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To The Friends Who Answer Our 2 AM Texts

Posted: 01 Dec 2016 11:00 PM PST

Because we’re lonely, and things are sucky right now. And we can’t fall asleep and we need to text you just to know that we’re not alone. Just to be reminded that if something was truly wrong, if we were in the grips of a serious panic attack or a never-ending stream of worry about where our life was going or just a moment of crippling loneliness, that you would be there for us. Thanks.

Or because we saw a meme on Tumblr and it was so funny and we’re so tired that it made us laugh so hard that we’re now in tears. And to let the moment wash over us without ever sharing it would never be enough. So we send it to you, knowing you’ll wake up, see it, giggle, respond with the crying-laughing emoji, and then roll over and fall instantly back asleep. And we will be satisfied with this, just knowing that someone else in the world laughed at the same moment we did, about something so incredibly stupid that won’t even be funny in the morning. Thanks.

Or because we’re drunk. And our brains are allowing us to finally admit truths to ourselves that we’ve been struggling to acknowledge when we’re sober. And we need someone to share these revelations with. And you’re the person. Because they are truths you’ve been trying to get us to understand for weeks, or months, or maybe years. Maybe a truth about how unhappy we are at work, or in a current relationship. Or maybe it’s just us admitting to ourselves that we finally want to take an acting class or go skydiving or go on a trip to Europe. And by texting you, we put this newness out in the world, and suddenly it becomes real instead of just a whispy thought floating around in our mind that will be put back into a box by morning. Thanks.

Or because we’re about to make a bad decision, like texting that person back who broke our heart and now wants to ‘know how we’re doing.’ And we know that we’re too weak to resist on our own. So we text you that they’ve texted us. And you send yelling caps back or you just gently tell us that this is not the right answer to make us happier or you just are there to listen and give advice that we know is genuine because you genuinely care about us. Thanks.

Thanks for answering our 2 AM texts. When we’re punch-drunk with laughter or we’re crying or we’re just wide awake because something in our life isn’t right. Thanks for letting us know that there’s someone who’s always there for us. You make the loneliest hours of the night feel a little less lonely.  TC mark

40 Insanely Sexy Things To Say While Sucking His Cock

Posted: 01 Dec 2016 08:00 PM PST

Twenty20, madistar
Twenty20, madistar

1. Tell me when you’re close, so I can let you cum on my face.

2. Just so you know, after I finish sucking your dick, I’m going to ride it.

3. Help me take my bra off. My hands are busy.

4. Your moaning is making me so fucking wet.

5. Don’t say a word. Your only job is to sit back and cum as hard as you fucking can.

6. I want to feel your dick hit the back of my throat.

7. Look at me while I’m sucking you. That’s an order.

8. I always get what I want, and right now, I want your cum dripping down my chin.

9. Fuck my face.

10. My underwear is soaking wet now. I’m going to have to take them off soon.

11. I want to run my tongue over every inch of you.

12. I love how hard you get when I lick you like this.

13. Have I ever told you how much I love your cock?

14. I think I like blowing you just as much as I like getting my pussy licked.

15. I’m dying to fuck you, but I’m going to make you cum on my tits first.

16. Let me sit on your face, so I can cum at the same time as you do.

17. I hope you don’t mind if I leave scratch marks down your thighs.

18. I’ve never sucked a dick this big before.

19. Don’t cum yet. I don’t want to stop blowing you.

20. Do you want to finish in my mouth, my pussy, or my ass?

21. You look even sexier when I’m down on my knees.

22. I hope you don’t mind that I’m not using my hands. I need them to touch myself.

23. I can’t remember the last time someone made me this horny.

24. Tell me what you want me to do to you. I’ll do it.

25. I want to gag on your cock.

26. Your cum is the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted.

27. Close your eyes and think of the sexiest girl you’ve ever seen.

28. Don’t you dare cum, because I want you inside of me before the night is over.

29. Reach down and play with my tits.

30. When you cum, I want to hear you say my name.

31. I can’t wait until your cum covers my lips.

32. Do you want me to play with your balls? What about your ass?

33. After I make you cum, it’s time for you to make me cum.

34. Don’t just sit there and stare. Grab my hair.

35. Tell me how good it feels. I want to hear you say it.

36. Do you want me to keep kissing your thighs or should I start licking up your shaft?

37. You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to put you in my mouth.

38. This feels even better than sex.

39. I’m going to make you cum harder in my mouth than you ever have in my pussy.

40. I hope the taste of your cum stays in my mouth for the rest of the night, so I don’t forget about how good this felt. TC mark

