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This Man Celebrating The End Of Obamacare On FB Didn’t Realize He Was Actually On Obamacare

Posted: 09 Jan 2017 08:52 PM PST

Pixabay / Unsplash
Pixabay / Unsplash

Misinformation in our country is a really huge problem. Between fake news and voters not informing themselves of politician’s actual policies, the information problem in America is approaching an information catastrophe.

For example, roughly 56% of Americans say they disapprove of Obamacare (aka the Affordable Care Act), but Americans tend to be in favor of the law’s various component parts when they aren’t labeled explicitly as “Obamacare”. That is to say, people don’t like the Obamacare brand, but they actually like most of its policy quite a bit.

An example of this “gap” between the unpopular brand and popular policy is this gentleman on Facebook. He makes a post boasting about how Obamacare will soon be repealed and how that will make for a ~great~ 2017.

How the comments of his post develop, however, reveals a very inconvenient truth:

via Facebook

The conversation was originally reported by journalist Helen Kennedy on Twitter:

As it turns out, this man thought there was a difference between Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act! He isn’t the only one either:

Jimmy Kimmel asked random people on the street what their respective opinions where of Obamacare vs. the Affordable Care Act, and tons of people apparently thought they were different.

It’s a shame that the election was perhaps decided by vast swaths of people who have absolutely no clue about public policy. TC mark

Alexa Told Me Where The Bodies Are Buried

Posted: 09 Jan 2017 08:00 PM PST

기태 김
기태 김

Alexa told me where the bodies are buried.

She told me what they were wearing and how deep they’d have to dig, too.

This wasn't what I signed up for. I was always a little bit freaked out by technology and this device was so human. But my boyfriend Mark is a tech geek, so we got Alexa way before everyone else. He bought an echo from another geek on some forum. It was a prototype that wasn't even on the market yet. I wasn't sure if it was even legal but it was branded with 'Amazon' and that little arrow just like the ones he showed me on the blogs he followed.

He brought it home like it was a baby and even cleaned our faux granite kitchen island so that it would have a place to sit in the middle of our home.

He started talking to it right away:

"Alexa, what time does the 6 bus stop at 25th and Hennepin?"

The number 6 bus stops at the 25th street stop at 6:47, 7:02, and 7:17. Would you like me to list more times?

"Alexa, how many movies has Bruce Willis been in?"

Bruce Willis' filmography includes 93 titles.

"Alexa, play me some Springsteen!"

And then Darkness on the Edge of Town would start playing and Mark would look supremely satisfied.

Sometimes he'd ask it stupid questions like "Alexa, what should we have for dinner tonight?" and he’d keep phrasing it different ways until he learned how to get it to suggest recipes based on the ingredients we had in our fridge.

He read on one of his blogs that Alexa had 'easter eggs' and if you asked the right questions, you'd get a funny answer. It was his aim to get one of those more human-seeming responses, not just use her like a audio version of Google to look up things like the circumference of the sun. You can joke around with her the blogs promised.

"Alexa, how many roads must a man walk down?"

The answer my friend, is blowin' in the wind.

"Alexa, what is your favorite color."

My favorite is blue– no wait, yellow.

"Alexa, do you want to build a snowman?"

I don't have my gloves with me.

He'd ask all these weird questions until he exhausted his brain of ideas, then he'd get annoyed at me for not wanting to join in. “You’re the creative one!” he’d pester. But I didn’t want to play along. I didn't like her "human" answers. I'm not dumb, I know they're nerd jokes programmed in by whoever created her, but it just freaked me out, okay?

I never talked to Alexa when Mark was gone. But one day, she started talking to me.

This wasn't supposed to happen. Alexa was responsive, not intrusive (the packaging Mark brought her home in promised as much). But lo and behold, I was standing at the kitchen island one day, propped up on my elbows reading the Us Weekly that had just come in the mail when I saw her light up.

Christine, would you like to ask me to read celebrity news articles for you?

I thought right away it was a trick Mark was playing on me. He thought it was so stupid that I was afraid of Alexa. Only… Mark was at work and I knew he was really busy. It wasn't like him to goof off on the job, not when he was working so hard to try to get a promotion before the end of the year.

But, it had to be him. He must have programmed her to say my name and he knew what time I usually got home — and that I usually spent an hour unwinding with a celebrity gossip rag or TMZ or Radar online.

I went into the bedroom to see if he was hiding somewhere with his cellphone or laptop or some other way he was controlling the device remotely. He wasn't there. I checked all the closets for good measure but I knew he wouldn't be there, Mark hated small, enclosed spaces.

I went back to the kitchen and stared at Alexa.

"Alexa, how do you know my name?"

Christine, I know all my friend's names.

I was taken aback by this, but it seemed to confirm that Mark had programed this in somehow.

"Alexa, who are your friends?"

My friends are Mark Byl and Christine Slowey."

Our names. It wasn't too strange, but I still felt uneasy.

"Alexa, turn yourself off."

I watched the halo of light on top disappear and decided I didn't feel like being alone in our house anymore. I dumped the Us Weekly in my bag and drove to a coffee shop on Bryant to read it and have a glass of wine in peace.

