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19 Men On How Having A Penis Makes Their Life Extremely Challenging

Posted: 21 Jan 2017 08:00 PM PST

Pixabay / Madeinitaly
Pixabay / Madeinitaly

1. Shackled to an imbecile

Having a penis is like being shackled to an imbecile. Constantly being bombarded by bad ideas. “Mmm she hot, we make fuck with her.”

“No penis, she is married to my best friend. Now be quiet.”

— LiterallyOuttoLunch

2. It goes out of its way to be injured

For an organ that requires a lot of protection and can be so easily hurt they sure do like hanging out in the fuckin open all nonchalant like.

Also the after sex piss, hoping its not gonna shoot off to the side or straight up.

— MaskedDropBear

3. Take over the brain

They sometimes monopolize the blood flow and override brain’s decisions.

— european_male

4. Get away from there!

Having my dick touch the inside of the toilet when i take a shit. Gross.

— Cowb0ysmurf5

5. So hard to shave

Girls always want me to shave. Do you know how hard it is to shave your balls?

— ThisisGabeB

6. Ugh

Random boner in public places

— ShadePulse

7. Ewww

The swamp ass is 10x’s worse with balls sticking to your legs


8. Always in fear

Walking in dark rooms full of tables.

— Dodger944

9. Being so vulnerable

The fact that someone can make me start screaming in pain by kicking me in there.

— Audacious531

10. Everyone knows when I’m turned on

Wearing gym shorts in the morning for gym in high school behind attractive classmates in boy shorts. It’s morning. It’s warm in the gym. I was behind Katelyn alphabetically, so I instantly got a raging boner and it was way too hard to conceal.

— crumbbelly

11. We can’t even sit without fear

Sitting on your balls. And yes, I know every man just cringed thinking of the feeling.

— GirlsWithCollars

12. Then when we sit, more attacks on us

Getting accused of manspreading when I’m just trying to not squish em.

— wonger2017

13. Living with a bad design plan

The design is just… Bad. If I would have designed them, testicles would not be hanging outside the main body mass and penis would only come out when needed. Also when urinating, no double stream.

— Flinny_

14. Can’t focus on other things

I want to fuck, roughly, a 60% of the women I meet. That’s gross, but that’s how it works…

— GrumpyBert

15. We can barely even pee

When you go to the toilet and you start double streaming, that’s fucking annoying. I’ve got the thing in my hand for aim and my dick just goes “no, me pee here, AND HERE”.

— autisticparkour

16. How do we even get through it?

The constant struggle of tight underwear and always having to readjust.

The little afterpee drips that make themselves known on your boxers.

Shaving pubic hair is fucking challenging.

— Psychegotical

17. We always feel inadequate

The constant feeling of not measuring up that porn gives guys who aren’t the most endowed (still of average size but porn suggests you are on the small size).

— ooo_shiny

18. Dick doesn’t want to pull out

The insatiable urge to not pull out during sex. It’s a primal instinct for one and it feels so GOD DAMN GOOD!

— chrassth_

19. Underwear ALWAYS uncomfortable

I hate it when my underwear rides up and pinches or squishes my balls. Or when junior decides that he doesn’t want to stay in my boxers and keeps poking out the front to get some air.

— UPRC TC mark

Don’t Say You Miss Me When You Don’t

Posted: 21 Jan 2017 07:00 PM PST


When I say “I miss you,” you don’t need to answer, “I miss you too” because it wasn’t a question that you needed to answer. It was a declaration of my fragile heart that I miss you so badly right now. I needed to swallow my whole damn pride just to reach out to you. And I’m not asking for that same response in return.

When I say “I miss you,” don’t say that you miss me too. I only feel offended by that. Because what I need you to tell me is what makes you miss me too. I think by knowing that, it’ll lessen the pain; it’ll lessen the casualties you’ve left in my heart. And although we can never go back the way we were before, at least I know that you kind of miss me too.

When I say “I miss you” on an early Monday morning, don’t say “I miss you too.” Because I want you to tell me that you’ve been thinking about me lately, about us, about everything we’ve been through. That I’m still a part of your life and that my name still pops up in your head in random hours.

Because I miss you, despite the busy early Monday mornings we all have. I think about you, I choose to think about you first day of every week.

When I say “I miss you,” please don’t say you miss me too when it’s all pretend. Because I don’t want you telling me you miss me when in fact you don’t.