11 Women Get Brutally Honest About What It’s Really Like To Give A Blow Job

Posted: 01 Dec 2016 07:00 PM PST

The 40-Year-Old Virgin
The 40-Year-Old Virgin

1. “It’s actually not a big deal. It depends on the woman’s gag reflex, but for the most part, it’s relatively tame. The only thing that can be a drag is if a guy takes forever to finish.” — Liz, 25

2. “I like it, but I can’t stand swallowing. If it’s someone I really trust and love, I’ll do it. I’m not a fan though. The actual act of the blow job is fine, enjoyable even, but I always dread the ending. And when guys don’t even warn you? The WORST.” — Tina, 26

3. “I’ve always been into them. They don’t require a ton of work. There are certain things you can do to up your BJ game, but for the most part, it’s the same thing. I really get off on how vulnerable men are during them. You have the most tender part of their body IN YOUR MOUTH. You’re 100% in control. I love that.” — Kelly, 23

4. “Being down there you really get a sense of your dude’s hygiene level. It’s funny how many jokes exist about the way vaginas smell. You ever been nose level with balls? It’s not always fantastic.” — Jennifer, 25

5. “It’s a thing you do because you know they like it. But that’s about it.” — Keisha, 22

6. “So, I’m actually waiting until marriage for the full V-card action. Yeah, I know some people consider oral sex cheating but whatever, you’re not my God. Because of this, I find blow jobs to be pretty erotic. Knowing you’re making someone you care about feel THAT good with your mouth/tongue? That’s a turn on.” — Alicia, 23

7. “It’s okay. Not great. Not terrible. Very average.” — Emily, 22

8. “I’m only down if he’s reciprocating. Men seem to think blow jobs are a given, but eating a girl out is optional. Nope. Not if you want something, man.” — Billie, 28

9. “Entirely disgusting. I hate every moment. I only perform them for people I’m really serious about, or special occasions. I’d rather just have sex.” — Sissy, 20

10. “It doesn’t do much for me, but if my boyfriend gets pleasure from it, I’m willing. It only becomes terrible if you’re with someone who hasn’t showered in a bit. Sweaty dick/testicles smell like an old shoe locker. It’s terrible.” — Barb, 24

11. “Tedious. I’ve got TMJ and I STILL do it. Men wouldn’t last one day in our shoes, I swear.” — Viv, 27 TC mark

33 Things That Automatically Turn Men Off (Even If You’re Extremely Attractive)

Posted: 01 Dec 2016 06:00 PM PST

Sophia Sinclair
Sophia Sinclair

1. When a woman talks shit about everyone — even her closest friends that she’s super sweet to in person.

2. When a woman views every other woman as her competition.

3. When a woman teases him about something that hits too close to home (like the bald spot atop his head).

4. When a woman gets ridiculously drunk, sloppy, and downright mean.

5. When a woman talks about babies way too early on in the relationship.

6. When a woman has no idea what’s going on in the world, no matter whether it has to do with politics or celebrity gossip.

