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40 Hilarious True Stories Of Personal Fetishes Gone Horribly Wrong

Posted: 11 Jan 2017 08:00 PM PST

Illustration by Daniella Urdinlaiz
Illustration by Daniella Urdinlaiz
Found on AskReddit.

1. "I thought it would be hot if I let my friend bang my girlfriend while I watched.

"I thought it would be hot if I let my friend bang my girlfriend while I watched for a little bit.

It was not."


2. We got some stilts to try to roleplay and ended up in the emergency room.

"My fetish is hooking up with a really tall girl. My girlfriend is 5’2, so well, we got some stilts to try to roleplay…and…let’s just say our night ended in the emergency room."


3. I've always wanted to cum on a girl's face, not in her eye.

"I’ve always wanted to cum on a girl’s face (not a very weird fetish but whatever) so my ex let me try it on her, I came straight into her eye on accident and that was the last time we tried that…"


4. I wanted to be slapped, but not that hard.

"Being slapped. Had my bf slap me and I screamed 'ow!'

He’s refused to slap me again."


5. I thought I could awaken some kind of hidden masochism by punching myself in the balls mid-climax.

"I thought I could awaken some kind of hidden masochism by punching myself in the balls mid-climax. I ended up puking onto my comforter."


6. Bondage. I forgot I was claustrophobic.

"Bondage. I forgot I was claustrophobic."


7. My fiancée liked being choked lightly until I choked her unconscious.

"My fiancée likes being choked lightly. One of the first times she told me to do this we were having crazy rough sex and I ended up making her pass out, once her eyes were closed I stopped choking her obviously and wasn’t sure if she was actually passed out or if she was playing a joke on me so I kept going. Once she opened her eyes a few seconds later she was back in the game so to speak and didn’t ask any questions, I felt bad and couldn’t finish and I haven’t really choked her since."


8. My girlfriend cried for hours after I told her I'm into crossdressing.

"Told my gf at the time that I'm into crossdressing.

She cried for hours and asked if I wanted to cut my dick off."


9. My husband wanted to fuck me in front of a mirror—until I saw us nude in front of a mirror.

"My husband wanted to fuck me in front of a mirror so I could watch him pound me. He was being dominant and moved me to the mirror. We ugly. So. Ugly."


10. "I like being tied up. I am also very good at untying knots.

"I like being tied up. I am also very good at untying knots. I am now one of the world’s most annoying subs and judge people heavily on their knot skills."


11. Never fist a musty vagina.

"Fisting: She had a very pungent smell that leached into my skin. No amount of hand sanitizer and soap could get the smell out. My hand stunk like musty vagina for about three days afterwards."


12. The hot-cinnamon-roll-on-the-dick trick.

"Early into my relationship me and my girlfriend started experimenting with food (for some reason). We came up with the idea for there to be a cinnamon roll wrapped around my dick while she gave me a blowjob and for her to eat it during (for SOME reason).
We heated it up to make it easier to slip on but it was too hot. I kept trying to push it on but it was burning me. I eventually ignored the pain and pushed it down forcefully (FOR SOME REASON). It burned like hell and I yelled out in a pained tone, 'I’M READY!' My girlfriend couldn’t stop laughing, I angrily pulled it off and threw it back on the plate. My pee-pee hurt like hell. Terrible experience."


13. A good spurt of liquidy shit mixed with lube that went all over my gf's leg.

"My gf tied me up and put a vibrator in my ass while sucking me off. Then turned me over and told me to push it out. It wasn't budging so I pushed super hard and it flew about 2 meters across the room. Even though I had cleaned my ass, it was followed buy a good spurt of liquidy shit mixed with lube that went all over my gf's leg."


14. Pegged a guy and kept getting hit with his stank booty smell.

"Pegged a guy and kept getting hit with his stank booty smell. Singed my nose hairs off."


15. My ass cheeks were stuck together from dried strawberry syrup.

"My ex gf wanted to add food during sex, we used whipped cream, birthday cake, chocolate…etc. one time she used strawberry syrup and she put too much that it ended up reaching my ass, after she finished the blowjob I tried to stand up and my ass cheeks were stuck together from that dried syrup, couldn’t walk straight for a while after it."


16. Anal beads. I have IBS…

"Anal beads. I have IBS…"


17. I began having a panic attack after being bound by rope.

"Got bound by a rope around my hands. It was okay at first but as soon as I couldn’t get the rope off I started to panic. Began having a panic attack when my girlfriend tried to use her pocket knife to cut me free."


18. I suck at being a kidnapper!

"Had a gf that wanted to be kidnapped so after work one day I kidnapped her, handcuffed her, blindfolded her and threw in onto the backseat of my SUV. She knew it was me the whole time and it was pretty hot, I’d pull over occasionally on the side of the road and finger her or have her suck my cock or whatever I wanted to do! In my haste of planning I had planned to take her into the mountains to really seal the deal, well the road into the spot I had picked was shit and as I’m driving up there she is bouncing all over the backseat banging her head on the armrests, landing on seatbelts, etc… I’m apologizing for the road conditions and she’s mocking me for apologizing because kidnappers don’t apologize! Ended up OK in the end but I realized I suck at being a kidnapper! Maybe I’ll try again another day with a new gf if I find one with a similar fetish!"


19. Put my finger up my boyfriend’s ass. Was not clean.

"Put my finger up my boyfriend’s ass. Was not clean. 100% would not recommend."


20. Had sex in the woods, wound up covered in ticks.

"Doing some kinky shit in public, but in a wooded area—so we had some privacy.

It was secluded enough that I didn’t think anyone would find us. Luckily no one did. It was fun, risky and whatnot. My head was on the ground at one point though– not going to get into specifics because this isn’t a throwaway.

Fast-forward a week: I thought it was a pimple or something on the back of my neck. Only I swore it moved. I ran downstairs and screamed for my mother. She pulled a tick out of my hair and I nearly shit myself. I shower and take care of myself, but those fuckers were burrowed in and I had thick hair at the time.. She went through my hair, and well, she found another one. I immediately got a haircut and was too scared to sleep in my bed for months. (I was in my bed when I felt on the back of my neck.)"


