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24 People Share Their Alleged NSFW Encounters With Celebrities

Posted: 08 Jan 2017 08:00 PM PST

Illustration by Daniella Urdinlaiz
Illustration by Daniella Urdinlaiz
Found on AskReddit. NOTE: All stories are alleged and may not be true.

1. I accidentally grabbed Renée Zellweger's boob.

"I was working on a behind the scenes featurette for a movie starring Keanu Reeves and Renée Zellweger. I had to wire the lav under Renee’s shirt and clip it to her bra, and I totally accidentally grabbed her boob. She looked me right in the eye and said, 'Jeez, buy me a drink, OK?'"


2. Tom Cruise saw my cousin's dick.

"A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, my uncle owned a restaurant in a small Alaskan town. One time Tom Cruise was up there filming some movie (I can’t remember which one) and had dinner at the restaurant. He dropped his camera at the table, and my uncle being the owner took the lost and found home every night. When Tom called the restaurant to get his camera, they told him to go to my uncle’s house to pick it up. He headed over there, and while standing at the front door thanking my uncle my cousin came running down the stairs butt-naked. So he can now always say 'Tom Cruise saw my dick.'"


3. My friend snuck a peek at Shaq's junk.

"Friend was pissing next to Shaq at a club in Miami. Of course he can’t keep his eyes on the road, and tried to sneak a peek at Shaq's junk. Shaq turns to him, smiles and says, 'Crazy right? Big ni**a, regular dick.'"


4. Jon Bon Jovi farted mere inches from my face.

"A guy walked by me at the airport as I sat waiting to board, and kid you not farted mere inches from my face. I looked up, it was Bon Jovi."


5. Jean-Claude Van Damme asked me where he could find girls who liked big dicks.

"Jean-Claude Van Damme asked me where he could find girls who liked big dicks. This was after he asked if he could kiss me."


6. My mom said Rob Lowe uses enough tongue to lick your vocal cords.

"My mom grew up with Rob Lowe as her neighbor. She 'dated' him in middle school and they were apparently found making out in a closet at school one time. She says that he was one of those kissers that uses enough tongue to lick your vocal cords."


7. Ron Howard called me a 'little shit.'

"Ron Howard called me a 'little shit' after I peeked in a window and apparently screwed up a take during filming some made-for-TV thing, way back in the 80’s."


8. I saw George Costanza's dick.

"I was working in a spa a few years back. I was walking through the men’s changing room and as I went past the steam room Jason Alexander walked out completely naked. Needless to say that is the most famous penis I’ve ever seen in real life."


9. Muhammad Ali accused me of calling him the 'N' word.

"I’m a teacher in Louisville Ky and in 2004 Muhammad Ali visited our school. Another teacher at our school had been personal friends with the Clays/Ali family since her childhood and her husband had been a close friend to Muhammad in high school. Ali comes in near the end of the school day and spends a generous amount of time greeting as many kids as possible before the bell rings and the kids are released. After the kids left, our staff had a chance to greet him. Growing up in Louisville, this guy was a god to me…we have 0 pro sports teams here but we have the 3 time world heavyweight champ and he was always my hero. This was 2004, so he could talk, though it was soft and a bit muddled. It’s my turn to greet the champ and I walk up to him and say something, honestly I don’t remember because I was so nervous, however, I’ll never forget what he said to me. He stretches his neck and leans into my ear and says, 'Did you call me (the N word)?' I heard it clearly but I kind of pulled back and looked at him awkwardly. He leaned in again and repeats, 'You call me (the N word)?' I pulled back again and awkwardly smiled but at the same time confused trying to process if he said what I thought he said. He went on to greet all of our staff. Afterwards I told the teacher who had been long friends of his and his family what he said to me. She busted out laughing and says, 'Muhammad does that all the time, he’s still a big prankster 24/7!' A few years later I transferred to a new school, however, last summer my old colleague who had brought him in sent me a ticket to his public funeral (tickets were impossible to find/people freaking scalping them). R.I.P Champ and NO I didn’t call you the N word!!"


10. A friend went to high school with Barack Obama and said he was a professional stoner.

"Not me, but a family friend went to high school with Barack Obama in Hawaii and said Barry was practically a professional stoner."


11. Russell Brand very politely offered to have sex with my friend.

"Friend of ours is a hotel hospitality manager. She was alone in a room with Russell Brand. He very politely offered to have sex with her. She said her husband was waiting downstairs for her. Brand said he could come up too."


12. Gary Busey left us speechless in Tulsa.

"Met Gary Busey at an airport in Tulsa, OK. Through a strange course of conversation in which he insulted nearly everyone, he ended with a joke: Gary: 'Did you ever hear about the poor family?' Me: 'No.' Gary: 'They were so poor, they had to jerk off the dog to feed the cat.' He then chuckled to himself, grabbed the next taxi and left us speechless."


13. Saw Tim Allen’s mistress sprinting out of his trailer after his wife showed up at the set.

"Saw Tim Allen’s mistress sprinting out of his trailer after his wife showed up at the set of one of those Santa Clause movies he was filming."