I know it’s stupid that after all this time, I still miss you. I still miss the person who has left me wondering and over-thinking every night. But don’t let me feel as if I don’t know the truth, that you don’t miss me at all. Because I know behind those emojis and words, you no longer care how I am.

So instead of replying me with “I miss you too,” only because you want to be kind to me, I would appreciate it if you tell me that you don’t… at least then you're telling me the truth.

When I’m awake at 3AM and I reach out to you on Facebook Messenger and send you these three words, please don’t say you miss me too, because it will only make me feel invalid to miss you. It will only prove me that I’m not worthy enough to know what’s happening with your life lately, the life you live without me.

Because the thing about being awake at 3AM is that everything in you is alive and aching. It aches to be vulnerable; it aches to be awake while everyone else is sleeping silently. And it aches to realize that the one you’re with, the one you loved the most and would give everything to, doesn’t miss you at all.

It aches to be the one who has loved the most, but ends up empty and alone.

So when I say “I miss you,” please don’t say “I miss you too,” because it will only hurt me.

Because you don’t miss me the way I miss you. TC mark

15 Texts You Can Send Someone Instead Of Ghosting Them

Posted: 21 Jan 2017 06:00 PM PST

No one likes getting ghosted, so why do we do it? Personally, I find that honesty is the best policy. It allows for a clean cut, regardless of the stage of the relationship. Leaving someone on the edge of their seat is plain ol’ rude, and really shitty.

So, I present to you the most easy thing in the world when it comes to breakups, so you have zero excuse to ever ghost someone again. I literally just did all of the work for you. Copy and paste these texts to your designated scorned lover, and off you go! You can do this. Go out there and be “not shitty.” The more people are “not shitty” to each other, the less times people will be shitty to you. Think about living in a world where we are kinder to each other by simply not toying with each other’s hearts. It’s simple, you guys, and you’ll feel so much better once it’s done. So here you go, 15 texts you can send instead of ghosting:

1) Hey, I think you’re great, but I don’t really see this progressing in the future.

2) Thanks for going out with me recently. I thought a lot about it, and just don’t think we’re compatible. It’s nothing personal, but thought I should let you know.

3) Hey, last night was a lot of fun! I think I should be up front with you and let you know that I’m not looking for anything serious right now. I hope you understand.

4) I had a great time with you, but honestly don’t think I am feeling this between us and don’t have interest in going out again.

5) I’m going through some personal stuff right now, and don’t think it’s a good time for me to be dating anyone. I hope you understand.

6) Honestly, the connection isn’t really there for me. I think we’d both be better if we dated other people. Best of luck.

7) Sorry, I don’t think I’d like to see you again. It’s nothing personal, just not feeling it. Hope you understand.

8) Hi ____. I think you’re great, but more so in a friend way. See you around soon.

9) You’re the worst, you sad excuse of a flesh bag… Okay, don’t use this one. I was just making sure you were still reading.

10) I realized some things about myself lately that makes me think that I shouldn’t be dating someone right now. I’m sorry if I led you on in any way and wish you the best.

11) If I can be honest, I met someone else recently. I think you’re awesome and attractive, but I am going to spend my time focusing on other things right now.

12) Hey, I realize that I am extremely busy and it might not be the best time to date. I wish you the best, but I don’t think we should go out again.

13) I don’t really I see the compatibility between us. It was nice getting to know you, but I think it’s best if we went our separate ways.

14) I hate to do this to you, but I’m really not feeling it. I wish I could say that there is something more to it than that, but I don’t think we should see each other again.

15) I am just not interested in you anymore. I hope the best for you. I’m sorry if I led you on. TC mark

Let Me Warn You, I’m Difficult To Love

Posted: 21 Jan 2017 05:00 PM PST

Atikh Bana
Atikh Bana

Let me warn you, I'm very difficult to love.

Trust me, I'm the most beautiful disaster you ever laid your eyes upon.

Some days I’ll stay up at night sobbing over a beautiful piece of poetry. I’ll try to split your heart open when you tell me you love me just to make sure you do. I’ll drink till there is blood in my alcohol stream, and sometimes I’ll let my midnight coffee keep me awake at night while I stare at the stars and the moon and out into the galaxy that envelopes us all.

Some days, I’ll let you examine the ruins of the wreckage left behind by the people who used to be, and some days I’ll let you gaze at the masterpiece that I am. I’ll ask you questions about the mysteries of the human mind, and some days I will be that mystery myself, and I’ll let you loose in the labyrinth that I hide inside.