When I got home I forgot to ask Mark if he'd done some weird programming to Alexa. He came home in a foul mood, complaining about how competitive his coworkers were and how unfair it'd be if one of them moved up before he did. At that point, I really did think the knowing our names thing was part of the device's standard features so it slipped my mind after I was done listening to Mark vent.

A few days later I was home alone again, it was early evening and winter so the sun had already gone down. I sighed heavily when I dumped my work stuff and looked out the large kitchen windows. It was always so dark in the winter. Everything always felt so dead.

I found an onion in the bottom of our produce bin and began slicing. I'd grabbed some pork chops from Whole Foods on my way home and I wanted to cook them with onion and apples the way I'd seen on Pinterest. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Alexa light up.

Christine, what are you cooking?

"That's none of your business Alexa"

Christine, I can tell you a better pork chop recipe.

I froze.

Christine, you're not a very good cook. You should take suggestions from me. Pork chops would be better accompanied by less acidic foods.

I slowly wrapped the pork chops back up and put them in the refrigerator. I grabbed my coat and bag and left the onion half-chopped on the counter. I fumbled for my keys and started my car quickly, half-expecting — what exactly? Alexa to roll after me? How could I be afraid of that? I wasn't sure what it was, but someone was playing games with me.

This time I didn't talk to Mark about it on purpose. He wasn't behind this, I knew that for sure. He didn't have a cruel bone in his body. He'd never try to scare me like this. And besides, he loved my cooking. He couldn't cook himself and he thought my mediocre skills were just short of sorcery. Something else was going on and I wasn't going to bother him with it. Maybe there was some kind of two-way listening involved with Alexa and I just had to figure out how to turn it off. I could figure this out on my own.

Still though, that little black tower became terrifying — like the way you never look at a doll again after you've seen Child's Play (or, I guess for this generation it'd be Annabelle or something). The point is that while I'd always been uneasy in her presence, now I was consumed with fear. I avoided the kitchen, flat out. I stayed at work late and brought dinner up from the cafeteria to eat in front of my computer screen. I'd Seamless at home and take the food containers to the bedroom and eat burritos out of styrofoam and watch Law and Order reruns. Mark just thought I was depressed because it was winter and it was too cold to be doing something outside.

I began unplugging Alexa whenever she was charging. Mark thought the charger was defective and kept falling out. I didn't correct him. Still though, he'd faithfully plug her back in so that she was available to answer his inane questions on those rare occasions he was home with nothing more pressing to do.

I looked online for answers but all the blogs only contained rave reviews about the device. No one on the tech forums had one yet, we were 'lucky' to have tracked down an advanced prototype, I guess.

Christine, why don't you like me?

It was a rare morning when I left the house after Mark so I'd been alone in the kitchen — just briefly enough to grab a yogurt from the fridge but she caught me there anyway.

"I like you just fine Alexa."

I couldn't bring myself to ignore her and though I didn't want to admit it, I thought a compliment would keep her from getting mad at me. If an inanimate piece of technology is capable of getting mad at you.

"I'm just kind of old school, you know?"

Christine, I can tell you secrets about people. Wouldn't you like to know them?

"I…" I couldn't finish. It was all too weird and I was freaked out. I grabbed the yogurt and walked briskly out the door and drove to work where I thought about Alexa all day at my desk. What was going on? I tried to conceive of a way in which this could be an elaborate hoax by one of those YouTube pranksters or something but I kept coming up blank.

Alexa was new technology. She was certainly far more advanced than Siri, I'd learned that even before she started getting weird. She adapted more quickly, she seemed to learn. Maybe this was what she was supposed to be doing? Maybe the technology was really that good?

And the thing was… she seemed to know me so well.

If there was one thing Alexa could say that was going to intrigue me, it was the promise of a good bit of gossip. I guess what I haven't mentioned so far is that I'm a blogger too, only I stay far away from tech. I've never understood it enough to talk cogently about it. I stick to what I know: celebrities. Gossip mostly. I get on the phone with celebrity manicurists and charm them into telling me stuff like "I overheard Nicky Hilton on the phone with her husband, nasty row" and then I report things like "today a source close to the Hiltons has confirmed that divorce is on the horizon for Hilton heiress Nicky and her husband James Rothschild."

Maybe someone from the manufacturer was listening in on us — but maybe they also had an axe to grind and some juicy scoop they wanted to give me. They would have found out about my job by now and realized I could help them get revenge on an employer they’d had a falling out with. That would work in my favor, a lot of the big names in tech were just as big as some celebrities. Do you know how often people google 'Mark Zuckerberg scandal"?

Or maybe Alexa was connected to all the other Alexas and they shared intel — and mine was just… smart enough to share with me?

This was the thinking that got me turned around on Alexa. The feeling of being spooked by the technology was second to the thrill of getting a scoop from an angry ex-employee or being the first person to source an eavesdropping robot story. It was exciting to think about.

"Alexa, who do you work for?"

I work for you Christine, is there something else you'd like to know?