14. Mini-Me pinched my ass hard.

"I was 18 and on vacation at the Atlantis in the Bahamas. It was at night, and my friend and I were exploring the grounds. A big black limo pulled up near the main entrance and Verne Troyer (Mini-Me) stepped out with a beautiful woman and a few big-built body guards. My friend and I were like omfg we gotta get a picture with him. So we asked him politely and he said yes but only one. So my friend stood on his left and I stood on his right and the body guard took the pic (disposable camera days). While the picture was being taken, Verne had his left hand firmly planted on her ass, and the right hand firmly planted on mine. He was pinching SO hard. I guess I can’t blame him as our asses are eye level for him. So yeah.

TLDR: Mini-Me got to cop a feel on myself and a friend in the Bahamas."


15. Snoop gave me some weed.

"I have been handed weed by numerous musicians leaving the hotel I worked at. Snoop, Angus Stone, one of the Blink-182 guys…etc."


16. I asked Florence Henderson if she'd like 'a little 69.'

"I worked my way through college as a waiter in a gourmet room in Las Vegas. I became acquainted with Florence Henderson (RIP), and she would ask to sit in my station. One evening she had a guest, Joan Rivers. Me. Henderson had a favorite wine, Piesporter, that she always ordered. It just so happened that on our wine list, that wine was labeled as #69. That’s how she ordered it, I’ll have a bottle of 69. On this night, I approached the table, introduced myself to Ms. Rivers and made the usual small talk, then I asked, 'So, Ms. Henderson, would you like a little 69 tonight?' OMG, Joan Rivers went completely insane! She started screaming and yelling and demanding security to have me fired and arrested, and the whole time, Florence Henderson is trying to calm her down and explain. Long story short, the Maitre d’ put me in another area and not long after I graduated and left that job, and I never forgot that story. This happened in ~ 1985."


17. 'Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch?'

"Las Vegas. I’m eating lunch with my mother when I spotted Wayne Brady also eating lunch with his mother. I waited until he finished eating before asking for a photograph. iPhones were still fairly new and my sweet mother had never really used one so as Wayne Brady and I were posing for the picture my mother kept pressing the home button to take it. I quickly pulled the camera back up and posed again. She pressed the home button again. Once more I opened the camera app and this time Wayne Brady nicely explained that you have to press the button on the screen for the picture. You guessed it, my mother pressed the home button again so I thought I’d be funny and chime in with 'Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch?' No one laughed. It was Mother’s Day. My mom didn’t know the reference. Got the picture at least, Wayne Brady was a very nice."


18. Chuck Berry told me he was going to do me.

"Chuck Berry got me in a hotel room and told me what he planned to do with me. This was back in the 80’s and I was stupid and naive as hell. Let’s just say I got the hell out of there….He simply told me he was going to have sex with me. There was no poop, no pee, no bathroom, and no glass table or other furniture involved. I didn’t remove any clothing, nor did he, no attempted rape occurred, and I left. It was boring except for the fact that a rock and roll legend told me he was going to do me. Then I left. The end."


19. Saw Miley smoking weed at her 18th birthday party.

"I went to Miley Cyrus's 18th birthday.

Was hanging out with a few friends for a car show in LA and apparently this chick that was with us (who I hadn’t met until that night) was dating Miley’s brother. Turns out they were going to Miley’s place for a party and asked us to drop them off. We dropped them off and as we were driving away we decided 'Fuck it. How many times are we gonna have a chance like this?'

We turned around and hit up the chick to see if she could get us in. She said sure and we ended up partying there for a couple hours.

Hadn’t seen Miley all night and next thing I know I’m in the kitchen and I look over and she’s by the sink taking a hit off a pipe. At that time she was still this perfect Christian Disney star so it was weird seeing her smoking weed just a few feet from me.

Apparently some guys nobody knew ended up sneaking into the party and grabbing a couple purses, to include Miley’s, and ran off. Once that happened they kicked everyone out and we went home.

I found out later that her phone was in the purse and had a video of her smoking salvia, which got released to the public and was the first of many things that changed everyone’s image of her.

Side note: On the ride home we ended up totaling the car cuz our driver fell asleep at the wheel. It was a great night."


20. Porn star Peter North ordered a sandwich with 'an extra squirt of ranch dressing.'

"I used to work at Quizno's in the early 2000s. Porn star Peter North came in and ordered a sandwich. I giggled when he asked for 'an extra squirt of ranch dressing' on it."


21. I called Prince Harry a cunt.

"I called Prince Harry a cunt when he was hitting on the girl I was seeing and he was plying her with expensive champagne. He said he’d get me a pint, he still owes me that pint and it’s been 5 years."


22. My friend pantsed James Franco.

"My friend pantsed (full pantsing with penis out and the whole shebang) his brother and James Franco saw everything. It was near where John Lennon was shot, by that patch of flowers (can’t remember what it’s called). His brother was wearing a James Franco selfie T-shirt while we were in NYC.

Franco pointed at his shirt and did like a finger gun and wink thing (sounds weird but looked really cool at the time). Then his brother said 'James Fucking Franco just winked at me' and then he got pantsed. Franco’s eyes bulged a bit and he started laughing and shaking his head. He never broke pace, just kept walking. After he was a ways past us he loudly said 'rockin' shirt, man.'