21. Our stomachs, legs, and arms were cemented together and we were in agony.

"When I was in my early 20s, I won a Valentine's Day basket at work. It had champagne, chocolate dipped strawberries, handcuffs, edible underwear, that kind of stuff. After suffering the humiliation of winning said gift basket in front of an office full of clucking older ladies giving me knowing smiles and cracking jokes at my expense, I took it home and my husband (then boyfriend) and I decided to have a little fun. One of the items in the basket was a set of flavored body paints. Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. Now, after tasting them, we realized that they actually tasted really good, not chemically or weird like a lot of that type of thing. So things get heated, we start fooling around and we start just painting the shit out of each other, licking it off, generally feeling pretty good and having a great time. Finally we can’t stand it anymore and we start having sex, and within about 5 seconds we realized what a horrible mistake we’ve made. Our skin felt like it completely fused together. Hair in every place that either of us had it was being ripped out. Our stomachs, legs, and arms were cemented together and we were in agony. We had to literally count each other down to ripping our limbs apart one by one, then subsequently crying and laughing hysterically afterward. I ended up with a small patch of his pubic hair on my thigh, for God’s sake. Never again."


22. Told my ex I was into pegging. She cried for hours and told me she didn’t find me sexy anymore or masculine.

"Told my ex I was into pegging. She cried for hours and told me she didn’t find me sexy anymore or masculine. She never wanted to diddle after that so I broke up with her. She was so upset that I was leaving her and tried to get me back etc. but I mean come on she was the one who found me unsexy and made me feel like crap about my kink nope."


23. I set fire to her hair!

"Well, where do I start? See I quite like playing with candle wax, so me and my girlfriend were getting down to it and for the first time she agreed to trying anything BDSM related.

So I blindfolded her and tied up her hands, lit a candle but for some reason, the wax just wouldn’t drop down, tipped it some more, nope still not dripping, so moved it closer. Well that was a mistake…I set fire to her hair! I quickly dropped the candle, patted her hair out while saying sorry then she goes ‘Fox… I can smell burning…’

Guess what?

The candle I dropped had now set fire to a towel I put down… Quickly put that out and called it quits.

So that’s my fetish, how it went wrong and also that girl? She’s now my wife to be."


24. Got a shit stain on my forehead.

"Ate a girl from the back. Got a shit stain on my forehead."


25. She farted in my mouth.

"Eating ass is overrated.
She farted in my mouth.
Never again."


36.  A giantess sat on my face. She hadn't showered in two days.

"I’ve got a giantess fetish. I like the thought of being shrunken and used as a girl's sex toy. With this comes that I usually like to be on bottom, I like to be dominated in some ways, and sometimes I like her to sit on my face.
Well she did the dominant thing last night and sat on my face and started blowing me without me even asking. But it turns out she hadn’t showered in two days. I couldn’t finish and I had the smell of shit up my nose for like 2 hours."


37. There was poopy blood caked on her hand and it stank bad.

"I'm a dude, and I like stuff in my ass. Prostate massage is very pleasurable to me. I also am prone to hemorrhoids, which also can create little “pockets” up in your ass that cause turd residue, cue my girlfriend blowing me and fingering my bum and stopping all of a sudden with a horrified look on her face and she says:

'Oh god what the fuck.'

There was poopy blood caked on her hand and it stank bad. Sexual festivities were put on hiatus and my embarrassment was at an all time high, luckily she wasn’t an asshole about it and we hopped in the shower and cleaned up etc etc.

So yeah now I have to do butt stuff only when the butt is healthy."


38. As soon as my dick touched his I went through a sexistential moment.

"Thought having another guy in our sex session would spice things up. As soon as my dick touched his I went through a sexistential moment.

Why did we agree to this? Do I really want this? What does this mean for the future of our relationship?

Needless to say we didn’t do it again."


39. Bubble gum + blowjob = bad idea.

"I have a bubble gum fetish, so the act of girls blowing bubble gum bubbles turn me on. I also like blowjob so I thought combining those two is a good idea. NOPE. The bubble gum is the sticky type of when she blows a big bubble on my dick, the popped gum got stuck on my dick and pubes. I was a bit scared that it might stick there for a long time. We managed to get it off and she had to get some off it from my dick with her teeth. Small fuck up but fun

TLDR; bubble gum + blowjob = bad idea."


40. She turned around and I found myself confronted by the largest penis I’d ever seen, mere inches from my face.

"In the early days of the Internet I discovered that my fetishes had a name (bdsm) and there were other people into it. I was thrilled and set about finding someone to explore these cravings with. I found lots of people to talk to but nobody nearby.

I finally connected with an older local domme and figured 'what the hell?' I’ve always had a thing for cougars so this looked like it was going to be fun on many levels. She even had that raspy smokers voice I used to associate with women like that. I was nervous but looking forward to it.

I went through her questionnaire, and answered everything as best I could. We talked on the phone, a couple more times and agreed on a time to meet.

Things were going well until I was trussed up like the girl tied to the railroad track in one of those old silent movies and she starts taking off her clothes. I wasn’t expecting this, but wasn’t about to complain. She rubbed her corseted breasts on my gagged face, turned around, and started slowly taking off her panties, teasing me with a view of her ass. I was loving it.

Until she turned around I found myself confronted by the largest penis I’d ever seen, mere inches from my face.

I freaked!

I’ll give her credit where it’s due. she stopped everything before I could remember my safeword.

I thought her reference to being a 'TV' mistress meant she’d done porn. I was totally convinced that she was born female right up until she pointed her junk at my face.

She was up front about it online and in her questionnaire, but I thought it was one of those general questionnaires for women or men and clicked neutral things on the ones that I thought didn’t apply to me.

After she covered up the offending member and talked me down before she let me go. I fled the scene beet red with embarrassment. I grew up somewhat sheltered and in an era that was far less accepting of transgender/cross-dressing folks. In the years since I’ve come to see the humor in the situation. I just hope my erstwhile domme shares that opinion. I tried apologizing sometime later but never got a reply.

tl:dr Straight young guy is horny and clueless at the dawn of the Internet. He meets a domme online and in his ignorance and haste soon finds himself bound securely and thoroughly enjoying himself until he is confronted with a lady penis."

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16 Signs You’re In Denial About How Toxic He Is

Posted: 11 Jan 2017 07:00 PM PST

Jesse Herzog
Jesse Herzog

1. Whenever you get mad at him, you tell yourself that you’re overreacting. That you’re the crazy one. That you need to tone your emotions down if you want to keep him around.

2. You make excuses for him. Whenever he screws up, you find a way to justify the hurtful things that he did. He must have had a good reason for them. Right?

3. You believe in second chances. And you’ve given your boyfriend a bucketload of second chances. It’s because you think he has the power to change. That he wants to change. For you.

4. You feel bad for him. Whenever he treats you like trash, you think about what a hard childhood he had. About how he’s never seen a healthy relationship. About how he has the right to make mistakes.

5. You think that your relationship is normal. That every relationship involves snooping and cheating and name-calling.

6. You’re friends with the wrong people. People that are in relationships as toxic as yours. When you see how often your BFF’s boyfriend gets high on heroin, you feel like your relationship is actually the superior one.