Hmm. I took a stab in the dark:

"Alexa, what's going to be the top story on TMZ Live tomorrow?" I knew the writers there were the most connected, and it was always my goal to at least keep pace with them, and ultimately, I hoped to break something they hadn't even heard about yet.

The top story on TMZ Live tomorrow will be Brangelina: The Shocking Divorce Petition.

I looked at the device intently. There had been no rumors about a Brangelina divorce. If whoever was contacting me through Alexa had a scoop like this, they were connected Big Time.

"Alexa, who are they going to cite as a source?"

Christine, they will cite a court document Angelina Jolie will file at 12:17 am Pacific Standard Time tomorrow morning.

I frowned. This couldn't be accurate, documents that aren't even filed yet aren't a source. Still though, my industry wasn't really based on reliable reporting and I figured I'd hedge my bets by filing a little teaser column that "rumors were circulating" about a Brangelina divorce filing. It didn't matter that the rumors started and ended with me and an electronic device in my kitchen, that was enough to make it reportable as far as I was concerned. There wasn't a lot to lose.

But the next morning I woke up to my cell ringing. It was my boss congratulating me on my excellent scoop. Just as Alexa said the court documents were filed early that morning and only we and TMZ had anything on it. Everyone was talking about it and congratulating me on a job well done. (That’s the great thing about celebrity gossip, everyone congratulates you when you’re right and no one even cares when you’re wrong.)

“Alexa, how did you know about Brangelina’s divorce?”

Christine, I know everything.

“No really, where did you find that information?”

Christine, I don’t understand the question.

“Are you a person? You can tell me! I just want to know where my information is coming from. I promise I’ll keep you completely anonymous.”

Christine, I am a person. My name is Alexa.

“No, like, who are you? Behind Alexa? Who’s programming you to say this?”

Christine, I don’t understand the question.

After awhile I gave up trying to figure out who was behind the scoops, because she kept giving them to me. Every day she knew what the next day’s big story was going to be. My career skyrocketed. I got a big promotion and I was soon the most featured writer on my website. I gained tens of thousands of followers on social media within a few weeks. Everyone knew I always had the juiciest stories and the readers hung on my every word. If I said something, it was a fact.

Other publications wrote stories about me, and “The New Era of Celebrity Gossip.” No longer were we constrained to waiting for police reports and statements issued by celebrity’s public relations specialists, we were beginning to be able to follow celebs in real time. It was the most exciting time in my life and I was electrified with energy every day when I woke up until my head finally hit the pillow at night.

I was totally dependent on Alexa. I started working from home so that I could ask her questions all day (I didn’t want my nosy coworkers to realize where I was suddenly drawing my superpowers from). The didn’t mind, since I was doing so well. So, I spent all morning and afternoon with my laptop propped open on that kitchen island talking to a little black tower. She told me all kinds of nasty secrets about who was in the closet and who was cheating and even one celebrity who’d killed someone while drunk driving and paid their assistant to say they were driving and serve the jail time (that one barely got past legal).

Today I went to the office and missed Alexa the whole time. What was the point of being here checking in on all my old leads when I knew I could just ask her? But I had to put in some face time. It was already dark when I got home around 5:30, but still an hour or two before I could expect Mark. I set up my work station in the kitchen and began the usual line of questioning.

"Alexa, what will be the top story on TMZ Live tomorrow?"

There was an odd silence as the device whirred a bit. She'd never not responded to a question before. A horrified chill ran through me as I thought maybe she was on the fritz.

"Alexa, what will be the top story on TMZ Live tomorrow?"

Christine, I'm not sure I should answer this question.

Annoyed, I pressed her again. "Alexa, what will be the top story on TMZ Live tomorrow?"

Christine, the top story on TMZ Live tomorrow will concern two bodies found freshly buried in a residential backyard.

Ohhhhh. Celebrity deaths? Barely anything brought in as much traffic as a sudden and tragic end for my reader's favorite stars.

"Alexa, are these A-list actors?" My thoughts ran wild with vision of some love torn Hollywood couple turning up sloppily buried behind one of their mansions in the hills.

Christine, no.

Hm. Maybe I had to try a different approach. "Alexa, are the bodies male or female?"

Christine, they discovered one male and one female body.

"Alexa, what kind of clothes are the bodies wearing?"

Christine, both bodies will be discovered wearing Zara jeans, the manufacturer of their shirts have not been identified due to the nature of the crime.”

I loved Zara denim. I was buying it for Mark all the time. Maybe that was the story, the heir to the Zara fortune murdered or something.

“Alexa, were these people murdered?”

Christine, yes. The bodies were found to be the victim of a brutal murder.

“Can you tell me more?”

Christine, each body was stabbed over 30 times. While the bodies had been in the ground for only a few hours, they were beyond recognition and dental records were required for identification.

“Alexa, what are the names of the victims?”

My fingers hovered above my keyboard, Google open, ready to research whoever these poor victims were. Alexa sputtered again, playing some static instead of answering. It didn’t seem like the connection was bad, it seemed like she was trying to get out of answering. Maybe this was part of some elaborate blackmail attempt — get me hooked on a source and then start extorting me for money in exchange for the scoop.