Some days, I’ll hide in the closet and refuse to let you touch me, with your hands or your eyes, but if you are lucky, I’ll be the sunshine bursting through the curtains, all smiles and hugs.

Yes, some days will be very hard, you will have to show me why I’m worthy of love, not because of what I say or what I do, but because of what I am, and you will have to hug me like I’m a child and water me like I'm a dying flower.

And some days you can to kiss me softly, but most days you will have to kiss me like you cannot live another second without kissing me, like your life depends upon it, you have to want me the way a drowning man yearns for air in his lungs, the way the moon years for the ocean, and the way the night sky yearns for the break of dawn. TC mark

I’m Not Going To Pretend To Be ‘Okay’ About President Donald Trump

Posted: 21 Jan 2017 04:36 PM PST

Flickr / IoSonoUnaFotoCamera
Flickr / IoSonoUnaFotoCamera

I know I’m probably not saying anything that hasn’t been said. And, I know that’s not the most effective way to introduce a piece of writing. Anyhow, here goes.

No election in the past has affected me so violently. I never have had an obsessive need to pry into other women's voting preferences.

I've never accosted an acquaintance outside the voting place, badgering her about whether she voted for the "right candidate."

Even when I backed Obama, I never fantasized about punching his political opponent in the face. Now, with Trump, that’s all I want to do.

My mom calls him the "yam," and my son, very innocently, noted that Trump "looked like he taped half a tumbleweed to his head." But let’s move on from physical insults, which MOST OF US know are sophomoric.

At one point, I wondered if Trump ran for commander-in-chief as some sort of perverted practical joke.

He flapped his arms, called people dummies and jokers, lashed out with prepubescent fervor at anyone who challenged him–not even corralling himself when he felt dissed by the grieving parents of a fallen Muslim-American soldier.

He bragged about grabbing a crotch and insinuated that those women who substantiated his sweaty gropings were too ugly to merit his attention.

With such a curriculum vitae of oily and sickening behavior, Trump HAD to be secretly sniggering, delighted by how far he could push his outrageous tease. After all, he kept ignoring boundary after boundary of decency and humanness, turned us into stooges and ultimately challenged us to see his full-frontal, entitled ridiculousness— and, in spite of this (or because of this?) he won.

Now, he has risen to the status of POTUS — which indicates either (1) His campaign was not just a narcissistic joyride designed to play with our minds; or (2) He didn’t realize that November 7 was the last day he could pull out of the race and announce he was "just kidding."

I can’t understand how anyone cozied up to Sweet Potato Don, let alone chose him over virtually any other person on the planet.

Sixty-one million+ people can’t be idiots; that’s just not statistically plausible. I think the breakdown of Trump voters is something like this:

28% eenie-meenie-miney-moe'd their ballot;

26% were coerced by muscular relatives;

21% lost a dare;

11% hate themselves and America;

8% heard something about free credit hours at Trump University;

6% did it because they couldn’t find David Duke on the menu.

I just can’t accept other explanations. Were people okay with his hate speech? Did they overlook his words, more interested in his political agenda, like replacing Obamacare with a plausible alternative? Were the convinced by his smooth explanation that "We have to come
up, and we can come up with many different plans.

In fact, plans you don’t even know about will be devised because we’re going to come up with plans–healthcare plans–and that will be good"? Were they disengaged in the whole election process? Did they spend pre-election months glued to Bravo instead of CNN? We will never know.

And the jackassery continues. In the weeks following his victory, he's strategically placed a known racist, who's historically been publicly proud of that fact, as senior counselor.

He chose an actual climate change naysayer to head the EPA. And, now, 48 hours before his inauguration, he has nominated only 28 bodies to fill 690 key government positions. Who knows who he’ll spit up next? He continues to give us the big fuck you, and, meanwhile, lots and lots of people still think he’s a fine choice.

The fact that anyone voted for this horror-clown (I think the Germans coined this apt term) will never cease to shock me and make my blood boil. But, let’s take it down a notch, and look a bit at Trump's pathological social media presence.

If his misogyny and xenophobia (a mere two of his bigotries) don’t bother his tried and true fans, then I doubt his Twitter fetish will. Our soon-to-be president has pumped out too-damn-many abridged communiques just this month alone, probably millions, a percentage of them petulant and reactionary. This man is about to assume the position of chief executive of the United States of America. Don’t you think he’d spend a little less time name-calling and a little more time brushing up on our Constitutional amendments?