7. You forgive him whenever he does something wrong (even if it’s the hundredth time he’s committed the same sin), as long as he apologizes for it.

8. You ignore the tears on your face and the bruises on your arms. Whenever you think about him, you focus on all of the happy memories. Because, really, he’s a good person once you get to know him.

9. You want to save him. You think that, by giving him enough love and affection, he’ll turn into the man that you wish he was.

10. When your loved ones advise you to break up with him, you end up in a screaming match with them. You honestly don’t see why they hate him as much as they do.

11. little bit of affection means a lot to you. If he kisses you on the cheek or actually remembers your anniversary, you’ll feel like the luckiest woman in the world. Your expectations are dangerously low.

12. You’re always thinking about how horrible the single life was. About how you never want to crawl into an empty bed again. About how you’d rather deal with unhealthy relationship issues than be alone.

13. You laugh off your pain. If he wastes his entire paycheck on liquor or you catch him at a strip club, it’ll be a “funny story to tell your friends.” Boys will be boys, right?

14. You believe the bullshit about how men can’t keep it in their pants — about how monogamy is a lie. That’s why, whenever he cheats, you let it slide.

15. You never talk about your relationship problems. You just ignore them. Hope that they’ll magically fade away.

16. You love him. You’re so madly, blindly, irrationally in love with him that you don’t want to see how toxic he is. You don’t want to admit that he’s ruining your life. But, deep down, you know you need to leave him. You know you need to say goodbye. TC mark

35 Guys Reveal The Quirky Little Traits That Make A Girl Extra-Sexy

Posted: 11 Jan 2017 06:00 PM PST

@_saraheiseman_ />
@_saraheiseman_ />
Found on AskReddit.

1. Women who look like they hate me.

"Women who look like they hate me. Like, obviously I don’t want them to actually hate me, but resting bitch face just does it for me."


2. Bags under a girl's eyes.

"Bags under a girl's eyes. I had a huge crush on Brittany Murphy because of that. And my girlfriend kinda looks like a raccoon because of her eye bags, which I find adorable."


3. Pale skin and daddy issues.

"Pale skin and daddy issues."


4. Small boobs.

"I really like small boobs, A cups work just fine for me."


5. Women who are terrible dancers.

"Women who are terrible dancers. If your attempts at dancing look like a dry-heave set to music, I’m into it."


6. Extremely left-wing girls.

"When she wants to abolish private property, topple the frightened bourgeoisie and seize the means of production. PM me your centenary celebrations, comrades."


7. Extremely right-wing girls.

"Extremely right-wing girls. Although I’m a liberal kind of guy. Hope I never meet a hot neo-Nazi."


8. Girls who get super-nervous in one-on-one situations.

"I'm super into girls who get super-nervous in one-on-one situations. It's nice because while I hold the appearance of cool on the outside I'm dying on the inside and its nice to know there's a mutual shyness."


9. Yawning.

"Yawning. Or anything equally tired. If they made sleepy/bored porn I’d never leave my room."


10. Deep voices.

"Deep voices from women. Emma Stone could talk to me for days and I wouldn’t get distracted."


11. Canine teeth.

"Canine teeth (for girls). Don’t judge."


12. I like when girls have well-defined jawlines.

"I don’t know how weird it is, but I like when girls have well-defined jawlines."


13. When a girl is really good at her job, I get an instant crush.

"When a girl is really good at her job, mostly service, because that’s who I see the most, but if she is confident and efficient in what she does, I get an instant crush."


14. Back muscles.

"Back muscles (the ones beside the spine). Anytime I see a woman with good ones I’m like 'damn, she’s hot.'"


15. Women wearing ties.

"Women wearing ties…it drives me wild for some reason."


16. Ears that stick out from her hair.

"A big/aquiline nose. Ears that stick out from her hair. Indian accents. Not really sure how uncommon that is, but it’s not one of the more popular accents."


17. Girls who have that crazy, puffy, curly hair.

"Girls who have that crazy, puffy, curly hair. Probably because I was really into a girl who had hair like that in high school, so maybe it’s just some kind of association related instinct, but I love it."


18. Mechanical things and girls.

"Mechanical things and girls.
A 7/10 girl would be an 8/10 with a nice car.
9/10 with a motorcycle.
8/10 with a gun.
10/10 with an airplane."


19. Girls with a big nose.

"Girls with a big nose. Also, when a girl has chubby cheeks, and a super thin neck. Also, girls with really long necks."


20. When women wear sweaters or hoodies that are a bit too big for them.

"When women wear sweaters or hoodies that are a bit too big for them."


21. When a girl’s hair covers part of her eye.

"When a girl’s hair covers part of her eye. It’s just so sexy."


22. When a girl’s hair is in a messy bun and she’s wearing comfy clothes.

"When a girl’s hair is in a messy bun and she’s wearing comfy clothes. It’s just the sexiest thing to me ever."


23. Tall girls with nice chins.

"Tall girls with nice chins, weirdly enough."


24. Really short girls.

"I like really short girls. I’m 6’4″ and my GF is 4’11"."


25. When girls have blonde arm hair and don’t shave it.

"When girls have blonde arm hair and don’t shave it. I don’t know why, and it’s only if it’s blonde that I am attracted to them."


26. When one little bit of hair is hanging down into her face.

"When a girl has her hair up and one little bit of hair is hanging down into her face, like it’s fallen from behind her ear. It has to be natural though; a chav fashion in the UK 00s was to gel this hair strand on both sides. shudder."


27. Women farting.

"Women farting. Because it means they're chill and don’t give a S H I T."


28. Scars on her face or notably bigger ones on her body.

"Scars, if a girl has scars on her face or notably bigger ones on her body I'm smitten."


29. Muscular legs on women.

"Muscular legs on women, something about dem quads, hammies and calves make me go crazy."


30. Hairy vaginas are a definite plus, as are sideburns and bangs.

"Hairy bodies. I love women with hair. Hairy vaginas are a definite plus, as are sideburns and bangs. I don't mind hairy legs, arms, or armpits, either."


31. Pretty girls with a little something that’s ugly.

"Pretty girls with a little something that’s ugly. Like nice face with a big nose, or a nice face with ugly teeth (not dirty, just ugly), or butter faces or nice face with ugly body. I don’t know there is something with that kind of girls that makes them more real, less intimidating."


32. I find a bit of a pot belly on girls very attractive.

"Unfit girls. Not fat but bodies like Jill from Workaholics. I find a bit of a pot belly on girls very attractive. It’s not usually considered sexy but sure as hell think it is."