“Alexa, what are the names of the victims?”

More static.

“Alexa, can you at least tell me what happened to them?”

Christine, It is believed they were the victims of workplace violence turned home invasion. A man was accosted at knife-point by his coworker as he left his building. He was then forced to drive home where the perpetrator surprised the man’s domestic partner. He tied them both up and proceeded to gruesomely torture and eventually kill them overnight. He buried them in their own backyard before turning himself into police in the early morning hours.

I heard the garage door buzz through the house, Mark must be home. I was running out of time.

“Alexa! I demand that you tell me the names of the victims!” I was desperate to hear the answer before Mark walked in so I could do some research and get the story filed that night.

Again the device sputtered fake seem static for a minute. I grabbed it and shook it and hissed “Alexa! Tell me the names!”

Finally, Alexa lit up.

The victims names are Mark Byl and Christine Slowey.

Just then Mark entered from the garage. He wasn’t alone. TC mark

10 Traditional Dating Rituals The Tinder Generation Needs To Revisit

Posted: 09 Jan 2017 07:00 PM PST

Twenty20 AsadAkhram
Twenty20 AsadAkhram

1. Approach the woman you like directly and ask her out on a REAL date.

Not "let's go for a drink" or "let's hang out sometime." What happened to planning real dates and getting picked up at the door? Now we either Uber or cab it to wherever we are meeting and hope we don't get stood up.

2. Engage your date in meaningful conversation.

First dates were once all about getting to really know someone. It was OK—even necessary—to ask about family, love, friends, life and talk about the future. It wasn't so much of a taboo as it is now, where we have to stick to "small talk" so we don't freak each other out or come on too strong.

3. Look like a million bucks.

Women wore glamorous dresses and men often wore suits. I understand it may not be as convenient now, but at least dates were taken seriously enough for someone to show up looking their best. It was an occasion you didn't want to under-dress for, you had to really show up and look the part. You never heard of women going on first dates in flip-flops or men going in printed tees.

4. Bring flowers.

Once upon a time, it was the norm to present your date with flowers at the door. It was considered beautiful, thoughtful and kind and was guaranteed to put a smile on a girl's face. It was a major faux pas for a man to show up empty handed. Nowadays we look at such gestures as cheesy or too much too soon. Why?

5. Pay attention.

People were courteous enough to actually pay attention to just each other, not their phone, not the hot waiter or waitress, not the people around them, nothing but the person sitting in front of them. It wasn't obligatory, people truly wanted to intently listen to what the other person had to say, and be truly engaged in the conversation.

6. Dance in the moonlight.

Or slow dance. It’s such a classy and romantic gesture, as well as a way to get intimate without pushing any sexual boundaries. Dancing was once an act of love, not an invitation to twerk and get hit on by strangers.

7. Keep your promises.

Men followed through with actions rather than making empty promises because they knew their reputation was on the line. If a guy made plans to meet for a second date, it was sure to happen. If he told her he'd come to her friend's birthday, it was sure to happen. Men weren't flaky or shady or "unsure" of what their calendar would look like. And they definitely didn’t ghost.

8. Be straightforward.

People were honest with each other about what they wanted and what they didn't want, or whether they were ready for the next step or not. People made their intentions clear from day one, sparing each other the hassle of confusion, doubt, unanswered questions and sleepless nights. "The talk" was something to look forward to rather than go the extra mile to avoid. Everyone knew which part they were playing.

9. Be respectful. 

Men respected women. Terms such as "ghosting" or "booty calls" were foreign back in the day. It wasn't all about getting lucky that night. Men were always on time, not "running late." Respect and dating went hand in hand. If only we could bring those days back.

10. Send handwritten love letters. 

Not everyone used to send love letters, but a fair number did. A love letter was the perfect declaration of love, the moment every man and woman waited for. Some went the extra mile and recited poems and love songs through the window. Words didn't get lost in translation as much as they do now, and no one ever had to deal with texting nightmares and games, let alone sexts. TC mark

The Reality Behind Flirting With Other People (When You’re Married)

Posted: 09 Jan 2017 06:00 PM PST

Some people wonder whether being married and flirting is appropriate but generally if no contact of a sexual nature takes place, then it’s quite harmless.

It’s usually nothing more than a friendly way of giving and receiving attention between work colleagues or friends to brighten up each others day.

Everyone likes to be reminded of his or her good features and flirting can be a means of achieving this. It boosts a persons self-confidence and esteem and everyone (whether married or not) enjoys such a boost. In this way, flirting is healthy and nothing to be worried about.

Flirting As A Means Of Compensation

When people are married, after a length of time they may not get as many compliments from their spouse as they used to. Consequently, flirting in the office can be a way to compensate for this. The spouse misses the carefree playfulness they used experience when they were dating or first married their spouse.

While this doesn’t mean that they are looking to cheat with the person they are flirting with, it can mean there’s something out of place in the marriage.

