘chill’ and ‘the one who cares less.’

15. No matter how bad a situation is, you can always start over.

16. I can’t control the situation, but I can unplug and practice breathing. I know I will feel better if I take a break and exercise or listen to music or do yoga, so I choose to do that.

17. What you’re worried about is just thoughts. Thoughts can’t hurt you. It’s uncomfortable, but it will pass.

18. This isn’t the first time you’ve worried uncontrollably about something, and it won’t be the last. This is a not-fun part of life, but it’s not the end of the world. It’s just feelings you know are going to pass.

19. Every challenge you’ve already conquered in your life looked just as scary at some point.

20. I can be anxious and still choose to move forward.

21. When this situation is over, there’s no doubt you’ll think it was silly that you spent so much time worrying about it. TC mark

23 Gender-Based Double Standards That Are Extremely Unfair To Men (As Told By 23 Men)

Posted: 18 Dec 2016 02:00 PM PST

Christopher Campbell
Christopher Campbell

1. Nobody teaches us self defense

Recently I was mugged on the street. Luckily, it wasn’t serious, but we got in a fight and I have some noticeable scratches.

I started searching for self-defense seminars in my area. All of them are for women. If you’re a guy, your options are basically a 12-month contract with a BJJ or Krav Maga class.

— SpaceRook

2. People don’t believe we can be sexually harassed

The HR woman at my company has recently been very sexual towards me. At the company Christmas party she kept showing me her cleavage, grabbing my ass, and trying to grab my dong. Today she walked into my office, gave me an vitamin C supplement and said “since you won’t look at my tits, put this in your mouth yourself!” then proceeded to hand it to me and said “oh, it’s too big for your mouth, isn’t it!?”

I reported her to the CEO (nobody else to go to and it is a very small company) and was told they would have a meeting about her behavior. Now imagine if any male were to do this to any female. Let alone the fucking HR person.

— beernsleep

3. Or sexually assaulted…

Lots of people believe men can’t be raped. I have a cousin in Ohio who was raped this summer by a girl and no one believed him.

Kid went through hell for a while until she confessed to him and his parents. They won’t press charges, though, because the girl is pregnant and manipulating a 19 year old into being a father of a child she raped him to conceive.

Maybe I’m biased because he’s my little cousin but I feel like there’d be national outrage if the genders were swapped.

— mioabs

4. We aren’t allowed to be vain with our hair

No big deal if a woman wears a wig, but considered silly and sad if a guy wears one.

— manutd875

5. It’s okay for women to hit us (and we can’t hit back)

That is okay for women to hit or slap men.

It’s not okay.

I left my wife after, in front of about 20 people, she slapped the shit out of me. People just watched. My ears were ringing and while getting repeatedly hit, her holding on to my ripping shirt. She finally stopped when I managed to get a phone out to hand to a spectator and asking for a call to 911.

Because what am I supposed to do? Yes I am bigger than her and could lay her out if I tried but it’s a losing proposition. Either get beat or defend myself and land serious domestic assault charges. We were in a parking garage in San Francisco after a concert. Fuck the people that just watched.

— The_Real_DerekFoster

6. We can’t be emotional

That women are allowed to show emotions and that women are able to be nice to kids and not be labeled pedophiles.

— yoyo2016

7. Men can’t be vain when dating

“You won’t date me because I’m overweight? Body standards much?”

But you can call men out for their height. That seems fair.

— TheAdventurousWriter

8. We have to be frugal

If a woman buys a 50k suburban, or a guy buys a 40k truck, no one bats an eye and they are congratulated on their purchase. If a guy buys a used luxury car for 25k, they get absolute shit for being extravagant and flashy.

— aeneas36

9. We are seen as bad parents by default

“Wow, Sarah, you’re such a great mother! Your kids must be inspired by the example you set.”


“Oh look- Mr.Mommy’s looking after you today! It’s nice to see Steve take care of you this time- I bet he doesn’t do it often.”

— TheAdventurousWriter

10. Seriously, we are seen as predators

Back when my peanut was a tiny human, we were walking up the street and she was being a little shit because I wouldn’t let her have ice cream. All pouty and sulky. I’m holding her hand.