7. When a woman checks the mirror every five seconds.

8. When a woman looks down at her phone when he’s in the middle of speaking.

9. When a woman has poor hygiene and bad breath.

10. When a woman can’t hold a conversation with him.

11. When a woman checks out every other guy that walks past.

12. When a woman talks nonstop without asking him a single question about himself.

13. When a woman’s life revolves entirely around him (or men in general).

14. When a woman tries to one-up him whenever he opens his mouth.

15. When a woman is a sore loser and doesn’t have any fun bowling or playing pool, unless she’s the winner.

16. When a woman needs the most expensive wine, clothes, and pocketbooks in order to be happy.

17. When a woman can’t spell or form a grammatically correct sentence.

18. When a woman takes nonstop selfies and forces him to join in, even when he’s not in the mood.

19. When a woman hates animals and freaks out whenever a dog or cat goes near her.

20. When a woman sleeps around, even though she’s in an “exclusive relationship.”

21. When a woman has no clear goals for her future.

22. When a woman claims that she’s “fine,” even though she’s clearly pissed off.

23. When a woman freaks out whenever he wants to have a night out with the boys.

24. When a woman gives him ultimatums or threatens him in order to get what she wants.

25. When a woman focuses on all of the negatives in life instead of the positives.

26. When a woman doesn’t even try to get along with his parents and closest friends.

27. When a woman doesn’t do any work in the bedroom.

28. When a woman only dates men that reach a certain height.

29. When a woman gets jealous easily.

30. When a woman makes fun of his music taste.

31. When a woman fights with him over every little thing.

32. When a woman compares him to other men.

33. When a woman doesn’t realize her beauty and worth. TC mark

To The Girl Who Won’t Move On Because She’s Afraid That There Would Be No One Else

Posted: 01 Dec 2016 05:00 PM PST


To the girl who won't move on, because she's afraid that there would be no one else, I beg of you, let go.

Stop chasing after a boy who just can't see your worth. He may have said all these beautiful things to you and maybe, at some point, there was little truth in what he told you. But it's over now, and you can't keep clinging onto something that isn't there anymore.

No, you can't keep asking him where it all went wrong, or what you did that sent him away. You have to understand that it isn't always your fault. It's not that you're not beautiful or good enough for him. It's not that he likes someone else.

Maybe he was right when he told you that he was bound to disappoint you, he would end up hurting you more, because he wasn't ready to break down his own walls and let someone in. And you can't keep trying to trespass and save him, because you will only end up breaking yourself. And you did break yourself, and now you're struggling to put your pieces back together.

You can't keep on trading your own happiness for his.

You deserve to be happy yourself. Stop listening to Ted Mosby say that love is when you care about someone beyond all rationality, no matter how much it destroys you.

Giving up doesn't make it some other disposable thing. But you have know if it's still worth fighting for. And waiting for a boy can't even figure out what he really wants, who's afraid of letting someone see through him, who can't even say if he really did love you–maybe it's not worth fighting for anymore.

Maybe this is not love; this is self-torture.

You shouldn't put all the blame on yourself. Maybe the only wrong thing you did was that you waited far too long. You let yourself suffer far too much.

Kill the fantasy of him that he would find his way back to your house with a blue french horn. Someone else is out there, and you will find him. Or he will find you. However it turns out, I'm sure that there will be someone else.

And let me tell you that this will not be your last heartbreak. This will not be the last time you'll doubt your worth and cry every night because someone made you fall in love and then left you out in the cold. This probably won't even be the worst you'll have to deal with.

But you're stronger than you think; you have to know that. You're better than the girl who chose a boy over herself. You may never forget, but you will get over this. There is so much more to this life than this boy who broke your heart for the very first time.

You deserve someone certain of what he feels and is not afraid to let you know. You deserve someone who will make you realize that there is a right kind of love, the kind that won't have to be too complicated, that kind that just makes you feel safe and complete.

So please, for yourself, take the world's advice and move on. Because giving up doesn't mean that what you felt wasn't real; it just means that you finally learned to choose yourself first, and is never a wrong thing.

Someday, you'll find someone with a yellow umbrella, and in that moment you'll know, that moving on from your first heartache was one of the best decisions you've ever made. TC mark

What Is Wrong With This Man?

Posted: 01 Dec 2016 04:39 PM PST

Tom Schwartz Instagram
Tom Schwartz Instagram

This is Tom Schwartz, a man who is probably being held against his will in a relationship with his Vanderpump Rules co-star Katie Maloney. Katie can most politely be described as an adult woman with a personality only a mother could love. And yet, inexplicably, Tom stays with her. On purpose.