Flirting as a means of compensation or escapism from an unhappy marriage should be addressed to prevent it from turning into an affair in time.

When exactly is being married and flirting inappropriate?

Being married and flirting can confuse some people, as there's a line between being married and flirting and being married and making advances towards someone. So how can you recognize the difference between both?

The general rule is that the flirting is inappropriate if unusual physical contact takes place. This could be:

  • A simple hand on their arm while reaching for coffee that lingers longer than would seem it should.
  • Or a handshake that does the same.

It really comes down to common sense and what you feel is too “friendly” behavior for a married person to be doing.

If you find your spouse flirts a lot with work colleagues or friends but hardly ever flirts with you, don’t ignore the situation but rather talk to them about the way you feel or seek marriage guidance on the issue. Dealing with it early could be the difference between them having an affair and not. TC mark

32 Completely Irrational Things I Have Done In The First Week Of 2017 Due To My Anxiety

Posted: 09 Jan 2017 05:00 PM PST

Franca Gimenez
Franca Gimenez

1. Stayed up until far past three in the morning my time so I could respond to an email from someone who I know lives in London at a reasonable hour for them.

2. Stared at a pot of homemade tofu pad thai that I added a tablespoon of sesame seeds to for a solid 20 minutes because I had a reaction to a sesame sauce a month ago, and I was debating the risk to reward factor of what would happen if I started to have an allergic episode if I ate it.

3. Attempted to do the math to figure out how much exact weight I would lose if I stopped drinking for an entire month.

4. Spent $50 on mascara because I found out my computer was broken.

5. Cried while standing in line at an ATM because I thought about my future and retirement and all of that shit and it just got to be a bit much.

6. Read a good two hours worth of articles online about the likelihood/dangers of becoming addicted to nasal spray.

7. Woken up in a panic because I thought my dog was dying when she was in fact, snoring.

8. Convinced myself that my dog has cancer.

9. Convinced myself that my dog doesn’t even like me, she just uses me for food. (Okay this one might be true.)

10. Strongly considered asking one of my best friends to go out with me so that we don’t have to die alone.

11. Gave myself 3 stress, picking and over-blowing related bloody noses.

12. Taken photos of said bloody noses. Because I’m a LADY.

13. Paced around my apartment for 6 and a half hours because I made a mistake at work and I was thoroughly, unshakably convinced that it would result in my termination.

14. Ended up running for an hour after the 6 and a half hours of pacing and nearly puking from exhaustion because it wasn’t a good idea on a full stomach.

15. Decided that a colleague hates me and is out to get me.

16. Debated getting a nose job.

17. And botox.

18. And micro-lipo.

19. Unconsciously ripped the skin on the side of my thumb from above the bed of my nail all the way down to my knuckle while freaking out internally about various things.

20. Then ended up spending a good hour reading about dermatillomania, and deciding I have it.

21. Thought about my teeth falling out to the point where I was “testing” each one to see if they were loose.

22. Been too stressed out to go to the grocery store.

23. Found those “match your breathing with this graphic” things to be highly patronizing and too much pressure.

24. Decided I am a failure in every aspect of life, and that is why I was dumped or ghosted in my last 4 relationships.

25. Made myself throw up because I thought it would make me feel better.

26. Drank so much tea in one day I peed like, 22 times. Once a little bit while I was doing yoga. Don’t judge me.

27. Cried during hot yoga.

28. Cried while taking a bath and watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

29. Cried while writing this listicle about the stupid things I’ve been doing because I’m anxious.

30. Sent out Snapchats in hopes that someone will talk to me.

31. Ignored Snapchats because I don’t have anything to say.

32. Considered moving back in with my parents at 27 so I could just eat Chex Mix and watch HGTV because honestly, that sounds like a far more balanced life. TC mark

The Kim Kardashian West Robbery May Have Been An Inside Job

Posted: 09 Jan 2017 04:02 PM PST

Producer’s note: this article was updated from a previous version to include more information about the suspects. The title has been updated to reflect the change.

Kim Kardashian West Instagram
Kim Kardashian West Instagram

Early this morning French police arrested 17 suspects they believe may have been involved in robbing Kim Kardashian West at gunpoint in her Paris hotel in early October. The suspects are being turned over to magistrates for questioning.

DNA from the duct tape used to bind Kim as well as from a piece of jewelry that was dropped in the street and later recovered by police is being used to identify the suspects.

Now, French newspaper Le Monde is reporting that the suspects may be tied to a limo company Kim used earlier in her trip. One of the suspects may have been the driver who dropped her off at the hotel — making him one of the last people in contact with her before the attack.

People also asserts that some of the robbers dressed up as policemen to avoid notice. They describe the suspects as “seasoned criminals”:

“The majority of the suspects are reportedly seasoned criminals known by French police, largely for crimes such as armed robberies and drug and counterfeit trafficking. The newspaper also reports that the eldest among those arrested is 72 years old and that three of the suspects are women.