Sometimes I lay awake at night wishing I would have been the one who was pantsed. Imagine being able to tell your grandkids that THEE James Franco saw your throbbing penis in NYC. The wind softly blowing across your exposed schlong as a smile forms on Franco’s face. Imagine being the center of James Franco’s world, if only but for a second. I know as soon as he graced me with his wink, the blood would rush to the tip of my penis, and then the climax as my pants drop. Just imagine."


23. Crocodile Dundee banged a girl I was hanging out with.

"One of my favorite movies growing up was Crocodile Dundee. Much later in life I am hanging out with a girl at a hotel bar in San Diego, and Paul Hogan was there. We put down a few drinks then I figured I would go say what's up and tell him how I loved Crocodile Dundee and see if I could get an autograph (my Nokia brick—no camera).

I was drunk but remember the interaction pretty clearly—I went over to chat and he was not that cool, which was fine, but then started asking about the girl I was with and if she would like an autograph. That lead to him propositioning me for what I thought would be a threesome. I was entertaining this idea, as the thought of tag-teaming this girl (who I was not officially dating) with Mick Dundee would be pretty cool.

So she came over and everything was really cool, I was planning on pulling out my wang once we went to the room and being like 'You call that a dick? This is a dick!' Fast-forward 10 mins and he said why don’t we go up to my room—that 'we' didn’t include me. I got to sit at the bar while the chick got raw-dogged by Mick Dundee, and he never gave me that autograph or came back down. Plus, on the way home, she was wearing a skirt and released a bunch of his nut on the backseat of the cab—I am not sure which hole it came out of but assuming the back one.

Still love Crocodile Dundee."


24. John Oliver was rude and smelled terrible.

"I was prepping the green room at a comedy club and John Oliver was doing a 30-minute set, in Canada long before he was famous. I guess I said something to him and he took it the wrong way because he was on me the rest of the night, just fucking with me.

He proceeds to pick through all the food in the green room, he’s just touching everything for some reason and I assume just to be a dick. Other comics are there, bigger names then and it was just awkward.

He keeps ordering drinks and leaving them around the room after taking one sip, or spilling them and complaining about the place while I clean it up. constantly asking me for drinks and my coworker working backstage, well the bartender is pissed because he keeps ordering complex different mixed drinks and states he thinks he’s getting way too drunk after the 8th within half an hour, but he wasn’t that fucked up at all, he was doing this shit on purpose.

So I tell him he needs to chill for a bit, he flips out on me, yelling and screaming. Ohh and he was blowing lines with other comics in the bathroom and asked a staff member where to score more blow.

He complains to the manager and we start shipping drinks his way again, and every time I deliver a drink or come close to the seating area he stops talking if he is and gives me a dirty stare. Dude's coked out of his mind.

Just fucking obnoxious, and his breath smelled terrible and he smelled terrible, like he showered once a month.

He looks like he smells, I don’t get how anyone married him. His teeth are jacked up.

He was nice to the other comics and nice to the crowd…

After the show was over I was outside smoking a cigarette and I see him leave, I'm with two other coworkers. I just stare at him (shouldn’t have done that) and he goes to walk away, but turns around a comes towards me.

He asks what the fuck my problem was, I was not going to roll over but i didn’t want to get fired, I just blow smoke in his face. He turns red in the face and threatens to get me fired.

And then he goes, i will never forget it: 'It's 2012 and idiots like you are still smoking, how fucking stupid are you fucking plonk' and after a few more words he walked off, got in a Land Rover and drove away coked up and drunk off his balls.

So I got current year’d by him long before it became a meme."

Leroysblueballs TC mark

16 Women Who ‘Freshen Up’ Before Sex Reveal What In God’s Name They Are *Actually* Doing

Posted: 08 Jan 2017 07:00 PM PST

What are women doing when they excuse themselves to “freshen up” before getting down? I’ve literally always wondered that, and here are 16 women with 16 slightly different answers.


Like everyone else said just making sure it’s all good down there. And occasionally taking off unflattering underwear and stuffing them into my purse.

— Walking_cat2015


Wondering if I’m making a terrible mistake.

— Kdrama


Baby wipes. Unscented aloe kind. No smell no taste, basically I’m rubbing down my bits in case your face comes near them.

— darthliki


Wet wipes to the private areas, mouth wash, deodorant.

— ThatChickFromReddit


As most are saying, freshen up the nether regions. I also pee before, and then chug a decent glass of water, to ensure I can also pee after (don’t want a UTI).

— 2month_grammy


Brushing my teeth and having a hooker bath, which consists of washing important crevices and maybe a last minute shave.

— kt_zee


Depending on how my hair is done that day, securing or unsecuring that. Wiping my lipstick off, inspecting my trapper keeper for any errant files.

— nancydrewskillz


Wiping my vag. eating a mint. redoing my lipstick and pulling pants up and shirt down to emphasize my assets lol

— Eris_____


Apparently I’m the only woman who is taking off her Spanx and shoving them in my purse.

— xoxotrouble


Making sure there’s no scraps of toilet paper down there, don’t want any clitty litter ruining the night

— pretzelbutts


Use the bathroom, fix my hair/make up, adjust my clothes, rinse my mouth out or even brush my teeth if I ate stuff with garlic or something.