Instead he seems to be focusing on composing largely monosyllabic, personal attacks and fantasizing about how women should be punished for having abortions.

I am not a well-known celebrity, and I have no following or even a loud voice. But, what would Trump do if he sniffed out my diatribe? Your guess probably mirrors mine: he probably would compose, in 144 words or less, something like

Cross is overrated. And a dummy. And fat. She is not brilliant. I am brilliant.

After the election, a once-friend told me, with an eye roll, that I had to "move on." No, I don’t. A shockingly large portion of Americans have elected a bratty, repugnant numbskull as potentate. This is no reason to spend my days smiling. I will continue to wake up mean, combative and insane — for the next 4 (or more…) years. Maybe this makes me a nasty woman. I’m okay with that. TC mark

Forget Your Almost Relationship And Find An Always Relationship

Posted: 21 Jan 2017 04:00 PM PST

Konstantin Kryukovskiy
Konstantin Kryukovskiy

You almost dated him. Almost loved him. Almost became the woman that would spend the rest of her life with him.

But almost isn’t enough. You deserve more. So much more.

Don’t settle for someone that picks and chooses when to answer his texts. Someone that only hangs out with you when it’s convenient for him. Someone that makes you believe that you have something real and slowly lets the disappointment sink in.

You shouldn’t be your boyfriend’s entire world — but you should be a huge part of it. You should be tangled up in his life and he should be tangled up in yours.

So search for a person that always answers his phone, whether it’s six in the morning or well after midnight. Find a person that always rearranges his time to fit you into his schedule, even if his week is beyond busy and overflowing with deadlines. 

Find a person that always includes you. Always invites you out with his friends. Always wants you around.

A person that always tells you what’s on his mind. Always cooks enough dinner for two. Always tunes into your favorite radio station. Always holds you close when you’re cold.

A person that always makes you feel missed when you’re not around. Always makes you feel beautiful when your insecurities rise up. Always makes you feel valuable. Always makes you feel wanted. Always makes you feel loved.

Because, that’s the thing, you should always feel loved. You shouldn’t only feel loved when you’re having sex. Or when it’s your birthday. Or when your date night was a success. You should feel loved, even when you’re giving each other the silent treatment. Even when it’s a rough day for your relationship.

He shouldn’t save his love for the good days and punish you on the bad. You should always feel his love. Always.

That’s why you should find someone that shifts his world around to make you a permanent part of his life. Because it’s not real love if you’re disposable. Replaceable. If he could pluck you out of his universe and pick another girl to fulfill your role, to take over your duties without realizing that anything has changed.

In his mind, you should be one of a kind. One in a million. The one. The only one.

You should be the one he always turns to. The one he always dreams about. The one he always thinks about. The one he always wants to be with, through better or worse, through rich or poor, through sunshine or shit.

You should be his always. And he should be yours. TC mark 

10 Things You Learn From Being Raised By A Strong Mother

Posted: 21 Jan 2017 03:00 PM PST

 Twenty20 leah.turney
Twenty20 leah.turney

1. You learn the value of independence. You don't need a man to save you or anyone to take care of you, you learn by example that you are capable of living a full and happy life without having to share it with someone else. You learn that you can build a home, raise kids, cook, and do the dishes all while having a thriving career. You pretty much learn how to be super woman.

2. You learn the meaning of unconditional love. You saw your mom sacrifice her time, health and youth for you and your siblings, yet she never complained or gloated about how much she is suffering or how much she is doing. She always had a smile on her face and was happily giving more and more of herself. She taught you what selfless and unconditional love looks like, and you know you won't be able to find that love anywhere else.

3. You learn how to love yourself. You learn how to walk away from the things that are not meant for you, you learn how to keep going even when the whole world is against you, and you learn how to believe in yourself when everyone is doubting you. You learn that bad grades, heart breaks and failures don't define you; what defines you is how you bounce back from all the setbacks and how hard you fight for the life you want.

4. You learn that you can be both strong and soft. Strong mothers are usually very sensitive they just hide it better, but you saw your mom silently cry over your pain, or stay up all night taking care of you when you were sick, or the nights she couldn’t sleep because something was troubling you. The way she hugs you when you are down shows unmatched compassion and tenderness and sometimes in a quiet corner you saw her shed a few tears.