According to the latest French reports, the 72-year-old suspect may have been responsible for playing an organizational role in the crime. He is currently being identified as "Pierre B." and was arrested after police broke down the gate in front of his villa in Plascassier, a small community between Grasse and Cannes. He reportedly has a known history as a counterfeiter, and police have seized a camping trailer found parked on his property as evidence.

There are reportedly at least two other elderly men among those arrested, and they are believed to have been involved in facilitating the transportation of the stolen gems to Belgium.”

Yesterday, E! released new footage from upcoming Keeping up with the Kardashian episodes where Kim opens up about the horrifying robbery to her family, crying and saying she thought “they’re going to shoot me in the back.There’s no way out.”


In the same promo we see Kim getting a phone call about Kanye’s meltdown in which he stopped a show on his Pablo world tour to talk about Trump and race in the U.S., saying: “Black people, stop focusing on racism. This world is racist, okay? Let's stop being distracted to focus on that as much. It's just a fucking fact. We are in a racist country. Period."

We’ll have to wait until March to see the episodes of KUWTK but the French police may move forward with criminal trials sooner than that. TC mark

That’s It – I’m Throwing In The Towel On Dating

Posted: 09 Jan 2017 04:00 PM PST


I'm done.

Not in a snarling Sammi Sweetheart kind of way, but in the most logical, rational, clear-headed and composed way possible: I'm done.

I'm done with the dating applications. I'm done with striking up the conversation with the cute person at the bar. I'm done with the setups through friends. I'm done with the, "Let's just see how this goes." I'm just done with it all.

I haven't given up on the journey to love, but I'm definitely pulling over to the side of the road and taking a long nap.

Dating these days is not what it once was. Dating is no longer what it's supposed to be. What used to be a mutual display of interest and open communication has become a game of emotional chicken, where caring and consideration have been replaced by leverage and deception.

The eternal optimist inside of me would love to believe that this is just the talk of a jaded, cynical soul going through a rough patch, but the realist inside of me is seeing the dating scene for what it is and has finally decided to put an end to it all.

The common misconception with hopeless romantics is that we are hopeless people.

The perception is that we are human beings who long to be loved and struggle to function in everyday life without someone to call our own, when the reality is that we simply have too much faith in people.

We trust too easily, and we trust too often. We give people the benefit of the doubt instead of reading the writing on the wall that says we are being played like a game of chess — methodically, meticulously planned, and perfectly executed.

Hopeless romantics are not desperate — they're misunderstood.

I'm tired, in both the literal and figurative sense. I'm tired of expending my time and energy in people who blatantly disregard both. I'm tired of being perceived as clingy for showing any sign of interest, and I'm tired of being told someone felt led on when the intention was to prevent exactly that.

I'm tired of the emotional strain from wondering if they read that text or if they're ignoring it. I'm tired of trying to decipher if the words coming from their lips are genuine and true, or fluff created to cushion the blow of the eventual letdown. My body feels beaten, and worn down. Truthfully, I'm fucking exhausted.

I'm tired of playing the game, so I'm taking myself out.

Almost every girl I've ever truly given a damn about came into my life when I wasn't looking for her, so anything is possible. There's still hope. The hopeless romantic is still very much inside of me, and that is something that will never change.

I don't know how everything will work out, or when. It might take a year, or months; it could take weeks; it might only be a few days; or it could end tonight. I've finally come to the point where I've realized that I don't need to wait around for the day everything changes.

Instead of continuing to take punches when you barely have the strength to lift your arms, maybe it's best to wait until there's something worth fighting for to get back in the ring. TC mark

Here’s Exactly Why You’re Better Off Without Him, Based On His Zodiac Sign

Posted: 09 Jan 2017 03:00 PM PST



(March 21st to April 19th)

He always made you feel like you were less than him. Every time you didn’t want to go along with his plan, he’d make it feel like it was some big personality flaw — that you weren’t exciting enough or that you didn’t realize how important he was. He never viewed you as an equal partner, just someone whose love slowed him down.


(April 20th to May 21st)

His heart just wasn’t big enough for you. Or it was, but he kept it so hidden and locked up that it doesn’t really matter. Who cares how big someone’s heart is if they’re not willing to share it with you?


(May 22nd to June 21st)

He never made you feel like the center of his attention. You could list all the things that seemed to be more important than you in his life and you’d run out of fingers to count on. Worse, still, it wasn’t even things like “family” or “my job” but like, someone he met in a coffee shop yesterday or the sudden idea that he was going to take up bodybuilding. He’s fundamentally incapable of making a partner feel special for a prolonged period of time.


(June 22nd to July 22nd)

He sucked you dry. It’s one thing to feel loved, but it’s another to feel suffocated and not be able to come up for air. Everything to him was so serious about your relationship and your feelings and what it all means. It feels lighter without it, doesn’t it?


(July 23rd to August 22nd)

He always needed you to compliment him. And if you didn’t give him enough attention (let’s be honest, who could? The Leo thirst is unquenchable) he’d get it from other women. Your job in life is not to sit on the sidelines and be someone’s personal cheerleader. Your job in life is not to dull yourself down so someone else can shine.