Also yea if I haven’t showered recently ( within the last few hours) I would wash my downstairs area (and maybe my armpits too cause I’m super paranoid about being smelly, even if I put on deodorant) :x

— anniespantiesxx


Pooping or peeing. If I feel like I have to “go to the bathroom” during sex I can’t orgasm. Period. I can’t relax because I’m tensing up about it and if I do orgasm I’m paranoid I’m gonna shit and piss all over you.

— xoxomissc


Depends on the degree of “freshen” but if it is not obvious, light bathing. Changing into lingerie. Washing the inevitable fluff off the silcone dildo you wanted to use on your strapon, locating the harness and hitting tools, finding the carbiner that links the cuffs together.

— MissPearl


Depends on how enticed I am with the guy. I’ve been turned on enough, just from making out leading up to the act, that I’ve dampened the crotch of my pants… so it’s a good idea to clean up ground zero so it doesn’t look like a water bomber crashed into it. Visually it’s presented nice, and then later he realizes it’s a splash park.

— Blitzkrieg_My_Anus


Letting out a fart and airing out my panties real fast so when he pulls down my pants he doesn’t think the smell is my crotch instead.

— Kreos642


If I’m dead-set on being a sex goddess that day, I take a shit if I have to, wipe down the bits (the butt too!) and make sure I didn’t miss any spots shaving.

Now that I’ve been with my fiance for six years now, I don’t do any of these things unless I’ve set out to do it beforehand. He’s cool with me not shaving for two weeks or plowing me right after I’m sweaty from the gym. As long as I don’t have like, dingleberries or anything he’s fine.

— GhostBeefSandwich

Maybe men should start freshening up too? TC mark

Here’s All The Creepy-Ass Shit Martin Shkreli Did To Get Kicked Off Twitter

Posted: 08 Jan 2017 06:46 PM PST

via Instagram / Twitter
via Instagram / Twitter

Remember Martin Shkreli? That dude who unapologetically raised the price of medication used by HIV positive patients by 5000% over night before being resigning from his own company after being arrested by the FBI for securities fraud.

Yeah, that “pharma bro” is still around. And not only is he a jerk with no regard for people over profit, he is also apparently a really giant creep.

He apparently developed a “crush” on Teen Vogue weekend editor . There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a crush, but Shkreli decided to indulge his “crush” by doing a few things even most high schoolers wouldn’t stoop to.

First, he created this creepy-ass collage made up of various pictures of Duca and made it his Twitter header photo.


The text overlaying the collage reads, “For better or worse, til death do us part, I love you with every single beat of my heart."

Oh, and see his profile picture? It is actually a photo of Duca with her husband, expect he has photoshopped his face over Duca’s husbands face to make it appear as if Duca is romantically sitting with Shkreli.

via Twitter
via Twitter

Some pretty weird shit. And his tweets directed at her / about her were pretty gross too.


screen-shot-2017-01-08-at-8-19-20-pm screen-shot-2017-01-08-at-8-19-35-pm

Shkreli also tried to defend the idea that he did anything wrong.


Apparently he couldn’t take a hint when Duca responded to his request to be her date to Trump’s Inauguration with: "I would rather eat my own organs.”

This is gross behavior because we all know Shkreli isn’t acting on a crush. He is targeting and harassing a strong woman who penned the amazing piece Donald Trump is Gaslighting America — which is an article that attacks a politician Shkreli openly admires.

Since rebutting Shkreli on Twitter, and getting him flagged for banning, Duca has been subject to a horrendous amount of harassment.

It’s crazy to think that this is the response a woman gets for defending herself against an obnoxious man’s creepy advances in 2017, and still some people believe that it’s feminism has gone “too far.”

As it turns out, this isn’t the first time Shrekli has harassed women on Twitter either. He once claimed Observer writer Dana Schwartz was his girlfriend, and co-opted her photo for his Twitter profile pic.

This dude just needs to be banned from the internet already. TC mark

17 Men On The Moment That Made Them Realize ‘She’s One Of The Good Ones’

Posted: 08 Jan 2017 06:00 PM PST

1. “When she asked me out! It told me she didn’t play games and wasn’t going to make me do all the work — and that she’s confident, which is super sexy.”

2. “I came home from work on a Friday night and she had my bag packed and told me she was taking me away for the weekend. We went to a hotel on the water a few hours from the city where we live and all we did all weekend was lay in bed and go in the hot tub. It was totally relaxing and I loved that she cared enough about me to notice my week was hectic and plan an inexpensive getaway without even telling me she was going to do it.”

3. “We were dating two weeks and I made a comment about how she was probably seeing other people. She stopped, looked me in the eyes, and said ‘why would I see someone else when I have a chance with someone like you?'”

4. “Not a moment but just the fact that she treats me with respect every day, even when I’ve messed up or we’re in a fight.”

5. “On my birthday she surprised me with a basket of beers she had collected for me. It’s a hobby of mine and I know some of them are hard to find or only sold in other cities. I can’t believe she spent so much time working on something that’s totally for me. She doesn’t even drink beer!”

6. “I was only seeing her for a few months when a good friend died suddenly. I was totally wrecked for awhile and having her by my side was one of the only things that ever made me feel better during that time. She wasn’t filled with platitudes and never rushed the grieving process for me. She just let me talk when I needed (and more often than not, just kept me company doing something dumb like watching Netflix). I realized that she was the kind of woman who would stick around and really support me during any other bad time life threw at me.”