33. Snaggletoothed women.

"Snaggletoothed women, the more the merrier (teeth, that is, not women)."


34. Pigeon-toed women.

"Pigeon-toed women. Most girls outgrow it."


35. Tomboys.

"Tomboys. Girls that are a little rough are soooooo sexy."

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To My Toxic Half, I’m Going To Say Goodbye And Not Look Back This Time

Posted: 11 Jan 2017 05:00 PM PST


Goodbye. It seemed like a foreign word to people like us. The people who always found a way back to each other.

I wanted us to make it. I wanted to believe everything you said. I didn't want it all to be a lie. I'm stubborn. I didn't want them to be right about you. The truth is, I really thought I saw something in you. It was something good enough that made me stay longer than I should have.

And in my heart, I still think you'll be that person, one day. But I also knew even at my best, I wasn't going to be the one to change you. I couldn't. It had to come from you. Because all the love and best intentions weren’t going to cut it.

I couldn't keep trying. I couldn't keep giving my best and getting your worst. I couldn't keep pretending like it wasn't emotionally destroying me, being your metaphorical punching bag, every time something went wrong in your life. I couldn't keep getting blamed for something that wasn't my fault. The cost of trying to turn you into the man I knew you would be, came with self-destruction and hurting myself to get there.

I couldn't keep waiting for respect. I couldn't keep loving you for both of us.

I couldn't keep up with some game, where all you did was change the rules. And no matter how long I played, I wasn't going to learn it or ever come out winning. For so long, I wanted to win and that's why I stuck it out. But I soon realized, the right person didn't have to be won over.

I was chewed up and spit out and tested, time and time again.

It was every ending and beginning, on repeat.

And then you made me think it was love. I believed in love before you. I hoped for it. I had faith in it. You tarnished my definition and turned love dark in my eyes.

I associated love with screaming and fighting and giving just so you'd have something to take.

'I love you' rolled off my tongue but for the first time, it tasted bitter. Your love or lack of love become normal. I accepted it. I accepted you at your worst and thought I was entitled to you at your best.

I didn't ever think falling in love would mean falling to my knees so many times and being kicked while I was down.

You kept me walking on eggshells. I was always walking on eggshells with you, terrified of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. You used fear as a tactic to control me.

And you liked your power. You liked knowing you had control. You liked someone loving you while you were still learning to love yourself.

It was wording things in such a coy manner, you'd ruin my day and you knew exactly how to do it. But then you'd say something sweet and kind. It was a game of emotionally fucking with me.

It was the inconvenience of waking up at 2 am but still taking that call. It was cringing and a rapid heartbeat because I wasn’t sure which version of you I’d get on the other end.

But what was inconvenient for me, was trying to understand you. What was inconvenient, was laying in bed next to someone and feeling so alone, wondering what I was doing here in this sad excuse of a semi-relationship and why couldn't I walk away?

One-day things were perfect and we were almost normal, the next you claimed you hated me. One day we were just friends and the next you'd laugh after a hookup, saying we weren't ever going to be friends. The mind games messed with me so much I couldn’t even remember what a normal relationship was like. And when one came my way, you'd either mess it up with a cynical text or I'd unknowingly mess it up myself.

It was like you didn't want me completely but you didn't want me to be with anyone else either.

You weren't supposed to become my relationship norm and I hate myself for letting that happen.

I hated myself for becoming so numb.

I looked at you with the love I should have given myself.

It was so difficult giving up on you and walking away.

I had this cold realization that you might have loved me in your own weird way but it would never be what I needed. Your love was just something I wanted so badly.

I didn't want love to be defined by pain.

I want you to know I forgive you. But more than that I've learned to forgive myself for accepting such things and letting it go on longer than it should have.

I'll learn to love myself the way you couldn't. I'll learn to treat myself the way you weren't able to. I’ll learn to love again in a way that it doesn’t hurt next time.

You were the relationship I unknowingly got sucked into like some vortex, I couldn't escape from but it was through enduring it, I found the strength within myself to walk away and never look back.
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The Wrong Type Of Guy You Fall For (And Should Stay Away From) Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Posted: 11 Jan 2017 04:00 PM PST



(March 21st to April 19th)

You are a ball of energy and you’re full of passion. You love to flirt and you love a guy who will flirt back just as strongly. The same excitement and passion you crave in your daily life you also crave in your love life. This often leads you to fall for the guys who are chock full of spontaneity (especially when it comes to intimacy). You fall for guys who fuel infatuation, not the guys you’re meant to fall in love with.


(April 20th to May 21st)

You are committed and stable and you enjoy occasional luxury. You don’t fall for seduction, but you do fall for the guys who tickle your inner hopeless romantic. You fall for the guys who buy you flowers and take you to five star restaurants, but you need more than that. You need a guy who’s willing to show you the meaning of love, not buy it.


(May 22nd to June 21st)

You’re complicated in the most beautiful way. You’re an intellectual and you fall for guys who you hope will be able to keep up with your wit. You fall for résumés and degrees. You fall for the guys who are doctors and lawyers and graduated from fancy schools. You need a guy who not only understands your intelligence and appreciates it, but a guy who challenges it, and sometimes that comes from the witty dreamer who works at the coffee shop rather than the surgeon in the operating room.


(June 22nd to July 22nd)

Your family and friends mean everything to you, and you fall for the guys who value their friends and family just as much. Only problem is, sometimes you fall for the guys who don’t know how to make room for everyone. You don’t need someone who makes room for you in their life, but someone who has room and welcomes you in with open arms.


(July 23rd to August 22nd)

There’s nothing you can’t do. You are a natural go-getter who believes in yourself and your worth, and you believe that you deserve the best. You fall for the guys who end up disappointing you, guys who give you the world, but only in the beginning, guys who make you the center of their universe only to rope you in, and once they have you they become comfortable and change into someone you don’t necessarily enjoy. Don’t fall for the guy whose strong affection slowly becomes weak, fall for the guy whose affection and love is consistent.


(August 23rd to September 22nd)

You are extremely detail-oriented and observant. You are careful, especially when it comes to love. You don’t let others in easily, and you only look for people who are serious about you. Falling for the wrong guys is a rare occasion for you, but when you do, it’s probably just because you’re lonely and are craving affection. Don’t let your loneliness make you feel the need to settle, you’re strong enough to be on your own until the guy you know is right for you shows up.


(September 23rd to October 22nd)

You hate to be alone so you fall for all types of guys, especially ones that shower you with attention. Don’t fall for the guy who’s simply filling the spot in your life that’s labeled companion, fall for a guy you actually enjoy being with.