Katie Maloney Instagram
Katie Maloney Instagram

Throughout this, and every, season of Pump Katie has nagged Tom into submission despite the fact that he’s objectively very good looking and mildly in a city where being objectively very good looking and mildly famous can get you into a relationship who are at least as hot as Katie but with an actually good personality. Viewers like me are left absolutely bewildered about why anyone on earth (even someone who doesn’t have as many options as Tom) would be with such a negative, unloving, nasty individual.

And in case you were wondering, they never have sex. This was a prominent plot line last season where they didn’t even like each other enough to have sex on a post-engagement vacation to Hawaii. This is more confusing than watching Lost.

Is this a Scientology thing? Does Tom have stockholm syndrome? Does Katie have some weird dirt on him that she’s going to release unless he plays the part of his poor, unhappy, unsuccessful, passive, non-sexual husband? Is it too much to ask that the show, at some point, actually address this giant elephant in the room?

In response to the growing awareness of her awful-ness, Katie posted this Instagram meme:

Katie Maloney Instagram
Katie Maloney Instagram

I realize this is reality TV and editing can create villains. But… its really her talking. She is saying and doing these things. And Tom not only stays, but married her. I really need someone to explain this to me. TC mark

10 Brutal Reasons Why ‘Emotionally Unavailable’ Is Code For ‘Just Not That Into You’

Posted: 01 Dec 2016 04:00 PM PST


1. There is a difference between telling someone that you don’t want a relationship, and that you’re “emotionally unavailable” for a relationship. Actually not wanting a relationship is one thing, teetering on the edge of a relationship with someone and then claiming your heart is closed is another. All it says is: “I don’t have enough emotion for you to be available to you.”

2. Everybody is “emotionally unavailable” until someone comes along who seems worth all of the hassle and vulnerability that falling in love requires. It is never the right time until it is the right person.

3. Saying you’re “emotionally unavailable” is the cheap way out of having to tell someone that you don’t feel strongly enough about them to pursue a relationship, because it’s easy. It’s an excuse that most people don’t have the ability to refute, so it works at keeping people at a comfortable distance.

4. People who are closed emotionally aren’t the hard-hearted assholes they can sometimes come off as. In reality, they are sensitive people who have been hurt and who aren’t willing to put themselves out there again. They’re not unavailable, they’re in hiding.

5. There is no such thing as being emotionally unavailable. It’s not real. A “closed heart” is just a belief you can have about yourself that influences you to behave in a way that’s “safe.” It’s a defense mechanism, not an actual state of being.

6. What is real, however, is simply not wanting a relationship – period. And if someone does not genuinely want an intimate relationship in their lives, they have no business getting themselves to the point in which they have to disclaim to someone that they “aren’t emotionally available.”

7. Most people embark on periods of self-development “in the meantime,” as in, between relationships, not as a means of avoiding relationships. Anybody who doesn’t want human connection has a bigger reason for it than just “I was hurt before and I don’t feel like doing this again, but I will sort of try to do it again with you and see whether or not I like you enough to open up.”

8. “Emotionally unavailable” also tends to be code for “low key not over my ex and sort of holding onto the hope that they maybe, one day, come back,” though that is perhaps the most brutal reality of all.

9. Anybody who is unwilling to experience emotion in your relationship is someone who is also severely cut off from themselves, and their own emotions altogether. Generally speaking, this is not someone you want to be even trying to have some kind of companionship with until they’re able to realize that their thinly veiled fear mechanism is only holding them back from real healing and love.

10. The only thing that switches someone from being unavailable to available is, literally, a mindset. If someone wants to be emotionally available, they absolutely will be. If they don’t have enough of a reason to –then they’re not worth your time. TC mark

Your Life Is Too Short To Spend Most Of It At A ‘Day Job’

Posted: 01 Dec 2016 03:30 PM PST


Today felt like any other day. The normal slog. Until, that is, I sat on my train home and flicked through my Facebook feed on my phone. Someone shared a photo of themselves at graduation a year ago today… at my graduation… a year ago?!