At the lights a lady took her other hand and straight up asked if she was ok and if this man was hurting her.

Before I could even react, the kid turned indignantly, ripped her little hand away and screamed ‘This is my daddy!! Leave me alone!! Daddy help!!’ and I picked her up.

I’m sure glad looks don’t kill, because if they could I’m pretty sure I’d be behind bars. Proud moment though. My kid is awesome.

— Mahhrat

11. Or idiots…

Dads always portrayed as idiots in movies and TV programs. The mother knows everything about life and has every word of wisdom there is to offer. The father just makes awkward jokes and nods his head.

— TheAdventurousWriter

12. If we use certain words, we are seen as gay

As a guy I can’t call things cute or adorable or at least i will get weird looks. This happened quite a few times with my friends.

— JusticePitcher

13. And we certainly can’t compliment other dudes

I can’t even say that a desirable trait for a man are good cheekbones without getting weird looks from my friends.

Hate that notion that if I compliment a man, there has to be a tinge of gayness in there.

— Blazingcrono

14. We can’t defend ourselves physically from abusive partners

I’m a battered (ex) husband. She beat me for years. I called the cops and they “investigated” but did nothing. I hit her back once, in the end, to make her stop, and suddenly I’m an abusive wife beater and the police separated us and I had to go to counseling.

Another one is, if a man and a woman, both completely shit faced drunk, have sex, the man raped the woman because she is not capable of giving consent. But the man was not able to give consent either.

— macallen

15. We get screwed on insurance

It’s totally acceptable for car insurance companies to charge men more but illegal for medical insurance companies to charge women more.

— Toolongdidntreproduc

16. We can’t think celebrities are attractive or we are “part of the problem”

Yeah in my group of friends I feel like if I express any form of sexual attraction to an actress I can feel the eyes rolling all around me. Then not 10 minutes later I hear the girls talking about using some actors chin like a seat.

— JaBooty

17. We can’t explore our sexuality as freely

Acceptance of exploring sexuality.

Lady wants a sex toy: no problem

Lady wants to express her kink: no problem

Man wants a sex toy: pervert!

It’s all ridiculous and washed over because people feel that men get pats in the back for having high numbers like our sexuality can only be tied to our partners.

— Toolongdidntreproduc

18. If a man did this, we’d be seen as gross

I watched an episode of “Ellen” with my girlfriend once where Jake Gyllenhal came on. Ellen spent the entire interview trying to talk him into taking off his shirt. Then, she had male strippers come out into the audience to dance, one was wearing a Cubs hat, and the other a Cleveland Indians hat. Whichever got the most money shoved in his jock would determine the “winner” of the World Series.

Now, imagine an afternoon talk show where a man hosting kept trying to get his female guests to take off their clothes and then had strippers come out for virtually no reason, and it was on a major network station. How large of an outcry would there be? The host would be considered an asshole and sexist prick. Ellen got a presidential recognition medal.

— kdeweb24

19. Basically, it’s okay to objectify men :(

I see it again and again, where some women objectify men the way they hate to be objectified themselves. That’s the one that gets me too.

— stumbleuponlife

20. Dress codes never let us wear sandals!

My work has “casual Fridays”

I regularly see women in open toed shoes around the office all week. So on casual Fridays I thought it was ok to wear flip flops with jeans.

I was called into the office of my manager and told I could not wear flip flops or sandals of any kind as men cannot wear open toe shoes even on “casual Fridays”

— trev186

21. Seriously, everyone thinks we are predators!

As a man, not being able to appreciate cute kids in public.

I’m a father of toddler so I’m in the stage of life where I notice kids more often. If I see a little girl in a cute dress or a little boy in a cool little suit I kind of want to tell the parent. But I realize if I did that I could easily scare the parent and even sound like a creeper.

Even writing what I just did I feel like I will be judged as a creeper. Which kind of makes it a difficult double standard to shake because honestly if some random man said my son was dressed nicely/looked good I most certainly would be wary of him….