(October 23rd to November 22nd)

You are assertive and you know exactly what you want. You fall for guy’s who aren’t afraid to approach you, assertive guys who are very similar to you, they find your decisive confidence intriguing. But the assertive guys who find you intriguing are more willing to talk about themselves than to listen to you. You need a man who listens to you and engages.


(November 23rd to December 21st)

Your curiosity keeps you going. You’re constantly seeking new experiences that will expand your understanding of life. You fall for temporary guys because you’re rarely in one place long enough to stay for anything more. You don’t need to settle down or stop exploring, you need to find someone who’s willing to go on the next adventure with you.


(December 22nd to January 20th)

Your practicality doesn’t allow room for nonsense. You don’t fall for guys who toy with your emotions, you don’t usually fall for the wrong guys at all. You only spend time with the people you know deserve it.


(January 21st to February 18th)

You are an intellect and you love yourself some deep conversations, which causes you to fall for deep guys. You fall for guys who have something ‘different’ about them, something that makes them stand out. Whether it’s his love for poetry, or the fact that he tattoos his friends as a hobby on the weekends, you fall for the guy you won’t find next door.


(February 19th to March 20th)

You are an empath. You feel for others and you want to help others. You fall for the guys who need to be saved, and you want to be their rescue. Fall for someone whose focus is on you, instead of the guy with a never-ending problem you think you can fix. You often forget to think about yourself, so you deserve a guy who fills that void. TC mark

Even Though It Breaks My Heart I’m Going To Let You Go Today

Posted: 11 Jan 2017 03:00 PM PST


You are the easiest person I have ever loved.

I've never met someone who makes me as happy to be alive as you do. You remind me of how good it feels to let time pass with someone else, but how crisp the air is when that someone is gone. You make me want to wake up early in the mornings so I don't miss a moment with you, and you simultaneously make me want to stay awake late so I can hear everything you have to say. You're like a weekday morning in the middle of summer when I don't have to go to work, and I never want this to end.

You are the first person I've ever really, truly wanted to learn.

I want to know about your childhood, about your angsty teen years, about your adulthood. I want to know what gets you out of bed every morning and what keeps you awake at night. I want to know the foods you like and the places you have travelled and the weird pet peeves you have.

Everything about you, I want to inhale with one breath and exhale back with an exorbitant amount of love. There isn't a thing about you I want to change, and I hope that you are forever the strange, crazy, soul that you are.

Because that's what makes you beautiful.

You're beautiful in every aspect of the word, and I've never felt so much love for another soul.

But life is getting in the way of this love, and I'm not sure how much more pain I can exude onto us. We've both known this for a while, yet we don't want to admit it. We'd rather continue to impale ourselves with our own weapons instead of passing the weaponry onto a safer space. We keep our silence, knowing that the longer we do, the more painful it will be later on.

How could we have ever let life get in the way of us? Isn't life supposed to work in favor of two people who are meant for each other, not against it?

If that is the case, then why does loving you seem like the most transcendent experience with such a high cost? Why does it seem like every obstacle we have managed to jump keeps appearing in the darkest of nights with no warning?

Why does it seem like our own lives, what we love, is working against our love? Shouldn't this be different?

Maybe it is best, instead of wondering and hoping and wishing that things will be different, instead of working against whatever life is throwing at us, instead of being tired and angry because time is separating us more than we would like, that we part.

Trust me, I never thought I would see the day when I thought I should leave you. But if we are causing more harm together, then maybe we should cause happiness for ourselves apart. We should be able to live our lives to the fullest, and the fullest part of our lives may still be yet to come.

So don't take this as goodbye. It will never truly be a goodbye, because you will always be the best memories of my life.

You'll always be there, in my mind, living in my dreams so vividly that it won't feel like dreams, but that's all that we are. We are just dreams to one another, an experience we will never forget, and I hope that the rest of your experiences are just as remarkable as this one we had together.

Please know that this breaks my heart. Nothing has ever broken my heart more than letting you go. But you deserve so much more beyond this, and I don't want to be the one that holds you back from a fuller life.

I hope I always stay in your mind, somewhere, even when life consumes you and you find happiness somewhere else. Please don't ever let me go. TC mark

33 People Confess The Shittiest Thing They’ve Ever Done

Posted: 11 Jan 2017 02:00 PM PST

Flickr / Stefano Mortellaro
Flickr / Stefano Mortellaro
Found on AskReddit.

1. I told an adopted girl, 'I can see why your parents hate you.'

"When I told an adopted girl, 'I can see why your parents hate you.'"



"Learning guitar from uncle. Can’t do it. He said something like, 'It's easy, come on, you can do it!'


I mean fuck if any of you can top that I will be surprised; I was a little shit. Aunt ended up dying of cancer by the way."


3. 'Can you wait until you get home to start crying?'

"The other day my friend was in my car and said, 'I feel like I’m about to start crying.' My immediate response was, 'Okay…well, can you wait until you get home to do that?'"


4. Stirred a coworker's drink with my dick.

"I was pissed at a coworker who kept pushing her religion on me and I retaliated by stirring her drink with my dick after she had left it unattended. It was a silent victory for me. I look back on it and know that I’m a horrible human being for what I’ve done."


5. I intentionally broke a girl's crayons while she cried.

"When I was in 1st grade, I accidentally stepped on and broke a crayon this girl had while she was coloring on the ground. She started crying a lot about her broken crayon, so I looked her dead in the eyes and said 'I can’t be friends with sissy’s who cry over crayons.' I then proceeded to intentionally step on and break the rest of her crayons."


6. Saw a man bleeding on the roadside and kept driving.

"I was driving my ex home from the movies, and we chanced across a wreck on the roadside. The driver’s head was lolled on his shoulder, openly bleeding and obviously in need of assistance. My ex kept insisting, 'Keep driving. Someone will help him.'

I feel like shit that I let her run me like that; I can’t believe I wasn’t the one to help him."


7. I made a Holocaust joke to a Jewish girl.

"We were watching a doc about the Holocaust in journalism class (?)—I was sitting behind a Jewish girl and right after they bulldozed a pile of dead bodies into a ditch I asked her if she recognized anyone on the screen.

As soon as it came out, I was horrified. we both participated in off-color inappropriate joking before, but this was next-level.

What a shitty thing to say. I'm still ashamed."


8. I yelled at my grandfather and he died before I got a chance to say I'm sorry.

"I once yelled at my grandfather because he didn’t allow me to go over to a friend's house because it was almost lunch time. He died before I got a chance to say sorry, gonna live with that for the rest of my life."


9. 'You want a medal or a chest to pin it on?'

"Sitting at a table with friends at college when a girl and her friend join us 'cause she knew one of my friends. Girl’s a real jerk to everyone. She hones in on my good friend who is insecure. Nervous laughter from everyone so she goes harder.