5. You learn that it's not easy being a woman. You learn that your opinion will be discounted, that you will be taken lightly when you’re being serious, but you will also learn that you can stand out in a crowd and force everyone to listen to your voice and accept your ideas. You learn that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

6. You learn never to look back. You learn to let all the "what ifs" and "could have beens" go. You learn not to look back and wonder why life turned upside down. You just keep looking forward and let the past redeem itself. You learn that everything that happened got you to where you belong even if it is nothing you ever wished for.

7. You learn the importance of patience and faith. You learn that God is looking out for you and your struggles, that everything will be OK in the end. Storms will pass and tomorrow is a new day. You learn to be patient with life, patient with timing, patient with success and patient with problems. You learn that patience is strength.

8. You learn how to create your own happiness. You can find happiness in a difficult life. You can still be happy even if  you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. My mom taught me that I can always find something to smile about all I have to do is look closer.

9. You learn that she still knows more about love than you do. Even when you are generations apart, even if you are not fond of her love choices, if she doesn't approve of someone you better listen to her. She knows what she is saying; moreover, she doesn't want to see you get heartbroken. As much as I hate to admit it, she got it right every time.

10. You learn how to be a good mother. You've been raised by a mom who showed you how to truly take care of a family, who showed you that hard work pays off, who showed you that you can love someone unconditionally. She showed you how to be protective, loving, kind, compassionate, strong and resilient. She was leading by example, and whether you know it or not, you are following in her footsteps one step at a time. TC mark

Rania Naim is a poet and author of the new book All The Words I Should Have Said, available here.


19 Signs You’re On The Right Track, Even If It Doesn’t Feel Like You Are

Posted: 21 Jan 2017 02:00 PM PST

1. You've established a small group of friends:

You've finally realized who will always be there and learning that lesson came with losing a few friends but the people you associate with are those who enhance your life.

2. You're learning to let go of the right things in your life:

Whether it's negative people or poor habits or a job you hate, you're making strides to do something that will put you towards your next goal.

3. You've stopped chasing people:

Whether it's relationships or friends, you know with confidence the right people who want to be in your life will be.

4. You're reading books that challenge you:

Learning doesn't stop at a degree. While a lot of people don't even remember the last book they read, you're choosing books that will help you personally and in your career, because you want to know more.

5. You understand what's going on in the world and in politics:

You make a point to keep yourself well informed. You don't simply scroll through a news feed and believe every headline. You read things that challenge your own beliefs and help you further back up your views. At any point, if someone asks you about world conflicts or politics, it's a conversation you can actually hold while adding value to it.

6. You’re spending your money responsibly:

That means credit card debt that doesn't make you cringe which you pay off in full amounts. That means nights out where you’re putting budgets on your spending. You're saving a bit of what you're making and not touching it. Living paycheck to paycheck isn't how you're living your life.

7. You're involved in an organization or charity that allows you to give back:

The key to success isn't what you work for and what you acquire over time but rather the types of people you associate with and what you can learn from each other. True happiness is making someone else's life better whether it's giving back time or money.

8. You've learned to network:

It's all about who you know. And the only way to get to know people who can help you is by helping them. You've learned to not be nervous walking into a room, where you don't know someone. You know how to start a conversation without it being too awkward.

9. You want to do better:

You're questioning your choices. You're questioning your goals. You're thinking about the future and making strides to get there. You know everything in your life is within your control so you control it.

10. You stopped blaming other people for your problems:

If there's a problem you try and fix it. You don't point fingers saying you aren't where you want to be because of someone else. You've learned to take full responsibility of your life.

11. You aren't getting drunk every weekend:

You aren't blowing paychecks and being the drunkest person in the bar. You're having a good time and knowing when it stops. While college was a great time, in a bubble full of fewer responsibilities, you know college is over and you aren't looking to relive it.

12. You're paying bills on time:

Checks aren't bouncing, you aren't paying late fees, everything you need to be doing, you're doing. And while it hurts to see that much money come out sometimes, you know you're working hard to get it back.

13. You splurge a little:

You're doing well enough that you can go on trips. You're proving you're completely capable of taking care of yourself and you're kicking ass.

14. You actually like your job:

While everyone would rather lay in bed sometimes, you don't dread Mondays. You look forward to the challenges that are ahead of you this week.

15. You call your parents:

It used to be annoying having to check in with them but now you look forward to the conversations as your relationship with them has morphed as you’ve become and adult.