— Nexas_Fatebringer

22. Women have preferences, we are called pigs

It pisses me off that we have to accept women who won’t consider dating men who aren’t six foot tall or have a six inch penis as having “preferences” yet men cannot say they don’t want to date a woman who is fat or obese.

Now I’m not one of those men who are into fit women but they shouldn’t be made to feel ashamed for what they are attracted to.

— DonaldTrumpsWaifu

23. Discounts at bars

Oh, what about ‘Ladies Night’? Ladies admitted free before 10?

— the-camster TC mark

The Perfect Christmas Gifts For Every Stage Of A Relationship

Posted: 18 Dec 2016 01:00 PM PST

Unsplash / Ben White
Unsplash / Ben White

Christmas is right around the corner, and it can be a stressful time for those who are in new relationships and aren't sure what to get for bae. Even those in long-term relationships struggle with the decision of what the best gift for their partner would be.

The fact is, an appropriate gift that will be well-received will be different depending on where you're at in your relationship.

When it comes to holiday gift-giving, there's such a thing as doing too much, and there's such a thing as doing too little, but this greatly depends on what stage your relationship is in and how serious it is.

For your convenience, here's a gift guide for every grey area, every situationship, and every stage of a relationship:

Dating for 2 years or more

Situation: Long-term relationship

Gift for her: Diamond earrings or Tiffany & Co jewelry

They're sparkly. They're gorgeous. They go with everything. Diamonds are a girl's best friend. "We get several orders right before Christmas, and most of those orders come from men shopping for their long-term girlfriend or their wife," Josh Raber, founder of Vancouver Diamonds told me. "Diamond earrings are the perfect Christmas gift for those in serious or long-term relationships."

This is one of the most romantic and timeless gifts to give.

If you're in the long-term relationship stage, you also can't go wrong with anything from Tiffany & Co. Most women will love pretty much anything from Tiffany, and a piece of jewelry from there is a luxury item so it's perfect for those of your with serious girlfriends. It also comes in adorable packaging, complete with a romantic satin ribbon – and it's very high-quality jewelry that lasts.

Gift for him: A stylish engraved watch

An engraved watch is gift for him that's stylish, sentimental, practical and timeless. Every man should have a stylish watch in his collection of accessories. To make it romantic and personal, you can engrave the watch with "our love is timeless", "time stands still when I'm with you" or "for all time" with your initials engraved underneath the message.

Many women keep an eye out for new trends in men's watches, and give their man a new watch every Christmas. Just like women with their shoes, men can't have enough watches in their collection.

Dating for 1 to 2 years

Situation: Serious relationship

Gift for her: An initial necklace or an engraved bracelet

Initial necklaces are trendy right now, so you can't go wrong with this gift. Stella & Dot has beautiful initial necklaces in gold, silver or rose gold. If you're one of those guys who hates shopping, they make it easy with user-friendly online purchasing, quick shipping and beautiful packaging so that you don't need to wrap it. Stella & Dot also allows the buyer to customize the engraving on several products such as necklaces and bracelets. You can even customize the font. The personalized touch of a customized engraving shows thought and care, which makes for the best type of Christmas gift for those of you in serious relationships.

Not sure what to engrave? If it's a bracelet, something like "you're beautiful" or "I love you" is adorable, and if it's a necklace pendant that requires a shorter message, simply getting your anniversary date engraved on it or both of your initials engraved is perfect.

Gift for him: An engraved men's key necklace

The best place to get a cool men's necklace that he'll love is from The Giving Keys. My favourite is the Matte Black Key Necklace for him, which was originally inspired by a New York hotel room key.

The sexy matte black will look great with everything and he'll wear it all the time. Think of it as a key to your heart, and engrave it with a special personalized message for him. You could engrave his key with the date you met, a special word, or both of your initials.

Dating for 6 months to 1 year

Situation: Ready to commit

Gift for her: A simple piece of jewelry

If you've been noticing a jewelry trend in this list, it's because jewelry is something your partner can wear and think of you. It's sentimental and it means something when someone picks a jewelry item out, because you chose it.