7. “Having beers with some guys from work and listening to them all complain about their gfs/wives and realizing I don’t have anything negative to say about my gf. She’s awesome.”

8. “I noticed I gained weight, and I knew she probably noticed too so I talked to her about it and told her I wanted to be healthier. She started cooking for me more instead of us going out to restaurants — she wanted to, I was fine going out. She made these really amazing meals that were pretty healthy and always “accidentally” had tons left over so she’d portion them out into containers for me to bring to work for lunch. I loved the way she supported my goal without being over the top about it.”

9. “I overheard her on the phone talking to her friends about me and kind of braced myself for her to be venting, but she was just… bragging I think. It was all really nice things.”

10. “When she told me she was a vegetarian. I haven’t eaten meat in 8 years and it’s a fairly big part of my life.”

11. “I’ve never dated someone before who isn’t trying to change me into whatever kind of guy they thought they’d marry. She doesn’t complain about my dogs or the way I like to sleep in on weekends or the way I dress. Ever since the first time I brought her to my apartment and she liked all the things other girls haven’t, I feel more like she is a partner and less like she’s someone I have to spend all my time pleasing.”

12. “When I realized she kept up correspondence with my Mom and never told me about it. My mom is a little bit lonely and I hate thinking about it so when I found out they’d been messaging a few times a week through Facebook I was really impressed by her. She took time out of her life to make conversation with a lonely old lady, just because she means a lot to me.”

13. “I noticed that it didn’t really matter what plans I suggested, she was always up for them and we always had a good time. We’re both quality time people, so finding someone else who is happy to just chill out and be together was awesome.”

14. “For me its whenever she talks about her job. Her entire face lights up and she talks about what she gets to do every day and where she wants to go in her career. I like a woman with drive.”

15. “After a long night of sex on our two year anniversary. We work at keeping our sex life exciting and passionate, and from my friends I know not everyone is willing to do that.”

16. “We were at Target just running errands and we were standing in one of the aisle both clutching our stomaches because we’d made each other laugh so hard. This was the least ‘fun’ kind of outing, but we still had fun together.”

17. “She took a massage class so that she could give me better massages. I don’t know how I got so lucky.” TC mark

10 Things To Avoid If You Want To End Your Almost Relationship Gracefully

Posted: 08 Jan 2017 05:00 PM PST

 Leo Hidalgo
Leo Hidalgo

1. Ghosting:

Because it makes you look like a child who can’t confront people, especially someone who cared about you or someone you were talking to for a while. You owe them an explanation, even if it hurts, but they have the right to know why. Also if you believe in karma, you're really not going to be happy if someone ghosted you.

2. Assuming that the other person will not be able to handle the truth.

Don't assume that the other person is too sensitive or too emotional to handle it. Even if they are, they'll always appreciate your honesty over your lies or excuses. What will really drive them crazy is the lack of closure, they could probably handle anything else.

3. Not responding to text messages.

If the person you're talking to wants to have a conversation about what happened or asked you a question, you have to be upfront and answer them or at least acknowledge the other person's feelings even if it makes you uncomfortable.

4. Not admitting that there's someone else.

If you're still not over an ex or if there is someone else that you're talking to, you should say that before leading someone on instead of just coming up with excuses or slowly pulling away. It will make you look better and it means that you respect their feelings.

5. Not going away completely.

If you decide that you don't want to talk to them anymore, you can't send snapchats here and there or like their pictures or text them on special occasions because this gives them mixed signals and makes it hard for them to move on.

6. Telling them you're not ready then start dating someone else shortly after.

This is the worst thing you could do to someone because it makes them feel like they were the problem or they weren't good enough. If you didn't think you were compatible or there was no chemistry, it's better for you to say that instead of claiming that you're not ready when you actually are.

7. Blocking them on social media without telling them why.

This sends the wrong message to the other person and it shows that you really don't want to even know them again. If they never did anything bad to you and you blocked them, you need to at least let them know why, out of courtesy.

8. Taking serious conversations lightly.

Just because you weren't in a real relationship or you haven't known each other for a long time, doesn't mean you shouldn't give someone closure or clear answers. At one point you liked that person and cared about them and they deserve to know the truth regardless. It’s not a joke and it’s not unnecessary drama.

9. Pretending like nothing happened when you run into them.

If you weren't able to have a real conversation with them, don't act like everything is okay and back to normal when you see them. You have to understand that — one way or another — you hurt that person and unless you apologize or talk things out, you can’t expect things to be the same.

10. Lying about what you two were.

When things end, even if it wasn't official, you should at least say that you were talking or you liked each other instead of saying that you were 'just friends.' This just makes the other person feel like they meant nothing to you and that it was all a game.  TC mark

How Sitting All Day Is Hurting You (And What You Can Do To Reverse The Damage)

Posted: 08 Jan 2017 04:30 PM PST


You might have read some frightening articles about the impact sitting all day has on your body. Headlines seemed to be screaming things like 'sitting all day is as bad for your health can be as bad as smoking'. It can be frightening to think about, but many of these scary articles do have a point: being active is incredibly important for your long-term health!