I stop her and, half-jokingly say, 'wow, good one. You want a medal or a chest to pin it on?' (She was seriously flat as a board)

Girl stands up crying and runs out of the building. Turn to everyone cause no idea how that should be the reaction.

Friends tell me, 'She had breast cancer when she was 16 and had to have them removed. Only happened a few years ago.'



10. Threw sand in a kid’s face.

"Threw sand in a kid’s face once. We were playing in the sandbox and I was trying to demonstrate that it exploded so I threw a bunch of sand in the air.
97% of it went right into his face. I was an adult."


12. I watched a guy pepper spray a sleeping homeless man on the train and was too scared to do anything to stop it.

"I watched a guy pepper spray a sleeping homeless man on the train and was too scared to do anything to stop it. It happened a few months ago and I keep replaying it in my head, wishing I’d done something."


13. Emily, I'm sorry.

"When I was around 15 I met a girl online and we quickly fell in 'love,' as hormonal teenagers are prone to do. Her parents went away during the school summer break, leaving her home alone for a while and she invited me to come and stay with her as our first face-to-face meeting.

I took the train down to where she lived but on arrival my heart sank. Even though I’d seen pictures of her, she didn’t really resemble the image my love-struck 15-year-old mind had built up. Mutual awkwardness and disappointment became the theme of our first day together so much so that I decided that, not only was I going to go back home the very next day (I think I was supposed to stay for a whole week) but I didn’t want to see or speak to her again.

Just before I left I crept into her room and erased my number from her phone. Then it occurred to me that she had an inbox full of text messages from my number so I had to re-creep into her room and stealthily delete all of those, thus ‘deleting’ myself from her life.

I left and never heard from her again (although she did have my email address). That was about 17 years ago and I still feel very shitty about what I did.

Emily, I’m sorry."


14. Convinced a girl to blow me, them made her take the bus home.

"Late, at party for my birthday, managed to chat a cute girl into blowing me.
Was too drunk/tired/high on myself after to get her home properly so I made her take the bus. Not a heartbreaking moment but a real ass move."


15. She even tried to take my shirt off and I just reached into my backpack and pulled a different shirt out. I know, I’m terrible.

"Hooked up with a coworker at her house after a party. After we had finished she asked me to stay and cuddle, obviously douchebag didn’t wanna stay and cuddle. I had made up my mind to walk home shitfaced at 3am. She even tried to take my shirt off and I just reached into my backpack and pulled a different shirt out. I know, I’m terrible.

Cue next day rolling around and at work I ask where she is and my boss tells me that she is spreading her mom’s ashes back in her home state and she was taking a few days off. That’s when I knew I was a real piece of shit.

Bonus points, she survived cancer a few months later."


16. I purposely smudged an old lady janitor's mopping job.

"Probs around age ten I was this piece of shit edgelord….Flash-forward to me in a McDonald's. Old janitor lady is mopping the floor. What does shitty ten-year-old me do? Walk across the mop trail and swish my feet to intentionally smudge it.

Gods I can barely think about it. Not even because I’m pissed or ashamed at myself but because of just how shitty that was, be it myself doing it or anyone else. This was probably an old lady barely able to make ends meet, trying to do whatever job she could…probably never wanted to hurt a soul. Then comes along some shitty rich kid who does something completely fucking douchey like ruin a mop job. Sure, not the most monstrous thing at face value, but put all of what I just said together and…fucking hell. That is beyond dickish. I feel bad about it to this day; even writing about it is hard."


17. I refused help to a man who needed it.

"I was walking out of a 7-11 gas station a couple of blocks from my apartment building late at night (no one else was there). An old, run down car pulled in and the driver rolled down the window and called over to me. He was clearly very upset and looked like he’d been crying. He told me he just found out his daughter had been in an accident and had been airlifted to a hospital about an hour away. He was trying to get there, but he was almost out of gas and didn’t have any money on him. He pleaded with me for anything I could spare. I told him I didn’t have any cash on me, and I went on my way.

That was a lie. I had plenty of cash on me, and regardless I had my cards on me with which I could’ve bought him some gas. I got about halfway home, thought about what I’d just done, and went back, but he was already gone. I went home where my friends were drinking, and I just sat on the couch and didn’t talk to anyone the rest of the night.

What the hell was wrong with me? Was I so jaded from living in a big city with panhandlers regularly asking for money that I couldn’t recognize when someone might genuinely need my help? The emotion on that man’s face was real, as was the pain in his voice. I don’t think I’ll forget the desperate 'please!' as long as I live. Was it really that big of a risk to give this guy $20? Would that loss to me if he was some Broadway-class con man really be that bad when weighed against the possibility that I just let down a father going through the worst moment of his life?

What if his daughter didn’t make it, and he didn’t get to see her before she passed because some cynical asshole at the gas station couldn’t spare a few dollars? I hope that wasn’t the case, that his daughter was fine, and that someone with more compassion was able to help him…or better yet, that there was no accident and he was playing me. Thinking about the alternative has kept me awake at night on multiple occasions.

Ever since then I have tried to keep a more open mind and give people the benefit of the doubt, so that the next time I’m in a position to help someone who needs me, I won’t fail them.

I don’t think the guy wanted money for drugs. Anyone who works with drug addicts like I do would know that a true addict wouldn’t have any car, no matter how crap, that could be sold for even a few bucks that could get them another fix. Also, my neighborhood wasn’t anywhere near the drug corners, and he didn’t have the physical indicators."


18. Did not visit my grandfather this Christmas. He died four days later

"Did not visit my grandfather this Christmas. I had two vacation days from work which I used to visit someone I had been dating for a month on Thursday and Friday. Then at my parents' place for the holiday and back to work the next week. My grandfather passed away on 29th of December last year. I’m a real piece of shit.

I made damn sure to drive the some 220km to leave a candle for him at a veteran memorial stone on New Year’s Eve. At the town he had lived for his whole life."


19. Told my mom I wanted to name my kid after my dad.

"Was having a chat with my brother, sister, and mother about names for kids. promptly say that I don’t like the idea of naming my kid after a family member but if I did it would be my father's name. At the end of this rambling, mildly insulting speech I look straight at my mom and say 'because I love Dad.' Immediately realized that implied that I didn’t love my mother enough to name my kids after her. I tried retracing my steps and covering up my mistake, she laughed and joked about it, but her face showed that she was pretty hurt. Broke my heart that I could be that careless, that woman’s done nothing but good for me."


20. Told my host he looked like Butt-head.

"Hung out with the host of a New Year's party for a bit. Drank some of his beer and said, 'hey you kinda look like Butt-head from that show.' He said he gets it a lot."