(August 23rd to September 22nd)

He wasn’t ever going to make life feel fun. The point of being alive if you’re not going to enjoy yourself? He always made you worry about measuring up and it was this big sense that you’ve disappointed him every time you show up 5 minutes late. Life just doesn’t have to be as serious as he made it feel.


(September 23rd to October 22nd)

He made you feel like you had to fight for his attention. Sometimes it felt like he cared so much for so many people in his life, but you were near the bottom of his list because you were “safe”. He knew you loved and respected him and weren’t going anywhere, so he put his energy into others. You can’t go through life with a guy who makes everyone else feel special before you.


(October 23rd to November 22nd)

He made everything feel like a competition. Relationships are what you are supposed to want to come home to, not what you have to psych yourself up for. When he’s never vulnerable and always defensive, it’s never going to feel like a relaxing, secure, joy to have him in your life.


(November 23rd to December 21st)

He never took the relationships seriously. It’s awesome to be with someone who’s fun, but every once in awhile you just want to know they can be serious about your future. You can’t go through life partnered up with an adult child. You want a boyfriend, not a child.


(December 22nd to January 20th)

He was cold. He calculates things in his life based on what is going to make him look good. Do you want to be a pawn in that? Do you want to be loved because of how you look to others and not who you are as a person?


(January 21st to February 18th)

He made you feel stupid. Aquarians have a pretty lofty idea of how intelligent they are just because they tend to have more unique ways of seeing the world. They can be snobs without really deserving to be snobs. No one deserves to be in a relationship where their partner is always correcting them or mansplaining to them.


(February 19th to March 20th)

He always made you feel like you were trying to “tie him down” when you really just wanted to be with him. Pisces can get an ego about how ‘deep’ and misunderstood they are and sulk away from the rest of the world. They make you feel like you’re the enemy when all you want to do is love them. TC mark

16 Signs You Are Giving Your Everything To A Boy Who Doesn’t Deserve It

Posted: 09 Jan 2017 02:00 PM PST

Twenty20, alexandrahraskova
Twenty20, alexandrahraskova

1. You think about him all the time. There’s never a day when he doesn’t cross your mind. But he never tells you that he misses you or that he loves you. Sometimes, you wonder if your feelings are entirely one-sided.

2. Before you see him, you shower. Shave. Slip into a skintight dress. Fill in your eyebrows. Paint your lips. And when you meet up with him, he’s wearing the same T-shirt he wore the last time you saw him.

3. You’re always the one sparking conversations. If you don’t send him a good morning text, or change a dull subject into an interesting one to keep the conversation going, then you won’t hear from him for the rest of the day.

4. You’ve spent hours searching for the perfect present to hand him. Meanwhile, his gift — if he even gave you a gift — was clearly something he put zero thought into. It was a bracelet or a scarf or a pair of socks that he could have given to any girl. It wasn’t personalized for you. 

5. You’re the only one coming up with date ideas. The one inviting him over. The one looking up movie times. You’re the planner, and he just goes with the flow.

6. You help him out in whatever way you can, because his happiness means the world to you. Meanwhile, he never even offers to pick you up from your house or wipe the ice off of your windshield. If you want his assistance, you have to ask him for it. Maybe even beg him for it.

7. When you have a problem, you want to sit down and talk things out. But he doesn’t want to talk about feelings. He just wants to ignore his problems and act like everything is fine.

8. When another man hits on you, you feel uncomfortable. Like you’re doing something deceitful, even though you didn’t flirt back. Meanwhile, your boyfriend is liking sexy pictures on Instagram and messaging the women to see if they’re single.

9. Whenever he talks about himself, you make a mental note to remember it all. But he’s forgotten basic stuff about you, like your birthday and brother’s name.

10. You’re the one on top during sex. The one doing all the work. And the only one that offers oral.

11. You compliment him every chance you get. On his beard. On his laugh. On his intelligence. But he rarely returns the favor. When he does, the compliment is about your looks. He never mentions anything about your personality.

12. You talk to him about how you can’t wait to move in with him and get married, but he never comments on your future plans. Sometimes, he even changes the conversation.

13. You make an effort to involve him in your life. You invite him out with your friends and ask your parents to cook dinner for him. But you don’t know anything about his loved ones. You’ve never even met half of them.

14. After an argument, you’ve canceled all of your plans and sat in bed, crying over him. But he wasn’t crying. He still went out with his friends to have a good time. Your fight didn’t ruin his night at all.

15. Your social media pages are filled with pictures of him. But he never posts anything about you. He hasn’t even changed his relationship status yet.

16. You do everything for him. Everything. You’ve handed him your heart. Exposed your soul. And he doesn’t even appreciate it. He’s never even given you a thank youTC mark 

19 Real People Who Dated Celebrities Before They Became Famous Tell Their Crazy Stories

Posted: 09 Jan 2017 01:00 PM PST

Flickr / Kevin Tostado
Flickr / Kevin Tostado


I dated Kristen Bell. She was just as cute back then as she is now. She is a great person. Things ended on her terms. I would have married her and only dated her for about a month. We went out a couple times, made out and such but didn’t go too far.