Leading a lifestyle with minimal exercise has been linked to so many health problems and, unfortunately, these problems can apply to people who spend a large portion of their day sitting.

Don’t panic though! Today I'm going to help you understand why sitting can be a big problem for your health and suggest ways you can overcome these issues!

So What's The Damage?

Want to know something scary? It's been reported that people who sit all day may be twice as likely to develop cardiovascular disease than those who spend most of their day standing. Add to that reports of increased rates of blood pressure, high cholesterol and unhealthy blood-sugar levels.

Another problem that sitting all day creates has to do with our posture. Most people slouch, or lean forward, putting their body at an awkward angle. All of this can put strain on your neck and lower back, leaving you with sore shoulders or headaches. Continuously sitting for long periods can also put extra stress on your spine.

Some of the other health issues linked to sitting all day include weakened muscles, reduced range of motion in the hips and decreased calorie burning. For us girls, another big concern is losing bone mass, which has been shown to be a potential long-term concern with sitting for many hours.

Something important that I want to point out is these health problems don't just apply to people sitting all day at work. These problems also affect people who regularly spend several hours in front of the TV, a lot of time in the car or in front of the computer at home as well.

How You Can Reduce These Negative Impacts

You'll be happy to know I'm not going to insist you move to standing desks or quit your office job. I will tell you how important an active lifestyle is if you sit all day and how small changes can make a big difference.

Try to get in the habit of regularly standing for a few minutes or going for a walk away from your desk. There are simple ways to get you used to the habit of taking more breaks: set a reminder to go off on the hour, or take a quick stroll whenever you have to use the bathroom. Even standing up for a stretch will help get blood flowing, as well as making your leg muscles work to support you, which is important.

Yoga can be a fantastic way to improve the mobility of your spine, which can become quite compacted after a whole day of sitting. Cat and cow pose are awesome for stretching the muscles and lengthening out your spine. Pigeon pose is also really good for opening the hips, which can be tight after a whole day of sitting.

Why Regular Exercise Is Even More Important If You Sit All Day

Spending time stretching or getting some form of physical activity is really important for everyone. A number of studies have suggested that moving regularly throughout the day is the best way to reduce the health issues that have been associated with long periods of sitting.

Basically, the more you move, the better! Also try to think about that it's not just the hours during work that you might be sitting. Those couple of hours you spend sitting each night also add up. For some people, that equates to 12 hours of sitting per day! Try to take a break from sitting every hour or so and have a brisk walk or stand up and stretch.

In addition to being good for your back and general health, regular breaks from your desk are good for stress relief. Even if you get plenty of exercise throughout the week, be mindful of taking regular breaks from your chair. Whether you stand for short periods, go for a walk or do a quick set of stretches, your body will thank you in the long term! TC mark

Here Are 28 Things I’ve Done Because I Was Depressed As Fuck

Posted: 08 Jan 2017 04:00 PM PST



1. Lied to my friends and said I had plans on New Year’s Eve so they wouldn’t worry about me choosing to sit at home in my underwear watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer episodes on Netflix.

2. Went to the gym four times in one day.

3. Watched work out videos by YouTube fitness gurus while in bed pinching the folds of my own skin.

3. Slept the entire day; stayed awake the entire night.

4. Watched an entire season of BoJack Horseman in two days.

5. Ate an entire party sized bag of salt and vinegar chips for dinner.

6. Canceled a date because I was too tired from all that sleeping I did.

7. Canceled a date because I didn’t think there was any point in going.

8. Texted someone I didn’t even really like just because I knew he’d respond.

9. Ghosted someone I actually liked.

10. Decided on an impromptu trip because I “deserved it.” Drove 300 miles, rented an Airbnb, and then literally didn’t even leave the Airbnb. Not once.

11. Got drunk so I could sleep.

12. Googled ways to kill myself. Decided it sounded like too much work.

13. Made up random lies about myself because it made me feel better than the truth.

14. Cried until I felt woozy.

15. Felt void of emotion.

16. Asked an acquaintance if they had my ex boyfriend’s number because I wanted to call him.

17. Ordered $200 worth of clothes that ended up looking terrible on me.

18. Ate eggs and rice cakes for a month because I spent my money on a guy who treated me poorly.

19. Slept for 14 hours, ran 10 miles, and went back to bed.

20. Screamed at my dead dad’s urn for being dead.

21. Entered and won an Ebay auction of an autographed CD for a guy I was in love with who did not love me back.

22. Made up a rap alter-ego and actually thought that was a feasible career option.

23. Wrote a lot of bad poetry.

24. DMed a D-list celebrity and ended up sexting.

25. Didn’t text my friend back for days and made up a bullshit excuse as to why I took so long.

26. Booked a flight to Nashville when I couldn’t sleep.

27. Canceled the flight to Nashville when I couldn’t sleep.

28. Went to a casting call for The Bachelor. TC mark

13 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because Of Your Difficult Relationship With Food

Posted: 08 Jan 2017 03:00 PM PST

1. You can overdo it with tea and coffee because you know that they will stop you from feeling hungry.

All of a sudden you’ll realize you’ve been drinking coffee for five and half hours instead of pausing to actually eat something. And you’ll justify in your head that you aren’t hungry, while reaching for another cup. You know this is habitual and something you shouldn’t do. But it’s almost subconscious, and you have to remind yourself that it’s not behavior you should justify or encourage.