16. You aren't just dating for sport:

You are waiting and choosing quality people because you know the value of your time and you don't want to waste it. You're looking at more than just looks. You're looking for substance and someone who will add more to your life and push you to make you better.

17. You've found your passion:

Whether it's a hobby or your career, what people look for in others is someone who is excited about life and the only way to be excited about life and get others amped up is to be a part of something you’re truly passionate about.

18. You've forgiven yourself:

We all make mistakes. We all do things we regret. But at the end of the day, you're able to look at yourself and not fixate on it. You learn from it instead of beating yourself over it and you move on.

19. You've learned to love yourself:

You know who you are and you aren't trying to be someone you aren't, to be liked. In a society that tries to make us hate ourselves, you don't listen. You've learned to drown out those negative voices and people. You know your worth and if someone isn't seeing it, you know it's a reflection of them and not you. TC mark

I Decided To Start Actually Taking Care Of My Skin After 15 Years Of Terrible Acne, And Here’s What’s Actually Worked

Posted: 21 Jan 2017 01:00 PM PST

I have a confession to make, internet.

After years of writing online, a couple of books that detail some of the more personal parts of my life, going viral, doing Facebook Lives, and everything in between, I’ve still never been as vulnerable online as I’m about to be. This article is about to be the scariest thing I’ve ever posted, the most raw, the most honest, and reveal my maybe, number one insecurity to the masses.

I am about to show you all pictures of myself with no makeup, no filters, and no retouching.

But let’s back up.

Talking about skincare, beauty regimes, and makeup in general is something that is either SUPER fun for you, or something you completely dread.

For me, I was in the latter half for a long time.

And that, friends, (I’m going to call you friends, pals, buddies, comrades etc for the rest of this article to make myself feel better about what I’m about to show you. Deal with it.) is because since I was about 12/13, I have had really terrible, awful, no good, very bad skin.

My first memory of acne is when I was about 12. I was in a school play and my mom was helping me apply my makeup prior to the show starting and I had a massive, angry zit right on the bridge of my nose. Now to me, this was slightly embarrassing, but I was a preteen and a tomboy and frankly, didn’t really care. But then, all of a sudden, my mom started to squeeze my nose between her two index fingers.

“What are you doing?!” I remember yanking back and looking at my throbbing nose in the mirror.

“You have a pimple,” my mom explained calmly, tissue in one hand and a makeup sponge in the other. “I’m trying to get it to pop so it won’t be as big.”

What followed for the next 15 years was an all out battle between me, myself, and my skin. To give you an idea of what I’m working with, this is me:

Instagram Photo

This photo is also filtered and retouched, unlike the rest will be. Just wait.

I am super pale, have pores that suck everything up, have oily to combination skin with bouts of eczema, breakout like crazy from certain types of makeup and skincare lines, breakout during my period, am working on my struggles with dermatillomania and anxiety, wear makeup almost every day out of insecurity, and lemme tell you! It’s been a journey.

I have tried  l i t e r a l l y  everything.

Proactiv? Tried it. It took a layer off of my skin and I looked like I had suffered a chemical burn.

Birth control? Tried it. It did nothing for my skin but did kill my sex drive and make me gain 10 pounds.

Regular facials? Tried it. They absolutely are lovely and therapeutic and help but they’re expensive and not regularly maintainable.

Every drugstore product under the sun? TRIED EM TRIED EM TRIED EM.

At this point I bet you’re probably wondering,

“Hey Kendra, why didn’t you just go to a dermatologist?”

And fair question, bud! I did. But for as shitty as my skin was, it was never cystic (thank gawd), and never bad enough that I reached the point of wanting to pump my body full of medicine for something that arguably could be cured with the right skincare regime. There are crazy side effects with medication, and if they could be ultimately avoidable, I would very much like to avoid them.

So! That brings us here.

In 2017 I set out to actually, for the first time in over a decade, really truly take care of my skin. I consulted with my friend Cristina (a literal goddess with no visible pores who also has a great Twitter account – follow her), a super sweet lady at the downtown Seattle Sephora named Eileen, and some lovely people at Sunday Riley who had some great suggestions. And with that dove headfirst into the skincare swimming pool.

And here’s how it’s going and what I’ve been using.

Buckle up kids, it’s going to be a bumpy (pun intended) ride.