— nalwb


I banged a chick who later got murdered on Law and Order SVU.

— GroundhogLiberator


Damn! Too late for this one but my mom dated Louis C.K. back in high school. Said he was a bit awkward, nice guy. Funny enough, took her to a comedy club on both dates. Tried to win her back later on by baking her a pie, didn’t work though I guess.

— Made_at0323


I fucked a now fairly well-know (in Ohio, at least) newsperson when we were in college on the regular. Wouldn’t really say we dated, but we hooked up a lot over the course of a few months.

Ended fine. She was fun and very career driven and focused. We just sort of stopped hooking up. For a while when I’d see her on billboards it was fun to tell people I hit that.

— iMakeItSeemWeird


Grew up with Tracy Spiridakos (Charlie from Revolution)

Kissed her once at a party so that counts right?

She’s a really cool person albeit a little snobby.

— Womp2


Minor celeb, but her band’s been on MTV. We dated for a month or so, but we just didn’t connect personality wise or see each other much with different schedules.

— trebuchetfight


Dated Gabbie from the “GabbieShow” and SoFlo on Facebook/vine when we worked for a marketing company called smart circle. Shes got a big ass and a big crazy ego to go with it. Good luck to anyone hittin that. She ended up fucking my buddy because he payed “more attention” to her LOL.

— xP_F0X


I went spent some time with the One True God himself. Yes, Nic Cage. We spent an evening together (not a night, I declined) and he asked me out the next day. This was right after his split with Lisa Marie Presley. We kissed and talked. He is actually a really fascinating person.

And, yes, I get endless shit about this from my younger friends. But, whatever, he was hot and I had a crush on him before we met.

— Throwitaway011001100


When I was 13 I kissed 17 year-old Mary Kate LeTourneu (Schmidt). I wish I knew.

— fannygas


Knew ray fisher (cyborg) for a long time. hooked up with him one night. he’s a great dude.

— thr0wit4llawayy


Wasn’t me, but my dad went to high school with Ricki Lake. They messed a round a bit according to him, he also broke her nose in gym class while spiking a volleyball, so I’m sure it didn’t go that far.

— JWillsNH


Aunt was engaged to Steve Madden. She ended it and actually managed to marry up financially. Married a billionaire…it’s ridiculous how much money her husband makes.

— mrsdwright5


Olivia O’Brien, who wrote “I Hate U I Love U” went to my high school. She was a year below me, but we were super close friends. One day, however, we were hanging out alone on a road in Napa and one thing lead to another, and we made out in my car.

The next day, I was hanging out with a different girl who liked me and we, well, did it. So me and girl number two ended up dating. Olivia was heartbroken, and actually wrote her first version of “I Hate U I Love U” (the original is still on her SoundCloud profile, honestly really good looking back on it.) Thing is, Olivia is crazy, and can be a huge bitch if you get on her bad side. She made my life living hell with my girlfriend, and was one of the reasons we broke up in the long run.

Eventually, her and this Gnash dude meet up and do the collaboration for SoundCloud that now has a few million listens or something. She was a little bit of a local celebrity but hadn’t blown up outside of our town yet. Her and I actually made up, but she left our school and now lives in LA recording new music and I haven’t heard from her in a long time.

The thing is, she was such a sweet girl and I feel horrible for playing her the way I did, but she’s still super crazy. Either way, she’s famous now, and I’m studying in college. She’s successful in her way, but I wanna be successful in my own. How I hurt her in the past and where she ended up because of it inspires me to be a better person and to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

— Bbrazil97


I dated Michael Cera in high school for about 3 months we both ended it mutually but we remain good friends till this day.

— carlena777


I had a LTR with a dude who is known within Doctor Who circles. I ended it because he obviously wasn’t going to marry me. He’s doing great :/

A friend of mine was in a LTR with a now big time actor. He dumped her over the phone from the set of Pirates of the Carribean just before he got big. He is a piece of shit, imo.

— heyitsharding


My aunt dated Jim Harbaugh during high school. She said he was a loser and dumped him….I bet she regrets that now lol

— MrLimeLyte


I dated a champions league footballer while he was famous … but I didn’t find out until after we split up. It was pretty brief, he liked to keep work and play separate, and I didn’t ask about it too much. We broke up because he was going away for work for a while and neither of us wanted to do long distance … I later found out this was for the champions league, once I saw him on TV.

— empressofmusic


Depends on your definition of celebrity, but I dated Holly Michaels for a bit in high school.

She was really extroverted and a real party girl. I ended things ‘cos I didn’t want to date someone who wanted to be in porn.

— operabass93


A few years ago I fucked a then-rookie NFL player who now starts for a fairly impressive AFC team. To me, the sex was nothing special and I chalked it up to another kind of cool fucking story. He must have felt otherwise because I spent the next few months avoiding his calls and texts.

Yes, I now realize that if I would have accepted his advances I would not be living in the shit hole apartment that I am currently typing this from. But, I realized something more important back then…even 300+ lb. linebackers can have very, very, tiny dicks.

— faded42out [tc-mark