2. You consistently (or at least often) work through lunch because food or stopping seems silly, or frankly doesn’t even cross your mind.

All of sudden it will be 3 or 4 in the afternoon and you’ll realize you haven’t really eaten all day. And even though you’re starving you still have to remind yourself to prioritize it because instinctually, you don’t. It’s one part overworking and one part your warped relationship with food. They fight each constantly and you have to remind yourself to not let them get in each other’s way.

3. It’s rare for you to agree to first dates or first encounters that involve dinner because you really loathe the idea of eating in front of someone.

Drinks are fine. Activities are fine. But sitting at a restaurant or bar and having to choose something and then eat it and not worry about how you look while you’re eating? It’s anxiety inducing. And it take you a second to get to that place with people.

4. You have to remind yourself to buy groceries or keep food in your apartment.

Because you do still worry from time to time that if it’s there, you’ll binge and eat everything in one sitting. Even when you’re “better.” That fear still exists. And not keeping food around is a behavior you have to check in with yourself to combat.

5. You joke about food to try and take away the power it has over you.

It’s the equivalent of making fun of yourself or being self-deprecating. Loling about pizza or how you “stuffed your face last night” takes away the panic that those very things can induce. It’s your way to comfort yourself instead of freaking out all the time.

6. There are specific things that you will always know the calorie count of at the drop of the hat.

And even if you don’t mean to you calculate them in your head. It’s a remnant from your past struggles with eating and weight and dieting that doesn’t entirely go away.

7. Bringing up your relationship to food and eating is something that takes a long time.

It’s not something you’re proud of or something you love. It’s something you’d prefer to keep to yourself and not make a big deal about. Because for a time, it was a big deal. And you don’t like to remember that.

8. Just like anything else there are good days and there are bad days.

There are days when you don’t sweat eating ice cream and bread or an entire box of Mac & Cheese. Days when hell yes, you will eat the extra fries. And then there are days when you look at your body and feel like it’s failing you. Feel like it’s betrayed you. And so you blame food. You blame your lack of self-control. It’s an ebb and a flow and it will likely always be something you have to check in with yourself about.

9. Eating at home is where you’re most comfortable.

You’re most comfortable when it’s just you and you don’t have to feel like you’re being watched or judged or have to talk while eating. You can focus and just be. It’s way, way easier than feeling like you’re in a gallery being stared at with whatever you’ve chosen to place in front of yourself.

10. You get impulsively defensive over your diet.

You don’t want to answer questions about why you’re not drinking right now or why you’ve opted for just soup when everyone else got sandwiches. It’s endlessly frustrating when you feel like you have to convince people that you’re taking care of yourself. Or that you really AREN’T as hungry as they’ve decided you should be. Even if someone means absolutely nothing by whatever comment they’ve just made, it can be really jarring and off putting to hear someone talk about whatever you’re choosing (or NOT choosing) to eat.

11. There’s often a debate going on in your head before you come up with a food choice.

It’s fine because you worked out that day. It’s not fine because you didn’t. How many calories are in that? Will that make you sick or will it be fine? Is whoever you’re without going to care if that’s what you order? It can be exhausting.

12. No, you don’t always want to talk about why you’re “weird” about food.

You don’t owe anyone your history, your story, or an explanation. And you find the inquiry pretty intrusive and insulting, honestly. You try to not take it personally but still, it’s annoying as well.

13. It does get better. But it’s a daily process.

Like any other battle or struggle, it’s not going to go away overnight. It will get better, it become less prevalent or difficult during your day to day, but you’ll have to keep an eye on it and yourself. As long as you’ve got your own back, and figure out how to trust yourself, you know you’ll be okay. TC mark

To Every Person Who Feels Lost And On The Wrong Path, Read This

Posted: 08 Jan 2017 02:00 PM PST


So you feel a little lost right now? Like the path you've chosen or the path someone else has chosen for you isn't the one you want to continue walking down. But you're doing it because it's the only thing you know. You're doing it because you're afraid of the unfamiliar. You're conflicted between staying on this path, where you've succeeded and going down another you could potentially fail. So you stay put.

But there's that feeling inside you and you know something is off. And what you’re feeling is the want and need for change.

Change is scary. We resist it. We cling to the familiar.

But constant change is what keeps us happy and not bored with our lives.

Life shouldn't be boring. You should wake up every day looking forward to what is ahead of you and not dreading it.

You've grown comfortable with where you are right now but the thing about people is we need to be challenged and pushed and motivated. If we’re in an environment that is stunting our growth, then we need to find somewhere else.

Mr. Feeny: “See that flower? That flower was in a small pot in my living room but it outgrew its surroundings so I transplanted it here in the garden. Now when I pulled the flower out of the small pot in my living room it resisted a little, it tried to hang on by its roots. I had to force it out.”

Cory: “Because you thought it would do better out here, in the world, right?”

Mr. Feeny: “No because I thought that if I left it there it would stop growing.”- Boy Meets World.

And it's terrifying to walk away from what you know. It comes with a heavy heart the moment you realize that thing that used to make you so happy doesn't fulfill you anymore like it used to. It's heartbreaking to accept such things. And you think it's your fault. You think you’re doing something wrong. You're letting yourself down by giving up on this thing you worked so hard for. But sometimes you've done all you can. And that's why you’re bored.