If you've been dating for at least six months, chances are you've already said "I love you" to each other, or you're ready to say it for the first time. You're probably ready to take the next step and make a commitment. The best Christmas gift for this stage is still jewelry – but a simpler piece that shows you're not going too over the top too soon. (In other words, no diamonds yet.) Something like these cute unicorn earrings from LanaBetty would be perfect for her.

Gift for him: A weekend away with you

When you're starting to get serious with him, the best thing you can do is spend a weekend away together to get to know each other even better and progress the relationship. A weekend away that you've planned and paid for is the perfect Christmas gift.

Dating for 3 to 6 months

Situation: Newly dating

Gift for her: A bouquet of flowers and a nice bottle of wine

After the six month mark, I think it's safe to say you're in more than a 'situationship'. You're a couple at this point, so it's okay show some thought and be romantic – but you absolutely cannot go over the top. A bouquet of beautiful roses and a bottle of great wine is a gift is an appropriate gift for this stage of a relationship. Especially the wine. We like wine. Wine is good.

Gift for him: A gift certificate to get a massage

Chances are he works hard, has sore shoulders, and a gift certificate to get a massage is a thoughtful gift. By not getting a 'couples' massage and instead just getting him his own massage, you're showing that you're not trying to move the relationship too quickly but that you still wanted to get something for him on Christmas.

Dating for 2 months or less

Situation: Nothing (yet)

Gift for her: No gift – but maybe a fun holiday activity

Gift for him: Ditto

If you've been dating for less than two months, a gesture in the form of a gift is not really expected. That doesn't mean you can't do something for each other. You could plan a fun holiday activity to do together, and that's more than enough for this new stage of a non-relationship. TC mark

11 Honest Signs You Actually Have Anxiety And It’s Not Just ‘Stress’

Posted: 18 Dec 2016 12:00 PM PST


1. You frequently find yourself thinking and fretting about things that happened weeks or months ago.

You can’t seem to let go of things from the past no matter how hard you try to clear your mind. Whether it’s about an argument with a friend, or a confrontation you had with your boyfriend, it still runs through your head constantly no matter how long it’s been.

2. When you make a mistake at work, or even in your personal life, you have a hard time letting it go and beat yourself up over it.

You despise letting others down, and when you do something wrong, you are your own worst enemy. You beat yourself up over every little thing that a lot of other people would be able to let go of. No matter how many times people tell you that ‘it’s fine’, you don’t believe it yourself.

3. You have trouble sleeping because you are playing over the day you just had in your head relentlessly.

Whether it’s waking up in the middle night with worry, or if it takes you a few hours to go to sleep because you are playing over every single thing that you did the day before, that’s not just stress talking, that’s anxiety.

4. Out of nowhere, your throat feels incredibly tight and it becomes hard to catch your breath.

Sometimes, you feel like it’s hard to get air into your lungs. While some may think it’s just asthma or a physical medical issue, anxiety can truly have scary effects on your body that you may not even be aware of.

5. You are constantly apologizing for the smallest of things that other people wouldn’t even think twice about.

You are the queen and king of overthinking every little detail and every little thing that could go wrong during your day. Even if something isn’t your fault, you find yourself apologizing to situations that weren’t even yours to apologize for.

6. You have thoughts about your future at least once a day, and can’t seem to calm down about what’s next for you.

Your future is a scary, scary thing to think about for you. You hate when people ask you what your plans are for the next few years and it makes you feel like you’re drowning. You feel like your life is this one giant race where you have to finish everything in time, and you put so much pressure on yourself to hit all the right marks.

7. You are known to be a nail biter, and do it without noticing.

Sometimes you bite your nails, and you don’t even realize that you are doing it. These little nervous ticks may seem like it’s no big deal, but it’s a sign that your mind is on overboard and is running out of energy.

8. You avoid confrontation at all costs.

Even the thought of confronting someone or being confronted by someone else, makes you feel queasy. When it comes to confrontation, you would rather go quiet and hide from everyone else to not have to deal with it.