I can't quite put into words the feeling that came over me, but it left an unpleasant taste in my mouth. A year ago today I officially renounced my 'student' title and became unemployed by government standards. Unemployed. It's a funny word. It's not 'not employed' it's un-employed, as if the state of being without a job is something you undid yourself, Ctrl-Z style.

I only express the gravity of that space in limbo because a year on, I'm not much further from where I was back then. Not really. Sure, a lot has happened in the space of a year, but how did the year pass and not much really change? I mean, yes, I do sort of have a job that I do on some days of the week, but in terms of high level life-long career path channeling, I'm not much further down the line with where I want to be than I was 365 days ago… and that's an unsettling feeling. I was once told that every year should be better than the last. But I'm pretty sure last year was so bad that despite its relative ups, it was the worst year of my life to date — but my brother swears that was because Mercury was in retrograde for Taurus.

It's just a common theme that I see oh-too-often when I look round at the friends and peers in my life, in fact it's the one commonality: no one has their shit together or have any idea what a 'put together' life looks like without sacrificing some of the best of your younger years, 58%* of your waking week, to be precise. That's more than half of your life doing something you don't really like doing. Or assuming you retire at 65 and work an average 40-hour week since your 20’s, one would have worked 17 straight years of continuous work, without a moment's break during your life.


I have friends who did take the grad scheme offers — I didn't — now in complete personality crises facing the existential question of working life, what it means and whether sitting behind a desk on a laptop drafting proposals, sending emails and managing someone else's assets is all life really has to offer? I can't and won't accept that that is it. Sorry.

I won't accept that this is a crisis unique to us millenials. It is in our genes to question every moment of life and ask why we are here and who we are. I don't believe that no generation before us for the past thousand+ years didn't ask themselves who they really wanted to be and what they could offer the world of their time? What does seem to be the case is that the most recent generations before us didn't quite have as much choice; you either rebelled from the norm to become an artist/creative/lone entrepreneur doing your own thing, or you didn't. There was no middle ground. Unlike today, where in Western society we have, I believe, the greatest abundance of choice in front of us than any preceding generation, we're damn right allowed to be fucking overwhelmed with the choice. Your choices are no longer just rebel or conform but in fact they are unlimited. No outlandish concept, idea or product is out of the realms of possibilities which just make it that much harder. How are you supposed to know what you want to do when you quite literally can do just about anything? What a frustratingly real privileged crisis. I accept it is a privileged crisis, but a real one all the same.

Yet despite this sea of opportunities with this arguably unlimited choice of beings which our parents and grandparents before us would have died to be able to take by the horns, I look around at my peers unhappily slogging away at the daily grind wasting the best years of their youth. Some of the most creative of my friends are still working in banking earning a tonne of money, waiting all week to spend it on those very precious Friday and Saturday nights.

Let me just quickly recap that; the opportunities are there for people to do whatever they want but actually they aren't doing it. Good grief what devil is at play here! So, I hear you ask, why aren't these people (and when I say 'these people' I also mean me) doing what they really want to do? Show me a person who is truly passionate about (and by passionate I mean 'would dedicate their life to') developing new tax automation systems for banks, for example, and I'll show you a liar! Which brings me nicely to the crux of the matter: we have but one life on this strange planet, to my knowledge, so we should be spending our extremely short lives doing the thing that excites us most and makes us want to jump up and down and run around and are willing to die for because we're dying all the same and every day spent in a job that makes us feel tired, not energized, at the end of the day is a day better spent dead.

It sounds harsh and I've probably come across as some field-dancing hippie — I can assure you I'm not. I, too, did a degree in Economics and ended up in finance for a while before I decided to do that thing-I've-always-wanted-to-do-but-could-never-face-doing-because-I-was-scared-thing. It's the only thing that ever really holds us back from doing anything: fear. Fear of failure, fear of disappointing those around us, fear of embarrassing yourself, fear of losing money. Unfortunately, fear is so innate in us that there is no Limitless-esque tablet I can offer you as a remedy.