You've already amounted to your full potential in that area and it's time you move on. Congratulations.

I know you don't know what the next move should be or what step to take. But you know you have to take one.

I know you’re confused and hurting a bit, trying to find these answers. But the thing is your whole life will figure itself out and there are some answers you don't need right now and other answers you gotta go find.

We all want to be happy and doing something we love. And sometimes the things we love change and that's okay.

To get there again comes with risks and taking chances and doing something that will make you uncomfortable. Don't ever become too comfortable with your life.

If you look back at your best moments in a highlight reel, I know it came with doing something that put you out of your comfort zone. Because the truth is it's only when you take risks are you truly living your life to the greatest potential it can be.

When you look back at your life, make sure it's you that made those choices and not someone else. Make sure you'd look back at a life you'd be proud of.

Don't try and live a life to please others or make them happy or live up to their expectations of what you should be doing. The truth is no matter what choice you make or what direction you go, someone is always going to judge you and think you could be doing something differently. Silence those voices.
Silence the voice that is fear in your own head that is keeping you here in a place you aren't happy. Start listening to your heart. You will never go wrong if you follow that.

Dig deep into your heart and ask yourself what do you truly want? Be brutally honest. Make that wish. Write it down. Look at it every single day. And believe that is can come true. And do everything you can to make that happen. But making those things happen comes with risks. And sometimes that risk of reaching for something new and unfamiliar can only be grasped if you let go of what you’re already holding onto.

And you might fall. You might fail. But I think if your heart is behind whatever chance you take it's impossible to ever consider such things a failure or a mistake.

So if you're lost or confused and not sure what your next step should be, just take a chance at doing something that will bring you closer to happiness. Even if it's a little step.

That's everyone's prime objective is to achieve happiness and fulfillment. And sometimes people don't go after such things because it's scary and they are ‘okay’ with their life.

I never want to just be ‘okay’ with life.

Lately, I've begun to fear more than anything is that I've filled a life with days which might have led to success but not moments to remember. My greatest fear is realizing I've gone through the motions living but I've done nothing that has pushed to make me feel alive inside.

Don't settle for an average life. You deserve so much more than that. And you'll find it and when you do, you'll know in your heart that's exactly where you are supposed to be.TC mark

This Year, I’m Giving Myself Another Chance

Posted: 08 Jan 2017 01:00 PM PST


This year, I am forgiving myself. For all my shortcomings, for all my mistakes, for all the things I did and regret doing. I am forgiving myself for all the times I let my guard down and was hurt. I am forgiving myself for all the times I fell for all the wrong people, for all the times I let my pride be bigger than my relationships. I am forgiving myself for all the people and relationships I allow to slip away, for all the people I took for granted. I am forgiving myself for all the hearts I broke, for all the souls I left crying in the middle of the night. I am forgiving myself for all the times I dreamed and failed, the moments I strived and was not enough. I am forgiving myself for all the bad choices I’ve made, for my past, for the part of me that was ugly and horrible.

This year, I am trying again. Despite of all the times I have fallen short, I will rise. I will overcome. This coming year, I am dreaming again. I am setting goal again, for myself, for my future, for the people I love. I am conquering odds once more, I am setting sail in the unknown. I am going out there, not knowing the possible results, but will just try. This year, I am coloring my blueprints and doing the best that I can to make this life worth looking back at after, say five years.

This year, I am believing again. I am believing in myself, that there is beauty inside me, that I am my own sunshine, that I am a work of art. I am believing that I can do the things I’ve always wanted to do. I am believing that despite all my imperfections and frailties, I am able. This coming year, I am believing again in people, that there are people with good intentions, with kind hearts. That there are people who actually want to love me for all I am, flaws and dirt considered. I am believing that there are true people who will stay by my side amidst the storm, through the tough days and even the easy ones. I am believing that people can be authentic and gracious, just like how I believe that I can be as well. That altogether, we can make it easier to live this life.

This year, I am going to be honest with myself, with people. Enough with the disguises, facades and the lies, if I’m not okay, I’m going to say it. If I don’t like something, I am going to be vocal about it. I am going to be honest with life, with what I want, with what I feel – who knows, maybe life will be amiable enough to actually give it to me. I am going to be brutally true, with the people I keep, with the people I love, with my actions and my thoughts.

This year, I am letting myself flourish and just be who I want to be. Away from all my own expectations. I am letting myself fly without controlling who I should be or who I should love. I am allowing myself the time and space I need in order to become. I am letting myself go. I am letting it take risks, climb mountains, jump leaps, overcome waves.

This year, I am recognizing myself and bringing credits to where credit is due. Because for what it’s worth, after everything that happened last year, I deserve an applause. Not because I was amazing or great, but simply because I was able to set foot into this new year. Simply because I didn’t let the tide flow through and drown me. Simply because I didn’t let the collision scatter me into a million tiny pieces. Simply because I was stronger than my struggles, I was bolder than my battles, I was fiercer than my faults.

As this year begins, I want to start anew. I want to redeem myself. I want to have life, once more.
And, this year, this year is my revival.

And I believe it’s yours too. TC mark