Disclaimer: THIS POST IS NOT SPONSORED. Every product in this post I purchased myself. I am not being paid to tell you about this stuff. I just like these things, and I’m starting to feel okay about my skin like Anna from Frozen said, for the first time in forever.

What I’m Using That Has Worked


Soy Face Cleanser by Fresh


Fresh’s products are lovely. That’s the best way to describe them. They’re all natural, suuuuuper gentle (which is a MUST for sensitve skin like mine that panics at the sight of too thick a moisturizer), and remind me of what I would envision throwback skincare to be like. The Soy Cleanser is gentle enough that it doesn’t shock my skin in the morning, but still does enough that I feel like I’m getting a good cleanse in the AM, and will dissolve anything that held on overnight. It’s not a super frothy cleanser, which took some getting used to, but I really like it. I also like to (as I have found out) keep a travel sized version in my purse when I’m flying so I can wash the recycled air and neighbor breath off of my face when I’m flying. This is my morning cleanser or my “just need a refresh” cleanser.

Checks and Balances by Origins


I’m SUCH an Origins fan. I feel like their products actually do what they say they’re going to do and come at a pretty reasonable and fair price point. Checks and Balances was my go to even when my skincare regime was “wash face, go to bed” and that was it. It’s thick, it’s creamy, it gets all of my makeup off. It leaves my skin feeling exceptionally clean, which is what I want from a cleanser. I absolutely recommend this. Keep it in your shower or just around. It’s my must have. I use this at night before everything else to give my skin a great clean before diving in with anything else and honestly, I would be hard pressed to find another staple cleanser. I love it that much. I cut my last bottle of this open to scrape the rest out. Seriously. Not exaggerating. With scissors and everything.

Ceramic Slip by Sunday Riley

Sunday Riley
Sunday Riley

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sold on this cleanser at first. It’s a very slippery, almost watery consistency and it doesn’t take makeup off as well as I would have expected from a $45 cleanser. BUT, that being said, it is a life saver when I’m breaking out. The clay works its way into your pores and helps with angry spots and reduces them almost overnight. That’s no joke. After getting all of my makeup off when I’m having a tougher day or week, I wash my face with this at night and it helps immensely.

Serums, Creams, and Oils

Good Genes by Sunday Riley

Sunday Riley
Sunday Riley

So if you want to know what’s been saving my skin, it’s this. Does it smell like a dentist office? Little bit. Does it make me cry when I have to buy a new bottle? Yep, sure does. But does it work? 100% absolutely no questions asked. Good Genes is solely responsible for helping to fade the marks that every zit leaves behind on my skin, helping my skin retain elasticity, making my overall complexion brighter, and so much more. I am just mad at myself for not biting the bullet and trying this stuff sooner. It is basically gold in a bottle. My skin is sensitive, like I mentioned, so I only use this once per day. I like to use it in the mornings, but may try it at night for a week to see how it goes. But regardless, this is a new staple for me. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Luna by Sunday Riley

Sunday Riley
Sunday Riley

The idea of putting OIL on my already OILY face honestly made me want to vomit. I initially just got a tester of this because I was certain it would make me breakout like crazy and force me to rethink all of my life choices. And at first…well, it did. As with any other major skincare regime shifts there was an “it gets worse before it gets better” period that made me so frustrated I cried. But then seemingly in a matter of days, it got better. Now at night when I put on Luna I can feel my skin cells rolling around like they’re in a rap video being rained on and bathing in it. My skin drinks this stuff up and is so so grateful.

Pep-Start by Clinique


I am 27, okay? Even thought I don’t fully know what eye cream does and thankfully don’t really deal with puffiness and dark circles, I should still be using it…right? Anyway, Clinique products have always been around me since I was little (my mom was a big fan) so I’ve been giving this a try for the last few weeks. And honestly, I like it! It gives me a little bit more of that “I’m up!” look in the morning, which is what I assume eye cream is supposed to do.


Cosmetic Warrior by Lush


If you aren’t impressed with the smells from Good Genes, you’re really not going to be into this mask. Comprised of garlic, eggs, honey, and tea tree oil, she’s not exactly the belle of the ball. The consistency is real funky, the smell is bizarre, and it can leave a film on your face if you don’t rinse thoroughly enough. BUT I have it in my fridge at. all. times. Because it works. Garlic and tea tree oil are natural bacteria fighters and cleansers, while the eggs and honey don’t leave your face so dry that you feel like you’re in a desert. It works. Your face is happier after using it. Plain and simple.