9. Every once in a while, you feel a terrible sense of dread that you are in danger.

It could be on a plane, on your walk to work, or even in your own home. Feeling a sense of panic or dread is a definite sign that you are struggling with something more powerful than stress. Panic attacks are not just a sign that you are overworking yourself, it’s a true symptom of an anxiety disorder.

10. You have noticed that you have been having digestion problems that seem to happen after stressful situations or encounters.

Another physical symptom that anxiety can plague you with, is digestion troubles and stomach pains. If you have been having a lot of issues with that, you may want to think about what is causing this and what factors are playing into that.

11. You wake up with racing thoughts and questions in your mind about the day ahead of you.

Anxiety is a never ending cycle of thoughts, worry, and overall panic about what your life is turning out to be. If you have been having constant thoughts about the future, or even just tiny things that other people wouldn’t ever think twice about, that’s your anxiety talking. Anxiety is an extremely powerful disorder, and it can have a major impact on your well-being and overall health. Don’t ignore your body, and the thoughts that you tell yourself in your head. TC mark

This Is What Your Handwriting Says About The Person You’ll Spend Forever With

Posted: 18 Dec 2016 11:00 AM PST

Twenty20, dashapats
Twenty20, dashapats

The slanting of your letters

Slanting right: You’re independent. You’re used to being on your own, and honestly, you like it that way. That’s why you need someone that will give you space when you need it. Someone that will let you breathe. Someone that understands you don’t have to be together 24/7, just because you’re dating.

Slanting left: You’re emotional. You need someone that can handle your intense emotions — because, with you, things are always intense. You either love something or you hate something. You’re filled with happiness or drowning in your depression. There isn’t a middle ground with you.

No slants: You never let your emotions show. You shove them down, because it feels like the logical thing to do. That’s why you need to date someone that brings out your soft side. Someone that reminds you that it’s okay to express your feelings. It’s okay to be human.

The size of your letters

Small: You’re pretty shy when you’re around new people. You aren’t the type to make the first move, which is why you need to date someone that is outgoing. Someone that won’t be afraid to send the first text or lean in for a first kiss. Someone that will do all of the things you want to do, but are too timid to do.

Large: When you see something that you want, you go after it. That’s why you need to date someone that doesn’t mind being chased and then drowned in affection. Someone that doesn’t mind double texts and unexpected visits to their house.

Average: Your life isn’t wild and crazy — and you like it like that. That’s why you need someone that shares the same values as you. Someone that’s happy spending one-on-one time with you, and doesn’t need to hit the bars every weekend with a big group of friends.

The shape of your letters

Rounded: You’re a creative soul, so you need someone that appreciates the arts. Someone that thinks your personalized poems and paintings are the sweetest gestures in the world. And someone that’s willing to return those gestures. Someone that will sing karaoke with you and take dance classes, just because it would make you smile.

Pointed: You’re one smart cookie. That’s why you need to date someone that’s on the same intellectual level as you. You can’t stand having repeat conversations about sports and the weather. You need someone that stimulates your brain. Someone that will watch documentaries with you and walk through museums.

The pressure you put on the pen and paper

Heavy pressure: If you pressed down on the paper with a lot of force, then you’re passionate. You want someone that will grab you by the hair during sex and smother you with kisses the second you walk through the door. Someone that will make their love for you (and their attraction to you) blatantly obvious.

Light pressure: If you pressed down on the paper lightly, then you go with the flow. You don’t care where your partner takes you out on a date, as long as you get to spend quality time together. In fact, you’d be happy snuggling on the couch while watching some television show you’ve already seen one hundred times before. That’s why you need someone that can make any activity exciting. Someone you really click with.

The type of handwriting you chose

Cursive: You have high expectations for your future. If you had it your way, you’d be living like a Disney princess with a giant diamond glittering on your finger and an oversized house that could fit all of your future kids (or cats). You think big and love strong.

Print: You want a laid-back love. You belong with someone that is comfortable with long silences. Someone that doesn’t need you to take them out on dates every single weekend. Someone that still wants to be with you, even when you’re too tired to have fun. TC mark