I conquered fear by confronting my version of a worst-case scenario. For me it looked (and still does look) something like this: no money, no home. That's as simple as it gets for me. When confronted in its simplicity, it is actually not that daunting a prospect and in actual fact is rather simple to remedy, were I to be in that situation. Worst case scenario, I could always get a full-time job in a cafĂ© (therefore, money — check) and apply for social housing via the low income eligibility (housing — check). If housing refused me I could always crash on friends' sofas (which I am aware I am fortunate to have) until I saved enough for a deposit on a flat to rent — two months on sofas, max. If that is my worst case scenario as a possible but not guaranteed outcome of quitting a job I hate and dedicating my time to becoming better at something I love, something I would die for, why the hell am I no longer taking that risk? I faced that decision a year ago and my, may I say faultless, logic won me over. I turned down the grad job and am now pursuing the thing my heart desires and haven't looked back since.

What you should pursue and how you can turn that into something you can live off for the rest of your life is a topic for another blog post altogether which, I assure you, has its simple remedy too.

I realize that the above is oversimplified and that there will be times when it’s super tough and you'll question every decision you've ever made, but the point I am trying to convey is that, yes, it is going to suck at times, but if you’ve found something you really would dedicate your life to then all the sucking and hard times are worth it and you’ll never look back and regret the time spent pursuing the thing you really want to do, no matter how difficult it is.

Nothing is as scary as it looks. If the worst-case scenario is death and you've found something worth dying for… need I say anymore? TC mark

Do You Even Realize How Badly You Hurt Me?

Posted: 01 Dec 2016 03:00 PM PST


You’ve been together more than two years now. Must be coming up on three. I checked on Facebook just to make sure you’re both still smiling. And yes, you are. Smiling and blonde and beautiful.

I teared up. And I know, I’m not supposed to. It’s been long enough. I’ve forgotten your voice in my ear. I’ve kissed plenty of mouths since then. I’ve loved. I’ve loved in such a way, it resulted in a book.

You’ve found the right person and I accept she clearly wasn’t me.

But still, there are moments that grab me when I least expect it. I remember your mouth. I remember your gentle voice and big hands. Most of the time, I pretend I don’t.

Maybe it’s wrong how much I wanted to love a broken man, and how you promised I’d be the one to rebuild such a man.

The truth, you were never broken. Not in the way you claimed. There’s a difference between confusion and brokenness and I wish you’d just been honest about it. My heart would have healed fast. My ego wouldn’t have spent months hiding beneath the rubble had you just said, “It’s not you.”

Instead, it was supposed to be. So much so, you came to my home. You fucked me in the place I was raised. Met my best friend where she worked.

You did everything you do when you promise someone a future.

Not even a week later, you remembered another girl. The girl you’re still with. The girl who was clearly there all along.

All this time, she’s still the one you love. So, I’m not allowed to hurt, right? You’ve proven yourselves now, right?

This arrow in my chest is just my imagination. Being drunk on nostalgia and regret is my own shit to deal with. I hope you order a special dessert to celebrate such a love. Hope you hold each other tightly. Forget anyone was ever left in the dirt. TC mark

Ari Eastman is a poet and the author of the book Bloodline.


Bloodline is available as a physical and electronic book. You can buy it here

10 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re An iNtuitive

Posted: 01 Dec 2016 02:01 PM PST

 Jesse Herzog
Jesse Herzog

The MBTI inventory classifies iNtuitive types as those who place more interest (and often more value) in theories, abstractions and the exploration of possibilities than they do in the concrete realities of the world around them. iNtuitive-dominant personality types (mainly ENFPs, ENTPs, INTJs and INFJs) are almost always more interested in what isn't being said or considered than what is.

But since we live in a sensor-dominant world, intuitive behavior tends to stick out like a sore thumb. Almost every iNtuitive personality will be able to recall many experiences in which their loved ones were thoroughly confused by their reasoning or behavior. Here are ten behaviors people often don’t understand are associated with being an iNtuitive personality.