Ten-Minute Rescue Mask by Origins 


I have never met a zit this couldn’t punch in its zit face. What I mean by that is that I have never used a mask that so effectively calmed and healed trouble areas. Not Proactiv, not pure tea tree oil, nothing. I leave this on while watching YouTube videos on trouble areas or while I’m soaking in a bath and then just rinse before finishing my night routine with Good Genes and Luna. It’s ridiculously effective. I will absolutely always have this on hand at all times moving forward.

TonyMoly ‘I’m Real’ Sheet Masks


Sheet masks are admittedly, kind of weird. You sit there looking like Leatherface for 20/30, and leave with some goo still there only to pat it in? Like I said, weird. But they’re so hydrating, and can be basically customizable based on what skin issues you’re looking to solve. My favorite thing about the TonyMoly pack is that there’s a mask in there for anything. Breakouts? Check. Just need some extra hydration? Check. Pore shrinking? Check. Plus they’re really cheap. I like to toss them in the fridge for a little cooling action on top of the mask. Super ~* luxurious. *~

Face Wipes

Sephora Collection Wipes in Rose


Not gonna lie, I tried REALLY HARD to stick to a strict skin care regime for almost 2 months. But I like wine, and I stay out late sometimes, and sometimes I just binge TV shows and don’t WANT to do 4 steps before sliding back into bed. In the past? I would’ve paid for that by having 6 new zits by morning. But these wipes are actually incredible. They cleanse without drying, they brighten and hydrate, and they didn’t cause me to breakout. I have a pack on my nightstand, in my bathroom, and in my bag. I love them.

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This Is The Difference Between A Man And Woman’s Idea Of ‘Timing’ (And Why It Makes Dating So Difficult)

Posted: 21 Jan 2017 12:00 PM PST

Everton Vila
Everton Vila

I don't believe in love, but I believe in timing. Everything in life is dependent on timing. "The one that got away" is the classic bad timing fairytale. She was perfect, he was too young to realize what he had. They can never go back, because now she is broken. She can never fully forgive him, there will always be that underling resentment.


Life is about timing, it is that simple. Men will always chose timing over love. Men care more about themselves, it's that simple. They care more about their life. If their career is going on track, if they are in the right place, have the right apartment.

These things triumph over romance to them.

They figure when they are ready, when the TIME is right they will settle down and find a nice girl. But what about all those beautiful girls they meet when the time wasn't right? What happens to them? Men care more about timing than falling in love. They can fall in love all they want, but if it is not the right time it simply won't work.

The biggest difference between men and women with love, is that men care more about timing and women care more about that perfect person. Men can't have that perfect person if their life isn't perfect yet. It all has to align for them, if their life is a mess they simply can't be in a serious relationship. Men won't even try if they feel they are not ready.

Men can wake up one day and decide their life is together now, it is the time and say "I want a girlfriend". It can be the first girl who opens the door that day and gives him the slightest bit of attention. It is that simple for men.

They will always care more about timing than love, because they choose WHEN they want to love. Men will blame it on "she wasn't the one", no you just didn't want her to be because you weren't ready to give her a chance and love her. They are not capable of real love if it isn't the right time for them.


Whereas women can be the complete opposite. Women care more about romance and the "perfect man". They have a checklist and if everything adds up with this man, they are willing do anything to make it work.

Women do not care about how fatal the timing may be. The woman could be 19 or 50 if she thinks she is in love, she is dedicated and is willing to do whatever it takes. Women care much more about the person than the timing factor. They are the ones willing to compromise and possibly even move for love and follow them if they had to. Hope stays alive because of women, otherwise men would give up.

When they say "distance makes the heart grow fonder", they are referring to how a woman feels. Whereas with men it is "out of sight, out of mind". Men are that simple. Women are willing to wait for the right person, men are waiting until they become the right person. For women it is about the perfect partner not the perfect timing. However, men feel like they can not become the perfect partner if it isn't the right time. It becomes a catch 22 situation.

Many people confuse love with timing. Life is about timing. Men can be in love, but if it isn't the right time it won't matter. Love isn't enough. Life happens, you can't control it.

For all those women who fall under the bad timing spectrum. Do not feel like he didn't choose you. It wasn't the right time and that is everything. He didn't replace you because he loves his new girlfriend more, it was just good timing. When he met you he was young, naive, and stupid which is the worst time to fall in love. TC mark