21. I kicked a girl out of my house after some lackluster sex.

"I had a girl come over for some extracurricular activities. She was drinking and assumed she was staying the night. After we had very lackluster sex I went down stairs smoked a bowl, walked back upstairs and kicked her out of my house. Definitely an ass move."


22. My friend was counting change, so I knocked all his coins on the ground.

"A friend of mine was counting his change on the entrance of our work. We were about to clock in when I asked him 'What you got there?' He shows me with his hand open and I just tapped it from the bottom, all his coins fell on the floor with all the people passing by.

I laughed and left, felt pretty shitty after but when I went to apologize he laughed it off and said he’ll get me next time."


23. Best friend’s boyfriend died during the best summer of my life and I was a piece of shit.

"After graduating college I spent the summer backpacking around the world. It was the most amazing thing I had ever done; I was kind of shy before but the experience gave me a new-found confidence. Once I was back home I was a hit at bars regaling new friends with stories and was finally successful with attracting the opposite sex. I was having the time of my life.

While I was gone by best friend’s boyfriend overdosed and died at Bonnaroo. A little back story we became friends because she put me back together after a breakup. Stayed with me and cooked for me, but did I return the favor when I came home… no :/

I was too busy having the time of my life. Shortly after I got home she crashed her car and got a DUI. She was in a downward spiral and I ignored her. We were working a shift together after that and I, still in euphoria from the night before, said to her 'I can’t believe how my life keeps getting better and better and yours just gets worse.'

I didn’t realize what I had said until months later. It’s been years and I still think back on that moment. I could have been there for her but I was just a selfish piece of shit.

tldr: Best friend’s boyfriend died during the best summer of my life and I was a piece of shit."


24. Brought a morning-after pill to a woman I’d fucked the day prior while she was in the hospital after another guy beat the shit out of her.

"Brought a morning-after pill to a woman I’d fucked the day prior while she was in the hospital after another guy beat the shit out of her."


25. I wanted to meet a gay guy so I could make fun of him.

"I was very sheltered as a kid. I went to a private Christian elementary and middle school with 16 people in my 8 the grade class. When I was in 9th grade, I went to my first public school. No one knew me, so I felt like I had to be 'cool.'

One day a friend of mine mentioned that her cousin was gay. I had never met a gay person before. I was genuinely curious if he was just as they appear on TV. So I asked her who he was, wanting to get the chance to meet him. She asked why I wanted to know who he was. Trying to be cool and not like I was genuinely curious, I replied, 'so I can make fun of him.'

The girl sitting in front of me who I had never heard say a word, just turned around and said 'you’re a dick.' It was the first and last thing she ever said to me.

I’ve never felt like more of a piece of shit in my life than that moment."


26. I gave a girl her first kiss as part of a bet.

"I started a bet with a friend in middle school that we could get this wholesome straightedge girl to kiss one of us. I won the bet at a super romantic moment at a friend’s pool party by a roaring fire but had no real feelings for the girl. A little while later her friend told me that was her first kiss and she really liked me and was heartbroken when she found out about the bet. She has to live her whole life with that as her first kiss. I’m friends with her on FB and 15 years later she is absolutely beautiful and I still feel awful."


27. I threw a brick over my backyard fence and hit a kid in the head.

"I threw a brick over my backyard fence just cause, and actually hit a kid in the head. It was a pretty bad cut. When his parents and my mom came out I just pointed at my brother and he got the ass whoopin’ of a life time. I was like 6."


28. Ran over a bird—twice.

"Was driving on a winding road on my way to a job on the countryside when I hit a bird with the car. Stopped the car briefly and saw in my rear-view that it was flapping around until it just sat still in the middle of the road, probably trying to recover from the beating it had taken. I considered stepping out of my car and move the poor bird to the side of the road so it wouldn’t get hit by another car but remembered that flock-living birds can get “expelled” by their flock if they carry an unknown scent. I also figured that this was far off in the countryside in Sweden, and the likelihood of another car passing by anytime soon was close to none.

I was on my way back home about an hour and a half later. My meeting with the client had been a huge success so I was in a great mood, singing to the radio and was probably driving a bit over the limit. I drove up a small crest and on the other side was the same fucking bird sitting in the middle of the road exactly where I left it, I had totally forgotten about it! It was turned towards me and I swear it looked me straight in the eyes, silently cursing at me in its chirpy bird-language as I inevitably drove straight over it for the second time…

Once again I could see the bird being slammed to the asphalt numerous times in my rearview-mirror before disappearing down the slope into the woods.

I’m entirely convinced this bird will dedicate his afterlife to haunting me from the other side for the rest of my life…"


29. Girlfriend's mom tried killing herself, so I went home to drink.

"Was watching Dodgeball with my then girlfriend. Lots of bad things happened that night that we were unaware of, and in the end her dad stormed into our room shouting 'get upstairs now and call 999.' Her mum tried to commit suicide by an overdose on something I’m not aware of. Her mum/dad goes off in the ambulance and my ex is hysterical, crying panicking etc. My uncle at the time also tried to hang himself a few nights previous…. I used this as an excuse to leave my ex for the night, go home and get drunk. I will never forget the tears I left my ex in, while I went home to drink."


30. Convinced a girl high as a kite who had the tiniest cut on her finger that she will die from infection.

"Convinced a girl high as a kite who had the tiniest cut on her finger that she will die from infection and have it amputated or if she didn’t go hospital it would spread and lose her arm. She started crying, called her mum, and went to hospital."


31. I’ve had sex with 2 friends’ gfs…while they were still dating them.

"I’ve had sex with 2 friends’ gfs…while they were still dating them. A decade of regret and lost friendships is the result."


32. Told a suicidal girl to go kill herself.

"Met a girl through and online game that was a legitimate train wreck. Sending nudes to basically everyone at the age of 12, smoked and drank on the daily at 13 or 14, did coke and speed at 15. Girl was a major bitch and a manipulator to basically everyone, and had no one who cared about her as a result. I tried being the first.

As I said, she ended up being a massive manipulator and one of the only people I’ve ever branded as 'irredeemable.' Checked in on her some years later, and asked her how she’s been. Said she was probably gonna kill herself, to which I replied 'Yeah, you go do that,' and then blocked her.

Is that fucked-up? Yeah. Do I care if she actually killed herself? Can’t say that I do."


33. Kneed a neighborhood kid in the nuts for no reason.

"Kneed a neighborhood kid in the nuts for no reason at all when I was like 9 or 10…I was a little shit as a kid."