1. Spurring debates.

iNtuitives don't fully understand an issue until they've considered it from every possible angle. These types aren't debating because they want to be difficult or impolite – they're debating because they need to test the validity of the topic by arguing it from every side. They want to see if any holes arise in their reasoning as they go, and some of their best learning takes place through the process of debate.

2. Obsessively planning for the future.

iNtuitives live almost exclusively in the future – they love considering which options may arise for them, which goals they ought to set for themselves, what their lives may look like in twenty or thirty years, etc.

Of course, it's impossible to plan every detail of one's life… so the plan is subject to getting readjusted. For extroverted iNtuitives (xNFPs and xNTPs), the readjusting happens almost daily. For introverted intuitives (xNFJs and xNTJs), readjusting happens as needed – but the need tends to arise regularly.

3. Viewing the rules as suggestions.

It's not that iNtuitives are rebellious for the sake of it – it's just that they analyze why a rule exists before deciding whether or not to follow it. These types despise arbitrary action, so if they perceive a rule to be outdated or ineffective, they have no problem casting it aside and doing things their way instead.

4. Over-analyzing everything.

For the iNtuitive, it isn't enough to understand how a given issue applies to them – they have to also understand the global implications of the issue, or the underlying theory that ties is all together. iNtuitives want to know the intangible explanation for every tangible problem, and it can drive those around them a little bonkers.

5. Placing little trust in authority.

iNtuitives types trust competence over qualification, and they want to make their own judgments about how competent they find others to be. iNtuitives are highly aware of the human tendency to favor convenience and prestige above analysis, and they aren't quick to trust any established system simply because it's been in place for a long time.

6. Relentlessly seeking variety.

iNtuitive personalities are naturally drawn to the abnormal, the uncouth and the unconventional. These types spend their entire lives attempting to piece together a comprehensive worldview, which means that they seek to understand as many different oddities as possible. Whether they're seeking novelty in their studies, their lifestyles or both, these types are always on the hunt for new lenses through which they can view the world.

7. Developing obscure interests.

Since what they don't know is almost always more interesting to the iNtuitive personality than what they do know, these types are likely to take an interest in niche topics or theories. Many iNtuitives enjoy exploring conspiracy theories or other such 'unfounded' methods of reasoning, as they enjoy the 'mental gymnastics' aspect of linking seemingly unrelated things together (even though they often don't believe the actual theories themselves at the end of the day).

8. Socializing selectively.

Extroverted iNtuitives (mainly ENFPs and ENTPs) are considered the most introverted of the extroverted types. Introverted iNtuitives (mainly INFJs and INTJs) may be more traditionally introverted in nature, but put any of these types around in a room together and the conversation is likely to flow on for hours (if not days, if not endlessly)!

iNtuitive-dominant types are often quickly exhausted by engaging with their physical environment, but they are endlessly energized by quality conversation. These types tend to consider themselves to be 'selectively social' – they'd rather be alone than around people they don't connect with, but put them around other iNtuitive types and their social side suddenly emerges with fervor.

9. Playing devil's advocate.

If there's a sure-fire way to get under an iNtuitive's skin, it's to insist that basically any issue is black or white. These types are quick to assume the role of devil's advocate in any situation where they feel as though the opposing party is forming an opinion without considering the alternative point of view. These types are prone to vehemently arguing points they don't even agree with, just to prove that an issue is more complex than those around them are assuming it to be.

10. Pursing an unconventional life course.

iNtuitives are naturally drawn to the strange, the provocative and the unconventional. They may be more prone than sensing types to have an entrepreneurial streak, to engage in non-traditional relationship structures or to experiment with lifestyle choices that are outside the societal norm.

Because these types take a 'why not' approach to their lives (or in the case of introverted iNtuitives, their research and learning), they often find themselves unintentionally rebelling from the rest of society. It's not that they want to do everything differently – it's just that an iNtuitive's lifestyle tends to reflect their mindset – and the mind of an iNtuitive is a very strange territory indeed. TC mark