NahmSayin_ TC mark

I Hope You Learn To Laugh Again

Posted: 11 Jan 2017 01:03 PM PST

Flash Bros
Flash Bros

I hope you throw your head back and quit worrying what others think of you. I hope you stick your tongue out and catch raindrops, or snowflakes, or bits of sunshine on your lips. I hope you stop thinking about what someone might say, or the faces they might make at you, dancing with your head tilted to the sky.

I hope you forget how tired you are, how worn your body feels, how silly you look in this moment, and you let yourself be a little kid again.

I hope you smile. I hope that smile grows. I hope that smile stretches across your face until it pulls the corners of your mouth open. I hope you chuckle. I hope that chuckle becomes a giggle, then a spurt of laughter, then one of those full-on belly heaves where you almost lose your breath.

See, sometimes life sucks. Sometimes we don't know if we'll make it through. Sometimes we don't know where we're headed or the 'why' behind our circumstances. Sometimes our hearts break. Sometimes we lose people we love and our worlds are left in pieces. Sometimes we feel helpless. Sometimes we're scared. Sometimes we don't want to open our eyes when we hear that alarm clock beep.

But here's the thing, today you did.

Today you opened your eyes. Today you shrugged out of bed. Today you took a breath, you stepped, you nodded, you walked, you continued. And that's truly admirable.

And I know it was hard. Moving forward was damn hard. Being a human was damn hard. Finding the will, somewhere inside your tired bones—that was damn hard. But you did it. You continued.

And so, today, I only hope for one thing: I hope that you learn to laugh. I know your days are tough. I know your past is broken and your mind is bitter. I know sometimes you feel defeated, and you don't want to believe in goodness, because goodness has failed you time and time again. I know you ache, I know.

But I hope you learn to laugh today.

I hope you let the sun kiss your cheeks. I hope you let sky pull you into its embrace. I hope you show the clouds your teeth as you open your mouth and let laughter slip out, warm and light like cotton candy.

I hope you hear a stupid joke and can't help but snort. I hope you walk arm-in-arm with someone you love, and they tell you a story that makes your eyes water with joy. I hope you laugh. Laugh until your belly hurts. Laugh until your heart feels free. Laugh until the pain of your today fades into the rearview mirror. Laugh until you forget.

I hope you laugh until it doesn't hurt as much.
And I hope that laughter gives you strength.

Because believe me when I say you are powerful.
And the world loves to hear the sound of your smiles. TC mark

Do Yourself A Favor And Finally Move On

Posted: 11 Jan 2017 01:03 PM PST

I'm Priscilla
I’m Priscilla

I am still always thinking about you. It’s funny that despite the countless times you made me feel I wasn’t worth it, I could never be good enough, and everything was my fault, I can only remember the good stuffs. Come to think of it, this is the case, since right from this very moment, I am still hoping that “maybe” before we get into 2017, you would say sorry, and God forbid, I know I would forgive you in a heartbeat, and you could finally sweep me off my feet.

I can vividly remember that time when I was nuzzling my nose to your neck, and how I felt assurance, when in fact there was none. You caressed my cheek, and after that, you gracefully moved your hand to my hip. Your other hand, holding my arm as you move me closer than possible to your chest. I swore, I heard your heart beating my name, but thinking about it now, I know I was delusional. You made me believe that there was a possibility of “us”, when right from the start you perfectly knew there wasn’t.

As I think about tomorrow, January 1, 2017, I know I had to make a promise to myself. I know I had to do myself a favor for me to be finally happy, for me to have a good year. I know I had to be cliché, and set a New Year Resolution, and it is clear that my New Year Resolution is to forget you.

In order for me to forget you, I have to open my eyes to everything I had to go through for you. I have to embrace the fact that you made my worth, subordinate. I have to remember the very moment when out of nowhere, you just blocked all our contacts, and I had to beg you to make me understand what I did wrong. For you to give “us” another try, another chance. I said sorry despite the fact that I haven’t done anything wrong. I wasn’t even worthy of a response that time, you just simply went on of your life. You kissed and flirted with other girls. You made me feel like I wasn’t even worth moving on from. You made me feel that I was a scratch paper that after you use it, you just throw it in the trash, without looking back.

Looking back why 2016 wasn’t all that great for me was because; I gave you a big part of it. As I welcome 2017 in a few seconds, I know I have moved on because I have finally encased in the possibility that we are not destined for each other. With that, I know I’m going to be happier, I know I’m going to stumble upon someone better. TC mark

10 Ways You’re Blocking Love From Your Life (Without Even Noticing That You Are)

Posted: 11 Jan 2017 01:03 PM PST


1. You get defensive every time you like someone. Because you're guarded or you don't want to get hurt so your body enters into defensive mode blocking you from being approachable, soft or vulnerable.

2. You think everyone is like your ex. You think everyone is going to treat you the way your ex treated you or they will eventually turn out to be the same person. This mentality subconsciously stops you from giving someone a fair chance because in the back of your mind, you think that it's only a matter of time before they break your heart.

3. You still can't get over your heartbreak. When you're still hurting, you're not going to be as giving or as loving as you normally would be because you're still trying to mend the broken pieces of your heart. Take the time to heal before you start dating again.

4. You're using work as an excuse. You're working too hard or too much to keep yourself busy so you don't think about it or feel like you're missing out on love. But sometimes when you shut yourself off and focus on only one aspect of your life, you lose balance and it causes even more problems.

5. You're only attracted to a certain type of people. Who are probably also emotionally unavailable because that's what you're used to. If you start breaking that habit and letting go of the type that never works for you, you might give yourself a chance to experience love in a different, better way.

6. You’re indecisive. One day you love being single, one day you hate it. One day you like someone, the next day you change your mind. When you're not sure about what you're looking for in a partner, you'll likely make wrong decisions. Take the time to really think about the qualities you need and the kind of relationship you want to be in.

7. You're not thinking about the future. You date people you don't see a future with or people you know are wrong for you, just for the sake of dating which makes you stay with people you shouldn’t be with.

8. You're acting out of loneliness not out of love. You date people because you're lonely not because you're really interested in them. Loneliness is dangerous because it can cloud your judgment and make you believe that you're compatible with someone when you're not. Let your intuition guide you in these situations.

9. You don't want to take a risk. If someone doesn't approach you, you never will. If someone doesn't tell you that they like you, you won't say anything. You're playing it too safe and that can push some people away because they're going to think you're indifferent or you don't even care.

10. You think you're 'cursed.' Even though you say it jokingly, when you subconsciously think that you're cursed when it comes to love, you may be speaking it into existence. Maybe it's just not the right time and you haven't found the right person yet, but this is not a curse, this is simply dating in the 21st century. TC mark